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A 24 , 48, 52 hrs comic

by kazmonavt

Moonflight Š 2012 by Kazmonavt

Nice man, for this

Hey Chuck man,

hot actress?

what’s up?

she sure

Let’s have a beer!

ah, sorry,

loves you!

ha ha! Actually i had a date today with

have to cook

coleen! that

tonight in

is why i am a

San carlos.

bit late.

With coleen? she’s

Oh, my shy little

got two kids and, ..

boy is in love, uuuh.

and, ... yeah she’s

so you gonna play

pretty cute though.

daddy soon for her cute little

kissed her? mhhh yes, a bit! it was really nice.

girls and no more flying around, my friend!

Come on, shut up! i am confused enough myself. let’s see what happens anyway.

chuck, i didn’t

how’s adin

know you are so


impatient about

still like

family and stuff.


take it easy, you’re still so


Be carefull! {ha ha ha}

Aaron, you ...

Aaron, cut it out, please! why are you doing this? you know it didnt work out.

forget it! what... ..ever.

sure i know! the last

Ready for

four months, i had to

some beer

hear all your stories.


I’m just pulling your leg, chuck. relax!


when are you back

i’ll be back


on tuesday

hot coffee on your pants? watch out, Oh damn,


Nah, i just burned my lips.

my coffee was too

sure, let’s catch


up, when i’m back.

Come on chuck,

Burned your lips?

what’s up?

you burn your lips a lot these days.

can’t you take a

be carefull

little joke, you

my friend.


know me!

... just shut up!

yeah, i know, it’s just... I’m just not in the mood right now.

yeah, don’t worry. it’s all going to be good my handsome!

haha sure!

chuck, what happened?

I don’t know. fuck, Something hit my wing, what was that?

Chuck, are you o.k.?

{ FUCK!!} I lost half of my wing!

Chuck, what’s going ...

Oh shit fucking damn. what the hell, was that? I’m glad that i have this new insurance.

where the hell have i crashed?

i need a phone!

nice little town, i should come here with coleen.

weirdest lighthouse ever seen! i dont get it!

and What kind of fruit is that?

no lights at all, what is going on here?

weird weird weird

Not even a hotel here!!

and who the hell are these weird birds? i better hide at that tree.

ohoh,This... not good

oh no, now she’ll poison me with this weird .... .... fruit!

sweet, that is the tastiest fruit i ever tasted! what kind of fruit

i’ll sure impress coleen with that!...

could that be? ... and get the chudo chef award next year

so thanks to that nice bird-lady’s fruit, this detour has its benefit!

ayayay, she is a riot!! let’s take some of that fruit back home!

come on birdy lets get out of here!

Damn, all my fruits are gone! Bastard!!

hm, so now that we found love, what are ...

What a crazy night!! Aaron will not believe that. too bad i lost the

.... tonight the police captured the notorious bird-gang who shot


down the plane private chef chuck morris



... the bird-gang was wanted for smuggeling a new kind of drug based on a yet unknown sort of...


which grows obviously only in ...

Hey, thank you, wait a second....


my first 24 hours comic marathon on november 12th in 2011, rahel from the lashopp gallery in berlin hosted a 24 hrs comic marathon, it was my first one, and not surely the last! Scott mc. cloud, an american comic artist and philosopher invented these workshops, where you should draw 24 pages in 24 hours. as you are officially not allowed to bring along a story or prepare in some way i just had my idea of the pilot and the crash. it became a real challange, how quick i could develop something and execute it. the first hour i was just working on the story and the story-boards. then i began to draw, it was clear pretty quickly, that i expected to much from myself, so i just inked 21 pages and penciled the rest quikly before the end. later on i finished the drawings, added some colors and the dialogues, so it took me about 60 hrs. anyway, my pride and the time pressure forced me to make fast decissions on the run as the script changed slightly. that had a positive and very invirogating effect on me on the following days =) when we were done, one girl asked if i was inspired by the picture i was sitting in front of, showing a girl and a boy sitting on a tree (you’ll see that later) - i wasn’t! but afterwards i wasn’t surprised at all, the gallery is on the carl-gustav-jung street anyway :-) rahel, thank you so much for that beautiful and intense experience with all this magic people!!

on the way to a job, Chuck, a private chef looses control over his plane and finds himself in a mysterious harbour-town. The local bird-folks are not really fond of his appearance.


My first 24 hours comic marathonon november 12th in 2011. Rachel from the LaShopp gallery in Berlin hosted a 24 hrs comic marathon, it was m...

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