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Find your organization’s next generation of leaders and innovators.

“By establishing an office base in the K-State Office Park, you will have the opportunity to have direct access to students and ensure that you will have the talented workforce equipped with the right knowledge and skills necessary to succeed at your company.�


A LETTER FROM PRESIDENT MYERS In a world of intense competition and accelerating technical change, Kansas State University’s students are workforce ready. As leaders in your field, you are aware of the importance of finding employees who can fill high-skilled jobs and take your company further. You will find such future employees in the students at K-State. Kansas State University fosters a climate where collaboration with industry thrives, generating breakthrough discoveries and the science and technology that can support continuous innovation. Our students learn from and are mentored by award-winning, nationally recognized faculty. K-State students are known to have a strong work ethic and a sense of loyalty, fostered by the family atmosphere at Kansas State University. By establishing an office base in the K-State Office Park, you will have the opportunity to have direct access to students and ensure that you will have the talented workforce equipped with the right knowledge and skills necessary to succeed at your company. K-State and our industry partners share a commitment to excellence, innovation and service. Establishing an office in the K-State Office Park will create a situation where your company can connect with the talent produced at K-State.

Richard B. Myers President Kansas State University

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to talking with you more about our collaboration.


STUDENT TALENT How will you find the next generation of professionals who will drive innovation and profitability for your company? Traditional recruiting methods aren’t as successful anymore. Career fairs attract thousands of students, in hundreds of degree programs. One booth staffed by even the best recruiters can’t target the student talent you’re looking for. How will you create the relationships you need to recruit the very best prospects? By having a strong presence, right on the K-State campus.


When you have a dedicated space at the KSU Office Park, you can: • Attract the best and brightest as interns; • Connect with faculty who will funnel top students your way; and • Recruit top achievers who will already understand your business. And the benefits don’t stop with one class of students. This is your company’s chance to create a grassroots referral network of student– to–student recommendations. Students talk to other students. As your company establishes a presence on campus, your profile among those in your targeted degree programs will only grow, as students tell peers about their experiences and opportunities.

In addition, you will have access to a year-round intern pool — no more sending them home at the end of the summer, just when they’ve really learned the ropes. You can keep students as interns during the school year, further cementing your company’s relationship with them and improving the odds that they will join your team for good. Call us today so we can talk about how the K-State Office Park can help you build your next generation of professionals.

22,795 The number of K-State students from all 50 states and over 90 countries




Academic colleges



Academic programs for undergraduate students

Academic programs for graduate students


STUDENT PROGRAMS Kansas State University students excel in and out of the classroom. By participating in one of the nearly 500 organizations and clubs available for students to join, K-State students can enhance their strengths and learn skills that will make them successful after graduation. Many of these organizations allow students to participate in national competitions and allow companies a sponsorship opportunity. These competitions offer students the chance to hone skills that are important for future success. Collaboration with, and access to, this amazing pool of student talent is key for your company in creating a strong tie to the next generation of professionals and showcasing your commitment to success. A campus presence is another important aspect to creating a robust brand with students. “Student teams are an excellent opportunity beyond the classroom,” said Joe Farrar,

president and CEO of Manhattan, Kansasbased Farrar Corporation, which has a longstanding partnership of donating materials and manpower to support K-State College of Engineering student teams. “They’re learning what it takes to get something done — coordination, meeting deadlines, teamwork and follow-through.” In addition to student organizations, Kansas State University ranks first nationally in the number of Rhodes, Marshall, Truman, Goldwater and Udall scholarships awarded from 1986 to 2015 and is the only state-supported university to rank among the top 10 schools for the combined total number of scholars in those competitions since 1986. K-State also ranks in the top 15 for happiest students, best career services, best-run colleges, best quality of life and great campus and community relations. No wonder students are excelling!


Job placement rate

One of K-State’s stellar student programs is the National Strategic Selling Institute. The NSSI creates opportunities for both K-State students and your business. It provides students with a high-quality sales education that prepares them to hit the ground running in any organization. Businesses work with students directly, thereby improving the recruitment process. The goal is to create a bridge between the academic community and businesses so that businesses can hire outstanding talent, and students are placed in great jobs. NSSI students have a 100 percent job placement rate. Don’t miss your opportunity to hire one of these outstanding students today!


CORPORATE EXPERIENCE Kansas State University thrives with a diverse population of learners who are excited for what lies ahead. K-State’s campuses work in targeted ways with industry partners to allow students to tailor their experiences. For instance, the Manhattan campus partners with the US Army in the first-of-its-kind Office of Military and Veterans Affairs. The Polytechnic campus in Salina, Kansas, is the first entity in the country to receive approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to provide unmanned aircraft system (UAS) commercial flight training to both students and outside companies The Global Campus has brought affordable, accessible educational options to adult learners at a distance for 50 years, featuring international connections and partnerships with 20 countries across the globe. And K-State Olathe with its academic research and focus on global food systems leverages K-State’s broad capability and resources to advance the greater Kansas City area. Locating on campus gives your company a variety of opportunities that wouldn’t 8

otherwise be possible, helping students transition to becoming employees more smoothly and reducing your recruiting and retention costs. Year-round internships with students working on real-world projects creates opportunity for innovation and reduces costs. Student interns add value by bringing a new viewpoint, and by using their perspective to solve problems in a new way, thereby allowing you to connect existing products with a younger audience. Coaching students in concert with their classroom learning — through the opportunity for your staff to be guest lecturers or professional mentors — leads to an influence on the educational experience that helps students learn the soft skills and technical knowledge your company needs. These options allow companies to impact the K-state 2025 Vision, “to build a connected, diverse, empowered, engaged, participatory culture of learning and excellence that promotes student success and prepares students for their professional, community, social, and personal lives.”



• A pipeline of top student talent — your interns today, your next generation o • The most in-demand fields — computer science, global food systems, engine • $280 million in world-class facilities and state-of-the-art infrastructure in pro



of innovators tomorrow. eering, construction science and many more. ogress.


Our brand-new and in-development facilities — right on the edge of campus and just across the street from the future National Bio and Agro-defense Facility — will give your company unprecedented proximity to some of the greatest minds and research infrastructure in the country. The university and City of Manhattan have a shared vision to attract businesses, foster research opportunities, and create partnerships and collaborations. Cooperative master planning between the two entities ensures cohesive, seamless development. 12

Flexible configurations and full-service leases will give your organization an easy-to-maintain on-campus presence, ideal for working with a dedicated team of interns and other collaborators. Future planned K-State Office Park expansions will allow you to quickly scale your facility. World-class BSL-3 and BSL-3Ag lab space is already available, just adjacent to the office park. And the university and U.S. Department of Homeland Security are actively exploring a new national model for how a federal lab can

successfully collaborate with the private sector, an exciting and unprecedented opportunity. We stand ready to provide the space for your company’s next big thing, whatever that may be. Call us today.

1800 Kimball Ave., Suite 200 Manhattan, KS 66502 785.532.7559 ksiteonline.com

NOW LEASING Features • Strategically located on K-State University’s Manhattan campus with access to top-tier students. • Attract the best talent and be the employer of choice for K-State graduates. • Balconies with a view of Bill Snyder Family Stadium; great for entertaining and special events. • Prime branding opportunity via daily student and football traffic. Specifications • 60,000 square feet at 1880 Kimball Avenue: available August 2018. • Up to 18,000 square feet of contiguous space. • Bluestem Grill, open to the public, offering on-site dining. • Creative space designed to enhance collaboration and teamwork.






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JOIN US Companies looking for the best new talent must forge relationships with students on campus, both in and out of the classroom. Our partners come from a variety of industries, company sizes and business needs, but all have one thing in common — vision. They have united with a world-class, land-grant institution to connect with student talent, form innovative partnerships and develop training networks to further their business goals and build success. We invite you to join the ever-growing lineup of pioneering companies already partnering



with K-State.

College of Veterinary Medicine International Programs

“McCownGordon Construction is committed to build opportunity which boldly advances Kansas State University. As K-State Office Park partner-tenants and in such close proximity to campus, our team is able to engage K-State students and invite classes to see first-hand how excellent construction practices fuel community and development; keys to leadership in any industry.” – Ramin Cherafat, chief executive officer for McCownGordon Construction

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Greg Lohrentz

Kate Ryan

Senior Vice President, COO/CFO gregl@ksufoundation.org 785.775.2010

Commercial Leasing & Engagement Manager kater@ksufoundation.org 785.775.2008

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K-State Office Park Student Talent  

Learn more about the opportunities for companies to partner with Kansas State University by locating at the K-State Office Park.

K-State Office Park Student Talent  

Learn more about the opportunities for companies to partner with Kansas State University by locating at the K-State Office Park.