Katchakid Pool Safety Net Owner's Manual

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Katchakid® Pool Safety Net


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for choosing our Katchakid pool safety net system. Since 1972, Katchakid has led the way in drowning prevention – by inventing the pool safety net and helping to define pool industry safety standards, such as ASTM F1346-91. Our mission of pool safety has kept us strong for over 50 years!

Although we make every effort to provide you with the safest product available, we want to stress the following: Pool safety depends on you! The best safety measure is always undivided and competent adult supervision. Be vigilant whenever anyone is around your pool. MOST IMPORTANTLY, NEVER LEAVE CHILDREN


At Katchakid, our aim is to ensure your complete satisfaction. Refer to this manual as often as needed for operating and care instructions and please share its contents with your pool maintenance provider. If any service provider contradicts the information in this manual or you simply have questions about your new Katchakid, please contact Katchakid Corporate OfficeToll Free at 1-888-552-8242.


For service or maintenance of your Katchakid, always contact your distributor or local Katchakid regional office. It’s important you maintain a record of your sales agreement and original purchase documents for reference purposes.

For full product warranty terms and conditions, see your sales agreement or refer to Katchakid.com/warranty. Be aware your warranty does not extend to service calls or repair associated with, but not restricted to, the below conditions:

• Secondary ownership (not original owner).

• Acts of God (weather, natural events).

• Misuse, improper storage, vandalism, or accidents.

• Installation on a water feature for which the product

• Damage caused by animals chewing or nesting.

• Burns from chemicals or external heat sources.

• Any pool surround issues, such as loose coping or decking.

• Installation, service, or modifications done by any non-authorized was not originally installed. party, including do-it-yourself installation or repair.


Whenever around a body of water, there is always a risk of accidents or drowning. Failure to follow the below guidelines can create a potential hazard, including serious injury or death.

Partially covered pools: Before using your pool, always completely remove the Katchakid and move it away from the pool’s edge. A partially covered pool poses an entrapment and drowning hazard. Never swim or play under the Katchakid.

Pool water level: Be aware of the proper water level before setting the net on your pool. To comply to ASTM 1346-91, the lowest point on a fully tensioned net must rest at least five to seven inches above the water level; higher water levels pose a real safety hazard. Refer to your pool builder’s instructions regarding adjusting the pool’s water level.

Playing, jumping, and walking on the net or its bindings: Never allow anyone to play, jump, or walk on the Katchakid or its bindings. When properly tensioned, the Katchakid will support an adult’s weight; however, one should not traverse on the net except in emergency situations. Take care walking near the bindings to avoid the possibility of tripping.

Net operations: Only properly instructed and responsible adults should operate the Katchakid. The Katchakid is a manual net system and its operation requires some strength. Caution should be used or medical opinion sought before operation of the Katchakid by individuals who are pregnant, or suffer from heart problems, weak or lower back problems, or any physically limiting disability or health condition.

Use only on the water feature for which the product was originally installed: Your Katchakid was custom fit to be secured to your pool only and is not intended for use nor will it be safety compliant on any other water feature.

Maintenance and cleaning of your pool and deck: When properly tensioned, the Katchakid will not interfere with most standard vacuum cleaning equipment. Properly diluted chemicals may be poured directly through the mesh diamonds; always refer to the manufacturer’s dilution instructions. Some deck cleaners may damage or tarnish anchor hardware; we recommend using low acid cleaning solutions. Please make your pool service provider aware of the information in this manual.

Service, care, and storage of your Katchakid: Only Katchakid certified technicians are qualified to install and service your Katchakid. Improper installation or repair work can result in serious injury or death. Place your net in a shaded area when not in use. The Katchakid may remain on the pool during winter. For long-term storage, remove from roller and clean off debris. Place indoors at room temperature. Keep away from chemicals, heat sources, or sunlight from windows which can burn or misshape the net. The Katchakid may be hung above ground to avoid contact with rodents or other pests that may nest in or otherwise cause damage to the material.


For a step-by-step demonstration video, see Katchakid.com/resources. Please contact your local Katchakid distributor if you experience any difficulties. Always completely remove the net before using your pool.


1. Attach the Hand-Ratchet to its anchor at point (C), as per the diagram. Fasten the ratchet’s clasp to the nearby CTS loop.

2. Pull up on the ratchet handle until you can unclip the CTS pulley rope from its anchor at point (B).

3. Maintain tension on the ratchet handle while pressing the release button. This will open the CTS slowly and allow the net to relax.

4. When the net is completely relaxed, unclip the opposite CTS pulley rope at point (A). The ratchet can now be unfastened and set aside.

5. Grab the net with both hands and give it a few firm tugs upwards to release any remaining tension.

6. Unclip the fasteners at the mid-points on each side of the pool first, then unclip the remaining fasteners from their anchors. Note the location of the “Start Tag.”

7. When all the fasteners are free, the net can be rolled up. Clip the EZ-Roller to its anchor. This will be in a corner opposite to the Start Tag. Position the roller so the square “funnel” faces the water.

9. Pull the carabiner on the roller through the funnel and clip it to any of the mesh squares along the net’s edge, as shown in the photo at left.

10. Slowly turn the roller’s crank while guiding the mesh so it collapses through the funnel. Unclip the roller from its anchor when the net section with the Start Tag is fully rolled up.

11. Move the net and roller out of direct sunlight, away from any heat sources, and where pets or feral animals cannot access it. The net may remain on the roller while the pool is in use.


• Always remove and store your Katchaleaf and Katchakid separately.

• Refer to your Katchaleaf Owner’s Manual for Instruction.

• Note that the roller location is different for each product.



Follow the steps below to ensure your net is resecured and tensioned in accordance with industry safety standards. Please contact your local Katchakid distributor if you experience any difficulties.


1. Clip the EZ-Roller to its anchor. Position the roller so the Start Tag faces its anchor on the opposite corner.

2. Gently pull the net through the funnel and walk it toward the Start Tag anchor (marked with two drill holes.) Insert the Start Tag fastener. Continue pulling on the net until it is completely off the roller.

3. Anchor the corners, or the perceived corners first, then work outward from the corners to clip the fasteners to their anchors. The anchors at the mid-points on each side should be fastened last. Once the net is fully anchored, unclip the roller and set it aside.

4. To tension the net, attach the Hand-Ratchet clasp to the looped CTS pulley rope. Fasten the other pulley rope (no loop) at point (A), as per the diagram. Fasten the ratchet to its anchor at point (C).

5. Before tensioning the net, walk around the pool and make sure all fasteners are properly anchored.

6. When ready, walk the ratchet handle back until the CTS pulley rope fastener can be anchored at point (B). For safety compliance, the net should be raised so its lowest point is five to seven inches above the water level.

7. Maintain tension on the ratchet’s handle while pressing the release button. Make sure the ratchet’s fastener remains firmly anchored.

8. The ratchet can now be unfastened. Store the roller and ratchet in a place where they can be easily accessed and away from direct sunlight.


• Always remove and store your Katchaleaf and Katchakid separately.

• Refer to your Katchaleaf Owner’s Manual for Instruction.

• Note that the roller location is different for each product.

Remember, the Katchakid® barrier is a supplementary pool safety aid. The best safety around pools is undivided and competent adult supervision. A Katchakid barrier can never replace adult supervision, nor is it a guarantee against drownings or other accidents.

Complies with ASTM Standard F1346-91 Manual Pool Safety Cover.

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