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Katchakid速 Pool Safety Fence

KATCHAKID INC. 1737 Stebbins Drive #220 Houston, Texas 77043 Tel. (713) 935-9000 Toll-Free 1-888-552-8242 Fax (713) 463-8307 Email info@katchakid.com California 1-866-333-6387 South Texas: Austin, Houston, San Antonio 1-888-552-8242 North Texas: Dallas & Fort Worth 1-877-452-8242 Arizona 1-888-552-8241


Financing available to approved customers.

Remember, the Katchakid速fence is a supplementary pool safety aid. The best safety around pools is undivided and competent adult supervision. A Katchakid fence can never replace adult supervision. Nor can it be a guarantee against drownings or other accidents.

A Worldwide Leader in Pool Safety Barriers for Over 30 Years.

Drowning is the 2nd leading cause of injury-related death among children ages 1 to 14. © 2004 American Academy of Family Physicians

Katchakid®Removable Pool Fencing The superior swimming pool barrier for the safety of children and pets. From the worldwide leader in pool safety barriers for over 30 years Swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes, but since they invariably attract children and pets, they all have one thing in common: the potential for accidental drowning.

young adults are alarming, but these tragedies are also preventable. Prevention and peace of mind are what The Katchakid Removable Pool Fencing from Katchakid Inc. is all about.

As a pool owner, you have a serious obligation to keep your pool as safe as possible, 24-hours a day, every day of the year. The only way to achieve that goal is with a reliable barrier. Because if you don’t have one, a child can drown in your pool in less time than it takes to answer the phone. The statistics on drowning accidents involving children and

Meticulously developed, rigorously tested and perfected, Katchakid Removable Pool Fencing incorporates every modern innovation in child pool safety. That’s why Katchakid, Inc. is at the forefront of the pool protection industry.


Why buy a Katchakid® Removable Pool Fence? DESIGNED & INSTALLED WITH SAFETY & CONVENIENCE IN MIND •Katchakid Removable Pool Fencing is specifically designed as a swimming pool barrier to help protect children from exposed, open water by adding a layer of protection around your swimming pool. Our fencing system may also include self-latching, keylockable, self-closing gates for additional convenience. •Our Textilene®fence panels will not rip, shrink or fade, and kids can’t poke through or climb them. In fact, Katchakid offers the highest quality, most rigorously tested materials and system available. Our pool fences are reliable and durable, even in the most extreme conditions.

•Once installed, the Katchakid Removable Pool Fencing provides quick and easy access to your swimming pool and is easy to remove and replace. •Our installation technicians go through an intensive certification program in order to meet our standards. Once they’re on the job, they are able to expertly install a Katchakid pool fence in almost all configurations around the pool. •We offer you responsive customer service, with trained representatives and technicians in all the local markets we serve. If you have questions, would like us to assess the feasibility of installing a fence on your property, or your Katchakid fence requires any type of adjustment, we’re there for you.

•Unlike many other fences, the Katchakid Removable Pool Fence works with any shape pool. Our technicians are trained to install a series of 14-foot sections of fencing panels in a configuration that works for you – either free-standing or incorporating existing structures, such as walls.



Things to consider when routing your pool fence

Is a pool fence right for you?

3 Is the surface level? If so, the fence will be safer and will be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

When you and our technicians plan the installation of a Katchakid® removable pool fence you want to make sure it will effectively block all access points to the pool area. You’ll also want to consider access to yard maintenance, pool equipment, play areas for the children, and access to grass for pets. A Katchakid representative would be happy to consult with you regarding your choices of pool safety barriers based on the configuration of your pool and yard. HERE’S HOW IT WORKS


The Katchakid removable pool fence is a concentric tension-based fencing system using a series of 14-foot sections of fencing panels. The panels are manufactured from Textilene,® a durable polyester woven mesh coated in a marine grade polyvinyl (see details on materials on page 6).

Sometimes the path of the removable pool fence traverses across areas where there is only grass or dirt and in these situations concrete footings are required at every fence post interval. Concrete footings are placed every three feet or less. Gates can not be located in areas where concrete footings are required.

The fence is anchored into non-conducting, non-corrosive polypropylene sleeves that are core drilled four inches deep into the pool’s decking or other solid surface. We provide deck caps to cover the deck sleeves and give a finished look. The fencing panels are connected at the top of each pole by a 2 1/2 inch safety catch.

THE PATH OF THE POOL FENCE SURROUNDING THE POOL In most cases the fence should be positioned a minimum of 24 inches from the water’s edge. This makes it safer for you and your children or guests to walk around safely inside the fence while maintaining the pool, or retrieving a person or object from the pool. We do not recommend the fence be located any closer than 18 inches from the waters edge for safety reasons. Swimmers need space to pull up out of the water and sit on the edge.


DECK OR SURFACE REQUIREMENTS The primarily path for the pool fence positioning must be across a solid surface such as concrete, pavestone, flagstone set in mortar over concrete, or coated concrete decks, preferably level. Remember, the fence is tension-based, and must be set into a rigid structure. This surface must be at least four inches thick and six inches wide to facilitate proper tension and installation.

3 Are there any steps in the pool deck that pool fence will cross? 3 Are there any sprinkler lines, gas lines, electrical lines possibly buried in the path of the fence? 3 Will the fence traverse over any large dips in the surface (concrete or dirt) that would allow a child to crawl underneath and access the pool? Some concrete decks have in-deck drains that have drastic slopes in the concrete to the drain.

CONFORMING TO YOUR POOL OR DECK While we would all like to have our fences go in a straight line, most of the time it’s not possible. We need to provide bends or gradual turns to conform to the curvature of your pool or deck. A removable pool fence should avoid tight turns, U-turns, S-turns and 90 degree turns whenever possible, as they can create odd and opposing angles in tension-based fences. Katchakid, Inc. uses 45 degree turns for an aesthetically pleasing, safer and stronger tension-based fence.

USING POOL FENCING ALONG WITH EXISTING STRUCTURES When applicable, some pools may be partially fenced with a removable pool fence that also uses existing structures such as the property’s perimeter fencing, a wall, a part of the house or another outside structure to complete the barrier surrounding the pool. These structures may be wood, wrought iron, aluminum, stone or masonry and must be at least five feet high and in good condition.

3 Are there any windows, doors, or pet doors that can easily be opened by the child to allow access to the pool area? If so, the fence should follow a path that blocks access to the pool. 3 Is there a structure too close to the fence path that a child can use to climb the fence? Such structures are commonly, pool furniture, large toys, potted plants, trees, boxes etc. Use your imagination, because kids certainly will! 3 Is there an outdoor cooking, or bar area that is too close to the fence path? Can children use this structure to climb over and gain access to the pool? Most cook areas are too short, or difficult to attach a pool fence to due to countertop design, or poor construction materials. 3 Have you chosen the safest possible route? For maximum security the fence should not be routed less than 36 inches from permanent backyard features such as natural rocks and barbecue areas.


Katchakid®Fittings & Components Fine materials and meticulous manufacturing processes make all the difference KATCHAKID POOL FENCE MESH PANELS AND BINDING •Our mesh panels are manufactured from Textilene,®a durable polyester woven mesh coated in a marine grade polyvinyl. The continuous knit of the Textilene®mesh ensures uniformity, a quality appearance and a superior tensile strength. This material will not rip under normal operation and daily use. •This material is flame retardant, heat sealable, and stable in either hot or cold temperatures. Textilene®is resilient to abrasion, mildew and bacteria, and does not hold or absorb water. The Katchakid pool fencing is resistant to fading, deterioration and shrinkage. •Textilene®is regarded as one of the most effective materials for pool barrier fencing as the mesh provides no holes for little fingers and toes and is considered extremely difficult to climb. •The Textilene®panels are bordered at the top and bottom by a reinforced polypropylene binding that is double stitched with triple bonded marine thread to ensure strength. This binding prevents the fence from relaxing and reinforces each panel while assisting to maintain the required tension levels.


•The Katchakid Quad-Plus pole is one inch in diameter. Internally reinforced at critical stress points by a central cross (X) which provides structural support from every angle.

•The Textilene®panel is held firmly to the pole with a convex aluminum molding, secured by zinc-coated screws spaced at five-inch intervals. We fit an extra set of screws at the top and bottom of each pole for additional strength. The support poles are completed with a color coordinating cap.

•Each 14-foot section of a Katchakid fence comprises five 33-inch panels of Textilene® and six Quad-Plus support poles weighing approximately 12 1/2 lbs. A Quad-Plus support pole at every 33 inches enhances the strength of the fence and ensures the continuation of correct tension levels.

KATCHAKID QUAD-PLUS SUPPORT POLES A reliable fence requires top-grade poles, and ours are the best available. Katchakid Quad-Plus poles are manufactured from sturdy, custom extruded, air craft grade aluminum. Aluminum combines light weight with exceptional strength and resists environmental pollution and chemical corrosion. Because of these qualities, it is an exceptionally versatile material – used in everything from car engines and marine motors to window frames 12XR.032 and patio furniture.

•Katchakid Quad-Plus poles are further enhanced by a special finish of powder coating. It gives the Quad-Plus pole an attractive, extremely durable finish which offers excellent resistance to corrosion, heat, impact, fading from sunlight and extreme weather. Powder coating has the same hardness of chrome and can take a strike without chipping.


90° TYP .065 TYP WALL Quad-Plus Support Poles

HEIGHTS •The Katchakid removable pool fencing comes in heights of four or five feet.

COLOR OPTIONS •Antique Bronze: As in stylish patio furniture, the hammer tone finish on our Antique Bronze has a natural, textured exterior. This exclusive color is perfect for yards or gardens that have lots of natural landscaping, rockery and earth tones. •Sheer Black: The black powder coating of our Sheer Black color option gives the Quad-Plus pole the appearance of having been “dipped” in very high gloss paint. Always elegant, the Sheer Black is the most multi-use color selection and blends unobtrusively with most garden or yard surroundings.


Katchakid®Gates and Hardware High quality products all with safety in mind. SELF CLOSING GATES

•Key lockable safety

•The Katchakid pool fence gate is hinged, with an automatic latch; 32 3/4” inches wide, it is constructed from sturdy, custom-extruded, aircraft grade aluminum.

•Adjusts horizontally and vertically •Patented lost motion technology •Latches in the locked position •Won’t disengage when shaken or pulled

•Central rectangular gate frame is firmly mounted on firm 1 1/4” square gate posts that are 1/8” thick. •Gate hardware includes adjustable spring-loaded, self-closing hinges and a magnetic latch that is self-latching and keylockable. This latch is in accordance with Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requirements. •Gates can only be installed opening away from the pool according to CPSC to ensure that child cannot push the gate open to gain access to the pool area.

GATE HARDWARE Katchakid®uses the world-renowned Magna-Latch®for its self-closing, selflatching gates. The Magna-Latch®is commonly regarded as the best latch available and this gate latch has won accolades and awards worldwide for its outstanding design and consistently accurate performance. The Top Pull Magna-Latch®is adaptable and can be installed so that its release knob is out of small children’s reach.

•No mechanical jamming during closure •Exceptional reliability •No rusting binding or staining

GATE HINGES The Katchakid pool safety fence is installed with two Tru-Close® hinges. Tru-Close®safety gate hinges from the makers of the award winning Magna-Latch®are injection-molded from special Spring-loaded Magna-Latch®Gate Hinge glass-fiber reinforced polymer materials. These UV-stabilized materials provide strong, rust free hinges that won’t bind, sag or stain and never require lubrication. The unique, spring-loaded adjustor within most TruClose®hinges allows quick incremental tension adjustment using only a screwdriver. Easy and safe the Tru-Close®gate hinges feature:

PLEASE CALL US FOR YOUR FREE KATCHAKID ESTIMATE. IT COULD SAVE A LIFE. Tel. (713) 935-9000 Toll-Free at 1-888-552-8242 Email info@katchakid.com www.katchakid.com


•Molded, reinforced polymer construction.


•Unique patented tension adjustment •Internal stainless steel spring closer •Weather resistant self lubricating materials •Alignment legs for extra fitting strength •No rusting, sagging or staining •No unsightly external spring

Barrier Code Compliance

•Smooth even closure •Proven to last

Features Include: •Highly child resistant •Magnetically triggered latching 8 *Magna-Latch & Tru-Close are registered brand names of DD Technologies.

Katchakid, Inc has for decades ensured that its pool safety barriers are manufactured and installed to the most stringent safety directives. If your swimming pool is new, or you are fostering, adopting or starting a daycare facility and your pool has yet to pass an inspection it is always a good idea to research the exact code requirements for pool safety barrier height, material and installation. Although we will do our best to advise you of local requirements Katchakid, Inc. can make no pre-judgment as to the suitability of its barriers for the purpose of satisfying any authority and or agency.

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