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Auntie Karen Young Entrepreneurs Conference


Auntie Karen Foundation

“Empowering, Enlightening & Educating through the Arts”

Dear Future Billionaire, Welcome to the 15th Annual Auntie Karen Foundation’s Young Entrepreneurs Conference. Our theme for today is “Where Are They Now?” Celebrating 15 years of Youth Entrepreneurs. At this conference today, you will have an opportunity to hear from past young entrepreneurs. The foundation has enjoyed our powerful partnership with Benedict College for all 15 years! We welcome Dr. Roslyn Clark Artis as the new President of Benedict College and extend our gratitude to our partners at Benedict College: The Tyrone Adam Burroughs School of Business and Economics, Mary Davis along with Dr. Norma Jackson with The Office of International Programs and Keia Wise with the Business Development Center. Dreaming big can start at any age! We are honored to showcase a number of entrepreneurs from elementary school to college. Youth such as: Thomesena Thomas, owner of FairyCakessc and the 2016 Young Entrepreneur of the Year. In 2001, we had a dream to showcase the best young minds in our region and we created this conference to showcase their talent and creative abilities. Today you will have a chance to meet and talk to them. These amazing young entrepreneurs have had an impact on a national and global scale. I created the Auntie Karen F.A.I.T.H. (Find a purpose or goal; Ask for help; Invest in your mind; Take time to plan; Help someone else) principles as a guide to living my dreams. My hope is that you will read and adopt these concepts to your life. You will see examples of these principles in action throughout the day! I would like to thank the Auntie Karen Board, YE Conference Co–Chair, Diann Selph and the 2017 Conference Committee for making this day possible. They have spent months organizing this day especially for you!!! We dedicate this day to one of our team members, photographer, Jesse “Jaz” Outen (August 3, 1965 – February 3, 2017)! I hope you take away something from this conference that will encourage you to start your own business. Remember, all great things begin with an idea! Enjoy the day! Sincerely,

Karen Alexander


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Topic Breakfast provided by Langley Management Welcome Opening Ceremony

Karen Alexander Master of Ceremonies

Entrepreneurs Panel - "Where Are They All Now"

David H. Swinton Center Registration, Breakfast Welcome Opening Ceremony

Courtland Thomas, Thomasena Thomas, Daniel Ancrum, Christina Miles

Multipurpose Room Personal Development Professional Development Product Management Personal Development Finance Business Development

Young Moguls


Kris Jones Chandra Cleveland-Jennings Angela B. Hugie Shaun Adams Ronald King Rasheen Richardson

Sheneka Jackson Kinsey/Doris Gladney

Bus Transportation to Business Development Center for workshop sessions

Dress For Success It's On Me 2 - Teen Safety Tips Exploring the Impact of Social MEdia Maximizing Your Gifts Start Fresh Financial Education The Library - an Entrepreneur's Resource

Dress For Success It's On Me 2 - Teen Safety Tips Exploring the Impact of Social MEdia Maximizing Your Gifts "Start Fresh" Financial Education The Library - an Entrepreneur's Resource

"We are the Future"

Owners Executive Directors Agents Presidents Producers Vice-Presidents

Agents Owners Presidents Executive Directors Vice-Presidents Producers

Young Moguls


Room #127 Room #124 Room #125 Room #114 Room: Veterans Center Room # 123 - Computer Lab

Kris Jones Chandra Cleveland-Jennings Angela B. Hugie Shaun Adams Ronald King Rasheen Richardson

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Personal Development Professional Development Product Management Personal Development Finance Business Development

Lunch Showcase/Successville

Room #127 Room #124 Room #125 Room #114 Room: Veterans Center Room # 123 - Computer Lab

Lunch Showcase/Successville

Bus Transportation to David H. Swinton Center

David H. Swinton Center David H. Swinton Center

Lunch provided by Big T's Barbecue Master of Ceremony: Courtland Thomas Entertainment and Young Entrepreneurs Showcase & Awarding of YE of the Year (Deborah Woodard Memorial)

October 21, 2017


Entrepreneurs Panel

8:15 AM - 8:45 AM 9:00 AM - 9:20 AM Session A 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM

10:15 AM - 10:50 AM Business Development Center 10:50 AM - 12:20 PM Workshop One 10:50 AM-11:30 AM

Workshop Two 11:40 PM -12:20 PM

12:20 PM - 1:00 PM David H. Swinton Center 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Auntie Karen Young Entrepreneurs Conference

2017 YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS Thomesena Thomas

Zion Campbell

Thomasena Thomas is a dedicated and motivated young entrepreneur. She attends the College of Charleston; double majoring in Political Science and Communications with a concentration in education policy. Thomasenas goal is to become the secretary of education for America and advance the minds and professional development of every child in America. Thomasena values the experiences she was blessed to receive at a young age. She created her own company FairyCakessc at the age of 14. FairyCakessc is a gourmet cupcake and confectionery company based in Florence SC. She was a recipient of the Disney Dreamers Academy sponsored by Steve Harvey and ESSENCE magazine. Her company now partners with Soule cafe to create delicious cakes for the cafe. FairyCakessc is Thomas greatest achievement and she uses the knowledge she gained from becoming a certified Pastry chef at the age of 15 to teach baking classes for students in who are improvished.

Zion Campbell is extremely proud to have the opportunity to perform in the showcase at the Young Entrepreneurs Conference sponsored by the Auntie Karen Foundation. Zion lives in Columbia, SC with his family and attends Dutch Fork Middle School. He is in the eighth grade, and his favorite subjects are English and Music. Zion began playing the guitar at the age of ten years old and began to take formal lessons at the age of eleven at Freeway Music under the instruction of AJ Lang. He has performed at local venues throughout the Columbia area.Zion is also a skilled drummer and has played under the instruction of Tony Lee at Freeway Music School. Zion is grateful to God for blessing him with the gift of music. Zion is also thankful to his mom, dad, brothers Nicholas, Michael, Matthew and grandparents for their love and support. He is also grateful to his mentor Terence Young for his guidance, support, the opportunity provided to perform and grow professionally.

Kiera McFarlan

John Daniel Moorer

Kiera McFarlan was born on January 17, in Columbia, South Carolina. Kiera was raised around actors, singers, and musicians. Although she grew up singing at home, it was not until she began singing in the choir that she realized the beauty of her voice. The introverted singer began singing out more in church, entering talent shows and embracing her powerful voice. After the death of her grandfather, she put music on hold to further her education at South Carolina State University, where she will be graduating from in May of 2018. Inspired by those around her she is performing once again and recording working on her second project set to be released upon graduation.

John Daniel is a 6th grade student at Irmo Middle School. He has high functioning autism. At 5 years old he spent he day at USC Bio Chemistry lab with two professors and DHEC doing chemistry experiments. He plays piano. He formed Two Brothers Art when decided he wanted to sell his art. His grandmother has published a book about the 2 brothers and he also sells the books. He puts their money back into the business for frames and art supplies and book printing. He says that is what you have to do to grow the business. John Daniel continues his art and participates in vendor shows. His favorite subjects are science and social studies. He has his eyes set on finding the best college that can offer him something along whatever science path he decides to take.

FairyCakesSC - 2016 YE of the Year



Auntie Karen Young Entrepreneurs Conference

Two Brothers Art - 2015 YE of the Year



Justin McClary

Anisha Princess Green goes by “Neet, is the daughter of Donnie and Paula Wise. She was born in Charlotte, NC on November 4, 1997. She has a deep passion for singing and has been singing since the age of 2. Anisha is currently a senior at Hartsville High School where she is in the Arts/ Magnet Program. She is a Leader of the HHS school choir, Captain of the HHS Orchestra, where she plays the viola by note and by air. Anisha attends Coker College participating in the Pulse Program and second year in the music program. She is very involved in community activities and volunteers at nursing homes and disability centers. For fun she enjoys swimming, play station games, watching TV, shopping, skating and bowling. Anisha loves all musical genres, she especially likes classical, Broadway, and old school music. Anisha has a deep love for animals.

Justin “DJ MaC” McClary is currently a sixth grader at Summit Parkway Middle School in Columbia, SC. DJ MaC started mixing and playing around with tunes when he discovered a DJ app on his iPad. On his 2015 Christmas Wish List, he asked for DJ equipment and speakers and Santa delivered. After receiving his gifts, Justin started his entertainment business. Since starting his business, he has entertained children and adults at wedding receptions, school events, and festivals such as the New Year’s Eve at Noon Party at EdVenture Children’s Museum in Columbia, SC and the African Village at World of Nations in Jacksonville, FL. He was recognized as a Kid Boss on Evolving with TiffanyJ tv show. DJ MaC is continuing to hone his mixing skills and expand his music library. Justin McClary is also very active in his church,First Nazareth Baptist Church.Justin is the son of Terrence and Jennifer McClary and the older brother of Kelsey Marie McClary.

Jada Adams

Paris Young




T-Shirt Designer Jada Adams, also known as Jada Beatz, is a 14 year old freshman currently attending Ridge View High School where she is involved in the scholars & business magnet program. Jada loves playing basketball, singing, writing poetry and writing music. Jada is a member of the group Every Black Girl. You can find her latest single on iTunes entitled, “Every Black Girl”

Auntie Karen Young Entrepreneurs Conference


Paris Young is a 10 yr old 5 th grade honor student at Oak Point Elementary School in Columbia S.C. Her hobbies are reading, acting and Singing . Paris has her own T-Shirt Line TEAM PARIS I am Royalty which inspires young Girls that they are Somebody. She is the Daughter of Komalether Young and Jazz Artist Terence Young. Contact info 803-730-5544

2017 YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS Tyra Jefferson Tyra’s Big World of Flavor

Tyra Jefferson has plans to become a Personal Chef, Caterer, owner of a food truck, restaurateur, author, actress, motivational speaker, and inspirational dancer. However, her first focus is Chef and food. Tyra has appeared on two (2) different shows on Food Network, where she was a finalist on each show. The first show was Food Network Star Kids, and she was 1 of 10 Finalist and made 4 of the 6 episodes aired in August 2016. Tyra then received a call to audition for Kids BBQ Championship Season 2, where she was casted and this show aired May 2017. Since these shows, Tyra has started her own business, Tyra’s BIG World of Flavor...”Where My Southern Flair Comes to Life”, and have been booking events ever since.

Zyona Kinsey-McNabb Z-Mac Jewelry

Keishan Scott Author, Minister

Keishan Scott, 16, is a young man of vision, ambition, and spirituality. When he was just 7, he was called by God in prayer into the gospel ministry; now having have preached for more than half of his life – 8 years. Within those 8 years, scripture has manifested that “A Child shall lead them.”Minister Scott was born December 2, 2000 to Tiffany Carter and Lashan Scott and is a native of Bishopville, SC. When he was just 13, his first published book, “Keys To The Kingdom: Get Your Kingdom Keys And Receive Power” appeared in the top 60% percentile of books purchased on Amazon. Available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and bookstores worldwide, “Keys To The Kingdom” (2013), has and continues to resound and minister in encouraging ways to thousands of diverse individuals, both nationally and internationally. Since then, Scott has written and published another book entitled “Purpose Awakening” which helps individuals discover and awaken their true meaning and purpose.

Robert Charles Reed Quick Shine Shoes

Zyona D. Kinsey-McNabb, Robert Charles Reed, is the 8-year old CEO and owner of Quik Shine Shoe founder of Z.Mac’s Jewelry. Service, is a 14-year old 9th Zyona began her busigrader in the Explorations ness at the age of 4. Her STEM Magnet Program at business began as a small Spring Valley High School. venture with Zyona creatIn January, 2012, he had a ing jewelry out of rubber vision of owning a business bands. Since then, Zyona and decided he wanted to has been making jewelry shine shoes. After designwith jewels, stones, and ing and building the stand uniquely designed beads with his father, Robert was with a signature leaf-ring. ready to solicit business. She has even hand-crafted Since February 2012, Roba set of jewelry for Olivia the Octopus. Zyona has plans for ert has provided service at the Southeast Regional Black her business to grow, expand and eventually own her very Male Summit, Mayor Steve Benjamin’s All Sports Reception, own jewelry shop Dr. Maurice Lee’s Celebrity Scholarship Basketball Game, the Columbia Black Expo, the South Carolina Education Association Leadership Conference, Auntie Karen’s Foundation Young Entrepreneur’s Conference, Brookland Baptist Church Annual Health Fair, and the SC Funeral Director’s Mid-Winter Conference & Expo. After each event, he donates a portion of the proceeds to the Immune Deficiency 7 Auntie Karen Young Entrepreneurs Conference Foundation and the American Cancer Society.

2017 YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS Stephanie Rosby

Dance South

Visual Artist

Dance Company

Stephanie Rosby is a college Junior majoring in Studio Art. Although she is a native of Oakland, California, she decided to pursue her degree in Columbia, South Carolina at Benedict College. Since freshman year, Benedict reconstructed her professional skills and has given her multiple opportunities that align with her major. Ever since she was young, she developed her creative touch in writing, drawing, and reciting works of poetry from others and her own. Stephanie is an honors student at Benedict College with a 3.6 GPA, in which empowers me to be a power for good in society. She is passionate about putting in the work to make this world a better place and encouraging others along the way. She believes every time you speak to someone you should include words of encouragement. Selling prints and commissions taught her how to be critical of my work ethic, time management, communication, and quality products and service.

Asya Harris

This program is designed for children and teens ages 7 to 17. The Company Program to provide children and teens the opportunity to receive intensive training in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Hip-Hop and much more. Under the direction of the best well--‐trained seasoned professionals; the DSI Company Program focuses on preparing youth for a professional career in dance, and the performing arts. The Company Program provides youth the discipline needed to capitalize on their talent and help build the self-esteem needed to succeed in the industry. Dancers Compete in competitions and Showcases nationally. Dancers raise funds for competitions and performances through fundraisers created and organized by the youth. Dance South Company are the “Rising Stars” of our communities. .

Lee Central Media Literacy

Organic Farmer

Videographers (Don Patterson)

Asya Harris was born in Columbia, SC on August 18, 1998. Asya grew up in Sumter, South Carolina on the farm. Asya is the granddaughter of Azeez and Fathiyyah Mustafa, and daughter of Shaheed and Yolanda Harris. Asya’s first job was given by her grandfather Azeez Mustafa. Her job was to feed and water the baby chickens at the age of five years old. That’s when she started her first savings account. At the age of six, Asya continued to keep her first job, caring for the chickens, and also decided to start selling organic vegetables, herbal supplements, and herbal teas with her parents at local farmer markets. At the age of nine she entered into entrepreneurship, Asya has an essential oil and incense business with investment money she received from her grandparents. Auntie Karen Young Entrepreneurs Conference

The Dance South Inc. Company Program


The Lee Central Middle School and the Bishopville Primary School Media Literacy Programs were developed in 2014 by the Lee County School District Office of Instruction and Professional Development. The purpose of the program is to show students how to utilize multimedia to enhance their education while exposing them to different career opportunities in the multimedia field. The program gives students a chance to develop and use their media skills to document events occurring at their schools, the district and their community. The media teams also developed promotional items for nursing homes, churches, and group homes. Effective teaching of a challenging and relevant curriculum are giving the Lee Central Middle School and the Bishopville Primary School students the skill to be successful members of an ever - changing society.

2017 SPEAKERS / PRESENTERS Sheneka Jackson-Kinsey

Courtland Thomas

Sheneka L. JacksonKinsey currently teaches art in Bishopville, South Carolina at Lee Central High School. She studied at Benedict College where she obtained a Bachelor’s of Art in Studio Art. Her Senior Art Exhibition consisted of ten 18” x 24”charcoal images of children who have experienced bullying, entitled “Beautiful People: No Longer Inferior to Words”. This show was homage to her childhood and an act of empowering bullied children to no longer allow the words of others to govern their lives. While attending Benedict College, she began working with the Auntie Karen Foundation where she has had the opportunity of sharing her work with Kirk Whalum, Jonathan Butler and Lalah Hathaway. She illustrated a children’s book, A Hug While I’m Away, written by Karen Alexander. She also illustrated a poetry book, Memoirs of Alabama written by April Jones, which hasn’t been published yet. She owns her own business, Portraiture 4 Sure in which she draws, paints and creates art based off of images of her clients.

Courtland Thomas is the son of Cecil and Minnie Thomas and the twin brother of Courtney Thomas. Courtland is a 2015 graduate of the University of South Carolina with a dual Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Human Resource management with minors in Advertising and Public Relations. While at the University of South Carolina, he was very involved on campus and off campus through internships and various community organizations. Courtland was a member of the gospel choir, association of African American students, student government executive cabinet and more. Courtland also volunteered with the Auntie Karen Foundation and was selected as the 2013 Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Courtland also is a proud member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, where he served as chapter president in 2015 and the Kappa Iota chapter won State Chapter of the Year.In October of 2016.Courtland recently returned home to Columbia, SC and accepted a new role as District Marketing Manager with Aramark.

Daniel Ancrum

Chris Jones

Visual Artist & Educator



Hatten Jones Custom Clothiers

Kristopher Jones, a native Daniel Ancrum is a naof Columbia, South Carotive of Charleston, SC lina, is the owner of Hatand currently resides in ten Jones Custom ClothCayce, SC. He earned a iers, a provider of custom Bachelor of Science demen’s apparel and private gree in Business Adminclothier services. In addiistration with Honors from tion to his entrepreneurial Benedict College and the endeavors, Kristopher Benedict College School has worked as a political of Honors in 2003. He strategy consultant and earned an Associates of is the founder of the Bow Applied Science degree in Tie Club, a non-profit Culinary Arts with Honors mentoring program that from the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Charlotte in 2005. He has served at-risk youth across the state of South Carolina. Kristopher studied Business Administration with a concenstarted his first business at the age of 11 doing desktop tration in legal studies at Strayer University. printing and publishing. Three years later he started a Kristopher, a devoted husband and father, is married to second company focused on cake decorating. At the age Samantha Hatten Jones with whom he shares one daughof 16 he started catering and created Ancrum Catering Service. Providing services to his community, high school, ter, Zoe. church and anyone who needed his assistance. By the time he was 18 he had 23 employees and was operating a small dessert café in Charleston. 9

Auntie Karen Young Entrepreneurs Conference


Shaun Adams

Angela Hugie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Criminal Justice from the University of South Carolina. Ms. Hugie, currently serves as the Lexington County Director, and has over 20 years of juvenile justice experience. In 2008 she became the first person in the Juvenile Justice system in the Southeast Region to be a certified G.R.E.A.T. (Gang Resistance Education And Training) Instructor. G.R.E.A.T. is a schoolbased law enforcement officer-instructed classroom curriculum intended as an immunization against delinquency, youth violence, and gang membership, and opened the door for other juvenile justice professionals to be trained, and is now being taught in our agency across the state. She is a certified Victim Impact Instructor through the California Youth Authority, as well as a certified Victim Services Provider through the South Carolina Governor’s Office of Victim Services and Education.

Shaun Adams is a full time senior network & database security analyst at one of the largest publishing companies in the world (based in New York City). Raised in central New Jersey, Shaun is an alumnus of the NAACP ACT-SO (Academic, Cultural, Technological, & Scientific Olympics) mentoring program. Shaun attended college at Lincoln University, the first historically black college, where he presided over the debate team, forensics society and the school newspaper, The Lincolnian. After college, Shaun went on to coach, mentor, judge, and assist the New Jersey ACT-SO program for many years. In 2009, Shaun was elected to serve as the ACT-SO chairperson of the New Brunswick area branch where he successfully grew the program from a handful of students to hundreds of participants and alumni. Shaun loves to mentor students and is a firm believer that students can achieve anything that they put their minds to. Shaun currently re-

SC DJJ, Educator


Ronald King

Christina Miles

City of Columbia

Bruges Chocolaterie

A proud Columbia native who loves to travel and eat, Christina Miles, owner of Bruges Chocolaterie was destined to work in culinary arts. An honors graduate of Howard University with a BBA in Finance and a Suma Cum Laude graduate of the culinary school at Johnson and Wales University, Christina worked as an Organizer with President Obama’s campaign and taught high school Spanish I and II in Georgia. Her love of food never wavered and after the election she made her way back to the culinary world managing various restaurants in Columbia, SC, Myrtle Beach, SC, Atlanta, GA and Washington, DC. She has traveled around the world to countries such as Morocco, Spain, and Belgium learning and honing her culinary skills to start Bruges Chocolaterie where she specializes in hand painted Artisan Chocolates, Chocolate Barks, Chocolate French 10 pastries, and Chocolate dipped foods.

Mr. Ron King is the Financial Empowerment Programs Coordinator for the City of Columbia’s Community Development Department. In his role, King manages the City’s first ever “Bank On” Columbia program. An initiative designed to help Columbia residents get back into the financial mainstream. Mr. King also facilitates financial education workshops throughout the City of Columbia partnering with several community organizations. In his Career, King has held several program management positions in the private and non-profit sectors, including Director of Financial Sustainability for The Cooperative Ministry. There, he was responsible for generating more than 10 million dollars in Earned Income Tax Credits for the residents of the Midlands. Mr. King also leads the Mayor’s 2017 Finance Forward Auntie Karen Young Entrepreneurs Conference

2017 SPEAKERS / PRESENTERS Chandra Cleveland-Jennings Rasheen Richardson Jennings Speaking

Richland County Public Library

Chandra ClevelandJennings is the Executive Officer (CEO) of Columbia Protection Agency, C. Cleveland Speaks, Palmetto Youth Connection and Cleveland Productions. Columbia Protection Agency is a provider of professional, highly trained security officers rendering safety and protection services to businesses, corporation and large event planners such as the Democratic Presidential Debate in Myrtle Beach, SC, World Trade Center Memorial in SC and NC just to name a few. A native of Columbia, SC, Chandra began her career in law enforcement in 1989-2006 with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department, burglary division. A staunch proponent of ridding our communities of juvenile crime, Chandra found Palmetto Youth Connection, a gender base mentoring organization program that encourages young people to live, act and dress in accordance with a positive self-image. PYC focuses on guiding young people ages 12-18 to be confident, have a mentor, live a fit and healthy life style.

An honorable businessman, entrepreneur, global career development facilitator, and performing artist with culture, class, and varying talents. Rasheen, also known as RaRaSoul, is an accelerated career coach and entertainer with a great spirit. Along with his coalescent public speaking style, and overall good energy, Rasheen Richardson is the fearless definition of what it means to represent a higher sense of self. Born in Charleston, SC (raised on Johns Island), and currently residing in Columbia, SC, Rasheen is a native of elevated vibrations, feel good frequencies, and universal principles. An honest, reliable, and self-motivated professional with over several years of management, coordinating, customer service, and sales experience. He is currently the Customer Service Supervisor and Global Career Development Facilitator at Richland Library St. Andrews (Columbia, SC), and also runs a side business that provides services in the form of hosting, performing arts, poetry, dance, and more. Rasheen graduated from USC Upstate. For more information on Rasheen Richardson at: and/or www.

The Auntie Karen Foundation celebrates 15 years of showcasing youth entrepreneurs. We welcome the return of the following young entrepreneur: Daniel Ancrum - was a part of the first young entrepreneur conference in 2003!!! Courtland Thomas was named Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013. He returns as Successville Moderator. Sheneka Jackson Kinsey participated in the conference while a student at Benedict College. She returns to teach The Young Moguls.

Auntie Karen Young Entrepreneurs Conference


Auntie Karen Young Entrepreneurs Conference


2016 Winners: Skyla Joyner, Thomesena Thomas (YE of the Year), Zion Campbell Auntie Karen Young Entrepreneurs Conference


2017 YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS TEAM 2017 Conference Planning Committee Karen Alexander President Diann Selph, Co-Chair, Recruitment & Registration Angelo McBride, Sponsorship Barbara Bowman, Sponsorship Bridget Bruce, Logistics Wendy Holmes Betty Etheredge, Graphics Toshia Addison, Volunteers Joan Mobley Belinda

For your Graphic Design needs, call

Betty Graphix, LLC Betty A. Etheredge Owner Programs • Brochures • Business Cards Resumes • Calligraphy • Photography Logo Design Phone 803-414-0972

Auntie Karen Board Karen Alexander Gwen Jordan Linda Wilson Dr. Phyllis Sanders Dr. Norma Jackson Melzina Cannon

In Memoriam


We dedicate this day to one of Auntie Karen Foundation family members:

Toshia Addison Matthew Addison Kim Hicks Janiara Latimer Barbara Cheeseboro Youlandus Mitchell

Photographer, Jaz Outen, (August 3, 1965 - February 3, 2017)!

Benedict International Students: Special thanks to Dr. Norma Jackson Julius Mutetwa Nathnael Jula Juan David Valencia Hermela Gebremedhin Maria Tello Palacios Meriem Abdi Wubayehu Meheretu Maryclair Keke DDCP Communications & Lee Central Media Literacy Program Don Patterson, Coordinator Debbie Cherry Yvonne Brown

Auntie Karen Young Entrepreneurs Conference



THANK YOU!!!! Special Thanks!

Dr. Roslyn Clark Artis, Benedict College President Mr. Gerald H. Smalls, Benedict College Dean for School of Business & Economics Dr. Janeen P. Witty, Benedict College Vice President for Academic Affairs Mary Davis, Benedict College Melvin Miller, Benedict College Keia Askins, Benedict College Don Patterson, DDCP Communications & Lee Central Media Literacy Team Dante Lewis Langley Management Big T’s Barbecue Betty Graphix, LLC, Betty Etheredge

Media Sponsors Betty Etheredge Ricky Taylor

Deborah Woodard Memorial Danny & Dayna Woodard


BIG T’s Barbecue Langley Management, McDonalds (Elmwood Ave.)

CONFERENCE BAGS & BOTTLES City of Columbia OBO, Langley Management


Erica McGee, BME Screenprinting

Auntie Karen Young Entrepreneurs Conference


Student Sponsors City of Columbia, Office of Business Development ID Newman United Methodist Church Lee Central School District


Auntie Karen Young Entrepreneurs Conference


2017 Conference Survey

Complete to receive and return to your leader to received a Yammie for The Auntie Karen

NAME: _________________________________________________________________________ PHONE: _________________________________

1. What did you enjoy most about the conference? _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ 2. What did you enjoy least about the conference? _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ 3. How would you rate the overall conference 1 – 10? 1 = lowest, 10 = highest. _______________________________________ 4. What topics are you most interested in? _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ ______________________________ 5. Are you interested in attending the conference next year? _______________________________________

8. What type business are you interested in? ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ 9. Are you a young entrepreneur? Yes ______ No _______ If yes, what type business do you have? ________________________________________ _______________________________________ ________________________________________ _______________________________________

6. Would you like a mentor or to be in a mentoring program? _______________________________________ _____________________________________ 7. Are there any conference items that need to be improved? _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _____________________________________ Auntie Karen Young Entrepreneurs Conference


Profile for Auntie Karen

2017 Auntie Karen Young Entrepreneurs Conference Book  

The 15th Annual Auntie Karen Young Entrepreneurs Conference was held on the campus of Benedict College on October 21, 2017. The theme was "...

2017 Auntie Karen Young Entrepreneurs Conference Book  

The 15th Annual Auntie Karen Young Entrepreneurs Conference was held on the campus of Benedict College on October 21, 2017. The theme was "...

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