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Auntie Karen® Foundation “Empowering, Enlightening & Educating through the Arts”

October 11, 2008 Dear Future Millionaire: Welcome to the sixth annual Auntie Karen’ s Young Entrepreneurs Conference. In 2001, we had a dream to showcase the best young minds in our region. Today you will have a chance to meet some of them. A Chinese proverb reminds us that “ There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but the view is always the same.” Today you will have a chance to hear how our entrepreneurs made it to the top of the mountain. It is my hope that you will start your own journey toward the top. . My Auntie Karen F.A.I.T. H. principles continue to guide my journey to the top. My hope is that you will read and adopt these concepts to your life. (Find a purpose or goal; Ask for help; Invest in your mind; Take time to plan; Help someone else). You will see examples of these principles in action throughout the day! I would like to thank The Auntie Karen Board, the 2008 Conference Committee, Volunteers and Sponsors for making this day possible. We spent months organizing this day especially for you!!! I hope you take away something from this conference that will encourage you to start your own business. Remember, all great things begin with an idea! Enjoy the day! Sincerely,

Karen Alexander President and CEO


3419 HAZELHURST RD • COLUMBIA, SC • 29203 PHONE:803-748-7124 • FAX: 803-256-6971


In Memoriam of

Deborah C. Woodard September 13, 1956 -January 23, 2009

Dayna, Deborah & Danny Woodard (top photo) Deborah and Danny Woodard at Legends 2008 (left photo) Auntie Karen Board Christmas Meeting 2007 (right photo)

Deborah C. Woodard

Memorial Scholarship Fund

Deborah actively served on the Auntie Karen Foundation Board Her favorite program was the Young Entrepreneur Conference. A scholarship in her honor will be given to a deserving young entrepreneur. Donations can be made to The Auntie Karen Foundation - Deborah Woodard Memorial Scholarship Fund, 3419 Hazelhurst Road, Columbia, SC 29203

Deborah (2nd from left) with Auntie Karen Board members and music legend, Patti Austin (2007)

The first annual memorial scholarship will be presented at today’s conference by Dayna Woodard. Dayna is Deborah’s daughter and a former Auntie Karen Youth Advisor.

In Memoriam of

Dr. Linda Rochelle Lane May 25, 1955 -May 7, 2009

Linda Lane

Collector’s Plate

Linda L aughter and loving I nterestingly resolving N ever to hurt but always to give D etermined to honor in the life she lived A rt was her fame and Linda is her name!

Olivia the Octopus Plate - Handpainted by Dr Linda Lane

Lane L asting, and lavish in the work that she did A lways a desire to help an African American kid Noted for love of her family and friends E nding her life with sculptural wins! Linda Rochell Lane carved deeply into our hearts through her work on the Auntie Foundation Board of Directors, Benedict College, and her research into the art of quilt-making. Linda painted love into the lives of the people who knew her best. The Auntie Karen Foundation Š 2009 Author: Phyllis W. Sanders, PhD

Time Little Theatre


Track Opening Ceremony

Entrepreneur's Panel

2009 Conference Schedule Speaker Entertainment: Larry Alston, Lauren Duckson Mills Welcome: Karen Alexander, Ty'Sheoma Betha





Meet Entrepreneurs

Young Moguls


Elementary Kids can do it too!!! Business Tools for Youth

CEO Investors Producer President

Ishmael Brown, Moderator Terry Dozier, Jordan Kelley, Tiffanie Williams, Twana Williams, Victoria Williams, Michael Williams, Shamar Harrison Dayna Woodard

Eddye Lane/Bridgit Tucker

Finance Etiquette Publc Relations Branding

YE of the Year Logistics Young Minds

Lewis Burns Marilyn Shine Aisha Baltimore/Rashida McFadden Dayna Mitchell


Finance Personal Development Communications Product Marketing


Rodgers Boykin

Techy CEO President Investors

Product Marketing

Finance Etiquette Publc Relations Branding


Lewis Burns Marilyn Shine Aisha Baltimore/Rashida McFadden Dayna Mitchell



October 3, 2009

Think Big , Know Bigger

Finance Personal Development Communications Product Marketing

Meet Young Entrepreneurs

Rodgers Boykin

Fine Arts - Theatre


Product Marketing


Duckett - Room 107 Duckett -Room 112 Duckett - Room 113 Duckett - Room 303 Computer Lab Bacoats Hall

Duckett - Room 107 Duckett -Room 112 Duckett - Room 113 Duckett - Room 303 Computer Lab Bacoats Hall

Fine Arts - 204

Little Theatre Little Theatre Little Theatre

9:00 - 9:20 Session A

9:30 - 10:20 10:20 - 10: 30 10:30 - 10:40

10:50 -12:20 Workshop One 10:50 - 11:30

Workshop Two 11:40 - 12:20

12:20 - 1:20 LUNCH CEREMONY Lunch provided by Big T's Barbecue 2:00 - 4:00

Auntie Karen's Young Entrepreneurs Conference

ON THE COVER Jordan Kelley, Inc.

Tiffanie Williams, Twana Williams,Victoria Williams

Jordan Kelley

Triple Threat & Drive Safe

Jordan started competing in pageants at 5 months old. During her four years in pageantry, she was awarded several National Awards and also International Awards. She left the pageantry world to pursue modeling and dancing. Jordan has been involved with ballet since four years old to the present. She has also received awards for runway competition which she loves to do. Jordan loves to be at the center of attention whenever possible and has turned this passion into a business, Jordan Kelley, Inc. Jordan can be seen gracing the box of Beautiful Beginnings, a national ad campaign for Soft Sheen Carson. Jordan is the 2008 Auntie Karen Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Sisters Tiffanie, Twana and Victoria Williams are the members of Triple Threat, a hip hop dance team. They along with Chestina Perry are the owners of Drive Safe. The company makes magnetic signs for cars with the message of urging drivers to be patient. The idea for the business came when Chestina was learning how to drive and encountered other drivers making angry comments and gestures. While using the product for her safety, it gained attention from many other motorists, parents and teenagers. There was such a demand from other parents and teenagers to obtain the product, she convinced her parents to open a business to allow other teenagers to experience the benefits of driving in a safer and more controlled environment. Her goal was to help eliminate the possibility of fatalities, stress, anxiety and road rage associated with learning how to drive. They received the 2006 Black Enterprise Teenpreneur of the Year Award.

Past Young Entrepreneurs

Michael A. Williams Performer

Michael has been performing since the age of six. He was a member of the cast of Peter Pan in The Town Theatre production. Since then, Michael has sang and performed in various school and church programs. Michael was selected to attend the SC Governor’s School of the Arts ad Humanities Summer Program in 2008. Recently he was selected to participate in Brookland’s Teen Idol Competition. He is a student at Blythewood High School where he majors in the Performing Arts, studies music and sings in the School Chorus.


Daniel Ancrum, Ancrum Services - Catering Company Yoma Edwin, Trend Media Group-Advertising Firm Chad Holloway, Chad Holloway-Hat Designer Katoria Jones, Imagination Graphics-Graphic Designer Perry Jones, Sckratch Magazine, Publisher Johnny Mathis, Imagination Graphics-Graphic Designer Antoine Miles, ATM Music Productions-Musician India Patterson, IAP Handbags Jake Williams, Imagination Graphics-Graphic Designer Curtis Young, Jr., Curtis Young, Jr. - Rapper Chaz Evans, ChazBaby - Rapper, Producer Katie Bell, Nails By Katie Alexis East, Custom Jewelry Ereka Fossitt, Model Collette Blakeney, Blakeney Communications Angela Hunter, “Peace”, Singer/Songwriter Valencia Goodwin, Visual Artist Alex English,Jr. & Cherisse Leopold, Filmmakers Amber Kelley, Babysitter Brendalyn Reaves, Earthly Elegance by Lynn Eric Richardson, Consulting, Event Planning, Clothing Kristina Morales, SAKURA by Kristina, Fashion Designer Shannon Patterson, Caramel Explosion Sergio Hudson, Fashion Designer Henderson Michael Lane, Palmetto Goods Krystal Reid, Capitol Consulting Strategies, LLC Ashlye V. Clarke, Ashlye V. Enterprises & The Magic Learning Foundation Past Young Performers: Columbia Dance Academy, Samira Gibson, Brian McQueen Ronnita Danae’ Copening, Cortini Mims,2nd Level,Thomas Kelsey, Akida Lebby, Darian Carr,Double Dutch Force,NYSC, Preach, Marveleous, The Elements, 308 Boyz, Marvolus, Zakiya, PBA, Michael A. Williams, Mario McClean

2009 Young Entrepreneurs Deja McConnell

Deja McConnell, The Deja Pillow

Deja, is a 5th grade honor student at Winsor Elementary School, in Columbia, SC., where she enjoyed the privilege of being a Computer Lab Assistant. Deja enjoys reading and writing short stories, as well as learning new dance routines. It is her desire to become an accomplished guitarist and perform with her cousins Cherie and Rachael. Deja, also enjoy sewing, and created her own business entitled“Deja’s Creative Designs”, and she is in the process of producing and marketing an Inspirational Pillow, referred to as The Deja Pillow, to be marketed to children with multiple illnesses, that are hospitalized or home bound, letting them know they are loved and have a friend that is praying for them to get well and have the best life they can enjoy. As 2009 Young Entrepreneur Youth Advisor, Deja attend the Planning Committee Meetings, and made suggestions and expressed her views from a youth perspective on decisions being made; as well as helped with the preparations and setup for the Conference. Contact Info: Georgean McConnell 803-479-3088

Shamar Harrison Shamar Harrison, Dancer

Shamar Harrison aka “The Little Entertainer’ is a 13 year old dancing machine from South Carolina! Shamar’s dance moves and skills were discovered at the tender age of 5. His moves have been compared to such old school artist as: Michael Jackson, The Four Tops and The Temptations. He currently performs on stage before hundreds at banquets, talent shows and showcases. He has a passion for life! Shamar also enjoys singing, basketball, reading and baking chocolate brownies. His goal is to become a professional dancer and choreographer. Contact: LaToya Nelson @ 803-225-6862

Brendalyn Reaves

Earthly Elegance by Lynn

Brendalyn Reaves, a 21 year old native of Florence, SC, started her own jewelry business called Earthly Elegance by Lynn. Critics describe her jewelry as having an earthly elegance with a casual flare. She is currently seeking a bachelor's degree at Columbia College in Columbia, SC. She is a junior majoring in Studio Art and Art Education. She plans to continue educating her pasion by a Master's in Jewelry Making. Contact Info: brendalyn.reaves@colacoll.edu 843-206-5002 803-714-7681

Ty’Sheoma Betha Activist

Ty’Sheoma Bethea is a 14year old student from Dillon, S.C., who has been born, raised and educated in the public schools of South Czarolina. She captured the attention of the nation as a result of a letter she wrote on Feb. 17, 2009 to Congressman John Spratt regarding the state of her school, J.V. Martin Jr. High School. The heartfelt emotion conveyed in the letter caught the eye of President Obama, who then invited Ty’Sheoma to attend his first address to Congress on Feb. 24, 2009. At this national event, Ty’Sheoma’s courage and compassion resonated with adults and children across the country as President Obama quoted her words, which now echo in the thoughts of many Americans: “We are not quitters.” Her words also resonated with Walmart as the retailer created the “Write to Change the Classroom” program. Since her visit to Washington, Ty’Sheoma has appeared as a speaker at numerous church, community and school events regarding the need to improve conditions of public schools across her state. Ty’Sheoma is very passionate about helping other people and she aspires to become a lawyer and public servant. Contact:David Belton 803-319-1483

2009 Young Entrepreneurs Jonathan Cole Sterling Jonathan Cole Sterling, The Rubberband

Johnathan Cole Sterling Andrews is 14 years old, freshman at A. C. Flora High School in Columbia, SC. His goal is to become an A List Actor and Successful Businessman. Currently he plays wide receiver for the Flora Falcons. He has performed in two plays entitled “ A Soulful Noel” and “Treasure Island”. He has been an entrepreneur for 3 years. He makes jewelry with rubber bands. He was inspired by the Rapper Soulja Boy. Johnathan notice him with a rubber band necklace on the BET awards. He said to himself, I could make that. And the business was started. He has become very popular by selling the unique jewelry. The kids love it. He is called the “The Rubber band Man”. This past summer he attended the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Performing Arts in Greenville, South Carolina. Johnathan participated in “The Actor’s Showcase” Smiling Faces Going Places” a talent agency owned by Angela Patterson. He has a brother and his mother is Jemaine Bankhead . Contact: Bonita Clemons 803-479-2231

Kristopher Jones

Kristopher Jones, The Bow Tie Club A graduate of Eau Claire High School, Kristopher attended Full Sail (Winter Park, Florida) in pursuit of an Associates of Science Degree in Audio Engineering. In 2006 Kristopher returned to Columbia and is now in pursuit of a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration (Acquisition and Contract Management) from Strayer University in Columbia, SC. In addition to pursuing his educational goals, Kristopher has enjoyed a successful career as a Wardrobe Consultant for Menswearhouse since 2006. In 2007, Kristopher saw that the need for positive influence in the lives of today’s young men is ever growing. In response Kristopher founded The Bow Tie Club Inc. a community based organization dedicated to positively affect the direction of the lives of young men in schools across the midlands area. This new and exciting program serves as a firm counter to the negative influences that cripple the advancement and empowerment of young men in the Columbia area. The implementation of

Sheldon Ferguson Sheldon Ferguson, Musician

Sheldon is a 15 year old 10th grade student at Spring Valley High School where he participates in the Gifted and Talented Explorations Program. He is the son of Michael and D’Juana Ferguson. Sheldon has a younger sister (Taylor 10) and a younger brother (Chris 4). Sheldon started taking guitar lessons at the age of 11 under the direction of Chris Richards of Pecknel Music and has had a few sessions with recording artist Terrence Young. He is now under the instruction of Daniel O’Dell. He loves and plays all genres of music including jazz, blues, gospel, and rock. Sheldon is self-taught on the piano and also the bass guitar. Sheldon just completed a summer camp with the NY based Juilliard School of Music, held in Atlanta, Ga. Sheldon can be seen often on Wednesday/Thursday nights at Mac’s on Main, Columbia’s premier Jazz and Blues eatery. He is also lead guitarist for local jazz bands and a R&B band. He is a member of the Richland District 2 Jazz Band. When he’s not strumming the guitar, Sheldon enjoys soccer, basketball, bike riding, skateboarding, reading, watching TV and spending time with his family. Contact: Michael Ferguson 803-217-2107

manhood training and life skills coaching are key strategies in curbing these issues. Kristopher mentors young men in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Civic Engagement, with a focus on “Dress for Success” The ideal product The Bow Tie Club aims to create is a group of young leaders with high self esteem who will continue to build their way toward intellectual excellence. Kristopher is a member of Brookland Baptist Church. (Columbia, SC) He is also a proud member of Capital City Lodge no. 47(Columbia, SC) Contact: kristopher_j_jones@yahoo.com

2009 Young Entrepreneurs Brian T. Pickens

Brian Pickens, Graphic Designer Brian T. Pickens II was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on October 26, 1993. He is currently a 10th grader at West Florence High, in Florence, SC. Technology is his passion and upon graduation from high school, he plans to attend college and major in graphic design. He started editing and designing pictures at the age of twelve and recently started his own business called Brian’s Graphic Designs. He designs flyers, logos, edits photos, and creates layouts. His goal in life is to become a very successful entrepreneur. He is currently in the process of creating a website. Contact: xacekidd718x@aim.com

Brookland Praise Dancers Praise Dancers

The Brookland Baptist Praise Dance Ministry formed in December of 2000 and provides praise dancing as an inspiring and uplifting force for those who assemble together in worship and common grounds. It serves as a complementary phase of the worship experience where songs of God’s love are ushered in with full body movement, elevated hands and bold expressions. The praise dancers lead by example through excelling in academic excellence as well as embracing the core values, such as Discipline, Pray and Praise. Some community involvement include ministry to Senior Citizens, homeless and the Sister Care outreach Programs. The girls’ ages range from seven to thirteen. They are under the leadership of Pastor Charles B. Jackson Sr. and Mrs. Marilyn Shine who serves as their director. Contact: Marilyn Shine 803-586-2402

Mario McClean Mario McClean, Entertainer

Mario McClean has been loving and making music since he was a little boy. He grew up in a musical family of four, where my sister, father, mother and all enjoyed singing. Ever since the age of 10, he has played the piano by ear and recently picked up the guitar. Mario is a singer/song writer attending Midlands Technical College and plans to transfer to North Carolina School of the Arts to major in theater. Contact: 803-397-0442

Larry Alston / Lauren Mills Larry Alston & Lauren Mills, Entertainers

Being four years apart did not stop us from being so close. We were born in Sumter, SC I was born on September 12, 1990 and my brother was September 22, 1994. We have been performing all our lives together and apart. Our first performance together was in June 1997, at the “Night at the Apollo” talent contest hosted by the Sumter NAACP. Where we won first place gospel. As the years went by, we keep singing in church where there were two youth choirs. One for the children under the age of thirteen and another for the kids thirteen and up. Though was not of age to sing on the “big kid’s choir” I had voices as if I were. On many occasions, I was asked to sing with them for certain songs. Larry on the other hand did not want to. In 2004, I decided to take up piano. In 2005, I decided to stop so I may focus on my vocals. When I stopped, Larry decided to start. From then on, we know as the dynamic duo. I would sing and he would play. Other than, the piano he plays the drums, organ, saxophone, and keyboard. I’ve been trained to sing anything from soprano to first tenor. When we first began, Larry was not into singing as much as playing that is why he is the musician and I am president for youth choir at church. Currently I am a freshman in college and Larry is a freshman in high school. Though we are in two different world music will always bring us back together.

2009 Speakers Eddye Lane

Rodgers Boykin

Eddye Lane is a Columbia, SC based Attorney and Entrepreneur. She is also an aspiring Children’s Book author. The law office of Eddye L. Lane, P.A. is a solo law practice which prides itself in offering personable and professional services to its clientele, including individuals, organizations and business entities. The attorney is a former staff attorney of Palmetto Legal Services (now South Carolina Legal Services) and continues to provide services to the indigent population through the South Carolina Legal Services PAI program. The attorney’s experience spans over eighteen (18) years. The firm is located in Columbia, South Carolina; however the attorney works with clients throughout the state and travels statewide as necessary for client representation. The firm offers services primarily in Consumer Bankruptcy, Social Security disability and Adoptions. Other services include Wills, Contracts, Uncontested Divorces, Business Incorporation, Car and Work Accidents. The law firm is also considered a debt relief agency, assisting persons who file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Rodgers Boykin is talented visual artist.. Rodgers, a native of Camden, began expressing thoughts and depicting life in the form of art and interior design over 35 years ago.

Contact: lanelawpa@aol.com

Aisha Baltimore

Lewis Burns

Lewis Burns is the owner of Consolidated Planning, This company offers financial advice, investments, insurance, and mortgages. Contact: 803-933-0605 lewisburns@aol.com

Rashida McFadden

Columbia, South Carolina native Rashida McFadden graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communications and Marketing from Queens University of Charlotte in 1999. She was employed as a Communications Associate with the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce directly after finishing college. She then went to pursue a Masters in Journalism from Cardiff University in Cardiff, Wales. During her time in Europe she worked for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in both radio and television. Mrs. McFadden has travelled extensively in Europe and several other countries throughout the world, including Africa, Asia, and Australia. After returning from Europe, Rashida pursued her political eye and was the Director of Community Outreach for the state of South Carolina for the Wesley Clark for President Campaign. Rashida is the daughter of Dr. Johnnie McFadden and the late Dr. Grace Jordan McFadden. Rashida is married to her husband, Marty Lewis, where she is currently a producer with NBC News Channel. Contact:mcfadden7@hotmail.com

Rodgers Boykin is a graduate of South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, South Carolina. His art has traveled throughout his home state and around the United States, landing him numerous awards for excellence and quality. The character and beauty of his work reflect who he is as a person and can best be stated in his own words, “A reflection of what I feel-my joy, my hope, my sorrow, and my yesterdays and tomorrows are sprinkled throughout my work, speaking to the soul of each of us in silent, strong, and moving ways.” Whether his work depicts the playfulness in children or the defiance and determination of men, Rodgers is a master at capturing the essence of humanity. Contact: ClassicalAccent@aol.com 803-750-4893

Aisha S. Baltimore is a graduate of Columbia College with a Masters Degree in Human Behavior/Conflict Management and Bachelor of Arts in Sociology/Family Development. She has an extensive background in the social work field. She has worked with families in crisis who were at risk to abuse or neglect their children. Aisha is a trained civil, attendance improvement and family mediator. She has over 1000 hours of family, attendance improvement and civil mediation experience. Aisha facilitates conflict coaching groups. She is a member of Association of Conflict Resolution. Conflict Resolution Connections, LLC (CRC) was founded by Aisha and Ashley Adams in 2007 to provide onsite training in the areas of conflict resolution, peer mediation, anger management, parenting, diversity, character building, professional development, team building and communication techniques. Conflict Resolution Connections, LLC strives to promote peace building characteristics through educational training and teaching of conflict methods and practices. CRC wants families, individuals and communities to identify and develop healthy relationships to reduce isolation and conflict. Conflict Resolution Connections, LLC’s believes in using a holistic approach by connecting families, communities, individuals and organizations. Contact: conflict_connect@yahoo.com 803-238-6416

2009 Speakers Dayna Mitchell Dayna Brown-Mitchell moved to Columbia from New York City. She enjoys the theatre, oil painting, listening to jazz and classical music. She has danced with the Charles Moore Dance Theatre located in Brooklyn, New York. While living in Columbia, she became involved with the Workshop Theatre. While working behind the scenes, she was a dresser in “ A Tuna Christmas” and assisted with the Sound Board Operations in “Five Guys Named Moe.” For the pass four years, Dayna began making jewelry as a hobby, which in February 2009 she started networking into the world of entrepreneurship. She enjoys working with semi-precious stones to create that one of a kind art. Her work is on display at the Columbia Convention Visitors Center, and at the Historic Columbia Foundation Museum Shop. Making jewelry is her passion, seeing the smiles on the faces that purchase her artwork, is priceless. Contact: mitchell211@bellsouth.ne

Bridgit Tucker Over the last decade, Bridgit Tucker has immersed herself in the world of the arts through travel. By the age of twenty two, she had designed a line of clothing and accessories ; photographed album covers for French music artists as well as danced in a Carnival group and traditional ballet in the West Indies. Today, the 28 year old continues her quest through the arts in her native South Carolina. She is driven by her desire to always learn something new. Bridgit is currently creating a line of accessories made from recycled goods.

Marilyn Shine

Marilyn Shine was born in West Point, Mississippi to Rev. and Mrs. Arnell and Betty Edwards, the 5th child of six brothers and sisters. She is happily married to Isaac Shine and has four children: Brandon, Kennedy, Kayla, and Sheldon. In May of 1999, Marilyn began her Etiquette consultation business. Mrs. Shine serves as an active member of the Brookland Baptist Church and have served in the following capacities: Praise Dance Director,Assistant Youth Director Mime Instructor,Youth Advisory Board,Charles B Singer Choir Member Favorite Scripture: I can do all things through Christ with strengthens me (Phil 4:13) Passionately advocating for young people and their spiritual and personal development. Contact: 803-732-2315

Clarke “Scooter” O’Cain

Julius Thomas Agency 803-787-2430

JOHNSON, TOAL & BATTISTE, PA Attorneys at Law 803-252-9700

Rudolph Cunningham, State Farm Insurance 803-788-0334 Attorney EW Cromatie CERA, LLC 803-256-3462

2009 Conference Planning Committee Karen Alexander President Bridgit Tucker, Co-Chair Toshia Addison, Co-Chair Brenda Tucker Barbara Bowman Shirley Mack Georgean McConnell Deja Mcconnell Elizabeth Pou

Auntie Karen Board Karen Alexander Gwen Jordan Janet Johnson - Whipple Linda Wilson Dr. Phyllis Sanders Tony Wise Donnell Jennings Dr.Norma Jackson Shirley Mack Claudia Goodson

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2009 YE Conference Book  

Auntie Karen Foundation 2009 Young Entrepreneurs Conference Book

2009 YE Conference Book  

Auntie Karen Foundation 2009 Young Entrepreneurs Conference Book

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