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Auntie Karen£ Foundation “Empowering, Enlightening & Educating through the Arts”

October 7, 2006

Dear Future Millionaire:

Welcome to the fourth annual Auntie Karen’s Young Entrepreneurs Conference. In 2001, we had a dream to showcase the best young minds in our region. Today you will have a chance to meet some of them. It is our vision that the time you spend here today will encourage you to pursue your dreams! The Auntie Karen Foundation, a South Carolina based 501c3 global charity, creates and implements community outreach programs designed to empower, enlighten and educate through the arts. From an eight year old model/actress/dancer, Jordan Kelley, to enterprising media moguls, Stephen Jordan (Love Scene Productions) and Christina Morana (Mocha Teen Magazine), to a family of young ladies selling magnetic safety signs, Drive Safe, the Auntie Karen Foundation is finding exciting ways to connect you with entrepreneurs of our region. By providing role models and workshops, we would like to encourage you to “Think Big and Know Bigger”. It is my hope that you learn something today that can impact you for the rest of your life. While here, you will be given an opportunity to meet successful young entrepreneurs, as well as, community and business leaders. We encourage you to take notes and ask plenty of questions! I would like to thank Carmen Flemming, Stephany Hook and the 2006 Conference Committee for their months of planning to bring this day to you. It is volunteers like them that make our programs successful! I hope this experience today, will inspire you start a business of your own. One day soon we would like to feature your story at our conference! Enjoy the day! Sincerely,

Karen Alexander President and CEO


3419 HAZELHURST RD • COLUMBIA, SC • 29203 PHONE:803-748-7124 • FAX: 803-256-6971


2006 Conference Schedule





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Investors Owner CEO


Crystal Garrett

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Young Moguls Agents



Business of Sports & Entertainment

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Opening Ceremony



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Smart Consumer Business Etiquette Book Publishing Elementary Kids can do it too!!! Creative Tools for Youth Marketing Your Art


Techy Executive Producer Agents Owner


Little Theatre

Using Graphic Design to WOW your Presentations

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Young Moguls Investors


Rodgers Boykin

Eddye Lane

Don Patterson & Debbie Cherry Sherry Gore King/Melvin Miller/Elijah Washington Melanie East Betty Parker

Jason Darby

Rodgers Boykin

Eddye Lane

Sherry Gore King/Melvin Miller/Elijah Washington Melanie East Betty Parker

Sports & Entertainment Panel


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Donna Daniels, Moderator Joyce Cheeks,JoJo English, DJ Prince Ice, Arielle Riposta,Saraph tha Sunman, aka James McLawhorn, III

Smart Consumer Business Etiquette Book Publishing Elementary Kids can do it too!!! Creative Tools for Youth Marketing Your Art




Little Theatre

Using Graphic Design to WOW your Presentations


Don Patterson & Debbie Cherry

Jason Darby

Think Big , Know Bigger

Media Arts

Media Arts


October 8, 2005


Bakari Sellers

9:00 - 9:30 Session A

9:40 - 10:20 Workshop One Room 204 Finance TCB - Taking Care of Publishing

Room 204

TCB - Taking Care of Publishing


Creative Arts Little Theatre Room 106 Visual Arts Computer Lab - Moving on up: Maximizing Babcoats Technology for your (Lower Level) business Fine Arts Meet Young Theatre Entrepreneurs


Room 108 Room 103 Room 104

Creative Arts Little Theatre Room 106 Visual Arts Computer Lab - Moving on up: Maximizing Babcoats Technology for your (Lower Level) business

Room 108 Room 103 Room 104

10:40 - 11:20

Workshop Two 11:30 - 12:10

12:10 - 1:00 LUNCH CEREMONY Lunch provided by Big T's Barbecue 1:00 - 4:00

Auntie Karen's Young Entrepreneurs Conference

2006 Young Entrepreneurs ON THE COVER Stephen Love

Christina M. Morana

Love Scene Productions

Mocha Teen Magazine

Stephen Love is a native of York, SC. He is the son of Rev. and Mrs. Stephen L. Love, Sr. This young entrepreneur’s interests in videography and entrepreneurship has led to the establishment of his own company called Love’s Scene Productions. He is a sophomore honor student at Marlboro County High School in Bennettsville, SC. He has been a part of the Marlboro County Media Literacy program since 2000. It was in this program that his interest in videography was developed. In 2004 he began recording weddings, social events and church functions in local and surrounding communities. Stephen has expanded Love’s Scene Productions to include business advertisement (business cards, commercials, public service announcements, etc.), and video greetings. Stephen has received an award from Merrill Lynch® as one of its young entrepreneurs for 2005. He was one of the first four entrepreneurs ever to receive this award.

Christina Morana is the founder and publisher of Mocha Teen Magazine. According to her, Mocha Teen Magazine is a new era for youthful minds and aims to bring flava and diversity by inviting creative writers, artists, poetic voices, and informative articles all designed to take you to the next level… The magazine was launched in the Spring of 2006.

Jordan Kelley, Inc. Jordan Kelley Jordan started competing in pageants at 5 months old. During her four years in pageantry, she was awarded several National Awards and also International Awards. She left the pageantry world to pursue modeling and dancing. Jordan has been involved with ballet since four years old to the present. She has also received awards for runway competition which she loves to do. Jordan loves to be at the center of attention whenever possible and has turned this passion into a business, Jordan Kelley, Inc. Jordan can be seen gracing the box of Beautiful Beginnings, a national ad campaign for Soft Sheen Carson.

Chestina Perry, Tiffanie Williams, Twana Williams,Victoria Williams Drive Safe Chestina Perry (18), and sisters Tiffanie (12), Twana (11), and Victoria Williams (10) are the owners of Drive Safe. The company makes magnetic signs for cars with the message of urging drivers to be patient. The idea for the business came when Chestina was learning how to drive and encountered other drivers making angry comments and gestures. While using the product for her safety, it gained attention from many other motorists, parents and teenagers. There was such a demand from other parents and teenagers to obtain the product, she convinced her parents to open a business to allow other teenagers to experience the benefits of driving in a safer and more controlled environment. Her goal was to help eliminate the possibility of fatalities, stress, anxiety and road rage associated with learning how to drive. They recently received the Black Enterprise Teenpreneur of the Year Award.


Past Young Entrepreneurs Daniel Ancrum, Ancrum Services - Catering Company Yoma Edwin, Trend Media Group-Advertising Firm Chad Holloway, Chad Holloway-Hat Designer Katoria Jones, Imagination Graphics-Graphic Designer Perry Jones, Sckratch Magazine, Publisher Johnny Mathis, Imagination Graphics-Graphic Designer Antoine Miles, ATM Music Productions-Musician India Patterson, IAP Handbags Jake Williams, Imagination Graphics-Graphic Designer Curtis Young, Jr., Curtis Young, Jr. - Rapper Chaz Evans, ChazBaby - Rapper, Producer Katie Bell, Nails By Katie Alexis East, Custom Jewelry Past Young Performers: Columbia Dance Academy Samira Gibson Brian McQueen Ronnita Danae’ Copening Cortini Mims 2nd Level Thomas Kelsey Akida Lebby Darian Carr

2006 Young Entrepreneurs Katherine Elizabeth Bell

Amber Kelly

Katherine Bell, Nails By Katie

Amberific Babysitting Services

Katherine Bell is a 10 year old, born on February 16, 1996. Katie is a resident of Columbia, South Carolina and is the second child of Drs. Gary and Benetta Bell. She has one older brother, Jonathan Michael. She is presently a fourth grader at Heathwood Hall Episcopal School in Columbia, South Carolina. She is affectionately known as Katie. She is a creative, imaginative and energetic child who is constantly looking for outlets for her energy. She is very inquisitive and is constantly asking probing questions. She has an engaging personality and is not shy. She always finds a way to socialized and put people at ease. Nails by Katie was inspired by her love for nail art and color. She began doing her own nails when she was 5 years old. At 7 years she was using her interest to do nails for the elderly in some of Columbia’s nursing home facilities. She has also done nails at family functions and local community events. She enjoys doing nails because she says “ It puts a smile on people faces and makes them feel pretty.” Contact Info: 803-269-3344 Email: BGBellDent@aol.com

Amber Kelly is a thirteen year old eighth grader at Kelly Mill Middle School. She enjoys dance, drama, writing and conversation. She began her babysitting business a year ago, with children between the ages of 4 months – 7 years old. Amber decided to keep her prices affordable. She states, “Since I am in middle school, my financial desires are pretty minimal and affordable. The fee for my services is a small one of $5 per hour. I am negotiable and will work with you for a fee that you feel is right for you.”

Cherisse R. Leopold

Alexander English, Jr.

Lord Ship Films

Lord Ship Films

Film has been a major part of her life ever since she was 14 years old. She grew up in Washington D.C. and she happened to see the filming of a major motion picture when she realized that this is what she wanted to do for her career. Every time they shot a part of the scene, it took a group effort to make that same action happen over and over again. It was very fascinating to her. She ended up taking a TV production course in high school And that’s where she began to film and edit her own videos. She majored in film at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, and learned a lot about different aspects of filmmaking. Major courses she took were screenwriting, pre-production, production, postproduction, creative side, and some business element. Through an internship at Emerson, she was able to obtain great jobs working on emmy nominated television shows such as Project Greenlight and Project Runway, as well as a few independent films. All of these opportunities and experiences helped develop the skills that she has with her today in her career, and in the future.

Alex English, Jr. was born September 4th , 1981 in Columbia, South Carolina. He graduated from Hammond School in 1999, and accepted a basket ball scholarship to The College of William and Mary. He transferred to Winthrop University in 2002, and won a Big South Championship playing for the team. He moved to Los Angeles in 2004 to pursue his career as a writer and a director. He worked production as an Art Department P.A. on several short films. In 2006 he starred in the direct TV march madness commercial “4 screens.” In addition to this, he also worked as an assistant editor on a reality television show entitled “The Christies.” The feature film “Lumera,” is the second screenplay he has written, but the first he has actually had the good fortune of making into a film. It is his feature film directorial debut, and he is excited and eager to begin and complete many groundbreaking projects for film, television, and in the world of athletics.

As a certified baby sitter with the American Red Cross, Amber knows many vital and life saving techniques. Her preference is to baby sit in the child’s environment. However, arrangements can be made if this will be an inconvenience to you. It is a joy to teach you child how to read, write, count, and other fundamentals of learning” states Amber. Her contact number is 803-409-8293.

Lord Ship Films Contact info: 617-306-2951

2006 Young Entrepreneurs Alexis Nicole East Lexi’s Royal Fashions & Spa

Ereka Fossitt - Fitts Talents of Ereka, Model

Born Ereka Alexandria Fossitt on July 7, 1997 in Columbia, S. C., Ereka started modeling and competing in pageants at the tender age of 2 as a result of solicitation by talent agents. She won 1st place in a pageant of over 100 contestants at age 3 and also won other competitions as she grew older.

Alexis Nicole East was born on July 18, 1993 in Columbia, South Carolina. She is currently in the 8th grade at Hand Middle School. Her special interests and skills are writing short stories and poems, nail art, creating custom jewelry, designing clothes, and working with small children and seniors. She also enjoys modeling, and is one of the Oasis Players at Oasis Promotions. Alexis started her business Groovy Nails when she was 10 years old. She provided manicure and pedicure services to church members, friends, and family members. Alexis started learning how to make jewelry in June (2004) to add on to her existing business. She recently changed the name of her business to Lexi’s Royal Fashions & Spa. Alexis feels that an outfit is not complete until you have the proper accessories such as a matching handbag and some jewelry. Alexis is now looking to expand her business even more by designing and making her own handbags and jeans. Alexis’ ultimate goal is to one- day build her own fashion mall in the shape of the letter “A”, for Alexis. Alexis is the daughter of Melanie East, who is a very proud parent of this little entrepreneur.

Ereka has made the front cover of magazines, starred in local Disney musical productions, has several trophies to her credit, as well as the official model for “The Auntie Karen Foundation” as well “Auntie Karen Inc”. Current career interest includes commercials and acting. Ereka is an A student in the 4th grade and in her school’s ALERT program. In her spare time Ereka enjoys riding her bike,travelling, reading, swimming, being with friends, and playing on the computer. Ereka has dark brown eyes and dark brown curly hair and a million dollar smile. Contact: 803.665-8441 Email: margaret714@att.net



On September 29, 1984 perfection was born in the form of a baby boy named, Anree Sherrills. Anree, aka Marvolus, lived fatherless with no hometown to claim as his own due to constant migration from Okinawa, Japan to California, Georgia, North Carolina, and finally settling in various towns in South Carolina. Marv can remember freestyling and battling at the age of twelve through the inspiration of his older cousin, Zapp. With no idea of whom his father was and an outcast of his family, Marvolus found traditional school to be a problem and traditional school had a problem with him. Resiliency and determination guided him to Job Corp to earn his GED where he won several talent shows, thus realizing that hip-hop was the vehicle he needed for self expression. From South Carolina (South Crack) emerges Marvolus, a hungry unsigned artist with his own independent label, R.P.M (Real Powerful Music). Marv was featured on a hit single “Last Song” with DJ Prince Ice, which made the independent charts. Contact: Princeice@aol.com

Born Angela Hunter, Peace, a Columbia, South Carolina native, not only exudes the definition of her name, but also professes the same on the microphone. Influenced by legendary artists such as Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill, The Roots, Erykah Badu, Kanye West and a host of others, Peace writes 100% of her lyrics. She is a guitarist, arranger, composer, lyricist, and vocalist.

Anree Sherrills, Hip Hop Artist

Angela Hunter, Singer,Songwriter

The 2006 graduate of the University of South Carolina is not only a talented musician, but also a well accomplished athlete. The four-year varsity basketball scholarship recipient received her bachelor’s degree in Sport and Entertainment Management, and now plans to pursue her passion of music. With an electric blend of Hip-Hop, Soul, and spoken word, Peace has a style that is versatile, unique, and filled with substance. Peace’s presence lights up any stage. Switching from HipHop spoken word to melodic rhythms on her guitar, Peace captivates every audience by letting her inner light glow with every word she articulates. Contact: itzpeace@yahoo.com

2006 Young Entrepreneurs PREACH

Preach, Hip Hop Artist For some people, Hip-Hop is simply a way to make ends meet, but every once in a while, you come across an artist who exhibits raw, unrelenting love and passion for the art-form; they don’t just make hiphop, they breathe it. In that sense, Preach embodies the Hip-Hop culture. “I feel that Hip-Hop has always existed, but it wasn’t until the mid70s when it was diagnosed.…” Through his music, he wants to remind his listeners of a time when black people were proud of being themselves. His music possesses a sense of pride that’s reminiscent of that era — the black “soul power” movement. He wants to put the power back into the people who actually make the music. Preach feels as if the cultural aspect of HipHop is often sacrificed for capitalistic gain. In contrast, he has the culture’s best interest at heart and wants to continue strengthening his Hip-Hop community as much as possible. For more info: http://preach2em.net .

Valencia Goodwin Art by Valencia, Visual Artist

Since the age of three Valencia M. Goodwin, a female African- American artist from Hopkins, SC, has been in love with creating. She is the daughter of Mrs. Wendy E. Bolden of Columbia, SC and Mr. Jesse Sumter of Hopkins, SC. Valencia is currently a senior at Benedict College obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art. After graduating she plans to further her study of the arts by attending graduate school. Being instructed by many of South Carolina’s wellknown artists has taught this young and gifted woman so much. Some of the most important things Valencia has learned are to be patient, remain humble, tell your story, and most of all is to be true to yourself. Contact: blakcovergal@aim.com

Collette Blakeney Blakeney Communications

Collette Blakeney is the founder and president of Blakeney Communications, LLC, a strategic communications and design firm in Columbia, South Carolina. Blakeney specializes in graphic design, copywriting, market research and publicity / promotion. A native of Columbia, Collette graduated from W.J. Keenan High School in 2000, and earned a full academic scholarship from Howard University, located in Washington D.C. While at Howard, Collette served as a staff writer for The Illtop, Howard’s humor magazine founded by comedian Chris Rock and Editor of The Showtimes, newsletter of the Howard University Marching Band. She also became a member of Golden Key International Honor Society as well as Alpha Chapter, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Collette earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Production in May 2004, graduating with honors (magna cum laude) and a minor in Japanese Language and Culture. The proud daughter of Richard and Patricia Blakeney, Collette operates Blakeney Communications and pursues all of her endeavors in the spirit of her family’s credo, coined by her grandfather: “Whether the task be great or small, do it well— or not at all.” Contact: 803-269-9577

2006 Young Entertainers/ Youth Speakers NYSC

Crystal Garrett

Shaun Blackman and Michael Smith have combined their talents to become the dynamic duo of a flavorful blend of Hip-Hop and R & B. One of the most striking features of their view on this genre of music is the depth of lyric in verse, hip-hop flow, instrumentation and hip-hop beat. As songwriters, twenty-year old Shaun Blackman and nineteen year old Michael Smith gave definition of what a real woman is through a verse in their first song, “Gangsta Girl”. Surprisingly, “A gansta girl” is not a ganster; she is a confident, reserved and approachable woman. The music industry can expect great wonders from Shaun and Mike of NYSC. We applaud these young entrepreneur for their musical talents.

Crystal Garrett is living her dreams! This University of SC student is a singer, beauty queen and model. Crystal resently competed in The Miss SC pageant and won WACH TV 57’s Palmetto Idol contest.


Columbia, South Carolina The team was conceived in February 1985. Jowana Harris, Leah Davis, and Freda Davis (three sisters) and Victor Morris had only one mission when they formed the Valley Park Double Dutch Team, and it was to get in shape while having fun. No one had any idea of the miles, states they would travel to nor the friends they would meet. The state of South Carolina and the City of Columbia were put on the Double Dutch map in bold print by the legacy and winning tradition of this team. The team solicited the help of Joy Holman, a coach who was known as a type of superwoman of sports. She coached everything from volleyball, basketball, track and field, to softball. She reluctantly accepted the task of coaching, helping them get into shape, and teaching them how to become winners. Victor was instrumental in getting the tasked started, since he had previously jumped competitively in New York. Today many teams make up The Forces, coached by Joy Holman - Head Coach, Michael Peterson, and Parent Volunteers. Antoine Miles Antoine Miles is a gifted musician. He can be seen most Thursdays at The Hunter Gatherer in Columbia, SC.

Bakari T. Sellers Bakari Sellers was raised in the town of Denmark, South Carolina and has always been involved in local community activity. Bakari graduated from the South Carolina public school system, and then proceeded to Morehouse College where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. While at Morehouse College, Bakari was elected Student Government Association President and, by virtue of his position, served on the College’s Board of Trustees. He now continues his education at the University Of South Carolina School of Law. Bakari began his journey in the realm of politics by working for United States Congressman James Clyburn, Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin, and the Southeastern Regional Director of the NAACP. These experiences have inspired him to engage in “not politics, but public service.” He is currently the youngest African American elected official in the country.

Thomas Kelsey Thomas Kelsey began dancing when he was 6 years old. Eight years later, the Eau Claire High School freshman continues to dazzle and amaze audiences with his electrifying and explosive dance moves. His ability to step inside dance icons like Michael Jackson and James Brown with flawless precision is uncanny and a work of art. By mixing styles, Thomas creates his own unique blend of footwork that displays a sparkle of energy in motion. As testimony to his skills, Thomas has won numerous talent shows across the Carolinas and is in constant demand to perform. Thomas also sings lead in his church choir and will soon be adding his rapping skills to his performance arsenal.

2006 Speakers Melanie East Melanie East, an enterprising business woman, is a certified etiquette consultant from Grace Etiquette Institute, a division of Oasis Promotions, LLC. Melanie is a Girl Scout Troop Leader, a youth advisor, and works with young ladies in the areas of social skills, personal development and etiquette. A Premier Design Jeweler, Melanie attended DeVry University and she currently works as a Data Security Technician at BlueCross BlueShield of SC. Melanie’s motto in life is “never settle for just enough, go beyond your expectations”. Joyce Cheeks Joyce Farr Cheeks is a Columbia, SC Attorney with a passion for Entertainment. She currently represents budding entertainers such as: NYSC, a hip hop duo and dancing sensation, Thomas Kelsey. Donna Daniels Donna Daniels is currently a Senior Account Executive at WXBT-FM 100.1 The Beat and was the Sales Manager for 98.5 KISS FM in Columbia when station was first launched. Ms. Daniels has over 25 years of advertising, marketing, promotions and sales experience. Donna began her career in Los Angeles, California in 1977 and has worked for such top ad agencies as Foote, Cone & Belding, Saatchi & Saatchi, Young & Rubicam Entertain, Western International Media, Disney Studios and Zenith Media. Her broadcast sales experience includes Clear Channel Radio, Los Angeles & Columbia, SC, Bloomington Broadcasting, Aura Broadcasting and Fox Television. Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee Donna has chosen Columbia, South Carolina as her home where she has three sons in College.

Jason Christopher Darby Jason Christopher Darby is a PR generalist who primarily serves clientele in the Midlands and Lowcountry regions of South Carolina. He has also provided services to clients in West Virginia, Dallas, and New York City. Jason Christopher (“Jay”) has ten years’ experience as a professional communicator. In fact, he’s gained experience as a writer, photographer, copy editor, media spokesman, radio announcer. He’s even worked as an editorial assistant for an international trade magazine and as one of the spokesmen for a Fortune 500 corporation. He most recently provided communications strategy for a S.C. legislative campaign, and serves as associate publisher and editorial/art director for Hair Etc. and Grace magazines in Charleston, S.C. However, he calls Columbia, S.C., home.

Jo Jo English

Stephen English, better known as “JoJo” is from Columbia, South Carolina. His nickname “JoJo” became a household word in the late 80’s when he played for Lower Richland High School and the school became state champions twice. He competed against the famous Michael Jordan in Dunk contest to a sold out Carolina Coliseum during the summer of ’88. “JoJo” played at USC from 1988-1992 and finished #9 on the all time scoring list. He led USC in scoring final three seasons. He was one of ten players ever to do so at USC. At the end of his college career, he held five records.

From 1992-1994, he played in the CBA (Continental Basketball Association), the official development league of the NBA. He was selected to the CBA All Rookie First Saraph tha Sunman, aka James McLawhorn, III, team, one of the first two rookies to get called up to the Saraph tha Sunman, aka James McLawhorn, III, is currently an NBA [Bulls] - the Chicago Bulls. employee for Innercity Broadcasting Radio. The Columbia, South Carolina native currently produces the number one rated after- He is now the head coach of the 2005 13 and under girls noon show, the Michael Baisden show, for the Big DM 101 FM. AAU State champion lady 76er’s, Head coach of the 2006 Saraph, a 2003 honor’s graduate from South Carolina State 14 and under AAU State champion lady 76er’s 2005-present; University, in the field of History and Social Studies Education, Head J. V. Boys basketball coach & Basketball Conditionis a spoken word/ rising hip-hop artist. He has opened for such ing coach for the Lower Richland High School basketball acts as Outkast, Three-Six Mafia, Ludacris, the Yin-Yang Twins, program. Fatman Scoop, Jagged Edge, and current song writer extrodinaire Sean Garret.

Betty M. Parker Betty M. Parker is a medical sales consultant, public speaker, and writer. Her current novel “Waging War on Fear: Strategies to Overcome a Scary World” reveals the true story of the author’s personal battle against fear, and how she fought it and won She lives in Columbia, South Carolina with her husband and their son, Justice and daughter Jaden.

Elijah Washington

Elijah Washington has 25 years as supervisor and manager with AmericanExpress Company. He is a former member of Leadership North Carolina. Mr. Washington served two (2) years as director of Administration and Support for the Department of Social Service.Presently, he is the Marketing Sale Representative for the South Carolina Education Lottery for Sumter and Clarendon County.

2006 Speakers Sherry Gore King

Sherry Gore King is with the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs. She is the State Representation for Life Smarts. LifeSmarts is a flexible classroom or group activity that teaches teens to be smart and responsible consumers and citizens.

DJ Prince Ice

What’s cooler than cool…Ice Cold! Cool as Ice and twice as nice! Hip hop don’t stop at 6’1 rocking the B-boy stance its none other than the man next to the man, SC’s very own cool breeze…DJ Prince Ice! Hailing from Columbia, SC by way of Paterson, New Jersey, the young ice cold kid began mixing and scratching at the tender age of 5. The child prodigy mix master first touched wax when he began spinning old school jams for his peeps. Catch Prince Ice live on HOT 103.9(WHXT) Sundays from 3pm-8pm and on The Big DM 101.3 (WWDM) with the Ice Cold Radio Mix, Monday-Friday at 12noon and Saturdays 6pm-12midnight. Ice now adds another notch to his beltC.E.O. of his own label & production company ICE COLD PRODUCTIONS distributed by Fontana/Universal Records! Be sure and pick up the newly released cd “FEELS SO GOOD!” by DJ PRINCE ICE in stores worldwide! For 17 years of funk and counting, DJ Prince Ice has not found a party that he couldn’t fix…”cuz he could do it in the mix”! Whether it is breaking new artist or breaking new barriers, Prince Ice will continue to reign supreme due to his longevity through his integrity.

Arielle Riposta

Arielle Riposta started dancing at an early age, performing at the regional, national and international level competitions. She not only performed; she won top honors. Arielle has had some exciting ventures in her life, such as competing in preliminaries for the Miss America Pageant, auditioning for the Radio City Rockettes and performing with the Star Spangled Girls USO Troupe. Arielle is currently a News Anchor on WACH TV 57.

Rodgers Boykin Visual artists Rodgers Boykin is a graduate of South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, South Carolina. From the historic town of Camden, South Carolina, the work of Rodgers Boykin was first recognized as prolific and extraordinary in his early school years. Rodgers, a native of Camden, began expressing thought s and depicting life in the form of art and interior design over 35 years ago.

Melvin Miller

Melvin Miller is a commercial lender with SC Community Bank.

Tre Tailor

Tre Tailor is the down to earth sista with the magnetic smile and jovial personality weekdays from 10-2 on 98.5 Kiss Fm-WLXC. She is the face and voice of several TV commercials! After the onset of the State Lottery, Tre’ was chosen as the exclusive Pick 3 and Pick 4 Announcer for statewide NBC affiliate WIS then not long afterwards was asked to host one of the nations longest running Minority Based Community Affairs Programs “Awareness” on WIS-TV 10. Recently Tre’ has been given the opportunity to spread her wings beyond the Carolina’s, as a featured entertainment reporter on the Fantastic Voyage for the Nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show. “He almost had to give me something to do… and I thought it was going to be jail time! “ I kind of stalked Tom, for a year, talking to him at every Sky Show and Event and writing him too, pitching ideas, sending tapes of myself, telling him how much I wanted to do some work for him! Persistence paid off, before it turned into Pain!

Don Patterson

Don Patterson is the Director and administrator of DDCP Communication. Don has over twenty years of experience in the media literacy field. He was appointed by the National Endowment for the Arts as a member of The Learning Arts Grants and Policy Panel in 2003 and 2005. Don has also presented twice at the National Media Education Conference and his students have received national and state recognition in video production

Debbie Cherry

Debbie Cherry is the Director of Market and Advertising of DDCP Communication.She has been in the field of marketing for thirteen years. Debbie has developed marketing plans and has written and produced numerous commercials for small businesses. Eddye Lane Eddye Lane is an entrepreneur and attorney. She currently developed a new website called The Yellow School Bus. www.theyellowschoolbus.com is not your typical school bus. . The site is a one-stop shop for students, teachers, school administrators, parents and home schoolers offering easy access to scholarship and student loan information, computers and school supplies, research and tutorial resources, ACT/ SAT applications, textbooks, college searches and lots more.

Project HOPE/Teen Health Center PO Box 30218 Columbia, SC 29230 Every 55 minutes a South Carolina teen gets pregnant. (Source: SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy 2005 Fact Sheet: Adolescent Pregnancy Update). The mission of Project HOPE (Healthy Options, Positive Effects) is to reduce the incidence of teen pregnancy and promote healthy behaviors for youth in the Eau Claire Community and the 29203 zip code area. The Eau Claire Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative known as Project HOPE is a multi-faceted school/faith/community program funded by The New Morning Foundation and managed by Richland Community Health Partners. Project HOPE services include: the planning and implementation of teen pregnancy prevention programs in communities, churches and schools. Teen Health Center services include: individual and group sessions and pregnancy prevention programs. Project HOPE Staff Beverly Hart Pittman, MSW, LISW, Director, (803) 253-7521 Anna Sistare, LMSW, School-based Program Coordinator (803) 733-5499 Dorthea Lewis, MPH, Community/Faith-based Program Coordinator (803) 733-5449 “Choices, not chance, determine one’s destiny.”

Clarke “Scooter” O’Cain

JOHNSON, TOAL & BATTISTE, PA Attorneys at Law 803-252-9700

Rudolph Cunningham, State Farm Insurance 803-788-0334 Attorney EW Cromatie CERA, LLC 803-256-3462

2006 Conference Planning Committee Carmen Flemming, Co-Chairperson Stephany Hook, Co-Chairperson Karen Alexander, President Deborah Woodard Barbara Cheeseboro Dawn Chambers-Lynch Gerald Hunt Debora Lloyd Media Sponsors Barbara Bowman Calvin Reese - Millennium Magazine Urban Scene with Don Frierson 98.5 KISS FM Youth Advisors Andy Thomas Show Austin Hook Curtis Wilson - WLTX News 19 Bakari Lebby CW 47 Spencer Bowman WACH 57 Jordan Black WWDM Ariel Singleton Bakari Lebby

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2006 YE Conference Book  

Auntie Karen Foundation 2006 Young Entrepreneurs Conference Book

2006 YE Conference Book  

Auntie Karen Foundation 2006 Young Entrepreneurs Conference Book

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