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“Twenty First Century Government is enabled by technology – policy is inspired by it, business change is delivered by it, customer and corporate services are dependent on it, and democratic engagement is exploring it”Transformational Change Strategy Document AS ONE OF THE LARGEST CUSTOMERS to the technology industry, the government will spend in excess of £14billion on IT next year. This is 20 per cent more than any other government in Europe, and accounts for almost 1.2 per cent of gross domestic product. TECHNOLOGY IS THE CATALYST to transforming public services. It can improve the quality and cost effectiveness of local government transactions, as well as their accessibility. Its use can help engage disaffected groups; solve language barriers and make citizens feel more attached to society and in touch with their government. The future of government service delivery and interaction with citizens depends on this technology investment. Over the next decade, the preferred channels for the delivery of information and transactional services will be the telephone, internet and mobile technologies, as the UK will witness e-transactions becoming the norm, rather than the exception.

encompasses networking & connectivity, web services, CRM systems, call centres, mobile technologies, hardware and systems development, data centres - infrastructure, communications, etc. All of which require sound management in order to realise their full potential. And as new technologies emerge, the potential to harness their benefits in order to better serve the public is huge. Local and Central Government have yet to exploit the full potential of these new technologies such as Voice over Internet Protocol, RFID and Wifi. New ways of working, new training methods and new technology strategies

The Government is getting smarter about its IT spend, and has committed to an ongoing programme of investment

THE LARGEST EMPLOYER OF IT STAFF The UK Government directly employs over 50,000 IT professionals, many of which are engaged in continual professional development programmes in order to keep abreast of ever changing ICT practices. This

MORE OPPORTUNITIES FOR SMES The Government is getting smarter about its IT spend, and has commtted to an ongoing programme of reinvestment in new technology in order to to replace aging legacy systems. This will unlock further funding to help drive forward technology enabled reforms in public services.

Standardised contracts will allow more choice for the end user, as departments will be given authority to procure products and services from new suppliers, including SMEs. This, in turn, provides more opportunities for those organisations that wish to compete for business in the Government ICT arena.

Government Technology is the sure way to reach decision makers - no wasted circulation. Governm ent Techno logy | Volume 9.3 www.go


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GOVERNMENT TECHNOLOGY, published bi-monthly A unique by Public Sector Information since 2001, targets decision makers in local and central government IT, plus the distribution makes defence and police sectors. sure Government The editorial within GT helps its audience overcome whatever obstacles they face, such as bureaucratic Technology is seen policies and practices, risk-averse cultures and resource by those with constraints. Articles by industry experts, government ministers, IT associations and local government leaders authority in provide authoritative copy which influences decision making Public sector and informs the it audience of the latest developments. ICT Management topics regularly addressed include finance, procurement, human resources, training and equipment leasing. Technical topics address new technologies and methodologies such as IT project management, shared services, open source software, website accessibility, document and records management, Geographic Information Systems, and many other IT related products and processes. The combination of management and technical features, combined with a unique distribution by name and job title, makes sure Government Technology is seen by those with authority in Public Sector ICT. Government Technology, and its website at government, regularly includes detailed features on:

n Document management n Citizen Relationship Management n Contact centres n Storage infrastructure n Data management n Internet & Intranet development

n HR management n IT Training & Professional Development n Information security n Outsourcing n Content management n Open Source Software

The Government Technology website is the perfect complement to GT magazine and provides advertisers with true mixed media impact. THE MAGAZINE is supported by its sister website at, which serves the business end of the public sector IT market. The platform acts as an instant, readily accessible bridge between the public sector and private sector companies wishing to service their requirements. The site provides:

News and Features - Regularly

updated news and features that are directly relevant to the target audience.

Product Profiles - a searchable online database that classifies advertisers’ products they supply or manufacture. Hundreds of organisations are classified under various headings, which compliment regular GT sections such as: e-government, IT security, call centre solutions, videoconferencing etc.

This online version of the magazine’s highly regarded Products & Services section is offered free to selected advertisers and features 200 words of copy plus a logo or photograph.

Product Features & Case Studies - This facility allows advertisers to detail

new products and services and provide an overview of contracts they have won or completed. Advertisers are encouraged to supply up to 1200 words of copy and up to four images. This is the ideal location to do a little flag waving.

Display Advertising - The website can incorporate Button advertisements, skyscrapers, banners and most online formats. Combine this with display advertising in GT magazine for a real mixed media impact.

Target your market with the Government Technology Database THE GOVERNMENT TECHNOLOGY DATABASE contains contact details of central and local government Chief Information Officers, IT directors, heads of procurement, project managers and those responsible for the day to day running of IT related services in public sector departments across the UK. Updated on a regular basis, this exclusive database is available to selected clients to back up their display advertising with direct mail campaigns.



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The Government Technology website provides an instant way to reach key public sector IT personnel. The Government Technology website has been live since 1999, providing regularly updated news, features and case studies that inform readers of the latest advancements in this rapidly evolving sector. The site has over 5,000 registered users, and generates over 80,000 page impressions per month. PACKAGE DETAILS - The packages listed opposite include a 600 word company profile that details the services of the advertiser, and includes full contact details/ hyperlinks/ directory inclusion. Advertisements are positioned to appear on appropriate sections related to the business nature of the advertiser. For your advertisements to appear on the front page of the site, there is a premium of £500 per month. COPY TYPES - Flash, gif or jpg. If hosted on our servers, file sizes must not exceed 300KB. CUSTOM CODE - Custom code, such as provided by web advertising services such as Doubleclick, is accepted after only after testing. Examples must be supplied three days prior to the commencement of the campaign.

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For more information on web advertising and bespoke mixed media packages, call Government Technology on 020 8532 0055 or visit Public Sector Information, 226 High Road, Loughton Essex IG10 1ET. Phone 020 8532 0055 Fax 020 8532 0066

Combine your advertisement in GT magazine with the GT website for real mixed media impact. EDITOR Danny Wright 020 8532 5746 Assistant Editor Angela Pisanu 020 8532 5707 PRODUCTION CONTROLLER Jacqueline Lawford 020 8532 5710 production@ PUBLISHER Kelly Scott 020 8532 5731 ADVERTISEMENT SALES Kylie Glover 0208 532 5718 kylie.glover@ Justine James 0208 532 5762 Jesse Sondh 0208 532 5733 GROUP PUBLISHER Barry Doyle 020 8532 5727 barrydoyle@



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For more information please call Government Technology on 020 8532 0055 or visit Public Sector Information, 226 High Road, Loughton Essex IG10 1ET. Phone 020 8532 0055 Fax 020 8532 0066

Government Technology Media Pack 2013  
Government Technology Media Pack 2013  

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