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Spending on education will rise to £97 billion next year, representing 14% of total public sector spending More investment in Education Investment can drive reform in the organisation of schooling, teaching and learning. As part of its education reforms, the government has set Capital Investment in schools at record levels - to reach £8 billion. This is in line with the Government’s ambition to match per pupil funding levels with schools in the private sector. More autonomy in education The Government plans to allow successful schools more independence, and to make it easier for all schools, to become Academies - in direct control of their assets and able to make strategic and procurement decisions for themselves. This will help achieve tuition that

More Opportunities in Education The increase in education spending highlights the opportunities that exist. Education Business provides a link between those that supply schools and those that procure products and services on their behalf. Its editorial features focus on the latest advancements in finance, school buildings, facilities management, catering, ICT, sports and playground equipment etc.

is tailored to the needs of individual children and will allow those organisations that supply the education sector to further tailor their services. Direct payments to headteachers, which are effective in providing immediate finance for school priorities, are also set to rise. SCHOOLS INCREASE TECHNOLOGY EXPENDITURE Government focus on the provision of ICT in schools has led to 2.1% increase on IT spending. A survey of 1,317 UK schools forecast this trend will increase to 3.3% by 2014. The survey also revealed By 2014, nearly half of all schools anticipate more than 50% of pupil time will be exposed to teaching and learning through technology.

EB MAGAZINE Published since 1995, EB features a controlled circulation to top level educators - headteachers, bursars, department heads and local education authorities. Information contained within EB’s pages can also be accessed quickly, and with the minimum of fuss, at

Education Business, published since 1995, deals with the business end of State and Private Education requirements.

83% 35% 61%

of readers are either influenced in decision making, buyers or specifiers have responsibility for budgets in excess of £300,000

of decision makers rate business to business publications like EB well ahead of their second choice


of decision makers regularly use magazines like EB

(Sources: Independent Media - NFO WorldGroup)

The magazine forms a bridge between those providing education and those private sector companies who wish to do business with them. Education Business and its complementary website combine to provide an unbeatable platform for private sector companies to reach Education decision makers. EB is the decision maker’s guide. Its purpose is to assist those whose function is to source goods and services on behalf of schools and those private sector companies best placed to supply them. EB helps advertisers reach the decision makers of this vast market in a highly targeted way. Magazines are distributed on a courtesy basis by name, designation and address with no wasted coverage. Many companies large and small rely on EB to act as their interface with the state and independent sectors of education, making EB’s prestige work for them in helping gain an entrée to contracts or simply to ‘Wave the Flag’ - letting others know they are working for the Education sector. The magazine supports the main high profile exhibitions. EB’s coverage of these is always timed for maximum impact. Our policy ensures that our advertisers are seen in the right place at the right time by the right people.

Companies that have successfully and regularly used the EB brand include: n Lloyds TSB n RM n Mike Ayres n Sony n NEC n Altro Flooring n Calford Seaden n OKI n Elliott n British Gas.

Target your market with the Education Business Database. The EB database contains 28,000 names, job titles, educational establishment names, postal addresses and contact details of key personnel responsible for purchasing educational supplies and services. The organisations within which they work include Local Education Authorities, Independent Schools, Middle Schools, SEN Schools, Foundation Schools, Beacon Status Schools, Academies, Sixth Form Colleges, Primary and Secondary State Schools, Universities, Colleges of Further Education and other Higher Education Institutions. The database has been used with great success by nominated companies over the last ten years to target potential buyers using direct mail, tele marketing, direct sales etc. This exclusive and powerful marketing tool puts success in your hands. Many successful advertisers adopt a Mixed Media campaign in tandem with their series of advertisements in Education Business.

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Education Business is distributed by name and job title to: n Non-maintained, private/ independent schools n Mainstream Maintained schools n Primary/Secondary State Schools n Universities, Colleges of Further Education and other Higher Education Institutions n Local Education Authorities (LEAs) controlling the expenditure of some 27,000 primary and secondary schools (including sixth form colleges)

EB provides a bridge between those providing education and those private sector companies who wish to do business with them. It is delivered through a rigorous ongoing programme of research by our own inhouse editorial team who both write and commission bespoke articles. High priority is given to ensure each issue contains essential ‘need to know’ information. Topical contributions are regularly carried from Government Ministers, Education Analysts, Conference Speakers and Industry Experts on a wide range of subjects that are of specific interest to those in education. The magazine supports several high profile exhibitions - coverage of which is always timed for maximum impact.

n Education Briefer All the latest news, What’s

New, Articles on Fundraising, Lottery grants etc.

n Education Events, Conferences & Shows Previews and Reviews of Exhibitions

and Conferences of interest to education sector procurement executives, including the Bett Show, Education Show, Catering Expo, etc.

n Facilities/Project Management

New Building and Refurbishment incorporating Security, Grounds Maintenance, Energy, Building, and Waste Management.

n Information Technology Information

Management Systems, Telecoms, Networking, Security, Videoconferencing & Educational Software reviews.

n Catering Dietary issues, Guides to good food

policies, Cashless catering systems and interviews with celebrities such as Jamie Oliver and Gary Rhodes.

n Music & Drama Equipment requirements,

funding details, curriculum insights and Music/ Drama school case studies.

n Human Resources Employment Legislation,

Recruitment Policies, Performance Related Pay, Management Issues.

n Special Needs EB examines problems that

need to be overcome in order to integrate special needs pupils into mainstream schools.

The Education Business website is unique. It is the perfect online complement to Education Business Magazine. The two serve the Business end of the State and Private sections of the market. This unique platform acts as a ‘Bridge’ between Education NEEDS and Private Sector Companies wishing to service those requirements. The site provides:

copy with an image. This is the ideal location to do a little flag waving.

Product Profiles News and Features - Regularly updated news and - an online version of features that are relevant to the target audience. the magazine’s highly regarded Products EB Specifiers Index - a searchable online database that & Services section classifies advertisers’ products they supply or manufacture. At is offered free to last count, some 1,853 organisations are classified under 150 selected advertisers. headings, split into the regular Education Business Sections This is the ideal Human Resources, Facilities Management, Catering, Security, medium to create a word picture Music & Drama, IT/Telecoms and Exhibitions & Conferences. using 200 words of copy plus Hyperlinks - Selected advertisers receive a free hyperlink. a logo or photograph. By clicking on this, the viewer will be automatically directed to the advertisers’ website. In addition, Special web campaigns can be devised that link email addresses can be included as a ‘mail-to’. graphic panels into specific editorial content to ensure that site visitors can get detailed information about Case Studies - This facility allows advertisers to detail the products and services of advertisers at the Education Contracts they have won or completed. click of button. Rates for bespoke web Advertisers are encouraged to supply up to 800 words of advertising packages on application.

Education Business Awards, Dec 5th 2013 Education Business Awards now in its seventh year, recognises successful schools and projects that demonstrate how the dedication of teaching and management staff, coupled with sound investment, have delivered better learning environments.

Headline Sponsorship n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n

3m x 6m exhibition stand in a prime position in the drinks reception A video clip broadcast on the venue AV screens throughout the event Video clip broadcast on the EB website Sponsorship of 2 x Education Business e-newsletters (includes logo and 50 words copy) Company representative to be involved in the judging of the relevant awards (subject to approval) Regular announcements of your stand activities Company representative to give 5 minute welcome speech Sponsorship of ‘Education Business Award for Outstanding Progress’ plus two others of your choice A full table of 10 at the Awards dinner Main competition sponsorship (format to be devised) Company logo to feature on the screen Company logo to be engraved on Award trophy Company representative to present chosen awards Photo session with presenter and Award winners Full page advert in the preview issue of EB magazine 8 page post event supplement with two pages of sponsor content produced in EB magazine. Company logo to feature on event website Button advertisement (160 x 60 pixels) on the Education Business website for 6 months Company logo to feature on all outgoing stationery A full list of attendees post-show A copy of the 30,000 strong EB database Dual-branded Banner-Ups to be on display at the entrance and the room hosting the drinks reception/awards dinner

£29,995 plus VAT

Provisional date

Category Sponsorship n A 3m x 2m presentation space in the drinks reception n Up to 4 places at the Awards dinner n Video clip shown on AV presentations prior to the event n Profile material (200 words of copy) in Education Business preview or review issues n Full page display advertisement in the Event Handbook n Case study material to be featured on n Button advertisement (160 x 60 pixels) to be featured on n Corporate logo featured on AV display n Corporate logo engraved on awards trophy n Company representative on stage at award presentation n Photo opportunity with award winners and presenter (high resolution photography will be included in digital format) n Access to the list of attendees, post show

£4,995 plus VAT

To discuss sponsorship opportunities in detail please call 0208 532 0055

Combine your advertisement in EB magazine with the EB website for real mixed media impact. POSITION


SPECIAL DISCOUNTS 25-30% off for series bookings

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Editorial 020 8532 5707 Production 020 8532 5814 production@ PUBLISHER Karen Hopps 020 8532 0055 GROUP PUBLISHER Barry Doyle 020 8532 5727

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10% to recognised agencies

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Standard Package – £11, 500 Section Sponsorship – £3,995 Details upon request

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COMPANY CASE STUDY Quarter Page Product Profile

£1,170 £470

Full page advertisement plus Full page editorial – Standard rates plus 15%

For more information please call Education Business on 020 8532 0055 or visit

The Education Business website provides an instant way to reach key decision makers POSITION (sizes are in pixels)

PACKAGE DETAILS - The packages listed opposite include a 800 word company profile that details the services of the advertiser, and includes full contact details/ hyperlink/ directory inclusion. Advertisements are positioned to appear on appropriate sections related to the business nature of the advertiser. For your advertisements to appear on the front page of the site, there is a premium of £500 per month. COPY TYPES - Flash, gif or jpg. If hosted on our servers, file sizes must not exceed 300KB. CUSTOM CODE - Custom code, such as provided by web advertising services such as Doubleclick, is accepted only after testing. Examples must be supplied three days prior to the commencement of the campaign.


SPECIAL DISCOUNTS 25-30% off for series bookings

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10% to recognised agencies

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Standard Package – £11, 500 Section Sponsorship – £3,995 Details upon request

COMPANY CASE STUDY Editorial feature containing 800 words of copy plus an image - £1,395

For more information please call Education Business on 020 8532 0055 or visit Public Sector Information Limited, 226 High Road, Loughton Essex IG10 1ET. Tel 020 8532 0055 Fax 020 8532 0066

Education Business Media Pack 2013  
Education Business Media Pack 2013  

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