'Surface and Beneath:' Works by Peter Panyoczki

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「表面.之下」:Peter Panyoczki 個展

“A new path arises mostly from a synthesis of what is already in existence and proceeds dialectically to the next one. That is why looking back and comparing existing works is always an important processes.” says artist Peter Panyoczki.

「新的方向及創作路徑會因著分析現有的事物而衍生,因此回顧和比 較過往所做的作品是很重要的過程。」

In the world of this talented and imaginative artist, art starts where verbal explanation reaches its boundaries, With this in mind, we are delighted to introduce Peter’s first solo show at Karin Weber Gallery, a cross section of his recent works. ‘Surface and Beneath’ is designed to provide an insight into the diverse techniques and materials so creatively mastered by a truly global citizen, who aptly synthesizes lives and identities across two continents.

同時居住於兩地並擁有雙重國籍的Peter Panyoczki,稱得上為一位世 界公民,在這位有天賦且富想像力的藝術家世界裡,藝術始於言語無 法觸及的界域。在凱倫偉伯畫廊舉行的首個個展「表面·之下」中, 我們特意細選藝術家近年的作品,剖析他以多樣且多變的工藝技巧及 物料創作背後的藝術語言。 展覽亦特意慶祝他的同名著作(於2016年10日在瑞士及德國出版)在 香港發行。這本精美的作品集涵蓋Peter Panyoczki過去十年的作品, 並包含來自新西蘭、瑞士和德國的著名藝術家及藝術史學家的文章。

‘Surface and Beneath’, the show, is also designed to celebrate the Hong Kong launch of Peter’s monograph of the same title. This comprehensive, beautifully presented book introduces and reflects on his oeuvre for the last thirteen years, with article contributions by renowned artists and art historians from New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Karin Weber Gallery, April 2017




Peter Panyoczki is at home on two continents and thus his life is that of a perpetual emigrant – a person permanently on the move, which is also reflected in his work that is permeated by signs of presence during absence. “Philosophy”, so said George Lukács, “is essentially homesickness – longing in all directions”. Panyoczki’s homesickness embraces the whole world. It connects the once separated power blocs through his place of birth Budapest in the East with Zurich in the West, the place of refuge of his family following the 1956 uprising in Hungary. He studied at the University of Zurich and Purdue University, Lafayette, IN, USA. Peter taught, showed and worked in different European cities, such as Rotterdam, Florence, Vienna, Barcelona and Paris, before making his home in New Zealand. By now Panyoczki has lived for 25 years antipodally between Europe and New Zealand. He has erected his emigrant life into an artistic standpoint.

以兩地為家的Peter Panyoczki生命似乎注定持續不斷地移居遊走,而 這種狀態亦潛藏於他的作品內。 George Lukács提及哲學本質上就是鄉愁,同樣在不同方向上抱持著渴 求,而Panyoczki的鄉愁則是懷抱整個世界。他透過自己的出生地—東 面的布達佩斯及1956年匈牙利起義後他和家人避難的地方—西面的蘇 黎世,把曾分裂的權力陣營再度連接起來。 他在新西蘭定居前,他曾在蘇黎世大學、普渡大學(Purdue University) 、拉斐特、美國印第安那學習,亦在不同的歐洲城市如鹿特丹、佛羅倫 薩、維也納、巴塞羅那及巴黎展出和教學。Panyoczki持續地在歐洲與 新西蘭兩端之間生活了二十五年,他的移民生活經已建構成自己的藝術 定位。 他是屬於八十年代一批拒絕概念藝術卻又不單純回歸具象藝術的藝術 家,當藝術的關注度受考驗時會概念為媒介,把藝術當作媒介當可見性 受到考驗。他的作品留有製作時與物料互動的痕跡卻又拒絕完全展現物 料本身,表現出一種信息傳遞的矛盾。這是合乎道德同時卻無法避免自 嘲及反映社會的「文化評論」所形成的張力。

He belongs to the 1980s generation of artists who polemically rejected conceptual art yet did not simply return to figurative art, instead having a conceptual interest in the question of art as a medium: art is perceived as a medium when its visibility is put to the test. His work expresses the paradox of communication that refuses to reveal itself by providing information of what it is made of. It is pleasantly free of morality, while at the same time it does not avoid the tension created by self-irony and a socially reflected “cultural criticism”.

Extracts from Beat Wyss, Introduction to Surface and Beneath, 2017, Benteli, Zurich. Switzerland

摘自Beat Wyss, Surface and Beneath序言, 2017年, Benteli, 瑞士蘇黎世


the works

detail 局部

Eye Sea 1 sand, gold leaf and cement on paper 100 x 70 cm 2017 眼海 1 沙、金箔、水泥、紙本 100 x 70 厘米 2017


the works

detail 局部

Tracks mixed media on handmade paper 59 x 41 cm 2016 蹤跡 混合媒體、手造紙 59 x 41 厘米 2016


the works

0-1 gold leaf, mixed media on canvas 140 x 240 cm 2007 0-1 金箔、布本混合媒體 140 x 240 厘米 2007


the works

detail 局部

“The ‘0-1’ work is an aspect to show the manifold codes we are using to encode and decipher our world. In the past I have often used different code systems such as Braille in my work. The gold leaf throws an ironic light onto how much we appreciate our digital toys and how much we value them. Like a new “Golden Age,” Peter Panyoczki 作品0-1以另一角度展現我們利用各樣的密碼去編制及理解所身處的世界,過往我經常在作品中運 用不同的編碼系統如盲文。以金葉作為物料是意圖拋下人們對數碼玩意到底有多少欣賞與珍惜的挖 苦,猶如新的「黃金時代」。—Peter Panyoczki


the works

detail 局部

A Drop In The Ocean acrylic rods on inkjet on aluminum on light box 120 x 120 x 10 cm 2010 大海中的一滴水 亞克力桿、 噴墨、鈻、燈箱 120 x 120 x 10 厘米 2010


the works

detail 局部

Apple 1 acrylic rods on inkjet on aluminum on light box 120 x 120 x 10 cm 2014 蘋果 1 亞克力桿、 噴墨、鈻、燈箱 120 x 120 x 10 厘米 2014


the works

detail 局部

Jasmin acrylic rods on inkjet on aluminium on light box 120 x 120 x 10 cm 2010 茉莉花 亞克力桿、 噴墨、鈻、燈箱 120 x 120 x 10 厘米 2010


the works

detail 局部

From The Series: “Pixels” oxides and mixed media on aluminium 120 x 120 cm 2010 像素 氧化物、混合媒體、鋁 120 x 120 厘米 2010


the works

detail 局部

From The Series: “Water (6)” oxides, sand and mixed media on inkjet on aluminium 120 x 120 cm 2014 流水6號 氧化物、沙、混合媒體、噴墨、鋁 120 x 120 厘米 2014


the works

detail 局部

From The Series: “Water (7)” inkjet on perforated aluminium on light box 120 x 120 x 10cm 2014 流水7號 噴墨、穿孔鈻板、燈箱 120 x 120 x 10厘米 2014


the works

detail 局部

From The Series: “Water (8)” silicon and pigments on inkjet on aluminium 120 x 120 cm 2014 流水8號 矽、顏料、 噴墨、鈻 120 x 120 厘米 2014


the works

detail 局部

From The Series: “Water (9)” mixed media and pigments on fibre cement 120 x 120 cm 2014 流水9號 混合媒體、顏料、纖維水泥 120 x 120 厘米 2014




Selected Exhibitions 2017 ‘Surface and Beneath’, Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong The Vivian Gallery, Matakana/Auckland, New Zealand ‘Surface and Beneath’, Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney, Australia Sydney Contemporary, Australia 2016 Group Show, Bath Street Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand Art Central, Hong Kong Art Fair Auckland Pah Homestead, Wallace Arts Center, Auckland, New Zealand

Born in Budapest, Hungary, 1952 1980 University of Zurich, Switzerland Master of Arts (German Language and Literature, Art History)

2015 Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, Australia Art Malaysia Expo, Kuala Lumpur Group Show, Galerie Lukas Feichtner, Vienna, Austria Avid Gallery, Wellington (with Tatjana Panyoczki), New Zealand Group Show, The Vivian Gallery, Matakana, New Zealand Group Show, Conny Dietschold Gallery, Sydney, Australia 2014 ‘The Invisible Visible’, Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong ‘Particle Meditations Part III’, Galerie am Schillerplatz Vienna, Austria ‘Particle Meditations Part II’, Global Art Source, Küsnacht / Zürich, Switzerland


Selected Exhibitions

Commissions In Public Buildings



Art Fair Auckland

Kinetic sculpture commissioned by BBS, Zürich and Swiss Life, former Schindler (elevator) area, Emmenbrücke, Switzerland

‘Particle Meditations’, Bath Street Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand Global Art Source, Küsnacht / Zürich

2006 2012

Raiffeisenbank Cham, Switzerland

‘Light Revealed’, Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong 2001 2011

Raiffeisenbank Aarau, Switzerland

‘MATTERS’, Bath Street Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand Art Fair Auckland

1997 Winterthur Versicherungen, Head Office Zurich, Switzerland

2010 Hauptbahnhof (Main Station), Zürich, Switzerland


‘Peter Panyoczki - New Works’, Galerie Werner Bommer, Zurich

Sparkasse Waedenswil (bank building), Switzerland

‘New Zealand Artists’, Pataka Museum, Wellington

1995 Oberstufenschulhaus Wollerau (school)

2009 ‘Nature Morte – Still Life’, Bath Street Gallery Auckland, NZ


‘Zunehmend Undeutlich’, Vebikus, Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Haus der Schweiz in Berlin (House of Switzerland)

Utsunomiya Museum of Art, Utsunomiya, Japan Art Fair Auckland with Bath Street Gallery 2008 ‘Verscheinungen - Dis – Emergences‘, Radical Gallery, Zug, Switzerland

CS- Bank Schanzengraben, Zurich 1992 Sparkasse Horge, Switzerland Sparcassa, Affoltern a. Albis, Switzerland 1989 Model ag, Weinfelden, Switzerland



Artist Residencies

Erziehungsdepartement Zurich

Upcoming - 2018

UBS, Zurich

Selected by Sir James Wallace Arts Trust for Artist in Residence Program in Vladivostok (June to October)

Credit Suisse, Zurich Credit Suisse Berlin, Germany Bank Leu


Schweizer Rueck, Zurich

Art Residence in Budapest

Nordfinanzbank, Zurich The City Council of Wettingen, Switzerland Publicitas, Baden, Switzerland


Zuercher Kantonalbank, Zurich Wsa- Company, (large collection), Switzerland Zuerich-Versicherungen, Zofingen Winterthur Versicherung, Zurich

Peter Panyoczki, in Neighbourhood, NZ TV ONE, 2014 ‘Peter Panyoczki’, New Zealand TV, 2013

Trifina AG, (large collection), Zurich

‘Peter Panyoczki- Artist’, Lituanian TV (Lietuvos Televizija) an interview, “STILIUS” 27.Feb.2005

New Zealand Post,, Wellington

‘Peter Panyoczki, Artist’, Cultural TV Vilnius, Lithuania, 2004

Swiss Embassy, Wellington

Kleinzeit, Video for a music performance

Kunsthaus Richterswil, Switzerland

Peter Panyoczki, Artist, Kulturfernsehen, Zurich, 1991

Firma de kalb, Frankfurt, Germany

Peter Panyoczki, Project Vanitas, on “Hannibal”, Kulturfernsehen, Zurich, 1991

Jenny Gibbs Collection, Auckland James Wallace Collection, Auckland Raiffeisenbank, Zurich Julius Baer, Zurich Bank Von Tobel, Zurich Bank Cantrade, Zurich Utsunomiya Museum of Art, Nagako-cho, Tokyo

‘Peter Panyoczki- Artist‘, Schweizer Kulturfernsehen. A documentary with interview, 1990 ‘Hannibal- ein Versuch zur Vanitas’, ca. 50min. ,Schweizer Kulturfernsehen. : a visual journal on the „Hannibal Project“ written, directed and filmed by Peter Panyoczki, 1990 ‘First Love’, 1980, 50min, Purdue University USA. : an adaptation of Samuel Becketts Novella, Sony Umatic, written and directed by Peter Panyoczki, 1980


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展覽 (摘錄) 2017 「表面.之下」,香港凱倫偉伯畫廊 新西蘭馬塔卡納、奧克蘭The Vivian畫廊 「Surface and Beneath」,澳洲悉尼Conny Dietzschold畫廊 澳洲悉尼當代藝博會 2016 新西蘭奧克蘭 Bath Street 畫廊(聯展) 香港Art Central 奧克蘭藝術博覽會 新西蘭奧克蘭華萊士藝術中心Pah Homstead



1980 年畢業於瑞士蘇黎世大學獲文學碩士 (修讀德語、德國文學及美術史)

2015 澳洲悉尼當代藝術博覽會 吉隆坡馬來西亞藝術博覽會 奧地利維也納Lukas Feichtner畫廊(聯展) 新西蘭惠靈頓Avid畫廊(與Tatjana Panyoczki聯展) 新西蘭馬塔卡納The Vivian畫廊 澳洲悉尼Conny Dietschold畫廊(聯展) 2014 「未見之見」,香港凱倫偉伯畫廊 「粒子沉思第三部分」,奧地利維也納Galerie am Schillerplatz Wien 畫廊 「粒子沉思第二部分」,瑞士蘇黎世 Global Art Source


展覽 (摘錄)





由BBS、蘇黎世及瑞士人壽委託的動力裝置,瑞士 Emmenbrücke前電梯位置

「粒子沉思」,新西蘭奧克蘭 Bath Street 畫廊 蘇黎世 Global Art Source 2012 「光的揭示」香港凱倫偉伯畫廊 2011 「物質」,新西蘭奧克蘭 Bath Street 畫廊 奧克蘭藝術博覽會 2010 瑞士蘇黎世中央火車站(主車站) 「Peter Panyoczki新作」,蘇黎世 Werner Bommer 畫廊 威靈頓Pataka 藝術文化博物館(新西蘭藝術家聯展) 2009 「自然永生-靜物」,新西蘭奧克蘭 Bath Street 畫廊 「Zunehmend Undeutlich」,瑞士沙夫豪森Vebikus畫廊 日本東京宇都宫美術館

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蘇黎世 Schanzengraben 銀行



「Verscheinungen - Dis – Emergences」,瑞士楚格 Radical 畫廊

瑞士阿爾比斯 Sparcassa, Affoltern

瑞士 Sparkasse Horge

1989 瑞士韋因費爾登 Model ag.



藝術家駐留計劃 蘇黎世Erziehungsdepartement

即將駐留 - 2018


被詹姆斯·華萊士爵士藝術信託(Sir James Wallace Arts Trust) 獲選於海參崴作藝術駐留(6月至10月)

德國柏林瑞銀信貸集團 Bank Leu


蘇黎世Schweizer rueck銀行


蘇黎世Nordfinanzbank銀行 瑞士偉廷根市議會 瑞士巴登Publicitas


蘇黎世Zuercher Kantonalbank銀行 瑞士Wsa 公司 瑞士Zuerich-versicherungen 蘇黎世Winterthur versicherung 蘇黎世Trifina AG 威靈頓新西蘭郵政局

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Established in 1999 by German-born Karin Weber and now in its 18th year, Karin Weber Gallery is one of Hong Kong’s oldest contemporary art galleries. Situated on Aberdeen Street, in the heart of SoHo, the gallery presents a year-round program of curated exhibitions, talks, and collector events. Karin Weber Gallery has been named one of ‘500 Best Galleries Worldwide’ by BLOUIN ARTINFO in 2015 and 2016 consecutively. The gallery’s unique network of partners based in London, Mumbai and Berlin allows it to source emerging and established contemporary art from around the world. Karin Weber Gallery is equally passionate about presenting works by local artists. The gallery assists artists through exhibitions, art fairs, and residency programs throughout the world. Small in size, yet global in outlook, Karin Weber Gallery is one of Hong Kong’s truly international boutique galleries.


凱倫偉伯畫廊在1999 年由德國的 Karin Weber 女士創立,今年踏入 第18年,是香港其中一間最具歷史的當代藝術畫廊。畫廊位於蘇豪區 鴨巴甸街,我們每年策劃不同的展覽、講座及活動給藏家參與。畫廊 很榮幸獲選為2015及2016連續兩年BLOUIN ARTINFO「全球500 最 佳畫廊」。我們的合夥人於倫敦、孟買和柏林有辦事處,使我們能 夠幾乎遍佈世界各地為客戶提供服務並搜尋新晉和有豐富經驗的藝術 家。我們熱愛把香港本地的藝術推介給全球的藏家。我們畫廊代表的 藝術家通過藝術博覽會,與其他畫廊的交流,還有駐留計畫發展自己 的事業。面積雖不大,但放眼全球,凱倫偉伯畫廊是香港真正國際化 的精品畫廊之一。

20 Aberdeen Street Central, Hong Kong +852 2544 5004

香港中環鴨巴甸街20號地下 +852 2544 5004

karinwebergallery.com art@karinwebergallery.com

karinwebergallery.com art@karinwebergallery.com