Paperscapes - New Works by Stephen Wong Chun Hei & Eric Fok

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12TH / 31ST OCT

風景 如紙


New Works by Stephen Wong Chun Hei & Eric Fok



Karin Weber Gallery is excited to present a new gallery collaboration with a Hong Kong and a Macau artist in the upcoming show ‘Paperscapes’: New Works by Stephen Wong Chun Hei and Eric Fok. Paper transforms into the perfect backdrop for the artists’ flights of the imagination across mythical mountain – and cityscapes. ‘Paperscapes’ created by both artists may be surreal, yet elements that appear warmly familiar to the viewer appear in each work. An intriguing blend of the local, the rooted, and the everyday are juxtaposed with the dreamy and fantastical in works inspired by the past, yet inspired by the minds of their creators. The fantastical nature of the show is enhanced by the miniature sizing of many of the paintings, introducing greater complexity while demanding even greater craftsmanship. Stephen Wong’s miniscule mythical mountains appear in myriad numbers, and are abuzz with their own curious, quirky energy. Presented in groups of up to one hundred (each mountain painting measures only 12x12cm), they draw inspiration from classic Chinese art practices -- such as landscape painting or blue and white porcelain -- as much as Hong Kong urban, everyday life. Trees, birds and eggs meet calligraphy, planes and cargo ships on Wong’s mountains, frequently devoid of human presence, yet with a distinctly human feel to them.


At first glance, Eric Fok’s Hong Kong cityscapes are steeped in history. The artist’s engagement with 16th and 17th century mapmaking permeates every piece – paper is pre-treated with tea and acrylic to create an antique effect, a fictitious owner’s coat of arms appears, and ‘old world’ galleons share the water with mythical sea creatures, while servants carry trade goods through ancient landscapes. Closer exploration of each work, however, reveals distinctly recent Hong Kong landmarks that are signifiers of a far more contemporary cityscape. Galleons meet Star Ferry boats and Chinese pavilions share space with the IFC and Bank of China buildings, while ancient sea beasts may encounter Umbrella Revolutionaries perched on a nearby bridge. ‘Paperscapes’ by Wong and Fok bring complex, surreal worlds to life. Whilst they encourage a reading as a reflection of the daily influences that shape our individual realities, they offer, first and foremost, an enticing gateway into the curious, fantastical minds of their creators.



香港凱倫偉伯畫廊呈獻香港及澳門藝術家黃進曦與霍凱盛新作展 覽「風景如紙」。是次展覽兩位藝術家把紙轉化成一趟幻想旅程 所走過的奇幻山色與城市風景。 藝術家們紙上的超現實風景隱藏著許多為人熟悉的元素,由過去與 幻想所引發的作品把本地日常和夢幻想像並置。微型尺寸的畫作提 高畫面上的複雜性且要求更高的工藝,同時提升展覽虛幻的氛圍。 黃進曦的微型山丘充滿稀奇古怪的擬幻感。一系列共一百幅畫作 (每幅大小只有12x12厘米)有不少取材於香港日常生活的元素, 亦有向中國傳統藝術如山水畫及青花瓷借鑒的地方。在黃氏的山頭 上,樹、小鳥、雞蛋、書法、飛機和貨船各自在不同地方遇上, 而人類的存在往往被忽略,卻又能確切地感受到他們的氣息。 乍看之下,霍凱盛的《樂園—香江》猶如一幅歷史畫卷。整幅畫 作瀰漫著十六和十七世紀古老地圖的氣息-霍氏預先以茶及塑膠 彩染紙營造古舊效果、虛構物主的盾形紋章出現在畫卷開首、大帆 船與神秘的海洋生物飄浮於海上而僕人抬著貨物穿行於古色古香 的風景之中。然而,細看畫作後,發現畫卷描繪的更是滲透著香 港近代地標的現代城市景觀。在海上,帆船與天星小輪相遇;在 陸上,中國式的建築與國際金融中心、中銀大廈聳立於海岸旁, 而古海野獸於橋旁與正在棲息的雨傘運動者們碰上。 二人作品把複雜且超現實的世界變成真實。解讀他們的畫作使觀 眾反思日常如何塑造每個個人的現實,更重要的是他們提供了一 條走進創作者稀奇古怪頭腦的通道。



Stephen wong chun hei I have named the current series of a hundred mountains created for this exhibition ‘Dream Of A Mountain’ because it is a continuation of my thinking behind ‘Daydream Travelogue’. I have used my imagination to create mountain after mountain, each unique with individual attributes. During the creative process, I have enjoyed the same feeling of freedom and joy of making a new discovery as in actual hiking. Frequently drawing inspiration from nature, hiking in the outdoors has given birth to an image of how a mountain appears in my mind. There is not a great deal of a difference between my former and present thinking towards making artworks. I treat painting landscapes as another form of collection.I believe I will continue to do ‘plein air ‘painting and imaginary landscapes to stay in a creative mode.

What if trees truly possess senses? How would they respond to urban development and commodification?



黃進曦 我對今次這批新的100座山系列命名為「夢山」,因為是延續對 「臥遊」的想法。在透過想像去描繪一座座山的創作過程中,我 感覺到登山遊歷的自由與柳暗花明的驚喜,有玩玩具的趣味。原 來在不斷的遊山寫生的經歷中,心裡便有了山的輪廓。 我相信寫生和想像的風景創作是會一直持續下去。它們是令我保 持創作狀態的手段。 其實過往與現在對繪畫的想法不會有太大改變,不過現在覺得繪 畫風景是一種「收藏」的方式。


the works

Dream Of A Mountain watercolour on paper 12 x 12 cm each a set of 100 2016 HK$65,000 夢山 水彩紙本 各12 x 12 cm 一組一百件 2016 HK$65,000


the works

Dream Of A Mountain (Detail) 101-Dream Of A Mountain, 102-Full Moon, 103-Hotspring, 104-Touching The Mountain, 105-Words On Mountain 111-Uplifting The Mountain, 112-Golgotha, 113-Colourful Mountain, 114-The Narrow Road, 115-The Blue Rock On Mountain 121-It’s Sunny Here But Your Place Is Raining, 122-The Family Photo, 123-The Maze, 124-The Firework, 125-Waiting 131-Slingshot Mountain, 132-Domino Mountain, 133-The Monument, 134-Passing Through, 135-The Frightened Birds 141-The Linkages, 142-The Mountain House, 143-In Half, 144-Halfly Transparent Mountain, 145-The Reservoir Keeper

夢山 (局部)

101-夢山, 102-月圓, 103-溫泉, 104-拂山, 105-山文字 111-提山, 112-各各他山, 113-彩山, 114-路窄, 115-藍石山 121-我這裡天晴,你們那邊下雨, 122-山家福, 123-迷宮, 124-煙火, 125-等待 131-彈弓山, 132-骨牌山, 133-紀念碑, 134-穿越, 135-驚鳥 141-山連山連山連山, 142-山居, 143-半, 144-半透明山, 145-水塘看守員


Dream Of A Mountain (Detail) 106-Bird Mountain, 107-Shipping The Mountain, 108-Mountain In Pieces, 109-Looking Far, 110-The Bus Stop 116-The Helicopter Station, 117-The Valley, 118-The Mouth Of Mountain, 119-Hill-liked Cloud, 120-Infinity 126-The Ship From The Silver Mountain, 127-Ship Towards Gold Mountain, 128-The Boulder And Black Birds, 129-Just Apart By A Piece Of Paper, 130-Specimen 136-Wish, 137-The Windmills On Mountain, 138-The Pattens, 139-The Rain With Mountain, 140-The Colourful Flags 146-The Little Beach, 147-Searching The Mountain, 148-The Knife Mountain, 149-Ridge Or Peak, 150-The Mountains On Memo

夢山 (局部)

106-鳥山, 107-運山, 108-片山, 109-遠望, 110-山下的巴士站 116-停機坪, 117-山谷, 118-山口, 119像山的雲, 120-恆 126-船自銀山來, 127-船往金山去, 128-巨石與黑鳥, 129-一紙之隔, 130-標本 136-願, 137-山上的風車, 138-山圖案, 139-山雨, 140-山上的彩旗 146-小灘, 147-尋山, 148-刀山, 149-橫看成嶺側成峰, 150-備忘山


the works

Dream Of A Mountain (Detail) 151-The Pixel Mountain, 152-The Waterfall Mountain, 153-The Backdrop Mountains, 154-The Home Of Clouds,, 155-The Race Mountain 161-The Horn Mountain, 162-The Master Coming Home, 163-This Is Not A Mountain, 164-Fast Forward, 165-Mist In Between Us 171-The Postman On Mountain, 172-The Little Mountains Along The Road, 173-Straight Forward, 174-The Spirits On Mountain, 175-Outside The Window 181-Let The Mountains Meet, 182-The Mountain Index, 183-Height Is Not Crutial For A Mountain, 184Ants, 185-Ski 191-The Little Plane, 192-The Mountain Band, 193-The Natural Bridge, 194-The Theme Park On Mountain, 195-The Wind On Mountain

夢山 (局部)

151-像素山, 152-瀑布山, 153-佈景山, 154-雲之鄉, 155-賽道山 161-角山, 162-主人回家, 163-不是山, 164-快進, 165-我們隔著霧 171-山上的郵差, 172-路旁的小山, 173-開門見山, 174-山靈, 175-窗外 181-讓山相遇, 182-山指數, 183-山不在高, 184-蟻, 185-滑雪 191-小型飛機, 192-山上樂隊, 193-天然橋樑, 194-山上樂園, 195-嵐


Dream Of A Mountain (Detail) 156-The Old Man Mountain, 157-The Barrier Mountain, 158-The Brush Holder Mountain, 159-Long Ago, 160-The Clouds Are High 166-Balance, 167-Clearing The Weed, 168-Take Out The Mountain, 169-The Circular Stairs, 170-The Mountain And Waves 176-The Mountains On Wall, 177-Long Ago There’s A Mountain, 178-Building The Mountain, 179-Mountain Getting Higher, 180-The Fountain 186-A Group Of Mountains, 187-The Star Paths, 188-The Nightless Mountain, 189-The Shooting, 190-The Cloud Sea 196-Mount-drian, 197-The Lion Besides The Cliff, 198-Hua-shan, 199-Auction, 200-The Dream Of A Mountain

夢山 (局部)

156-老人山, 157-欄山, 158-筆山, 159-很久以前, 160-雲高 166-平衡, 167-除草, 168-出山, 169-旋梯, 170-山與浪 176-牆上的山, 177-從前有座山, 178-造山, 179-一山還有一山高, 180-噴泉 186-萬重山, 187-星軌, 188-不夜山, 189-拍戲, 190-雲海 196-蒙特利山, 197-崖邊的獅子, 198-華山, 199-拍賣, 200-山夢



about the artist

Born in Hong Kong 1986 2008 Bachelor of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Selected Exhibitions 2016 ‘Paperscapes’, Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong ‘Daydream Travelogue’, Gallery Exit, Hong Kong ‘The Passenger’, Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery, Fringe Club, Hong Kong 2015 ‘Hong Kong Mountains, Watercolor Paintings by Wong Chun Hei’, HKsowell, Taiwan ‘Meeting the Mountains’, Makee, Foo Tak Building, Hong Kong ‘The Mountain Speaks’, Open Quote, PMQ, Hong Kong 2014 ‘At the Still Point of the Turning World’, Galerie Ora-Ora, Hong Kong ‘Step Back to Nature’, Galerie Ora-Ora, Hong Kong 2013 ‘Traits’, Macau Asia Hotel Art Fair Hong Kong 2013, Hong Kong


2015 ‘100 Mountains’, published by MAJO Design ‘山語’, published by Joint Publishing H.K. Co., Ltd.



黃進曦 吳嘉敏 1986 年香港出生


2008 香港中文大學藝術系文學士


展覽 2016 「風景如紙」黃進曦與霍凱盛聯展,香港凱倫偉伯畫廊 「卧遊」,香港安全口畫廊 「過客」,香港藝穗會陳麗玲畫廊 2015 「香港群⼭」黃進曦水彩作品展,台灣花蓮⼿手井⼯工作室 「見山」,香港富德樓貘記 「山語」,香港PMQ Open Quote 2014 「At the still point of the turning world」聯展,香港方由美術畫廊 「退步自然」,香港方由美術畫廊 2013 「肖」聯展, 澳門 香港亞洲酒店藝術博覽會

出版 2015 「100 Mountains」,MAJO Design 「山語」,三聯書店(香港)有限公司



Eric fok I wanted to paint a scene showing the development of Hong Kong from a small port up-to the time of its return to China in 1997, in the long scroll ‘Paradise-Hong Kong’. For its composition and the depiction of individual subjects, I used references from ancient Chinese painting for the earlier period and western print methods for the more recent past. ‘Radio AG DJ, Loewe Berlin, Steglitz’ came about as a result of my search for an antique object which had its own history and story to tell. At the same time, I also had going around in my head the tunes of Hong Kong and Cantonese songs. This speaker was produced in 1930s so it did not match the time period. As a result, I came up with the idea of music that did. Coincidentally, it was the date of birth of a Renaissance painter Titian on the very day when I started painting it. I searched on the internet and discovered an image of that artist’s painting with beautifully dressed ladies listening to the performance of a cellist. At the back of the speaker, I have adapted a Cantonese pop song into a medieval music score. This is my first attempt at a long scroll which needs special attention with respect to its presentation and collection. Macau and Hong Kong share a similar past and destiny post handover. No one is quite sure what is going to happen. I just want to record the history as it is.


My previous works have drawn references from western antique maps. They were filled with buildings, with a great deal of detail. This time I tried to make my drawings more miniature and leave empty spaces like Chinese ink paintings. Studios in Macau are tiny which impact the nature of my drawing. Viewers must concentrate when looking at my works. The scroll format of Chinese ink painting provides viewers a different experience by guiding their eyes. Depending on whether one chooses to view it from the left or the right, it is not exactly the same. I hope that I have managed to achieve harmony even though there are elements of both western and Chinese drawing techniques in my artworks.

I see the sound as either a complement or an interpretation using a different sense and dimension.



霍凱盛 長卷的創作就是希望把香港的發展景象繪畫出來,由開埠到回歸 後,畫面佈局則參考中國古代的長卷畫,物件描繪參考古時西方 的版畫筆法。另外留聲機是當時想找一些在地的舊物件,物件背 後有它的故事和它見證著歷史,當時在想關於香港的聲音、粵語 歌曲……而這個留聲機生產於30年代,在時間段上跟我原本的想 法未能發生一些關係,之後朝著音樂的畫面方面構思,剛好繪畫 那天是一位文藝復興時期畫家的生辰,網路上的回顧剛好顯示那 位畫家當時繪畫,畫面是一位大提琴手演奏著旁邊的女士也在聆 聽,畫面很美。背後參照了中世紀的音樂譜,把一首現代的音樂 轉到古代樂譜上。 這一種長卷的繪畫,也算是嘗試階段,展示上和收藏上也有一定 要求,即管如此但還是 想把想法完成 。澳門與香港有著相近的 過去,回歸後也遇上相同的命運,數十年之後發展成怎樣沒有人 知道,不管怎樣那些都將會成為歷史,希望在這個年頭把它記錄 下來。 過去的作品主要參照西方古地圖的構圖和畫法。畫面也是密麻麻 的建築物,這次選擇了畫面繼續放細,形成多點透氣空間,或者是 國畫的留白 ,物件放細也令觀者需要更仔細閱讀,澳門也很小工 作室也很小,地區空間對作品的影響。而國畫捲軸的構圖,也是 另一種讀畫的角度,它會引導觀者的視線,左右兩方閱讀也不一 樣,希望把看似兩種不同的中西繪畫一同展示也沒有違和感。


the works

Paradise - Hong Kong ink on art paper 18 x 149 cm 2016 HK$32,000 樂園-香江 針筆繪畫 18 x 149 cm 2016 HK$32,000


Paradise - Hong Kong (Detail) 樂園-香江(局部)


the works

Radio AG DJ, Loewe Berlin, Steglitz drawing on vintage radio 40.5 x 38 x 11.5 cm 2016 HK$35,000 廻聲機 針筆繪畫, 復古收音機 40.5 x 38 x 11.5 cm 2016 HK$35,000


Radio AG DJ, Loewe Berlin, Steglitz (Back) 廻聲機 (背面)


the works

1841 (left), 2014 (right)

ink on art paper 16 x 44 cm each a set of 2 2016 HK$22,000 1841 (左), 2014 (右) 各16 x 44 cm 一組兩件 2016 HK$22,000



the works

2047 ink on art paper 37 x 54.5 cm 2016 HK$25,000 2047 針筆繪畫 37 x 54.5 厘米 2016 港幣25,000


Paradise No.15.20 ink on art paper 19.5 x 27 cm 2015 HK$8,000 樂園15.20號 針筆繪畫 19.5 x 27 厘米 2015 港幣8,000



about the artist

Born in Macau 1990 2013 Bachelor of Visual Art – Fine Arts/Art Education, Macao Polytechnic Institute


Selected Exhibitions 2016 ‘Paperscapes’, Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong ‘Macau Excellent Artist’s Tour Exhibition’, Vine the Art Gallery, Hsinchu, Taiwan ‘Lost in the Möbius – Taiwan.Macau’, FreeS Art Space, Taiwan; Ox warehouse, Macau ‘Macao Annual Visual Arts Exhibition 2016 – Western Media Category’, Old Court Building, Macau Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2016, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong Young Art Taipei 2016, Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan ‘The Script Road – Macau Literary Festival’, Old Court Building, Macau Poly Macau Art Fair, Macau Regency Hotel, Macau 2015 ‘Landfall – Works by Eric Fok’, AFA, Macau ‘Taichung Light Festival’, Taichung Park Pavilion, Taiwan Art Taipei, Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC),Taiwan The Macau Architecture Promenade, Albergue SCM, Macau Affordable Art Fair New York, Metropolitan Pavilion, New York, USA ‘Macau and Portugal Art of Illustration Exhibition’, Dama Aflita Gallery, Porto, Portugal ‘Macau and Portugal Art of Illustration Exhibition’, Rui Cunha Foundation Gallery, Macau Art Osaka, Hotel Granvia, Osaka, Japan ‘Trace Element - Macau Contemporary Art Now’, Galerie Ora-Ora, Hong Kong; KCAA, Beijing Art Revolution Taipei 2015, Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), Taipei


Selected Exhibitions 2014 ‘Paraíso’, Arte Periférica Gallery, Portugal ‘Paradise: Solo Exhibition by Eric Fok’, Rui Cunha Foundation Gallery, Macau Art Mo International Art Fair, The Venetian Macao Cotai Expo,Macau ‘Conforming to Vicinity – A Cross-strait four-region Artistic Exchange Project 2014’, University Museum and Art Gallery, Hong Kong ‘Heterotopia–Exhibition of 8 Macau Contemporary Artists’, AFA, Beijing ‘Colorful Universe - Collective Exhibition of Macao and Shandong Artists’, Macau Forum, Macau ‘GO SEES Shop + Art Tour’, Gorilla Store, Macau ‘Conforming to Vicinity – A Cross-strait four-region Artistic Exchange Project 2014’, Hexiang Ning Art Museum, Shenzhen, China ‘We Are Friends: Artwork Exchange Exhibition’, Ox warehouse, Macau ‘2014 Macau Annual Art Exhibition’, Old Court Building, Macau 2013 ‘Paradise: Solo Exhibition by Eric Fok’, 10 Fantasia, Macau ‘Paradise - Fok Hoi Seng solo exhibition’, Taipei, Taiwan ‘Bologna Illustrators Exhibition 2013’, Bologna, Italy ‘Bologna Illustrators Exhibition 2013’, Itabashi Museum, Tokyo, Japan ‘Bologna Illustrators Exhibition 2013’, Otani Memorial Art Museum, Nishinomiya, Japan ‘Bologna Illustrators Exhibition 2013’, Kawara Museum, Takahama, Japan ‘Bologna Illustrators Exhibition 2013’, Ishikawa Nanao Art Museum, Nanao, Japan


awards 2014 Selected in Taiwan 2014 International Art Competition 2013 Selected in 50th BOLOGNA Illustration Exhibition Selected in CHINA 2013 Art Nove Selected in western paintings group, XXXIX The Artist Collective Exhibition of Macau 2012 Plastic Arts Award, Oriente Foundation’s collection, Oriente Foundation, Macau


Museum of the Orient (Portugal) University Museum and Art Gallery (Hong Kong) Macau Government Headquarters Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macau s.a.r. Macau Museum of Art Oriente Foundation (Macau) Private Collections (U.S.A. Las Vegas, Italy, Britain, Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong)


eric fok

霍凱盛 吳嘉敏 1990年澳門出生


2013 澳門理工學院視覺藝術系(教育專業)學士


展覽 2016 「紙如風景」,香港凱倫偉伯畫廊 「寓意景觀」澳門傑出藝術家聯展,台灣藤藝廊 「末日再生-台灣.澳門」,台灣福利社;澳門牛房倉庫 「2016年澳門視覺藝術年展」,澳門南灣舊法院大樓 香港Affordable Art Fair 第八屆台北國際當代藝術博覽會 「第四屆澳門文學節-雋文不朽」,澳門南灣舊法院大樓 保利澳門酒店藝術博覽 2015 「踏岸」霍凱盛新作展,澳門全藝社畫廊 「台中光影藝術節」,台灣台中湖心亭 2015年台北國際藝術博覽會 「石頭說話-澳門建築的前世今生」,澳門仁慈婆仔屋 紐約Affordable Art Fair 「葡萄牙澳門當代插畫藝術展」,葡萄牙波爾圖Dama Aflita畫廊 「葡萄牙澳門當代插畫藝術展」,澳門官樂怡基金會 藝術大阪2015年 「微元素-澳門當代藝術進行時系列展」,香港Ora-Ora畫廊;中 國北京空當代藝術機構 第五屆台北新藝術博物會 2014 「Paraíso」,葡萄牙Arte Periférica畫廊 「樂園:霍凱盛個人作品展」,澳門官樂怡基金會 2014藝術澳門博覽會 「因地制宜—第六屆兩岸四地藝術交流計劃」,香港大學美術館 「異托邦—澳門當代藝術八人展」,北京全藝社


展覽 2014 「彩墨乾坤─澳魯書畫藝術交流展」,澳門綜藝館 「GO SEES Shop + Art Tour」,澳門Gorilla Store 「因地制宜—第六屆兩岸四地藝術交流計劃」,中國深圳何香凝 美術館 「都是好朋友─藝術作品交換展」,澳門牛房倉庫 「2014年澳門視覺藝術年展」,澳門南灣舊法院大樓 2013 「樂園」霍凱盛作品展,澳門瘋堂十號創意園 「Paradise樂園」霍凱盛繪畫展,台灣北北角薪傳中心 「意大利波隆那插畫展2013」,意大利波隆那展覽館 「意大利波隆那插畫展2013」,日本東京板橋區立美術館 「意大利波隆那插畫展2013」,日本西宮市大谷紀念美術館 「意大利波隆那插畫展2013」,日本高濱市陶瓷之鄉瓦的美術館 「意大利波隆那插畫展2013」,日本石川縣七尾市美術館


獎項 2014 入選台灣2014年國際藝術家評選賽 2013 入選意大利波隆那國際插畫展 入選中國2013年青年藝術100 入選「第二十九屆全澳書畫聯展」西畫組 「東方基金會藝術大獎」,澳門 「澳門視覺藝術年展」十優作品 2012 「東方基金會榮譽獎」, 澳門 入選「第二十八屆全澳書畫聯展」西畫組

收藏 葡萄牙東方博物館 香港大學美術館 澳門政府總部 澳門文化局 澳門藝術博物館 東方基金會(澳門) 私人收藏於(美國拉斯維加斯、英國、意大利、葡萄牙、新加坡、 中國、澳門、香港、台灣)


KARIN WEBER GALLERY Established in 1999 by German-born karin weber and now in its 17th year, karin weber Gallery is one of Hong kong’s oldest contemporary art galleries. situated on Aberdeen street, in the heart of soHo, the gallery presents a year-round program of curated exhibitions, talks, and collector events. In 2015, BLoUIN ArTINFo added karin weber Gallery to the list of ‘500 Best Galleries worldwide.’ The gallery’s unique network of partners based in London, Mumbai and Berlin allows it to source emerging and established contemporary art from around the world. karin weber Gallery is equally passionate about presenting works by local artists. The gallery assists artists through exhibitions, art fairs, and residency programs throughout the world. small in size, yet global in outlook, karin weber Gallery is one of Hong kong’s truly international boutique galleries.

20 Aberdeen street Central, Hong kong +852 2544 5004

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