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Dear Applicant I am most delighted that you are interested in studying at Karelia University of Applied Sciences. I would like to encourage you to apply and make your dream of studying for your degree at a Finnish institution of higher education come true. Our aim is to increase the amount of education instructed in English, and internationality will be increasingly integrated into the activities of every degree programme and into each curriculum. The potential of international trainees will be made good use of in the process of making regional companies more international. We cooperate with foreign institutions of higher education and working life partners particularly in Europe, Russia and Asia. This cooperation adds extra value to your degree as you have the chance to go on student and trainee exchanges, and work with international specialists and students in your everyday student life. Your internationally collaborative impact are especially useful to the small- and medium-sized enterprises in the North Karelia region. International students are an integral part of our student community at Karelia University of Applied Sciences. I am also certain that the North Karelia region and Joensuu as a popular Finnish student city will provide you with a safe and beautiful living environment, inspirational studying and meaningful free time.

You are most welcome to study with us!

Petri Raivo President

International students are an integral part of our student community at Karelia University of Applied Sciences.


Start your world tour at Karelia University of Applied Sciences! When you plan an international future for yourself, many aspects need to be considered. Where to study, where to live and work, and with whom? At Karelia University of Applied Sciences we offer you an opportunity start your international journey with internationally oriented business studies. Through your studies with us you gain competence in international business, create an international network and rehearse important skills needed in working life. Karelia University of Applied Sciences (Karelia UAS) is the easternmost university of applied sciences in Finland, in the region of North Karelia. We provide education as a part of the European and national system of higher education. Our goal is to respond to the demands of modern working life with excellence and efficiency. At Karelia UAS we offer education leading to a Bachelor’s degree in 15 degree programmes and in 3 Master degree programmes in 7 fields of study. The Degree Programme in International Business is completely instructed in English. The innovative learning environment, quality teaching and active cooperation with working life make sure that your degree and level of competence increase your good career opportunities. Karelia UAS guarantees the high quality of education with a long, consistent and comprehensive tradition of quality assurance work (audited by FINHEEC in 2011). The student’s voice is heard with an extensive feedback system as well as active interaction between students and staff. Karelia UAS is active in regional development work and in research and development. As far as its impact on regional development is concerned, Karelia UAS is one of the best universities of applied sciences in Finland. Our students challenge their knowledge and skills in real business projects provided by local enterprises.


FIELDS OF STUDY Social Sciences, Business and Administration Natural Sciences Culture
 Natural Resources and the Environment
 Tourism, Catering and Domestic Services
 Social Services, Health and Sport
 Technology, Communication and Transport

FACTS AND FIGURES 2012 Total number of students 3,970 International students

139 degree students, 73 exchange students

Number of graduates



4, located in Joensuu



Interested in becoming a

? Take your first step with us!

You should take advantage of the studies by creating networks both with your fellow students and the staff. I definitely recommend you to take part in as many international projects as possible; Karelia University of Applied Sciences offers great opportunities for that. J ARKKO PEIPO NEN, PR OJECT PLANNI NG OFFI CER , KAR ELI A UAS, SECR E PR OJECT BBA (I NTER NATI ONAL BUSI NESS) 2013


Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Programme in International Business

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree gives you the ability to work in an international business environment. After the studies, you master the methods of marketing and sales, you know how to do budgeting and profitability calculations, and work effortlessly in multicultural environments. You gain knowledge and experience in global business through courses, practical training and company projects. Studies of the first year introduce you to the basic subjects of business such as marketing and financial calculations. The second study year focuses on international business activities such as exports, logistics, and negotiations and communication skills. After the two years, you are able to choose complementary business studies based on your own professional interests in one specialisation area of international business. Your studies in international business also include a study semester abroad in one of our partner universities, a practical training of international activities in a company either in Finland or abroad, and optional studies provided by our institution. Theoretical studies are closely linked with practice. For example, each semester you conduct a market research in cooperation with a company, create a marketing plan, or participate in the implementation of an international event. Working together with international students on the campus during lectures, group work, student life and leisure activities will help you to understand other cultures and enhancing your ability to work in multicultural groups. Some of the studies can be carried out together with the students of the Business Economics Degree Programme. Language studies also develop your skills in English and in another language.


INFORMATION Degree title

Bachelor of Business Administration

Extent and duration 210 credits, 3.5 academic years Location Karjalankatu 3, 80200 Joensuu, Finland Intake


Language of tuition English

Our students co-operate annually with 50 companies. In addition to regional small-medium-sized companies, students have carried out market research or internships in such global companies as Abloy, Luhta, Raisio, Blancco, Bestseller, Daimler, Rolls-Royce and Lotuscars. The latest opening in this field is co-operation with a Western consultancy agency operating in Russia, which annually allows possibility for 3-4 students to practice in its offices in St. Petersburg and Moscow. After graduation you create a career in international business, establish your own business or continue studies in Master’s programmes. Typical entry occupations include managerial or assisting positions in export, marketing and sales. You will also gain competence in working as a supervisor and have the ability to perform managerial tasks. Career opportunities are illuminated during the studies with the help of tutorials, meetings with alumni and with professionals in international business. We are proud of the success of our graduates in their international business careers. Our alumni include several examples of successful entrepreneurs as well.



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Skills in international business are vital for the new generation of global managers in today’s international marketplace. Small businesses and global corporations are looking for people with insight into the complexities of intercontinental rules, cultures, buying preferences and ethics. Our International Business Programme is designed to equip the students with these and to develop the confidence and skills they will need to compete in that global business environment. IO U RI KO TO RO V, LECTUR ER , I NTER NATI ONAL BUSI NES S


STUDYING INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Your curriculum topics and the outline of your studies are designed in co-operation with a network of international companies. Your professional progress is outlined in logical steps. First you learn fundamentals of successful business, i.e. how to create solutions to gaining customers (marketing) in a profitable way (financial calculations). Next you study the operations of international business in marketing, exports and logistics as well as sales and business negotiations. After these obligatory studies you will choose a specific field of global business in which you deepen your expertise.

The principles our study methods are based on: » A combination of theory and practice. The studies consist of a combination of lectures, assignments and projects. In addition to theoretical studies, company-based projects in which you carry out marketing and export projects for companies takes place. Company visits and meetings with graduates bring additional insight into the challenges of present business life. » Global approach. You have several opportunities to gain international experience, such as internships in international companies, studies abroad and study excursions. Even the classroom represents a small multicultural world: students from different parts of the globe are studying together. Language studies improve your communication skills in English and in other languages. » Active participation of students. Learning is the result of joint efforts by you and us. Your active role in the classroom and in team work creates a valuable environment for multi-cultural learning and networking. »B  alance of studies and extra-curricular activities: An average study week proceeds as follows: lectures 15-20 hours, team work 10-15 hours and individual homework 10-15 hours. Weekly 35-45 study hours leaves you plenty of time for social and cultural activities with your class mates.


Wärtsilä Campus at your service Wärtsilä Campus reflects the multicultural athmosphere at its best; most of the international activities are happening inside campus walls. At the campus International Business students, Business Economics students and Engineering students work towards their professional futures. At the campus you will enjoy a relaxed and warm learning environment and you will be part of our supportive community. The campus is located just a stone’s throw away from the city centre of Joensuu. You can easily access our campus from all parts of the city by bike and bus. Wärtsilä Campus is modern; the wireless internet access as well as group work and computing facilities enable you to study efficiently during your days. The campus restaurant offers warm and affordable breakfast, lunch and snacks at low student prices. Our campus facilities offer you versatile places for independent studies. You also have opportunities to impact study related matters through joining the activities of our Student Union, POKA. Our friendly staff members will help you enjoy your study time at our campus. You are most welcome to study!

Studies Abroad Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Canada, China and many more. In which country will you prefer spending one semester? Gaining international experiences through study and training periods abroad is a part of the vital core of your International Business studies. The competitive edge gained through international experiences is highly appreciated in the working life. Karelia UAS boasts excellent international partnerships and ensures you versatile opportunities for creating global networks as well as strengthening and deepening your professional competences during a study semester abroad at one of our partner universities.

Support and counselling Student counselling supports and guides you to perform as well as possible in your studies. You can get information and counselling related to your studies from your Student Counsellor. Each new student also has student tutors and a tutoring teacher who will help you when you are starting your studies and along with your study path. Furthermore, the lecturers of the courses will provide you with course-specific counselling. A student Counsellor helps you to prepare your individual study plan and realize its goals, find answers with you to study-related problems as well as in engage in active student life. The student Counsellor also helps you to develop your autonomous study skills, nurtures you in taking responsibility for advancing your studies and supports your individual growth and professional development as well as your entry into working life.

My goal is simple: helping you to achieve yours. I will help you to create your own study path and find your individual potential to become the expert in the diverse field of international business. SATU SAARINEN, STUDENT COUNSELLOR


STUDYING IN JOENSUU Joensuu is the student capital of eastern Finland, as the city hosts many higher education institutions. Here you can lead an active student life: due to the high number of students, the leisure time services and the lively culture in the city will not leave you cold even during the most freezing winter months. In order to keep the balance between studying and free time, the city offers creative opportunities for your leisure time. If you are into sports, you have plenty of sport clubs to choose from. The sports facilities vary from indoor swimming pools, skate ramps and climbing walls to football fields, ice skating rinks and ski slopes. Cultural activities include concerts from classical music to rock and jazz, fine art exhibitions, cinemas and dance performances. The student union POKA at Karelia UAS offers you many sports classes ranging from street basketball to yoga. If you are interested in unspoiled nature, our city and its surrounding area gives you plenty of opportunities give you a plenty of opportunities to experience peaceful forests and dozens of lakes. Relaxing might include hiking, fishing and bird-watching.


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Housing The Student Housing Company Joensuun Elli provides students with flats ranging from affordable shared flats in the outskirts of the city centre to single-room studios next to main streets. In a city of cyclists you can easily reach both the city centre and your campus by bike. For more information, see

One thing that helped me in Joensuu is the friend family programme or “ystäväperhe” in Finnish. Karelia UAS makes itself distinctive by running this programme, which allows staff and international students to share cultures during free time. I am lucky to have a friend family that I always feel happy spending time with. NGO H U O NG, 2ND YEAR STUDENT


Timetable for application 2014 JAN

7 Jan


11 Feb

Application period ends at 4:15pm Finnish time.

21 Feb

You must provide the required documents to the admissions office of the first choice UAS by 4:15pm Finnish time.


7 Apr 20 Apr

23 Apr


27 May 15 July

29 July



1 Sept

Application period starts online at

FINNIPS network organises entrance examinations in several countries.

Joint entrance examination for International Business programmes in Finland. Karelia UAS’s Entrance examination in Petrozavodsk, Russia.

The admission results are announced by letter.

Admitted students must confirm the study place by 4:15 p.m. Finnish time.

Studies begin in Joensuu

Apply HOW TO APPLY In Finland, applying to programmes conducted in English at a university of applied sciences (UAS) takes place through a joint application portal. You can choose at most four (4) different options. The order of preference chosen in the application is binding and cannot be altered after the application period closes. Apply online at during 7 January – 11 February 2014. Student admissions follow the admission criteria decided on by the UASs in the joint application system and the order of application preference options chosen by the applicant. The application must be submitted before the end of the application period, 11 February 2014 at 4:15 pm Finnish time. The admission is conditional until Karelia UAS has checked the applicant’s school and other relevant certificates. Karelia UAS may withdraw the admission if the applicant has given false information or has presented a forged document.

WHO CAN APPLY General admission criteria General eligibility for the programmes is given by: In principal, a general eligibility for the programmes is given by a completed upper secondary education or a vocational qualification of at least three years duration. Qualifications, which give eligibility for higher education in the awarding country are also accepted. Applicants applying with a non EU/EEA qualification are required to provide proof of their language skills. See the list of accepted langage certficiates at Discretionary admission You can apply with discretionary admission

See the full admission criteria at and

» If you are a non-EU/EEA citizen and applying with a non-Finnish qualification and you will receive your graduation certificate by 30 July 2014. Proof of language skills is required. » If you have completed the minimum of 60 credits of studies belonging to the curriculum of the International Business at Karelia UAS (previously NKUAS).




7 Jan – 11 Feb 2014

» If you do not have a degree which gives you a general eligibility for admission, but Karelia UAS has evaluated your skills and knowledge to be on an acceptable level in order for you to be studying at Karelia UAS. Proof of language skills is required. Further instructions, see





Entrance examinations will be held in Joensuu, Finland and in Petrozavodsk, Russia on 23 April 2014.

Instructions for the admitted applicants

Karelia UAS also participates in the Finnips network which organizes entrance examinations in several countries on 7-20 April 2014. Country specific information will be announced at

With the letter of admittance, you will receive a confirmation form. Make sure that you send the confirmation to Karelia UAS by 29 July 2014. Confirmation of the study place is binding and cannot be altered or cancelled.

General admission: All applicants who have demonstrated their eligibility and language skills will be invited to the entrance examinations. Discretionary admission: The Degree Programme evaluates applicants and selects qualified candidates to the entrance examination.

The studies start with an orientation to studies, get-together events to meet students and staff, and an individual interview with a counsellor and a tutoring teacher. The staff and peer tutors will assist you with all your questions also before the semester starts, so do not hesitate to contact us! One-place-per-student provision You may accept only one study place leading to a higher education degree during one academic term (from 1 August to 31 December, 1 January – 31 July). Even if you postpone the commencement of studies for a year, or interrupt your studies, you cannot accept another study place for a degree programme starting in the same academic term. Visa and residence permits Students coming from countries outside of the European Union should visit the Finnish Immigration Service website at In addition to the residence permit, a student from a non-EU country needs to have valid health insurance issued by a reliable company or institution. Non-EU students who are studying in Finland full time in a degree programme for the minimum of two years need health insurance that covers medical costs.



Starts Here!


ry – 7 Janua 2014 ruary 11 Feb

Admissions Office KA RE L I A U N I V E R S I T Y O F A PPL IED SC I EN C ES Tikkarinne 9, FI-80200 Joensuu, Finland

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Applicant's Guide 2014  

Study International Business at Karelia University of Applied Sciences! Apply 7th January - 11th February 2014 at

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