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Kaleidoscope School of Fine Art, Inc. Art instruction for all ages.

Phone: 847-381-4840 316 West Main Street Barrington, IL 60010

For Immediate Release 23 April 2014

Custom Doll-Set Raffle to Raise Art School Scholarship Funds

Above: One of the three custom-made European Doll Furniture, Clothes and Houseware sets on display at Kaleidoscope School of Fine Art in Barrington IL. Inset: Detail of dessert plate. Right Top: Wardrobe, lutggage, and clothes from Doll-Set #2. Right Bottom: Bedroom set. All three Doll-sets will be raffled on August 29th, 8pm, to help raise Art Scholarships.

(BARRINGTON) -The Kaleidoscope School of Fine Art is holding a raffle of custom, hand-crafted, European doll furniture and accessories to help raise scholarship money for students. 3 Prize raffle drawings are to be held during the Art School’s Summer Children’s Art Show on Friday, August 29th at 8:00 PM. The unique and exquisitely-crafted furniture, clothing, accessories and housewares were donated anonymously by a family who hoped they would go to children who would give the items a good home. “I arrived to the school early one morning and found several boxes stacked up outside the building”, said Kaleidoscope Curriculum Director, Alayne McNulty. “I was wary until I read the note taped to the boxes. “When I brought them inside the school and looked at all the beautifully made cloth-

ing and furniture, I was so surprised.”

School staff dedicated a tall shelf to display the sets which can be viewed inside the main entrance of Kaleidoscope. “They are scaled to fit Barbie-sized dolls,” McNulty explains. “I wish we could thank the donor personally for their lovely and generous gift”, said Founder and Kaleidoscope Director Jill Funk. “They left no name or contact information on the note. The donor explained that her husband had ordered the custom doll furniture and clothes for their daughter. But it took two years for the artist to fill the order and by that time their child had outgrown them,” she explained in the letter.

ning in 2014, as a 501 3C, not-for-profit institution, according to Director Funk. “We are so encouraged to be able to use the donation to help children have access to Art instruction,” Funk said. Raffle tickets are $5 each or $20 for five tickets and are available in the school office: 316 West Main Street in Barrington.

“We welcome anyone to come to Kaleidoscope to see the doll sets we have on display,” said McNulty. “The detail on the miniature furniture and clothing is amazing. There are even food trays, family photos and a laptop that look like something out of a magazine.” Kaleidoscope School of Fine Art office hours are 10am-5pm, Monday through Friday, and 9am-1pm on Saturdays. For more info, The anonymous donation came soon call 847-381-4840. Or visit their website: after the 28 year-old Kaleidoscope www.KaleidoscopeSchoolofFineArt. School of Fine Art reorganized, begin- org

Custom Doll Set Raffle to Raise Art School Funds  

The Kaleidoscope School of Fine Art is holding a raffle of custom, hand-crafted, European doll furniture and accessories to help raise schol...

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