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Verspreidingsgebied: Kathu, Kuruman, Daniëlskuil, Lime Acres, Olifantshoek, Postmasburg, Upington, Keimoes, Kakamas en Groblershoop

6 MAART 2014




Familie eis antwoorde Vrae oor wat hul ‘sonskynkind’ se dood veroorsaak het Ilse Watson “SY was die sonskynkind van die familie. Sy het op familiebyeenkomste altyd grappies gemaak. Sy was die vriendelike, opgewekte een en baie lief vir dans.” Só vertel Hope van Heerden, ’n familielid, oor Lee-Anne Badenhorst (19) wat op Maandag 24 Februarie in die Kurumanhospitaal oorlede is nadat sy die Sondagaand geboorte aan ’n babadogtertjie geskenk het. Lee-Anne is Sondagaand in die Kuruman-hospitaal opgeneem om geopereer te word. Die babadogtertjie is ’n uur nadat sy gebore is, oorlede. Volgens die dokters van die hospitaal was daar gebreke by en komplikasies met haar hart. Maureen Badenhorst, ma van Lee-Anne, het Maandag omstreeks 09:00 by die hospitaal opgedaag om haar dogter te besoek. Met haar aankoms by die hospitaal is sy ingelig die dokters is met haar dogter in die trauma-eenheid. Lee-Anne se hart het glo twee keer gaan staan en die dokters kon haar nie red nie. Die dokters het Maureen ná 09:00 ingelig haar dogter is oorlede. Geen dokter wou kommentaar aan die familie verskaf en vir hulle vertel wat gebeur het nie. Die dokter (naam onbekend) wat Lee-Anne behandel het, het die familie ook ingelig hy gaan eers sy saalrondes doen en dat hy later met die familie sal praat. Hulle het tot 15:00 gewag voordat hulle hom weer gesien het. “Ons het wel ’n dokument van die forensiese afdeling van die polisie in Kimberley in verband met die aangeleentheid ontvang. Die dokument verduidelik egter niks oor Lee-Anne se dood nie. Die diens in die hospitaal was ongelooflik onprofessioneel en ons moes maar net daar by die ingang sit en wag totdat iemand ons kom spreek het,” vervolg Van Heerden. Die familie het eindelik hulp van ’n personeellid ontvang en hy het hulle na Lee-Ann se lyk geneem. “Daar lê sy toe op ’n hospitaaltrollie,

Vind hier lafenis vir die siel DIE magtige Oranjerivier in die Noord­Kaap. Om hier te ontspan is pure lafenis vir die siel. darem toegemaak met ’n laken, maar sy is in ’n kamer wat soos ’n stoorkamer lyk. Rommel het oral rondgelê en dit was baie vuil in die vertrek.” Die familielede is getraumatiseer en geskok. Net die vorige week het hulle ’n ander familielid, wat in Beeshoek oorlede is, begrawe. “Ons wil met niemand baklei

nie. Ons soek net antwoorde – ons wil weet waaraan sy gesterf het.” Lee-Anne se begrafnis is op Saterdag 1 Maart gehou. Die forensiese afdeling van die polisie in Kimberley ondersoek die saak. ) Die hospitaalbestuurder kon nie vir kommentaar bereik word nie.

Foto: Ilse Watson


KALAHARI BULLETIN, DONDERDAG 6 MAART 2014 THE Standard Bank in Kuruman. The Ku­ ruman Police, toge­ ther with their foren­ sics department, are investigating a burgla­ ry at Standard Bank in the early hours of 25 February. No further information has yet been released due to the sensitivity of the case. On 27 February police have not yet confirmed whether any suspects had been arrested. Photo: Ilse Watson

Life still hard for majority Ilse Watson ANDREW LOUW, the DA premier candidate in the Northern Cape, debated on corruption and creating jobs at the State of the Province address in the Northern Cape Legislature on 25 February. “The Northern Cape is truly a better place to live in – for some. For the majority of residents life in this province is still hard and it is characterised mostly by poverty, unemployment, crime and corruption and fewer opportunities,” said Louw. He continued to say that the expanded unemployment rate in the province is 34,8%. That is slightly higher than the national rate of 34%. The number of discouraged work-seekers has jumped up from 28 000 in 2012 to 44 000 at the end of 2013. “The average income for those who work in the province is R86 175. The ANC administration’s

term has seen some of the worst management of the education system and has made life for pupils and teachers difficult. The message I am getting from people is that they need better job opportunities,” he continued. The recent crime statistics showed that Northern Cape residents are increasingly falling victim to serious contact and drug-related crimes. From the 2011-’12 to the 2012-’13 year reviewed, the crime stats show that: ) murder increased from 368 to 412 cases (12% increase); ) robbery with aggravating circumstances increased by 27,9%; ) common robbery increased by 12,8%; ) residential robbery increased by 16,9%; ) drug-related crimes increased by 7,1%; ) sexual offences increased by 6,1%; and

) hijacking increased by 211%. Premier Sylvia Lucas was oddly silent on the above matters. The audit reports of 2011-’12 saw 21 of 32 local municipalities, a massive 65%, falling into disclaimer or qualified audit opinions. The housing backlog in the province has grown from 48 000 in 2011 to over 53 000 in 2013. “We must fight against crime. We need more trained police officers. We need to drastically increase job creation – we must support and train entrepreneurs for small businesses,” said Louw. ) Kalahari Bulletin Kuruman recently reported that Sylvia Lucas, the premier of the Northern Cape, had no plans to investigate corruption and take action on the matter of unemployment. ) A total of 13 Northern Cape municipalities are under investigation for alleged corruption and workers who are not qualified to perform their duties.

Sewage raises concerns Ilse Watson FOX CORPORATE SERVICES (FCS), independent environmental consultants in the Northern Cape, received numerous telephonic reports/ complaints on Monday, 17 October, pertaining to the alleged illegal disposal of raw sewage by the Ga-Segonyana Municipality. The reports briefly describe how: ) A sewage manhole located near Jura’s Café in Ds. van Jaarsveld Street, Ward 1, Kuruman, was emptied by a Ga-Segonyana suction truck. ) The sewage was diverted from the manhole to a nearby storm-water drain, allowing the high-risk/hazardous waste to flow uncontrolled towards the outflow at the Kuruman River. According to the Constitution of South Africa, every person has the right to an environment that is not harmful to their health and well-being. It also says that government must act reasonably in order to protect the environment by preventing pollution, promoting conservation and sustainable development, while building the economy and society. This report was submitted to relevant authorities in terms of the prescribed compliance regulations in an effort to address the environmental impacts associated with such

negligent acts. Disciplinary actions will be taken by the relevant senior officials within the local and provincial authorities, in terms of applicable process and procedure. A repeat of such harmful activities must be avoided. Since this incident, there has been no response from Pabelelo Samson, head of community services at the Ga-Segonyana Municipality. Dineo Kgosi at the Department of Environment and Nature Conservation called Angie Fotheringham (an independent environmental consultant from Kuruman) and expressed that he was very concerned and alarmed about the incident. He stated that he was unable to act at that stage, pending the compilation of a formal report once the municipality had offered an explanation. According to the protection of Administrative Justice Act (POJA 2002) it is prescribed that official acknowledgement must take place within seven days of receiving the report. It also states that responses are due from the 14th day. ) Kalahari Bulletin Kuruman contacted the Ga-Segonyana Municipality to investigate this matter, but no one could be reached for a press release and/or explanation.


Help a learner by donating shoes THE Northern Cape NGO Coalition is trying to make a difference in 19 schools in the Joe Morlong Municipality through a child sponsorship programme.

They have donated five full school uniforms to five different schools and noticed the need for school shoes. The company therefore calls on businesses and individuals to

donate only one pair of school shoes for either girls or boys sizes one to six. Please drop the shoes at the Savoy Building, 27 Beare Street, Kuruman.

Mine tackles traffic AS part of the Anglo American family, Kumba Iron Ore’s Sishen Mine holds very high standards for the safety and security of its employees and the surrounding communities. Since Sishen is in a ramp-up phase and grows rapidly, infrastructure in and around the mine is also expanding accordingly. A new Sishen Mine entrance parking upgrade project was recently registered to address the challenge of providing suitable, covered and demarcated parking bays for employees and contractors. “A vast number of mine employees, contractors and visitors are parking in open areas that are not demarcated or secure, especially in rainy conditions,” says Lesedi Mashishi, the project manager of Ramp Up. The alleviation of congestion currently experienced at the main entrance during peak hours and the provision of an adequate storm water drainage system to ensure the maximum use of parking bays during rainy seasons are two important components the project aims to address,” he says. In addition to providing suitable and demarcated covered parking bays for employees, contractors and visitors, the project scope includes measure to address the congestion at the main entrance to the mine as it cannot sustain the traffic volumes during peak travel hours, says Lesedi.

Agent excels NICOLIEN TERBLANCHE, Kuruman: ELRETHA VAN DER MERWE, an agent of Remax Real Estate in

THE areas where construction work will take place. “The increased traffic congestion during these hours will increase the likelihood of collisions between vehicles and pedestrians in the vicinity. Construction on this 60 000 m² site will address these concerns and will improve traffic flow and safety.” The project scope includes the following: ) the construction of a new bus terminals to accommodate ten buses; ) the construction of 360 additional parking bays with shelters; ) the construction of a mountable traffic circle with slip ways; ) the provision of access points to all parking areas; ) the construction of waiting areas to accommodate 13 incoming trucks; ) the provision of area illumination and under-roof lighting; ) culverts for storm water diversion; ) sheltered pedestrian pick up areas;

Photo: Supplied

and ) the relocation of six turnstiles. The project is scheduled to commence on the week of 24 February and there will be a stop-and-go control at the entrance and exit of the construction areas as well as traffic diversion for pedestrians and light and heavy vehicles monitored by flagmen. Signboards will be erected to warn oncoming traffic about the stop-and-go control. Access will be provided to the existing facilities outside of the mine’s entrance in both the eastern and western parking lots, Areas E and A respectively. All road users and pedestrians are therefore urged to be patient during this time, to exercise caution when using these areas, and, to adhere to the safety rules and regulations of the mine and the country to ensure their own safety and the safety of others.

) OP Saterdag 15 Maart om 18:00 bied die NG kerk Kuruman ’n klawer-en-pyporreluitvoering aan. Die Bloemfonteinse komponis en pianis Anton Esterhuyse sal


Kuruman, reached the Chairman’s Club hall of fame. She had exceptional Sales Figures in 2013. To become a member of the Remax Hall of Fame you have to distinguish yourself as one of the elite in the entire real estate industry. In your career with Remax you must have produced real estate sales exceeding those of the entire sales staff of other companies. This extraordinary professional achievement, along with dedication and loyalty, qualifies her for a place of honour in the Remax Southern African Hall of Fame.

optree. Kaartjies teen R60 per volwassene en R20 per leerling is by die kerkkantoor beskikbaar. Rig navrae aan Erika by 053-712-0657.



Geregtigheid moet geskied

DIE afgelope week het die opspraakwekkendste strafregstryd nog in Suid-Afrika begin. Oscar Pistorius, die Paralimpiese held, sal die hof daarvan moet oortuig dat hy Reeva Steenkamp nie met opset doodgeskiet het nie, maar dat hy haar vir ’n inbreker aangesien het en geskiet het om homself te beskerm. Die aanklaer is egter vasbeslote om aan die hof te verduidelik dat Pistorius aan koelbloedige moord skuldig is. Sou Pistorius gevra word om te getuig sal dit ongetwyfeld die hoogtepunt van die verhoor wees. Daar is ook genoem dat Pistorius nie gevra sal word om te getuig nie. Wat het in sy gedagtes aangegaan? Wat het verkeerd geloop? Enigiemand wat in die nag wakker word en sy verloofde, eggenoot of geliefde nie langs hom sien nie, sal eerder gaan ondersoek instel. Dalk is die mens kombuis toe vir iets om te drink – dit is ook moontlik dat jou geliefde in die badkamer kan wees. Enigiemand wat ’n geluid in die badkamer hoor, sal eers vra of sy

geliefde daar is. Die omstandighede is verdag, want as ’n mens in ’n veilige behuisingskompleks woon, is die kans skraler dat daar ’n inbreker in jou huis sal wees. Wat is reg en wat is verkeerd? Is dit die regte ding om ’n inbreker in jou huis te konfronteer? Wat is die regte ding om te doen sou die inbreker jou lewe bedreig? As ’n mens ’n alarmstelsel het, sal dit goed wees om die paniekknoppie te druk om sodoende hulp te ontbied. Om na ’n wapen te gryp en die persoon agter ’n toe deur te skiet is verdag en nie die korrekte optrede nie. Pistorius is ongetwyfeld ontsteld en hartseer oor die hele voorval – hy toon berou. Natuurlik is só ’n gebeurtenis vir enigeen traumaties. Of jy nou iemand per ongeluk doodgeskiet het en of dit nou ’n inbreker was wat jou lewe in gevaar gestel het, dit is en bly ’n traumatiese ervaring. Suid-Afrikaners hoop dat die hofsaak die waarheid sal uitwys en wil helderheid verkry oor wat presies gebeur het. Die reg sal geskied.

Pad na God altyd oop Ds. Schalk Theart DIT is goed wanneer ’n naam betekenis het. In sekere kulture sal die behoefte van ’n gesin bepaal wat die naam van die nuwe aankomeling gaan wees. Die doel wat hy moet vervul, sal regstreeks aan sy naam gekoppel word. In die Bybel vind ons naamgewing was ’n baie betekenisvolle geleentheid. Simson beteken sonskyn. Deel van Simson se roeping was om as instrument in God se hand te dien om die Fillistyne te straf. In Rigters 16 lees ’n mens Simson word deur sy vrou verlei om die geheim van sy krag bloot te lê. Die sonskynseun van Israel beland in volslae duisternis, omdat sy oë uitgesteek word. Simson het sy naam oneer aangedoen. Hy het daardeur sy roeping versaak. En Israel het die spot van die nasies geword. In die tronk waarin Simson met bronskettings geboei is, het sy hare weer begin groei. God wil hom verseker die pad na Hom toe bly altyd oop. Simson het gebid soos nog nooit vantevore nie: “Here, my God, dink tog aan my. Maak my tog net die een keer sterk, o God!” Dié een oomblik in Simson se lewe was bepalend vir hom en sy volk. Hy kon maklik as ’n swakkeling gesterf het wat sy volk in die steek gelaat het.

Maar hy kon ook sterf as rigter wat in sy dood hul redder kon wees. In een beslissende oomblik in Simson se lewe gaan soek hy by God hulp en skuiling. Sy belydenis van “My God” dra geweldig baie gewig, want dit veronderstel ’n persoonlike verhouding met God. Simson se versoek dat God aan hom moet dink, is ook al genoeg. Psalm 40 sê God dink altyd aan ons. Dit beteken vir ons beskerming en die lewe. Simson vra ook nie meer as die een keer nie. Dit ontsluit die poorte van die hemel vir hom. Tydens Jesus se bediening op aarde lees ’n mens Hy het soms net een keer iemand se lewenspad gekruis. Saggeus sit en wag vir Jesus in die wilde vyeboom, want Hy moet daar verbygaan. Die blindgebore Bartimeus het net een keer Jesus se pad gekruis. Toe die omstanders hom wou stilmaak, het hy net harder geroep. Hy is genees en gered. Jesus het ook net een keer vir alle sondaars kom sterwe sodat ons deel kan kry aan die een naam Christus. Ons word Christen genoem op grond van wat Christus kom doen het.

Son trek water DIE son sak oor die Oranjerivier. Dié foto is van die motorbrug af geneem.

Foto: Anena Burger

Kinders nie net speletjies Benneli Olivier Van der Walt

KINDERS. Die van ons wat hulle het, sal weet dit is nie noodwendig ’n maklike ervaring nie. Veral nie as die kinders so siek word dat hulle in die hospitaal opgeneem moet word nie. So gebeur dit dat my eerste en enigste op ’n Vrydag in die Mediclinic Kimberley vir breinvliesontsteking opgeneem moet word. Die skok van so ’n ernstige diagnose laat ’n mens so skrik dat al waaraan jy kan dink, is om so gou moontlik by die hospitaal uit te kom. So tussen die geskarrel om alles gepak te kry, en natuurlik die leë petroltenk vol te maak, vergeet ek die hele gesin se tandeborsels en sommer nog die sjampoe ook. En daar gaan ons. Aangesien ons eers omstreeks 16:00 uit Kathu vertrek het, kom

17/31 NO-5



NNO-5 NNO-10

ons in die donker by die hospitaal aan. Tussen die administratiewe pligte wat nagekom moet word, vat Pa ons seun na die ongevalle toe. Nie te lank daarna nie hoor ek hoe die mannetjie sy ontevredenheid met die dokter se prosedures hard verkondig. Nadat alles ingevul, gespuit, gepleister en ge-pajama is, sit ek en Pa in die saal en probeer vir Seun verduidelik “Pappa kan nie ook die nag by hom bly nie”. Pa is toe vort om ná 22:00 ’n gastehuis te probeer opspoor, wat hy gelukkig toe reggekry het danksy ’n baie hulpvaardige




NNO-10 NNO-10 NNO-10

hospitaal-ontvangsdame. Ek neem aan ons laataand-herbergsoekery gebeur nogal gereeld. By die gastehuis het hy natuurlik uitgevind van die vergete tandeborsels. Die sjampoe het darem in ’n klein botteltjie vir hom op sy gehuurde kussing gewag. Ek het natuurlik by Seun in die hospitaal agtergebly. Én geleer hospitaalbeddens is regtig net vir een mens gemaak – ’n baie maer mens. Dit was ’n delikate proses om so onderdeur die aarvoedingpypie ’n plekkie op die een kussing vir my kop te kry. Maar, deur al die drama, ongemak en afgeskeepte mondhigiene, bly ek dankbaar dat ons kind vier dae later gesond uit die hospitaal kon stap. En Ma en Pa met seer lywe en nuwe waardering vir die bed in ons huis.




NW-5 WNW-5







Goeie voetsorg belangrik vir diabete Yolandi van Deventer INDIEN iemand aan diabetes ly, beteken dit dat sy of haar bloedglukosevlakke (bloedsuiker) abnormaal hoog is. Oor ’n tydperk kan die verhoogde bloedsuikervlakke skade aan die bloedvate en senuwees veroorsaak. Senuweeskade kan tot ’n verlies aan sensasie in die voete lei en dit kan weer tot beserings lei wat ’n mens nie kan voel nie. Voetbeserings, soos blase en snye, kan tot infeksie lei wat moontlik in erge gevalle tot die amputasie van die voet of been kan lei. Wanneer daar senuweeskade is, beteken dit dat daar verminderde suurstof- en bloed-

toevoer na die voete is. Dit het weer die gevolg dat wonde stadiger genees as by iemand wat normale bloedsuikerwaardes het. Voetsorg by diabete is van kardinale belang. Goeie voetsorg kan baie voordele inhou om sodoende later ernstige komplikasies soos amputasie te voorkom. Hoe om na jou voete om te sien as jy aan diabetes ly: ) Ondersoek jou voete daagliks en kyk vir stukkende plekke of blase; ) Was jou voete daagliks en droog dit goed af – veral tussen die tone;

) Spesiale rome is by apteke verkrygbaar wat iemand met diabetes se voete bevogtig en sodoende verhoed dat harde velletjies afskeur of inskeur; ) Eelte moet saggies geskuur word en moenie met iets soos ’n naelknipper gesny word nie. Bly weg van lemmetjies om self eelte te probeer “afsny”; ) Knip die toonnaels gereeld. Maak ’n punt daarvan om dit nie in ’n ronde vorm te knip nie, maar reguit. Dit verhoed dat dit te diep gesny word en dat stukkende plekke vorm; ) Dra altyd skoene om beserings te vermy. Dit

sal keer dat jy byvoorbeeld in ’n skerp voorwerp trap; ) Dra plat skoene met breë punte en lae, breë hakke. Dit moet te alle tye voorkom word dat jou tone teen mekaar druk. Dit kan tot drukseertjies lei; ) Kies skoene wat nie te styf sit nie, maar ook nie te los nie anders lei dit tot wrywing teen die hak of toon. As jy aan diabetes ly, moet jy ’n punt daarvan maak om goeie voetsorg deel van jou daaglikse roetine te maak. Indien jy bekommerd is oor wonde aan jou voete wat nie gesond word nie, moet jy jou dokter kontak. – Gesondheidswenke deur Mediclinic Kathu verskaf.

‘Nature’s ploughs’ a garden must Benneli Olivier Van der Walt THE pale red garden earthworm is often called “nature’s plough”. That’s because an earthworm pushes through soft earth with the point of its head. If the soil is hard, the worm eats its way through, forming interconnected burrows. These burrows loosen the soil, admitting air and water and helping roots grow. A single acre of cultivated land may be home to as many as 500 000 earthworms. Earthworms in your garden When you add nitrogen-rich compost to your soil, you help the worms thrive. However, adding synthetic nitrogen fertilizers may repel earthworms. Worms are sensitive to physical and chemical changes and will flee the salty conditions that result from an application of chemical fertilizer. As an earthworm feeds, organic matter passes through its body and is excreted as dark granular castings. You may see these casting piles in your garden. An earthworm produces its weight in castings daily. Worm cas-

THE pale red garden earthworm is often called “nature’s plough”. Photo: Supplied tings are a wonderful fertilizer, rich in nutrients otherwise unavailable to plants.

In cold weather, a soil search will turn up mature and young earthworms as well as eggs. By late spring, most worms are mature. As temperatures rise, activity slows; many lay eggs and then die. By midsummer, most worms are very young or protected by egg capsules. As the weather cools, young worms emerge. With wet weather, they grow active, making new burrows and eating extra food, resulting in more worm castings. Egg laying occurs again. Activity continues as long as the soil stays damp. After a heavy rain, earthworms often appear aboveground. Fresh water doesn’t disturb earthworms—they need ongoing skin moisture to breathe—but stagnant or contaminated water forces them from their burrows. Earthworms can survive in soil that freezes gradually, but sudden freezing can kill them. Protect earthworms against sudden freezes with mulch which also provides worms with food. Earthworm bins You can raise earthworms yourself using

earthworm bins through a process called vermiculture or earthworm composting. Kept in a cool, dark place, a worm bin provides a composting system for kitchen scraps and a source of rich, fertile worm castings for the garden. If you don’t want to pay a lot of money for a worm bin, you can make your own from a plastic storage bin, a modified garbage can, washtub, or wooden box. Punch small holes in the sides of plastic washtubs or garbage cans for aeration. To keep conditions moist but well drained, make a drainage area in the bottom of the bin; use a rigid divider to separate it from the worms’ living quarters. A loose cover keeps flies and light out and worms and moisture in. It is best to fill the bin with soaked coir (fibre from the outer husk of the coconut, used in potting compost) and newspaper. Garden soil may also be added. Make sure the mix is as damp as a wrungout sponge rather than wet. Then introduce the earthworms to their new home. – Source:


Vriendskap spreek boekdele DIE Bloodhound Supersonic Car- (SSC) projek het leerlinge van Brittanje nader aan leerlinge in die Kalahari gebring. Die Bloodhound-motor word in Brittanje gebou, maar gaan die landspoedrekord in 2015 op Hakskeenpan probeer verbeter. Daarom het leerlinge van die Laerskool Avon – naby die Bloodhound- Tegniese Sentrum in die suidweste van Engeland waar dié motor gebou word – boeke aan laerskole in die Kalahari geskenk. Vir die meeste van die laerskole in die Kalahari is naslaanboeke skaars en die internet vreemd. Dave Rowley, direkteur van onderwys en van die Bloodhound-projek, sê nadat leerlinge die amptelike opening van die tegniese sentrum bygewoon het, het hulle navorsing oor skole in die Kalahari gedoen. Die navorsing oor Suid-Afrika, die Kalahari en veral Hakskeenpan het die hele skool betrek en tien bokse vol boeke is bymekaargemaak om aan skole in die Kalahari te skenk. All World Freight het die boeke gratis na Loubos, Groot Mier, Philandersbron, Riemvasmaak en Welkom verskeep. Marina du Plessis, waarnemende hoof van die Laerskool Loubos, sê die meeste ouers het nie internet nie en die naslaanwerke is dus broodnodig. Hy meen die

DIE gr. 7­seuns van die Laerskool Welkom lees deur die boeke wat deur die Laerskool Avon ge­ skenk is. Foto: Verskaf boeke gaan ook met take van hulp wees.” Margaret Beukes, hoof van die Laerskool Philandersbron wat slegs 10 km van Hakskeenpan is, sê die boeke gaan baie doen om die kinders se Engels te verbeter. Rowley sê die kinders van Avon hoop die boeke is die begin van ’n vriendskap tussen die verskillende skole se leerlinge, maar dat die Avon-leerlinge groen van jaloesie is, omdat hulle nie ook in 2015 saam met hul nuwe maats op Hakskeenpan sal kan staan om die landspoedrekord-poging te aanskou nie.

DAVE ROWLEY en Wendy Maxwell van die Bloodhound SCC­onderwysspan deel boeke aan die leerlinge van die Laerskool Philandersbron uit. Foto: Verskaf




Australië, SA lei met projek Elretha Britz KUNS staan op die drumpel van nuwe, ongekarteerde weë. Dit is die vooruitsigte wat ’n program deur Suid-Afrika en Australië vir vernuwing in kunsvorm-ontwikkeling (Piko) inhou. Die leiding vir die program is gesamentlik deur die Vryfees en die Universiteit van die Vrystaat (UV) geneem; daarom dat dit sin maak om die projek op vanjaar se Vryfees van 15 tot 20 Julie in Bloemfontein bekend te stel. Piko is ’n drie jaar lange projek waarin kunstenaars van Australië en Suid-Afrika sal saamwerk om eksperimentele en gemeenskapskuns te verken. Die projek behels interkulturele laboratoriums, kuns- en wetenskap-uitruilprogramme, forums en eksperimentele kunsopdragte. “Ons weet kuns en kultuur speel ’n sleutelrol in maatskaplike transformasie en ’n vooruitstrewende gemeenskap. As ons dus die Indeks van Menslike Ontwikkeling op

Stuur gerus enige klub- of skolesportnuus van Kathu en omgewing na benneli. Kalahari Bulletin is ook op Facebook – besoek

Exciting Career Opportunity Kuruman United Manganese of Kalahari (Pty) Ltd (UMK), a leading empowerment company intent on sustainable mining and socio-economic development, seeks specialists to join its fast growing manganese mine. UMK has been awarded a Mining Right over 15 000 ha of land to the north of a dynamic Kuruman. Why not become part of the team that plans to mine an output of between 1,5 million and 2 million tonnes of manganese each year? With a life of mine in excess of 30 years, this well-poised company will be able to unlock your talents.

Shift Electrician (Ref. SE 117167) The Shift Electrician is required to provide technical and hands-on support throughout the Process Plant. Minimum requirements: • Electrical Trade Test Certificate • Minimum of 3 years’ relevant experience • Experience in PLC’s (Siemens S7) • Experience with VSD’s and Soft Starters (Danfoss) • Experience in working on Screens, Crushers Reclaimers and Stackers. Experience in the field of logistics will be an advantage • Strong preventative, breakdown and shutdown maintenance experience • Ability to work shifts • Willingness to participate in further training • Able to demonstrate strong commitment to safety practices • Strong problem solving skills • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills • A valid Code 08 driver’s licence. Responsibilities: The main functions will include, but is not limited to: • Daily maintenance of the plant and all the plant equipment • Responsible for both preventative and corrective maintenance in the plant • Ensuring that the equipment in the plant is well maintained • Daily maintenance and testing of 12; 220 ; 380 and 525 Volt equipment • HT switching. Key performance areas: • Faultfinding on electrical circuits • Repair of all electrical breakdowns • Ability to take ownership of your role and lead and work within a team • Punctual and reliable • Result orientated • Customer focus • Self driven. Please note that the reference MUST be quoted on your application. Please note the following: • Successful candidates will be required to provide a valid medical certificate and may be required to undergo certain medical assessments • Psychometric and other assessments may be used as part of the selection process • Verification of all credentials may be done • Must be in possession of a valid driver’s licence.

How to apply: Interested applicants can forward an abridged CV to: or fax: 086 236 1188. The onus is on you to ensure that the reference number is reflected on your application. Closing date: 20 March 2014. If you have not been contacted within 30 days after the closing date, kindly deem your application as unsuccessful. PREFERENCE WILL BE GIVEN TO EMPLOYMENT EQUITY CANDIDATES IN LINE WITH THE COMPANY’S EMPLOYMENT EQUITY PLAN. Only candidates who meet the stated requirements will be considered. APPLICATIONS RECEIVED AFTER THE CLOSING DATE WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. 117167

ons vasteland wil verbeter, moet ons in vernuwende kreatiewe bedryfsprogramme soos dié belê. Dit sluit samewerking tussen kunstenaars en wetenskaplikes in,” het prof. Jonathan Jansen, visekanselier en rektor van die UV, gesê. Adri Herbert, organiseerder van die Vryfees, sê Piko sal as ’n navorsings- en ontwikkelingsprojek vir kuns in Suid-Afrika dien. “Australiese kunstenaars is wêreldleiers in eksperimentele kuns en Suid-Afrikaners blink in gemeenskapskuns uit. “Ons weet nie wat die uitkoms van die samewerking gaan wees nie, maar dit maak die projek opwindend.” Tony Grybowski, uitvoerende hoof van die Australiese raad, sê “eksperimentele kuns was nog altyd ’n belangrike deel van die ekologie met programme soos die Synapse Art/Science-projek wat al langer as ’n dekade bedryf word en besonderse vennootskappe en gemeenskapsuitkomste in ons land skep. “Dit is noodsaaklik vir kreatiwiteit in sowel die kunste as wetenskappe.” Suid-Afrikaanse kunstenaars wat by Piko betrokke is, sluit in Angela de Jesus, direkteur van die Stegmann-galery op die UV-kampus, Angelo Mockie, dramaturg en teater-regisseur, Galetshwane Malebo, dramaturg en teaterregisseur, Godfrey Manenye, choreograaf en bewegingsprakti-

DIE Australiese kunstenaar Cigdem Aydemir by een van die beelde by Naln in Bloemfontein. As deel van die Vryfees se vennootskap met die Salmanca Arts Centre in Australië in die Si­ tuate Art in Festivals­projek is Aydemir en Jess Olivieri, ook van Australië, aangestel om nuwe, eksperimentele werke vir die Vryfees te ontwik­ kel. Foto: Mligisi Louw syn, en Philippa Tumubweinee, senior dosent in die departement argitektuur aan die UV, ’n medestigter en direkteur van IZUBA INafrica. Die Nasionale Lotery het ’n groot bydrae tot Piko gelewer.

Hanteer brandwonde só Benneli Olivier Van der Walt HET boererate vir brandwonde enige meriete? Of doen hulle meer skade as goed? Dr. Philippus Nel, ’n algemene praktisyn by Mediclinic, spreek twee mites aan: ) Stoom kan nie brandwonde veroorsaak nie Water kook teen 100°C, wat beteken dat stoom dieselfde temperatuur gaan wees. Die temperatuur van stoom wat onder druk super-verhit word, soos in ’n ketel, kan tot 500°C styg. Stoom kan dus erger brandwonde as kookwater veroorsaak, want dit is warmer. Indien jy met stoom gebrand word, geld dieselfde reëls as vir ’n gewone brandwond. Verwyder die bron wat die brandwond veroorsaak het, verkoel die gebrande gedeelte onmiddellik en raadpleeg dadelik ’n dokter of kliniek. Verseker dat die pasiënt weg is van die bron van die brandwond. Verwyder klere of juwele naby die wond en verkoel die brandwond deur dit in koel water af te spoel. Indien klere in die wond ingesmelt het, moet dit

Foto ter illustrasie liefs nie verwyder word nie. Moenie ys direk op die brandwond sit nie, dit kan die bloedsomloop na die wond belemmer en die besering vererger. ) Botter verlig brandwonde Hierdie boereraat kom al van 19de-eeuse slagvelde af waar dit geglo is dat brandwonde wat met botter, olie of vet bedek is die wond sal seël en infeksie sal voorkom. Dit is egter nie waar nie. Nel noem dat die beste

behandeling vir ’n brandwond steeds is om dit vir 20 minute of langer onder koel, lopende water te hou. Deur ’n olierige stof op die wond te smeer kan die assessering van die erns van die wond negatief beïnvloed word. Die enigste tyd wanneer dit aanvaarbaar is om ’n olierige stof op ’n brandwond te smeer is wanneer daar met teer gebrand is. Die olierige stof sal help om die teer van die vel af te kry en so beter behandeling te verskaf.

ACVV benodig kantoorruimte DIE Afrikaanse Christen-vrouevereniging (ACVV) in Upington is dringend op soek na kantoorruimte om te huur. In Desember het die kerksaal van die NG Moedergemeente afgebrand. Die ACVV se kantoor was in dié saal en die vereniging het alles verloor. Nou benodig hy van 1 April af dringend kantoorruimte vir ses personeellede en al hul voorraad. Die kantoor moet verkieslik toeganklik wees vir kliënte wat die kantoor besoek, verskeie goedere moet geberg kan word en om hulle toe te rus om diens te kan lewer aan die verskeie satellietgebiede wat uit die kantoor bedryf word. Die ACVV is die enigste nie-regeringsinstansie wat gemagtig is om statutêre dienste te lewer soos deur die Kinderwet vereis. Dus is sy dienste van groot belang in die ZF Mgcawu-distrik. Indien enigiemand met kantoorruimte vir die ACVV kan help, bel Rina Liebenberg by 054-331-3096 of by 072-993-0111.


MEMBERS of Sishen’s leadership team with the management of the Sishen Rugby Club, celebrating the opening of the revamped clubhouse.

Sports clubs benefit

FOUR of the Kalahari Country Club’s (KCC) sport clubhouses recently underwent an extreme makeover. The KCC is the sport and recreation leg of Kumba Iron Ore’s flagship operation in the Northern Cape, Sishen Mine. Through the KCC, Kumba made funds available to upgrade four facilities to a standard where conferences, workshops and courses can be presented, while after hours the sports clubs have beautiful clubhouses to host their members and visitors. The clubhouses that were first to get a makeover, were that of the shooting range, the equestrian

club, the rugby club and the tennis club. The tennis courts at Sesheng and Kathu were also re-surfaced and brand-new netball courts and a basketball court were built in Kathu. “This upgrade is all part of a three-year vision to upgrade all the facilities, fields and courts to a national standard,” says Greg Jennings, manager of the KCC. “For the next two years, the KCC envisages upgrading the rest of the clubhouses, including those for karate, gym, cycling, bowls and jukskei. There are also plans to build six additional soccer fields.” On Monday, 10 February,

stakeholders, including members of the Sishen Mine leadership team, were invited to view the new facilities and officially declare them open. At each clubhouse, the committee of the particular sports club hosted the visitors and the improvements could be admired. “Over the years Kumba has proven itself to be a company that cares and invests in the community’s sport. “With this project, sports club committee members once again acknowledged this support and are extremely grateful for what they have been given over the years,” Jennings concludes.

MEMBERS of the Sishen’s leadership team with the management of the Sishen Shooting Club celebrating the opening of the revamped clubhouse. Photos: Supplied

Opportunity knocks

A BRAND NEW car wash facility opened its doors on 3 February just outside Kumba Iron Ore’s Sishen Mine. Eden Lake Car Wash, owned by Myrah Mothibakgomo, tells the story of yet another small local business that can grow and flourish thanks to Kumba. After a strict evaluation process that included interviews and the presentation of business plans, the car wash opportunity was awarded to Eden Lake. “I was astonished when I heard I was the successful applicant,” says a happy Mothibakgomo. “I knew I could make a success of this venture, because I invested in short courses presented by Kumba since 2010 that helped polish my entrepreneurial skills.” The car wash industry is not exactly unfamiliar territory for Mothibakgomo. She used to work at a car wash facility at the Kathu taxi rank. “Eden Lake aims to offer quality and reliable services to Sishen Mine employees and contractors. We have had clients coming to fetch their cars after a wash that said their cars looked brand new.” Eden Lake employs three people and boasts two washing bays and three dry bays. It offers services such as a full wash, interior cleaning and wash-and-go. Prices vary between R70 and R100. “The car wash operates on a first come first serve basis, but as

SIPHO MAMPANCASHE, Myrah Mothibakgomo and Andronica Greess of Eden Lake Car Wash. Photo: Supplied business increases, appointments can be made,” Mothibakgomo says. “Time-wise a vehicle will take roughly one hour to wash to ensure that it is spotless.” As a local growing up in Kathu, Mothibakgomo always hoped to be employed at Sishen one day. “I never thought that the door would open up this way,” she marvels. “Having your own business is hectic, but more than anything else I want to make a success of this. My life has changed completely because of this wonderful opportunity Kumba gave me.

“The car wash facility was made available with the objective of exposing local SMME’s to a revenue generating opportunity while fine-tuning their entrepreneurial skills in an environment of demanding and informed clients,” explains Kealeboga Pilane, Sishen Mine’s enterprise development manager. “We are excited about Myra’s car wash and wish her the best of luck.” The car wash has a capacity to wash at least 20 cars per day and will operate on Mondays to Fridays from 07:00 until 16:00. Direct enquiries to Myra on 072-994-4756.




The types of anxiety disorders IN the series about mental health, panic and anxiety disorder is discussed this week. This is the final article in this series. Anyone who wants to share their experiences about mental health problems with Kalahari Bulletin can contact Ilse Watson at or call 079-831-5579. All information is confidential. Ilse Watson “A PANIC attack just comes. It is unexpected. The first sign for me that a panic and anxiety attack is on its way is that my arms are suddenly very heavy – it feels like I can’t even move them and I suddenly feel extremely tired. I am short of breath, feeling hysterical and sometimes I experience heart palpitations.” This is how a woman* from Kuruman, who was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder, describes her anxiety attacks. “When I experience an anxiety and panic attack, I have to take a sedative immediately. “I also start crying because it is just too much to handle. I try to take deep breaths but how do you manage to breathe deeply when your breath is racing?” she continues. There are various types of anxiety disorders.

Anxiety can include four aspects of the experiences that an individual might have. Anxiety disorder is divided into anxiety disorder, phobic disorder and panic disorder – they all have their own characteristics. General anxiety disorder: It is a common, chronic disorder and a person suffering from it experiences long-lasting anxiety and it is mostly experienced by older adults. It can be a symptom of medical or substance abuse. This disorder will be diagnosed when a person has been extremely worried about daily problems for more than six months. Phobias: Phobic disorder is triggered by a specific situation or stimulus. People with phobic disorder are anticipating terrifying consequences. Panic disorder: Someone suffering from panic disorder suffers from brief attacks of intense apprehension and worry. They will tremble, shake, are confused, might be dizzy and might have difficulty breathing. These attacks are triggered by stress and fear. Other disorders associated with panic and anxiety disorders are agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), separation anxiety, situational anxiety and childhood anxiety disorders. How is an anxiety disorder diagnosed? This disorder is often a chronic condition and it is defined as an unpleasant emotional state. By using clinical questionnaires this disorder ban be detected. ) Sources:; The South African Depression and Anxiety group (SADAG). *Name not disclosed to protect her identity.

TREATMENT options for panic and anxiety disorder: ) It includes lifestyle changes – the aim is to learn from acting differently and observing their reactions. ) Psychotherapy, especially cognitive behavioral therapy – this is highly effective for panic disorder and social phobias. Cognitive behavioral therapy can include techniques such as deep breathing and muscle relaxation exercises – it can also include anxiety managment training. ) Pharmaceutical therapy – certain medications are prescribed, such as

antidepressants. ) Self-help books will help the treatment if someone has anxiety disorder – it is important that the patient receives education about their disorder. ) Stopping smoking plays a large role in anxiety disorder and it is recommended that a patient stops smoking. ) During a panic attack a patient should learn to focus their conscious mind on something else and stop worrying. They must learn to understand the symptoms – they must take action and do breathing exercises as taught to them.



Leerlinge lewer skouspel op aand Ilse Watson OP Vrydagaand 28 Februarie is die spreekwoordelike rooi tapyt by die Hoërskool Kalahari uitgerol vir die skouspel wat deur verskeie leerlinge opgevoer is. Ongeveer 240 gaste het by keurig gedekte tafels aangesit. Die aand het begin met die gr. 12’s en die koor, asook drie tenore, wat die pragtige lied Riding on a rainbow van Chris de Burgh gesing het. Dié lied is in 1998 spesiaal vir Suid-Afrika se reënboognasie geskryf toe hy die land besoek het. Daar was talle hoogtepunte wat hoendervel-oomblikke verskaf het. Twee

Skool se skouspel iets besonders PETRO SPANGENBERG, Kuruman: AS lid van die twee vrouekultuurorganisasies (die VLV en Dameskring) wil ek die Hoërskool Kalahari hartlik geluk wens met verlede week se skouspelvertoning. Gebalanseerde, gelukkige kinders is vir ons baie belangrik en nie almal kan groot sportgeeste of akademiese reuse word nie. Op Vrydagaand was elkeen in die produksie egter ’n ster uit eie reg. Ek kon Marianne van Niekerk en haar helpers se hand deur die produksie sien. Dit was ook sigbaar in die goeie keuse van liedjies, die meisies se mooi rokke en die pragtige silwerkleurige en wit agter-

tenore het You raise me up gesing en ook saam met Meldene Mackriel die aand met die liedjie A time to say goodbye afgesluit. ’n Ander groot verrassing was Monique Lamprecht met haar twee nommers Story van Brandy Carlisle en Sonvanger. Dan was daar Quintus Thorpe en Adriaan Adriaanse met Steve Hofmeyr se Agter elke Man – leerbaadjies en motorfietse was deel van hul optrede. Bea Wiid het almal na ’n droomwêreld met haar balletuitvoering gevoer. Die gaste kon heerlik smul aan ’n driegangmaal wat met koeksisters en koffie afgesluit is. gronddekor. Die klankgehalte en die kos was net so goed. Vir ’n oomblik was alles ’n magiese silwerblou toe Bea Wiid met ballet opgetree het. Tant Stienie se stem het weerklink met die kolligte op twee motorfietse in Agter elke man en die manne met die leerbaadjies het my bekoor. Met Sonvanger het Monique Lamprecht in ’n songodin verander. Eben Olivier het ’n gedaantewisseling ondergaan toe hy op die verhoog gestap het. Dit was asof Lucas Maree en Johnny Cash hom op die skouer geklop het. Ek kan nog vele nommers uitlig, maar Time to say goodbye was die eindelike hoogtepunt en het mense spontaan laat opstaan. As Oud-Kala moes ek die trane bedwing toe ouers by mekaar vir die Kala Call inhaak en ek het besef: Die nuwe geslag word elke jaar beter. ) Sien foto’s van die skouspel by

Skitter in kunste vir plek in NK­span

VIER leerlinge van die Hoërskool Kalahari het verlede naweek aan ’n uitdunronde van die Suid­ Afrikaanse Kampioenskap vir Uitvoerende Kunste in Kimberley deelgeneem. Hulle is in die Noord­ Kaapse span ingesluit wat aan die Suid­Afrikaanse Kampioenskappe in Rustenburg gaan deel­ neem. Indien dié leerlinge suksesvol is, sal hulle in die Julie­vakansie na Los Angeles vertrek om daar deel te neem. “Kultuur begin om sy regmatige plek in die skool in te neem,” sê Marianne van Niekerk, die organiseerder van kultuur by die skool. Van links is Eben Olivier, Bea Wiid, Quintus Thorpe en Dané Briers. Foto: Dalene Coetzee




’n PRAGTIGE slaapkamer in The Hedge­gastehuis.

Foto’s: Lynn-Mari Olivier

Gastehuis luuks Ilse Watson ’n EENS lieflike woonhuis te Cowburnstraat 36 spog nou as The Hedge-gastehuis. Johan de Klerk, Johan Coetzee en die broers van Olivier-konstruksie, Riebeeck en William Olivier, het ten doel gehad om ’n luukse gastehuis in Kuruman te open. Weens die bedrywigheid van Kuruman en omliggende omgewing, het die behoefte aan nog ’n gastehuis ontstaan. Die woonhuis van Alta de Klerk was die beste geleë en het reeds die warm gevoel van ’n huis gehad. Die vier vennote het met groot sorg aan elke kamer beplan en die hulp van ’n binnenshuise ontwerper ingeroep. Geen koste is ontsien om die kamers so gerieflik en weelderig as moontlik te

maak nie. Die gastehuis beskik oor tien pragtig gemeubileerde kamers, waarvan een ’n gesinskamer en een ’n wittebroodskamer met ’n kaggel is – perfek vir koue wintersaande. Die gastehuis beskik ook oor ’n swembad en ’n braaiplek sou gaste lus wees vir ’n vleisie oor die kole. Natuurlik is dié gastehuis se ontbyt nie te versmaai nie. By The Hedge-gastehuis heers daar ’n rustige en ontspanne atmosfeer. Onder massiewe doringbome wat skadu’s met hul lang takke gooi, is dit die perfekte plek om ná ’n besige dag jou voete te vind. Skop jou skoene uit en ontspan in The Hedge-gastehuis. Vind hulle op Facebook of besoek hul webwerf by

BLUE CHIP MINING het in 2012 ’n opleidingsentrum begin om sy ambagsmanne op te lei. Onder leiding van Marita Botes en Roelf Vorster as mentors het die eerste vakleerlinge hul kursusse geslaag. Blue Chip Mining wens Jaco Steyn, Louw Whitehead en Dandré Erasmus met hul suksesvolle vakleerlingskap as dieselwerktuigkundiges geluk. Van links is, voor: Jaco Steyn, Dandré Erasmus en Marita Botes; agter: Roelf Vorster en Louw White­ head. Foto: Verskaf

Drankwinkel weer beroof Ilse Watson SATERDAG om ongeveer 00:00 is weer by die Kalahari-drankwinkel (net langs Spar) ingebreek. “Die inbrekers het ongeveer R90 000 se goedere (meestal sigarette) gesteel. Hulle was binne ’n minuut in en uit die perseel,” sê Piet Cordier, eienaar van dié winkel. Toe Cordier by sy winkel opdaag, was die sekuriteitsmaatskappy reeds daar en die hele voorval is op film vasgelê. Die Kuruman-polisie het ook opgedaag,

maar het nie verklarings geneem nie. “Daar was oral vingermerke – hulle kon ook vingerafdrukke geneem het. “Is inbrake nou nie meer belangrik genoeg vir die polisie om ordentlike aandag daaraan te skenk nie?” vra Cordier. Cordier het Maandagoggend ’n klag by die Kuruman-polisie ingedien. ) Kalahari Bulletin Kuruman het reeds op 6 Februarie verslag gedoen oor die kwaaddoeners wat by die Kalahari-drankwinkel ingebreek het en ’n OTM van FNB opgeblaas het.



Applous nou hier

B O N Y U A S D B H s t I T r o R e b e found. uch 1 Million lucky vo

SUID-AFRIKA se oudste skoolkoorkompetisie, ATKV-Applous, nooi alle skoolkore om deel te word van die nasionale prestige-koorkompetisie. Laer- en hoërskoolkore kan hulle vir dié skoolkorekompetisie inskryf wat vanjaar die 37ste keer aangebied word. Laerskole kan hulle in die volgende afdelings inskryf: ) Meer en minder ervare senior kore, asook junior kore. ) Nie-Afrikaansmoedertaalsprekende skole kan hulle in die afdeling vir senior en/of junior kore inskryf. Die hoërskole-afdeling bestaan uit Afrikaanse en nie-Afrikaanse minder ervare kore, asook ’n meer ervare afdeling. Albei afdelings sluit die volgende kategorieë in: seuns-, meisie- en gemengde kore. Skole en koorleiers het tot 14 Maart tyd om hul skoolkore vir ATKV-Applous in te skryf. Vir meer inligting besoek of kontak Bessie Keun by 082-454-6060 of Johan Esterhuizen by

Water in NC tested THE civil rights organisation AfriForum has taken samples of potable (Blue Drop) and treated sewage water (Green Drop) from across the Northern Cape. This is part of a national project which is known as the AfriForum Blue and Green Drop Branch Project. The following towns in the Northern Cape are included in the project: Kimberley, Daniëlskuil, Upington, Hartswater, Williston, Springbok, Olifantshoek, Kathu, Garies, Kamieskroon and Kuruman. “AfriForum will monitor the water in South Africa this year to ensure that the quality is up to standard and to assist with the sustainability and conservation of this crucial resource,” says Julius Kleynhans, head of environmental affairs at AfriForum. AfriForum will continue to monitor the water and sewage quality in the country. “If the water does not comply with national standards, we will put pressure on municipalities to solve the problem. “If that does not happen, we will take the necessary steps to force compliance,” says Stefan Pieterse, organiser for AfriForum in the Northern Cape. “The crisis facing South Africa as a result of inadequate water provision, the collapse of infrastructure, the demand for water and pollution has necessitated our intervention in order to protect our water sources. “We will not allow mismanagement any longer and alternatives for the provision and protection of water are considered,” Kleynhans adds. AfriForum launched its #thinkwater initiative to create awareness of water quality issues. The public is invited to act as watchdog and report issues to AfriForum at You may also let them know if the water in your town is clean. SMS “Yes” or “No” to 32277. (R1/SMS) “The water samples will be tested by an independent Sanas accredited laboratory. “A complete report of the results will be made available to the public and the media on 17 March,” Kleynhans concludes.

HET jy enige van Kalahari Bulletin se vorige uitgawes misgeloop? Lees berigte oor sport, nuus, leefstyl en dagboek-gebeure op die webblad Kalahari Bulletin is ook op Facebook – besoek

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NATIONAL TRAILER RENTAL KURUMAN: For one-way and local hire countrywide. Phone 083 310 0272. 12 Cilliers Avenue.


V-TEC TRAILERS, KURUMAN: Ons diens en herstel sleepwaens en verkoop nuwe sleepwaens, onderdele en tweedehandse sleepwaens. Dryf ook handel in nuwe en 2de-handse Challenger- en Karet-sleepwaens. Louw 083 310 0272/053 712 1072.


Absa Bank/ N.D. Swart/ H.J.C. Swart



Shop to let: Shop 20, Village Mall in Kathu,72 m2. Immediate occupation.Call Jarque on 082 259 7446.




HOUSE BUILDING, plastering, paving and roofing. Phone 076 626 2193.




LUTEA PARFUUM ( Is jy selfgemotiveerd en is parfuum jou passie? Met slegs R100 kan jy nou deel word van die 'multi-miljoen dollar'-bedryf! Skakel Madri of SMS jou e-pos-adres na 083 655 0445.


WARRIOR VIAGRA en STOK-STIMULANT Beskikbaar by Jimmy's Drankwinkel h/v Livingston- en Shortstraat 073 522 8346. Sterker, langer ereksie Hou tot 5 keer langer uit Medies getoets en veilig vir hoë bloeddruk. WARRIOR: R150 VIR 6 STOK-STIMULANT: R150 VIR 6 Skakel Jandre 073 894 5273.





BASSET-HONDJIES: Driekleur. Ingeënt en ontwurm. Foto's via MMS of e-pos. R1 200 stuk. Dadelik beskikbaar. Skakel Willemien 083 669 9068 of 078 457 0889.

AIDA KURUMAN WOONSTEL TE HUUR 2 slaapkamer, 1 badk, sitk en kombuis, skadunet. Geen diere. Dadelik beskikbaar. R5 500 p.m. Oumawoonstel: 1 slk, kombuis, badk. Geen diere. Dadelik beskikbaar. R3 300. SKAKEL ANNATJIE 076 395 9422.


KANTORE TE HUUR: PROKMED SENTRUM, KURUMAN. Skakel Ansa 079 548 5000 of Phillip 083 287 7377.

STOOR TE HUUR - INDUSTRIëLE GEBIED: Kuruman. 80 vk m. Beskikbaar 1 Maart 2014. Huur R2 500 p.m. Skakel 083 524 4995.

EK KOOP SKAPE, bokke en ou bakkies vir kontant. Koop u immergroen Russiese gras by my - tot 80 skape per hektaar. Ook geskik vir alle diere. Sien Skakel 072 604 5219.



3010 1805

FLORCARE MATTE EN BLINDINGS: Ons installeer volvloermatte en blindings teen die beste pryse. 073 558 4705. Talana 072 747 1991. HYDRO CLEAN: Laat u matte en meubels professioneel stoomskoonmaak teen die beste pryse! Aubrey 072 747 1991 of 073 558 4705.

NISSAN HARDBODY D/KAJUITBAKKIE, 2008-MODEL, 102 000 km. Prys R125 000. Skakel 071 603 9170.


UNO FIRE, 1995, puik toestand. Ideale studentemotor. Skakel 083 772 2316.


ELEKTRIESE HEININGS: Beveilig u eiendom. Vir professionele, geakkrediteerde installasies. Skakel Francois 072 156 4035. HEKMOTORS EN GARAGEDEURE: Motorhestel en installasies. Skakel Okker 082 829 0292.


KURUMAN: 3-slaapkamer-/2-badkplus 2 twee-slaapkamer-houthuise te huur. Huis is loopafstand van Palmgate-sentrum. Skakel 073 870 3269.



ADMIN. COPY/PASTE WORKERS NEEDED: For info SMS full name, address to 084 904 6873 or email


EK IS 'N HUISWERKER wat werk soek. Ek kan goed kos kook en is ook goed met kinders. Het verwysings. Skakel 076 612 8922.




LUUKSE OORNAGKAMERS te huur. R600 per nag, B & B. Veilige parkering. Skakel 082 260 2181.


MUSIEK VIR ALLE GELEENTHEDE, troues, funksies, ens. Skakel Dirk 079 877 7134.


1-SLAAPKAMER-WOONSTEL in Kuruman, R4 500 p.m. Water en krag ingesluit. Geen kinders of diere. Skakel 072 381 4311.



NATIONAL TRAILER RENTAL KURUMAN: Op die oomblik beskikbaar - 3 x 3 m x1,5 m x 1,0 m, enkelas. 1 x 4 m x 1,8 m x 1,0 m, dubbelas. Skakel 083 310 0272.


HUISWERKER BENODIG: Moet goed kan stryk. Skakel 071 361 2522. SOEK JONG MAN as battery-'fitter'. Matriek en moet goed Engels en Afrikaans kan praat. Stuur CV na 053 712 2207. TUPPERWARE-AGENTE dringend benodig in die hele Noord-Kaap gebied. Faks of SMS u besonderhede voor 16 Maart. Benodig naam en van, ID-nommer, adres en telefoonnommer. 053 723 1717/082 578 5215 Hester.



KG Tetemi In die boedel van wyle Kealeboga Grace Tetemi van Huis E70, Gamasepa Village. Boedelnommer: 7371/2013 Skuldeisers van bogenoemde boedel word hiermee versoek om binne 30 dae vanaf 6 Maart 2014 hul eise te bewys en hul skulde te betaal by die ondergetekende. KBVS PROKUREURS Posbus 565 Bearestraat 51 Kuruman 8460.



NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION In the High Court of South Africa, (Northern Cape High Court, Kimberly) Case No: 1499/13 In the matter between: ABSA BANK LIMITED Registration No: 1986/004794/06 Plaintiff NICOLAAS DANIEL SWART N.O. In his capacity as Trustee of ND SWART FAMILY TRUST IT2555/2003 1st Defendant NICOLAAS DANIEL SWART Identity Number: 550129 5036 08 3 Married out of community of property 2nd Defendant HESTER JOHANNA CATHARINA SWART N.O. In her capacity as Trustee of ND SWART FAMILY TRUST IT2555/2003 3rd Defendant HESTER JOHANNA CATHARINA SWART Identity number: 611122 0098 0807 4th Defendant SUTHA CIVILS (PTY) LIMITED Registration No: 2003/000092/07 As surety for ND SWART FAMILY TRUST - IT2555/2003 5th Defendant PURSUANT to a judgment dated 11 July 2013 and an attachment in the above Honourable Court, the undermentioned property will be sold by public auction on THURSDAY, 20 MARCH 2014 at 10:00 at the office of the Sheriff, Skool Street, KURUMAN, subject to the conditions of sale which will be read prior to the sale by the Sheriff for the district of Kuruman, which conditions of sale may be inspected at the office of the Sheriff of the High Court, Kuruman, the property being: Erf 1848, KURUMAN, situated in the Kuruman Township, Extention 16,Municipality GaSegonyana, District of Kuruman, Province of the Northern Cape, measuring 1060 square metres, held in terms of Deed of Transport No T2354/2009. Better known as 3 Leach street, Kuruman. IMPROVEMENTS: Dwelling with outbuildings. No details are available. No details are guaranteed. CONDITIONS OF SALE: 1. Payment of 10% of the purcase price in cash or by way of bank-guaranteed cheque on date of the sale and balance payable on registration of transfer onto the name of the purchaser, which balance is to be guaranteed by means of an acceptable bank guarantee to be received by the plaintiff's attorney within FIFTEEN (15) DAYS of the date of the sale in execution. 2. Auctioneer's commission on the gross purchase price is payable on the date of the sale, together with all arrear and outstanding rates and taxes etc, if any. The purchaser shall in addition to the sheriff's commission, which is 6% on the proceeds of the sale up to a price of R30 000 and thereafter 3,5% up to a maximum fee of R9 655 plus VAT theron, pay a deposit of 10% of the purchase price in cash or bank guaranteed cheque or EFT into the sheriff's trust account immediately upon closing of the bid and the balance against transfer, which shall be secured by a Bank guarantee in a form acceptable to plaintiff's conveyancers, which guarantee shall be delivered by the purchaser to the sherrif within 21 (twenty one) days from the date of the sale and shall provide for the payment of the full balance and any such interest payable as provided for hereunder. The conditions of this auction are availble 24 hours prior to the auction at the office of the Sheriff, Kuruman. The Sheriff of Kuruman will concuct the sale. Registration as a purchaser is a prerequisite, subject to conditions, inter alia: a. Directive of the Consumer Protection Act No 68 of 2008 (URL b. FICA-legislation in respect of proof of identity and address particulars. c. Payment of a registration fee of monies in cash d. Registration conditions of the Consumer Protection Act, No 8 of 2008. The aforesaid sale shall be subject to the CONDITIONS OF SALE which may be inspected at the office of the Sheriff, Kuruman, during normal office hours from Monday to Friday, or at the office of the attorneys acting for the Execution Creditor/Plaintiff, VAN DE WALL & PARTNERS, VAN DE WALL BUILDING, 9 SOUTHEY STREET, KIMBERLEY. Tel: 053 - 830 2900. VAN DE WALL & PARTNERS B. HONIBALL/LG/B10949 Van de Wall Building Southey street Kimberley Tel. 053 830 2900 J.J. MOORCROFT SHERIFF FOR KURUMAN






CHAIRPERSON – RISK MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE Directorate: Finance Salary: R3 392 per day Kimberley

Requirements: • CA/MBA/MBL/CIA or other relevant qualification in Legal, Accounting, Auditing and Financial Management • 10-15 years’ management experience in Accounting or Auditing field • Excellent knowledge of the Risk Management and Corporate Governance, Public Finance Management Act and Treasury Regulations, Enterprise Wide Risk Management (EWRM), COSO model and Public Sector Risk Management Framework • Experience in serving on oversight committees • Knowledge of the Social Development sector will be an added advantage. Duties: The candidate will chair the Department’s Risk Management Committee and provide an oversight role regarding: • Monitoring implementation of risk management within the Department • Assisting in reviewing risk management action plans to be instituted and ensuring compliance with such plans • Integrating risk management into planning, monitoring and reporting processes • Reviewing risk appetite and tolerance levels of the Department • Providing reports to the Head of Department on a quarterly basis and other management committee or other oversight committees • Implementing risk maturity model. Term of Office: • The term of office will be 3 years subject to renewal at the discretion of the Department • Risk management meetings are held quarterly (4 per annum) and attendance of 4 quarterly Audit Committee meetings. Enquiries: Ms Shouneez. Wookey, tel. (053) 874-9167 Applications, together with a detailed CV and 2 references, must be delivered at the CFO’s Office, Block I, Mimosa Complex, Barkly Road, or posted to Private Bag X5042, Kimberley 8300. Closing date: 14 March 2014 at 16:00


Salary: R771 306 per annum (all-inclusive remuneration package consists of the basic salary, the Government Employees Pension Fund and flexible portion, which may be structured in terms of the rules for the structuring of the flexible portion and which may include a 13th cheque, motor car allowance, homeowner’s allowance and medical aid assistance) (Level 13) (Ref. SMS/FIN/01) Kimberley

Requirements an competencies: • B Commerce degree with Accounting or relevant equivalent qualification • 3-5 years’ middle management experience • Good knowledge of financial systems, such as BAS, Logis and Persal • 5-10 years’ practical experience in a financial environment of which a minimum must have been 3 years in middle management in the public sector • Experience in the management of resources and development of policies/implementation strategies • Knowledge and understanding of the PFMA, Treasury Regulations, and Public Service Act, budgeting processes, financial management and human resources management • Knowledge of financial systems and information management • Knowledge of the functioning of Provincial Government • Knowledge of policy research, analyses and development • Knowledge of Job Evaluation practices and processes • Knowledge of the EPMDS • Ability to communicate ideas and issues to audiences in a tactful influential manner, verbally and in writing, informally and informally • Problem-solving skills • Policy formulation, conflict resolution, coordination, management and computer skills will serve as added advantages • Ability to give strategic inputs and guidance in Management structures • Project management skills to ensure activities are monitored and evaluated to ensure the Unit delivers the desired outputs. Duties: • Provide support to the Chief Financial Officer by implementing and maintaining internal controls to ensure compliance with required prescripts and reliable financial accounting systems and reports • Manage financial accounting support services at provincial and district level in its entirety with inclusions of expenditure management, salary administration, ledgers and others • Identify internal control weaknesses and implementation and maintenance of internal control systems • Manage the Directorate’s resources and performance • Provide financial reporting services which include monthly financial reports, interim and annual financial statements of the Department • Develop, implement and maintain departmental financial policies, guidelines and procedure manuals • Manage risks in all the aforesaid areas. Enquiries: Ms Shouneez Wookey, tel. (053) 874-9167


Salary: R771 306 per annum (all-inclusive remuneration package consists of the basic salary, the Government Employees Pension Fund and flexible portion, which may be structured in terms of the rules for the structuring of the flexible portion and which may include a 13th cheque, motor car allowance, homeowner’s allowance and medical aid assistance) (Level 13) (Ref. SMS/FIN/02) Kimberley

Requirements and competencies: • B Commerce degree with Accounting or relevant equivalent qualification • 3-5 years’ middle management experience • Good knowledge of financial systems, such as BAS, Logis and Persal • 5-10 years’ practical experience in a financial environment of which a minimum must have been 3 years in middle management in the public sector • Experience in the management of resources and development of policies/implementation strategies • Knowledge and understanding of the PFMA, Treasury Regulations, and Public Service Act, budgeting processes, financial management and human resources management • Knowledge of financial systems and information management • Knowledge of the functioning of Provincial Government • Knowledge of policy research, analyses and development • Knowledge of Job Evaluation practices and processes • Knowledge of the EPMDS • Ability to communicate ideas and issues to audiences in a tactful influential manner, verbally and in writing, informally and informally • Problem-solving skills • Policy formulation, conflict resolution, coordination, management and computer skills will serve as added advantages • Ability to give strategic inputs and guidance in Management structures • Project management skills to ensure activities are monitored and evaluated to ensure the Unit delivers the desired outputs. Duties: • Provide support to the Chief Financial Officer by implementing and maintaining internal controls to ensure the efficient and effective use of the Department’s resources and enable reliable reporting • Manage the departmental expenditure in line with the allocated budget and performance objectives • Identify internal control weaknesses and implement and maintain internal control systems • Manage the Directorate’s resources and performance • Monthly reporting on status on expenditure and alignment with strategic and performance plans • Develop and implement budgetary controls, policies, guidelines and procedure manuals • Manage risks in all the aforesaid areas. Enquiries: Ms Shouneez Wookey, tel. (053) 874-9167


Salary range: R252 144 per annum (Level 9) (Ref. AD/PROV/2014/08) Provincial Office: Kimberley

Requirements and competencies: • 3-year tertiary qualification or equivalent, with minimum of 3 years’ working experience in asset management • Valid driver’s licence • Knowledge and understanding of the Public Finance Management Act, Asset Management Framework, Asset Management policies and guidelines, departmental policies and project management • Working experience on BAS and LOGIS • Basic knowledge of LRA and BCEA • Computer literacy in Microsoft Office packages, especially Word, PowerPoint and Excel • Good communication skills (verbal and written) • Conflict resolution skills • Good analytical skills. Duties: • Implement an effective system of asset management • Compile monthly DAMP reports • Compile monthly asset reconciliation between BAS and LOGIS • Compile and submit disclosure note for Interim and Annual Financial Statements • Monitor all district offices and ensure quarterly asset counts at all sites • Update the asset register with all movement of assets • Ensure disposal of all obsolete items • Assist with the development of asset management policies and guidelines • Compile all submission for transfer of assets in line with section 42 of the PFMA • Compile monthly unit performance report. Enquiries: Mr T Monyane, tel. (053) 874-9178


Salary range: R252 144 per annum (Level 9) (Ref. AD/PROV/2014/09) Provincial Office: Kimberley

Requirements and competencies: • 3-year tertiary qualification or equivalent, with a minimum of 3 years’ working experience in fleet management • Valid driver’s licence • Knowledge and understanding of the Public Finance Management Act, Fleet Management Framework, Fleet Management policies and guidelines, departmental policies and project management • Basic knowledge of LRA and BCEA • Computer literacy in Microsoft Office packages, especially Word, PowerPoint and Excel • Good communication skills (verbal and written) • Conflict resolution skills • Good analytical skills. Duties: • Implement an effective system of fleet management • Compile monthly fleet management reports • Manage monthly reconciliation between the billing and actual kilometres travelled • Compile monthly accident status reports • Conduct quarterly workshops with district offices • Provide support to district offices • Review all applications for subsidised vehicles and ensure completeness • Compile monthly utilisation reports for all subsidised vehicles • Liaise with the appointed service provider for termination of subsidised vehicles contract • Maintain and update a register for all scheme A (subsidised) and scheme B applications • Manage the investigation of all accidents and damages to State vehicles • Assist with the development of fleet management policies and guidelines. Enquiries: Mr T Monyane, tel. (053) 874-9178



The Northern Cape Provincial Government is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer, and women and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply. During appointment, the Department of Social Development will consider its Employment Equity Plan. Applications must be submitted on form Z83, obtainable from any Public Service Department, and should be accompanied by originally certified copies, date not later than 3 months (not copies of certified copies) as well as a comprehensive CV in order to be considered. Failure to comply with these instructions will disqualify applications from being processed. The Department of Social Development reserves the right not to fill the posts. It is the applicant’s responsibility to have foreign qualifications evaluated by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Suitable candidates will be subjected to a personnel suitability check, criminal record, verification of qualification and, where applicable, candidates will be subjected to a competency assessment. Suitable candidates are expected to avail themselves for an interview at the place and time determined by the office, failing which will lead to forfeiture of the opportunity. The successful candidates will be required to enter into a performance agreement and will also be required to disclose her/his financial interests Please forward applications, quoting the relevant reference number, to: The Executive Manager, Corporate Services, Private Bag X5054, Kimberley 8300, for attention: Mr Z Albanie. No faxed, e-mailed or late applications will be accepted. Closing date: 14 March 2014 All applicants should please note that correspondence will be limited to successful candidates only. If you have not been contacted within 6 weeks of the closing date of this advertisement, please accept that your application was unsuccessful.

Northern Cape Provincial Government

AIDS HELPLINE 0800-012-322

Human Communications 107206






ALLE ADVERTEERDERS Die gebruik van die letter

"A", leestekens soos "!" of "*" of die gebruik van syfers met die doel om die advertensie na die bopunt van die klassifikasie-lys te skuif, is streng verbode. SMALLS NOTICE


We make a difference because our people do. BASIC AMBULANCE ASSISTANT, KUMBA IRON ORE, SISHEN


Kumba Iron Ore is a world leader in the mining and supply of the highest quality iron ore to the global steel industry. With haematite reserves of more than a billion tonnes, we’re a growing South African company and the fourth largest supplier of seaborne iron ore in the world. A part of Anglo American, we are helping to build the leading global mining company. We need you to perform emergency rescue procedures, stabilising and medical treatment on casualties, as well as to safely transport patients to medical facilities. In addition, you will be expected to inspect, maintain and distribute first aid and other equipment. Specialised tests (such as eye, urine, pulse, blood sugar, lung function, blood pressure, audiograms and urine cannabis) will also be your responsibility, and we’ll require of you to report any deviations. It’s therefore very important that you maintain an ethic approach. With a Grade 12, 3 years’ emergency services experience and qualification as Basic Ambulance Assistant (accreditation with the Health Professions Council SA, with proof of HPCSA registration), Spirometry and Vision Screening certificate, an audiometry certificate and accreditation and a Code 10 driver’s licence with PDP, you could be our ideal candidate. The role involves working shifts and being on standby. Ref: 708362 Incomplete applications and applications without valid copies of qualifications and/or licences attached as indicated in the job requirements for this role will not be considered. Preference will be given to applicants from the designated groups, as defined in terms of the company’s Employment Equity policy. It’s your time to shine with Kumba Iron Ore Ltd. Apply today by visiting Follow the links to Careers/Current Vacancies, enter the above reference number/job title and continue. Alternatively send an application to Internal applicants can apply via Eureka. Closing date: 14 March 2014. All applicants are thanked for their interest. If you do not receive feedback from us within 6 weeks of the closing date, please consider your application unsuccessful. Communication will be with short-listed candidates only.

Human Communications 107058



VAN links is Mariska Matthys (wenner, 200 m vir vroue), Gaynor van Rooyen (tweede, 1 500 m vir vroue), Marlene Nel (kampushoof), Kennedy Mkanzie (wenner, 1 500 m en 800 m vir mans), Moncho Valencia (wenner, 800 m vir vroue), Letobane Tefo (tweede, 1 500 m vir mans) en Frank­ lin Afrikaner (tweede, 400 m vir mans). Foto: Verskaf

Kampusse ding mee DIE Upington-kampus van die Noord-Kaapse Plattelandse Verdere Onderwys-en-opleiding-kollege het vanjaar die eerste keer ’n atletiekbyeenkoms vir die vyf kampusse van dié kollege aangebied. Upington was die gasheer vir die ongeveer 200 atlete wat van De Aar, Kathu, Namakwaland en Kuruman gekom het. Dit is in die Moxilisi Dicky Jacobs-stadion gehou en Johan Hendrickz, organiseer-

der van dié byeenkoms, het gesê dit gaan beslis jaarliks aangebied word. “Dit gaan aan ons kampusse se atlete die geleentheid bied om teen mekaar mee te ding.” Marlene Nel, kampushoof van die Upington-kampus, het gesê die holistiese ontwikkeling is vir hulle belangrik. “Ons wil aan die studente op sport- en kulturele gebied blootstelling en geleenthede bied.”


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Calls cost only 20c for every 20 seconds. Terms & Conditions apply. Refer to One entry per till slip. Competition closes 23 March 2014


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BEE PAINT BRUSH SET 3pc • 25+38+50mm

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VALID UNTIL SUNDAY 23 MARCH 2014 Selected products may not be available in all stores E & O E. All prices include 14% VAT For your nearest store, please visit or contact us at 0861 CASHBUILD (227 428 453) 65770 WK36 • REDWORKS


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Dial *120*904# to enter and keep your till slip with you.






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• Paint Roller 230mm • Paint Roller Tray • Paint Brush Set: 25/50/75mm • Drop Sheet


207 208




Span ’n yster in krieket DIE Hoërskool Kalahari het die afgelope krieketseisoen verskeie hoogtepunte beleef. Jandré de Klerk het in een wedstryd ’n driekuns behaal, Stephan Bekker het sy eerste honderdtal in die senior liga geslaan en SJ van der Merwe het teen die Hoërskool Postmasburg ook ’n eerste honderdtal bereik.

Ook het Divan Reinecke 82 lopies (nie uit nie) in die wedstryd aangeteken. Sommige wedstryde is weens die baie reën gekanselleer. Dié span het wel vroeg in die seisoen een wedstryd teen die Hoërskool Kathu verloor. Dié krieketspan het deurgedring na die eindronde wat op Donderdag 13

Februarie plaasgevind het. Die eindwedstryd is teen die Hoërskool Kathu gespeel. SJ van der Merwe het mooi gekolf en het 76 lopies aangeteken. Die span het met 155 vir 5 in die 30 boulbeurte geëindig. Soos regte ysters het die jong span goeie veldwerk gedoen en Kathu is vir 138 lopies uitgeboul.

LOLLOS 5: EK KYK NA MY LYF vind op 17 Mei om 09:30 by die Laerskool Seodin

plaas. Kry kaartjies by Ilze. Bel haar by 083-746-1333.

Asbestos: Pick up X-rays VICTIMS affected by asbestos who had X-rays taken of their lungs at Dr Anton Grobbelaar’s practice in Kuruman are requested to collect their reports that were received from the doctors in Cape Town.

After these X-rays and reports have been collected, the results will be processed further. Patients should contact Cynthia Nadenzelea urgently on 076-657-1517 or 078-548-5132.











Gesels saam op Facebook deur te gaan na Kalahari Bulletin


SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE SERVICE Northern Cape Public Service Act, 1994 (Act No 103 of 1994)

Secretaries (10 Posts)

DIE krieketspan van die Hoërskool Kalahari wat die afgelope seisoen uitstekend in sy wedstryde gevaar het. Van links is, voor: Norman van Rooyen (afrigter), Stephan Bekker, Hendri van der Merwe, SJ van der Merwe (kaptein), John­William van Heerden en Louis du Plessis; agter: Henrico Theron, Jan­Hendrik Deetlefs, Jandré de Klerk, John­Fred Aucamp, Divan Reinecke, Phillip Greeff en Gerhard Gregory. Foto: Dalene Coetzee

Seodin-spelers geslyp Ilse Watson FRANCOIS NEL, ’n internasionale netbalafrigter, jeugfiksheidspesialis en ’n netbaltalentontwikkelaar van die Ultimate Fitness Club in Stellenbosch, het die Laerskool Seodin van 24 tot 28 Februarie

besoek. Hy het netbalspelers afgerig en touwys gemaak. Altesaam 14 afrigters van die Laerskool Seodin was ook betrokke en het die o.7- en o.13-spanne afgerig. Nel was voorheen by netbalafrig-

ting aan die Universiteit van Oxford in Engeland betrokke, asook by die nasionale span van Namibië en die nasionale span van Australië. Nel is nou die afrigter van Boland se o.21-span en hoofafrigter aan die Trinity-netbalklub.

FRANCOIS NEL by netbalspelers van die Laerskool Seodin wat hy onlangs afgerig het.

Salary: R115 212 per annum (Level 5) • Office of the Deputy Provincial Commissioner: Physical Resource Management (Ref. NC 1/2/2014) • Provincial Organisational Development and Strategic Management (Ref. NC 2/2/2014) • Provincial Financial and Administration Service (Ref. NC 3/2/2014) • Provincial Technology Management Services (Ref. NC 4/2/2014) • Kimberley Cluster Control Sub-component (Ref. NC 5/2/2014) • Provincial Operational Coordination (Ref. NC 6/2/2014) • Office of the Deputy Provincial Commissioner: Operational Services (Ref. NC 7/2/2014) • Kimberley SAPS: Control Sub-component (Ref. NC 8/2/2014) • Provincial Head: Legal Services (Ref. NC 9/2/2014) • Provincial Supply Chain Management (Ref. NC 10/2/2014) Requirements: • Competency in the post-specific core functions • A Grade 12/Senior Certificate or at least an applicable completed SAQA-accredited NQF 4 qualification • Fluent in at least two of the official languages, of which one must be English • South African citizenship • No criminal record or pending criminal/departmental/ civil cases • The ability to render at least 10 years’ pensionable service • Computer literacy (competency in MS Office) • Good interpersonal relations and organising skills. 2 years’ appropriate/relevant experience in the core functions of the post will be an advantage, as will the completion of internship in the Public Service. Core functions: • Render secretarial services and administrative support functions • Manage the diary of the Principal • Coordinate travel arrangements, including accommodation and subsistence allowances • Maintain a filing system • Distribute post and circulars to the relevant receivers and keep a register in this regard up-todate • Handle routine correspondence immediately • Send and receive faxes • Answer and make telephone calls and take messages professionally • Render general reception services • Administer meetings • Ensure the optimal utilisation of resources. General: • Only the official application form for appointment to salary levels 1-12 (available on the SAPS website and at SAPS Recruitment offices) will be accepted. All instructions on the application form must be adhered to; failure to do so may result in the rejection of the application • The post particulars and reference number of the post must be correctly specified on the application form • A comprehensive Curriculum Vitae must be submitted together with the application form • Original certified copies (not older than 3 months) of an applicant’s ID document, motor vehicle driver’s licence (where applicable), all educational qualifications obtained, together with academic records thereof, and service certificates of previous employers stating the occupation, must also be submitted and attached to every application • Applicants are requested to initial each and every page of the application form, CV and annexures • Applicants will be subjected to a vetting process, which will include security screening and fingerprint verification • Persons who retired from the Public Service by taking a severance package, early retirement or for medical reasons, as well as persons with previous convictions, are excluded • Applications must be mailed timeously. Late applications will not be accepted or considered • The closing date for all applications is 12 March 2014 • If a candidate is short-listed, it can be expected of him/her to undergo a personal interview. Short-listed candidates may be subjected to security clearance • Correspondence will be conducted with short-listed candidates only. If you have not been contacted within 3 months of the closing date of this advertisement, please accept that your application was unsuccessful • Appointment will be made in terms of the Public Service Act, 1994 (Act No 103 of 1994) • The South African Police Service is under no obligation to fill a post after advertisement thereof • The South African Police Service is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and it is the intention to promote representivity in the Public Service through the filling of these posts. Persons whose transfer/appointment/ promotion will promote representivity may therefore receive preference • Candidates short-listed for appointment to certain identified posts will be vetted in terms of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Act, 2007 (Act No 32 of 2007) and the Children’s Act, 2005 (Act No 38 of 2005). A candidate whose particulars appear in either the National Register of Sex Offenders or Part B of the Child Protection Register will be disqualified from appointment to such posts • The South African Police Service will verify the qualifications of applicants. Reference checking will be conducted on all short-listed applicants. Enquiries can be directed to Warrant Officer Swanepoel/PO Syfers/PO Raaf/PO Lebere/PO Phasha at (053) 839-3776/3724. Complete application forms must be hand delivered or mailed to the Provincial Head: Personnel Management, Private Bag X5001, 19 George Street (locked silver container at entrance), Kimberley 8300.

Foto: Jhorita Strauss Human Communications 106846



MILAN HORN, wat die rekord in gewigstoot vir o.10­meisies opgestel het. Foto’s: Verskaf

ANDRÉ HANEKOM. Hy het die rekord in hoogspring vir o.12­ seuns opgestel.

JANKE COETZER. Sy het die rekord in 70 m­hekkies vir o.11­ meisies opgestel.

JP VORSTER het die rekord in gewigstoot vir o.10­seuns opge­ stel.

LENÉ SLABBERT, wat die rekords in die 60 m en die 80 m opgestel het.

Ilse Watson

Dié atlete is: Milan Horn (gewigstoot, o.10-meisies), JP Vorster (gewigstoot, o.10-seuns), Mariska Blaauw (gewigstoot, o.11-meisies), Natalie Eloff (gewigstoot, o.11-meisies), Harry Aucamp (gewigstoot, o.11-seuns), Janke Coetzer (70 m-hekkies, hoogspring en verspring vir o.11-meisies), Vilakazi Nobuhle (75 m-hekkies, o.12-meisies), Duan Ludik (diskus, o.12-seuns),

Cailou Thorpe (100 m, o.12-seuns en aflos), André Hanekom (hoogspring, o.12-seuns), Nicole Jordaan (100 m, 200 m en aflos vir o.13-meisies), Chané Williams (200 m en aflos vir o.13-meisies), Britney Seekoei (hoogspring, o.13-meisies), Altus Potgieter (200 m-hekkies vir o.13-seuns) en Janco Johnson (200 m, o.13seuns). Die volgende atlete het op die John Taolo Gaetsewe-byeen-

koms rekords opgestel: ) Lené Slabbert in die 60 m vir o.8-meisies en 80 m vir o.8-meisies. ) Milan Horn in die gewigstoot vir o.10-meisies. ) Janke Coetzer in die 70 m-hekkies vir o.11-meisies. ) JP Vorster in die gewigstoot vir o.10-seuns. ) André Hanekom in die hoogspring vir o.12-seuns.

Talle rekords spat VERSKEIE atlete van die Laerskool Seodin het op die onlangse atletiekbyeenkoms van die Ga-Segonyana-munisipaliteit goed gepresteer en rekords opgestel. Altesaam 15 atlete is ook gekies om op 7 Maart aan die Noord-Kaap-byeenkoms in Kimberley deel te neem.

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Kurumanbulletinku 20140305