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Tartu Art College Tartu Art College is an applied higher education institution where it is possible to obtain the specialty of textile, furniture and restoration, leather design and conservation, sculpture, photography, media and advertisement design, painting and wall painting restoration. The current number of students is 337. The College considers it important to create a motivating study environment which would provide conditions for open exchanges and cooperation among various departments. Studies take place in the form of projects, with the ideas of students often carried out in actual living environment. Department-specific courses are supplemented by general subjects which help students see their chosen field in a wider context and provide various skills necessary for creative work. Passing the curriculum will develop an integral comprehension of the role of art, design and restoration in the present-day society. All curricula of Tartu Art College are internationally accredited. Art education is the key to society´s creativity

BENCH is a joint project of the students of Furniture and Textile Departments in Tartu Art College. As a result, eight product prototypes were completed to be introduced for the first time

BENCH Interdepartmental project

on the common exhibition stand of the two departments, V01:17, at Stockholm Furniture Fair at the Greenhouse in February 2012. BENCH is a project that combines the students’ knowledge of furniture design and interior textiles. Working in teams has provided them with new background information about their neighbouring fields as well as about cooperation in general. Combining different skills and styles has made it possible to develop carefully elaborated product prototypes in which the chosen source materials and ideas from both parties act as an organic whole. BENCH is a backless seat made for one or two or even more

Project managers:

people. Benches are made of wood and textile, but from

Monika Järg

other materials too, if necessary. First and foremost, they are

functional items – all their features are carefully considered,

Jaak Roosi

keeping in mind the welfare of the user. There is nothing

redundant, yet nothing is missing either.

Choosday Kristi Haav “Choosday� consists of ten

Jaanus Paaver

removable modules in various

colours which can be easily rearranged to change their appearance. The modules are equipped with little storage spaces for mittens, scarves, keys, etc. The bench is made of 450

birch plywood combined with screenprinted cotton. Taken apart, it fits into 1040x390x160mm package,



which makes it easier for 340


Wave Tiina Ree

Mario Kroon

Kristina Allik

“Wave” is a comfortable seat for one or two people. The seat cushion of the birchwood bench is covered with woven linen rope – a novel and decorative material combination used in furniture industry. The bench is meant for public space. The comfortable seat is supplemented by an armrest surface for a newspaper or a cup.

Thin S K채tlin L천bu

Kaisa Krusenberg

The combination of moulded

birch plywood and removable

Kristjan Allik

wool felt cover can be used in

public spaces such as modern waiting rooms and corridors. The inspiration comes from a sheet of paper and its bending.

2520° Kaisi Rosin Combining wool felt and birch

Maria Sõber

plywood, we have developed

a new material: felt-layered

Taavi Sööt

plywood which is strong and

comfortable at the same time. Unique layered seating elements can be removed and replaced when they become dirty or worn out. Stable plywood construction meets the needs of public spaces and contemporary homes. Due to their asymmetric 445


shape, multiple benches can be arranged in a row or in a circle.


Twins Kairi Lentsius

Joonas Riisalu

�Twins� is a multifunctional and elegant birchwood bench with hand-woven textile cover. It consists of two parts: the element covered with fabric can be lifted out of the other, making it possible to either use both pieces as a bench or one as a table.

Double-Duty Marju Nurk

Kadri Nutt

Our aim was to design a seat

for public space, which would serve an additional function besides its ordinary use as a bench. The result was a bench with two seats and a place for bags between them. The birchwood bench is covered with synthetic textile upholstered with foam.

Frame Merike Neudorf

Marko Siimann

�Frame� is a birchwood bench suitable for one or two persons. It has a simple yet beautiful design and its carefully designed construction is foldable, which makes it easy to transport it. The bench cover is made of dyed cotton with screenprinted graphic pattern. The cover fabric is reversible and can be easily replaced.

Bony Sarah Kopli “Bony” is a bench made

Mait Rätsep

of plywood, threaded rod

and cotton rope. It provides comfortable seating for at least two people. The idea of the bench is to enhance the structure of fabric that is usually unseen to the bare eye.


1000 450

Tartu Art College +372 730 9822 T채he 38B Tartu 50103 ESTONIA Project is supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia Cultural Endowment of Tartu

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Tartu Art College. Bench  

Project BENCH. Students studying furniture and textile at Tartu Art College, Estonia designed benches for public space.

Tartu Art College. Bench  

Project BENCH. Students studying furniture and textile at Tartu Art College, Estonia designed benches for public space.

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