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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We wish to thank the following organizations who have supported My Story Creation Competition 2017.

鳴謝 2017 年度「我的故事創作」比賽得以順利舉行,全賴以下機構的全力支持, 我們在此衷心表達謝意。

Main Sponsors 主要贊助商

Editor (English): Michele Lai Editor (Chinese): Raymond C.F. Leung Design and Printing: Offset Printing Ltd. Project Coordinators: Chloe Chiu Esther Lam 1

FOREWORD Learning has no boundaries and is always full of fun.

Ms. Mimi Tang Founder & CEO Wing’s Share Company Limited Ms. Tang has been a great supporter of Kids4Kids since 2015. The cover artwork was created by Ms. Tang specially for this booklet.


Three years ago, Ms. Mimi Tang had just celebrated her birthday and asked friends to donate money for charity in lieu of gifts. Mimi knew that she wanted to support a local charity who worked to develop kids’ creativity and imagination. Ms. Tang found Kids4Kids during her web search and decided to support by using her donation to gift Kids4Kids Books, which are stories created by kids that go on to help inspire other kids to tell their own story through colourful pictures and words. Ms. Tang continues to support Kids4Kids in many ways, and created the cover artwork for this Literacy in Review publication specially for Kids4Kids. Look at it closely, and what do you see? Can you start a story? Ms. Mimi Tang, is the Former President of Kering Asia-Pacific with a few decades of experience in the luxury retail business. She is recognised by several publications as a leading philanthropist, outstanding entrepreneur and one of the most successful women in business in China. However, her successful career was not because of Mimi’s education, having only completed secondary school, but rather, it was always her determination and positive mindset to always be pushing herself to learn new things that helped her become the accomplished person she is today. But that doesn’t stop here. Mimi continues to try new things, and about a year ago. Mimi said, “I thought I could not draw and did not know how to draw at all, but now I could finish one piece of my mandala style artwork in just 8-10 hours! This is a miracle, isn't it?” The transformation happened just within a year but my passion for drawing will now last forever. Though I am not an art person, I have developed my talents through creativity, imagination, thinking out of the box and most importantly, more practice. Learning has no boundaries and is always full of fun. Don’t be afraid to explore and try, don’t give up even the process is not easy, and till the end you will find the experiences are so magical and simply awesome!

ABOUT KIDS4KIDS Kids4Kids is a non-profit organization (Registration No. 91/10742) started in Hong Kong to inspire young people to take action and make a positive social impact. It aims to develop social awareness and responsibility by providing platforms that empower kids to enact positive changes in their community.

VISION Kids4Kids believes in a world where all young people should, by the power of their positive actions, have the opportunity to make a difference.

MISSION Through Literacy and Youth Development programs, we provide kids from all backgrounds access to the same opportunities that help: Educate – to develop literacy and leadership skills, and social awareness Engage – to actively and directly connect with their community Enable – kids and youth from all social, economic and cultural backgrounds are given equal opportunities to participate and interact Impact – the whole community benefits from improved access to educational services and resources on a continuous basis


KIDS4KIDS PROGRAMS Kids4Kids Literacy Development programs target primary age students and foster creative learning skills from a young age.

Literacy Development

Jockey Club Kids4Kids Buddy Reading Program Buddy Reading Program was launched in 2010 to bring the enjoyment and benefits of storytelling to underserved children in the community who usually do not have this reading opportunity experience at home or at school. Kids4Kids recognizes that the development of a good reading habit in the early years enhances language learning and knowledge acquisition to prepare for a life of learning.

My Story Creation Primary students from all across Hong Kong are encouraged to join the annual My Story Creation Competition to showcase their storytelling talents. The goal is for kids to use their creativity and imagination to tell their stories, share them and help inspire others to create their own story. To support schools with limited resources and organizations supporting low income families, Kids4Kids provides My Story Creation Workshops to develop students’ skills to write and illustrate stories.

Code + Create Kids4Kids believes that helping underprivileged kids from primary age get access to Computer Science (CS) is a vital part of our literacy development work to level the education inequalities. Learning coding language benefits children in many ways. It nurtures creative and innovative thinking, improves problem solving skills and at the same time, helps them gain the CS language skills needed for today and tomorrow’s workforce.


KIDS4KIDS PROGRAMS Kids4Kids Youth Development programs mobilise secondary age students from diverse backgrounds to present a level playing field to ALL youth – believing that, regardless of socioeconomic background, everyone should have the opportunity to make a difference.

Youth Development

Powered By Service Targeting low resourced secondary schools, Kids4Kids delivers competencies based approach with capacity building workshops delivered through a high-energy, transformative learning experience. Students develop personal growth, and learn to think beyond themselves and discover their ability to impact the world by learning creative problem solving, collaboration and communication skills and developing their own personal and community leadership skills.

Powered By Youth Powered by Youth is an annual 2-day event that focuses on developing forward-thinking youth with the skills to become changemakers and to be able to lead and take action, and support the community. Participants learn from inspiring speakers and facilitators in breakout sessions: ‘Power Group’, focusing on personal strengths and talents, and ‘Passion Group’ targeting social issues they care about in the community.

Action for a Cause Kids4Kids activates young people to find their voice, take action, and make an impact on the world’s biggest challenges. It provides regular opportunities for youth to actively engage in serving the community and build the connections that promotes social inclusion, strengthened relationships, self-identity and social acceptance among different community groups in Hong Kong Annually, Kids4Kids supports student-led community action projects with mentorship to ensure support, growth and sustainability of each Act!on for a Cause project. 5


Why did you join My Story Creation Competition?

I joined because I thought I could learn a lot from it, such as sharing our story “The Wolf and The Sheep” with other children, and where I hope it would inspire people to be kind to each other. Through the process of writing the story, I also learnt more vocabularies that is not taught in the classroom.

Choy Ka-wang Author

Chu Ching-fung Illustrator

P5 students Lam Tin Methodist Primary School Winner of My Story Creation Competition 2016 – “The Wolf and The Sheep”


Your story was one of the winners for My Story Creation Competition 2016. How did that make you feel? I was very surprised to hear that we won the Overall Winner Award in our school. It was the first time we joined this competition. I will definitely recommend My Story Creation Competition to others as it is both fun and educational for primary age students.

Why did you join the My Story Creation Competition? I joined My Story Creation Competition due to the recommendation of our teacherlibrarian, Ms Helen Chan. Through cooperation with students from other classes, I knew more friends in the program. Moreover, I find inspiration from other stories’ illustrations.


Why did your school join My Story Creation Competition this year?

My Story Creation Competition is not merely a writing competition; it provides the valuable learning opportunities such as My Story Creation Workshops on story writing and illustrations for nurturing students’ literacy in the process.

How did your students benefit from being involved in a creative writing competition?

Helen Man-yi Chan

Senior Teacher (Teacher Librarian) Lam Tin Methodist Primary School Participant of My Story Creation Competition 2016 & 2017

Students need a repertoire of learning platforms as well as dynamic channels to develop their communication, imagination, creativity, collaboration, and leadership.

Would you recommend My Story Creation Competition to other schools and why? I would highly recommend My Story Creation Competition to other schools as it is a springboard for students’ success in achieving those critical 21st Century skills.

Why is creative writing important for student development? Creative writing is valued in different fields, including education, business, science, and technology. People who know how to write well are treasured in many industries. My Story Creation, which enhances students’ literacy through creative writing, can undoubtedly meet the needs of today’s students.

” 7



Can you share a memorable experience when you are volunteering at Kids4Kids? I have been a writing and illustration instructor for My Story Creation Workshops for two years. The workshops give opportunities for students to share their ideas and develop skills to create their own creative stories. After finishing the two 2-hour workshops, even students who had perceived themselves to have limited ability can finish their own creative stories and share with us with confidence.

From your experience, what are the major difficulties students encounter when creating a story?

Faustina Chung

My Story Creation Workshop Instructor

Most students struggle with getting started on what they can write about being the main story idea, and usually lack of vocabularies and spelling hinders them. I found that students with a habit of reading for enjoyment usually did not encounter these difficulties.

How do My Story Creation Workshops help students create story? The workshops are student-centred and engaging. The students have many opportunities to share their thoughts. As teachers, we will ask the right questions to guide them to think creatively. We also make use of the storyboard to help them to plan and create their stories with illustrations. In the tailor-made writing guide booklet, students will be guided to think and write whatever they wish to, no limitation to their imagination and creativity.

What would you advise students who are interested in creating story? Glean ideas from your daily life and the world around you. Write about what you know and love. Make use of your curiosity to imagine and write with no boundaries. No need to worry about the spelling and vocabularies. Your teachers, parents and friends can give you a guiding hand.




As a child, I was blessed with a lot of time to let my imagination run wild. Many of the games my siblings and I played didn't come in a box. We created many living adventure stories without a script. There were places to go, picnic tables, bunk beds and refrigerator boxes became forts, buses and time machines. Truly priceless memories of my childhood.

Betty Cheung

Creator at artjamming by Meli-Melo Limited My Story Creation Competition Judge since 2012

Upon becoming a Kids4Kids My Story Creation Competition core judge several years ago, I was now blessed with an opportunity to read hundreds of stories imagined by kids. And although this is a challenge, there are some big rewards when judges discover honest, genuine imagination and sentiments of a child writer/illustrator. (Sorry to say, despite valiant attempts, adults are sorely mistaken when they think they can replicate this. Don't even try).

Two years after first volunteering as a judge, I designed an illustration workshop which was conducted as part of the Kids4Kids My Story Creation Workshops (sponsored by SCOLAR, an Education Department Bureau funded project targeted to give language access opportunities to lower resourced schools around Hong Kong). My motivation was born from the sometimes disappointing inconsistencies in competition entries. The workshop was designed to help kids imagine their stories through pictures and it gave them valuable skills to better plan and effectively complete their full set of drawings. Although the sponsored My Story Creation Workshop is a mere two hours long, it inspired many of these schools to now participate in the annual Kid4Kids’ competition. 9

PERSPECTIVE Over this summer “The Story Spinners” illustration workshops will continue to be held at the artjamming studio in Wong Chuk Hang. For more information, visit


Since the success of My Story Creation Workshops which is offered free to schools with limited resources, we have further expanded this illustration workshop format and created “The Story Spinners” workshops which is now available for all to join as a paid workshop, a collaboration project between artjamming and Kids4Kids. “The Story Spinners” workshops show future story writers and illustrators how to envision their whole story, make valuable changes, strive for consistency and more importantly to keep them focused on the fun of storytelling.

KIDS4KIDS X ART JAM® STORY ILLUSTRATION WORKSHOPS 2018 Proceeds help fund Kids4Kids My Story Creation Workshops Join us for Story Spinners illustration workshop series. Build a story with pictures that you illustrate from sketch to finish. The content is designed for students aged 6+. We also welcome adults to register. You’ll see your pictures come to life and you’ll finish them with ease. Learn to match art materials to your ideas. Plus you’ll get valuable advice to make a great picture book. Your illustration coach is Betty Cheung. She’s the creator of ART JAM® and a Core Judge of Kids4Kids My Story Creation Competition. Presentations and instructions are run in English and Cantonese. Picture books may be published by Kids4Kids and artjamming™ on their websites or social media. Content • Find inspiration • Create your storyboard • Choose your art materials • Create your characters • Design your world

• • • •

Grow your art style Flow & editing Illustration consistency Finishing touches

Schedule Workshops start from Tuesday 3rd of July to Sunday 19th of August 2018. Morning workshop: 9am to 12nn. No Monday workshops available. Reservations required. Venue artjamming™ 4D Yally Industrial Building 6 Heung Yip Road Wong Chuk Hang MTR Exit A2 Car parking at One Island South Registration Your workshop fee includes art materials (paper, use of paints, pastels, pencils & more) and our experienced illustration instructions. We tailor content to suit each person’s goals in the workshop time permitted. • 1 workshop (learn how to get started) HK$600/person • 5 X workshop package (draft story completed) HK$2500/person • 10 X workshop package (full picture book) HK$4500/person • Online registration via Kids4Kids eventbee website. Scan QR Code For more information, call 2541-8816.


KIDS4KIDS MY STORY CREATION COMPETITION 2017 「我的故事創作」 比賽得獎名單 : Over 600 Primary students joined My Story Creation Competition 2017 individually (Open Category) or through their schools or learning centers. Following two rounds of selection, our judges chose the Overall Winners; Most Promising Writers; Most Promising Illustrators and special mention Spark Awards. Judges selected ten stories to be printed in the annual Kids4Kids Treasury, this being the Volume 7 publication. 超過 600 名小學生參與 2017 年 度「我的故事創作」比賽,由個 人公開組至學校及教育中心參 賽。經過兩輪評審,分別在公開 組及各校作品內選出冠軍、最 具潛質作家、最具潛質插圖繪 畫家,以及彰顯個別作品優點 的「星火獎」。評審團並選出當 中具創意及代表性作品,輯錄成 「童協基金作品集」第七冊。 12

A BIRD WHO WANTED TO SWIM 想游泳的小鳥 Treasury 7-A Bird Who Wanted to Swim_v7.indd 5

18年4月13日 下午4:30

A bird dreams to swim happily in the sea like a fish. A fairy helps to make this dream come true. Will the bird enjoy the underwater world? 一直渴望著能在水中暢泳的小鳥,終於有一日 得到仙子令牠夢想成真,你猜小鳥會享受在水 底的生活嗎? Written and illustrated by Ho Lai-sin Tuen Mun Government Primary School 文、圖:何禮善 屯門官立小學

ALL THAT MATTERS IS THE HEART 一切從心開始 Treasury 7-All That Matters Is The Heart_v8.indd 55

18年4月13日 下午4:25

A new dancer, Ava comes to Hazel’s dance troupe. She came from Southeast Asia, speaking strange English and wearing traditional cloths. Before the annual dance competition, Hazel catches a cold. When she worries about the competition, what will Ava do and will she win in the competition? 來自東南亞沒有跳舞經驗的艾娃,以一身民族 服飾和獨特的英語口音加入了希素的舞蹈團。 當她正準備參加舞蹈比賽之際,患上了感冒, 艾娃如何應付和她能否在比賽中脫穎而出呢? Written by Lauren Kee Illustrated by Allegra Lai Chinese International School 文:紀皓欣 圖:黎璟彤 漢基國際學校


ADVENTURE UNDER THE WATER 海底奇遇記 Treasury 7-Adventure under the Water_v6.indd 27

18年4月13日 下午4:36

Katie and her friend go boating on the sea. The boat flips over and they come to the underwater world and meet wonderful creatures and sea life. 凱蒂和朋友揚帆出海,途中遇險墮入海底,偶 遇一群海洋生物和經歷一段海底世界的生活。 Written and illustrated by Ellen Jim Lo Tai Kok Tsui Catholic Primary School 文、圖:盧珈喬 大角咀天主教小學

Treasury 7-From Under The Table To Antarctica_v6.indd 79

18年4月13日 下午4:57

A pair of siblings named Daisy and Max travel to the Antarctica. They discover that penguins are suffering from global warming, oil spills, illegal egg harvesting and starvation. 當兄妹麥斯和黛絲在南極旅途中,發現企鵝群 正面對地球暖化、油污、企鵝蛋被非法盜取及 缺乏糧食的種種問題及影響 … Written and illustrated by Kaitlyn Ting-nuan Wong Open Category 文、圖:王庭暖 公開組

JIMANJU BEES 芝萬珠蜜蜂 Treasury 7-Jimanju Bees_v6.indd 105

18年4月13日 下午5:05

Treasury 7-Streaky_s Story_v7.indd 161

18年4月13日 下午6:13

Jimanju is a village famous for fine brown sugar. There is a large beehive close to the village. One day, locusts intrude the village and ruin the crops planted by villagers. Will the bees help villagers to fight against the locust? 芝萬珠村落附近因有一個很大的蜂巢因而盛產 著名的黃糖,但有一日被一群蝗蟲入侵而摧毀 了當地農作物,蜂群如何擊退這班害蟲呢?

Streaky the cat, an IT engineer and a superhero live in Cat Village. One day, a spaceship arrives and an uninvited guest named Rozz comes up. Is Rozz an ally or a foe? 住在喵咪部落的星星是一名電腦科技工程師, 也是一位超級英雄貓。一天當太空船及不速之 客諾絲降落喵咪部族時,究竟會成為牠們的盟 友還是變成敵人呢?

Written by Adelaide Wong Illustrated by Adelaide Wong & Bridget Wong Open Category - Jolly Faith Learning Centre

Written by Angela Guo & Emma Lee Illustrated by Emma Lee Chinese International School

文:王譽喬 圖:王譽喬、王蔚喬 公開組 - Jolly Faith Learning Centre

文:郭豫、李曉晴 圖:李曉晴 漢基國際學校

Treasury 7-Larry_s Bus Ride_v6b.indd 135

18年4月13日 下午7:03

克里斯被選中在暑假照顧一隻龍蝦拉利期間,赫然 發現了拉利的特異工能 …

Written and illustrated by Samuel Violett Hong Kong International School 文、圖:Samuel Violett 香港國際學校

Treasury 7-Trouble On Mid Autumn Night_v7.indd 217

18年4月13日 下午6:37

The mid-autumn festival is round the corner. Little animals prepare to celebrate together in the garden. But a large rain cloud settles over the sky. Can little animals beat the rain cloud? 一群小動物在花園正歡天喜地準備迎接中秋節 之際,突然空中烏雲密佈,牠們能逃出這場暴 雨嗎? Written and illustrated by Vivian Wang Baptist Lui Ming Choi Primary School 文、圖:王藝斐 浸信會呂明才小學



LARRY'S BUS RIDE 拉利坐公車 Chris has been chosen to take care of the crayfish Larry, the class pet over the summer holidays. Chris discovers Larry has some miraculous talents.



Treasury 7-The Story of A Baby_v6.indd 191

18年4月13日 下午6:24

Treasury 7-Your Victory Is Right Around The Corner_v6.indd 243

18年4月13日 下午7:10

What is the experience of a baby before it is born? How does it feel when inside your mom’s body? Can it hear it’s mom? Can it move? Can it see? 有沒有想像過一個嬰兒在出生之前的經歷呢? 嬰兒在母親肚子內的感覺是怎樣的?能夠聽到 母親的聲音、可以移動和看得見麽?

A boy named Franco Lynn loves drawing. But his teachers think he is not good at anything. He is pulled out of school and works on the farm at the age of 12. How will he turn his life around? 一向熱愛繪畫的法蘭高連治,卻被老師們認為 他一無事處,在十二歲那年更被調到農莊工 作,法蘭高如何面對去改變命運呢?

Written by Cheng Wing-yu Illustrated by Cheng Wing-yu, Chung Wai-yan, Lau Ka-lai, Chan Shuk-yin Lok Sin Tong Lau Tak Primary School

Written by Zahrah Noor Ahmed Illustrated by Zahrah Noor Ahmed, Noor ul Fathima Gulfaraz Hong Kong Taoist Association Wun Tsuen School

文:鄭穎茹 圖:鄭穎茹、鍾慧欣、留嘉麗、陳淑賢 樂善堂劉德學校

文:Zahrah Noor Ahmed 圖:Zahrah Noor Ahmed, Noor ul Fathima Gulfaraz 香港道教聯合會雲泉學校



Something to Celebrate! Over 600 children were involved in My Story Creation Competition. They have proudly written and illustrated their own stories over the previous year. Kids4Kids volunteers devoted themselves to support Buddy Reading and our team of enthusiastic volunteers were all celebrated at the Kids4Kids My Story Creation Celebration held at Asia Society in April.


Baptist Lui Ming Choi Primary School 浸信會呂明才小學

Chinese Methodist School, Tanner Hill 丹拿山循道學校

Carmel Leung Sing Tak School 迦密梁省德學校

Delia School of Canada 地利亞加拿大學校

Chinese International School 漢基國際學校

Good Hope Primary School cum Kindergarten 德望小學暨幼稚園

Hennessy Road Government Primary School 軒尼詩道官立小學

Hong Kong and Macau Lutheran Church Ming Tao Primary School 港澳信義會明道小學

Islamic Primary School 伊斯蘭學校

HKUGA Primary School 港大同學會小學

Hong Kong International School 香港國際學校

Kowloon Rhenish School 九龍禮賢學校

Ho Ming Primary School (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen) 嗇色園主辦可銘學校

Hong Kong Taoist Association Wun Tsuen School 香港道教聯合會雲泉學校

Lok Sin Tong Lau Tak Primary School 樂善堂劉德學校



慶祝時刻 ! 超過 600 名學生參加了 2017 年「我的故事創作」 比賽,我們為他們用心 的故事創作和出色插圖 感到驕傲。相集中是 2018 年 4 月在香港亞洲 協會中心舉辦「我的故 事創作」比賽慶祝典禮 活動,全力參與童協基 金會的伴讀計劃的義工 們也一同慶祝。


Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui Primary School 樂善堂梁銶琚學校

Pak Tin Catholic Primary School 白田天主教小學

Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui Primary School (Branch) 樂善堂梁銶琚學校 ( 分校 )

Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Primary School 天主教聖母聖心小學

Lok Sin Tong Leung Wong Wai Fong Memorial School 樂善堂梁黃蕙芳紀念學校

Shanghai Alumni Primary School 滬江小學

S.K.H. St. Peter’s Primary School 聖公會聖彼得小學

Tin Shui Wai Methodist Primary School 天水圍循道衞理小學

Tuen Mun Government Primary School 屯門官立小學

Buddy Reading Program 伴讀計劃 “Most Supportive School Partner” - Victoria Shanghai Academy 最踴躍參與獎 - 滬江維多利亞學校 Tai Kok Tsui Catholic Primary School 大角嘴天主教小學

Taoist Ching Chung Primary School (Wu King Estate) 道教青松小學 ( 湖景邨 )

“Most Outstanding Volunteer Group” - Singapore International School 最佳義工團隊獎 - 新加坡國 際學校 ( 香港 )

“Most Supportive School Partner” & “Most Impactful Session Planner” - Chinese International School 踴躍參與獎、最具影響力活 動策劃獎 - 漢基國際學校

“Most Outstanding Volunteer” - Cynthia Yu 最佳義工獎 - 遇明彥


PROGRAM PARTNERS 合作夥伴 My Story Creation Competition 2017 is supported by Learning Centres as our Program Partners. With their support and participation, the competition is reaching more children in the community. 2017 年「我的故事創作」比賽順利舉行, 得到不少教育中心的支持和參與,令社區 不同層面的小朋友均有機會參賽。

2012 Kids4Kids Winner Award

Creative writing lessons

2015 Most Promising Writer

to bring out

the best!

2013 Kids4Kids Winner Award

2017 Spark Award

English Language Learning for K1-3, P1-6, F1-5 2014 Most Promising Writer


2017 Spark Award

Taikoo Shing

Fortress Hill

Kornhill (YMCA)

3102 1328 3102 1308 3102 1338 3102 2928


Interview Preparation | Academic Support

Writing & Grammar Phonics & Reading

Story Telling, Interview Skills

KidsEdge Education Centre

Public Speaking

Central | Aberdeen;; Tel: 2868-0636


I am currently pursuing a Master of Public Health from the University of Hong Kong. I came to know about Jockey Club Kids4Kids Buddy Reading Program through my school. My duties mainly consist of forming and redesigning the session plans, which are an essential part of the program. Furthermore, I am also engaged in site monitoring to ensure that the sessions are run smoothly.

Why did you decide to become a Kids4Kids intern? I believe that working with kids, especially those coming from humble background, is the best way of giving back to society and Kids4Kids is the best platform in Hong Kong through which I can attain this. Moreover, working with kids also acts as a stress buster for me and it gives me a break from my tight schedule.

What have you enjoyed most about participating in the Buddy Reading Program? Working on session plans and then later having them executed have been very special for me. I cherish seeing kids enjoy the stories and story extension activities and it motivates me to improve.

What have you learnt since joining the Buddy Reading Program? The Buddy Reading Program has brushed up my leadership skills. I am now capable of taking a lead and working in a group. It has also enhanced my communication skills as I can present my thoughts and ideas in a better way.

Do you have any advice for somebody planning on joining the Buddy Reading Program?

Arzoo Sahni

Student at The University of Hong Kong Jockey Club Kids4Kids Buddy Reading Program Intern 2018

香港大學學生 童協基金會 「賽馬會童協伴讀樂」 2018 年度實習生 20

I believe to fully enjoy this experience, it is very important to connect with the children and have an understanding of how they feel. This will not only make it easy for you to communicate with them but will also help in session planning. 我現正在香港大學進修公共衛生碩士學位課程。童協基金會的「賽馬會童協伴 讀樂」是我從學校中認識。我的主要工作是籌劃有關伴讀環節,同時亦須監察流 程以確保項目順暢。

你為什麼當初決定成為童協基金會的實習生呢? 我認為可以幫到有需要的小朋友是我回饋社會的其中一個最佳方法。童協基金會 擁有一個良好的平台,可以讓我實踐地去幫助社區兒童。在繁忙的日子中抽出時 間去照顧小朋友是我最佳減壓的方法呢。

“Working with kids, especially those coming from humble background, is the best way of giving back to society” 「可以幫助到有需要的小 朋友是我回饋社會的其中 一個最好方法。」

你在伴讀計劃的工作過程中最享受的是什麼? 當我每次見到小朋友靜心聆聽故事及開懷地投入有關活動時,令我更積極地去籌 備及推動項目發展。

你從伴讀計劃中學懂了什麼? 這計劃肯定提昇了我的領導技能,我現在可擔任團隊中的領袖位置,同時令我在 溝通上更容易表達得清𥇦流𣈱。

你對有意參與伴讀計劃的朋友有什麼建議? 盡情去享受過程中的每一點滴,最重要是明白小朋友的內心世界及感受。這不但 令工作起來更輕鬆,同時有助籌劃伴讀環節更順暢。

Let's hear about our volunteers' experiences in the Jockey Club Kids4Kids Buddy Reading Program: “I think these Buddy Reading sessions are a great way for us to help these children learn English. In return, we reduce the stress we face from our busy schedules when we see the children. I am sure parents must be happy seeing their children learn.” - Volunteer from Singapore International School “We really like reading stories aloud to the kids. The children find it very interesting. They are very prompt in helping their classmates who cannot understand some of the words.” - Volunteer Leaders from HKU "Excellent! The book engaged the kids very well. It’s about an undersea school and when the teacher called student names to take attendance, we switched the character names with our kids’ names. That got them more focused on the story." - Volunteer Leaders from HKU

Volunteers from Singapore International School


「賽馬會童協伴讀樂」義工的感言: 新加坡國際學校義工:「伴讀計劃讓我們可以幫助小朋友學習英語,同時與小朋友 相處有助我們鬆馳緊張的生活,家長們亦會欣然見到子女有機會學習英語。」 香港大學領袖團隊義工:「我們非常享受朗讀故事給小朋友,他們亦十分投入,當 遇到不明白的詞彙,他們更會主動互相協助解釋。」 香港大學領袖團隊義工:「太精彩了,把小朋友融入故事當中!老師上課點名報到 時,我們將故事角色取代了小朋友的名字,讓他們更投入整個故事!」 21

Kids4Kids聯同ARTJAM®攜手主辦「故事插圖」工作坊 2018 工作坊課程收益將資助童協基金「我的故事創作」工作坊 專為六歲或以上的學童而設的故事插圖繪畫課程,透過工作坊引導學員如何打造一個從初稿至出版的完整插圖。 學員可輕鬆地由故事構思至插圖創作活現眼前,更從工作坊學懂如何技巧地選用不同素材配合整體故事。你將會由 ARTJAM® 創辨人張以筠 (Betty) 親自教授故事插圖所需細節,Betty 也是童協基金會「我的故事創作」比賽的核心評委之一。 工作坊設有中、英文課程,完成作品將有機會在 Kids4Kids 網站或社交媒體上發布。 工作坊內容 • 啟發靈感 • 故事圖板創作 • 選擇素材 • 故事人物構思 • 創造自我風格

• • • •

提昇美術感 編輯流程 插圖繪畫連接技巧 完整修輯

工作坊日期 於 2018 年 7 月 3 日(星期二)起至 8 月 19 日(星期日)期間內舉辦早上課程 ( 早上 9 時至中午 12 時 ) 星期一不設工作坊課程,請預先報名。 地點 artjamming™ 港島黃竹坑香葉道 6 號益年工業大廈 4 樓 D 室 ( 港鐵 A2 出口 ) 鄰近 One Island South 設有收費停車場 報名登記 工作坊費用已包括繪畫素材 ( 圖畫紙、油彩、粉彩及鉛筆等)。經驗插圖繪畫導師會在允許 課程期間內為學員設計個人合適課程。 (每節三小時) • 一節課程:如何開始 - 基本技巧 • 五節課程:完整故事構圖大綱 ( 優惠費用 ) • 十節課程:完成整本故事圖書 ( 優惠費用 )

每人港幣 600 元 每人港幣 2,500 元 每人港幣 4,500 元

報名可在 Kids4Kids 的 eventbee 網頁登記。掃瞄二維碼登入網頁 欲了解詳情,請致電 2541-8816 22

透視鏡 今個夏季,「故事插圖」 工作坊將於黃竹坑 artjamming studio 繼續 舉辦,詳情請瀏覽。

「我的故事創作」工作坊深受歡迎,多間學校免費受惠。我們現擴充工作坊層面, 由童協基金會及 ARTJAM® 攜手主辦「故事插圖」工作坊 (Story Spinners) ,為有

興趣寫創人士自費參加課程。透過該工作坊引導學員如何打造一個從初稿至出版 的圖片故事書。發掘寫創潛能,成為出色的小作家及插圖繪畫家,共同分享故事 創作的樂趣。



在我的童年時,幸運地有很多創作空間,大多數的遊戲是由我們自由創造的,從 生活點滴至歷險故事中,以不同的道具 – 野餐桌、雙層「碌架牀」、雪櫃包裝 紙盒也輕易地成為我們的堡壘和巴士,甚至是時光機,一幕幕童年珍貴片段歷歷 在目!



artjamming創辦人 (Meli-Melo Limited)

夠有機會閱讀數百本兒童創作的故事書,對我來說,這絕對是一個挑戰,但當評 審團選出一些由小朋友從他們的純真內心世界,寫出真誠的故事時,我們感到的 喜悅難以形容。(但坦白說,若以成人角度勇敢地去嘗試模擬這些小作家或插圖 繪畫家,絕對是不可能的,我還是勸喻大家不要嘗試吧。) 兩年前當我擔任評判時,我舉辦了一個「故 事插圖」工作坊,配合童協基金會「我的故 事創作」比賽,項目由香港語文教育及研究 常務委員會 (SCOLAR) 資助,目的是藉此 提昇香港學校的語文水平。我設辦工作坊的 主旨是希望協助學校及學員有一個全面標 準的參賽平台,技巧地運用以想象及構思, 編列圖畫,構成完整系列的插圖故事。透過 這兩小時的工作坊,鼓勵了很多學校共同參 與「我的故事創作」比賽。



請分享一下你在童協基金會參與義工服務的難忘經驗: 我擔任「我的故事創作」的寫作和插圖導師已有兩年。這項目的工作坊讓學生有 機會分享自己的想法,培養寫作和繪畫能力,闡述自己創作的故事。完成兩個工 作坊後,即使欠缺寫作經驗的學生也能自信地完成自己的故事創作和大家分享 成果。

按你的經驗,學生創作故事時遇到最大的困難是什麼? 大部份學生都會糾結於寫甚麼題材、詞彙不足和單詞拼寫,還有不知道想要向讀 者傳達甚麼信息。


「我的故事創作」工作坊 導師


「我的故事創作」工作坊讓學生有機會與其他學員分享自己的構思。作為導師,我 們會運用不同方法引導學生創意思考,利用故事情節圖板幫助學生以插畫編排和 創作故事。寫作說明小冊子更為每位學員度身訂造,協助學生思考和寫出心中所 想,內容不設任何限制。

對於有興趣創作故事的學生,你會給他們甚麼建議呢? 從你日常生活和身邊發生的一點一滴來累積創作靈感,寫出你認識和喜歡的人和 物,運用你的好奇心編撰不同故事畫面。不用過份擔心拼寫和詞彙的問題,你的 老師、父母和朋友都會從旁協助你的。

” 25



「我的故事創作」比賽不僅只是一個寫作比賽,更為學生提供了寶貴的學習機會, 例如「我的故事創作」工作坊教導學生故事寫作和繪畫插圖,過程中可提昇學生 的讀寫能力。



藍田循道衛理小學 行政主任 (圖書館主任) 2016及2017年度 「我的故事創作」比賽 參賽學校


學生需要一個全方位的學習平台,同時也需要透過互動形式灌輸溝通技能、想像 力、創造力、協作技巧和領導能力。

你會向其他學校推薦「我的故事創作」比賽嗎?為什麼? 我會向其他學校大力推薦「我的故事創作」比賽,這個比賽讓學生能充份掌握 21 世紀學習所需技能的一個跳板。

為甚麼創意寫作對學生發展來說重要呢? 創意寫作在不同領域都有其價值,包括教育、商業和科技,擁有良好寫作技能的 人才在很多行業都備受重視。「我的故事創作」比賽透過創意寫作增強學生的讀 寫能力,這無疑符合現今學生的需要。


為甚麼你會參加「我的故事創作」比賽呢? 我希望從比賽中提昇寫作技巧,與其他小朋好分享「狼與羊」故事,藉此喚醒以 仁愛待人。從今次創作過程中,我獲益良多,尤其是認識了很多課堂書本以外的 詞彙。


蔡家宏 作者

朱靖鋒 插圖繪畫家

藍田循道衛理小學 五年級 2016 年度「我的故事創作」 比賽得獎作品:「狼與羊」

當我們獲到得獎消息時,感到十分意外和興奮,特別是這是我們首次參賽。我將 會極力推薦其他同學參與「我的故事創作」比賽,從學習中得到更多樂趣!

為甚麼你會參加「我的故事創作」比賽呢? 我參加「我的故事創作」比賽的原因是我們的圖書館主任陳敏儀老師推薦這個項 目。透過和其他班別的同學合作,我在這項目中認識了很多新朋友。此外,我也 從其他故事的插圖中得到很多新靈感。


序言 學無止境 其樂無窮

鄧婉穎女士 穎語工作室創辦人兼行政總裁 鄧婉穎女士由2015年起 支持童協基金會, 並親自為本刊設計封面。


當鄧婉穎女士 (Ms Mimi Tang) 三年前在慶祝生日之際,她懇辭各位好友的禮物, 並呼籲各人以捐款給慈善機構形式取代,會來得更有意義。鄧女士希望藉此能幫 助本地非牟利機構建立些有關兒童創作項目。鄧女士在網上瀏覽資料時發現了童 協基金會「童協」的工作,並決定捐助本機構的兒童故事創作比賽,讓所有兒童 在創作之餘,更可與其他小朋友分享他們的內心世界,鼓勵他們以圖畫及文字去 書寫創作。鄧女士一直以不同的形式支持「童協」,特別為本會的「語文發展回顧」 刊物設計封面 -「細心觀察,你可以看出另一角度嗎?你可以從而創作出你的故事 嗎?」 鄧婉穎女士曾擔任 Kering 集團的亞太區行政總裁,管理旗下多個國際著名高級品 牌,她被多本刊物稱為大慈善家、出色的企業家及大中華最成功的職業女性之一。 雖然只有中學學歷的鄧女士,憑著她一股正面自我推動的毅力,不斷觀摩學習, 成為今天全球卓越的企業家。她認為學境無涯,努力尋找新方向是主要元素。「一 向認為自己完全沒有繪畫天份的我,在一年前才去認識及學習 『曼荼羅』式繪 圖 (Mandala) ,到了今天我能在八至十小時內完成一張繪圖,太奇妙了!」鄧女 士欣然分享感受,「從短短一年的學習過程中,我深深愛上了繪畫創作,雖然我 不是一個天生有藝術細胞的人,由想象、幻想至創作,跳出框框,勇於嘗試,更 重要的是勤於練習。學無止境,對每事物都充滿著樂趣,從不放棄及創新,無論 遇到多少挫折,繼續尋找新的出路,樂在其中,往往意想不到的成果在終點等著 你。」

關於童協基金會 童協基金會是香港一間 非牟利機構 (註冊編號 91/10742),目標是啟發年 輕一代坐言起行,為社區帶 來正面的影響。我們致力 提高兒童及青少年對社會 的關注和責任感,透過不 同平台,讓他們為自己的社 會帶來正面改變。

抱負 童協基金會鼓勵兒童以正面行動實踐去改變未來

使命 童協基金會透過語文及青少年發展項目,為不同環境長大的兒童提供均 等的機會 教育:培養語文發展、領袖技能及對社會的認知 融入:參與活動,與社會直接聯繫溝通 實踐:讓來自不同社區、經濟及文化背景的兒童及青少年,同樣擁有平等 的參與機會及互動 影響:令整個社區受惠於延續不斷的教育改革服務及資源




賽馬會童協伴讀樂 童協基金會語文發展項目 宗旨是培養及提昇小學生 的書寫及創作技巧

童協基金會的伴讀計劃自2010年成立,為在校外或家中缺乏閱讀機會的兒童帶來閱讀 的樂趣。童協基金會認同兒童從小培養語文發展的重要性,以配合終身學習所需。

我的故事創作 一年一度的「我的故事創作」比賽是鼓勵全港小學生參與的一項創意寫作活動,藉此 發掘學童的創作天份,分享思維及互勉創作。此項目更為資源不足的學校、機構及低 收入家庭學童提供「我的故事工作坊」,協助學童的書寫及插圖繪畫技巧。

編碼行空 童協基金會的語文發展重點項目是幫助一些有需要的小學生在電腦科研上擁有平等的 學習機會。培養學童創意思維,增強解決電腦難題的技巧;同時認識電腦科技上的日常 用語及技術,以應用於日後的學習及工作層面。


童協基金會主要項目 這是童協基金會特別為中 學生而設的青少年發展項 目,鼓勵在不同社會經濟 層面成長的青少年均有平 等的發展機會,以正面改 變人生及社會。


動力 • 青少年領袖培訓工作坊 童協基金會協助資源不足的中學舉辦提昇建立能力的工作坊。學員可建立個人發展, 擴闊視野,學習以正面態度解決難題,增強與社會溝通及發揮領導才能。

動力 • 青少年領袖培訓論壇 每年度為期兩日的動力 • 青少年領袖培訓論壇主要目的是培育青少年思考,主動提出改 善及支援社區需要。 論壇由資深導師主持研討,包括兩大主要範圍:「發展潛能」- 發掘個人潛質和技能及 「熱衷行動」- 引導學員關注及實踐改善社區問題。

為善行動 童協基金會鼓勵青少年以聲音及行動去關注及改變世界面臨重大挑戰。並要深入香港 社區服務及聯繫不同社群層面。 童協基金會每年支持及培育由學生主導的「為善行動」去幫助弱勢社群。


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We wish to thank the following organizations who have supported My Story Creation Competition 2017.

鳴謝 目錄 32 31 29 28 27 24 22 20 18 14 12

鳴謝 童協基金會主要項目 關於童協基金會 序言 聚焦點 透視鏡 「故事插圖」工作坊 2018 「賽馬會童協伴讀樂」 義工的分享 合作夥伴 相片集 「我的故事創作」比賽得獎名單

2017 年度「我的故事創作」比賽得以順利舉行,全賴以下機構的全力支持, 我們在此衷心表達謝意。

Program Partners 項目夥伴

Supporting Organizations 支持機構

英文編輯:林碧蓮 中文編輯:梁展輝 設計及印製:柯式印刷有限公司 項目統籌:趙穎彤 林嘉琪 32

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Kids4kids Literacy Development 2017 Review  

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