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Annual Report

Year ending 31st March 2015

Powered by Youth participant

Gordon Lai

I'm 12 years old and I attend Singapore International School. Doing this was a really fun and challenging experience, and I have learnt a lot in the process. I really appreciate the ability to do this- to have a chance to make your dreams true.

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Executive Director's Letter


Accountability and Transparency


Mission and Vision


Kids4Kids Programs


Timeline 2015


Our Advocates




Statement of Financial Position


Our Amazing Supportors

Executive Director's Letter This is my first annual report as Executive Director of Kids4Kids and I am delighted to be able to present the great work of this dynamic and engaging non-profit. The year 2015 has been an exciting one with the introduction of our youth empowerment program, Act!on for a Cause, and the implementation of our outreach literacy development program, My Story Creation. In addition, the fresh new look given to Kids4Kids in our rebranding phase had us welcome 2016 with bright big smiles and plenty of optimism for the work ahead. Our success has been possible thanks to the efforts of our close network of volunteers, supporters and pro-bono partners. They are the life line of Kids4Kids who enable us to reach further into under-served communities to engage kids from across Hong Kong in our programs. At Kids4Kids, we believe that in working with young people in the community, everyone benefits. We witness their creativity emerge in story writing and problem solving, and their confidence soars. It’s a pleasure to watch our kids gain the skills necessary to succeed in school, in the workplace, and in life.

Danielle Stutterd


Accountability and Transparency

Kids4Kids Ltd is a non profit organization founded in Hong Kong in 2008 and a registered charity under section 88 of the inland Revenue Ordinance File No: 91/1074 2. We are supported by generous donations from our partners, individuals, corporations and foundations. Kids4Kids is independently audited every year by KPMG to meet Hong Kong accounting standards, ensuring all measures of performance are accurate and quantifiable. In 2015, Kids4Kids became an approved member of the Hong Kong Council of Social Services HKCSS, an endorsement that demonstrates our high standard in providing a social service, to meet the needs of the Hong Kong community, in a transparent and responsible manner.

The Kids4Kids Board of Governors James Haybyrne Jack Lee Michele Lai Shirley Kuan Kyran Sze Brian Tang


Mission and Vision Kids4Kids is a Hong Kong based non-profit organization developed to inspire young people in Hong Kong to take action and make a positive social impact. Kids4Kids aims to develop social awareness and responsibility by providing platforms that empower kids to enact positive change in their community. To date, Kids4Kids has partnered with over 50 schools, 35 community centres, and has involved over 15,000 students.

Mission Through service and creativity, Kids4Kids develops platforms to empower all young people to be socially responsible and community minded.

Vision Kids4Kids believes in a world where all young people should, by the power of their positive actions, have the opportunity to make a difference.

Kids4Kids Programs Educate – to give kids and teens from all social, economic and cultural backgrounds equal opportunity to participate and interact Engage – to actively and directly connect with their local community Enable – to give kids and youth from all social, economic and cultural backgrounds are given equal opportunities to participate and interact Impact – to benefit the whole community with improved access to educational services and resources on a continuous basis


Kids4Kids Programs Literacy Development

Buddy Reading was established to bring the enjoyment and benefits of storytelling to children who would otherwise not have the experience at home or school. Kids4Kids recognizes that the development of a good reading habit in the early years enhances language learning and knowledge acquisition to prepare for a life of learning. Buddy Reading develops children’s cognitive abilities, positive values and interest in reading and as a result, enhances language competence and nurtures thinking skills.

Launched in 2008, Writing for a Cause is a territory wide writing and illustration competition open to all primary school aged children. The goal is to create meaningful and positive stories that will empower other children.

Aim Ü To develop a love of reading English storybooks in children from low income families Ü To enhance literacy development in kids from low income families Ü To improve social and communication skills Ü To increase kids’ confidence in using English in their daily lives and at school

Aim Ü To develop literacy in primary school children Ü To inspire children to write creative stories Ü To contribute age appropriate picture storybooks to the community

My Story Creation Workshops My Story Creation workshops (MSC) target students from schools with limited resources and organizations supporting low income families. Participants develop skills to write and illustrate their own creative stories.


Impact þ Delivered at 31 sites; 23 communities centres þ Developed literacy skills in kids from low income families þ Engaged 3,160 volunteers þ Delivered over 364 sessions and over 800 hours of shared reading enjoyment

Impact þ Over 5000 kids across Hong Kong from 42 schools and 10 learning centres þ 67 stories published in the Kids4Kids Treasuries þ 286 kids from low income families participated in My Story Creation Workshops

Youth Empowerment

Powered by Youth (PBY) is a 2-day forum delivered in partnership with Usher’s New Look, a U.S. non-profit recognized across the world for developing global youth leaders. Using a peer to peer training model, participants a given access to information, become aware of social issues and gain empowerment in their ability to take social action. Participants learn from inspiring keynote speakers and work with professional facilitators in break-out planning

sessions; ‘Power’, focusing on personal strengths, and ‘Passion’ targeting social issues. With their new-found powers and passions, groups create their own Community Act!on Projects and present to a panel of judges for the chance to receive a HK$3000 grant to deliver their project to the community. Successful project teams join Act!on for a Cause and are allocated a Kids4Kids mentor to deliver the project and measure its impact.

Launched in February 2015, Act!on for a Cause (AFAC) is a competition designed to mobilize 12–17 year olds from diverse backgrounds to take action on real life social issues. AFAC has 2 parts; participants are welcome to join either one or both.

poverty, and literacy. Entries are judged based on creativity and the effective, concise communication of the message. Monthly winners receive exciting prizes.

Part 1 Participants create a 1-minute Creative Act!on Video to raise awareness on a social issue such as animal welfare, bullying and tolerance, education, environment, health and wellness, homelessness,

Part 2 Participants submit an outline for a Community Act!on Project. Entries are judged based on creativity, social need and potential impact on the community. The top 20 teams each receive HK$3,000 to deliver their project along with the support of Kids4Kids professional mentors.

Aim Ü To develop innovative and socially responsible young leaders Ü To engage young leaders in real life social issues Ü To encourage creative team problem solving Ü To bring like-minded youth together from across the community

Impact þ Over 1170 secondary school students from more than 81 schools and organizations across Hong Kong

Aim Ü To promote creative problem solving of real life issues Ü To mobilize youth from all backgrounds to take positive action Ü To build leadership skills and social awareness

Impact þ 63 Creative Act!on Videos received þ 8 Community Act!on Projects received þ 145 beneficiaries þ 32 Community Act!on volunteers þ 8 partner NGOs 5

Timeline 2015 A welcomed space for Buddy Reading Training With our growing number of Buddy Reading training workshops, Garage Society offers their collaborative ecosystem as space to train our motivated volunteers in reading aloud, classroom management and activity facilitation.

Celebrating the creative spirit in children Kids4Kids hosts the annual Celebrating Kids, Writing for a Cause prize giving event at The Asia Society. Participants are awarded certificates and receive feedback from judges on their stories.

Bringing the family together The Family Volunteer Program is launched inviting families to join the Buddy Reading Program. Families can come together to share their love of reading with children from low income families.

Kids4Kids Treasury 4 is published Another successful publication filled with inspiring stories and illustrations. Money raised from the sales of the Treasuries goes towards Kids4Kids Literacy Development programs.




Sharing City Wide Organised by Kids4Kids Advocates and supported by Morgan Stanley and Kerry Logistics, this team of passionate students leads a donation drive and calls upon citizens to donate educational toys and household appliances such as kitchenware, rice cookers, and books to those in need. Kids4Kids is Powered By Service Over 100 students at Sir Ellis Kadoorie school participate in 3 Powered by Service workshops. Students learn about the importance of leadership and personal branding through fun and engaging activities. Students also learn about aspects of community, share their ideas on social issues and reflect on the different perspectives of each issue.





Act!on for a Cause creates an impact with Disney Kids4Kids believes in the power of youth as problem solvers, to address the most important challenges facing our community today. This bold strategy puts youth in the driver’s seat and gives them the power to plan, implement, and witness the full impact of their service.

Buddying up with The World Book Day Fest The Education Bureau and the Standing Committee of Language and Research (Scolar) invites Kids4Kids to share the Buddy Reading Program with heads of primary and secondary schools, teachers, school librarians, students and their parents.

Scholastic becomes K4K Book Resource partner If one book, one child, and one teacher, can change the world, imagine the difference hundreds of books, hundreds of children, and hundreds of passionate volunteers can make. Scholastic begins providing our community centers and schools with brand new books to read and share. Corporate Community Spirit The Buddy Reading Program welcomes corporate groups to share their love of reading and their community spirit. This month, we welcome National Australia Bank, Randstad, Morgan Stanley, CFA Institute and KPMG to our Buddy Reading family.

The Power to reach many Scolar funds My Story Creation to deliver writing and illustration workshops to 1200 local primary school students at low-resourced schools and community centers. Students develop creative writing and illustration skills in a nurturing environment and share their stories with others.

It’s all about the Power and the Passion At the Kid4Kids Powered By Youth Forum, young people are encouraged to become aware of social issues and to take action. Students from both local and international schools identify their passions and skills and to fuse the two together to come up with a Community Action Project. Participants have the opportunity to pitch their project to a panel of expert judges for the chance to win HK$3000 and bring their project to life.

Double the impact, one book at a time It’s been a year of expansion for Buddy Reading as we doubled our impact from 2014. Buddy Reading now reaches 24 centers, mobilizes 170 volunteers per week and collaborates with over 25 schools.







Ushers New Look Award — Global Youth Leadership Award Each year, New Look honors individuals, organizations and corporations that are creatively empowering youth as leaders and change agents around the world. This year’s honorees includes Kids4Kids founder Michele Lai. We are delighted to become Ushers New Look Hong Kong chapter and guide more young people to harness their power and discover their passion.

Kids4Kids gets a makeover With the support of Noiseless Design, Kids4Kids receives a branding makeover to align our image with the changing times. Our refreshed focus is on engaging all youth from all backgrounds to make a social impact.

My Story Creation With the support of Scolar, Kids4Kids reaches another 1,400 primary school aged students with creative writing and illustration workshops. These workshops provide a nurturing environment for children from low income families to create their own illustrated stories.

Time to take action Act!on for Cause receives over 100 Community Act!on projects from local and international secondary schools. Judges choose the top 20 most ‘impactful’ projects and teams receive HK$3000 grants to bring their projects to life under the guidance of a professional mentor.


Our Advocates Advocate Leaders Team

I first got involved with Kids4Kids just a year ago, when I attended the 2014 Powered by Youth forum. The speeches were inspiring and the activities were so real so I decided to join Kids4Kids volunteers. Now I meet up with kids from all over Hong Kong to help others. Working with Kids4Kids has been a great experience - I am able to make a positive difference and meet others who share the same motivation. In the Advocates Leadership Team and co-leading Sharing for a Cause, I look forward to doing even more to serve my community.

Bonnie Lee, 15, Chinese International School

Joining the Advocates and becoming the vice-president has been one of the best choices in my high school life. I’ve made strong connections with my team mates as we’ve worked towards the common goal of helping the community. I’ve learned to understand and work with people from different backgrounds. Running projects such as Sharing for A Cause, and being a leader at the Powered By Youth forum is a challenge that teaches me useful skills for my future. The experience is a journey that will remain with me for a long time to come.

Ryan Low, 18, Singapore International School

I am so glad to have attended the Powered By Youth forum in 2013. I met so many other inspired teenagers who wanted to bring about change in the community. Sharing For a Cause was the very first project I was involved in, and I can remember myself being lost and slightly confused by all the complex processes of organizing such a large collection drive. It has now been two years, and I am now the co-leader. Who would have thought? I am so grateful for the opportunities Kids4Kids has given me to learn leadership and organisational skills.

Jenny Ko, 16, German Swiss International School I first got involved with Kids4Kids in 2013, as a volunteer for the annual Market Day event. At the time, I treated my experiences with Kids4Kids as a way to fill up my service hours requirement, but since then it has become much more. I was first invited to be on the Market Day core team in 2014 and through managing this event learned valuable organisational skills. I have these skills to share with the Advocates Leadership Team and can keep contributing to make a real, positive difference in Hong Kong.

Timothy Tan, 17, Renaissance College Hong Kong Last year, I joined the Kids4Kids club at West Island School as I wanted to be more active in service. Good decision! Being in charge of Act!on for a Cause and representing Kids4Kids at the school fair was great for my confidence and helped me decide to continue volunteering with Kids4Kids. This year, as an Advocates leader, I have been inspired by many experiences such as the Powered By Youth forum and Buddy Reading. With Kids4Kids, I would love to develop my leadership skills further and give back to the Hong Kong community.

Christy Ng, 16, West Island School


Impact As of the beginning of 2015, Kids4Kids has worked with more than


Charity organizations

182 Schools

to benefit children from low income families via our literacy and youth empowerment programs.


182 Schools



Youth Forums with 140 schools

stories have been published in Kids4Kids Books and Treasury


children from 42 primary and secondary schools 10 learning centres have participated in Writing for a Cause

hours reading aloud to kids


children have been read to under the Buddy Reading Program


inspired volunteers

We have collected and donated...





sporting goods

school supplies

household appliances and educational toys

children’s books

We have been awarded...

Global Youth Leadership Award Usher’s New Look Ignitor of Global Youth

Social Capital Builders (SCB) Award in 2014 Community Investment and Inclusion Fund


Statement of Financial Position for the financial year ended 31st March 2015 Independently audited by KPMG Other revenue General donation


Program income



Administrative expenses

WFAC cost of sales





LESS: Expenditure

Fundraising income




Program expenses



Revenue General donation Fundraising income Program income incl. Grants Other revenue

LESS: Expenditure $107,276 $498,800 $1,030,506 $51,196 $1,687,778

Program expenses / Buddy Reading Program / Writing for a Cause / Action for a Cause / Powered by Youth Administrative expenses WFAC cost of sales

$292,150 $280,792 $141,594 $246,306 $518,595 $111,302 $1,590,739

Balance Sheet Non-current assets Fixed Assets Intangible Assets

$2,594 $26,446 $29,040

Current assets Cash Trade receivables Inventories

$1,574,928 $202,718 $175,685



Current liabilities Trade payables


Net current assets


Net assets


General fund Accumulated fund


Our Amazing Supporters

Dear Friends of Kids4Kids, People often ask us these three questions: What inspires us, what makes us smile and what make us proud? At the heart of Kids4Kids is our desire to inspire kids, who are our future, to take action and make a positive difference in our community. Big or small, taking action is the first step along with our belief that ‘you’re never too young to help’. With the ‘Action for a Cause’ project challenge, Hong Kong youth have been empowered to use their ‘power’; what they are good at, and their ‘passion’ to create community projects that personally move them. We have been so inspired to receive over 100 ‘Action for a Cause’ submissions in December 2015 and look forward to seeing those community projects in action. What makes us smile? Our hearts are warmed knowing that over 150 Buddy Reading volunteers are reading aloud with, and storytelling to, over 1,000 kids every week. We have The Keswick Foundation to thank for believing in us and investing to help us build capacity and scale. To further our literacy development work, we received our first government funding from Scolar in August 2015 enabling us to deliver ‘My Story Creation’ workshops to 1,200 primary school aged kids. We are also very

happy to report that currently 50% of participants in our annual ‘Writing for a Cause’ competition are students from low income schools and this means we have truly become inclusive. We feel proud when others recognize our great work. In July 2015, Kids4Kids received the ‘Global Ignitor of Youth Empowerment’ award by Usher’s New Look, our international partner. I had the honor of accepting the award on behalf of Kids4Kids in Atlanta, U.S.A. for our adoption of Usher’s New Look – Powered by Service training curriculum for secondary school students into Hong Kong. All this would not have been possible without the support of our donors and strategic partners, board of governors, our program advisors and program volunteers, along with the enthusiastic Advocates Leadership Team, who are the youth power behind Kids4Kids, and our thousands of volunteers who help make it all happen. You all inspire us, make us smile and make us proud every day. Thank you.

Michele Lai Founder 11

Kids4Kids would like to record our special gratitude to the following organizations and individuals

Program sponsors


Corporate Sponsors/ Foundations/Businesses These are leaders and visionaries in the community who support Kids4Kids in our literacy development and youth empowerment program work financially and on a pro-bono basis. Amy’s Bakery Art Group Limited artJamming Child Development Team, Central Health Partners Direct Printing Document House First Code Academy Fluid Hong Kong Gateway Education GaveKal Dragonomics Goldman Sachs Haven Books HK Cyberport Management Co. Ltd HKBN IBM Jones Day Kerry Logistics Kids Daillies KPMG Morgan Stanley MPRHK. Ltd Noiseless Design Paperhouse Creations Passion for Language Simmi’s Sweets This Music Studio TMN Design Toys Club

Our Friends and Volunteers These are individuals who have given their expertise, time and energy to help Kids4Kids make a positive difference in our community. Thanks to each and everyone of you for all that you do. Betty Cheung Carole Leung Chaithanya Bondada Christopher Geary Christina Chow Cindy Cheng Cindy Tak Yeun Danielle Stutterd Darren & Sally Harrison Edward Man Emmy Lung Dania Shawwa Abuali Haani Jetha Helen Cheung Irene Chu Jane Wai Man Lee John Shanahan Julie Shi June Cheung Libby Vaughan Martha Keswick Mary Beverly Gill Chappell Meng Liang Moore John Douglas Pearl Tong Qiong Luo Sherry Lu Shing Yim Ping Threlkeld Samantha Cherolyn Wilfred Shek

Participating Schools and Learning Centers These schools have involved and engaged their students in working with Kids4Kids. Thank you. Australian International School Baptist Lui Ming Choi Primary School Canadian International School C.C.C. Heep Woh Primary School Chinese International School City University Delia School of Canada Discovery Mind Primary School

Fukien Secondary School Affiliated School Harrow International School HK International School HKUGA Primary School Hong Kong University of Science and Technology i-Square Education Jack n Jill Treehouse KidsEdge Education Kowloon Rhenish School Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui Primary School Lok Sing Tong Lau Tak Primary School Lok Sing Tong Leung Wong Wai Fong Memorial School Precious Blood Primary School (Wah Fu Estate) Polytechnic University Renaissance College Singapore International School Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School South Island School St. Eugene de Mazenod Oblate Primary School The ISF Academy The University of Hong Kong Tin Shui Wai Methodist Primary School Victoria Shanghai Acedemy West Island School Ying Wa Primary School

Community Partners Kids4Kids is grateful for the opportunity to work together with our community partners. Our work would not be complete without your support. Asia Charity Services Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service – Education and Family Support Center – Cheung Sha Wan Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service – Education and Family Support Center – Wan Chai Bring Me a Book HK Cambodian Children’s Fund (HK) ChickenSoup NGO Partner – J Life Charity Organization ChickenSoup NGO Partner – SKH Kowloon City Children and Youth Integrated Service Centre

ChickenSoup NGO Partner – Chai Wan Baptist Church Social Service Children’s Charity Carnival Christian Action Crossroads Foundation Grameen Foundation HandsOn Hong Kong Haven of Hope Bradbury King Lam Community Health Development Center – Tsueng Kwan Oi Hong Kong Council of Social Services Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children – Children & Family Services Centre (Kowloon City) Island ECC – Hope in the City Outreach International Social Service – Sham Shui Po (South) Integrated Family Services Centre Justice Centre Methodist Centre Children and Family Support Service – After School Care Service New Home Association – Jockey Club TIn Shui Wai Services Centre St. James’ Settlement – Causeway Bay Integrated Services Centre St. James’ Settlement – Jockey Club Chai Wan Integrated Service Centre The Salvation Army – Yaumatei Integrated Service for Young People The Women’s Foundation Tuen Mun District Women’s Association - Grateful Heart Service Centre TWGHs Jockey Club Lei Tung Integrated Service Centre Two Presents Ushers New Look Foundation WiseGiving Wong Kwong Hon Community Centre YMCA Cheung Sha Wan YMCA Sham Shui Po




www.kids4kids.org.hk Tel +852 3618 6810

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Kids4Kids Annual Report 2015  

Team Kids4Kids are excited to share with you our Annual Report 2015. Happy reading!

Kids4Kids Annual Report 2015  

Team Kids4Kids are excited to share with you our Annual Report 2015. Happy reading!

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