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Familiar names dot Highland Park’s basketball roster. P.34

Steve Sanders enjoys long tenure at WGN News P.18

Robotics helps Beijing native adapt to school. P.12

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Heart of the matter Jewelers share favorite Valentine’s Day stories -- and ideas for the perfect gift. P8

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ECRWSS Where exceptional students are challenged and exceptional teachers are free to inspire them. 145 South Green Bay Road, Lake Forest, IL 60045 |

Monday, February 10 • Tuesday, March 11 • 8:30 a.m. Need-based financial assistance and our new Merit Scholar Program make LFCDS an affordable choice for families.

For more information, please contact Judith Foley Arnstein at (847) 615–6118 or

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THe North shore weekend



2/08 – 2/09/14

2/08 – 2/09/14




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THe North shore weekend


2/08 – 2/09/14

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THe North shore weekend

2/08 – 2/09/14

Inside This Interiors


North Shore Weekend 28


Goings On About Towns Find out about the best events coming up this week in the North Shore.

08 Bless their hearts With Valentine’s Day coming up, local jewelers share their thoughts about the perfect gift and more.

Real Estate 30

North Shore Offerings Take a look at two intriguing houses in our towns.

32 Open Houses Find out — complete with map — what houses you can walk through for possible purchase on the North Shore on Sunday.

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Store Hours: Monday–Friday 9 – 4 Saturdays 10 – 2

34 bro show Highland Park boys basketball team is loaded with younger brothers of former players.

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N  ew look The Wilmette Theatre undergoes a big makeover as there looks to be a Renaissance of sorts among North Shore theaters.


Standout Student Her work in robotics helps Jennifer Ma, a native of Beijing, feel at home on the North Shore.

Lifestyle & Arts 18

Steve Sanders has worked at WGN News as a reporter and anchor for three decades — and before that, he survived a helicopter accident when he was on the traffic beat.



Sunday Breakfast

Social whirl Take a look at some of the top parties attended by North Shore residents recently.

Last but not least… 42

Perfect Weekend Joanna Claypool and Derrick Stout talk about their trip to England, which involved a lot of Beatles’ nostalgia.

2/08 – 2/09/14

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Get me rewrite: Local movie theaters making a comeback


bout a year ago, we ran a story entitled “Is That a Wrap?” regarding the uncertain — if not bleak — future of North Shore movie theaters. One in Highland Park had recently shuttered; Lake Forest’s last theater was abandoned in the 20th century. The news wasn’t much better in other villages. The turnaround has been amazing. Since then, Renaissance Place in Highland Park has enjoyed a major renovation and now features luxurious seating along with a bar. Nancy Hughes — widow of filmmaker John — donated a large gift to Gorton Community Center in Lake Forest to revamp its aging auditorium, which will now be able to show movies. And down Green Bay Road a ways, the Wilmette Theater — a century old this year — just completed a makeover. “We’ve badly needed this,” noted manager Linda MacLennan. “Our patrons have come here despite how ragged we’ve looked. The cosmetic work will make their experience seeing a movie or live event at The Wilmette even better.” Angelika Labno shares the story inside.

And it’s not only theaters that show movies. Writers Theatre in Glencoe announced late last year it will build a $28 million complex to showcase plays. With money raised entirely from individuals, the two theaters will be designed by In Winnetka, we’ve moved into a delightful new space. So don’t just fly by. well-known Chicago architect Jeanne Gang. Visit us at 920 Green Bay Road for fine linens, furniture and more. Until that’s completed, Writers will continue to present superb fare on stage. Read Jill Soderberg’s review of “Hedda Gabler” inside. For some a perfect weekend may consist of visiting all of these North Shore venues dedicated to chicago hinsdale lake forest winnetka 773 404 2020 630 655 0497 847 295 8370 847 441 0969 the arts. For Jo and Suede Stout, their devotion to music led them to England, where they visited Abbey Road Studios and other Beatles’ hotspots. And along the way, Suede auctioned off a 17532.14 BSM NSW New Nest.indd 1 violin he had purchased for $100 at a garage sale for $37,000 at Sotheby’s. Talk about a magical mystery tour.

We’Ve buIlt a neW neSt.

Enjoy the weekend.

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8 | news

Love is in the air Jewelers share perfect gift ideas, favorite stories about Valentine’s Day ■ by bill mclean Warmth will certainly prevail next Friday — Valentine’s Day — no matter what the thermometer reports. Local jewelers kindly put their loupes down to answer a few questions about Feb. 14.


The perfect Valentine’s Day gift? I wouldn’t want to limit it to one thing; I can’t say there is a quintessential Valentine’s Day item. It should be something that will excite the buyer and the buyer’s [significant other]. What is popular this time of year are diamond bracelets, heart pendants and earrings, in all price ranges. How have shoppers’ Valentine’s Day tastes changed in recent years? Tastes have changed. The younger customers want to buy gifts that are fashionable or current. Favorite story involving a customer and a Valentine’s Day gift? A customer [who had bought an engagement ring] arranged for a billboard to read, ‘[fiancée’s first name], will you marry me?’ They were in a car together, and as they neared the sign, he said, ‘Look at that!’ Well, she didn’t see it. He then told her he wanted to go back so that she could see it. So he got off the highway and drove back; it took about 10 minutes to return to the billboard. She wondered what he was thinking, and she wasn’t happy. But when she saw the sign, she got excited and grabbed him. He almost veered off the road. CHRISTINE RAZNY, GRADUATE GEMOLOGIST, RAZNY JEWELERS IN HIGHLAND PARK

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift? What I think is perfect … that’s up in the air. But what’s easy for men is to pick from the collection of a popular brand, David Yurman, because many women have David Yurman pieces. Women love being able to add to what they have, and they love the versatility of the brand. And each time the girlfriend or wife looks at the gift, after putting it on, she thinks of him. How have shoppers’ tastes in Valentine’s Day gifts changed in recent years? They have broadened. Men are getting creative; they’re focusing more often on something a woman wears daily, not necessarily a piece of jewelry with a heart. Jewelry, for the most part, is an ‘occasion’ gift. It’s fun for a woman to say, ‘Look what my husband bought me for Valentine’s Day.’ People remember such gifts forever. Favorite story involving a customer and a Valentine’s Day gift? A dad came in with his kids, and they were all choosing something for [his wife/ their mom]. You just knew she was going to love that Valentine’s Day. I envisioned the whole family eating breakfast together that day and seeing her react to the gifts.

26-Feb. 1]. We delivered an engagement ring to a man who now lives in Texas, and my guess is that he’ll propose either before or on Valentine’s Day. He had shopped for it here, during the holidays. His parents are customers. It’s nice and exciting to see children — even grandchildren — of original customers stop in and see us.



The perfect Valentine’s Day gift? There isn’t a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. It’s impossible to come up with one, because a perfect gift is what makes both the giver and recipient happy. Buying a piece of jewelry — any piece — could be considered perfect. I can’t think of anybody who was not thrilled after receiving a piece of jewelry. How have shoppers’ Valentine’s Day tastes changed in recent years? Every year, buyers want to be different. Valentine’s Day is generally not a holiday when people spend thousands of dollars; most Valentine’s Day gifts cost between $75-$200. Our Valentine’s Day special is an Austrian crystal necklace and bracelet [combined cost of $139]. It’s a beautiful set. Favorite story involving a customer and a Valentine’s Day gift? It happened just this week [Jan.

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift? That’s an easy question! Any piece of jewelry from the Forevermark ‘Center of My Universe’ collection. The designs feature a Forevermark solitaire diamond surrounded by a halo of pavé-set diamonds. The setting symbolizes the uniqueness and beauty of the woman he loves and the fact that she keeps in motion the many aspects of the universe in which they share. She is his ‘Center of My Universe.’ How have shoppers’ Valentine’s Day tastes changed in recent years? Our customers’ tastes in jewelry haven’t changed at all over the years. They are always interested in unique and fine quality pieces that celebrate special occasions, including Valentine’s Day. Favorite story involving a customer and a Valentine’s Day gift? We still smile when we recall a gentleman who decided on an impromptu Valentine’s Day marriage proposal. He came in early in the morning and chose three diamond engagement rings and asked us to present them to his girlfriend when he brought her in later that day. Of course, we took it to the next level and ran out for champagne and red roses to surprise them both. She chose a ring and said, ‘Yes!’ She was quivering and crying. It was so unexpected; she was stunned. We were delighted to be a part of the proposal. HEIDE KOGAN, BUYER AT CY FREDRICS IN GLENVIEW The perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Anything she wants. If she owns five heartshaped items, she’s not going to want another piece of jewelry with a heart. Colors are big … in semi-precious [stones]. Last year’s [Pantone] color was green; this year’s color

photography by joel lerner and submitted photos

is blue, with it turning to pink hues by spring. How have shoppers’ Valentine’s Day tastes changed in recent years? Selections have changed. Buying jewelry items with colors now … it’s widespread, with a lower price range. People have the ability to afford something colorful, something really pretty. Women are buying watches for men and wedding bands — rose-gold bands, with black rhodium over it. Favorite story involving a customer and a Valentine’s Day gift? A couple came in [about eight years ago] and starting picking out Valentine’s Day gifts. Then they started looking at engagement rings. He got down on one knee, proposed to her, and she said, ‘Yes.’ We celebrated with them, right there in the store. We had the champagne ready to go; we toasted the couple. They’re nice people. It was a nice day.

BRETT FUENFER, OWNER OF FUENFER JEWELERS IN WILMETTE The perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Probably a heart — pendant or necklace — because Valentine’s Day is a time for love. They’re popular pieces, as are engagement rings. Valentine’s Day is more for people who are dating, people who are in the early stages of a relationship. Guys, if you want to keep your ladies happy, a little piece of jewelry goes a long way. How have shoppers’ Valentine’s Day tastes changed in recent years? Valentine’s Day tastes haven’t changed all that much. They’ve been consistent through the years. The styles … they have changed. Favorite story involving a customer and a Valentine’s Day gift? None right now. AIDA ALVAREZ, SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT OF MERCHANDISING AND MARKETING, C.D. PEACOCK

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Jewelry is the perfect gift to show your expression of love. A heart pendant is a great gift, or maybe it’s time for an engagement ring. Other great gifts are initial pendants or charm bracelets. How have shoppers’ Valentine’s Day tastes changed in recent years? It has been very consistent. Gifts with a heart [adornment] continue to lead in the category over the years. It’s a safe [choice] for men looking for a gift. An evolving trend has been women buying watches for their loved ones. Favorite story involving a customer and a Valentine’s Day gift? None at the time being. ■

2/08 – 2/09/14




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THe North shore weekend


2/08 – 2/09/14

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Linda MacLennan

photography by george pfoertner

Wilmette Theatre is ready for its close-up on 100th anniversary ■ by angelika labno A North Shore landmark got a facelift just in time for its 100th birthday. On Jan. 31, the Wilmette Theatre unveiled renovations and a list of celebrations for its centennial anniversary. Wilmette’s isn’t the first North Shore theater to be spruced up in the past year. Renaissance Place in Highland Park enjoyed a major renovation. And Writers Theatre in Glencoe announced recently it will build a $28 million complex to showcase plays. Several North Shore establishments — including Hester Painting & Decorating and Scott Simpson Builders — donated their services to upgrade the interior of the Wilmette Theatre, which manager Linda MacLennan described as “looking really shabby” before the remodeling. The walls of the lobby were scuffed, and the concession area was unimpressive. A lone wooden bench was haphazardly thrown into the mix. The transformation is truly night and day. The lobby finally looks the part of an oldglamour theater house with its royal blue ceiling, gilded trim, crystal chandelier and new carpeting. The murky-tiled concession stand has been swapped by a polished wooden structure, and the 1970s popcorn popper was traded in for a new version. A built-in cabinet holds a vase of roses with a black-and-white framed photo of an antiquated downtown Wilmette as its backdrop. And that awkward bench? Its swanky, regally tufted replacement stands in a more convenient spot. “We are thrilled beyond imagination that businesses and individuals have stepped up in such a generous way,” said Wilmette Theatre’s co-president Wendy Sharon. “It clearly speaks to what this treasured old theatre means to people and how important it is to the vibrancy of Wilmette’s downtown,” adds theatre’s co-president Jeff Freedman. The renovation process revealed glimpses of the theatre’s cosmetic past: mauve paint, an exposed wall and funky tiles under the carpet. “We’ve uncovered some cool relics; it

really reminds you of the 100 years of history in this building,” said MacLennan. Wilmette Theatre is also undergoing an expensive conversion into digital projection, made possible by a donation from the Jerome Mirza Foundation. “In this age, for theatre, you go digital or you go dark,” noted MacLennan, a former news anchor at WBBM-TV in Chicago. A 30-day Kickstarter campaign will launch in March to raise additional funds. However sorry the state of the interior, it did not stop loyal patrons from frequenting various performances and special showings at the old-fashioned establishment. The 600-seat, two-screen theatre celebrates a rich history, from offering 10-cent movies in 1914 to being the production facility for Britannica’s educational films. In 1966, Richard Stern re-opened the space as a theatre and successfully ran it for 40 years before selling it to the Dibo family of Wilmette and Samuelson family of Evanston. Carole Dibo founded the Actors Training Center (ATC) and housed it at Wilmette Theatre, where the shows are produced. MacLennan got involved with the theatre after her son’s enrollment with ATC, going from sitting on the board to her current post as manager. “I think it’s a wonderful asset to the North Shore, and it helps round out the community,” said MacLennan of the theatre, citing the relationship between going to the movies and enjoying a dinner at one of the various new restaurants in town. “It anchors the downtown Wilmette area.” Notable upcoming events are: an Academy Awards viewing party on March 2; a revival of James Goldman and Stephen Sondheim’s 1971 musical, “Follies,” in May; and the official Centennial Anniversary Gala on Sept. 13, 2014. At the top of MacLean’s favorite theatre memories is last April’s revival of the rock musical “Hair.” To help promote the production, a parent donated a 1974 Volkswagen minivan to the theatre. Cast members then spray-painted the van and parked it outside for two weeks. The excitement it garnered — paired with her son’s lead role — made for a memorable show. ■


Authentic Hand-Painted Italian Ceramics"

990 Green Bay Road | Winnetka, IL 60093 | Ph.: (847) 446-2916




THe North shore weekend

2/08 – 2/09/14

standout student

Work in robotics helps Beijing native feel at home ■ by angelika labno Half a world away from home, Jennifer Ma found herself at Lake Forest Academy, shy in her language skills and unfamiliar with the culture. What did resonate with the Beijing native, though, was the school’s robotics team. Ma — who was involved in her elementary school’s Lego Robotics squad — joined LFA’s team as well as a robotics mentoring program for middle school children. Now a junior, Ma re-created a robotics team at North Chicago’s Neal Math and Science Academy and leads eight middle school students with help from mentors Viola Du, Julian Bailes and Sean Clavey.

“I want them to get a feeling for what robotics is and give them a creative mind.” | Jennifer Ma

Jennifer Ma

photography by joel lerner

“None of them have had a chance to get into robotics; most of them haven’t even played with Legos before,” said Ma. “I want them to get a feeling for what robotics is and give them a creative mind.” Coach Ma explains the “little team” robotics competition has three components: design, research and teamwork. Members had to design, build and test a robot able to complete a series of missions. For the research project, which was themed “Nature’s Fury” this year, the team tackled the problem of food shortages

during a natural disaster. The solution: a robotic truck with heat vision and GPS, controlled by a group of people in a remote location, that could deliver goods and medicine to those trapped at home. The mentors initially worried that their team might be too nervous to perform at the competition; many of the other school squads are made up of predominantly white students, whereas the Neal members are African-American or Latino. Their worries were put to rest as the team — despite its brief exposure to robotics — performed well at regional qualifiers and advanced to the FIRST LEGO League Illinois Northern Illinois Championship, which will be held on Feb. 8. “I feel really happy because I know my goal and my initiatives have been accomplished,” said Ma. “They’ve gained pretty good knowledge on various skills, and they are proud of themselves.” As for the LFA robotics team, Ma’s specialty lies in pneumatics, or the branch of mechanics that deals with the mechanical properties of air and other gases. She is designing a crownshaped mechanism on the robot that will collect a ball during a challenge. Ma hopes to continue her love for pneumatics by focusing on mechanical engineering in college. When she is not studying for her classes or college entry exams, Ma’s favorite hobby is biking around Lake Forest. Her dream project is to build a bike. “I would design a bike that no one’s thought of,” she mused. “I would just like to build something different.” ■

2/08 – 2/09/14




OPEN SUNDAY 12-2 Pristine newer Colonial home is situated on beautifully landscaped property with mature trees. Open floor plan with two-story foyer. Living room and dining room are enhanced by hardwood floor. Library located for privacy and opens to the deck and yard. Sun-filled family room with vaulted ceilings, sky lights and wood burning fireplace overlooks yard and bluestone patio. White kitchen is a delightful combination of form and function including breakfast area. Tranquil master suite is complete with his and her walk-in closet and master bath. Terrific lower level includes recreation room with bar area and generous storage space. 2 car attached heated garage. Paver brick parking pad. Two decks. Bluestone terrace. Fenced yard. 11 Rooms, 4+ Bedrooms, 3 ½ Baths. $1,249,000 Beautifully maintained Lannon stone ranch on half acre. Spacious living room features fireplace and large picture windows that overlook yard. Banquet sized dining room has fireplace and sliders leading to patio. Updated kitchen with table space and door to enclosed porch attached to garage. Master bedroom with bath. Paneled office. Laundry room. Hardwood floors. 2 fireplaces. 2 car attached garage. 7 Rooms, 3 Bedrooms, 3 full and 3 half Baths. $1,050,000



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Let’s Talk Real Estate by Jean Wright, President/Broker Owner Crs, GrI

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For professional advice from an experienced Realtor, call Jean Wright at (847) 217-1906 or email at

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THe North shore weekend


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THe North shore weekend


2/08 – 2/09/14

310 keystone court, Glencoe offered at $2,495,000

Enjoy lake breezes in this charming, well constructed one-of-a kind, “Maison Brittany,” stone French Country home on one half acre plus by premier, former North Shore Builder, Stan Benecki. Built with quality and prime attention to detail, this 13 room, 4+2 bedrooms, 4.1 baths, is a replica of a French country farm house. It has exceptional living space, including first floor library, grand family room, and state-of-the-art kitchen. Award winning organic garden (Chicago Tribune) and attached green house. 3 car attached, heated garage. 3 fireplaces! Situated east of Sheridan Road, on a cul-de-sac, it is one half block to the gated, private beach!

1305 sheridan road, Wilmette offered at $1,425,000

Lake views and breezes from this classic center entry brick Georgian with tile roof. Grand scale living room with fireplace, dining room and sun room. Updated eat-in kitchen with cherry, granite, stainless steel appliances. 4 bedrooms, 4.1 baths. Master has large closet/dressing room (was 4th bedroom, can reconvert). 3rd floor retreatCITY with bedroom/bath. Lower level has exercise room, rec room, full bath with sauna and storage. Approx .27 acres. 2 car attached garage. Private yard.

SUSAN RINGEL SEGAL Consultant, CRB, GRI, SRES cell 847.542.5747


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2/08 – 2/09/14





Social Media

Deutsch designs help for students ■ by katie rose mceneely

Loren Deutsch

Loren Deutsch owns and operates Loren Academic Services in Winnetka. Reading: I’m reading a book called “The Developing Mind,” by Daniel Siegel. It’s a book about interpersonal neurobiology. I’m reading another book about the basics of anesthesia, which is not that interesting, but I’m reading it because I work with a lot of anesthesiologists. Listening: I like a lot of different types of music. I listen to the Avett Brothers and Avicii, but I also love Chet Baker and Miles Davis. And believe it or not, Led Zeppelin and the [Rolling] Stones. I listen to classical music as well — Rachmaninoff is one of my favorite composers. Watching: I like documentaries a lot — I just watched a really cool on that I’m using as a piece of reference material in paper. The documentary was about Freddie Roach, a midddleweight boxer who’s now a trainer. I don’t often find myself interested in boxing, but there was a relational component. There’s a need to understand people from their perspective — the documentary really spoke to me on that level. Following: I’m reading a book about Van Gogh right now — I think art and design inform everything I do. I follow art because I look at the intersection between art and how it might in some ways inform the way we teach and engage and think about learning. When I look at Van Gogh — he took painting skin tightening to a different level. He scraped paint wrinkle reduction along the canvas, had thick textures sunthat’s damagevery reversalchaotic. It’s juxtaposition skin texture rejuvenation with the smooth, delicate way he might have painted a meadow or a flower. In many ways that’s representative of the chaos he experienced as an individual, and I think it’s indicative of the chaos our students experience in the educational process. I use the information I photography by joel lerner see in paintings to think through the

Time for a renovation? No, not the house.

information I read in books, and that informs the curriculum that I write. Activity: We are a curriculum design company first and foremost. We’re really not a tutoring company. The essence of the company is to meet people at the point of need and to design something that’s going to be responsive to that. We provide academic support, one-on-one, in K-12, higher education, and medical education. The company itself was founded at the end of 2010, but I’ve been doing this work since the early 1990s and had a private practice for about 20 years before I had the company. [The number of students] varies; we have a few hundred at a time in any given level. The loft space is a really cool physical space—it’s the place where we do all of our professional development and training, and it’s also where we have drop-in hours for our students. It’s a place where students come in for homework support or homework completion. Somebody can come regardless of working with us oneon-one and can get his or her content questions answered. My job is also to support teachers — I was a classroom teacher, I lectured at university. I have no desire to denigrate teachers. I know about that experience — it’s tough. Eating: I’m a pescetarian. And I love pizza. What is your favorite mistake? I would say, the thing I’ve learned the most, and the mistake I’ve made more than one time, is knowing when to push pause and not say something that might be detrimental to the person I was speaking to. It’s allowed me to understand people better. I’m a clinician, a therapist by training — my job is to listen, so the times I’ve made the biggest mistakes is when I haven’t done that well enough. For more information, visit ■

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Kelly Surgical Practice 847.432.0840 1160 Park Ave. West, Suite 2E Highland Park

Highland Park Med Spa 847.432.0426 1160 Park Ave. West, Suite 2E Highland Park

Glenview Med Spa 847.901.0800 1986 Tower Dr. Glenview

18 | lifestyle & arts sunday breakfast ■ by david sweet A framed check hangs in Steve Sanders’ office at WGN. It is for the sum of $1. “My Dad (Bill) was a small-town newspaper reporter, and he phoned in sports scores for the Chicago Tribune,” says Sanders while enjoying a salad at Northfield Restaurant. “I’m guessing he was so proud of it that he never cashed that check from the paper.” Sanders’ work at WGN — which is also owned by Tribune Co. — has earned him a number of checks (all exceeding a dollar) since 1982. Today, he is co-anchor of WGN Midday News on Channel 9 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. “This is an engaging newscast. I look forward to going to work every day,” says Sanders, a Winnetka resident whose time slot includes soft features, breaking news and more. After perusing both the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times, Sanders jumps into an 8 a.m. editorial meeting each weekday to discuss what to cover and who to assign for coverage. W hen he appears on air three hours later, “I try to be real,” he notes. “You can’t fake it if the entire screen is filled up with your face. If Steve Sanders you’re a phony, they’re going to know it.” Grow i ng up in Bi r m i ngh a m , A l a ., Sanders was out to dinner with his father when they saw the aftermath of the 1963 bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church, where four black girls were killed. The event helped spur passage of the Civil Rights Act the following year. “We saw smoke and police barricades,” he recalls. “It left a lasting impact on my life.” Ironically, about a dozen years afterward, Sanders — then a radio reporter for WERC in Birmingham— covered

He’s a presence on the air — but never puts on airs

the trial of Ku K lux Klansman Robert “Dynamite Bob” Chambliss, who had placed the bomb in the church and was sentenced to life in prison. Despite his previous brush with the bombing, the unpretentious Sanders didn’t talk about it on-air. “In those days, we didn’t get into first person. It just seemed wrong to talk about yourself,” he says. His biggest test of that philosophy occurred around the same time, when he worked as a traffic reporter. At about 1,000 feet up, with a new pilot next to him, the helicopter ran out of fuel and crashed. Sanders crawled out of the wreckage and was struck in the back by a rotor blade, knocking him to the ground. Since no one could cover his shift, he headed back to the station. “The biggest story in Birmingham that day was the heliillustration by barry blitt copter crash, but I didn’t cover my own story. It seemed self-serving,” says Sanders, who later visited the hospital and was released with only bruises. After a stint at WVTM-TV in Birmingham, where he served as a weekend news anchor, Sanders joined WGN as a general assignment reporter. Back then it was a small news operation in the mornings, featuring only a one-hour newscast at 9 a.m. These days, the live news starts at 4 a.m. and goes uninterrupted until 10 a.m. At first, producers threw the new guy on the Harold

Washington mayoral campaign, figuring he could get some experience on a hopeless cause. “I’d come back and say, ‘You need to watch this guy — he’s getting traction,’ ” says Sanders of the man who stunned the city by winning the 1983 election to become Chicago’s first black mayor. “As a kid raised in the South, I was amazed at the rancor toward a black mayor (in the North). There were some folks who thought the sun wasn’t going to come up if he was elected.” Sanders began to focus on investigative journalism. A series of reports he worked on, called “Dead Giveaway,” earned him an Emmy award. It was prompted by a report in The New York Times that several people who died without a will had their belongings looted by probate court. “If they’re doing that in New York, you know they’re doing that in Chicago,” Sanders recalls. “We uncovered that 100 people who died without a will here didn’t have a television, furniture, nothing — at least that’s what the description was. We knew darn well these people had owned stuff.” As a newsman in Chicago, Sanders has interviewed some gritty characters — and a serial killer. “I once spent an unnerving half hour on the phone in an off-the-record conversation with serial killer John Wayne Gacy about six months before his was executed,” Sanders notes. “My palms were sweating.” On the lighter side, when it comes to movies about broadcast news, Sanders is a fan of the original “Anchorman,” one of the funniest movies he’s ever seen in part because it hit home. “I was an anchor in the ‘70s — we wore these garish sports coats, cranberry and gold,” he says, before noting, “even then I thought they were garish.” In his spare time, Sanders enjoys playing guitar, including with bluesman Buddy Guy and every year in “The Village Follies” show in Winnetka. “There was continuous music coming from our piano growing up. I come from a musical family,” says Sanders, who points to his brother John Lee Sanders (who recently opened a concert for Bonnie Raitt) as additional proof. “He’s been on my show — as the old Mayor Daley said, ‘If you can’t help your family, who can you help?’ “ A longtime Beatles’ fan, Sanders is looking forward to the 50th anniversary of their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. When asked what he would like to do in his life that he hasn’t already, the man who met Elvis Presley as a child CoolSculpting the non-surgical contouring treatmen mentions getting togetheriswith another body well-known musician. eliminates fat from your body. No needles, no surgery and Says Sanders,Developed “I’d love to a long-form, sit-down inter-is FDA-clea bydo Harvard scientists, CoolSculpting view with Paul McCartney.” ■ proven. We will develop your customized plan so you can say


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2/08 – 2/09/14





winnetka office 847.977.3924 mobile


Specializing in luxury North Shore properties 312.405.1606


920 Edgemere Court, Evanston This handsome 6-bedroom, 4.1 bath, brick home, located steps away from the lake, has been masterfully renovated with period detailing meticulously preserved and every modern comfort incorporated. The home offers gorgeous light filled rooms, a smart new kitchen-family room addition and lavish master suite complete with seasonal lake views, all minutes from the City! Offered at $1,895,000

Stop looking, start finding®



THe North shore weekend


Feel good.

WINTER SALE Get Ready For Presidents Day Trips!

It’s hard to enjoy life when an orthopaedic injury or condition is causing you or a loved one pain. IBJI offers a full range of top quality care for both adults and children, treating everything from ankle twists to arthritis. Our physicians and therapists lead the way in joint replacement, sports medicine, rehabilitation, and many other areas. We know that when you move better, you feel better. And that makes life better all around.

Skis & Boots

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ts/ acke


2/08 – 2/09/14

20% Off


an ct P


20%f Of

s oard



Visit us in Highland Park or at

0% 20-5ff* O

Orthopaedic Care | Rehabilitation | MRI | Wellness | Sports Performance Arlington Heights | Bannockburn | Buffalo Grove | Chicago | Des Plaines | Glenview | Grayslake | Gurnee


Highland Park | Lake Forest | Lake Zurich | Libertyville | Lindenhurst | Morton Grove | Wilmette

Kathleen Whalen CNE, GREEN




Whether it’s the North Shore or the City Lights calling you home, I’m your expert!


2/08 – 2/09/14



Whether you need MO RE SP AC E, less space,

or something


give me a call.

Median Price for Home Sales within New Trier District




2012 vs. 2013 Change Homes Sold

2012 vs. 2013 Change Homes Under Contract

2012 vs. 2013 Change # of Units for Sale

Data provided by BrokerMetrics as of 1/29/2014. New Trier District is comprised of Glencoe, Kenilworth, Northfield, Wilmette, and Winnetka single and detached properties.

KATIE TURNER cell 312.929.7356 office 847.881.0200

Please contact me to arrange for a complimentary pricing analysis.

Stop looking, start finding®



THe North shore weekend


2/08 – 2/09/14

454 Buena Road, Lake FoRest

OPen HOuSe

Spacious and spectacular, this remodeled home boasts over 5,200 square feet. Features hardwood floors, wainscoting, moldings, French doors, gourmet kitchen open to family room, handsome library, sunroom, 1st floor office/bedroom and front and back staircases. Fabulous finished lower level replete with recreation room, fireplace, wet bar, exercise room, steam shower & sauna. Brick paver driveway and private yard with two paver patio areas.

Sunday, February 9th 1-4 p.m.

7 beds, 6 full baths & 1 half bath, 3 car garage $1,395,000

For a private showing please call 847.372.6721

5 Star Real Estate Awards/Chicago Magazine in 2011, 2012, 2013 Pat Purcell

Vera Purcell



V isit



827 Cherry, Winnetka



958 Osterman, Deerfield*

www . Vera andpat . com for additional information !



1135 Elmwood, Wilmette



700 Country Lane, Glencoe*



688 Foxdale, Winnetka



225 e. d e e r pat h r d s t e 50 | l a k e f o r e s t



601 Greenwood, Glencoe*



2637 Laurel, Wilmette*

1228 Forest, Wilmette



1217 Longvalley, Glenview

732 Eleventh, Wilmette



906 Gordon Terrace, Winnetka*


481 Grove, Glencoe

Buy Side*

Our greatest compliment is a satisfied client!

Bettye 847-903-3717 | Mary Kay 847-682-4785 |

Double the Valu


Winnetka, IL

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Coldwell Banker Congratulates...




DeerfielD 847.945.7100

evanston Central 847.866.8200

evanston Downtown 847.864.2600

GlenCoe 847.835.0236

Glenview 847.724.5800

HiGHlanD Park 847.433.5400

lake forest 847.234.8000

nortHbrook 847.272.9880

wilmette winnetka 847.256.7400 847.446.4000



lifestyle & arts

THe North shore weekend

2/08 – 2/09/14

theater review

Divine WorD Missionaries religious gift shop CoMMunion anD ConfirMation Gifts: Angels, Cards, Jewelry, Dresses, Bibles, Rosaries, Medals, Accessories and More.

Monday–Friday 10 a.M.–5 p.M. Saturday 10 a.M.–4 p.M. 1835 Waukegan Rd., Northbrook, IL 60082 847-272-7605 N


reCeive 15% off your purChase

Judge Brack (Scott Parkinson) has a word with Hedda Gabler (Kate Fry) at the Writers Theatre in Glencoe.

photography by michael brosilow

The story of a tragic heroine, ‘Hedda Gabler’ enthralls audience ■ by jill soderberg

Is your family struggling? Nicasa can help. • Family Crisis Management • Mental Health • Addiction Counseling • Youth Services • Health Insurance Registration Call 847-433-1303 for an appointment. 1724 1st Street Highland Park, IL 60035 Services available in English and Spanish.

Behavioral Health Services

“Hedda Gabler,” Henrik Ibsen’s 19th-century classic, may be a psychological study of a tragic heroine, but there is nothing ill-fated about the exhilarating production on stage at Writers Theatre in Glencoe. Kate Fry’s magnetic Hedda — one moment polite, the next possessed — demonstrates why the mercurial role is one of the most desired for any actress, a dramatic brass ring securely within Fry’s grasp. Director Kimberly Senior, who has recently received critical acclaim and delighted North Shore audiences with “4,000 Miles” and “The Whipping Man” at Northlight and “The Letters” at Writers, surrounds Hedda with a top-flight cast, and the ensemble delivers a compelling evening of provocative theatre. While set in Norway in 1890, the characters and their struggles — with relationships, societal expectations, desire, and morality — resonate as modern; on the Glencoe stage they are riveting. Spirited but stifled, Hedda is the general’s daughter who has abandoned the fashionable set to become the wife of the earnest but uninspiring Jørgen Tesman (Sean Fortunato), an academic for whom she feels no love. Hedda shuns domesticity and openly disdains Jørgen’s repeated references to her possible pregnancy. Of the six-month honeymoon, she complains, “The most unbearable thing of all? To be with the same person.” Which elicits laughter from an audience who is regularly treated, even in this Victorian tragedy, to the comic Ibsen, one whose humor often sounds surprisingly contemporary. When Judge Brack (Scott Parkinson), who is as much predatory Libertine as “family friend,” visits Hedda, they sit to chat. “So?” begins Hedda.“So?” responds Brack.

“I said it first,” she counters. As the conversation continues and she tells Brack of the events that led her and Tesman to marriage, she sums up the situation with humorous understatement: “My whimsicality had its consequences.” Those consequences are dire. The bored, caged Hedda is unpredictable, even to herself: “Sometimes I can’t help myself. I just do things.” What things? She wields pistols, she insults inferiors, and she amuses herself by exerting influence over the lives of those around her. She delights in spurning the attentions of Judge Brack, who seeks to rekindle romance with her. She attempts to sabotage the sobriety of her former admirer and her husband’s academic rival Eilert Lovborg ( Mark L. Montgomery) as well as to derail his relationship with her hapless former schoolmate Thea Elvsted (Chaon Cross). Mostly she seeks power over those people, her past, and ultimately her own plight. The pistols come out, and there is, as Hedda says, “at last an act that has some beauty.” The play opens with Aunt Julie (Barbara Figgins) and the maid Berte (Kathleen Rhul) readying the newlyweds’ house, filled with a profusion of flowers that are symbolically and literally suffocating to Hedda. Once they’re cleared, Jack Magaw’s set is revealed as an elegant design that serves the story; however, that the “back room” is contiguous to the drawing room and always visible is slightly confusing. But clarity of direction guides this production, and Kate Fry’s assured Hedda succeeds in commanding power over her enthralled audience every step of the way. “Hedda Gabler” runs through March 16 with performances Tuesday through Sunday (matinees on Saturday and Sunday) at Writers Theatre, 325 Tudor Court, Glencoe. For tickets and information, call 847-242-6000 or visit ■

2/08 – 2/09/14

lifestyle & arts



photography by violet dominek Held at The Casino in Chicago, The Women’s Board of Lincoln Park Zoo hosted its live auction fundraiser, ZooLA 2013, with more than 180 guests. Inspired by the graceful swans at the zoo, the evening offered a live auction, as guests were treated to Harry Winston jewels, a one-week stay at the Four Seasons Jackson Hole, Super Bowl tickets, and VIP seats to a taping of Dancing with the Stars. More than $250,000 was raised—the most raised by the Women’s Board live auction event—which will go on to support its pledge to maintain Lincoln Park Zoo’s leadership in conservation, education, and animal care.

Christopher & Susan Mundy

Buzz & Anne Frank

Dana & Ricky Abt Mary Pearlman, Tracy Nolan Jenny Elizabeth Southwell, Maureen Nelson

John Fornengo, Diana Hall

Denise Stefan Ginascol, Kevin Bell, Bridget Campbell

Brian White, Charlotte Monhart, Jim Monhart

Weizmann Institute of Science Annual Midwest Region Gala photography by mitch canoff Nearly 400 supporters of the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science Midwest Region flooded the Fairmont Chicago for the organization’s annual gala dinner, which this year honored Chicago philanthropist and Chairman of the Chicago Cubs Tom Ricketts. Hosted by dinner chair Renée Crown of Wilmette and event chair William A. Marovitz of Chicago, the evening raised more than $600,000, going to support the Weizmann Institute of Science’s mission of bettering the quality of life through scientific research and breakthroughs. From the décor to the food, guests were treated to a Wrigley Field theme, a nod to the evening’s honoree. The highlight of the night was a candid conversation between Marovitz and Ricketts, who discussed how his family became involved with the Cubs and his vision for the future of the team.

Tom Ricketts, Renee Crown, William Marovitz, Marshall Levin Patti Vile, Herb Brenner

Andrew & Betsy Wild

Ann & Joel Platt



THe North shore weekend


2/08 – 2/09/14

NO RT H S H O R E featured liStinGS | all of our listings feature their own website. visit their personalized domain for more details.




SUNDAY 1 - 3 The McEwens 312.254.0200

kenilWorth 6bed/5.1ba

$2,650,000 847.881.0200


hiGhland Park 4bed/4.1ba

$1,549,000 847.881.0200


Wilmette 4bed/4.1ba

$1,425,000 847.881.0200


Susan Segal


Wilmette 4bed/3.1ba $1,025,000 Laurie Foster 847.881.0200

Rita Williams

Elise Rinaldi

Margaret Murphy Burton


$499,000 Geri Emalfarb




Wilmette 5bed/4ba $1,095,000

hiGhland Park 2bed/2.1ba

Susan Segal








kenilWorth 5bed/5.1ba

Glencoe 4bed/4.1ba

Mary Grant




Marcia and Mike Vecchione

lake foreSt 5bed/5.1ba $2,975,000




BannockBurn 6bed/8.2ba



Glencoe 5bed/3.1ba

$899,999 847.881.0200

northfield 4bed/2.1ba

Wilmette 3bed/2.1ba


$449,000 847.432.0700

Kim Kelley

lake foreSt 5bed/3ba

$849,000 847.881.0200

Barbara Redszus

hiGhland Park 3bed/2ba


$399,000 847.432.0700

Deanne Nissen


#Chicago home prices climb most in 25 years in November: Visit @ properties on twitter for the full story. | 847.881.0200

2/08 – 2/09/14





Glencoe 5bed/5.1ba

$2,295,000 Steven Aisen



SUNDAY 2 - 4

northfield 4bed/3.1ba $1,375,000

Glencoe 4bed/3.1ba $1,095,000

George Iacono 847.881.0200

Tamara Kasey 847.881.0200

$5,950,000 8bed/8.4ba 847.881.0200

N EW !

Glencoe Susan maman

Winnetka 3bed/1.1ba

$699,000 Annika Valdiserri

Wilmette 2bed/1.1ba

$679,000 847.881.0200


lake foreSt 4bed/4ba

Wilmette 2bed/2ba

Nancy Johnson 847.763.0200

John Staib



Mary Kay Brunner-Dasse


Winnetka 4bed/2ba


neW Buffalo 4bed/3ba $345,000

Judy Demetriou 847.881.0200

neW Buffalo 2bed/1ba $97,500

Liz Roch

Mario Zarantenello 269.469.0700

269.469.0700 | 847.881.0200

lake foreSt 4bed/2.1ba

$550,000 Lisa Hathaway


• 807 ProSPect | Winnetka 6bed/5.1ba $2,875,000 • 884 hiGGinSon | Winnetka 6bed/6.3ba $4,375,000 • 970 eaStWood | Glencoe 5bed/5.1ba $2,575,000 • 509 WaShinGton | Glencoe 6bed/6.2ba $2,675,000 • 231 WoodlaWn | Glencoe 6bed/6.3ba $3,175,000 • 185 old GreenBay | Glencoe 6bed/6.2ba $3,975,000 514 AbbotSforD | kENNilWorth • 120 mary | Glencoe 6bED/6.2bA $3,575,000 6bed/6.2ba $3,975,000 • 164 oxford | kenilWorth 6bed/6.1ba $3,175,000 • 229 eSSex | kenilWorth 6bed/6.2ba $3,575,000




lifestyle & arts

THe North shore weekend

goings on about towns SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8

Schoolhouse Rock Live Too! | Highland Park Players at Edgewood Middle School Theater | 929 Edgewood Road, Highland Park | 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. (additional shows February 9, 14 and 15) | Tickets $10 | or 847-682-4640 | The show draws its inspiration from the Emmy Awardwinning Saturday morning cartoon series popular in the 1970s. Featuring songs like “Electricity,” “I’m Just

Conservancy members should call 847.835.8261 to receive the registration discount | Emeritus professor and conservation scientist Brian Huntley will speak at the Chicago Botanic Garden describing the long history of botanical exploration of southern Africa, the trials and triumphs of discovery, and the plants contributing to what is now regarded

book, “Kirstenbosch: The Most Beautiful Garden

Little Women: The Musical 

in Africa,” will be available for signing following the lecture. 


The stage adaptation of the American novel “Little

The Warming House Youth Center Comedy Night

Women” by Louisa May Alcott tells the story of the

| Wilmette Theatre | 1122 Central Avenue,

March family and their enduring strength during a time of war. “Little Women” is appropriate for children 5 and up.


Highland Park Strings Gala Performance | Ravinia Festival’s Bennett-Gordon Hall | 3 p.m. (optional pre-concert discussion at 2 p.m.) | Tickets $40 | 847-831-3622 | The concert features soloist Alon Goldstein, an acclaimed Israeli pianist. The performance includes

Wilmette | 7:30 p.m. | Tickets $15 for adults and $10 for students (18 and younger) | | Stand-up comedian Derick Lengwenus will perform; opening will be a New Trier improv group, The Carnegie Hall Comedy Collective. Humor is familyfriendly and benefits the Warming House Youth Center, a haven for high-school-age teens.


Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 8 in F Major, Op. 93” and

Lunchtime Concert

Brahms’ “Concerto No. 2 for Piano in B-flat Major, Op.

| Music Institute of Chicago, Evanston

83.” Both pieces are conducted by Maestro Francesco

Campus | 1702 Sherman Avenue, Evanston


| 12:15-1 p.m. | Lunch is available for


“Changing the World through Faith, Community and Leadership” | Regina Dominican Leadership Institute | 701 Locust Road, Wilmette | Contact Carol Kolodziej, Leadership Institute Director, at 847-256-7660, ext. 259 or for more

purchase from the Pret A Manger Kiosk, and free coffee will be served | musicinst. org | To introduce its faculty to downtown Evanston workers and residents and welcome them to its new campus, the Music Institute of Chicago is offering free lunchtime concerts and conversation one Wednesday per month. February’s concert features Mary Drews on piano and Shigetoshi Yamada on violin, performing

information. |

Fritz Kreisler compositions and arrangements.

The Regina Dominican Leadership Institute will host

Jen Lancaster with Stacey Ballis

Sister Mary Scullion — co-founder and executive director of Project HOME and one of Time magazine’s

| Deerfield Public Library | 920 Waukegan

most influential people in 2009 — for the

Road, Deerfield | 7 p.m. | 847-234-4420 |


Lake Forest author Jen Lancaster, joined by Chicago

Brunch with Author Margaret Hawkins

author Stacey Ballis, will discuss and read from her

| Jolly Good Fellows| Market Square,

for sale from the Lake Forest Book Store.

new novel, “Twisted Sisters.” Books will be available

Lake Forest | 10 a.m. | $35 includes signed

Citadel Theatre 300 S Waukegan Rd. Lake Forest IL, 60045

hardcover book | To register for the event or for more information, call Lake Forest Book Store at 847-234-4420 | Margaret Hawkins’ novel “Lydia’s Party” is about the


online at; Garden

of the world. Copies of his recently published |

Feb. 7 – March 9

Garden and Garden Conservancy members receive a 20 percent discount. | Register

friends brainstorm ways to save it.

Wilmette | 7 p.m. (additional shows

Integrity. Honesty. Respect. Religion. Industrial lubricants.

1000 Lake Cook Road, Glencoe | 2 p.m. | Tickets $35 nonmember; Chicago Botanic

story is set in a fading diner where the owner and her

February 9, 15 and 16) | Tickets $18 |

A play

| Chicago Botanic Garden, Linnaeus Room,

as one of the «magnificent seven» botanical gardens

Wilmette Theatre | 1122 Central Avenue,

Lake Forest, IL

Garden in Africa”

a Bill,” “Interjections,” and “Conjunction Junction,” the

| The Actors Training Center at the

Citadel Theatre Company

2/08 – 2/09/14

Intended for Mature Audiences

power and significance of women›s friendships and the regrets that we all face when we realize we›re approaching — or past — the halfway point of life.

“Kirstenbosch: The Most Beautiful

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34 | sports

It’s all relative Brother act is in full-court session with Highland Park basketball team ■ by bill mclean Highland Park High School boys basketball coach Paul Harris likes to show game film of past Giants teams to his players each year. When five of his current juniors — Luke Norcia, Joey Stempel, Jacob Iden, Jordan Krawitz and Hallvard Lundevall — settle in to view such footage at the school, there will be blood more often than not. Blood of relatives, that is. Norcia, Stempel, Iden, Lundevall and Krawitz are all younger brothers of former HPHS hoopsters. “It’s unique having so many on the same team,” Harris says. “I also think it’s cool. They grew up watching their brothers play, and now they’re all grown up and playing varsity basketball. “We talk all the time about our program’s traditions. We always try to connect our current players to the history of our program.” Where are the older brothers now? Jake Norcia (HPHS, ’12) is a sophomore hoopster at Augustana College. Jonny Stempel (HPHS, ’11) is a junior and political science major at the University of Michigan. Sam Iden (HPHS, ’13) is a freshman at the University of Michigan. Brandon Krawitz (HPHS, ’13) is a freshman at Indiana University. Tellef Lundevall (HPHS, ’09) set school records as a wide receiver at Brown University and might receive a call from a team during the NFL Draft May 8-10. “Our older brothers now watch us play when they’re back home on a break,” says Hallvard Lundevall, who served as a varsity water boy when his big brother played for the Giants. “All of us remember how our brothers played. All of us strive to be like them and uphold their excellence.” The little bros came up big in a home game on Jan. 31, combining for 45 points in an 80-70 defeat of Maine West. Krawitz, a 6-foot-3 forward, was unstoppable in the paint (24 points, 9 rebounds). “My brother [Brandon] was more of a shooter when he was here,” Jordan Krawitz says, adding Brandon plays intramural hoops at Indiana. “[Of HP’s current brother combos], my brother and I are probably the least similar in terms of style of play.” Luke Norcia dropped 14 points on Maine West’s Warriors, including a pair of three-pointers in the Giants’ 19-point first quarter. The 6-2 guard also zipped slick passes for assists throughout the game and finished with three steals. “[Harris] doesn’t just show us film of teams that had good records,” says Luke Norcia, who’s on a Giants team with a penchant for connecting on shots as time expires in quarters — like HP’s 2011-12 team, Jake Norcia’s senior season. Jacob Iden (2 points in the Maine West), a 5-8 guard, has been a clutch shooter this winter as the clock nears 0:00. “Even Highland Park teams that didn’t have great seasons,” Luke Norcia adds, “had strengths that our coach wants us to see on film.” Harris sometimes sees Hallvard Lundevall (5 points in the Maine West game) and calls him … Tellef. If anybody can be forgiven for making such a mistake, it’s Harris. “I’ve caught myself doing that around a couple of my players, and I’ve apologized when it happens,” the coach says, laughing. “I remember saying at a practice, ‘Did I just call you [your big brother’s name]?’ ” The last time the five current players with HPHS hoops alumni battled together on the same basketball team was when they were sixth-graders at Edgewood Middle School.

‘Hall’ pass: HP junior Hallvard Lundevall is the brother of ’09 grad Tellef Lundevall.

photography by george pfoertner

Long arms of the ball: Junior Jordan Krawitz is the brother of ’13 grad Brandon Krawitz.

photography by jon durr Each junior now knows the 2013-14 Giants varsity squad belongs to none of them. “Every year it’s the seniors’ team,” Jordan Krawitz says. “And it’s always the alumni’s program. When we play, we have high expectations. Our coach preaches discipline, and when we play that way we’re also honoring the program’s alumni.” Notable: HP (14-4, 6-1) visits Maine East Feb. 7 at 7:30 p.m., and heads to the Bradley Center in Milwaukee to face Libertyville Feb. 8 at 1:15 p.m. … Giants junior guard David Sachs (3 steals) hit for 18 points in the win against Maine West (9-9, 3-3). Twelve (2 field goals, 8 free throws) of them came in the fourth quarter, when the teams combined for a whopping 59 points. The Warriors netted five of their 11 treys and struck for 31 points in the final frame. HP senior forward Tommy Sutker tossed in 12 of his 14 points after halftime. HP led 30-19 at the half. ■

One-hand Luke: Junior Luke Norcia is the brother of ’12 grad Jake Norcia.

photography by george pfoertner

THe North shore weekend


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$1,795,000 Romantic English Arts & Crafts custom home on prime East lot. New construction in sought after Greeley school district. 6 beds, 4.5 baths. Next to schools, lake and Metra train. Under Construction


COMING SOON: 596 Provident, Winnetka | 6 Beds/5.1 Baths | Pre-Construction Price $1,595,000



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WINNETKA $1,325,000

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GLENCOE $629,000

WILMETTE $600,000

WILMETTE $582,500

2/08 – 2/09/14

2/08 – 2/09/14



She’s got the green light Loyola's Herion shines brightly from three-point range ■ by bill mclean The basketball leaves Mary Kate Herion’s hands, soaring majestically from three-point territory and spinning tightly, perfectly. The Loyola Academy senior’s shot reaches its apex and pauses briefly before beginning a graceful descent. The ball hits iron but barely makes a sound. It soars again and floats feather-like above eager hands. Even Herion’s misses are downright beautiful. “Her shots and shooting form are picture-perfect; Mary Kate has always been a really good shooter,” Loyola senior guard Maggie Nick says of her good friend, a 5-foot-9 guard/forward. “I played against her in grammar school,” she adds, recalling games in which her Chicago-based Queen of All Saints team battled Herion’s Addison-based St. Juliana squad. “You always had to guard her.” Fremd’s visiting Vikings contested most of Herion’s shots on Feb. 1. But Herion had the upper hand, netting five threepointers in the first half of a 48-46 Ramblers victory. She finished with 19 points and six triples. Fremd had entered the game with a 19-2 record. “Mary Kate’s game spreads the court for us,” says LA coach Jeremy Schoenecker, a long-range shooter himself when he attended Notre Dame High School in Niles and Benedictine University in Lisle. “She’s a player who has been working on her shot since the third or fourth grade. She’s dedicated.” During pregame, one of the area’s best three-point shooters likes to start out by shooting a series of two-footers before settling in and firing away from three-point range. “I call those short shots ‘Kerrys,’ ” Herion says, referring to Regina Dominican girls basketball coach Kerry Durham, who coached with Herion’s father, Tom, when the two guided hoopsters at Resurrection HS in Chicago. “Kerry and my dad … they’re good at coming up with shooting drills and teaching all aspects of shooting. My dad likes to tell me, ‘Elbow up,’ or, ‘Be shot-ready.’ ” Not one of Herion’s shots fell in the first quarter of LA’s 52-37 defeat of visiting Niles West on Jan. 30. But that did not deter Schoenecker from encouraging his outside threat to launch away whenever there’s a semblance of an open look. Herion returned to the court at 5:37 of the second quarter, with her team up 14-11. She grabbed a defensive rebound at 5:22 and connected for a trey at 5:14. Her second three-pointer of the frame gave the Ramblers a 21-12 lead, and the second of her two field goals in the final 1:32 of the quarter was set up by her steal. Herion’s line in the second quarter: 10 points, one rebound, one steal. LA’s advantage at the half: 30-14. Game over, essentially. Herion would finish with 10 points, three rebounds and three steals. “I’m kind of hard on myself when I’m not shooting well,” Herion admits. “But [Schoenecker] helps me with my confidence when I’m like that, reminding me that I’ll be fine once I hit a shot.” Herion ranks second among Ramblers in scoring (12 ppg) behind Nick (15 ppg) this winter. She is averaging 4.5 boards per game for an 18-8 team, which beat visiting St. Joseph 51-36 in a Girls Catholic Athletic Conference Red Tournament opener on Feb. 3. Herion, an all-GCAC pick, poured in a career-high 21 points in a 72-56 loss to New Trier on Nov. 22. Br. Lee Colombino, SJ, a fine arts teacher at Loyola, had not watched a Ramblers girls basketball this winter before planning to attend the Niles West-Loyola game, a contest that was originally scheduled for Jan. 28. Cold temperatures postponed the game. Herion, one of Colombino’s students in a Studio I class, asked him, “What are you doing [on Jan. 28]?” When he told her of his intent to check out the game, she informed him that he would be more than just a spectator on Jan. 30, the rescheduled date. Colombino was Herion’s choice for the Ramblers’ “Faculty Appreciation Night.” The teacher and the shooter were introduced to the spectators during a brief pre-tip ceremony.

At-ten-tion getter: Senior Mary Kate Herion, seen here during earlier action this winter, is a long-distance shooting threat for Loyola Academy.

photography by joel lerner “She’s aggressive, and the way she was dropping those threes [in the second quarter] … fantastic,” Colombino said while sitting in the bleachers at halftime. “In class,” he added, “she’s really diligent, focused on her work. She asks questions and likes to dive in. Mary Kate is upbeat and thoughtful — an ideal student.” Herion is looking at the University of Iowa and the University of Minnesota. One of her interests is physical therapy. “Or sports broadcasting and journalism,” she says. “I want to stick with sports, be in a career involving sports.” There’s no doubt she’ll give such a career her best shot. Bank on it. Or swish on it. Notable: Nick netted 14 points, and junior forward Sarah Elston finished with 10 points and seven boards in the Ramblers’ GCAC Red Tournament opener on Feb. 3. … LA was scheduled to face St. Ignatius in a GCAC Red Tournament semifinal at Mother McAuley on Feb. 5. … Nick finished with 12 points, five rebounds, three assists and two steals in the impressive win over Fremd on Feb. 1. LA sophomore forward Liz Satter contributed eight points and seven rebounds. … In LA’s 44-43 defeat of Maine South on Jan. 29, junior guard Tyra Mills hit the game-winning layup with 2.9 seconds left. … Nick netted a game-high 16 points, grabbed seven rebounds and collected five steals in the win over Niles West last week. Ramblers senior forward Lucy Melbinger came down with a game-high 10 rebounds. In the same game, Loyola almost had as many steals (8) as points (11) in the first quarter. … Schoenecker, on Herion off the court: “She’s funny. She usually has a humorous comment for everybody.” ■






THe North shore weekend

One tough Trevian ■ by kevin reiterman New Trier High School’s Matt McCaffrey, who brings a strong football disposition to the basketball court, wasn’t trying to earn any style points when he rose up and tried to block a shot by Maine South’s George Sargeant. It was a hard foul. Seattle Seahawks hard. It also was a Mission Improbable; Sargeant stands 6-foot-7, McCaffrey checks in at 6-0. But, such challenges never seem to scare away “Mad Dog” McCaffrey, who just might be the best sixth man in the CSL South this season. McCaffrey was whistled for a personal foul. Maine South’s Tony Lavorato, Jr., who eventually watched his team walk away with a 67-55 victory over the host Trevians on Jan. 31, wanted more. In fact, the excitable — and extremely successful — Hawks head coach was fit to be tied. He turned into “Captain Animation,” throwing his arms up and gesturing the flagrant foul symbol — and then repeating it several times — while jumping up and down along the Hawks’ sideline. But his plea produced no repeal. The referees stuck to their initial ruling. Meanwhile, McCaffrey turned into Mr. Temerity. While all this was happening, the senior guard strode over and positioned himself near the Hawks’ coach. He just stood there. Lavorato stared him down. No words were exchanged. Calm was restored. “That was just an act of gamesmanship on my part,” said McCaffrey, in a postgame interview. “That’s all that was.” McCaffrey, a three-sport athlete (football, basketball and baseball) at the school, arguably came up with his best game ever. In a reserve role, he finished with 15 points, four assists, two rebounds and two steals. “He gave us a spark, which was exactly what we needed from a guy off the bench,” said New Trier head coach Scott Fricke, noting that his team fell behind by 15 points, 19-4, early in the second quarter. “We needed some toughness on the court, and he gave it to us.

“Matt is not afraid to make a play,” the coach added. “That kid has so much courage. He doesn’t mind going up against kids who are a lot bigger than him.” And he doesn’t mind being creative. McCaffrey used an array of circustype shots to tally seven of his team’s 14 points in the second quarter. His first bucket? Pure “spin-duggery”. He drove the lane, made a spin move, twisted his body around and flipped up a shot with his back to the basket. Then, after converting a fast break layup off a steal, McCaffrey went inside again and tossed in an off-balanced, upand-under shot which hung on the front of the rim and dropped in. “It’s something we work on in practice,” said McCaffrey. “We work on finishing weird layups against contact. You just have to keep your eye on the rim.” McCaffrey, who received extended minutes in this game, also came through in the third quarter, when he canned back-to-back three-pointers. “Shooting the three-pointer is the main facet of my game,” said McCaffrey. “I got two of them to go down,” he added. “I was really deep on the last one and taking it then was ill-advised, especially since we weren’t in a desperation (mode). But I was feeling it. And it felt good when it came off my hand.” Like his coaches, McCaffrey was unhappy with the way his team started the game. “It boggles the mind,” McCaffrey said. “To come out and play the way we did against a team we dislike as much as Maine South … it made me sick.” Notable: It didn’t take long for the Trevians (14-9, 2-5) to bounce back. On Feb. 1, junior Robbie Abuls drilled a game-winning three-pointer with less than a second left to give his team a 59-56 victory over Niles Notre Dame in the opening game of the War on the Shore Tournament at Loyola Academy. Abuls made five threes and finished the game with a team-best 19 points. Seniors Jordan Thomas (14 points) and Ricky Samuelson (13 points) also had big outings. In the loss to Maine South (16-5, 7-0), Thomas tallied 11 of his game-high 18 points in the fourth quarter. Junior guard David Hammes had 12 points, including eight in the third quarter. ■

2/08 – 2/09/14

McCaffrey not one to back down from a challenge

Rough and tumble: Matt McCaffrey of the Trevians prepares to shoot an acrobatic shot against Maine South.

photography by joel lerner

‘War’ hero: Kucera scores game-winner ■ by kevin reiterman Kevin Kucera may have lost some personal battles. But the war? The senior point guard made sure Loyola Academy won that. Kucera’s driving layup with 3.3 seconds left to play lifted the host Ramblers to a thrilling 60-59 victory over St. Viator in the final game of the 4th Annual War on the Shore Tournament on Feb. 1. “Kevin had confidence and made a big-time play,” said LA head coach Tom Livatino. After the game, the Ramblers and their fans celebrated like it was the Fourth of July. “It’s okay to celebrate like that after a game like this,” LA coach said. “But this team has higher goals than just

the here and now. We’re focused on the prize.” With the win, the Ramblers improved their overall record to 18-2. Their lone setbacks came in December against two highly regarded Florida teams in the Kingdom of the Sun Tournament. Livatino didn’t like everything he saw on Saturday night. “I was disappointed with our defense,” the LA coach said. “We did some things on defense that were a little out of character. For us, playing defense is personal.” Kucera admitted that he some tough moments against St. Viator guard Patrick McNamara. “I blew some assignments against him,” admitted Kucera. “And I take full responsibility.” McNamara wound up leading all scorers with 24 points. But the last hurrah? That went to Kucera. “That’s just how things work out sometimes,” said Kucera,

who finished the game with 13 points, three assists and two steals. Loyola’s other leading scorers were Jack Morrissey (21 points) and James Clarke (14 points). Junior center Griffin Boehm also had a solid night: eight points, seven rebounds and three assists. “We trust one another (on this team),” said Kucera. “And that last shot could’ve been taken by anyone.” But a lane to the basket opened up so slightly, and the left-handed Kucera was able to beat his defender (junior Roosevelt Smart) off the dribble. “We found a way to win tonight,” said Livatino. “And that’s impressive.” Notable: The other War on the Shore Tournament winner was the Danny Did Foundation. The event raised $3,060 for the local charity. ■

2/08 – 2/09/14






Durbin, Harmon and Wang medal at conference — while wearing new threads ■ by kevin reiterman Matt Fiordirosa, head wrestling coach at Lake Forest High School, was looking to motivate his guys. Thus, he dangled a carrot. He started a tradition. Any Scout who made it to the Grand March (remaining top six in each weight class) at the North Suburban Conference meet at Vernon Hills on Feb.1 got to model … a shiny new singlet. Specially ordered. Light blue with the school logo placed inside a shield. “These singlets,” said Fiordirosa, with a smile, “have super powers. “They’ll help you win a close match.” Truth or coincidence? Three of the four Scouts — Regis Durbin, Matt Harmon and Ryan Wang — who competed in the first-, third- and fifth-place matches, came away with tight victories. Wang, who has received very little fanfare during his four seasons in the Lake Forest program, earned all-conference recognition by edging Lake Zurich’s Josh Cramer 9-8 in the fifth-place bout. “That match could’ve gone either way,” said Wang. “It came down to willpower.” It was tense. Wang took a 9-8 advantage with 37 seconds left and was able to stave off a number of counter moves by Cramer.

“I’m sure my parents were dying watching it,” he said. Wang (11-6) medaled the hard way. After falling to Mundelein’s Matt Hutchison 4-2 in his opening match, Wang went 3-1 in the wrestlebacks. “He didn’t really do anything out of the ordinary,” Fiordirosa. “He did basic stuff, and he did it well.” Part of Wang’s success could be attributed to his training in taekwondo. His claim to fame was winning silver medals at two major AAU events in 2011: U.S. Nationals in Austin, Texas and U.S. Team Trials in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. “There’s a lot of similarities with wrestling and taekwondo,” said Wang. “There’s the one-on-one nature of the two sports. It’s strength against strength. And you also have to be able to read your opponent.” Wang, who would like to be a diplomat someday, also absorbs himself in history. “I like to study history for the past-tense perspective,” said Wang. “I think everything in history is interconnected.” Wang certainly has built a connection with his coaches and fellow teammates at Lake Forest. “Over the past four years, a lot has been transformed with our wrestling program,” he said. “Not only with myself but with the whole team. We’ve developed as a family. It’s been a cool experience.

Wang's World: Ryan Wang of the Scouts pins Round Lake’s Dan Hernandez is the 138-pound wrestlebacks.

photography by joel lerner “We have an excellent coach,” he added. “He’s changed the pace of our practices.” Durbin and Harmon have been two of the program’s mainstays. Durbin, who is ranked ninth by Illinois Matmen, upped his record to 31-0 on Saturday, when he edged Antioch’s George Bessette 5-3 in the 195-pound title match. “I can’t explain how good it feels (to win conference),” said Durbin, who was a star quarterback for the LF football team in the fall. “You work so hard to get what you want. And after it happens, it’s such a great feeling.

“And then,” he added, “I get to watch my drill partner [Harmon] take third [at 220 pounds].” Harmon (23-6), who earned all-league honors for the second year in row, pulled out a taut 4-3 overtime win over Stevenson’s Seth Harris. The Scouts, who finished 12th in the team standings with 59 points, also received a solid effort from junior Corey Knudsen (2511). He participated in the Grand March but then fell to 30-match winner Nick Moore of Round Lake in the 145-pound fifth-place match. ■

is proud to welcome Linda R. Schwartz

Home wasn’t built in a day. Let’s get started. LINDA R. SCHWARTZ real estate broker Cell: 847.702.7077 607 Central Ave. Highland Park, IL 60035

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THe North shore weekend

OPEN Sunday | 12 - 2 PM

2/08 – 2/09/14

New Trier's Taylor Kwok embraces a teammate after her bars routine at the CSL South Invite.

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photography by joel lerner

Taylor-made for u-bars ■ by bill mclean Taylor Kwok was a one-trick gymnast for New Trier last winter. She vaulted. Trevians coach Jennifer Pistorius doubled Kwok’s workload this winter. Kwok, a sophomore, now vaults and performs on the uneven bars for a squad shooting to make a third straight state appearance later this month. “I was a little nervous before the start of the season,” Kwok admitted at the Central Suburban League South Invite at Maine South on Feb. 1. “But what helped was hearing [Pistorius] say, ‘You can do it.’ ” Kwok served as the Trevians’ lead-off gymnast on bars at the league meet. A score from a team’s lead-off gymnast in an event normally doesn’t count because only the top four scores get tallied. But Kwok nailed a fourth-place 9.05 bars routine — sharp and smooth enough to rank second among teammates. Trevians senior Stephanie Steen (9.4) captured gold in the event. “Taylor has really good lines [while executing her routine],” Pistorius said. “She’s clean, and she works really hard.” Two summers ago, months before her freshman year, Kwok toiled diligently on bars. It can be an unforgiving event, physically and emotionally. “A lot of blisters, a lot of tears,” Kwok recalled. “I practiced on bars a lot … routine after routine, step by step.” Kwok made the varsity last year, primarily as a vaulter for a program that placed eighth (141.775 points) at state the previous year. The Wilmette Gymnastics Club member helped the Trevians finish fourth (145.375) at state in the 2012-13 season. “She stays tight [on bars], and that’s why her scores are always high ones,” said New Trier sophomore Claire Hartman, a JV gymnast. Kwok also placed seventh on vault (9.15) at Maine South, as the Trevians successfully defended their CSL South championship with a 144.125-point effort. But there is so much more to Kwok than her steady, valuable routines atop mats. She’s an all-around … teen. In addition to having a melodious singing voice and being a talented pianist, Kwok has a knack for serving as the ideal teammate. About the only time she doesn’t smile at meets is when she’s being judged during events. “There’s never a day when she isn’t

happy,” Hartman said. “She’s super enthusiastic, always supportive of everybody on the team, always smiling. “Taylor,” she added, “is so loving, so caring. She’s like a sister to everybody.” Kwok and Hartman first met in the fifth grade at a Wilmette Gymnastics Club practice session. Kwok was a level-6 gymnast then. Hartman was an impressed level-5 gymnast then. “Taylor was good, so good,” recalled Hartman, runner-up on beam (8.3) at the CSL South JV Invite, also staged at Maine South on Feb. 1. “It was so easy to recognize her talent, watching her in the gym that day.” Kwok’s twin brother, Nicholas, is as supportive of Taylor as Taylor is of NT’s gymnasts. Before last weekend’s CSL South Invite, Nicholas, a sprinter in track and field, texted Taylor a message with symbols outlining an image of a whale. It made his twin sis smile. “I’m going to have to come up with a special text message for him before his track meets this spring,” Taylor said. A day after the league meet, Taylor Kwok headed to Northwestern University to take a theory (piano) test. She played a piece in front of a judge and then took a written test. Gripping the uneven bars one day, tickling the ivories the next. “I haven’t played at a recital since May,” Kwok said. She’s been busy — busy fine-tuning her gymnastics skills. Notable: NT sophomore Peyton Burns (9.0375 average) and juniors Sam Stoddart (8.8563) and Claire Egerter (8.8188) went 3-5-6 in the all-around at the CSL South Invite. Stoddart silvered on beam (9.5) and floor (9.475) and bronzed on vault (9.3). Egerter took third on beam, and Burns was third on floor (9.275). Sophomores Lauren Chung (beam) and Ana Dabrowski (floor) also competed for NT. Lake Forest HS On the last day of the month and at her last North Suburban Conference girls gymnastics invite, Scouts senior Brittany Moccia finished first — in the all-around (9.3875 average) and on floor (9.6). Moccia’s splendid showing helped the Scouts place fourth (132.3 points) at Libertyville High School on Jan. 31. “Brittany did an incredible job,” LF coach Alison Gildemeister said. “She pulled everything together.” Moccia also silvered on bars (9.55) and beam (9.15) gymnastics >> page 41

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Adam Wolf/Lake Forest Boys Basketball: The 6-foot-5 junior, who had been sidelined with an injury, came up with 13 points and eight rebounds in LF’s 88-51 win over visiting Mundelein on Feb. 1. Evan Boudreaux tallied 22 points and 10 rebounds, while Noah Karras added 13 points. On Jan. 29, Boudreaux led the way (27 points, 12 rebounds) in the team’s 65-47 victory over visiting Libertyville. Cal Miller and Dane Roberts scored eight points apiece for the Scouts (16-4). Dejon Brissett/LF Academy Boys Basketball: He sparked the Caxys (7-6) to a 41-33 victory over host CICS-Longwood on Feb. 1. The junior scored 21 points on three dunks and three three-pointers. Senior James Wick came off the bench to score nine points. Diago Quinn had seven blocks and 10 rebounds.




Sunday, February 16, 2014 at 3PM Nichols Concert Hall 1490 Chicago Avenue Evanston Wagner | Siegfried Idyll Mahler | Rückert-Lieder Lully/Strauss | Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme

Alexa Czyzynski/New Trier Girls Basketball: She had nine points and three assists in NT’s 43-39 setback to host Maine South on Jan. 31. Jackie Welch had six points, five rebounds and two assists for the Trevians (20-2).

Excerpts from Molière’s Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme performed by actors from Chicago’s Court Theatre

Scott Speck, Conductor Susan Platts, Mezzo-Soprano

Annie Keller/Lake Forest Girls Basketball: The senior had 19 points and eight rebounds in the team’s 53-46 setback to Zion-Benton on Jan. 31. On Jan. 28, she finished with 15 points and nine rebounds in a 65-44 loss to visiting Deerfield.


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Jack Tresley/Highland Park Swimming: The senior touched first in the 100-yard butterfly (57.22) and swam on a pair of victorious relays (200 medley, 200 freestyle), helping host HPHS beat reigning Central Suburban League North champion Niles North 122-61 on Jan. 31.■

gymnastics >> from 40

and took fifth on vault (9.25). Scouts sophomore Sara Rossman notched season-high marks in three events and placed 10th in the all-around (8.2375). Highland Park HS They waited and waited and waited some more. Highland Park’s Giants had to sit for nearly 30 minutes before finally getting to execute their beam routines at the Central Suburban League North girls gymnastics meet at Glenbrook North on Jan. 31. “It was almost like going to beam cold,” HP coach Jose Salazar said. But his Giants performed admirably after the lengthy delay and earned three top-seven scores, paced by senior Emily Ablin’s third-place 8.6. Giants junior Bianca Oviedo took fifth (8.35), two spots ahead of HP sophomore Avery Spitz (8.25). HP junior Ellie Maites also hit her beam routine. HP finished third (123.825), bettering its finish at last year’s league meet by a place. ■


“One of the country’s finest symphonic orchestras.”

Matthew Morrette/NSCD Boys Basketball: The sophomore guard poured in 36 points — on 13-of-21 shooting from the field — in a 69-59 defeat of Noble Charter on Jan. 31. He also dished six assists. Senior teammate Ian Meyer finished with 10 points and 11 rebound, and Raiders junior Andrew Case netted 11 points.

Lexy Cook/NSCD Girls Basketball: The freshman center came down with 16 rebounds, including nine offensive, in a 45-40 loss to Christian Liberty on Jan. 30. The Raiders defeated Lycee Francais 45-35 for their 10th win the next day, behind junior cocaptain Annie Kroll’s 15 points and six steals and senior co-captain Becca Slotkin’s 11 boards (7 off the offensive glass). Kroll totaled 27 points and 11 steals in the two games.


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the Country houSe 179 East Deerpath Road Lake Forest 847.234.0244


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laSt Day Saturday February 15

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perfect weekend

THe North shore weekend

2/08 – 2/09/14

Joanna and Derrick come together visiting Beatles’ hotspots

We had a short trip to England a couple of years ago that was pretty spectacular. It was our first time there. We flew Virgin and were upgraded into first-class pods. The plane had better wine lists than most restaurants on the North Shore. We had a candlelight dinner. We didn’t want to leave the plane when we landed. Music brought Jo and I together — one of the best parts of our relationship is sharing musical knowledge — and we started the trip by going to a violin auction at Sotheby’s. I (Suede) had a 1753 violin from Bologna, Italy, that I had paid $100 for at a North Shore garage sale. We got $37,000 for it. We went to where the Beatles’ headquarters were when they played “Let It Be” on the rooftop. We enjoyed a private day-long tour of the Abbey Road Studios. I literally about fainted at one point. Joanna grabbed me and said, “You’re forgetting to breathe.” We heard tracks that hadn’t been separated for 40 years. They have the piano Paul McCartney used to play “Lady Madonna.” I sat down and played it.

“We went inside Ringo Starr’s old home — and the woman who lives there has all this Ringo paraphernalia. As we got close to Penny Lane, he put that song on the car stereo.”

Joanna Claypool enjoys a moment with her fiancé Derrick “Suede” Stout, who is president and chief executive officer of Darwin Records in Highland Park. Suede's Beatles' tribute band will play at Lovell's of Lake Forest on Valentine's Day.

photography by bobby becker

We took a three-hour train to Liverpool — and got there late and missed the last Beatles’ tour. But a woman in a shop said a friend of hers had his own Fab Four tour. It was unbelievable. We went inside Ringo Starr’s old home — and the woman who lives there has all this Ringo paraphernalia. As we got close to Penny Lane, he put that song on the car stereo. He took us to Eleanor Rigby’s grave. Food was a challenge. There’s a reason England gets a bad rap. But we went to a sushi restaurant in London where every table has a conveyor belt that goes around, and you take the plates off that look good to you. We found a place called Black and Blue to get good hamburgers. We look forward to going back to England some day. Joanna Claypool and Derrick Stout, as told to David Sweet. ■








THe North shore weekend


2/08 – 2/09/14



Ferrari Lake Forest

born to race

This is a car of rare elegance inspired by one of the great Ferraris of the past — the 250 California of 1957. It has become a symbol not only of style, fashion and innovation, but also of exclusivity, magnificent craftsmanship and superior refinement. The mid-front 8-cylinder, Ferrari California is a convertible GT with a retractable hard-top. It is a Coupe and Spider rolled into one — it is truly a car with multiple personalities. To see it is a delight to the eye, to drive it… well, you’ll see why experts say, “It’s born to race.” See this and other limited edition sportscars at Ferrari Lake Forest.

Ferrari Lake Forest


L A K E B L U F F, I L L I N O I S



Passion and innovation.


Ferrari Lake Forest

They are at the heart of every vehicle that bears the Prancing Horse emblem and are the driving force behind everything we do at Lake Forest Sportscars. Indulging the requests of our clients is always our highest priority. Whether you are new to the Ferrari family or a devoted enthusiast, the team at Lake Forest Sportscars shares your appreciation for exceptional performance – on the road and on the track.


We invite you to experience the latest innovations from Maranello, born out of an unparalleled racing heritage. Among our products sure to increase your heart rate is the revolutionary FF. The FF is the first production Ferrari to offer a four-wheel drive system and includes Ferrari’s exclusive 7-Year Genuine Maintenance Program.

Ferrari Lake Forest


L A K E B L U F F, I L L I N O I S




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