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12/21 – 12/22/13

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Their dedication to churches is a joy to the world


hristmas Eve services have become incredibly popular across the North Shore. On Dec. 24, most churches offer four worship times to meet the demand. At some, one must arrive at least an hour in advance to guarantee seating that features a view of the reverend rather than be escorted to another room with a piped-in video display. Some may say “Hallelujah!” that so many are flocking to churches that day. But a good number are two-timers — not in the sense that they’re cheating on anyone, but because they attend church twice a year (the other time on Easter). Everyone in the pews that day, whether regulars or rarities, should appreciate the amount of work that goes into those services. Our ministers in every congregation give up their personal Christmas Eve plans — whether they simply involves last-minute wrapping or sharing eggnog with family and friends — to deliver the word of Jesus Christ’s birth to all of us. And think of the choirs, all volunteers who practice hard weeks ahead of time to ensure “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” resonates with one sterling voice. Bill McLean — the son of an Episcopal priest — is the perfect writer to capture North Shore church traditions around Christmas. His look at a play put on for children whose parents are in prison is inspiring. Read his piece inside. Abt Electronics is not a house of worship, to be sure, but it draws its own flock daily because of the comfort it provides. Hot cookies are offered to customers, and

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Holiday cheer that lasts all year.

children can gawk at the fish in the salt-water aquarium or become engulfed in a giant bubble. “The kids will be entertained while the parents shop,” notes Jon Abt, one of four brothers — along with father Bob — running the store in various capacities. “It’s all about the experience.” It’s almost a cliché that a family business will destruct due to infighting, but Jon is convinced the 77-year-old firm is here to stay. “My brothers and I, we all get along,” he says. to make your holiday extra cheerful, we’re taking “We try not to step on each other’s toes.” Find out $50 off every $250 purchase of Yves delorme bed how he left a career in music marketing to rejoin or bath linens from december 7th - 24th. the family firm in Sunday Breakfast. The Perfect Weekend often profiles a couple who recount a special trip they have taken — sites they saw, restaurants they enjoyed and more, with the cHicago Hinsdale lake forest winnetka idea our readers may want to go there, too. But 773 404 2020 630 655 0497 847 295 8370 847 441 0969 this week, it’s unlikely anyone will want to visit the spot Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus say they prefer: the North Pole. As they confided, they were once asked to travel to Los Angeles to be on “The12.13 BSM NSW Dec YDL promo FIN.indd 1 11/25/13 Merv Griffin Show,” but Mrs. Claus is scared of earthquakes. The only shaking she wants to hear, she explained, is Santa’s stomach — which some say is like a bowlful of jelly. The final page of this paper holds their tale. Enjoy the weekend.


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