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Highland Park graD Dustin Borenstein will take his game to the next level. P. 32

Deborah Rine’s first novel has North Shore influence. P. 18

social media Stephanie Hochschild takes over at venerable Book Stall. P. 16

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Brooke Farrell with Blacky

Taking the reins


Enthusiasm for riding horses gallops along on North Shore. P8

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THe North shore weekend


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9 9 0 N O R T H S H O R E D R I V E • L A K E B L U F F, I L L I N O I S 847.295.6560 W W W. L FS C .CO M

07/27 – 07/28/13

07/27 – 07/28/13



North ShorE’S PrEmIEr

Interior Design resource and retail Boutique 266 E Deerpath, Lake Forest, IL 60045

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THe North shore weekend


Love where you live!

Helping clients with their important life decisions in a creative and personable way.” Ryan Newberry L’Heureux

(o) 847.432.0700 (c) 847.999.8433 607 Central Ave. Highland Park, IL 60035

07/27– 07/28/13

07/27 – 07/28/13


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A tribute to the mAn who chAnged wAtchmAking forever

S:11.5 in

northbrook court • 847-564-8030 old orchard center • 847-679-1837

T:12.5 in

In 1821, Nicolas Rieussec changed watchmaking forever with the invention of the first chronograph. Today, the Montblanc TimeWalker Chronograph Automatic is a tribute to the chronograph’s technical evolution. 43 mm stainless steel case, skelleted horns and sapphire crystal back, black calfskin strap with white stitching. Crafted in the Montblanc Manufacture in Le Locle, Switzerland.




THe North shore weekend

07/27 – 07/28/13

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North Shore Weekend News 08


Social whirl

In the saddle

Take a look at some of the top parties attended by North Shore residents recently.

Riding horses is still a popular pastime, and competitive riding — such as dressage — is growing on the North Shore.

Real Estate 26

North Shore Offerings Take a look at two intriguing houses in our towns.


Open Houses Find out — complete with map — what houses you can walk through for possible purchase on the North Shore on Sunday.

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Curb appeal Lawns on the North Shore are well taken care of, and residents are happy to use lawn-care companies to mow and maintain their grass.


golden arm Ethan Hunt, a 12-year-old baseball player from Lake Forest, went to a tournament in Cooperstown, N.Y., and made a name for himself.

Social Media Stephanie Hochschild has taken over at The Book Stall in Winnetka, and she is consumed by what’s going on in the publishing world.

Lifestyle & Arts 18

Sunday Breakfast Deborah Rine has written “The Lake,” a mystery novel where a dead body is found in the town of Banner Bluff — which has great similarities to one North Shore village.


goings on about towns Find out about the best events coming up this week in the North Shore.


Last but not least… 42

Perfect Weekend Bill and Leda Bishoff of Wilmette reflect on glorious days and evenings up in Wisconsin.

07/27 – 07/28/13

first word


A story straight from the horse’s mouth


’m not exactly what you’d call a horse whisperer. Never have I mounted a horse, nor have I hung out at stables. Sure, as a kid I enjoyed the TV show “Mr. Ed” — featuring a talking horse — but that didn’t prompt me to demand one for Christmas. My major interest in the mammal occurs each May, when I drive to an offtrack betting site and place a few bucks on a sure winner in the Kentucky Derby. But many on the North Shore are passionate about horses, especially when it comes to riding them. Some prefer a trot on a quiet trail, while others enjoy competitive riding, which has grown significantly on the North Shore in the past few years. Explains Denise Dennehy Lenn, whose parents were both noted horse riders, “With other sports, like tennis, a tennis racket doesn’t have its own opinion. The beautiful thing about this sport is that you’re working with another mind.” Read Angelika Labno’s piece on page 8. Horses eat grass, but suburban lawns wouldn’t look so good if they grazed there. The hard work is often done by lawn-care companies, which flourish on the North Shore. Homeowners are happy to defer

mowing and weeding to professionals, regardless of what they charge. Bill McLean reports about lawn care in these pages — a piece far more interesting than watching grass grow. For Stephanie English, the grass seemed greener in the real world rather than school. She dropped out of college, failing to complete even her freshman year, and began working. She became one of the top women in advertising, procuring an executive position at Leo Burnett back when the advertising world was more like the television show “Mad Men.” Her hard work was key. Back then, anyone staying after 7 p.m. at the firm received $3 for dinner. English often worked into the night, but she kept saving the $3 payments. “After three years,” she says, “I bought myself a mink coat!” Read about her reflections in Bob Gariano’s Main Street column in Business

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Tully Irish Dancers Sunday Night August 4th. Reservations accepted.

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8 | news

Brooke Farrell hangs out with Blacky at Shadowbrook Farm in Mettawa. Her mother, Caroline, is a longtime horse rider.

photography by joel lerner

A breed apart

Riding horses — especially competitively — remains a passion on the North Shore ■ by angelika labno When Melissa Fleisher of Highland Park turned 16, her parents said she could have a horse or a car. She chose a car and never rode again. When she turned 40, her father — who owns racehorses — offered a deal. If she could find a place that could convert one of the horses to a saddle horse, she could be hers. After interviewing several stables around the North Shore, she settled with Celebration Farm, part of Shadowbrook Farm in Mettawa. It was a challenging feat for both Fleisher and Nosey, a black thoroughbred. She jokes that she couldn’t walk for a month since she hadn’t used those riding muscles in so long, whereas Nosey was temperamental and tried to race the other horses. “She would start galloping and bucking — it was like a rodeo!” said Fleisher. “The trainer worked diligently to calm her down, and now she’s as slow as molasses.” Though riding on the North Shore was more commonplace half a century ago — when places like Onwentsia Club in Lake Forest had stables — it still has many adherents, and competitive horseback riding is actually growing. Riders don’t need to drive far to pursue their passion — though they do need a hefty savings account to pay for feeding, veterinary costs, saddles and more. With four kids keeping her busy at home, Fleisher decided to splurge on the “Rolls Royce” level of full service at Celebration. Full service at stables can cost up to $1,500 a month, which includes bathing the horse and blanketing it in the winter. There are cheaper options. At Freedom Woods in Morton Grove, boarding starts around

$700 a month and includes stall cleaning, bedding changes and two feedings per day. For those looking to start riding, Caroline Farrell, a seasoned competitive rider who grew up in Lake Forest, suggests searching barns in Lake County — especially those with school horses — and visiting. There are various breeds, such as warmbloods and quarter horses, and some are better suited to riding goals (such as racing or jumping). “When you find the right horse, it’s worth its weight in gold,” said Farrell.

“When you find the right horse, it’s worth its weight in gold.” | Caroline Farrell Olde Welbourne’s head trainer and third-generation equestrian Denise Dennehy Lenn specifies that for beginners, the most important part is always safety, then the athleticism of the horse. “Your focus is going to be on how the horse takes care of the rider,” she says. Coming from a family of professionals — with father Charles a former member of the U.S. Equestrian Team and mother Daphne an American Horse Shows Association Horsewoman of the Year — Lenn knows the competitive world from a trainer’s perspective and from a competitor’s. She notes that the popularity of competitive horseback riding — especially hunter/jumper and dressage — has increased terrifically on the North Shore in the past few years. “With other sports, like tennis, a tennis racket doesn’t have its own opinion,” said Lenn. “The beautiful thing

about this sport is that you’re working with another mind.” For those who just want to enjoy trail riding, many barns offer year-round lessons in indoor tracks. Equestrian Connection in Lake Forest specializes in horseback riding for those with special needs. Many others offer summer camps where kids learn riding skills in addition to horse health, nutrition and maintenance. Farrell’s daughter, Brooke, who is part of U. S. Hunter Jumper Association, is especially excited for her upcoming camp session. “There’s nothing better than having that bond with a horse,” she said. “I go ride the horse, play with him, hug him and braid his hair.” The human-horse connection and the phenomenon of “horse whisperers” is truly an inspiring one. When Farrell was pregnant with Brooke, her Lipizzaner mare Beladona would not touch her. Once Brooke was old enough to sit on and pet her, the horse would bow her head nearly to the ground as they approached her. For Beladona’s 21st birthday, they treated her to champagne and carrot cake. When she was laid to rest after 17 years, friends came to the home with flowers and memories of the personable horse. Farrell says that her horse taught her to live in the moment. “If you show up in a hurry or you’re anxious, they’re anxious,” she notes. “I had Beladona go and nip me, almost as if she’s trying to slap me and say, ‘Leave your baggage at the door.’ “ She adds that what you put into a horse is what you get out of it. “It’s just like any relationship in life. At the end of the day, it’s a privilege to ride with a horse, and it’s a gift never to be taken for granted. ■

07/27 – 07/28/13



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THe North shore weekend

Attractive lawns on the North Shore require constant attention, often from lawn care companies.

photography by joel lerner

The grass is greener North Shore yards get big boost from professional care ■ by bill mclean For an interior designer, Missie Bender of Glencoe sure knows what looks good outside. The back yard of her Tudor house — built in 1928, on Maple Hill Road — features a plush lawn, English Tudor garden, a woodland garden and a meandering path. Blades of grass under the sun vs. a luxurious carpet under a roof? Bender weighed in. “Equally important,” she insisted. “It gives a homeowner pleasure, being able to

look out at a beautiful yard from inside a beautiful house. “I’m all for attention to detail.” The thought of regularly taking good care of their front and back lawns is daunting for many homeowners along the North Shore. That’s why the vast majority of them hire lawn care and landscaping companies to deploy three- to five-man crews to mow, trim, weed, rake, prune and edge once a week. “My guess is that 75 percent of North Shore homeowners, at least, rely on professionals to maintain their lawns,” said Susan Maman,

a senior real estate broker consultant at @ properties in Winnetka. “It’s physically hard, it’s often either too hot or too cold outside, and both spouses these days usually have jobs. “Good-looking lawns and landscapes,” she added, “require consistent effort, and people notice and appreciate effort because the result is aesthetically pleasing.” The Benders use Des Plaines-based Acuna Landscaping to spruce up their outdoor assets. Among the go-to North Shore options are Chalet in Wilmette, Mariani Landscaping in Lake Bluff, and Scott Byron & Co., Inc. in Lake Bluff. Other popular companies located outside the North Shore include Rocco Fiore & Sons in Libertyville, Van Zelst Inc. in Wadsworth and a pair of Chicago companies: Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects and Christy Webber Landscapes. There are smaller mom-and-pop operations in Waukegan and elsewhere which draw plenty of business too. “There are a lot of good lawn-care companies out there,” said Bill Leuenberger, soil and turf department manager at Chalet and the founding father of the Illinois Professional Lawn Care Association (established 2007). “And they all have different philosophies. We’re customer-centric. Unlike many other companies, we charge by the hour [ranging from $40-$80]. Taking good care of your lawn drives up the property value. “You could have the best-looking landscape in the neighborhood,” he added, “but when the lawn around it isn’t mowed properly or treated well, nobody notices the property’s great landscape.” Bonnie Hillman Shay, a professional organizer and owner/principal of Mariposa Creative Solutions in Highland Park, compares blades of grass to strands of hair. “If I drive by a house and notice weeds here and there and plants not planted properly in the front yard, it’s the same impression I get when I meet someone who has shaggy, unkempt hair,” Shay said. “It’s not

07/27 – 07/28/13

a good one. What I do, as an organizer, is help people visualize calm and peace in their space. You certainly can’t achieve that when there’s disorder in the front of your house and you have to walk by that each day.” Adam and Cheryl Mankoff live in Lake Forest. Try to walk past their front lawn without stopping, without gawking for a minute or … an hour and a minute. About the only other grassy, flowery arrangement more attractive than that house’s welcome tract is the house’s back yard. GT Landscaping has been enlivening Mankoff yards since 1996. “Curb appeal,” Cheryl Mankoff said, smiling. Walt Kowalski, Clint Eastwood’s “Gran Torino” character, was glaring when he uttered one of the most memorable movie lines in the last decade: “Get off … my … lawn.” But the crabby homeowner and Korean War vet didn’t growl the order in order to preserve beautiful patches of bluegrass in the Detroit area. “Everybody likes and wants bluegrass; its blades are thicker than most other blades, and its color is quite appealing,” Chalet’s Leuenberger said. “Bluegrass can grow in the shade. The North Shore — it’s loaded with lawns in the shade. “More and more people,” he added, “are making sure their lawns look great because so many are staying home for their vacation.” Homeowners wondering where to turn for optimal lawn care and maintenance don’t have to travel far, Bender noted. “Ask neighbors for recommendations,” she said. “Then call the companies for consultations, but only after you have a good idea of what your expectations are for your property. It’s so important to keep the lines of communication open. What was great with Acuna was being able to walk around our yards and talk with the workers before they started. It was a team thing. I felt involved.” ■

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07/27 – 07/28/13



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1471 Kathryn Lane Lake Forest, Illinois

424 S. Ridge Road Lake Forest, Illinois

776 N. Green Bay Road Lake Forest, Illinois

1500 N. Waukegan Road Lake Forest, Illinois

Impressive custom built French Normandy features outstanding design, craftsmanship and exquisite finishes with soaring ceilings & windows. 6 BRs, 6.2 baths | $2,995,000 |

Outstanding 2009 construction custom built by The Goebeler Co. Impeccable detail, great floorplan. In-law apt. with elevator. Gorgeous! 5 BRs, 6.2 baths | $2,995,000 |

Howard Van Doren Shaw estate with beautiful pond views. Completely renovated, the captivating interior includes original 3 BR, 3.1 bath home & 3 BR, 2 bath apartment. $2,795,000 |

Stunning country estate on 9+ acres. Luxurious 7500 s.f. home w/beautifully appointed rooms, gourmet kitchen, library, sun room + so much more. 6 BRs, 6.2 baths $2,500,000 |

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925 Oak Knoll Drive Lake Forest, Illinois

357 E. Washington Avenue Lake Bluff, Illinois

777 Washington Road Lake Forest, Illinois

950 Ashley Road Lake Forest, Illinois

This exquisitely executed masterpiece has it all - breathtaking interior spaces with every amenity imaginable. Highest level of finishes throughout. 5 BRs, 5 baths | $2,395,000 |

Custom built home in East lake Bluff on a double lot. Very open floor plan with 10ft ceilings, heated drive and 4 car garage. Finished lower level. 5 BRs, 5 baths | $1,695,000 |

Originally a stable, now a well cared-for Stanley Anderson transformation in the heart of Lake Forest. 4000 s.f., authentic details, very private. 4 BRs, 4.1 baths $1,600,000 |

Custom built for the current owner, this beautifully maintained home features a stunning library, large eat-in kitchen w/new appliances, fin. LL, 2 staircases. 4 BRs, 3.3 baths. | $1,595,000 |

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108 Heron Road Lake Forest, Illinois

694 S. Waukegan Road Lake Forest, Illinois

319 Winchester Court Lake Bluff, Illinois

455 Linden Avenue Lake Forest, Illinois

Beautiful custom English Tudor w/perennial gardens & fountains. 2-story entry, HW flrs, detailed millwork, amazing outdoor living space with fireplace.. 5 BRs, 3.1 baths | $1,199,000 |

Stunning contemporary located on private park like grounds. Dramatic interior finishes incl. soaring ceilings, skylights & walls of windows w/vista views. 5 BRs, 4.1 baths $1,150,000 |

Beautifully updated home in fantastic location w/soaring ceilings, 2 fireplaces, hardwd flrs, skylights & custom moldings & Woodmode kitchen. 4 BRs, 3.1 baths | $929,000 |

So much to love in this completely updated sun-filled home. Kitchen w/new appliances, vaulted ceilings in family rm, newly fenced yard w/bi-level paver patio + fire pit. 4 BRs, 3.1 baths $799,000 |

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822 Lane Lorraine Street Lake Forest, Illinois

1000 S. Green Bary Road Lake Forest, Illinois

1411 Church Street Evanston, Illinois

472 Pine Court Lake Bluff, Illinois

Quality one story home in a quiet cul-de-sac location. Updated kitchen & baths, family rm w/built-in bookcases, beautiful screened porch - a lovely retreat! 3 BRs, 2.1 baths $779,000 |

True 5 BR home in desirable Whispering Oaks. 5 second floor bedrooms, 4 season sun room, family room w/built-ins & finished rec room in the LL. 2.1 baths | $650,000 |

Beautiful walk to everything home wtih over $100K in improvements. New windows, new kitchen cabinets w/ granite & SS appliances. 3 BRs, 1 bath | $529,900 |

5 bedroom home with nice curb appeal. A welcoming front porch leads to the spacious interior with hardwood floors, newer kitchen with granite. 5 BRs, 3 baths | $499,000 |

678 N. Western Avenue | Lake Forest, Illinois 60045 | 8 E. Scranton Avenue | Lake Bluff, Illinois 60044 | |



Information herein deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.





THe North shore weekend

Sophia Twichell

photography by joel lerner

Enlivening Ryerson is second nature to Twichell ■ by joanna brown Sophia Twichell wasn’t one of those kids who grew up loving the deciduous trees that populated her Lake Forest neighborhood. She did, however, love the rain forests. So it made sense that this self-proclaimed “science nerd” took a job at the

Field Museum that sent her on conservation projects in remote Latin American locales. But as time passed and Twichell found herself living back on the North Shore with a young family, she reconnected with her woodland roots. Twichell’s volunteer work at the Ryerson Conservation Area has turned into a decade-long career that has

brought innumerable Lake County residents closer to nature. “Everyone needs nature, and we want more people to connect with nature,” said Twichell, the executive director of the Friends of Ryerson Woods, whose own love for nature is shown by the fact she “birdscaped” the area (added garden features designed to attract birds) around her Lake Bluff home. The Friends of Ryerson Woods is a 30-year-old volunteer-based organization tasked with increasing respect and appreciation for the environment through lifelong learning. The group is based at the 561-acre Edward L. Ryerson Conservation Area in Riverwoods. “Conventional science education only reaches a small population, but at the intersection of art and nature we can broaden the appeal and expand education without a science base,” Twichell says, explaining why the Friends of Ryerson Woods organize a book group, art exhibits and a film festival in the woods, all with environmental themes. Programming has changed a lot since she signed on in 2004. She inherited two widely respected nature symposiums, as well as a board of directors that encouraged her to pursue new ideas. In 2006, they selected their first theme to structure the planned expansion of on-site programming: the Year of the Crane. “Our thought was to adopt a new theme each year based on a compelling environmental issue or concern,” Twichell recalled. “The bulk of our programming (annually) relates to the theme and explores it from multiple angles so that program attendees would gain a deeper appreciation or understanding of that concern.” Ryerson is midway through the Year of the Skies, with programming to explore weather, climate

07/27 – 07/28/13

change and migration patterns. Chicagoan Judith Stockdale, a longtime Friends board member and a friend of the Ryerson family, explained that the focus on the arts for adults “brings a whole new constituency with each new program, and demonstrates that you don’t need to know how to use binoculars to enjoy the environment.” Another focus during Twichell’s tenure has been the use of Ryerson Woods by Lake County’s Latino community. Bilingual, guided hikes through the Forest Preserve have attracted the population that surveys say aren’t using the Forest Preserve facilities as frequently as local leaders would like. “At some point we started looking at the demographics of our region and the increase in Latinos in Lake County,” Twichell said. “Then we looked at what populations weren’t touched by our programming and said let’s try to touch on some of the thorny issue the conservation community is facing and make some headway there.” A grant from the Grand Victoria Foundation and a partnership with the Mano a Mano Family Resource Center have attracted local Latino families to Ryerson Woods to focus on nature education and healthy lifestyles. Immediate past Board president Georgie Geraghty of Winnetka credited Twichell’s creative thinking for the growth of the Friends’ programming. “Sophie has been willing to take calculated risks and experiment, to try different things. And when you have that approach and you recognize that no one bats 1.000, the outcome is extraordinary and has ramifications beyond Ryerson Woods,” she said. “Our hikes are the product of a lot of collaboration and a lot of lessons learned that can now be shared with other conservation groups in Chicago.” ■

600 Vernon AVenue

$1,499,000 | 5 beds, 4.1 bAthsrooms Exquisite newer home on a fabulous deep lot w/great attention to detail. Extraordinary finishes include hardwood floors, custom cabinetry, “Cooks Kitchen”, and luxurious Master Suite. Outstanding finished lower level complete with kitchenette. Fabulous location near schools, town and transportation.

For Private Showing: Gloria Matlin | (847) 835-6058 |

07/27 – 07/28/13





highland park

highland park

Elm Place Middle School seventh-grader Kate Fishbein wanted to do something different for her Bat Mitzvah. She became the first Bat Mitzvah in the second-oldest synagogue in the Czech Republic. The Kolin Synagogue is located about one hour from Prague. Kate became the first girl to read from the Torah at the Kolin Synagogue, thus becoming a Bat Mitzvah. The mayor and many residents came to see history in the making.

Student parking permits (S-permits) for Highland Park High School will be sold beginning Aug. 1 on a first-come, first serve basis. The S-permit allows students to park in 25 spaces in the North St. Johns parking lot as well as any available nonhandicapped space in the 1987 Second Street lot. The S-permit costs $250. Only 40 S-permits will be available. Contact Jennifer Dotson in the City Manager’s Office at (847) 926-1006 or e-mail

lake forest To facilitate youth conversations about underage drinking and drug use, LEAD and the SpeakUP! Coalition are sponsoring 19 high school students for participation in the Youth to Youth International Conferences this summer. The first conference, held in Columbus, Ohio, was attended by six students and two adults. The second conference to be held in Kingston, R.I, Saturday July 27 through Tuesday July 30, will be attended by 13 students and two adults. During the conferences, students spend time creating skits, listening to speakers and speaking about potentially risky situations.

Wilmette For the 15th consecutive year, the village has received the Government Finance Officers Association’s (GFOA) Distinguished Budget Award, this time for its 2013 budget. This award signifies the village's commitment to an open budget process. The village's 2013 budget satisfied the nationally recognized guidelines for effective budget presentation. Awards are based on an assessment of how well an entity's budget serves as a policy document, financial plan, operations guide, and communications device.

highWOOd A ban on handheld electronic devices while driving will go into effect Aug. 1. The City of Highwood will align with other Illinois towns, including neighboring Highland Park and Lake Forest, by prohibiting distracted driving. The ordinance will encourage drivers to use other means of communication if it is absolutely necessary, such as a Bluetooth or a hands-free headset. “Research shows that distracted drivers aren’t even aware that they’re distracted,” says Dave Wentz, Chief of Police.

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Wilmette The Public Works & Public Safety Open House will take place Saturday, July 27 from 9 a.m.-11:30 a.m. at the Village Court. Children and adults will have the chance to meet departmental staff, learn more about village operations and climb into various pieces of equipment.

leo cullom/the new yorker collection/







THe North shore weekend

07/27 – 07/28/13

veteran spotlight ■ by angelika labno

Larry Sassorossi

photography by joel lerner

Sassorossi dedicated to post-Navy service

it a strong war veterans post. He became the commander of the second-largest post in Chicago from Larry Sassorossi of Highland Park was attend- 1998-2002. Just as the nursing home led to a new commuing Marquette University when he jokingly signed up for the Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps nity, the Italian-American post spurred his work (NROTC). While accompanying his roommate with the Korean War National Museum. Sassorossi — who had already been inducted and who was served as executive director of the Illinois-based formally signing in to the NROTC — Larry also museum from 2003-2010. During his time, he was asked to sign in. was able to secure Buzz Aldrin, Clint Eastwood, “I got a letter two days later saying, ‘Welcome to James Garner and Ed McMahon as spokesmen the Navy,’” he recalled, laughing. “I cheated — to for the museum. This year has been especially busy for the vetthis day, I can’t swim.” His service took place during the Cold War on eran devotee. His American flag wallet holds what’s known as the Far East Tour, with his home his new business cards: vice president of probase in San Diego. There were drills for atomic grams and events of the Lake County Council warfare and simulated war games. The biggest of the Navy League of the United States. He is shock he encountered was when the satellite also on board of the Sister Cities Foundation of Sputnik was launched by the Soviet Union in 1957. Highland Park. This year will be the first cultural “That really rattled the cage; it took everyone exchange between Highland Park and Modena, by surprise,” he said. “For two days, we were on Italy. Coincidentally, Sassorossi is a native of the full battle alert.” Modena mountain region, so the trip will be one During two years of active duty, he traveled to back to his roots. Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and the “Those are my famous words — ‘I’d like to get Philippines, plus participated in patrolling the involved,’” he jokes. Formosa Straits in Taiwan. He extended his serBut his greatest achievement, in his opinion, vice for one and a half years to be the Battalion is what he’s doing with veterans and art therapy Commander Recruit Training Command, Great right now. He is serving as executive director of Lakes, followed by eight years in the Navy “Warriors of Art: A Path to Healing,” an exhibit Reserves, and received an honorable discharge done by veterans and for veterans that just wrapped in 1967 having attained the rank of lieutenant. up its Highland Park viewing on July 14. In the Although Sassorossi considers his service a nomi- weeks leading up to its debut, Sassorossi spent nal contribution, what he’s been able to accom- every Friday sitting in a class at the James A. plish post-service for veterans exceeds average Lovell Federal Health Care Center observing vetcommitments. erans with traumatic brain injury or post traumatic Born just north of Tuscany, Italy, Sassorossi stress disorder heal through making art. He has arrived in Highland Park at age two and has lived watched one perform soulful lyrics with his guitar there since. His time with Catholic Charities in and another paint a complete landscape in an hour. the 1990s led him to a nursing facility called Villa “I come into the room and I see their eyes light Scalabrini, the “crown jewel” of the Italian commu- up,” he said. “What I’m doing now — giving an nity. As he became more involved with the Italian- outlet, providing a venue for veterans currently Ravinia North Shore 7-26 Mahoney ad_Layout 1 7/17/13 9:47 AM Page 1 American community of Chicago, he found within suffering — is probably the highlight.” ■


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ar y

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Westfield Old Orchard Skokie Boulevard at Golf Road

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THe North shore weekend

07/27 – 07/28/13

Owner begins new chapter at Book Stall

Truly Clean Truly gentle Truly green esday W e dn on c i at i e r p p a al speci 4 shirts. Minimum gers only. d & han Laundere

Stephanie Hochschild

photography by joel lerner ■ by katie rose mceneely

we PiCk uP aNd deLiver to CHiCago aNd tHe eNtire NortH sHore. make life easy for yourself, call 847.420.1700 to arrange for pick up & delivery service. HigHLaNd Park 1740 First st. 847-433-4800

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Stephanie Hochschild is the new owner of The Book Stall in Winnetka. Reading: I’m reading a new book by Samantha Shannon, “The Bone Season.” It’s not out yet, but it’s sort of a fantasysci-fi novel. It’s the first of seven. My favorite book I’ve ever read is “To Kill a Mockingbird,” by Harper Lee. I love the characters in it —the kids, Jim and Scout, and the lawyer father and his moral stand — I thought it was incredibly moving and well done, and yet a humble book. Listening: At home, I usually have on BBC News or the classical radio station. Watching: We really love “Arrested Development,” so we’re catching up on that, and “The Dome,” based off the Stephen King book. And I really, really love “Game of Thrones.” Following: My world is really, as a new bookstore owner, consumed by what’s going on in the publishing world. There’s so much going on — I have a lot to catch up on. All the mergers in the publishing industries, how digital media affects the bookstores, and how bookstores can evolve and keep relevant. I don’t want to make any major changes, but we’re looking at different options and talking to different people so we can figure out how to make the most of all the digital and social media. But that being said, people still really like books — they find a balance. E-readers are useful while travelling, but people do really like to hold on to the printed book. My favorite thing is the breadth of books they offer at the Book Stall — you never know what you’re going to find. It still seems very accessible, so you feel like you’re choosing form a well-cultivated collection. You can’t go wrong. And the people here are incredibly helpful, incredible readers — everybody’s always talking about books. It’s a great resource. Activity: I have three kids, so this is

the sea change in our lives. The kids are quite busy, and I like to play tennis and garden and cook — we’ll see how [the store changes how much] time I have for these activities. It’s getting used to a new schedule, which is exciting and challenging at once.

“The people here are incredibly helpful, incredible readers — everybody’s always talking about books.” | Stephanie Hochschild I’ve been very involved in the kids’ schools and community; as they got older, I had more time, and they need less from me now. It was time to get involved in something that required more time and energy. I’ve been a lifelong reader, from a very early age. As I started thinking about what I was going to do next, the Book Stall was for sale, so it seemed like the thing for me. One of the challenges is going to be wanting to keep all of the wonderful things about the bookstore going and wondering what, if any, changes to make — it’s so good as it is. How to keep it a community bookstore, and how to make sure it is what people want. Eating: We grow a lot of vegetables in our garden, so we’ve been having a lot of homegrown salads. We have lettuce, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, zucchini, and a large herb garden. My husband got into some of the fancier, grafted tomato plants, so I have no idea what’s going to grow there. We’ll see. What is your favorite mistake? It’s not keeping up with people I’ve been close with; that’s unfortunately an ongoing mistake of mine. I’ve learned to make more of an effort going forward, so it doesn’t repeat itself. ■

07/27 – 07/28/13



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18 | lifestyle & arts sunday breakfast

Longtime teacher turns to writing fiction

■ by david sweet Once married to a Frenchman while trying to raise three children without a stroller or a car in the mountains of Italy, Deborah Rine was encouraged by a friend to write about that and other experiences. Struggling with a memoir, she joined a writing course for $99 a few years ago — and discovered the joy of fiction. “We had to write something with emotion in it, and I wrote about a big fight between a brother and a sister. I just loved it!” says Rine, sipping a coffee at a Starbucks on the North Shore (where she prefers to have her Sunday breakfast, complete with half of an oatmeal raisin cookie). “Writing helps create a virtual reality for myself. When I worry about whatever, I write.” Earlier this year, Rine — a longtime teacher of foreign languages at the high school level — completed her debut novel, “The Lake.” Self-published through, “The Lake” is a murder mystery set in Banner Bluff (a ringer for Lake Bluff), a village whose Fourth of July parade will be familiar to many area readers. “One time, I was walking the dogs to Sunrise Beach and thought, ‘What if I find a dead body here?’ “ says Rine, referring to the book’s prologue. “I have a bad imagination.” She was helped by a writing class at Northwestern University, which taught her to let the characters make the book happen. “It’s like you’re reading about it as you’re writing,” Rine says. She wrote the 286-page book in about six months (“I didn’t have any writer’s block,” she says). After an editor read it, she suggested switching who found the first body. After a substantial rewrite — and a book cover created by her husband, Larry — she was ready to publish. The main character, Francesca Antonelli — the editor of the online Banner Bee — is somewhat based on Adrienne Fawcett, who runs GazeboNews in Lake Bluff. Based on her profession, “Francesca is uniquely situated to investigate these crimes,” writes Rine in promotional copy for the book. A gathering based on the century-old Spring Fair

at Church of the Holy Spirit in Lake Forest will resonate with some readers. A devotee of Facebook, Rine boasts many former students who are excited about her novel (“Madame, you wrote a book!” they post). And she has received solid advice from them as well. “I wondered if I should put the book on Kindle, in an area where you give it away for free,” Rine says. “The students convinced me: ‘Madame, you should absolutely do that. You need name recognition.’ “

“One time, I was walking the dogs to Sunrise Beach and thought, ‘What if I find a dead body here?’ I have a bad imagination.” | Deborah Rine

Deborah Rine

illustration by barry blitt

Born in San Francisco, Rine grew up in Evanston, Bronxville, N.Y. and Washington, D.C. (her father, a hospital lobbyist, was an architect of Medicare). She spent a year of high school in France, enjoyed a post-graduate year in Sweden and then attended Northwestern University, where she earned a bachelor of arts and a master of arts in French literature. With 12 grandchildren all under 11 years of age, the Lake Bluff resident finds plenty to occupy herself away from the computer screen. Her second book, “Face Blind” — which features the same editor character — is nearly complete. She found out about the disorder known as face blindness (an inability to recognize a face) through The New York Times. “This fellow becomes face blind after falling off a ladder — then he sees a murder, but he can’t figure out who did it,” she explains about the plot. Though she occasionally serves as a substitute teacher at Elmhurst High School, Rine is dedicated to her newfound career. “They say that writing is 5 percent inspiration and 95 percent perspiration,” she notes. “A lot of it is sitting down and doing it.” ■

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is proud to welcome Lisa Schulkin

Lisa Schulkin

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lifestyle & arts

THe North shore weekend

love & marriage

How do you carve out time for a vacation sans kids?

joanna brown

I had to chuckle when I considered my Internet use a few days ago. My browser was open to an article from a national news source that had caught my eye; the headline asked, “Should parents vacation without the kids?” The other open tab was reviews of Disney cruises. Turning my attention away from the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, I found quite a lot to consider. The U.S. Travel Association ( found in a December study of adults in relationships that couples who travel together have healthier, happier relationships. Couples in romantic relationships report that traveling together makes them significantly more likely to be satisfied in their relationships, communicate well with their partners, enjoy more romance, have

goings on about towns FRIDAY, JULY 26 The Artists at 3150 Open House | 3150 Skokie Valley Road, Highland Park | 4-9 p.m. | | Nine artists in six studios in an openair courtyard setting will be showing their paintings, sculptures, mixedmedia, drawings and photography. Participating artists are Joan Holleb, painter, Suzanne Horwitz, sculptor, Julia Katz, painter, Pamela Lee, sculptor, Chandrika Marla, painter, Robert Tolchin, photographer, Daniel Weinstock, sculptor, Nina Weiss, painter, Carol Ysla, photographer. Refreshments will be provided. Kimberly Kolb, author of “Lindsey: Love and Intrigue.” | Lake Forest Book Store Summer Fridays | 680 N. Western Avenue, Lake Forest | 7 p.m. | To reserve a copy of the book, call 847-234-4420. | Meet author Kimberly Kolb, who will discuss her novel, “Lindsay: Love and Intrigue” (iUniverse,  $22.95) as part of the Lake Forest Book Store’s Summer Fridays author program. Oliver! | CenterStage at Gorton Community Center | 400 E. Illinois Road, Lake Forest | 7:30 p.m. | Tickets $20 | Based on the novel “Oliver Twist” by Charles Dickens, this familyfriendly musical follows the adven-

percentage of the children surveyed agreed that they get to see and do things on vacation that they’ll remember for a long time, and that vacations bring their families closer together. And children who traveled with their extended families reported that they feel closer to their grandparents (60 percent), got to spend quality time with them (78 percent), and like to remember stories about what they did together (65 percent). The research left me with more than a few options to consider, but I still had that search of Disney cruises to wrap up. Also, I need to book a babysitter, beg someone to cover for me at work, stop the mail and newspapers — the list goes on. Tell me how you carve out time for a couple’s vacation. Send an email to Joanna@ ■ bruce kaplan/the new yorker collection/

■ by

The evidence continued, and I was a believer; my heart was halfway to O’Hare. But I know in my head that it’s not that simple to travel as a couple. There are careers to juggle, expenses to prioritize, and childcare to arrange. And when there is limited time and money to put toward a vacation, family time often becomes a priority. Not to worry, though, because the U.S. Travel Association (“the voice for the U.S. travel industry”) has a study for that, too. A survey of 1,130 children ages 8-18 and 2,531 adults suggested that family vacations give way to our most cherished memories. More than 60 percent of adults said their earliest memories were of family vacations taken between ages 5-10, and they remember childhood trips more than school events or birthday celebrations. A similar

07/27 – 07/28/13

a better sex life, spend quality time together and share common goals and desires. Among the findings: Ÿ  86 percent of those who travel believe the romance is still alive in their relationships, compared to 73 percent of those who do not travel together. Ÿ  More than seven in 10 couples who travel together say talking and reconnecting is an important reason to spend time alone together while on vacation. Ÿ  21 percent of couples who do not travel together say that their differences never seem to get resolved, compared to 13 percent of respondents who do travel together. Ÿ Two-thirds of respondents believe that at least one aspect of their relationship is improved after traveling as a couple.

tures of young Oliver as he is recruited into a gang of pickpockets. Directed by Jo Ann Avellone, this is the closing weekend for the show. Additional show on July 27. SATURDAY, JULY 27 Venus de Miles: All-Women Road Ride | Glen Rowan House, Lake Forest College | 500 N. Sheridan Road, Lake Forest | 6 a.m. (65-mile ride); 7 a.m. (25-mile ride) | Registration: $129 on day of the event | | Venus de Miles Illinois won the Best Cycling Event by Competitor Magazine for the 2012 inaugural event. The 2013 ride will offer 25- and 61-mile options. A post-ride expo will offer complimentary women’s spa services, gourmet food, spirits, and cocktails. Proceeds benefit the Greenhouse Scholars, an organization dedicated to helping high-performing, under-resourced students reach their full potential. Gogh Green: Pre-Owned Art Sale   | The Art Center – Highland Park | 1957 Sheridan Road, Highland Park | Through Aug. 16 | | The Art Center – Highland Park’s annual recycled art sale offers thousands of paintings, prints, sculptures, jewelry, furniture and more. Each year, The Art Center – Highland Park resells donated art pieces to raise funds for TAC’s Art School Scholarship Fund. The money raised

allows hundreds of children, seniors and adults in need to take classes at The Art Center and enrich their lives through the visual arts. Artesian Market Class | Williams Sonoma Lake Forest and Elawa Farm | 1401 Middlefork Drive, Lake Forest| Noon | $10 donation to Elawa Farm | Register at Williams Sonoma: 847-295-7045 | Summer is prime time at farmers markets, when fresh vegetables and herbs are overflowing. Join Williams Sonoma Lake Forest at Elawa Farm and learn to create simple summer recipes. Garden Clubs of Illinois District IX Show | Chicago Botanic Garden | 1000 Lake Cook Road, Glencoe | Noon- 4 p.m.; continues July 28, 10 a.m.4:30 p.m. | chicagobotanic. org | A standard flower show presented by the District IX Garden Clubs of Illinois. The show includes tabletop arrangements, floral designs, educational exhibits, photography, artistic crafts, youth exhibits and horticulture exhibits. Garden Clubs of Illinois is comprised of near-

ly 10,000 members and is divided up into nine districts. 750 Show | ZIA Gallery | 548 Chestnut St., Winnetka | 4–7 p.m. (opening reception) | 847-446-3970 or | ZIA Gallery opens its 750 Show, a group exhibition of gallery and invited artists, covering ZIA’s main exhibition space with artworks priced at $750 and below. The show will continue through Aug. 31. SUNDAY, JULY 28 Highwood Bike Rally | Toadstool Pub | 327 Waukegan Ave., Highwood | 10 a.m.-4 p.m. | |

The Highwood Bike Rally will bring bikers, bike clubs, friends, and families from all over the Midwest to The Toadstool Pub to celebrate the joy of motorcycle riding. The monthly Bike Rally will lay the foundation for the launch of the new not-for-profit organization for abused women, Margaret’s House. The season’s events include a local Poker Run on July 28, where participants can hop on their bikes and grab a playing card at each checkpoint. At the end of the run, the rider with the best poker hand will be named the winner. Want to submit your North Shore event to Goings On About Towns? Send an email with the particulars and the subject heading “GOAT” to katierose@jwcmedia at least 10 days before publication, and we will do our best to get it in.

City of Lake Forest

Celebrating America’s Farmers

June 22–October 12 : Saturdays 8 a.m.–1 p.m. Downtown Lake Forest

07/27 – 07/28/13




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THe North shore weekend


07/27– 07/28/13


New Listing

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Kenilworth $3,245,000 Barbara Mawicke 847-784-7322

Lake Forest $1,850,000 Joanne Marzano 847-234-8000

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Winnetka Susan Bâby

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Wilmette $598,000 Beverly & Marshall Fleischman 847-217-0494

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Lake Forest Chris Melchior

Wilmette 847-256-7400

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Noah Seidenberg

Winnetka 847-446-4000

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Highland Park Cheryl Waldstein

Glencoe 847-835-0236

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07/27 – 07/28/13





New Listing

Lake Bluff Suzanne Myers

Open Sunday 12-2

$579,000 847-234-8000



SFC Team


Highland Park

Mirella Caputo



Wilmette $539,000 Patricia Federico 847-256-7400

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Evanston $389,500 Elizabeth McManus 847-864-2600

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Winnetka Beverly & Marshall Fleischman

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New Listing

New Listing

Evanston $349,000 Thomas Garr 847-866-8200

Evanston $325,000 Patricia DeNoyer 847-866-8200

Wilmette $315,000 Kathy Lerner 847-302-2399

Wilmette $272,000 Mary Rosinski 847-835-0236

Evanston Stevie Sims

Highland Park $235,000 Stephanie Hofman 847-681-4111

New Listing

Evanston Andi Wich

$1,349,000 847-866-8200

Wilmette $310,000 Sharon Friedman 847-652-2312 $250,000 847-256-7400

New Listing

New Listing

Evanston $200,000 Barbara Kramer 847-864-2600


Carol DeGrazia Santi

$195,000 847-681-4116

Highland Park

Sonia Munwes Cohen



Highland Park Ryan Patrick O’Rourke

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New Listing

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home warranty. 866-797-4788 Wilmette Heidi Laros

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Title 847-824-8290

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Highland Park $69,900 Judith Weiner, Broker 847-207-3444

Concierge/Home Warranty 800-493-1181

Highland Park Marjorie Rissman

Relocation 847-446-4000

Previews 847-572-HOME

$1,100,000 847-681-4121

Commercial 800-838-7922



lifestyle & arts

THe North shore weekend

07/27 – 07/28/13

A Glencoe Fair Under the Stars photography by nan stein Family Service of Glencoe (FSG) celebrated with its supporters during a night of cocktails, dinner, and dancing to Spoken Four. Spencer Savitz of Glencoe was honored for his dedication to raising funds and awareness for Autism Speaks, of whom his brother Tyler serves as his inspiration. Julie Finerty, Anne McPhee, and Claudia Mion-Spiesz, all of Glencoe, served as the evening’s co-chairs. More than $60,000 was raised to support FSG’s familystrengthening programs and services.

Anne McPhee, Julie Finnerty, Claudia Mion-Spiesz

Beth Schencker, Rachel Stein, Jennifer Mesterharm

Colin Blackshaw, Amanda Bloden, Nicole & Wade Bundy

Greg & Renata Bregstone, Elle Lohn, Kenny Rodriguez

Abby & Ken Sarnoff

Mary Gover, Alan & Susan Myers

Diane Mair , Alexander Knapp

Jerry & Kristin Coleman

Sarah & Michael Alter

Ilyce & Tom Tamkin

Anne Leavell, Emily Perlberg, Julie Novack

Sasha Von Varga, Caralyn Graham, Brooke & Adam Fox

Ragdale Ring Inaugural Gala photography by larry miller






body by









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100s of crunches will only take you so far

Friends and supporters of the Ragdale Foundation in Lake Forest celebrated the organization’s most recent commitment to its mission of supporting artists and writers in a retreat setting, as they opened the Ragdale Ring, an open-air garden theater that will showcase talent all summer long. Jeffrey Meeuwsen, executive director, welcomed guests, and Ann Merritt served as Gala committee chair. Guests delighted in the “popup” performers, Spotlight Series previews and the Ring itself, a design by New York architect Stephen Dietrich Lee.

Under the Auspices of Steven Bloch, MD


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Surgical Practice 847.432.0840 1160 Park Ave. West, Suite 2E Highland Park

Highland Park Med Spa 847.432.0426 1160 Park Ave. West, Suite 2E Highland Park

Glenview Med Spa 847.901.0800 1986 Tower Dr. Glenview

07/27 – 07/28/13

lifestyle & arts




A matter of taste ■ by katie rose mceneely

Sonja Kassebaum

photography by joel lerner

Husband’s distillery idea prompts wife to say: I’ll drink to that

Sonja Kassebaum co-owns North Shore Distillery in Lake Bluff with her husband, Derek. Among other things, she develops the recipes for their tasting room. How did you start mixing drinks? When I was younger I couldn’t drink wine. I drank beer and moved to cocktails earlier than most other people. I started with simple rumand-coke cocktails, but I kept experimenting. It became something Derek and I did together, going to the liquor store and picking out ingredients to try new drinks. I was always interested in the drinks; he was more curious about the distilling process. Years behind the bar? Ten years. How did you learn to mix drinks? I bought my first cocktail book in 2003 and kept adding to my collection, especially classic cocktails from Prohibition — the cocktail is an American invention. I started experimenting — you learn how different ingredients play together and how to compose different styles, starting from what others had done and trying to replicate that so I could start making cocktails of my own. Opening a distillery came from my husband; the idea really resonated with him. He started working on it just for fun, but he decided it was feasible and wanted to do it. And I was practicing as an attorney and wanted to do something else, and it sounded fun. We decided to give it a go. From the beginning, I was focused on sales and marketing and developing recipes, and he was focused on developing products. Best cocktail tweak? A key principle is having a balance of flavors, but if you’re going to shake a drink, really shake it. You’re trying to wake the drink up. Signature drink? There are drinks I love and make often — for instance, every Friday night when we get home, we have a proper martini with our Distiller’s Gin No. 6 with an artisanal vermouth and bitters. But I love playing around with new flavors and ingredients. Favorite drink to make? I really love the ritual and

idiosyncrasies of the Sazerac; you can get into a lot of discussions about the proper way to make it. It’s typically rye whiskey, Peychaud’s bitters, and simple syrup, garnished with lemon rind. There’s some discussion as to whether you should use angostura bitters as well, or if you drop the lemon rind into the cocktail, or if you garnish with an orange slice. Worthwhile gadget? I like to have a good jigger with accurate measures, and I like to have a great bar spoon. Favorite cocktail book? My favorite has got to be “Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails” by Ted Hayes. It was the first book I made every single recipe in and thought each time, “This is a great drink.” Best bar story? One night I was coming back from an event in the city. Derek was still working at the distillery, and I stopped by to tell him to come home. Unbeknownst to me, there were some sheriff deputies following me — they thought I was trying to rob the place. We ended up giving them a tour at 2 a.m. North Shore Distillery is located at 28913 Herky Drive, Unit 308 in Lake Bluff. For more information or to join a distillery tour, visit or call 847574-2499. ■

Recipe: Grapefruit Basil Fizz Combine 2 ounces Distiller’s Gin No. 11; ¾ ounce red grapefruit juice; ½ ounce simple syrup; and one large basil leaf in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a cocktail glass or ice-filled rocks glass. Top with ½ ounce club soda and garnish with sprig of fresh basil.

Beautiful Renovation on Choice Street in East Winnetka

577 Ash St. | Winnetka Open Sunday 1-3 Exceptional recent renovation of graceful home on beautifully landscaped ¼ acre in desirable East Winnetka. This architecturally significant beauty features spacious rooms, high ceilings & lovely details. New large deluxe cook’s kitchen has adjacent mudroom/ laundry by attached garage. Inviting first floor with large foyer, great flow and family room + office. Close to lake, village, train, parks & schools. NEW PRICE $1,239,000

Louise Eichelberger -Village green group- 847.612.3347

Top 1% of North Shore Agents

26 | real estate $1,150,000


814 Roslyn Terrace evanston

357 E. Washington Avenue lake bluff

Exclusively Presented By: Kathleen Buffington @properties 312.286.9988 kbuffington@atproperties. com

Exclusively Presented By: The Proximity Partners: Marina Carney & Andy Mrowiec Griffith, Grant & Lackie Realtors 847.234.0485

end master bath finishes. The cooks’ kitchen opens out to a brick paved patio and includes high-end, stainless steel appliances. Second level has substantial space to expand and add additional bedrooms. Finished basement provides additional entertainment space. Exceptional home! PRESENTED BY @properties.

Recently renovated with a desirable open floor plane, this lovely home offers southern views of its large backyard. First floor master has high-


1207 Old mill Rd Lake Forest


30 33



10 57

481 South Ave Glencoe


29 Estate Deerfield


2000 Greenwood Wilmette


18 28






1420 Sheridan Road #5D Wilmette



725 Greenleaf Ave Glencoe

54 38 23




13 21



669 Maple Ave Lake Bluff

729 Maclean Ave Kenilworth

1139 Elmwood Ave Wilmette


81 Indian Hill Rd, Winnetka Sunday 2:30-4:30 $2,590,000 Coldwell Banker 847.446.4000

04 27 07 20 52 05 51 49 50 12 53 22 29 48 42 37 44 43 47 11 46 41 45 06

970 Verda Lake Forest


604 Wharton Lake Forest

786 Llewellyn Ave Highland Park


440 Spruce Ave Lake Forest

375 Old Farm Rd Northfield


915 11th St Wilmette


650 Hill Road Winnetka


1000 S. Green Bay Rd Lake Forest Sunday 2-4 $650,000 Griffith, Grant & Lackie 847.234.0485

37 Quail Lake Forest


605 Garfield Ave Lake Bluff

577 Greenway Dr Lake Forest


4 Rolling Ridge Rd Northfield


1630 Sheridan Rd #10L Wilmette


399 Elder Lane Winnetka


620 Washington Rd Lake Forest Sunday 2-4 $1,099,000 Griffith, Grant & Lackie 847.234.0485

854 Prospect Winnetka


845 Green Bay Rd Highland Park

727 Ravine Ave Lake Bluff

75 Balmoral Dr Northfield


601 Locust Rd Wilmette

245 Forest St Winnetka


440 King Muir Rd Lake Forest Sunday 2-4 $1,699,000 Griffith, Grant & Lackie 847.234.0485

678 Greenleaf Glencoe


46 Hibbrard Winnetka Sunday 12-2 $1,350,000 Coldwell Banker 847.217.0494 2520 The Strand Northbrook Sunday 2:30-4:30 $799,000 Coldwell Banker 847.835.0236


650 Walden Winnetka

1183 Scott Ave Winnetka Sunday 2-4 $1,895,000 Koenig & Strey 847.441.6300


35 Hill Rd Winnetka

1312 Harlan Ln Lake Forest

Sunday 2-4 $1,979,000 @Properties 847.881.0200


Sunday 1:30-3:30 $1,195,000 @Properties 847.881.0200


575 Turicum Rd Lake Forest Sunday 1-4 $1,399,000 Prudential Rubloff 847.814.8648


1311 Greenwood Ave Wilmette



1630 Sheridan Rd #6G Wilmette Sunday 1-3 $475,000 Coldwell Banker 847.446.4000



1500 Sheridan Rd #2E, Wilmette Sunday 12-2 $480,000 Coldwell Banker 847.835.0236 319 Winchester Ct Lake Bluff Sunday 2-4 $929,000 Griffith, Grant & Lackie 847.234.0485

171 Franklin Rd Glencoe Sunday 2-4 $3,495,000 Coldwell Banker 847.446.4000

Sunday 1-3 $1,899,000 Coldwell Banker 847.446.4000

Sunday 1-3 $945,000 Coldwell Banker 847.446.4000



Sunday 1-3 $1,840,000 Jean Wright Real Estate 847.287.2945

Sunday 2-4 $529,000 Coldwell Banker 847.446.4000


117 Carriage Way, Wilmette Sunday 1-3 $549,000 Coldwell Banker 847.372.7003

Sunday 1-3 $2,395,000 Coldwell Banker 847.835.0236

Sunday 1-3 $789,000 Coldwell Banker 847.446.4000

Sunday 2:30-4 $1,079,000 Coldwell Banker 847.446.4000



Sunday 1-4 $1,849,000 Prudential Rubloff 847.804.0969

Sunday 1-3 $625,000 Coldwell Banker 847.446.4000


1630 Sheridan 6G, Wilmette Sunday 1-3 $475,000 Coldwell Banker 847.924.4119

Sunday 1-3 $850,000 @Properties 847.432.0700

Sunday 12-2 $1,395,000 Coldwell Banker 847.446.4000



Sunday 1-3 $1,875,000 Jean Wright Real Estate 847.217.5146

Sunday 1-4 $1,240,000 Prudential Rubloff 847.460.5475

Sunday 1-3 $1,379,000 Coldwell Banker 847.446.4000



Sunday 1-3 $529,000 @Properties 847.295.0700

Sunday 1-3 $925,000 Coldwell Banker 847.446.4000


2331 Greenwood Wilmette

577 Ash Winnetka Sunday 1-3 $1,239,000 Prudential Rubloff 847.612.3347

Sunday 2-4 $929,000 Coldwell Banker 847.234.8000

Sunday 1-3 $3,999,000 Coldwell Banker 847.446.4000



Sunday 1-3 $1,319,000 Coldwell Banker 847.924.4119

Sunday 1-4 $749,000 Prudential Rubloff 847.846.8814


519 Cedar Winnetka Sunday 1-4 $1,325,000 Baird & Warner 847.446.1855

Sunday 1-3 $439,900 @Properties 847.432.0700

Sunday 1-3 $1,015,000 Coldwell Banker 847.446.4000

35 36 08

308 Eaton St Northfield


Sunday 12-2 $629,000 Coldwell Banker 847.234.8000

Sunday, 2:30-4:30 $1,050,000 Coldwell Banker 847.446.4000





Sunday 1-4 $1,999,500 Prudential Rubloff 847.460.5412

Sunday, 2:30-4:30 $1,386,000 Coldwell Banker 847.446.4000



1189 Terrace Ct Glencoe

1205 Arbor Vitae Rd, Deerfield Sunday 12:30-3 $469,000 Koenig & Strey 847.234.5400

Sunday 1-4 $700,000 Baird & Warner 224.544.9255

Sunday 12-2 $425,000 @Properties 847.881.0200

Sunday 1-3 $985,000 @Properties 847.881.0200



Sunday 12:30-2 $649,000 Coldwell Banker 847.835.0236

Sunday 2-4 $850,000 Koenig & Strey 847.441.6300

01 32

492 South Ave Glencoe Sunday 2:30-4:30 $1,560,000 Coldwell Banker 847.217.0494

Sunday 12-2 $725,000 Coldwell Banker 847.835.0236




Sunday 1-3 $985,000 Coldwell Banker 847.691.1883

56 31 02


Sunday 1-3 $725,000 Koenig & Strey 847.234.5400

Sunday 1-3 $1,595,000 Koenig & Strey 847.234.5400


312 Granby Rd Lake Forest

Custom built home (2005) in East Lake Bluff nestled on a double lot. The

home features a very open floor plan with 10 foot ceilings, hardwood floors, stunning kitchen and 9 foot ceilings in the terrific finished lower level. Save time in the winter with the heated driveway and 4 car garage! You’ll love the charm of living in the heart of Lake Bluff - 3 blocks to the lake or train! PRESENTED BY GGL realty.

2331 Greenwood Ave Wilmette Sunday 1-3 $1,349,000 Coldwell Banker 847.446.4000


1041 Ridge Rd #109 Wilmette Sunday 12-2 $225,000 Coldwell Banker 847.446.4000


330 Brookside Glencoe Sunday 1-3 $569,000 Coldwell Banker 847.835.0236

07/27 – 07/28/13



featured home: 339 East Foster Place, lake forest, illinois Exclusivley Represented By:

Allison Murphy 847.343.4069



THe North shore weekend


07/27 – 07/28/13

Let’s Talk Real Estate by Jean Wright, President/Broker Owner Crs, GrI

Early lOan QualIfICatIOn Financially speaking, there are a few steps that all parties entering a real estate contract should take to ensure the smoothness of their path from home search and home listing to successful closing. For prospective buyers, these steps are especially crucial to a stress-free transaction. With the help of a certified, skilled REALTOR®, these steps will be easily undertaken and deliver the keys to your dream home! In a temperamental market, many lenders have become hesitant to underwrite loans for large sums of money. In such instances, pre-qualification for loans has become an essential home buying tool that benefits both the borrower and the lender. By obtaining loan qualification early and securing a mortgage lender, you are able to provide your Realtor® with a very clear idea of your home buying budget. By narrowing your home search to only the homes that are in your price range, you limit the range of your search and focus only on the homes that are smart choices for your finances and long-term goals. This, in turn, leads to an expedited closing, where the buyer and their Realtor® are assured not to run into the unexpected obstacle of being turned down for a loan at the last minute. By securing your loan before beginning your home search, not only do you have a more realistic picture of your financial capability, but you also ensure that your loan will perform as expected over time.

Direct-mailed to every home: Willmette, Kenilworth, Winnetka, Northfield, Glencoe, Highland Park, Lake Forest & Lake Bluff

For professional advice from an experienced Realtor, call Jean Wright at (847) 217-1906 or email at



WINNETKA-Fabulous home situated on a beautiful ½ acre setting close to the Lake, Tower Beach, train, and town. The current home has all the amenities and features any buyer would want or need with architectural details that only come with an exceptionally maintained older home. The current owners have thoughtfully designed plans that offer pricing for a larger master bath, new kitchen and combining of two maid’s rooms for one large bedroom to give the most discerning buyer a few more options. Additional features include incredible landscaping with brick terrace, rear staircase, mud room, covered porch and 2 ½ car attached garage with brick paver drive. 14 Rooms, 7 Bedrooms, 4 full and 2 half Baths. NEW PRICE $1,839,000



559 CHESTNUT STREET • WINNETKA • 847-446-9166 •

OFFEREd By: dinny Brennan dwyer Listing Broker 847-217-1906

07/27 – 07/28/13







OPEN SUNDAY 1:30-3:30

WINNETKA $3,450,000

KENILWORTH $2,775,000


WINNETKA $2,650,000



WINNETKA $1,650,000

NORTHFIELD $1,300,000

WILMETTE $1,150,000


WINNETKA $995,000



WINNETKA $875,000


WINNETKA $785,000





1410 SHERIDAN 3B GLENCOE $499,000

WILMETTE $475,000

WILMETTE $399,000 www.1630SheridanRoad4K.

WILMETTE $275,000


30 | business main street

English flourished in an ad world resembling ‘Mad Men’

■ by bob gariano Lake Forest resident Stephanie English was a National Merit Scholar at Deerfield High School. But she only attended Carroll College for eight months before dropping out. “I was bored to death and came home before my freshman year was complete,” English says. Needing work, English took on a number of clerical roles. For several months she typed 3 x 5 cards for the Deerfield Library for a nickel apiece. By happenstance, a neighbor observed her work ethic and

asked her to join his small advertising firm, Edward H. Weiss. It was the start of a remarkably successful career. English would find the advertising profession to be challenging and rewarding, a perfect fit for her ambition, intelligence, and personal drive. Her work led her to the industry’s preeminent firm, Leo Burnett, where she became one of the leading female advertising executives in the country. She was named one of the first two women vice presidents at Leo Burnett in 1979. In the course of her professional career, English would have responsibility for some

of the firm’s largest and most influential clients including Dewar’s Scotch, Union Oil, and Allstate Insurance. English helped RCA unveil the VCR in the mid-1970s. Along the way, she would help pave the road for women executives in the advertising industry. “I always worked very hard. It was just part of my upbringing,” English says. “At Leo Burnett we had a policy in those early days that if you worked past 7 p.m. you would get $3 dinner money. I think this number came about because the old London House in our building charged $3 for a burger and a martini, a balanced meal for an advertising person! If you worked past 9 p.m. you got cab fare home. “I remember that I skipped dinner and saved that money. After three years I bought myself a mink coat!” At its core, the advertising profession is a way for companies to connect with the human needs of their customers and the general public at large. Says English, “An ad agency likes to think that they can know more about the product marketing plan than their clients’ own marketing people. That’s not always the case, but with its research and media expertise it’s a valuable part of getting the client’s message out. “When I became a senior person at Leo Burnett, there were very few women in the profession at my level. Still, the firm gave me a chance, and I made sure that I lived up to the opportunity. The advertising profession requires an unusual combination of creative skills and the ability to think analytically and deductively. You have to be both logical and persuasive. For all of the new ideas, marketing is still a quantitative science and the business needs measurements about markets and marketing results. Maybe most important, success comes from hard work on behalf of the client. “The advertising business has changed dramatically in recent years with social media and new channels to the consumer. Even though it has become dramatically more competitive, I think that it can still be a rewarding career for creative and

persuasive people, especially women. It used to be a male-dominated profession. Think about Peggy in the TV series “Mad Men.” I remember the day I was sent home to change because I came to the office wearing a pantsuit. But today the profession is different. The best and brightest advertising executives today are more likely to be women.”

“I remember the day I was sent home to change because I came to the office wearing a pantsuit. But today the profession is different. The best and brightest advertising executives today are more likely to be women.” In the mid-1980s, English retired from Leo Burnett and started her own consulting business. Today, she devotes her time to a more artistic profession. “I am qualified as a senior professor in the ancient Japanese art of flower arranging called Ikebana. Ikebana employs esthetic techniques that have been developed over more than 550 years.” English serves as the president of the Naples, Fla. chapter of the school. Stephanie English, by force of her example, helped open the advertising profession to a whole generation of talented and creative young women. Her work on behalf of large clients introduced the American public to a wide range of new ideas and products. Along the way, her work ethic and creative skills set a standard for advertising professionals throughout the industry. Main Street columnist Bob Gariano can be reached at ■

TRUST DUXLER to Keep Your Car ROAD READY! Summer is here! SAVE BIG on service now! $


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07/27 – 07/28/13




Find the home you’ve been waiting for this weekend at the...

Coldwell Banker New Trier

OPEN HOUSE g a a v nz a a r t x E




All Houses Open Sunday, July 28th 171 Franklin Rd • $3,445,000 • 2-4 David Kipnis (847) 441-1061 725 Greenleaf • $1,386,000 • 2:30-4:30 Nancy Powers (847) 644-1407

NORTHFIELD 375 Old Farm • $3,999,000 • 1-3 Paula Weiss (847) 712-0049 Anne West (847) 687-5957 4 Rolling Ridge • $1,349,000 • 12-2 Maureen Mohling (847) 363-3018 75 Balmoral • $789,000 • 1-3 Kathy Almond (847) 542-9599

WILMETTE (cont.)



1311 Greenwood • $1,899,000 • 1-3 Suzanne Martin (847) 471-3150

1630 Sheridan, 10L • $625,000 • 1-3 Julie Dowdle Rogers (847) 401-4005

2331 Greenwood • $1,319,000 • 1-3 Patti Skirving (847) 924-4119 Greg Skirving (847) 863-3614

WINNETKA 81 Indian Hill • $2,590,000 • 2:30-4:00 Maureen Mohling (847) 363-3018

1139 Elmwood • $1,015,000 • 1-3 Liz Van Horn (847) 702-9686 Melissa Schaupp (312) 307-7752

1165 Whitebridge Hill • $1,795,000 • 2-4 Annie Flanagan (847) 867-9236

915 11th • $925,000 • 1-3 Liz Van Horn (847) 702-9686 Melissa Schaupp (312) 307-7752

650 Hill • $1,379,000 • 1-3 Maureen Mohling (847) 363-3018

216 Golf Terrace • $725,000 • 1-3 Daverille Sher (773) 230-7346

399 Elder • $999,000 • 2:30-4 Maureen Spriggs (847) 721-6028

601 Locust • $529,000 • 2-4 Maureen Spriggs (847) 721-6028 1630 Sheridan, 6G • $475,000 • 1-3 Patti Skirving (847) 924-4119 Greg Skirving (847) 863-3614

245 Forest • $945,000 • 1-3 Susan Bâby (847) 712-0505 1208 Oak • $699,000 • 2-4 Debra Kruger (847) 302-0550

We Believe in a Home

Tired of Dreaming of your Masterpiece? It might be the time to make your next real estate move The North Shore real estate market continues its strong recovery. It’s a great time to sell! Sales are up significantly in 2013 and market values continue to rise - median sales price for 1/1/2013 to 5/31/13 is up 13.17% over the same period in 2012! It’s a great time to buy! Prices are still affordable and mortgage rates remain low, but are expected to rise.

Winnetka Office | 568 Lincoln Avenue


(847) 446-4000


* Based on information from Midwest Real Estate Data LLC. Neither MRED nor CBRB guarantees the accuracy of the data. Criteria: Area = Deerfield, Evanston, Glencoe, Glenview, Highland Park, Kenilworth, Lake Bluff, Lake Forest, Northbrook, Northfield, Riverwoods, Skokie, Wilmette, Winnetka; Detached properties; Closed Date=1/1-5/31/12 or 13

32 | sports


Knowledge is power with student-of-the-game Borenstein

Ex-Highland Park High School standout Dustin Borenstein will play college volleyball at McKendree.

photography by joel lerner

■ by bill mclean Any story about Dustin Borenstein must begin with history — volleyball history. The 2013 Highland Park High School graduate doesn’t just know the sport inside out, from its origins to the nuances of its present. The outside hitter could easily stand inside a lecture hall and enlighten dozens of volleyball conventioneers twice his age. Dub him “Dustin-pedia” for his encyclopedic knowledge of a sport hatched in Massachusetts. “It was created 10 miles from Springfield, where [James] Naismith invented basketball,” said the 6-foot-4, 170-pound Borenstein, a two-time all-CSL pick. “I’ve always enjoyed soaking up everything about the sport. Techniques, strategies … I’ve always wanted to learned about them and use them in matches. “This morning,” he added on July 13, “I watched USA play Brazil in a world league men’s volleyball match. I’ve watched the 2008 Penn State-Pepperdine NCAA men’s championship several times. And I’m always scouring YouTube for volleyball action.” Imagine how big Borenstein’s eyes would get if he were a “Jeopardy!” contestant and one of the categories, “Can you dig it?” displayed nothing but volleyball answers. Now imagine him trying to contain his smile while delivering the correct questions to all of those answers. Borenstein, fittingly, will be part of McKendree (Lebanon, Ill.) University history when he suits up for the Bearcats in early 2014. MU will face Dominican University in the school’s first-ever men’s volleyball match on Jan. 25. McKendree will welcome Missouri Baptist University three

days later for the program’s first-ever home contest. Bearcats coach Nickie Sanlin got commitments from nine other founding freshmen. “He’ll do well there,” said Borenstein’s Adversity club coach, Jeremy Desiron. “Dustin is like a coach on the court, always absorbing information, always even-keeled. He’s my cerebral guy; it’s very rare when the wheels aren’t turning in his head.” Borenstein and his Adversity 18s Purple teammates traveled to Reno, Nev., in late June for the USA Volleyball National tournament. Seeded 12th, Vernon Hills-based Adversity smashed the seventh-seeded team (a Hawaiian entrant) in its third pool-play match and ended up in fifth place for the second year in a row. “We rode that team’s seed the rest of the tournament,” said Borenstein, who paced Highland Park’s Giants in kills, aces and digs in his final prep season. “Our team out there … we were able to rely on anyone, basically. Our depth helped us a lot.” Three recent New Trier High School graduates — setter Matt Wascher and outside hitters Mike Gajos and Carlos Zambrano — also battled for Adversity in “The Silver State.” Zambrano, who hopes to make USC’s men’s volleyball team as a walk-on, was one of only eight to be named to the all-tournament team. The name he thinks of when he thinks of the foundation of Adversity’s 18s Purple squad: Borenstein’s. “There’s no doubt that Dustin is a leader, and he always knows what the other team’s strengths are and what his team has to do well in order to win,” Zambrano said. “Five years … he’s been a big part of Adversity for five years. But he doesn’t just know so much and care so much about volleyball; he’s also a genuinely nice guy.”

And a guy who made USA Volleyball’s High Performance Championship Team, now competing against high-caliber teams from other countries in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Team USA was scheduled to start training for the event on July 18; the competition ends on July 28. Many of this summer’s Adversity 18s Purple unit helped the club’s 16s team place ninth nationally two summers ago. Borenstein was in sixth grade when an eighth-grade science teacher at Northwood Junior High in Highland Park, Steve Wolf, first sparked his interest in volleyball. A mad-about volleyball conflagration has been raging inside Borenstein ever since. Wolf has been an Adversity coach since the club’s inception in 1997, and he served as a USA Volleyball Men’s Junior National Team coach in 2006. Adversity Director Mike Hulett founded the non-profit volleyball club for boys players (ages 15-18) and in 2012 received the George “Friar” Friarmood Award — USA Volleyball’s highest award. “I’ve met tons of great people and coaches through volleyball,” Borenstein said, noting one of them is Roger Knipe, who coached the U.S. men’s volleyball team to a fifthplace tie at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. “That’s another reason I consider volleyball to be an awesome sport. Coach Knipe is an incredible person and coach. “My coaches at Adversity … unbelievable and so knowledgeable. I’ve been fortunate.” So have his Adversity teammates. “Dustin was, in a way, a team psychotherapist for us in matches,” Desiron said. “He has a way of getting everybody involved, everybody engaged on a volleyball court. “And all of his teammates,” he added, “know the guy to go to for the who, what, when, where and why of volleyball is Dustin.” ■

THe North shore weekend


07/27 – 07/28/13

Wouldn’t you LOVE to live here? § Two-thirds acre of beautifully landscaped property § Located in an uniquely private yet wonderfully convenient location near schools and town § Fabulous in-ground pool and expansive brick patio § A spectacular blue stone screened porch § A beautifully designed, built and maintained 6,000 square foot home featuring 13 rooms, 6 large bedrooms and 5 full and 2 half baths § Great floor plan, spacious well-appointed rooms, front and rear staircases § Stunning DeGuilio kitchen and adjacent mudroom § 600 square foot master suite § Highly sought-after first floor guest bedroom and bath § Huge finished basement ready for good times § Rarely found…4 car garage § Exceptional home, exceptional property, exceptional location, exceptional lifestyle!

1070 Sunset Road, Winnetka

Offered at $2,850,000


847.565.4264 cell 5 3 8 C H E S T N U T S T R E E T, W I N N E T K A | 8 4 7 . 4 4 1 . 6 3 0 0 | KO E N I G S T R E Y. C O M





THe North shore weekend

07/27 – 07/28/13

“There’s something about a golfer’s mentality, something calming. Jack has it and carried that over during the hockey season.” | Bob Melton

He shoots … he saves Junge’s stellar goaltending is on par with his golf game ■ by bill mclean Jack Junge admitted he does not like to live in the past. Jack Junge, who will be a junior at New Trier High School, will be aiming to defend his state golf title this fall. He shared last But his recent past is certainly worth revisiting. As a year’s Class 3A title with Deerfield’s Ian Kelsey. sophomore at New Trier High School in 2012-13, he holed putts in the fall and parried pucks as a goaltender in the photography by joel lerner winter. “It’s kind of hard not to look back,” Junge said in the those years, and they all had better games than mine. I fazes him. He’s a confident young man, humble and likable. summer. “I had a lot of fun.” felt honored to have won it while representing New Trier.” What I also like about him is the way he looks at shots; every He had a lot of success, too. Junge shot a 1-under 71 and The pivotal hole for Junge at state last fall was the par-5 shot to him is a challenge, and he welcomes each challenge.” tied for medalist honors with Deerfield High School’s Ian 14th at The Den at Fox Creek Golf Course. His second Junge’s summer on golf courses, in a word: challenging. He Kelsey at the rain-shortened Class 3A IHSA state tour- shot landed in a back bunker. He then notched an up and now stands 5-foot-11. Nearly a year ago he was “seven to eight nament in Bloomington. Five months later, at the United down for a birdie. inches” shorter. Basketball players welcome significant spurts. Center, Junge made 30 saves in New Trier Green’s Most golfers do not. 5-3 defeat of Glenbrook North in the state champi“It’s been a little hard, making the adjustments onship game. I’ve had to make,” said Junge, who, as the young“That was quite a sophomore year,” NT Green est player in the field, shot an 80-82 and missed the coach Bob Melton said. “There’s something about cut at the Illinois State Amateur at Alden Golf Club a golfer’s mentality, something calming. Jack has in Rockford July 15-18. “The arc of my swing has had to change a lot. But I’m getting the hang of it.” it and carried that over during the hockey season. Nothing rattled him, and during the playoffs he Golf will be Junge’s sole athletic pursuit in college, made some phenomenal saves and was probably our even though he made a spectacular, Division-I-type most important player down the stretch.” save late in a state semifinal win over Sandburg, NTHS boasts four hockey teams, including a JV which had defeated NT Green twice in the regular season. With the score tied in the third period and squad. NT Green is the program’s parent club. Junge a trip to the UC on the line, Sandburg had a 2-on-1 was a JV member as a freshman. He established breakaway. As the shot neared him, Junge nearly himself as Green’s top goalie in January, after shardid the splits, Melton noted. ing the job in the first half of the season. “He then made the save with his right toe,” the “He’s kind of quiet, but the guys liked him and coach added. knew how important he was to the team,” Melton NT scored the game-winner shortly thereafter. said. “In a way he was everybody’s ‘little brother.’ The seniors liked to put him in a headlock now and Hockey and golf — an odd combo to some. But then, have some fun with him. Jack had great relanot to Junge. tionships with his teammates.” “People ask me, ‘Why do you play sports that are Junge did not take his role for Green lightly. The so different?’ ” Junge said. “I don’t think they’re goal of every young goalie who grows up in New that different. I think they’re similar, because you have to have the right attitude and the right menTrier’s school district is to stop pucks for New Trier’s top club. tal approach in both if you want to do well in both.” “I always looked up to those bigger, older guys,” He’s right. Successful goaltenders don’t sulk after said Junge, a Winnetka resident. allowing an easy goal. Successful golfers look ahead The title in late March was NT Green’s 11th. positively after missing an easy putt. Junge became only the third Trevian to capture New Trier’s Kyle Melton (right) celebrates with goalie Jack Junge after the “His maturity level was higher than most sophoa state boys golf title in October, joining Michael Trevians won the state hockey title in March. mores’ last year,” Melton said. “His athleticism was Slavin (1999) and Bernie Magnussen (1954). Junge something else that I noticed right away. He’s comphotography by joel lerner petitive and intense, but he’s also calm, so it doesn’t still has a hard time believing he’s in such select company. surprise me that he’s also a very good golfer. “Look back at the past five, 10 years,” he said. “So many “He is so even-keeled,” Trevians golf coach Pete Drevline “I’ve never played golf with him; I’d be too embarrassed. outstanding golfers from New Trier did not win state in said. “His demeanor is the kind you want in a golfer. Nothing But I know he’d be able to give me a lot of good tips.”. ■

07/27 – 07/28/13



On target



Lake Forest’s Hunt displays his golden arm ■ by kevin reiterman Finishing fourth in a throwing competition at Cooperstown Dreams Park? Sounds like an impossible mission. Not for Ethan Hunt. The 12-year-old baseball player, who plays for the Lake Forest Scouts Gold team, showed off his arm strength and accuracy in the tournament’s Golden Arm competition at the famed New York baseball complex. There were 104 teams entered in the June 22-27 tournament, which drew teams from all over the country. And he out-performed 100 other players in the contest. “Throwing far comes pretty naturally for me,” said Hunt, who threw at a home-plate target from center field, approximately 125 feet. “I just tried my best. It worked out.” Hunt, a Black Belt in taekwondo who also lines up at linebacker and center for his football teams, went into the contest prepared. “Long toss,” he said. “I do a lot of long toss and that definitely helped.” He was introduced to long toss by his 9-and-10-year old Scouts coach David Holmes, a former Lake Forest High School standout who went on to play college baseball at Denison University in Granville, Ohio. Hunt is proving to be more than a one-tool baseball player. His bat can be potent. He also smacked a grand slam at Cooperstown and was named the team’s tournament MVP. “He had a great tournament (in New York), and he usually does come up big in tournaments,” said his Gold 12s coach Daniel Gribble, noting that Hunt also went deep in the Memorial Day Tournament at Vernon Hills and has three bombs on the season. “He’s our No. 4 hitter. He drives in a lot of runs for us. “He loves the game and plays it hard,” the coach added. “As a coach, he’s the type of player that you’re looking for.” Defensively, he’s Mr. Utility. According to Hunt, he’s played every position this summer except second base. In a Lake Shore Feeder Baseball League (LSFBL) game against Wilmette Blue at South Park on July 20, Hunt played shortstop and center field before taking his cannon

Ethan Hunt runs the bases during Lake Shore Feeder Baseball League action earlier this summer.

photography by joel lerner arm to the mound in the fifth inning. After two hitless innings, including three strikeouts in the sixth, Hunt’s mettle was tested in the top of the seventh. He was touched up for five runs (only 1 earned) and a 5-3 deficit turned into a 10-3 defeat. Though unhappy, Hunt handled it like a pro. The beautiful blue sky that afternoon had just fallen on No. 34 — but you couldn’t tell it by his mannerisms. No hat tossing. No glove throwing. No harsh words. Baseball is big in Hunt’s world. But it’s not everything. Family and school are high on his list. And, of course, like most kids, he likes the action movies,

especially the “Mission: Impossible” series. Understandably, this Ethan Hunt is a big fan of that Ethan Hunt — Tom Cruise’s character in the film. “We didn’t realize it at the time,” said his father, Andy Hunt. “We actually named him after (actor) Ethan Hawke.” Noteworthy: One of the highlights for Lake Forest Gold in its loss to Wilmette Blue was a home run down the right-field line by Matt D’Alessandro in the second inning. Teammate Jack Klinge helped out the LF cause with two hits. Meanwhile, Brady Christoph has been the Scouts’ top power hitter this summer. He’s hit eight home runs. ■

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THe North shore weekend

07/27 – 07/28/13

The Press Box Shafiq commits to UC-Berkeley Volleyball (Women’s): At 6-foot-5, Sarah Shafiq is a force in the middle. The coaching staff at the UC-Berkeley needs no further convincing. Shafiq, who plays on the Wildcat Juniors 16 Black club team, has accepted a full scholarship to play volleyball for the Cal Golden Bears. It’s an early commit. The highly athletic Shafiq will be a junior at New Trier High School this fall. Last year, Shafiq was a factor on NT’s varsity squad. She came off the bench and helped the Trevians to a second-place finish at state.

Tashima makes U.S. National Team Volleyball (Women’s): For the second year in row, Taylor Tashima has been named to the U.S. Girls’ Youth National Volleyball Team (GYNT). The New Trier High School senior, who plays club ball with the Wildcat Juniors, will team up with 11 other star players and compete in the 2013 FIVB Volleyball Girls’ U18 World Championship in Nakhon Ratchisima, Thailand on July 25-Aug. 4. “She’s very talented,” noted Wildcat Juniors head coach Karen Sonders. “But, on top of that, she works incredibly hard in the gym.”

Tashima is familiar with international competition. She helped the U.S. team win the 2012 NORCECA Girls Youth Continental Championship held in Mexico last August. The only other Illinois player to be selected was Glen Ellyn outside hitter Molly Haggerty, who plays for Sports Performance.

Eclipse Select claims two ECNL national titles Soccer (girls): The Eclipse U-15 squad, which rosters Hannah Marwede (Lake Forest), Zoe Redei (Highland Park), Katie Sadera (Winnetka) and Lea Waddle (Lake Forest), put it all together in championship play of the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL). On July 15 in Henrico, Va., the Eclipse used goals by Marissa Bosco (St. Charles) and Waddle to defeat Real Colorado 2-0 in the national title game. Marwede’s corner kick set up Bosco’s tally. Redei assisted Waddle’s score. The squad was dominant throughout. Eclipse outscored its opponents 15-2 in the tourney. It defeated FC Dallas 4-1 and FC Bucks 5-1 on July 14. Redei had a goal against the Bucks. was impressed with the play of Marwede in the final. The website praised her defense, which helped Eclipse to shut down the “dangerous and everpresent” Mallory Pugh. Redei, who is ranked as the No. 1 player

Sarah Shafiq, who will be a junior at New Trier High School, has made a verbal commitment to Cal-Berkeley.

photography by joel lerner in the Midwest, also was cited for her strong showing in the final. Eclipse also celebrated an ECNL title in the U-23 Division. It defeated FC Wisconsin 4-1 in the title match on July

14. Lake Forest’s Ginny McGowan (class of 2014) was moved up for the tournament. This was history in the making. Prior to this summer, Eclipse had never won an ECNL championship. ■

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THe North shore weekend


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THe North shore weekend


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Drew LaMotte Wilmette Waves

Baseball: The shortstop earned the Golden Bat Award this summer for the Waves (26-9), who were eliminated from the Connie Mack Regional in Battle Creek, Mich., on July 20. LaMotte batted a team-beast .375 with 34 runs, 25 RBI and 11 doubles. His on-base percentage was .487. LaMotte, who will be a senior at New Trier High School, had six hits in 12 at-bats during his team’s three regional games. The Waves, who defeated A Green 11-10 (9 innings) and Grand Rapids, Mich., 5-0 in pool play, lost a heartbreaker to the Illinois Sparks 5-4 in single-elimination bracket play. The Sparks scored two runs with one out in the bottom of the seventh. The winning run came home on a wild pitch during an intentional walk attempt. “Tough way to lose,” said Waves head coach Mike Napolean. “We don’t like to intentionally walk hitters (and usually don’t). So we never practice it.” The team’s best overall game came against Grand Rapids. Left-hander Brian Gerner tossed a three-hit shutout. “An outstanding performance,” said Napolean. Second baseman Sammy Visconti, who earned the team’s Gold Glove Award, had a two-run single in the game. Scott Hammes scored twice and stole two bases. In the opener, Nolan Stojentin was the hero. A late-inning substitute, he made three running catches in the top of the ninth inning. And, in the bottom of the ninth, he singled home Will Francke with the game-winner. Luke Turelli Lake Forest

THe North shore weekend

Biltmore Country Club. She shot a 74 to place sixth overall in the qualifier. The U.S. Women’s Amateur will be held in Charleston, S.C., on Aug. 5-11. Joe Willis Lake Forest

07/27 – 07/28/13

25.18; 100 free, 55.80) and Madeline Smith (200 free, 1:58.53). The team’s runner-ups included Max Haubrich (1000 free, 10:44.94), Josephine Annin (500 free, 5:27.44), Hillary Rancamp (100 fly, 1:03.32), Emma Kyle (50 free, 25.73), Maia Brearton (200 free, 1:59.02), Ella Needler (200 free, 1:59.80), Lettera (200 fly, 2:22.49), Ortiz (50 fly, 29.93), Hamilton (100 back, 1:02.43), Smith (200 IM, 2:19.89) and Gottschalk (200 IM, 2:17.07; 100 free, 55.72).

Golf: Willis, who will be a sophomore at Yale University, finished five strokes off the lead to place fourth (286) at the 83rd Illinois State Amateur Championship on July 16-18 at Aldeen Golf Club in Rockford. Winnetka’s Bradley Rendell also had a nice State Am, finishing in a tie for 10th (293). Highwood’s Patrick Flavin came in tied for 22nd (297), while Lake Forest’s Ian Mankoff and Lake Bluff’s Jonathon Klein shared 27th place (299). Wilmette’s Michael Hultquist shot 300 to finish in a tie for 29th.

Swimming: Kingsley finished first in the 10-U 500 free (5:43.61) at the regional championship at LFHS. Bentley was the runner-up finisher in the 10-U 200 free (2:27.42) and 100 free (1:08.10).

Nicholas Iserloth Winnetka

Zach Weiner Highland Park Aquatics

Golf: He finished in a three-way tie for fifth place (225) at the Championship at Geneva National on July 16-18. Winnetka’s Matt Murlick and Lake Forest’s Jack Garrity

Colin Kingsley/George Bentley Lake Forest Swim Club

Swimming: He claimed two championships at the regional championship at LFHS. He won the 50 free in 22.65 and the 100 free in 49.85. HPAC’s other winners were Andrew Vorobev (1000 free, 10:30.16), Ryan Tran (500 free, 5:43.39) and Tobe Obochi (50 breast, 40.03). The second-place finishers were Sydney Tran (400 IM, 5:01.42), Helena Blumenau (1000 free, 11:11.34), Abigail Smith (100 fly, 1:07.07), Tim Smith (50 back, 31.50), Sophia Livney (200 breast, 2:36.17), Steven Sirois (1650 free, 19:55.13), Ben Laedlein (400 IM, 4:34.60) and Vorobev (500 free, 5:05.40; 50 free, 24.26). Charles Scheinfeld/Phillip Srivastava/Ingrid Wall New Trier Swim Club

Baseball: Competing in the Swimming: This trio picked up two 10 th District American Legion victories each at the regional chamTournament, the 6-foot-5 rightpionship at Lake Forest. Scheinfeld hander tossed a three-hitter to beat was first in the 200 free (1:56.38) and Lake Villa 4-0 on July 14. 200 IM (2:14.02). Srivastava earned Turelli, who will pitch for titles in the 100 back (1:00.19) and 50 Augustana College, finished with six free (23.54). And Wall claimed wins strikeouts over seven innings. in the 500 free (5:15.84) and 200 fly “I can’t say enough about Luke,” (2:15.81). said Lake Forest American Legion NTSC’s other champs were Andy coach Mike Nilles. “When he’s on the Xue (100 breast, 1:28.20), Kathryne mound, he attacks and is very aggresTao (200 back, 2:16.90), Patrick sive. When he’s not on the mound, Gridley (200 back, 2:12.98), Jack Kohr he’s the nicest kid that you will ever (100 back, 1:19.05), Ceola Halloran meet. He turns back into friendly (50 breast, 34.84) and Jeffrey Ingle Luke Turelli.” (200 fly, 2:06.22). Nilles believes Augustana has a The runners-up were Diarmaid can’t-miss prospect in Turelli. Kendra Joachim of Scouts Aquatics races to a first-place finish in the 500 freestyle 10-U at the ISI Summer Halloran (50 breast, 40.61), Ceola “He gets his Ks. And he gets them Regional Championships at Lake Forest High School. Halloran (50 free, 26.86; 200 free, in the crucial parts of the game,” said Nilles. “He’s going to be throwing in photography by joel lerner 2:09.54), Milena Srivastava (200 IM, 2:26.80), Ryan Gridley (200 the 90s sooner than you think.” free, 1:56.55), Samuel Linn (200 fly, Turelli received early support in 2:09.13), Alexandra Christian (200 breast, 2:38.35) and Riley shot 228s (tied for 13th) in this Mid-America Junior Golf this first-round losers’ bracket game. Sam Templeman Mech (200 IM, 2:07.58). Tour event. singled and scored the first run of the game in the first On the girls side, Lake Forest’s Cindy Wang carded a inning on a double by George Karkazis, who later came Tonya Piergies 245 to place fourth overall at Geneva National. around on a sacrifice fly by Peter Gruenes. North Shore Country Day Lake Forest tacked on two more runs in the sixth. George Galanis Track (Girls): She qualified to the USATF National Gruenes singled and scored on a double by Turelli. And Glencoe Junior Olympics Meet in two events. then Turelli came around on a double by JR Reimer. Golf: He had a top-10 finish at the Championship of In the Region 7 meet in Kankakee on July 11-14, LF opened the tournament on July 13 with a 4-0 loss Purdue on July 1-3. He shot a 239 to finish in a three-way Piergies, who will be a junior at NSCD, won the 400 hurto the Gurnee Riverdogs. Alex Athenson, who pitches for tie for ninth place. dles (1:10.57) and qualified for nationals in the javelin the University of Chicago, had a decent outing but was On July 16, at the IJGA Sectional #6 at Highland Park CC, (22.16 meters). She also took fourth in the heptathlon but tagged with the loss. Galanis finished in a tie for eighth place (77) with Highland did not qualify in the event. On July 15, the team was eliminated from postseason Park’s Daniel Hetlinger and Wilmette’s Brian Gerner. The national competition will be held in Greensboro, play. Mundelein used a walk-off balk to claim a 5-4 victory. N.C., on July 22-28. Connor Hanrahan, who hopes to walk on at Denison, Paige Lettera was the hard-luck hurler. He had seven strikeouts and Scouts Aquatics Forest Moses went the distance. Highland Park Swimming: Competing in the 12-U division, she claimed “Connor threw a lot of quality innings for us this sumTrack (Boys): Moses, who attends Northridge Prep, has four titles in the 2013 ISI Summer Regional Championships mer,” said Nilles. qualified to the USATF National Junior Olympics (July at Lake Forest High School on July 26-28. She was first James Padley, who plays at Lake Forest Academy, had 22-28 in Greenboro, N.C.) in the high jump. He cleared 1.80 in the 200 back (2:18.78), 50 free (29.54), 100 IM (1:06.35) a two-run double in the loss. meters to place fifth in the Region 7 meet in Kankakee and 200 IM (100 IM). Isabelle Kane on July 11-14. Earlier this summer, he took fourth in the SCT’s other champs were Kendra Joachim (500 free, Winnetka state meet in Lisle. 5:48.03), Alexander Ortiz (200 breast, 2:30.53), Laura Golf: Kane, who will be a senior at Loyola Academy, Moses is a two-time IHSA state qualifier. Gottschalk (100 fly, 1:01.44), Caylee Hamilton (50 free, qualified to the U.S. Women’s Amateur on July 10 at

THe North shore weekend


07/27 – 07/28/13


Fabulous Location | Extraordinary Value 725 GREENLEAF AVENUE



Location: You’re going to love this East Glencoe residence! The enviable location puts you in the center of a leafy, shaded neighborhood within easy walking distance to train, town and beach. Elegance: From the stately French Eclectic architecture befitting the lovely street to its grand scale, this house welcomes with a gracious floor plan and generous room sizes. Value: East Glencoe, 90’ x 200’ lot, 6 bedrooms, 5.1 baths, 3 fireplaces, attached garage, second floor laundry, finished basement, screened porch, large yard, 2 terraces, generous storage - truly too much to list!

OPEN SUNDAY - JULY 28th, 2:30-4:30

Nancy Powers & Gloria Matlin 847.644.1407| 847.835.6058|

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Highland Park 847.266.9266

©2013 HCR Healthcare, LLC

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perfect weekend

THe North shore weekend

07/27 – 07/28/13

For Leda and Bill Baraboo has been an ideal getaway

One of our favorite places for weekend trips has been the Baraboo area of Wisconsin. We had a year-round vacation home near Lodi for years in the woods overlooking Lake Wisconsin on seven acres. It was kind of remote and a fairly large home with three bedrooms and a fireplace in the living room conversation area. Driving time from the North Shore is about three hours. It was pleasant to go there year-round. We’d hike in the snow in the woods, and there were beautiful fall colors. It was a great place to have family reunions. There were nice restaurants nearby — Fitz’s on the Lake, Merrimac, is our favorite all-you-can-eat Friday night fish fry. One of our favorite places to hike around there is Parfrey’s Glen. It is a deeply incised canyon, unusual for the Midwest, with lots of ferns and mosses and boulders.

“We’d hike in the snow in the woods, and there were beautiful fall colors. It was a great place to have family reunions.”

Bill Bishoff, a volunteer photographer at the Chicago Botanic Garden, and his wife Leda live in Wilmette.

photography by joel lerner

It’s not too far from Devil’s Lake State Park, where the kids used to go rock climbing. We’ve also visited the Baraboo Circus Museum to see demonstrations of loading the circus wagons, a circus parade and a performance under the big top. They have a wonderful circus wagon museum. The House on the Rock is a great collection of architecturally unique rooms, streets, gardens and shops designed by Alex Jordan. You can spend the whole day there marveling at carousels, music machines and industrial castoffs made into fantastic art. We sold the home to my (Bill’s) brother because we wanted to spend more time with international travel. We spent June in the Arctic and in Denmark. We’ve been to all seven continents and are going to Turkey in October. Bill and Leda Bishoff, as told to David Sweet ■


Call to register for Summer Camp!


THe North shore weekend

07/27 – 07/28/13



the north shore weekend | saturday july 27 | sunday july 28 2013

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The North Shore Weekend EAST, Issue 42  

Featuring the news and personalities of Wilmette, Kenilworth, Winnetka, Northfield, Glencoe, Highland Park, Lake Forest & Lake Bluff, Illino...

The North Shore Weekend EAST, Issue 42  

Featuring the news and personalities of Wilmette, Kenilworth, Winnetka, Northfield, Glencoe, Highland Park, Lake Forest & Lake Bluff, Illino...