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2015-2016 President’s Report


Juniata College P E N N S Y LVA N I A 1 8 76

Aug. 6, 2015

The America’s Top Colleges list rated Juniata in the

Pictured on the cover are most of the Juniata faculty who mentored or worked with the students who are highlighted within these pages for their scholarships and awards. From left, front row: Gina Lamendella, associate professor of biology; Brad Andrew, professor of economics; Judith Benz, associate professor of German; Uma Ramakrishnan, professor of environmental science; and Alison Fletcher, associate professor of history. From left, back row: Matt Beaky, associate professor of physics; Kati Csoman, dean of international programs; Jim Tuten, professor of history; Norris Muth, associate professor of biology; Vince Buonaccorsi, professor of biology; Jim Roney, professor of Russian; and Heather Pavlik ’95, head coach, women’s volleyball. Not pictured: Chris Grant, assistant research professor; Randy Rosenberger, professor of accounting, business, and economics; and Jack Barlow, professor of politics. Cover photo and above: J.D. Cavrich

Top 50 on its “Grateful rated Juniata

179th in its rankings

Photo: Klarissa Juliano ’17

Graduates Index: Top ROI Colleges,” which measures and rates institutions where graduates donate funds back to their college. This ranking underlines how our graduates are concerned about improving College resources and, of course, gives Juniata a national profile.


2015–2016 President’s Report |

of more than 4,500 institutions.


| Juniata

Juniata is rated nationally at 89th in the annual Washington Monthly College Rankings.


Aug. 10

Photo: J.D. Cavrich

The magazine’s poll is noted for rating colleges based on recruiting and graduating low-income students, as well as examining research, and community service. All three factors make the College nationally distinctive, while also emphasizing our dedication to scholarship and community.

2015–2016 President’s Report | 3

Aug. 15

| Juniata

U.S. News & World Report rates J Liberal Arts Colleges


It also names the College an “A+ School for B Students” for the second year in a row. Juniata’s presence in such national polls helps make the College known to prospective students.

Juniata at 105th among in the magazine’s annual rankings.

2015–2016 President’s Report |

Photo: Jason Jones


Amber Boring ’18 Altoona, Pa.

Ariana Caiati ’19 Hellertown, Pa

J.D. Cavrich Professional Photographer Hollidaysburg, Pa.

Laura Hess ’11 Professional Photographer Huntingdon, Pa.

Morgan Horell ’17 Altoona, Pa.

T.J. Chance-Chin ’15 Tampa, Fla.


| Juniata

Cover photo: J.D. Cavrich


Jason Jones Professional Photographer Toronto, Canada

Katie Padamonsky Dickey ’97 Huntingdon, Pa.

Gordon Dimmig ’17 Elizabethtown, Pa.

Candice Hersh Associate Director of Marketing Huntingdon, Pa.

Klarissa Juliano ’17 Kittredge, Colo.

Christine Reilly ’18 Nashua, N.H.

Devon-Mikal Weaver ’19 Baltimore, Md.

Thida Win ’17 Mandalay, Myanmar 2015–2016 President’s Report | 7

Sept: 21: Juniata receives the Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award (HEED) from Insight into Diversity Magazine, an award that highlights Juniata’s dedication to making its community inclusive, welcoming and free from discrimination, while also maintaining a distinctive presence in the national conversation about diversity. James A. Troha, Ph.D. President 814-641-3101 @juniataprztroha

“Fearlessly changing how we do things is the hallmark of any great educational institution. This is not a time to maintain the status quo.”

| Juniata

—President Jim Troha



Dear Friends, This publication documents and celebrates the last academic year and our first year making significant inroads in accomplishing the goals of Courage to Act, our strategic plan. It contains the usual accolades for our students, as well as the notice we attracted from higher education press and other media, starting from August 2015. Why do I mention that date in particular? In the age of social media, news is shared instantly. (This is not a profound statement.) We have announced new rankings and notices that make some of the content here, well, old news. But, this report considers the previous year’s achievements, to show a progression that may provide context for the attention we are attracting now, and for the outcomes our students have achieved.

This year we welcomed Matthew Damschroder, vice president for student life and dean of students. Matthew comes to Juniata from Illinois Wesleyan, where, as assistant dean of students, he led a campus-wide effort to improve campus support for LGBTQ students and hosted a radio show. In addition, I asked Rob Yelnosky ’85 to take over as vice president for enrollment, which gives the College an excellent leader and manager who possesses a rare quality. He knows what it’s like to be recruited and attend Juniata as a student and he also knows what it’s like to teach Juniata students. Few have such a thorough view of what we do. As you look through this report, date-by date, you’ll discover how many of our triumphs fit within the parameters of Courage to Act and its key pillars: Scholarship, Community, Distinctiveness, Resources, and Presence. •

The College’s resources were bolstered by the acquisition of several major grants, including a $300,000 U.S. Department of Education grant and a $1 million National Science Foundation grant to help Juniata develop secondary school science teachers in rural school districts. As always our student community is well represented by many of the photos you see. Each year our marketing photo team documents Juniata’s dedication to establishing community ties.

The Juniata community works together to make an already great College even greater, whether it’s our invaluable employees who were honored for the 8th year in a row by the Chronicle of Higher Education’s “Great Places to Work” poll, or the collective faculty who have been working all last year to study and evaluate Juniata’s curriculum and its resonance and effectiveness for contemporary students. Fearlessly changing how we do things is the hallmark of any great educational institution. This is not a time to maintain the status quo. Juniata’s strategic plan puts it succinctly: We must have the courage to act. Last year’s accomplishments show we have not stood idly by, content to leave well enough alone. We had the courage to act and, in the coming year, will achieve more to help Juniata deliver on its mission.

2015–2016 President’s Report |

Photos: JD Cavrich

Eleven individual students received recognition for exceptional scholarship or athletic achievement, including three Fulbright Scholars. Four separate respected national college rankings praised Juniata not only for its affordability and academic excellence but singled the College out for the enthusiasm of its graduates, its ability to nurture first-time college students and its dedication to service. We also received a HEED award that honored our diversity and inclusion programs—qualities that encompass community, distinctiveness, and resources.

President’s Letter



| Juniata

Sept. 14: Alesha Alexis ’17, of Brooklyn, N.Y., and Katie McGlone ’17, of Littlestown, Pa., both received the Benjamin Gilman Scholarship that funds study abroad. Study abroad opportunities are essential components of the liberal arts educational experience and for each student’s scholarly pursuits. McGlone studied abroad in Ecuador and Alexis studied abroad in Japan.

Oct. 22: Educator and founder of Take Back the Night Foundation, Katie Koestner, along with Juniata’s human resources department, organized and presented a Policy Institute on Sexual and Cyber Misconduct. In addition to Juniata students and employees, more than 100 representatives from agencies and businesses from surrounding communities attended the conference.

2015–2016 President’s Report |

Photo: Gordon Dimmig ’17

Photo: Candice Hersh

Sept. 28: Juniata receives a $300,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women to fund an ambitious plan to educate the campus on prevention of sexual assault, interpersonal violence, cyber misconduct, and bullying, making the campus community safer.


Photo: Devon-Mikal Weaver ’19

Oct. 26: Tom Wynn ’73, retired CEO for Peerless Chain Co., spends a week in residence at Juniata as part of the Glaeser Executive in Residence Program in the Department of Accounting, Business and Economics. Wynn helped teach classes, mentored students, offered advice on job-seeking, while helping to make the educational curriculum at the College a bit more distinctive.

| Juniata

Oct. 27: A group of activists from the Ferguson Frontline group (an activist group formed in 2014 after 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot by police in Ferguson, Mo.) spent a week in residence at the College. Among other events, the activists delivered a public presentation and inspired the student community at Juniata to become more active in questioning policies.


2015–2016 President’s Report |

Photo courtesy Nikea Ulrich ’17

Nov. 7: Nikea Ulrich ’17, of Homer, N.Y., was so successful as a scholar that she was awarded the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) scholarship to help her study abroad at Philipps University in Marburg, Germany.


| Juniata

Nov. 10: Kelly Reynolds ’17, setter for the Juniata women’s volleyball team, was named Player of the Year for the Landmark Conference. The women’s volleyball team has been a nationwide presence in Division III athletics for three decades.


—Kelly Reynolds ’17 Kelly is pursuing a POE in managerial economics. She is from Upper St. Clair, Pa. Kelly was voted AVCA First-Team All-American as a setter in women’s volleyball.

Photo: JD Cavrich

Nov. 17: Kelly Reynolds ’17, of Upper St. Clair, Pa., was voted first-team All-American by the American Volleyball Coaches Association. Megan Moroney ’18, of Mentor Ohio, was named second-team All-American, and Nakita Gearhart ’17, of Waynesboro, Pa., was named to the third team.

2015–2016 President’s Report |

Photo: Klarissa Juliano ’17

“My coaches, professors, and advisers have helped me develop into the person that I always dreamed and knew that I could become. Competing with my team on a daily basis, working with and learning from experienced and dedicated professors, developing skills through clubs and jobs, are all things that have helped foster these experiences. It’s the little things that they do. The extra mile they put in to help their athletes or students. Those are the things that go unnoticed, and that’s what I will always be so grateful for.”


| Juniata 16

Photo: Klarissa Juliano ’17

Dec. 11

Another national publication recognized the distinctive nature of a Juniata education when

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance rated Juniata 92nd

among liberal arts colleges that “deliver a high-quality education at an affordable price,” making the College a national presence in affordability.

2015–2016 President’s Report | 17

Leadership Giving By Society This year we welcomed 783 members to the Juniata Societies. Membership is offered to those who commit $1,000 or more to the College in the fiscal year, with members enjoying benefits specific to their society. Investing in Juniata’s mission helps elevate Juniata to a higher level of achievement and recognition. For more information on society membership, please visit www.

Juniata Scholarship Fund The Juniata Scholarship Fund raises money to award scholarships to academically qualified students who demonstrate great financial need. As we continue to welcome large classes to Juniata, we know that the impact of these awards will continue to be felt. The President’s Circle totaled 183, a special designation for those who make a leadership gift to JSF equal to or greater than one average student award ($2,500). Together, we really are changing lives, one scholarship at a time.

000 000


000 000



$1,084,201 $1,084,201

’12 ’12

’13 ’13

’14 ’14

JSF Indicates number of Scholarships funded.

000 000

| Juniata

0 0



$1,198,533 $1,198,533


$1,075,987 $1,075,987

’15 ’15

Overall Gifts


Brumbaugh Society ($10,000+) . . . . 122 . . . . . $5,841,630 . . . . 112

Ellis ($5,000 - $9,999) . . . . 105 . . . . . . $348,497 . . . . . 67

Quinter ($1,000 - $4,999) . . . . 556 . . . . . . $545,723 . . . . 137 JSF Indicates number of scholarships funded by each society.

$1,253,021 $1,253,021 $1,031,982 $1,031,982

Number of Members

’16 ’16

Photo: Thida Win ’17

Heritage Circle Heritage Circle members invest in the future of Juniata through planned giving. “Planned giving” simply means that individuals make gifts to the College that are delayed in a trust, will, or other mechanisms. Because such gifts involve accumulated assets distributed over time or through one’s will, they empower people to make leadership gifts beyond what they might think possible. 12000000

12000000 10000000 Estate gifts received (20) . . . . . . $2,487,595 10000000 Life Income Agreements (3) . . . . . . . $324,040 8000000 New estate commitments (16) . . . . . . $5,537,515 Total $8,349,150 8000000 Total Heritage Circle Members 313 6000000 Some planned gifts provide valuable tax benefits or income,6000000 and individuals can use a variety of assets—investments, 4000000 real estate, artwork, and more—to establish them. Planned 4000000 giving tools include bequests, trusts, and contracts between a donor and the College. Such commitments are 2000000 among the most powerful tools for individuals to benefit 2000000 themselves, their families, and Juniata. 0 0

Overall Giving The chart below includes actual dollars received by the College. We extend our gratitude to all who gave to Juniata last year and every year!


Planned Gifts for 2015-2016

$10,672,267 $8,534,088 $8,534,088 $6,926,944 $7,737,624


$7,737,624 $5,385,656 $5,385,656 ’12










Research & Gov. Grants (6%) $509,633 Foundations, Corporations & Business (15%) $1,316,478

Friends and Church of the Brethren (19%) $1,580,141 Parents (16%) $1,331,310 Alumni (44%) $3,796,526 2016 total = $8,534,088

2015–2016 President’s Report | 19

Jan. 5: Henry H. Gibbel ’57, and his wife, Joan, donate $500,000 to help fund Gibbel Stadium, a venue for soccer and lacrosse, as part of the Winton Hill Athletics Complex, which also hosts tennis. The new stadium and tennis courts give Juniata the finest facilities for those sports in the Landmark Conference and will be an advantageous resource in athletics recruitment.

| Juniata

Jan. 10: Juniata’s athletic director and men’s basketball coach, Greg Curley, announces that the College will add three sports—men’s and women’s golf, and women’s lacrosse—starting with the fall 2017 season. The addition of these sports will help Juniata achieve its ambitious enrollment goals and provide the resources necessary for the College’s continued excellence. 20

Photo: JD Cavrich

Photo: Amber Boring ’18

Photo: JD Cavrich

Jan. 20: Greg Curley reached his 200th career victory in a win over Catholic University.


2015–2016 President’s Report | 21

Photo: J.D. Cavrich | Juniata 22

Feb 15: Jack and Carolyn Sparks, two longtime Altoona, Pa. educators, donate their 378-acre Everett, Pa. farm to Juniata for use as a research site and educational center. The $1.1 million gift will provide opportunities for scholarly research in environmental science, biology, geology, history, anthropology, and archaeology.

Out of the strategic plan


Priority #1: SCHOLARSHIP

Institutional Learning Outcomes


any of you reading this know that Juniata places great value on learning through experience, often in a collaborative way. Whether it is conducting research with faculty or studying in a different country or cultural setting, or providing service in the community or teaching with peers. Many of you also know and recall fondly those moments when you were challenged to consider direction, personal beliefs, your abilities, and even your sense of what is possible. Generations of Juniata graduates have experienced moments here where they faced a specific challenge, to think about who they were and to move forward in their learning having faced that challenge. Over the last year, the faculty have sought to understand and challenge those elements of the Juniata experience, and ultimately to express a set of institutional learning outcomes (ILOs). The term ILO refers to the shared characteristics all graduates attain as they earn a Juniata degree, whether they study chemistry or English, sociology or business. It may at first seem obvious, but I trust many reading this have gone through similar planning exercises with organizations to re-commit to a central mission, and understand the process is never as easy as it sounds. Our community engaged in a thorough consideration of who we are and what we do, and presented a set of five institutional learning outcomes that our Board of Trustees has approved. They are described in short here.

Knowledge and Skills l The skills needed to engage effectively with and adapt to a changing world l Depth of knowledge in an academic field l Critical engagement with and respect for multiple cultural traditions and human diversity

A Juniata graduate

Intellectual Engagement l Analytical and creative thinking, critical questioning, and examination of evidence l Intellectual curiosity and an openness to exploring challenging questions COURAGE TO ACT

Interdisciplinarity l Integration of knowledge and skills from multiple disciplinary approaches to address questions or problems l Different ways of knowing about the self, aesthetics, human cultures, and the social and natural worlds

will demonstrate: Ethical Behavior Engagement with the Self and the World l Collaborative work in cultural settings from local to global

l Knowledge of multiple ethical traditions and an informed vision of a just society l The capacity to act ethically with empathy, honesty, and responsibility

l Engaged citizenship and respectful interactions l Understanding of how a holistic and intentional approach to life fosters wellbeing THE PLAN FOR JUNIATA COLLEGE

Why ILOs matter


hy does it matter that you know about this, and at this time? Part of it is obvious: you once entrusted us with an educational aspiration. You may presently make gifts to Juniata in the faith that we continue to deliver on our educational promise. You care about Juniata and our traditions and trust that we honor that promise while keeping contemporary with the changing demands placed on citizens of the nation and the world. The work on the ILOs also matters because from them we will endeavor to review our curriculum and the approaches we take to ensure our graduates earn a broad education for which they take an active role in shaping. We anticipate changes as a result of the process but not simply changes for the sake of change. Rather, a shared set of goals will make us accountable to ourselves, to those who provide us support, and most importantly to the students who choose to trust this place with one of the most important experiences of their lives. Lauren Bowen, Ph.D. Provost

814-641-3123 @provostbowen

Juniata College P E N N S Y LVA N I A 1 8 76 COURAGE TO ACT

Priority #1: SCHOLARSHIP

March 1: Julia McMurry ’18 wins the Bailey Oratorical Contest for the second straight year. The annual speech contest, which is heavily attended by students and faculty, remains a distinctive draw for students interested in communication, public speaking, or just convincing others of their point of view.

2015–2016 President’s Report |

Photo: Amber Boring ’18


Alumni Council 2016-2017 Ashley R. Appleman ’07 Annette (Reeder) Bair ’93 Paul L. Berry Jr. ’05 Christie R. Brown ’92 Gabriel A. Castro ’12 Bonnie (Wineland) Crawford ’64 Frances C. Fiorino ’78 Michael J. Ford ’82 Shane R. Gallagher ’10 Timothy P. Gill Jr. ’08 Tracy (Stough) Grajewski ’86 Stephanie L. Haines ’92

Elise A. Mihranian ’14 Brenton J. Mitchell ’06 John Noble ’61 Marion (Kercher) Oliver ’64 Jigar J. Patel ’08 Debra L. Reidy ’10 William A. Rys ’96 Gregory K. Schmidt ’77 Parisha P. Shah ’01 Diane (Morrow) Snider ’79 Jennifer D. Wade ’88 Roxann (Binner) Yon ’84

Gabriel A. Castro ’12 Member-at-Large

Annette (Reeder) Bair ’93, President Atlanta, Ga., Finance Manager, TE Connectivity Ashley R. Appleman ’07, Vice President Frederick, Md., Assistant Director, Maryland-DC Campus Compact Christie R. Brown ’92, Past President Yardley, Pa., Director of Development, New Dramatists For a complete list of the 2016-2017 Alumni Council members’ contact information, please visit the member profiles at

Alumni Council Strategic Plan

New Council Members

Paul L. Berry Jr ’05 Member-at-Large

Alumni Council Officers

Michael J. Ford ’82 Member-at-Large

With Juniata’s new strategic plan, Courage to Act, in mind, and with a renewed commitment to supporting the College’s mission and goals, the Alumni Council approved a new strategic plan at its June 2015 meeting. The plan will guide the work of the Council and its outreach to the alumni body at large through 2020. All alumni are invited to join the Council in its efforts to make an impact on three essential areas: ▷ PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: Choosing Juniata ▷ CURRENT STUDENTS: Connections to Careers

| Juniata

▷ ALUMNI: Giving Back Through Strategic Support


Marion (Kercher) Oliver ’64 Member-at-Large

Debra L. Reidy ’10 Member-at-Large

Parisha P. Shah ’01 Alumni Trustee

To view the plan in full, visit

Photo: Amber Boring ’18

Alumni Council 2015–2016 President’s Report |

Front row (l-r): Bonnie (Wineland) Crawford ’64, Jennifer D. Wade ’88, Shane R. Gallagher ’10, Elise A. Mihranian ’14, Jigar J. Patel ’08; second row: Ashley R. Appleman ’07, Frances C. Fiorino ’78, Gregory K. Schmidt ’77, Roxann (Binner) Yon ’84, Timothy P. Gill Jr. ’08; third row: Stephanie L. Haines ’92, John Noble ’61, Debra L. Reidy ’10; fourth row: Christie R. Brown ’92, Marion (Kercher) Oliver ’64, Brenton J. Mitchell ’06, Tracy (Stough) Grajewski ’86, Michael J. Ford ’82. Missing from photo: Annette (Reeder) Bair ’93, Paul L. Berry Jr. ’05, Gabriel A. Castro ’12, William A. Rys ’96, Parisha P. Shah ’01, and Diane (Morrow) Snider ’79.



Class-by-Class Participation Comparison

Alumni Giving Participation




28% 24%







2016 12% 2015 15% 2014 15% 2013 12% 2012 18% 2011 12% 2010 12% 2009 13% 2008 2007 10% 12% 2006 2005 10% 12% 2004 2003 11% 2002 11% 16% 2001 22% 2000 13% 1999 16% ▲ 1% 1998 13% 1997 1996 11% 1995 11% 16% 1994 15% 1993 14% 1992 13% 1991 18% 1990 15% 1989 20% 1988 19% ▲ 2% 1987 19% 1986 30% 1985 24% 1984 20% 1983 23% 1982 20% 1981 20% 1980 25% ▲ 4% 1979 30% ▲ 2% 1978 25% 1977 25% 1976 33% 1975

| Juniata

Many ranking and funding agencies use alumni participation percentages in their formulae for determining which schools will (and will not) receive awards and recognition. Competition is keen, and Juniata’s past strong participation helped us to stand out from the crowd. We offer our deep appreciation both to those who are loyal in making an annual gift, and to those who came on board this year for the first time. Your potential impact is far greater than the gift alone.



1980 1979 1978 1977 1976 1975 1974 1973 1972 1971 1970 1969 1968 1967 1966 1965 1964 1963 1962 1961 1960 1959 1958 1957 1956 1955 1954 1953 1952 1951 1950 1949 1948 1947 1946 14% 1945 1944 1943 7% 1942 8% 1941 1940 & earlier

2015–2016 President’s Report |







29% ▲ 4%


20% 25% ▲ 4% 30% ▲ 2% 25% 25% 33% 27%


43% ▲ 2%




52% ▲ 3% 57% ▲ 4% 49% 58% ▲ 4% 63% 44% ▲ 1% 42% 47% 47% 57% 67% ▲ 1% 53% 65% 45% 45% 55% 39% 47% 43% 38% 50% ▲ 28%



40% 39%


“I am truly honored by this award; it reflects magnificently on the opportunities that Juniata provides for its students to be successful in whatever they want to pursue. This Goldwater research opportunity certainly is helping me continue to follow my aspirations to conduct microbiological research within the interdisciplinary field of astrobiology.”

| Juniata

—Nikea Ulrich ’17


Nikea is a senior from Homer, N.Y. studying biology and German. She received the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship, which is chosen based on academic merit in mathematics, science, and engineering.

Photos (left): Gordon Dimmig ’17; (right) Andrea Green

March 3: Nikea Ulrich ’17 received a Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship based on her research proposal centering on the effect fracking has on microbial communities.

“I have worked most closely with (Vince) Buonaccorsi, who is my academic adviser as well as my research principal investigator. He has motivated me to excel throughout my time at Juniata, and he has improved my understanding of how scientists think. (Norris) Muth and (Chris) Grant have also been key contributors to my scientific development. I know that they want me to do well and find my scientific footing, and I am grateful for the opportunities they have given me over the years.”

March 3: Katie Shelledy ’17, of Milwaukee, Wis., received an Honorable Mention award from the Goldwater Scholarship organization. Her research proposal was based on the population genetics of brook trout.

—Katie Shelledy ’17 Katie is a Juniata College senior studying biology from Milwaukee, Wis. She received an Honorable Mention designation for her research proposal for the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship.

2015–2016 President’s Report | 33

March 10: The Society of Physics Students received the award for Outstanding Student Chapter for the 17th year in a row, largely based on the club’s community-based outreach events, such as Physics Phun Night.

| Juniata

Photo: Candice Hersh

Matthew Damschroder, dean of students, meets with Erin Paschal, director of student engagement, and Kevin Turner, residential life coordinator, in his office.


March 11: Juniata hires Matthew Damschroder as its vice president for student life and dean of students. Damschroder, who came from Illinois Wesleyan University, will oversee much of the College’s community-based activities.

Photo: Laura Hess ’11

Photo: JD Cavrich

Shoveling off into the sunset, Juniata dignitaries pose for the groundbreaking. From left; Lauren Bowen, provost; James A. Troha, president; David Beachley ’77, trustee; Elizabeth Beachley; John Dale ’54, trustee emeritus; Pat Kepple, and Thomas R. Kepple Jr., president emeritus.

2015–2016 President’s Report |

March 14: Irene ’58 and John Dale ’54, donated $3.2 million to fund the construction of the College’s Thomas and Pat Kepple Integrated Media and Studio Arts Building, which will consolidate many of the resources for the college’s digital media and fine arts programs in one space.


“I have grown a lot at Juniata and become much more independent because of the encouragement I’ve received from my professors. The faculty don’t coddle you at Juniata but rather help you gain the confidence as an individual to work toward difficult objectives such as this scholarship. Juniata also helps its students to be successful by allowing them to individualize their majors. This has worked well for me because I want to go into a very specific field. It’s one of the best things at Juniata.”

| Juniata

—Christy Altland ’18


Christy is a sophomore from York, Pa., studying history and conservation studies. She was chosen to receive the Andrew Mutch Scholarship from the St. Andrews Society of Philadelphia.

March 16: Christy Altland ’18, of York, Pa., was named as Juniata’s 23rd recipient of the Andrew Mutch Scholarship from the St. Andrews Society of Philadelphia. Christy will study at the University of Glasgow as part of her history POE.

Photo: Jason Jones

2015–2016 President’s Report |

Photo: Ariana Caiati ‘19

April 5: Jo Young Switzer, president emerita of Manchester University, received an honorary doctor of humane letters degree and spoke to the College community on women and leadership.

Photo: Amber Boring ‘18

April 4: Juniata received a $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation to fund a five-year project designed to identify Juniata education POEs specializing in biology, physics, chemistry, earth and space science, general science, or mathematics for scholarships that in turn would obligate them to teach for at least two years in a rural Pennsylvania school district.


“The Fulbright application asks you to research and find your own collaborative project, so the process of receiving the Fulbright was both overwhelming and a blessing. It was a great experience that has helped me with grant-writing skills and interviewing. The faculty support I received from Jim Tuten, (professor of history) and others on the Fulbright committee is one for which I am truly grateful.”

April 14: Erin Netoskie 16, of Mt. Lebanon, Pa., received a Fulbright Fellowship to Austria, where she will continue her dedication to scholarship by researching frogs at the Tiergarten Schonbrunn, Europe’s oldest zoo, in Vienna.


Photo: Amber Boring ’18

| Juniata

—Erin Netoskie ’16 Erin’s POE is wildlife conservation and German. She is from Mt. Lebanon, Pa., and was named a Fulbright Fellow to teach English and conduct research at Tiergarten Schönbrunn, the world’s oldest zoo in Vienna, Austria, for the 2016-2017 academic year.

April 16: Neal Donovan ’16, of Reading, Pa., will travel to Germany to teach English at a university or secondary school as a Fulbright Fellow.

“It was encouraging to me to receive such support from the many faculty who helped me prepare. They are genuinely interested in helping students. They seem to be able to see someone’s passion and pull it out of them.” 2015–2016 President’s Report |

Neal studied language and linguistics at Juniata and is from Reading, Pa. He was named a Fulbright Fellow to teach English in Schleswig-Holstein area of Germany, for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Photo: Christine Reilly ‘18

—Neal Donovan ’16



Juniata College Board Of Trustees 2016-2017 Officers of the Board

For fiscal year 2016, Juniata submitted 41 new proposals and received 34 awards for a total of $2,255,545. During the same period, Juniata received $1,226,544 in grants and contracts already in operation (includes some multiple year grants awarded in past fiscal years) from the following general sources:

Timothy D. Statton ’72 Chair, Sonoma, Calif., Retired, President Bechtel Telecommunications Mary M. White ’73 Vice Chair, Englewood, Colo., Retired, President & CEO, Swedish Medical Center Carol J. Ellis ’71 Secretary, Palm Coast, Fla., Retired, Manager ExxonMobil Gail M. Habecker ’76 Treasurer, West Conshohocken, Pa., Fixed Term Bond Manager, PMG Advisors

Executive Committee Timothy D. Statton ’72, Chair Mary M. White ’73, Vice Chair Carol J. Ellis ’71, Secretary Gail M. Habecker ’76, Treasurer David C. Beachley ’77 Carl D. Glaeser ’77 Steven J. Holsinger ’76 Fred C. Mason Jr. ’73 Bruce L. Moyer ’74 George P. Valko ’75 David P. Andrews ’74, at large Robert N. McDowell ’67, at large James A. Troha, ex officio

10% PA State Govt. $124,000 32% 50% U.S. Govt. Private $385,421 Foundations $613,870 2% Other $26,895

Board of Trustees Representatives Faculty Representatives:

6% Corporations $76,358

Norris Z. Muth (Term ends 2017) Susan E. Prill (Term ends 2018)

Student Representatives:



Madeline K. Bennetti ’17 Nathan Kohl Wyatt ’17

Committee on Advancement and Marketing David C. Beachley ’77, Chair Charles W. Wise III, Vice Chair Carol A. Pletcher ’66 Jayne K. Donahue ’75 David J. Fahey ’81 William P. Hayes Elaine V. Jones ’76 Henry F. Siedzikowski ’75

Faculty Representatives:

Henry Thurston-Griswold (2017) William Ames (2018)

Student Representatives: Christopher B. Peterson ’17 Blair R. Altland ’18

Audit Committee Steven J. Holsinger ’76, Chair Jayne K. Donahue ’75, Vice Chair Carol J. Ellis ’71 Gail M. Habecker ’76

Faculty Representative:

Kathy R. Baughman (2017)



| Juniata








Student Representative: Anna E. Small ’17

(A) Alumni Trustee (C) Church Trustee

Robert McDowell ’67

Committee on Enrollment and Retention

Fred C. Mason Jr. ’73, Chair Christoph Schwemmlein ’84, Vice Chair Carl D. Glaeser ’77 Jodie M. Gray ’88 Barry J. Halbritter ’65 Steven J. Holsinger ’76 Parisha P. Shah ’01 (A) Mary M. White ’73

Bruce L. Moyer ’74, Chair Carol J. Ellis ’71, Vice Chair Patrick Chang-Lo Tracy L. Grajewski ’86 (A) Nancy H. Hess ’92 (C) John T. Hill II Robert N. McDowell ’67 Richard E. Paulhamus ’70 Gary A. Raymond

Faculty Representatives:

Bethany Benson Burns (2017) Neil W. Pelkey (2018)

Student Representatives: Natalie J. Biesecker ’17 Khoreen Eccleston ’17

Committee on Education and Student Life

Wei-Chung Wang (2017) Katharine Johanesen (2018)

Mary M. White ’73, Chair David C. Beachley ’77 Carl D. Glaeser ’77 John T. Hill II Bruce L. Moyer ’74 Charles W. Wise III Timothy D. Statton ’72, ex officio James A. Troha, ex officio

New Trustees

Student Representatives: Suzanne Jlelaty ’16 Kelly A. Reynolds ’17

Committee on Investments Carl D. Glaeser ’77, Chair Nathan Hevrony, Vice Chair Patrick Chang-Lo Gail M. Habecker ’76 John T. Hill II Elaine V. Jones ’76

Nancy H. Hess ’92 (C)

Faculty Representative: Henry Escuadro (2017)

Student Representative:

Carol A. Pletcher ’66

Isaac G. Robbins ’18

Faculty Representatives: Kathleen R. Biddle (2017) Sharon J. Yohn ’99 (2018)

Student Representatives: Hannah M. McDonnell ’19 Sierra N. Mellish ’17

Parisha P. Shah ’01 (A)

Robert McDowell ’67, chair of the Juniata Board of Trustees from 2011 to 2016, will step down as chair after a five-year term in which he provided impeccable leadership in a time of great transition for the College. During his tenure as chair, McDowell led the board and the College through a presidential transition from Tom Kepple, president emeritus, to the selection of Jim Troha as Juniata’s 14th president. In addition, he chaired the presidential search committee and helped guide the formation of “Courage to Act,” Juniata’s strategic plan. Bob retired as managing partner of CHM Partners International, LLC, a leadership development, executive coaching and retained search firm and is still a senior consultant with Teleos Leadership Institute. In September, he was succeeded by Tim Statton ’72, retired president of Bechtel Power Corporation and a Juniata trustee since 1998. Statton joined the Bechtel Corporation shortly after graduating from Juniata. He also served on the College’s presidential search committee. In 2011, Statton spent a week as a Glaeser Executive in Residence in Juniata’s Department of Accounting, Business and Economics.

2015–2016 President’s Report |

George P. Valko ’75, Chair Gayle W. Pollock ’68, Vice Chair David P. Andrews ’74 Bruce Davis ’65 Ethan J. Gibbel ’02 (C) Gail M. Habecker ’76 Nathan Hevrony Eric C. Jensen ’77 Linda W. McKonly ’73 John A. Nagl William A. Rys ’96 (A)

Faculty Representatives:

Governance Committee

Photo: Laura Hess ’11

Committee on Business Affairs


“One of the reasons I applied for the Fulbright is simply to be able to spend another year in Russia. Actually being present in the country is the best way to understand the language and the culture.” —Alex Bernosky ’16 Alex created a POE in Russian language and culture at Juniata. She is from Mayfield, Pa., and has been named a Fulbright Fellow to teach English in Russia for the 2016-2017 academic year.


Photo: Klarissa Juliano ‘17

| Juniata

April 18: Alex Bernosky ’16, of Mayfield, Pa., followed up her study abroad experience at Volgograd State Pedagogical University in Russia by winning a Fulbright Fellowship to teach in Russia.

Photo: Amber Boring ’18

Photo: courtesy LeVar Burton

April 24: LeVar Burton, star of Roots and Star Trek: The Next Generation and host of Reading Rainbow, visited at Juniata to give a reading for his new web-based Reading Rainbow project. Children from the Huntingdon community and beyond came to the presentation.

From left: Gina Lamendella, associate professor of biology; James A. Troha, president; Jay Hosler, professor of biology; Dominick Peruso, professor of accounting; and Lauren Bowen, provost.

2015–2016 President’s Report |

May 3: Three Juniata professors were lauded for their teaching and service. Biologist Jay Hosler received the Beachley Award for Distinguished Teaching. Biologist Gina Lamendella received the Gibbel Award for Distinguished Teaching, and Dom Peruso, professor of accounting, received the Beachley Award for Distinguished Academic Service.


May 14: Betty Ann Cherry, professor emerita of history, delivered a Commencement address focused on maintaining relationships at the College’s 134th Commencement.

| Juniata

May 14: Carl D. Glaeser ’77, managing partner at Palladian Capital Partners, an investment firm specializing in private equity, and his wife, Nancy Nordberg Glaeser ’76, a teacher, received honorary doctor of humane letters degrees at Commencement. The couple provided resources for the Executive-in-Residence program, the college’s greenhouse, and an endowed scholarship.


Photos: JD Cavrich

2015–2016 President’s Report |

May 19: Alissa Sellers ’16, of Huntingdon, Pa., wins first place in the Landmark Track and Field Championships in the triple jump and placed second in the long jump. She also competed in the triple jump at the Division III National Track and Field Championships.


Photo: JD Cavrich Photos: Morgan Horell ’17

May 25: Rob Yelnosky ’85 was named vice president for enrollment, where he works with the enrollment staff to ensure that the College reaches enrollment goals consistently. In addition, he will establish metrics to help align admissions goals with the strategic plan and the academic mission of the College.

| Juniata

June 5: Caroline Gillich, head coach for field hockey, was named to the Lock Haven University Athletics Hall of Fame. Gillich was captain of the 1995 undefeated Lock Haven team and was named firstteam All-American.


2015–2016 President’s Report | 47

Photo: T.J. Chance-Chin ’15

Joan (Parsons) Engle, Class of 1972 Class Fund Agent

Guy Croyle ’72 and Joan (Parsons) Engle ’72, Class Fund Agents for the Class of 1972, holding the “Soaring Eagles Cup” during Alumni Weekend 2014.

How did you become involved as a Class Fund Agent? I’m currently serving my second stint as a Class Fund Agent for the Class of 1972. My first time began in the mid-1980s and grew out of my having been a fund-raising volunteer for Juniata’s Century II campaign, and I couldn’t think of a good reason to say “no” to the then Director of Development and fellow classmate Chuck Kensinger ’72. I was a CFA for about six years when I began working for Juniata’s development office. I had to end my CFA responsibilities as it was considered a conflict of interest to be a professional and a volunteer fundraiser at the same time. I started my second round as a CFA when our longtime CFA asked to be replaced. I was starting my phased retirement from Juniata so I had the time. I agreed to do it if another member of

Volunteer Support 2015-2016

my class would help…so we recruited Chuck Kensinger ’72 (payback?), Rick Pfeffer ’72, and Guy Croyle ’72 to be our CFA team.

What is the most rewarding aspect of volunteering for your class in this way? I enjoy being in contact with so many of my classmates. In addition to Why do you volunteer for your class doing the CFA work, I also email a in this capacity? newsletter and birthday greetings to My time at Juniata as a student and my class. It is really interesting and as an employee was truly wonderful. frequently impressive to hear (and Having actively been part of life at share) what we have done since Juniata for 30 years I didn’t want graduation and what we are still to give up being involved with an doing. I am sometimes surprised institution that I love and that makes and warmed by who responds to such a difference in so many lives. my emails. As a former Juniata Having been “on the inside” for many employee it also lets me continue years I know how much the College my friendships with the staff depends on the support from alumni. members I enjoyed working with for $8,212,313 $8,013,550 How many years have you served as $7,315,933 years. Mostly, I love that it makes a Class Fund Agent? a difference that we stay in touch Six years the first time, six years this $7,356,229 with our classmates and help ensure second time, and I think I’m good for Juniata is there for future alumni. at least six more (with the help of my three partners).

Because volunteer activity is self-reported, actual numbers are higher than shown below. To help with more accurate reporting in the future, please submit your volunteerism annually via e-mail to, or visit 426

Juniata Admission Ambassadors


Affinity Programs


Fundraising/Class Fund Agents/Class Committees


Reunion Committees

104 98

Juniata Career Team/Career Day Regional Programs Trustees

64 62 54 53 51 43

International/Friendship Families Parents Council/Parent Programs Guest Lecturers/Faculty Support Student Alumni Association Miscellaneous Volunteers | Juniata

Alumni Council


Homecoming and Family Weekend Alumni Weekend Church College Relations

24 22 22 21

Historical Figures Hours

26,802 22,029




Volunteers Note: This chart indicates the number of volunteers for each category, which may include overlap. For totals, please see the historical figures graph.











Photo: Klarissa Juliano ’17

Parents Council 2015-2016

Photo: Morgan Horell ’17

Polly Alexander P’17 Tim Alexander P’17 Linda Baker ’79 P’16 Bridget Berich ’86 P’16 Glenn Carnicelli P’16 Kim Hayden P’16, P’18 Bill Messersmith ’79 P’16 Kevin Ogle P’16 Debbie Reynolds P’17 Mike Reynolds P’17 Carol Ann Siciliano P’16 Bob Sinclair P’16 Ruth (Semar) Sinclair ’85 P’16 Cheryl Twardowski P’16 Mike Twardowski P’16

Career Day Photo: Katie Dickey ’97

President’s Picnic

Homecoming & Family Weekend

a resource via inclusion in the Parent Directory that is provided to prospective parents. Since 2009, the Parents Council has been coordinated through Alumni Relations, with intentional contributions from Student Life, Enrollment, and Career Services. With recent institutional restructuring

and the hiring of Matthew Damschroder, vice president for student life and dean of students, Student Life is now repositioned as a more effective home for the Council and Parent Programs. The Dean of Students Office will now formally coordinate these efforts as the College fosters continued engagement with Juniata parents.

2015–2016 President’s Report |

Photo: Candice Hersh

Incoming Student Picnic

The Juniata Parents Council continues to work with the College to support its programs and, ultimately, its students. Among other activities, this year’s Council was a valuable sounding board for the College during its branding efforts. Council members shared their stories and advice with prospective parents at the Admitted Student Open House. They also served as


Juniata College

One of the most popular new traditions in Huntingdon is PrideFest, a community-based celebration of LGBTQ students and community members. The festival is a new tradition incorporating community resources.

Photo: Gordon Dimmig ’17

Office of College Advancement 1700 Moore Street Huntingdon, PA 16652-2196

Juniata college president report 15 16  

Published yearly by Juniata College, Office of Advancement and Marketing. Juniata College is a national, independent, co-educational college...

Juniata college president report 15 16  

Published yearly by Juniata College, Office of Advancement and Marketing. Juniata College is a national, independent, co-educational college...