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2013 Fall and Winter Program Guide


Teen and Mom Strengthen Relationship at the Y When the school Adrienne Whalen’s son attended advised her to seek therapy for her son’s behavior in the classroom, she turned to the Katy Family YMCA. The Y allowed Jevon, 9, to channel his behavior into something positive and healthy. After moving to Houston in 2011 from Mississippi, Adrienne and Jevon joined the Y for its After School program. Now, they use all of the Y’s amenities. Jevon has played soccer and flag football, though basketball is his favorite. One of Jevon’s basketball coaches took time to mentor him and improve his basic skills so he could excel in the sport. “I love to play basketball. It’s not just my hobby; it’s my dream,” Jevon said. “I get excited to get ready for the next season at the Y. It’s just so awesome throwing the ball in the hoop and having fun.”

As for Adrienne, she likes to participate in Water ZUMBA® and run on the treadmill. However, the highlight of her membership has been the friendships with team moms, staff, coaches and other members. “The YMCA is a melting pot of love and healing,” she said. “The care, respect and support we receive from the YMCA community means the world to us,” said Adrienne. “Everyone at the Y feels like extended family.” Today, Jevon is more relaxed and balanced at school because the Y has helped him focus his energy. Adrienne and her son are now closer than ever before.

“We are stronger, more connected, because we have activities to do together. We are a team.” - Adrienne W.

Real members. Real stories. Adrienne Whalen and son, Jevon, Y members


See more stories online at


FACILITY INFORMATION d. bradley mcwilliams ymca at cypress creek 19915 SH 249 Houston, TX 77070 Phone: 281.469.1481

Y Membership

Join the YMCA. The Y is a cause for strengthening community. With a focus on developing the potential of kids, improving individual health and well-being and giving back to our neighbors, your membership will bring about meaningful change within yourself and your community. Benefits of Membership •  No contracts to sign •  A variety of membership options to fit your household type: individuals, families, seniors, young adults and more •  30-day money back guarantee •  Learn & Play care for your children while you work out •  Lower fees on programs and classes •  Online registration for most programs To become a member of the YMCA, visit the Welcome Center or join us online.

Program Membership

The YMCA is a member-based organization. Program Memberships are designed for those who want to participate in programs or activities but do not have full facility use.


During your visit to the YMCA, our Learn & Play staff will provide fun and safe ageappropriate activities for your child. All staff members are CPR, First Aid and Child Abuse Prevention Certified. Cost: FREE with Facility Membership Ages: Learn and Play: 4 weeks-9 years; The Spot: 10-15 years

Table of Contents

4 Facility Hours 5 Camps 6 Child Care 7 Health 11 Sports 12 Swimming 13 Youth and Family 15 Facility Rentals 16 Annual Campaign and Special Events PROGRAM GUIDE

This guide contains information about the key programs provided at this YMCA. You can register for activities listed in this guide by visiting the Welcome Center at any YMCA in the greater Houston area. You may also find more detailed program information, including schedules and policies, as well as register for specific program offerings by visiting us online.


Let the Y help you find the right fitness routine to meet your needs with our SMART Start program. With a focus on setting goals, SMART Start will help you define what you want to accomplish and motivate you to continue the habit of healthy living. Please visit the Welcome Center to schedule your SMART Start appointment. This service is free for facility members.


FACILITY HOURS Hours of Operation Facility

Monday - Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

4:30 am-10:00 pm 4:30 am-9:00 pm 7:00 am-7:00 pm 12:00-7:00 pm Visit our website for hours.


Learn & Play

The Spot

Monday Tuesday-Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday - Friday Saturday

7:45 am-8:30 pm 7:45 am-8:45 pm 7:45 am-8:00 pm 8:00 am-1:00 pm 12:00 pm-4:15 pm 4:30 pm-8:45 pm 9:00 am-1:00 pm

Please note that all hours are subject to change. Please visit our website for a complete and up-to-date listing of facility hours.

THIS IS OUR Y “The YMCA has helped our family not only strengthen our minds and bodies, but also our bond with each other.”

The Skrehot Family YMCA Members Real members. Real stories. See more stories online at




Camps at the Y share one thing - they are about discovery. Kids have the opportunity to explore nature, find new talents, try new activities, gain independence and make lasting friendships and memories. And, of course, have fun!


Need a fun solution for the kids during school holiday time? We have the answer. Our holiday camps are offered during school holiday periods. This quality care will keep them entertained and active while school is out.


Specialty day camps will provide opportunities to teach your child specific skills based on their individual interests. More information about specialty camps can be found online. • PERFORMING ARTS CAMP Ages: 5-12 Date: December 30-31 Cost per: Session Facility Member cost: $40 Program Member cost: $60

• FITASTIC CAMP Ages: 8-13 Date: December 30-31 • THANKSGIVING CAMP Cost per: Session Ages: 5-15 Facility Member cost: $40 Date: November 25-27 Program Member cost: $60 Cost per: Day Facility Member cost: $35 YMCA camp cullen Program Member cost: $40 experience more. achieve more. • WINTER BREAK CAMP Ages: 5-15 Date: December 23, 26-27, 30, January 2-3, 6 Cost per: Week Facility Member cost: $99 (January 6 $33) Program Member cost: $114 (January 6 $38)

Nestled among the tall pines on 530 acres along the shores of Lake Livingston, YMCA Camp Cullen provides your child with unique experiences and amenities including water sports, target sports, horseback riding and ropes courses. Family weekend camping is available from September to May. Overnight camp sessions for kids ages 7-16 begin in June.



With so many demands on today’s families, parents need all the support they can get. That is why child care at the Y is about more than just looking after kids. It is about nurturing their development by providing a safe place to learn foundational skills, develop trusting relationships and build self-reliance.


The YMCA Children’s Academy at University Park provides enriching experiences that help to facilitate a child’s cognitive, social, physical and emotional growth. We strive to meet the developmental needs of each individual child by working in partnership with their families. Our program, licensed by the State of Texas, provides a curriculum that focuses on education, leadership and character development. Visit our web site at Ages: 6 weeks-5 years Cost per: Varies by age


Once children reach school age, multiple influences enter their lives. School-based care ensures that the time outside of school is occupied creatively and constructively.

Mother’s day out/ stay and play

When Mom and Dad need a break, the Y is the place to be! Children will learn and play in a safe, supportive, academic and fun environment. Ages: Mother’s Day Out, 2-5 years; Stay and Play, 20 months-5 years Cost per: Month (Mother’s Day Out); Class (Stay and Play) Facility Member cost: $179 (Mother’s Day Out); $12 (Stay and Play) Program Member cost: $199 (Mother’s Day Out), $14 (Stay and Play) Offered every: Tuesday/Thursday (Mother’s Day Out); Wednesday (Stay and Play)


Fabulous Friday is an exciting, fun-filled day with arts, crafts, music, story time and gymnastics. Ages: 2-5 Cost per: Class Facility Member cost: $20 Program Member cost: $24 Registration deadline: Wednesday before the class you want to attend.

These programs help children grow in spirit, mind and body while emphasizing and modeling character development values: caring, honesty, respect, responsibility and faith. Please visit our website for a complete list of participating schools and costs. Ages: 5-12 Cost per: Month Facility Member cost: $210 (Before School, Tomball ISD $115) Program Member cost: $260 (Before School, Tomball ISD $140) Hours: School dismissal-6:30 pm




Personal training

The Y challenges you to learn a new skill or hobby, to foster connections with friends through our lifelong learning programs or to bring your loved ones closer together through our many family-centered activities.

Training sessions are available in one-onone or small group options. Please visit the Welcome Center to schedule your training.

Being healthy means more than simply being physically active; it’s about maintaining a balanced spirit, mind and body.

At the Y, it’s not about the activity you choose as much as it is about the benefits of being healthier on the inside as well as the outside. Healthy living information, recipes and Wellness Challenges are provided during the year to encourage healthy eating and regular exercise participation.

Group exercise

Y group fitness classes help people build positive health habits. Suitable for any stage of life, you are able to pick the classes that best meet your needs. Plus, the classes offer opportunities for friendship and community, a sense of well-being, increased selfconfidence and improved mental abilities. A full schedule, including class descriptions, times and costs, is available online. Ages: 14+ Cost per: Included with Facility membership. Most popular classes include: • R.I.P.P.E.D.TM • BODYPUMPTM • Yoga • BODYJAMTM ® • Pilates • CXWORXTM • Senior Fitness • Spinning® • ZUMBA® • Kickboxing • RPMTM

Our personal trainers come from a variety of specialized fitness areas enabling them to customize a program to fit within your busy schedule.

Pilates classes and clinics

Pilates is a full body workout on an Allegro Reformer machine that works to improve strength, flexibility, posture, body awareness, balance and more. Group reformer classes, monthly beginner clinics and private sessions are available for an added fee. Stop by the Welcome Center for more information. Ages: Adult


A medical assessment will be conducted to measure body weight, body fat, blood pressure, heart rate, flexibility, strength and cardiovascular fitness. Once completed you will receive a fitness profile along with in-depth explanations about your health levels. Recommendations will then be made regarding exercise and nutritional steps you can take to improve your health and well-being. Facility Member cost: $30 initial assessment, $20 each follow-up

boot camp

Boot Camp is a challenging four-week program designed to build intensity to lose weight, build strength and improve your overall fitness. Our instructors will lead you through a workout that includes agility drills, plyometrics, core training, running and strength training. All fitness levels welcome. Ages: 16+ Cost per: Month Facility Member cost: $39 Program Member cost: $69


HEALTH Nutritional consultations

Receive nutrition information and consultation from a licensed dietician, who will help you identify areas for change and set realistic goals for a healthier lifestyle. One session, multiple sessions or combination packs available. For more information, stop by the Welcome Center or visit us online.

TRX® Suspension Training

Born in the U.S. Navy SEALS and developed by Fitness Anywhere , Suspension Training® is a revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise. ®

Safely perform hundreds of exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility and prevent injuries, all at the intensity you choose. Ages: 16+ Cost per: Varies based on the number of sessions purchased.

Y Triathlon team training

Our training program is designed for men and women of all ages. Whether you have never done a triathlon or you are an experienced athlete, our training program can help you meet your goals. Our coaches will be there for you, every step of the way. Ages: 16+ Facility Member cost: $69 Program Member cost: $369

weight loss management

This program is designed to help teens and adults develop good habits leading to healthy weight loss. Program includes nutritional discussion meetings led by a registered dietitian and individual workout plans provided by a wellness coach. Ages: 16+ Facility Member cost: $20 Program Member cost: $45


prenatal fitness

Prenatal fitness can help ease labor and delivery and reduce the chance for diabetes and preeclampsia. Sessions include yoga, water aerobics and weekly discussions to help encourage a healthy pregnancy. Cost per: Session Facility Member cost: $49 Program Member cost: $99

diabetes prevention

You can reduce your diabetes risk and gain tools for healthy living. In a classroom setting, a trained lifestyle coach will help you change your habits by teaching healthy eating, the importance of physical activity and other behavior changes over the course of 16 one-hour sessions. Ages: 18+ Facility Member cost: $175 Program Member cost: $275

women on weights

In this four-week course you will learn the benefits of weight training for women. You will learn different machines, free weights and exercises for the lower body, back, abs and upper body. Ages: 16+ Cost per: Month Facility Member cost: $50 Program Member cost: $95

massage therapy

Take advantage of our massage therapy services. More information about massage and facial services can be found at the Welcome Center. License number ME1909.

grit sERIES™ Get the power of personal training with the motivation of a team. Three workout styles to deliver the results you need, in 30 minutes (Strength, Cardio, Plyo). It is based on the science of high intensity interval training. Highly-charged certified coaches give you one-on-one attention. Class price varies. For more information, stop by the Welcome Center.


HEALTH older youth strength training I

This orientation class prepares youth to properly use workout equipment and learn workout techniques.

Ages: 12-15 Cost per: Class Facility Member cost: $12

kids triathlon

Trains youth to compete in the Youth Triathlon series. Covers training in running, swimming and biking. Ages: 7-12 Facility Member cost: $55 Program Member cost: $155

off campus pe

older youth strength training II

For students looking to receive PE credits outside of their school. Ages: 11-18 Cost per: Semester Facility Member cost: $175

Ages: 14-15 Cost per: Class Facility Member cost: $12


Youth strength training for individuals who completed the Older Youth Strength Training course and want to progress to free weights.

kids yoga

Teaches kids the basics of yoga in a fun environment. Ages: 6-12 Facility Member cost: $39 Program Member cost: $79

FIT Kids

Youth strength training for kids on equipment that fits their size. Ages: 5-13 Cost per: Month Facility Member cost: $15 Program Member cost: $30

Teaches youth the game of racquetball. Ages: 8+ Cost per: Month Facility Member cost: $40

boxing clinic

Learn the basics of boxing. Beginner and intermediate clinics available. Ages: 8+ Facility Member cost: $42 Program Member cost: $82

micro tennis

A recreational program for youth who are non-tournament players or who have never played tennis before. It is a form of singles play without traditional serving and scoring. Ages: 7-13 Facility Member cost: $69 Program Member cost: $99


HEALTH silversneakersÂŽ

This is the nation’s leading exercise program designed exclusively for older adults. The program offers physical activity, health education and social events for Medicare eligible and group retiree members, usually those who are age 65 or older, but, in some cases, those of any age deemed disabled and receiving Medicare. SilverSneakers members receive a membership paid for by their insurance at no additional cost to the insured. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of a YMCA Facility Member, including fitness and cardio equipment, signature SilverSneakers fitness program classes, water aerobics and so much more!

active older adults

We know that older adults want more than physical benefits when they exercise; they want a sense of community and to strengthen social ties. Older adult programs include fitness classes such as water exercise, yoga and stretching and walking clubs. There are also volunteer opportunities and regular social events. Visit our website for upcoming events. Ages: 55+


Pickleball is a relatively new racquet sport which combines elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis. This fun game is great for all ages. Beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons as well as mixers and open play are available. Stop by the Welcome Center for more information. Ages: Adults




YMCA Youth Sports programs encourage and promote healthy kids, families and communities by placing a priority on family involvement, healthy competition rather than rivalry, the value of participation over winning, team building as well as individual development, a positive self-image and a sense of fair play and mutual respect for others.


winter SPORTS • RECREATIONAL SOCCER Grades: PreK3-Grade 4 Cost per: Season Facility Member cost: $75 Program Member cost: $105 Registration deadline: December 16 • NFL FLAG FOOTBALL Grades: 1-8 Cost per: Season Facility Member cost: $75 Program Member cost: $105 Registration deadline: December 16

• RECREATIONAL SOCCER Grades: PreK3-Grade 4 • TINY TOT BASKETBALL Cost per: Season Grades: PreK3-4 Facility Member cost: $75 Cost per: Season Program Member cost: $105 Facility Member cost: $55 Registration deadline: August 25 Program Member cost: $75 Registration deadline: December 16 • NFL FLAG FOOTBALL Grades: 1-8 • BASKETBALL Cost per: Season Grades: K-8 Facility Member cost: $75 Cost per: Season Program Member cost: $105 Facility Member cost: $85 Registration deadline: August 25 Program Member cost: $110 Registration deadline: December 16 • VOLLEYBALL Grades: 2-8 • COMPETITIVE SOCCER Cost per: Season Grades: 1-8 Facility Member cost: $85 Cost per: Season Program Member cost: $110 Facility Member cost: $125 Registration deadline: August 25 Program Member cost: $155 Registration deadline: December 16 • COMPETITIVE SOCCER Grades: 1-8 Cost per: Season Facility Member cost: $125 Program Member cost: $155 Registration deadline: August 25 • CLUB VOLLEYBALL Ages: 10-14 For more information: Contact Chris at 281.517.3717 or christopher.butsch@



Stroke boosters

Swim Lessons

Ages: 6-16 Cost per: Session Facility Member cost: $55 Program Member cost: $80

YMCA Swimming is about water safety, skill development and fun for everyone. Our programs are about more than just the techniques and skills; they are about building friendships, developing self-esteem and creating positive experiences that will last a lifetime. The Y offers a wide range of swimming options for the whole family. Swimming builds self-confidence and develops the whole person. Classes are divided into ability groups and trained instructors emphasize personal safety, swimming skills, endurance and social skills while guiding students with praise and encouragement. Vist our website to sign up today. Ages: 6 months-Adult Cost per: Session Facility Member cost: $65 weekday/ $35 weekend Program Member cost: $95 weekday/ $50 weekend

Private Swim Lessons

Private lessons are ideal for those who need one-on-one instruction. Lessons are scheduled at the availability of instructors and pool space and are 30 minutes in length. To register, stop by the Welcome Center to fill out an application.

This program is geared toward advanced swimmers and focuses on refining the four competitive swim strokes. Swimmers will improve endurance, technique and speed. Participants must try out and qualify.

water exercise

Water exercise provides aerobic choreography, muscle conditioning, improved cardiovascular endurance and muscle tone by using the buoyancy and resistance of the water. This is a great workout with no impact or harmful effects on joints and muscles and it is ideal for all fitness levels including non-swimmers. More than 20 classes are offered per week year-round. Ages: 14+ Cost: Free for Facility Members

lap swim workouts

Guided lap swim workouts with an experienced coach. Ages: 14+ Cost: Free for Facility Members

Ages: 3+ Cost per: Lesson Facility Member cost: $30 Program Member cost: $50

Semi-private swim lessons

Similar to private lessons, semi-private lessons offer smaller class sizes and more personalized attention. Semi-private lessons are dependent upon the availability of instructors and pool space. To register, stop by the Welcome Center to fill out an application. Ages: 3+ Cost per: Lesson Facility Member cost: $50 ($25 per child) Program Member cost: $90 ($45 per child)




At the Y, children and teens learn values and positive behaviors while they explore their unique talents and interests. Through leadership and enrichment programs, we ensure that every child has an opportunity to envision a positive future.


Classes are taught by highly trained instructors and staff. Using dance techniques in a fun and encouraging environment, students learn the fundamentals of dance, a greater awareness of rhythms and music and control of their body movements. Ages: 2+ Cost per: Semester Facility Member cost: Varies based on class time. See website for details.

tae kwon do

Tae Kwon Do helps you gain physical, emotional and mental strength. Our black belt instructors will guide you through classes depending on your skill level. Belt testing is also available. Ages: 7+ Cost per: Month Facility Member cost: $42 Program Member cost: $82

developmental tae kwon do This class teaches the fundamentals of Tae Kwon Do in a fun, noncompetitive environment. Ages: 4-6 Cost per: Quarter Facility Member cost: $79 Program Member cost: $159

homeschool pe

The YMCA strives to provide a quality homeschool, physical education program. Students will rotate through a variety of age appropriate sports and training disciplines with a focus on fundamental skills and team building. Ages: 6-11 Cost per: Month Facility Member cost: $39 Program Member cost: $69


Y Achievers helps older youth and teens develop a positive sense of self and to set high educational and career goals.

youth and government

Youth and Government provides opportunities for high school youth to study and debate public issues, experience the legislative branch of our state government, write a bill, participate in a youth legislature, run for state office or plan and create a news broadcast. The goal of Youth and Government is to create understanding of social action through actual experiences in government.

family events

The YMCA offers many opportunities for you to spend time with your family. Events could include movie nights, family fun nights, sports nights, fall festivals and more. Please visit our online calendar of events for more information.


Gymnastics will help your child achieve balance and flexibility. Your child will grow and learn as his or her skills progress. Each class is designed by age group and skill level. Ages: 8 months+ Facility Member cost: Varies. See Welcome Center for complete schedule of fees.


YOUTH AND FAMILY y guides and princesses

Y Guides and Princesses encourages fathers and their school-age children to spend uninterrupted time together on a journey of discovery. The program supports and strengthens the ability of a parent and child to communicate at an early age in caring, honest, respectful and responsible ways. Typical activities include games, crafts, songs, stories, skits, camping, hiking and swimming. Ages: 5+ Cost per: Person (registration fee) Facility Member cost: $30 ($15 per additional child) Program Member cost: $40 ($25 per additional child)

y book club

Anyone is welcome to join the book club to discuss our monthly readings. Visit the Welcome Center for more information. Cost: Free


Join the fun as we explore the Picasso in your child. Students will follow a theme, work their fine motor skills, expand their listening skills, work in groups and experiment with crafts, murals, sculpting, painting, clay, chalk and more. Ages: 3+ Cost per: Session Facility Member cost: $89 Program Member cost: $189





The Y is a great place to have your next special event or birthday party.


The Y has rooms available for rent for small group gatherings. The whole facility is available for rent for group lock-ins. For more information on rates, guidelines and availability, please visit the Welcome Center.


The pools at the Y are available for rental by your group or party.


Phone: Call 281.517.3741 to make a reservation. Cost per: Hour Minimum rental duration: 2 hours

birthday parties

The Y offers a variety of birthday party options for children to enjoy their special day with their friends and family. To learn more about party themes, or to make a reservation, visit the Welcome Center. Contact: 281.517.3728 Facility Member cost: $175 Program Member cost: $185

“So far, I have lost more than 120 pounds. The YMCA saved my life.� Derrell D. YMCA Member Pictured with his personal trainer Maria M. Real members. Real stories. See more stories online at




The YMCA Annual Campaign provides financial assistance and supports programs that teach leadership skills, instill core values and build an ethic of service. Contributions fund such important initiatives as child care, camping, membership, teen and leadership programs, community services, older adult programming, youth sports and aquatics.

Wear something pink each time you work out to signify your support for those who have been affected by breast cancer. Five dollars of every registration will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, an organization that is a leader in the fight for a cure. Register for Work Out for Pink at the Welcome Center.

Visit to contribute to our Annual Campaign.

Date: October 1-31 Cost: $10 per person


fall festival

Find out more about our classes and services on our webpage. At the site, you can register for programs and search class schedules as well as learn how to get more involved in your local YMCA.


Join us for demo group fitness classes just for the active older adult. Play games, enjoy refreshments, win prizes and meet new friends.

Join us for this free fun family night event. Enjoy games, inflatables, prizes, refreshments and more! Open to the community. Date: October 25 Cost: Free Time: 6-8:30 pm

food and toy drive

Help us make Christmas a little merrier for area families. Non-perishable food items and unwrapped toys accepted. Date: November 23-December 9

Date: Thursday, September 12 Cost: Free Time: 10 am-Noon


zumba速 fest

Date: January 11 Cost: Free Time: 10 am-2 pm

Dance the night away during our fun ZUMBA速 Fest event. This cardio-Latin fusion class will get you moving while having a blast!

Join us for fun, family activities, group exercise classes, giveaways and more.

Date: September 27 Cost: Free Time: 6:30-8:30 pm

group exercise launch party See the newest routines in your favorite classes from your favorite instructors. Stop by the Welcome Center for a complete class schedule. Date: October 12 Cost: Free



NOT JUST A PLACE TO STAY BUT A PLACE TO LEARN YMCA Child Care Reserve your spot today! Space is limited for the Fall 2013 semester.


LOCATIONS 1. Aldine - Greenspoint 832.484.9622 10960 North Fwy Houston, TX 77037 2. Alief 281.495.9100 7850 Howell-Sugarland Rd. Houston, TX 77083 3. Baytown 281.427.1797 201 YMCA Dr. Baytown, TX 77521 4. BRENDA AND JOHN DUNCAN 713.467.9622 10655 Clay Rd. Houston, TX 77041 5. Conroe 936.756.9345 10245 Owen Dr. Conroe, TX 77304 6. Cossaboom 713.643.4396 7903 S. Loop E. Houston, TX 77012 7. D. BRADLEY MCWILLIAMS @ CYPRESS CREEK 281.469.1481 19915 S.H. 249 Houston, TX 77070 8. E. Montgomery County Extension site 281.689.2655 16401 First St. Splendora, TX 77372 9. Edgar A. Smith 281.486.9622 14650 Hwy 3 Webster, TX 77598 10. Fort Bend 281.499.9622 4433 Cartwright Rd. Missouri City, TX 77459 11. Galveston 409.763.4607 3920 Ave L Galveston, TX 77550 12. Harriet and Joe Foster 713.869.3378 1234 West 34th St. Houston, TX 77018 13. Houston Texans 713.748.5405 5202 Griggs Rd. Houston, TX 77021 14. Huntsville 936.295.8009 2906 Old Houston Rd. Huntsville, TX 77340 15. Ymca International Services 713.339.9015 6300 Westpark, Ste 600 Houston, TX 77057 16. KATY 281.392.5055 22807 Westheimer Pkwy Katy, TX 77494 17. Lake Houston 281.360.2500 2420 W. Lake Houston Pkwy Kingwood, TX 77339 18. Langham Creek 281.859.6143 16725 Longenbaugh Houston, TX 77095




14 38


5 28






HWY 45


HWY 59




12 25







LOOP 610 1-10

16 15

33 LOOP 610 35


30 31

3 13


HWY 225




HWY 59



10 HWY 288

34 32

19. M.D. Anderson 713.697.0648 705 Cavalcade Houston, TX 77009 20. Magnolia/TombaLL 281.356.4077 36725 FM 1774 Magnolia, TX 77355 21. N. Harris County 281.444.3550 17125 Ella Blvd. Houston, TX 77090 22. Northeast 713.633.0530 7901 Tidwell Rd. @ N. Wayside Houston, TX 77028 23. Perry 281.338.9622 1700 League City Pkwy W. League City, TX 77573 24. San Jacinto 713.473.9441 1716 Jasmine Pasadena, TX 77503 25. Sealy - Extension site 979.256.9991 1000 Main St. Sealy, TX 77474 26. South Montgomery County @ Shadowbend 281.367.9622 6145 Shadowbend The Woodlands, TX 77381 27. South Montgomery County @ Creekside 832.698.1283 6464 Creekside Forest Drive The Woodlands, TX 77389 28. South Montgomery COUNty @ Branch Crossing 281.367.9622 8100 Ashlane Way The Woodlands, TX 77382

23 HWY 45 11

29. T.W. Davis 281.341.0791 911 Thompson Hwy Richmond, TX 77469 30. Tellepsen Family DowntowN 713.659.8501 808 Pease Houston, TX 77002 31. Texas Medical Center Child Care 713.747.2173 5614 H. Mark Crosswell, Jr. St. Houston, TX 77021 32. Thelma Ley Anderson 281.585.3112 3201 S. Hwy 35 Alvin, TX 77511 33. Trotter 713.781.1061 1331 Augusta Dr. Houston, TX 77057 34. Vic Coppinger 281.485.6805 2700 YMCA Dr. Pearland, TX 77581 35. Weekley 713.664.9622 7101 Stella Link Blvd Houston, TX 77025 36. Wendel D. Ley 281.458.7777 15055 Wallisville Rd. Houston, TX 77049 37. West Orem 713.726.1606 5801 W. Orem Dr. Houston, TX 77085 38. YMCA Camp Cullen 936.594.2274 460 Cullen Loop Trinity, TX 75862


EXPERIENCE MORE. ACHIEVE MORE. YMCA Camp Cullen is Houston’s premier overnight camping destination. Overnight camp sessions for kids ages 7-16 begin in June. Water Sports • Equestrian Activities • Target Sports • Zip Lines Ropes Courses • Newly Constructed Cabins and Dining Hall

n. Culle ay. p m to M A Ca YMC ptember t a e 862 e v X 75 achie le from S T , n y a t c i hild Trin ailab g our c ing is av oop, cullen.or L y t n a e p l h l p m u w m a C a n 460 Lear eekend c mcac w llen • 274 • y u y l C i -2 mp Fam A Ca 36) 594 YMC (9


Register today.

YMCA After School ensures that the time after school is occupied creatively, constructively and safely.

YMCA After School

text YMCAHouston to 41411



Houston, TX Permit No. 2456

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage

YMCA Fall-Winter Program Guide  

This program guide for the D. Bradley McWilliams YMCA at Cypress Creek contains all the programs and special events offered during fall and...

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