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Welcome to the Windy Gables Limousin

Open House &BullPrivate Treaty & Female Sale April 12, 2014 10am till 4pm

Directions From Toronto 401 East to Colborne Exit #497 (The Big Apple) North Cty Road 25 to Castleton. Turn Right at stop sign. Follow to village of Warkworth Right at 1st stop sign in village. Take next left (Old Hastings Road) Take right at Percy Street Follow up hill which is Godolphin Road. Take left on Allen Drive, Farm is at #140 Allen Drive Directions From Ottawa Hwy 7 to Town of Havelock South at Cty Road 30 20km Right on Cty Rd 35 Left on Godolphin Road Follow 10km to Allen Drive, turn right Farm is at #140 Allen Drive

All bulls have been vaccinated with Pyramid Plus Presponse, and Ivomec Scrotal measurements and final weights will be available sale day. All bulls sold on a first come, first served basis


13 March 2013 RED POLLED

WGL 2A BW 84 lbs

Sire: WULFS YELLOWJACKET K687Y Dam: RICHMOND YOUR TOO SWEET SRD33Y If you’re looking for muscle, hair, volume and a great scrotal in a moderate, docile package wrapped up in great performance numbers, here is your bull. 2A is a son of Wulfs Yellow Jacket and is exhibiting everything we could have dreamed of in this unique breeding. Momma is a powerful, deep and quiet female that gave us this outstanding bull her first time around. 2A had a successful show career as a calf and we are exited to see what he brings to the table as a herd sire. EPDs BW 4.5 WW 67 YW 114 MM 31


27 February 2013 RED POLLED

WGL 4A BW 90 lbs

Sire: RPY PAYNES MARATHON 47U Dam: IVYS HEART HTZ 6T A long, deep sided and smooth polled herd sire prospect from the “Heart” of our herd. This February Marathon son exhibits great muscling from head to tail and is hard to find a fault in him. His mother is our lead donor cow at WGL and we expect great things from this young prospect. EPDs BW 5.3 WW 61 YW 102 MM 21.1


27 March 2013 RED POLLED

WGL 6A BW 80 lbs

Sire: PINNACLE’S YUMA 42Y Dam:IVYS UTTER PERFECTION 5U A moderate framed, deep ribbed bull that again, comes from another lead donor at WGL. This young stud has a great hip, sound on the move and is a bull that is very easy to work with. A maternal sib sold to Rayd Livestock, Kenilworth, ON in our fall production sale and turned some heads as one of the top selling bred heifers. All signs point to a heifer bull here folks! EPDs BW -0.1 WW 39 YW 71 MM 24.4


1 January 2013 RED POLLED

WGL 7A BW 89 lbs

Sire: GREENWOOD PLD XTRA CHARGE Dam: LAKERIDGE WOOKIN GOOD A deep ribbed Greenwood PLD Xtra Charge son that is smooth through the front shoulder and has a solid set of numbers to compliment the extreme eye appeal of this bull. He is hairy and thick and moves well on his feet and legs.

EPDs BW 3.2 WW 53 YW 92 MM 16.9


23 February 2013 WGL 10A Black POLLED BW 85 lbs Sire: RICHMOND WYATT SRD 48W Dam: HSF TEASIN’ PLEASIN’ Double black, double polled, double good! A moderate framed son of our former herd sire Richmond Wyatt is big topped and big butted. The Wyatt calves have always come unassisted and it looks like this young gun will follow in dads foot steps siring calves that have some “get up and go!” A very docile herd sire prospect. EPDs BW 0.7 WW 34 YW 62 MM 20.4


7 January 2013 RED POLLED

WGL 13A BW 80 lbs

Sire: RPY PAYNES ELVIS 34X Dam: WGL LACEY 5X 13A is a red and double polled prospect that comes from a line of animals we have been working on for some time here at WGL. His pedigree is a who’s who of the Limousin breed with names such as MTO, Paynes Elvis, Limited Edition, TMF 380N, Ransom and Tuff Enuff to name a few! His pedigree cries for attention and attention he will get when you see him April 12. Moderate framed, great muscling and a stacked pedigree.

EPDs BW 1.4 WW 50 YW 88 MM 26


23 January 2013 RED POLLED

WGL 19A BW 84 lbs

Sire: RPY PAYNES ELVIS 34X Dam: GREENWOOD PLD TREFFIC It was –38 the day this bull calf was born. He was an early morning surprise and if you look past the ears and tail, you will see a bull with great muscling and maternal traits that will put him in the running for your next herd sire. Another stacked pedigree comes with this young lad. His sire is a calving ease specialist and the same rings true for 19A. His mother is a foundation cow at WGL. The future looks bright!

EPDs BW 2.0 WW 51 YW 89 MM 23.6


22 February 2013 BLACK POLLED

WGL 33A BW 86 lbs

Sire: RPY PAYNES ELVIS 34X Dam: WGL YOU’RE THE ONE 9Y A black Paynes Elvis son out of a Wyatt two year old cow. Momma did a great job her first time out weaning this guy off at 677lbs. He came unassisted and never looked back. The Wyatt daughters are now in production and we are truly impressed by the udders and teat shape they exhibit. With the combination of Elvis on the top side, and Wyatt on the bottom side, calving ease will not be an issue next spring.

EPDs BW 1.7 WW 46 YW 80 MM 24.6


18 February 2013 RED POLLED

WGL 34A BW 81 lbs

Sire: RPY PAYNES ELVIS 34X Dam: KOYLE YELLOW ROSE 37Y WGL 34A is a big bodied, dark red, hairy and smooth polled prospect by Paynes Elvis. Out of another two year old, she weaned this baby off at just over 700lbs and calved unassisted. We purchased his dam, a Windfall daughter, from Koyle Farms as a calf and she went on to be named the Reserve Champion Calf at the Royal in 2012. Smooth lines, fault free on the move and a stellar disposition. EPDs BW 1.7 WW 51 YW 92 MM 24.9


17 March 2013 WGL 31A RED POLLED BW 74 lbs Sire: RPY PAYNES ELVIS 34X Dam: LAKERIDGE YEARNING A picture perfect heifer with a great front end that is moderately framed. She has a beautiful head, lots of spine and rib and will surley be a front pasture female as she goes on with her reproductive career. Select with confidence. EPDs BW 1.7 WW 50 YW 85 MM 21.9


26 February 2013 RED POLLED

WGL 8A BW 82 lbs

Sire: RICHMOND WYATT SRD 48W Dam: LAKERIDGE SENSATION Another beautifully fronted female. A maternal sib that was sold in our fall production sale now calls Y2K Land and Cattle Company home. She is a rare red Wyatt daughter out of a solid Anders Natural cow who has kept our heifer pen full over the years. She is a hard one to part with but we can’t keep them all. EPDs BW 2.9 WW 40 YW 71 MM 21.8


6 February 2013 RED POLLED

WGL 15A BW 78 lbs

Sire: RPY PAYNES MARATHON 47U Dam: LAKERIDGE RIPPA This female is an attention getter! She is big, broody and thick while maintaining a feminine look through her front end and head. Big topped and deep, she is a a real stunner. A daughter of Paynes Marathon a foundation female, this young heifer has it all! EPDs BW 3.7 WW 52 YW 92 MM 19.3


19 February 2013 BLACK POLLED

WGL 29A BW 74 lbs

Sire: RICHMOND WYATT SRD 48W Dam: KEN-DOC PEACHES One of the few black heifers we will be offering this year. A Wyatt daughter that is very thick and moderate and moves out very well on her feet and legs. Her mother has been a constant and consistent producer at WGL and this female is sure to follow in those foot steps. EPDs BW 1.6 WW 34 YW 61 MM 19.3


22 February 2013 RED POLLED

WGL 35A BW 76 lbs

Sire: RPY PAYNES ELVIS 34X Dam: WGL XAMINER 7X 35A is one of our best‌EVER! She is thick, hairy and big middled. A full sib sells on the bull side and again, the ground work we laid out a few years back is sure paying off as we expected. A stacked pedigree that is very predicable and an awesome phenotype are all wrapped up into one great little package. EPDs BW 2.0 WW 52 YW 91 MM 26.0


March 25, 2013 WGL 36A BLACK POLLED BW 84 lbs Sire: AHCC Westwind Dam: Ivys Heart A black, double polled embryo female by the infamous AHCC Westwind and our lead donor Ivys Heart. A heifer that really exemplifies our embryo program at WGL. Beautifully headed, long bodied and an abundance of hip and rib only adds to the eye appeal of this young female. Tacked on to a disposition that is second to none, this female has a maternal sib on the bull side which will make you appreciate this family line even more! BW 4.3 WW 62.2 YW 112.9 MM 22.2


Pictures of the heifers upon request

WGL ANTIGUA 14A WGL 14A 23 March 2013 Sire: PINNACLE’S YUMA 42Y Dam: TOP MEADOW 442M BW 1.6 WW 37 YW 68 MM 27.4

WGL APRICOT 25A WGL 25A 16 April 2013 Sire: RICHMOND WYATT SRD 48W Dam: TMF MISS 15U BW 2.2 WW 42 YW 72 MM 26.7


WGL 27A WGL 27A 15 February 2013 Sire: RICHMOND WYATT SRD 48W Dam: ANDERS PENELOPE BW 2.0 WW 41 YW 73 MM 24.4

WGL ACCENT 17A WGL 17A 25 February 2013 Sire: RPY PAYNES MARATHON 47U Dam: LAKERIDGE MOLLY BW 4.2 WW 54 YW 90 MM 17.6

WGL AMAZING GRACE 32A WGL 32A 8 March 2013 Sire: TMF LANCELOT 630L Dam: WGL YASMIN 3Y BW 2.7 WW 41 YW 74 MM 29.5

Windy Gables Limousin Bryce & Nathen Allen Res: 705 924-2583 Cell: 705-761-9426


PO Box 189 Warkworth, ON K0K 3KO

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WGL Private Treaty & Open House 2014  

Windy Gables Limousin April 12th, 2014 Warkworth, ON

WGL Private Treaty & Open House 2014  

Windy Gables Limousin April 12th, 2014 Warkworth, ON