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Morrisville-Eaton Central School District Post Office Box 990 • Morrisville, NY 13408-0990

2013 - 2014 Proposed Budget Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Members Each year the Board of Education is charged with the task of developing a budget which will support our educational mission. Over the past five years we have had to cut staff and programs in response to decreased support from New York State. The result has been a 20% decrease in our staff and a 50% decrease in our extra-curricular offerings. Energy, pensions, and unfunded mandates continue to drive costs higher. Last year the new tax levy limit further tied our hands in terms of raising local revenues. This year we will once again be able to stay below that limit with a 3.48% increase in the tax levy. We hope the information in this year’s budget brochure demonstrates our commitment to provide a quality education, while at the same time acknowledging that we need to continue to manage our costs very closely. The proposed budget of $15,246,424 is an increase of 2.86% from the 2012-2013 budget. Most of the increased costs are due to factors outside of our control such as pensions and health care costs. We also are five years removed from our last major capital project, and we need to invest some money into our buildings to continue to make them safer and more energy efficient. To achieve a budget that can be supported by our residents, we continue to look for ways to reduce costs. We have cut the BOCES alternative education and summer school programs, and will continue to find other ways to meet the needs of those students. As staff members retire, we will seek to make sure that we fill the opening in the most cost effective way possible. We will also increase the sharing of costs with other local districts whenever possible. Last year in an effort to increase revenues, the Board has agreed to change the district policy regarding accepting non-resident students. We will continue to accept out of district students on a tuition basis. The policy bases acceptance on the condition that we have a program in place and that the acceptance of any student will not result in additional costs to the district. We hope this policy will increase our student enrollment which in turn will have a positive effect on our state aid. Finally, we will proceed to carefully weigh the pros and cons of a consolidation with the Hamilton Central School District. We should be getting the report back from the State Education Department by late spring. None of the options to significantly reduce our costs are popular. However, we remain committed to provide a quality education to our students while acknowledging we have a very limited local tax base and we are very much at the mercy of New York State and Washington, D.C. when it comes to providing for a quality education. We continue to invite your input and suggestions during the difficult challenges facing rural school communities. Respectfully,                       Marian Whitney, President Jacalyn Groves, Vice President                          Murry Ames                          Nichole Doroshenko Melanie Martin


Budget Hearing • Tuesday, May 14, 2013 • 7:00 PM • Middle/High School Library

Budget Vote • • •

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM Edward R. Andrews Elementary School Gym

You are Invited to Join Us

You are cordially invited to attend the following activities to be held on May 21st: The M-ECS Art Show sponsored by the elementary and middle/high school art departments will be from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Please be sure to come and view the art exhibits which will be displayed throughout the gymnasium, and the gymnasium hallway. The Morrisville-Eaton Parent/Teacher Organization will host its annual Community Appreciation Dessert reception from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. to thank members of the community for their support. Please be sure to stop in the Edward R. Andrews Elementary Library for some refreshments.


• Citizen of the U.S. • 18 years of age • Resident of School District for 30 days prior to vote.

EDUCATIONAL PRIORITIES Annually, the Board of Education establishes District Goals and then develops a budget which is designed to implement these goals. As mentioned in the cover letter, this task has become more and more challenging due to the state aid picture. Continuing to support our educational goals is the highest priority, and therefore, the greatest percentage of our proposed budget is spent on programs. While we will not be able to support many programs at the same level as in the past, the 2013-2014 proposed budget ensures that our students will receive a quality education. ACADEMIC RIGOR: The District’s main goal is to create an educational system in which all students will be critical thinkers and life-long learners who will meet or exceed targeted performance levels while achieving excellence. The expectation at the federal and state level is that all students will be college and career ready by the time they graduate. With decreasing enrollment and declining state aid, the typical class size is going to begin to increase. We will continue to offer Dual College Credit Courses at the high school. We will also look for grants and other innovative ways to bring college level learning opportunities to our students. A grant and creative scheduling should allow us to increase our Advanced Placement Courses in the future. Teachers will be encouraged to continue to focus on excellence for all. Through the use of technology and research-proven instructional strategies we will continue to prepare our students to not only meet standards, but excel. EXTRA AND CO-CURRICULAR PROGRAMS: These programs are an integral part of student education. There is excellent participation in after school activities at the elementary school and clubs and sports at the middle/high school. All students benefit from these programs through the development of sportsmanship, leadership, and time management skills. As we respond to the budget crisis, the way we deliver these opportunities will begin to look different. We will continue to seek shared opportunities with our neighboring districts. Every year we look at student participation and determine whether a program should be cut, scaled back, shared with other districts, or restructured. We will utilize shared staff between our two buildings to ensure programs continue, even though our staffing levels are reduced. We will continue to support these programs and activities for students at both the elementary and secondary buildings. UNIVERSAL PRE-KINDERGARTEN: The district established a Pre-Kindergarten program in February, 2004. For the past six years, we were able to take advantage of New York State grant monies to expand our program to three sections. In collaboration with BOCES, the two Universal Pre-K classes and the one Targeted Pre-K class have expanded the curriculum and learning opportunities for all of our young learners. We are committed to making sure no student is turned away from this opportunity. PROGRAMS FOR STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: Many of our students qualify for special education services or accommodations under the criteria established by New York State and the Federal Government. The goal of our special needs program is to provide all students with the assistance necessary for them to achieve their academic goals. Each year we strive to have fewer of our special needs students attending programs outside of the Morrisville-Eaton District. This is an area of spending over which we have little control and we remain dependent on state and federal aid to offset the high cost of these mandatory programs. RESPONSE TO INTERVENTION: Setting students up for success, rather than remediating failure, is the goal of RtI (response to intervention.) We are working collaboratively with all of the area schools on identifying the best way to make sure that all needs are identified early and approached by the entire school. With the reduction of teachers’ assistants in both buildings the delivery of these services is relying more and more on our general and special education teaching staff. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: A quality education requires a quality staff. M-ECS is fortunate to have some of the best educators and support staff in central New York. We realize we are going to need to do more with less. It is vital that as we continue to provide quality professional development, we also need to specifically address the challenges of effective teaching with larger classrooms and making sure we remain committed to meeting the needs of all learners. We will continue our focus on the Common Core Standards. Every teacher, regardless of his/her content area, will need to be able to help students read and write across the curriculum. We will continue to do as much of this training through BOCES as possible because that spending is aidable. We also will follow the successful model of sending a single teacher to trainings and then becoming a “turn-key” trainer of his/her colleagues. Like last year, we will use ½-day superintendent conference days to utilize our own personnel in training, and minimize substitute teacher costs. 2

REVENUE FOR DISTRICT OPERATIONS Morrisville-Eaton’s budget is dependent on state aid. The district used to receive over 70% of its revenues from the state. Over the past three years that amount has decreased. Anticipated state aid for 2013-14 accounts for 65.46 % of the district’s revenue. The district continues to use reserves to offset the burden on the tax levy. With the additional use of fund balance, this year’s levy is below the maximum allowable tax levy. This is the second year that the tax levy cap has been in place. An eight step calculation was used to determine the tax levy limit. The law states that the highest allowable tax levy that a school district can propose as part of its annual budget requiring a simple majority to pass the budget is this calculated limit. A district can choose to exceed its tax levy limit however the budget must pass with over 60% approval. District tax payers still vote on the overall budget not on the levy. The calculated maximum allowable tax levy for Morrisville-Eaton School District for 2013-14 is $4,219,405. The proposed budget is $15,246,424 with a tax levy of $4,212,914. The proposed Fund Balance - 1.97% budget only requires a simple majority for it to pass. Reserves - 3.28% The Board of Education, district administration team and both instructional and non-instructional staff continue to explore grant opportunities and other means of increasing district revenues as well as decreasing costs through service sharing with other local districts and the Madison Oneida BOCES. Your positive budget vote is critical to Morrisville-Eaton’s continued success.

Other Revenues - 1.66%

Taxation 27.63%

Basic State Aid 65.46%

School District Expenditures The 2013-2014 proposed budget is $15,246,424. This reflects a 2.86% increase in spending from the previous year. Most of the increase is due to increases in pension and labor costs. It also reflects costs associated with curriculum changes and testing mandates from the State Education Department. In the current year the custodial department lost one custodial position due to a retirement that was not replaced. At the end of this year, one retiring Social Studies teacher will not be replaced. The following list details the staffing and program cuts that have been made over the last 5 years: Not counting retirements and positions by attrition, M-E has laid off the following: 1 secondary science teacher, 1 music teacher, 1 foreign language teacher (no longer offering French as foreign language), 4 elementary teachers (No longer have an enrichment or technology teacher for elementary students), 1 teaching assistant, 5 aides and 1 permanent certified teacher substitute. Additionally, including retirements and positions by attrition, M-E has eliminated the following: .5 home and careers teacher, .5 business teacher, 1 ELA teacher, 2 social studies teachers, 1 K-12 physical education teacher, 1 math teacher, 2 teaching assistants, 1 K-12 administrator (No longer have an assistant principal to provide support for two principals), 2 secretarial positions, 1 school lunch manager, 1 food service helper, 1.5 custodial positions, 1.5 bus drivers and 1 permanent substitute. Extra-Curricular Cuts: Ski Club, SADD/TAFT, Business Club, Foreign Language Club, School Store, Drama Club, High School Yearbook Club, Mathletics, Library Club, Jazz Band, Just Say No, Drug Quiz Show, 2 Homework Clubs, 1 Elementary Art Club, M/H Art Club, Science Olympiad, Middle School Student Council, Chamber Choir, Computer Club Interscholastic Sports Cuts: Cheerleading (football, basketball), Golf, several junior-varsity teams, reduced schedules, shared transportation costs, reduction in coaching stipends, reduction of three teams for winter modified athletics: volleyball, boys and girls basketball, combined modified and varsity football programs, track 2012 – one co-ed team. Despite all of these cost-cutting measures, Morrisville-Eaton continues to provide a quality education for all of our students. Our youngest students will continue to have a high quality Pre-Kindergarten program. By collaborating with the BOCES the district ensures that all eligible district students have access to Pre-K. We have been able to partner with our local colleges to offer dual-credit courses to many of our high school students. Sport opportunities have been maintained by combining teams with local districts. Most importantly the District has a quality, professional staff that have worked hard to develop new curriculum based on the new common core requirements and preparing students for tougher state assessment exams. 3

MORRISVILLE-EATON CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT • EXIT POLL Please fill out the exit poll and turn it in when you vote, on May 21st. If there is more than one person in your household who would like to respond, she/he may simply respond on a sheet of paper and refer to the number/letter of the question. If you are not able to vote, but would still like to respond to the survey, please feel free to send your comments to M-ECS, ATTN: Michael Drahos, Superintendent, 5061 Fearon Road, P.O. Box 990, Morrisville, NY 13408. (Please feel free to attach additional comments if you need more space than is provided on this form.) 1.

What was the main reason that you voted the way that you did today?


What suggestions do you have to make district communication more effective?


What do you see as the district’s strengths heading into the future?


What do you see as the district’s main areas of concern heading into the future?


As part of long range educational and fiscal planning the Board of Education is engaged in a merger study with the Hamilton Central School District. The study is now being compiled and will be reviewed by the State Education Department. It will then be shared with both district communities before the Boards of Education decide whether to proceed with more public meetings leading to a public vote. a) What are your main questions or concerns regarding this study? b) What has been the main source of your information about this issue? c) Have you followed the issue on the district website?


Are there any other comments you would like to share with the district?


you prefer, we are making this survey available on-line on our website at


our home page you will see a place to link to, and submit an online survey.

M-ECS Mission Statement

“Provide a diverse and safe learning environment that enables students to realize their potential and become successful, productive citizens.”

District Goals • To provide an educational system in which all students will be critical thinkers and life long learners who will meet or exceed targeted performance levels and also achieve excellence. • To foster an educational climate where all staff, students, and community members are treated equally with respect and dignity. • To establish a long-term financial plan that ensures adequate resources are available to support the educational system. • To have a highly functioning and collaborative staff that has a positive impact on student development and achievement. • To cultivate a partnership with parents and community members that enables us to realize the district mission.

By Rain Dutcher 4

Bus Purchase


The district’s five (5) year bus replacement practice has decreased repair costs and increased the trade-in value of retired buses. The replacement plan was based on the purchase of 3 new buses a year, however given the economic climate of the past few years, the district has asked voters to approve the purchase of 2 buses. The budget ballot will include a separate resolution asking your approval to borrow the money necessary to purchase one (66) passenger bus and one 24-44 passenger wheelchair bus.

One 66 Passenger Bus.............................................$110,223 One 24-44 Passenger Wheelchair Bus....................$121,147 Less trade in value for two busses.......................... $56,000 Total………………..............................…………..$175,370 Net District Cost After Aid………..…………...…$17,537

The district’s transportation aid is 90%. This means that 90% of the cost of the bus will be reimbursed over five years. The district borrows the money and budgets the payments over a five year span. The first payment would be due in 201415. If the bus proposition is voted down, the current proposed budget and tax levy will not be affected. The district is sensitive to the impact of district spending on our tax payers. We believe that the five year rotation of buses is the most economic means we have to control repair costs and to assure the safety of our students. Please contact Debra Everson at 684-9158 or should you have questions.

Contingency Budget

By Will Thomas

If the proposed budget is defeated, the BOE (Board of Education) may re-submit the same or a revised budget for a second vote. The other option is to proceed immediately to a contingent budget. If the Morrisville-Eaton Central School District adopts a contingent budget, expenditures would need to be reduced by $113,180. Scheduled purchase of maintenance equipment, school equipment, and transportation equipment would be cut, families would be responsible for all student supplies, additional cuts would be made to interscholastic sports and extracurricular activities, and late bus transportation would be reduced or eliminated. The other state mandate of a contingent budget is that the district must charge all outside/community groups (i.e. scout organizations, youth organizations, community organizations) for the use of the building and fields. There is no exception to this law. A contingent budget is automatically adopted if a second budget proposal is defeated by voters.

By Matt Roher

By Alexis Hosler

By Alexis Hosler

By Brittney Granger 5

The three part Annual Budget ADMINISTRATION – $1,459,710 OR 9.6% OF THE BUDGET The administrative portion of the budget includes salaries and benefits for the district office, business office, and the principals’ office staff at the elementary and middle/high school. In addition costs for the Board of Education, district property and liability insurance, shared cost of BOCES administrative and capital apportionments are considered administrative costs. PROGRAM - $10,182,679 OR 66.8% OF THE BUDGET

Administration - 9.6%

Program 66.8%

Capital 23.6%

Expenses in the program budget directly support educational programs for our children. This accounts for the majority of district spending. Teacher salaries and benefits, BOCES program costs for vocational and special education students, cost of student transportation, extracurricular activities, and sport expenses are all part of this portion of the budget. CAPITAL EXPENSES - $3,604,035 OR 23.6% OF THE BUDGET The capital budget supports the operation and maintenance of district facilities. Utility and debt service expenses are the largest costs. Debt service is similar to a mortgage; it is the amount of money owed for past and present building projects. Building aide remains unaffected by cuts in state aid. This means that building projects remain the most financially prudent means of updating district facilities. SUMMARY The 2013-14 budget provides guidance for the spending of district monies throughout the school year. Diligence is required throughout the year to assure that spending levels are adhered to. The superintendent, assistant superintendent for finance and support services, principals, and supervisors share in this responsibility. District finances are audited at the end of the fiscal year by an independent accounting firm. A full report is available in the district office.

M-ECS Three Part BUDGET PROPOSAL Total Budget Amount Administrative Component Program Component Capital Component

Adopted Budget 2012-13 $14,821,982

Proposed Budget 2013-14 $15,246,424

Contingency Budget 2013-14* $15,133,244

$1,435,000 $9,841,857 $3,545,125

$1,459,710 $10,182,679 $3,604,035

$1,435,000 $10,098,209 $3,600,035

* If the district has to adopt a contingent budget, expenditures would need to be cut by $113,180. Items that would be cut from the budget include scheduled purchase of maintenance equipment, school equipment, transportation equipment. In addition students would be responsible for all student supplies, sports and extracurricular activities and late bus transportation would be reduced. All outside/community groups would be charged for use of the fields and building at all times as well.



Proposed Budget 2013-2014 $15,246,424 $4,212,914

Percentage Change

Total Proposed Spending $14,821,982 2.86% Total Proposed School Year Tax Levy, $4,071,411 3.48% Including Tax Levy to Support Library Debt¹ Permissible Exclusions to the School Tax Levy Limit $141,049 $197,453 Proposed School Year Tax Levy, $3,934,637 $4,021,952 Not including Levy for Permissible Exclusions or Levy to Support Library Debt Difference (positive value requires 60.0% voter approval) ($141,049) ($197,453) School Tax Levy Limit² $4,075,686 $4,219,405 Public School Enrollment 775 750 (3.23)% Consumer Price Index 2.1% ¹ All proposed levies should exclude any prior year reserve for excess tax levy, including interest. ² For 2013-14, includes any carryover from 2012-13 and excludes any tax levy for library debt or prior year reserve for excess tax levy, including interest. Actual Estimated 2012-2013 2013-2014 Adjusted Restricted Fund Balance $1,217,032 $890,444 Assigned Appropriated Fund Balance $250,000 $300,000 Adjusted Unrestricted Fund Balance $543,030 $500,000 Adjusted Unrestricted Fund Balance as a Percent of the Total Budget 3.66% 3.28% -

M-ECS BASIC STAR EXEMPTION IMPACT Estimated Basic STAR Exemption Savings Based on Proposed Budget for the 2013-2014 School Year


Takes into consideration New York State enacted 2% cap in STAR savings over previous year.


2012-13 Assessed Value

2012-13 Equalization Rate

2012-13 Full Value

2012-13 Percentage by Township

2012-13 Levy by Township

2013-14 Projected Tax Rate*

Difference in Tax Rate

























































Tax Rate


* Estimated tax rate per $1,000 of assessed valuation based on 2012-13 Assessments and Equalization rates.


Morrisville-Eaton Central School District Post Office Box 990 Morrisville, NY 13408

BULK RATE US Postage Paid Morrisville, NY 13408 Permit #9 Non-Profit Organization

Deliver to: Postal Customer Rural or Route Box Holder Address Correction Requested

M-ECS SUMMARY OF REVENUES Basic State Aid Building Aid Payments in Lieu of Taxes Medicaid Interest Earnings Interest & Penalties on Real Property Transfer from Debt Services Reserve Transfer from Other Reserves Refund of Prior Year Expenses (BOCES) Other Revenues Sub Total Calculated Tax Levy Fund Balance Applied to Budget Total Revenues

Adopted Budget 2012-2013 $7,741,571 $1,900,000 $47,000 $40,000 $2,000 $6,000 $380,000 $275,000 $61,000 $48,000 $10,500,571 $4,071,411 $250,000 $14,821,982

Proposed Budget 2013-14 $8,100,000 $1,881,010 $47,000 $60,000 $2,000 $6,000 $140,000 $360,000 $50,000 $87,500 $10,733,510 $4,212,914 $300,000 $15,246,424

Difference $ $358,429 ($18,990) $20,000 ($240,000) $85,000 ($11,000) $39,500 $232,939 $141,503 $50,000 $424,442

Difference % 4.6% (1.0%)

3.48% 2.86%


PROPOSITION ONE Shall the Board of Education of the Morrisville-Eaton Central School District, County of Madison, New York, be authorized to spend the sums set forth in the proposed budget of 2013-2014 in the total amount of $15,246,424 and to levy the necessary tax therefor?


RESOLVED that the Board of Education of the Morrisville-Eaton Central School District is hereby authorized to purchase one (1) 66-passenger school bus and one (1) mid-size wheelchair school bus, including related furnishings and equipment incidental thereto, expend therefore a total sum not to exceed $175,370 which is estimated to be the total maximum cost thereof, and pay for such buses by the levy of a tax which is hereby voted and approved in the amount of $175,370 which shall be levied and collected in annual installments in such years and in such amounts as may be determined by the Board of Education and in anticipation of the collection of such tax, bonds and notes of the District are hereby authorized to be issued at one time, or from time to time, in the principal amount not to exceed $175,370, and a tax is hereby voted to pay the interest on said obligations when due. BOARD OF EDUCATION MEMBERS ONE (1) SEAT THREE (3) YEAR TERM VOTE FOR ONE (1)


Melanie Martin

Gloria Hart Cynthia Busic-Snyder

Budget Brochure for 2013-2014  
Budget Brochure for 2013-2014  

Budget information