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Installation FAQs:

Roost - Social Real Estate Platform Application for Facebook

What will my Real Estate tab look like? The Real Estate tab is highly customizable. You can personalize your Real Estate tab by providing marketing copy and links to a preferred website address, adding a logo, and enabling any of the optional partner features from Altos Research,, or Walk Score. Below are two sample agent fan page tabs:

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How do I install this application to my Facebook fan/business page? 1.

Go to:


Click the Go to Application button


Click the Allow button


If you have a Facebook fan/business page, click the Create Profile. (If you don’t have a Facebook fan/business page, skip to the next FAQ “How do I create a Facebook fan/business page?)

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Complete your custom configuration and click the Save Settings button

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After your page successfully updates, you will need to add the tab to your fan/business page, Click here to complete Step 3



Now click the Add to My Page link, find your fan/business page, and click the Add to Page button. Note: Once you successfully add the application to your fan/business page, it will disappear from the list.

Last, you will want to organize your fan/business page tabs to highlight your new Real Estate tab. a.

Click the + at the end of your list of tabs and then select the Real Estate from the list of options

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If you have more than five tabs on your fan/business page, you will need to drag and drop the Real Estate tab to one of the first five tab locations to ensure it always appears when your fans, friends, and connections visit your page.

How do I create a Facebook fan/business page? 1.

Click the Create a New Facebook Page link if you are still in the Roost – Social Real Estate Platform application’s welcome page, or go directly to

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Select your business category, name your page, complete the security check, and click the Create Page button


Your page is now created.


You can finish creating your fan/business page by adding a picture/logo, editing your contact info, and inviting your friends and connections to become fans now or after you have completed the setup of your Roost Social Real Estate tab. (To continue set up of your Real Estate tab, go back to step 5 of the previous “How do I install…” question)

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Roost Social Real Estate Application Setup