The hummingbird does not stop for long (2005)

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The hummingbird does not stop for long JP Fallavollita

The hummingbird does not stop for long. In a frantic purpose of natural love, Its heart palpitates unorthodox, While its tongue flits serendipitous, And its bleating wings flash blue, then green, Flying astray from staid petunia to stoic chrysanthemum. The butterfly, too, does not wait for long. It pulses delicate breath then catches wind, While its orange and white flutter in the air Gives the tender season such atmosphere, And, drinking poetry perched upon pending flower, Making claret love from that heart within. And although these creatures, so beautiful to behold Have fickle feelings and situational love As they fleetingly flicker about the here and the now, I will remain your every-coloured flower, In unending spring, in unbending summer Still, I remain, my beautiful creature, With a passion for you, never wilting, With a love for you, forever waiting. 2005.

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