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Discipleship your definition makes the difference

Our definition...discipleship is... multiplying soul winning disciple makers one on one in a New Testament local church.

a Discipler is one whom the Pastor has confidence in and is authorized to teach and care for a new Believer in the church.

Designed in the context of Church Planting 10 Lessons 120 Topics 33 Meetings to Complete Many have their own disciple before they finish

The Discipler reads the introduction. The disciple reads the Bible verse. The Discipler reads the comment giving the answer for the blank.

The style of study is to emphasize the Word of God. The first 2 pages cancels out every False Religion and Cult.

The Bible verse is looked at first to give priority to God’s Word.

At the end of each section is a Reflect and Transfer. Notice the Water Cooler Scenarios.

Notice the Interactive features.

The 10 Commandments are explained.

The Claims of Christ and an Overview of the Life of Christ is presented.

Lesson One is “A to Z” on Salvation. The disciple will have any “gaps” filled in to be an effective witness.

Lesson One has 2 witnessing tools: Christianity? and The Spiritual Map

They help the disciple evangelize.

Each lesson has some assignments.

The answers to the questions can be found in the lesson.

Lesson two begins by teaching the Bible is reliable and trustworthy.

In the section on Eternal Security, the disciple sees one key Bible verse after another.

We begin to teach the Steps of Discipleship here.

At the end of every lesson is the Daily in the Word. The purpose is to teach the disciple to study God’s Word for themselves.

The disciple and discipler read, write, and say the Word of God.

Notice this note:

Lesson Two has a tool also, The Assurance Guide

Each lesson takes 3 to 4 meetings to complete.

Each lesson requires some obedience and submission to God’s Word.

They are assigned to read, write and say the book of Mark.

Thousands have made their own copy of the entire Bible.

Lesson 4 explains how local churches started in the Bible.

Baptism is in lesson 4 but can be “jumped� to at any time.

Many places where we plant churches, they need to grow spiritually before they face persecution.

This lesson asks the disciple to commit to following Christ and being a dedicated disciple maker.

Every time a disciple finishes lesson 5, the offerings of the church increase.

One benefit of using Journey is that everyone coming into the church will have the same Biblical foundation to build upon.

Discipleship Training begins in lesson 5 and goes through lesson 9.

If you separate the training from the discipleship, we found that you severely limit the multiplication of disciples.

Lessons 6 through 10 are shorter in length.

Lesson 6 covers the Rapture, Tribulation and end time events.

Disciples become more serious when they learn about The Judgement Seat of Christ.

In lesson 6, the disciple is asked to explain Bible verses. We have to see if they are learning how to disciple. The Steps of Discipleship are “woven� throughout the lessons.

This section is about holiness in our daily lives and spiritual growth.

Each lesson has evaluations and assignments to measure the disciple.

The goal is to reproduce.

The disciple learns about living by faith. Every page has additional resources on the website.

The disciple learns how to witness beginning with Lesson One but this lesson increases the training.

Lesson 10 is about loving God and to celebrate meeting together.

This lesson is completed in one meeting.

This is the final evaluation.

The disciple graduates when the Pastor gives approval and they have their own disciple.

Journey is going to specific spiritual destinations and steps.

John Honeycutt 407-902-9298

Student Journey has 2 sections. The first 13 lessons are: God? Bible? Sure? Pray? Sin? Holy? Church? Baptism? Giving? Future? Devotion? Truth? Witness?

The video and the truthpoints! section sets up the lesson. The myperspective! section creates the “gap� between what they think and what the Bible teaches.

This is student to student, peer to peer, discipleship.

Each lesson takes about 20 minutes.

The lunchline! sections present scenarios to help them witness.

This lesson on Devotion is spoken of highly by Youth Pastors.

Writing the Scriptures is part of the learning.

Section Two has 13 lessons on Ephesians 4-5-6. They write the subjects they see in the Bible verses and then write the instructions they see making the lessons highly interactive and learning through discovery.

Ephesians 4-5-6 covers: Living differently New Life Lying Stealing Holy Spirit Anger Kindness Forgiveness Following God Lust Greed Sin Deceivers Friends Family Time Drunkenness Filled with the Spirit Attitude Thankfulness Music Wives Husbands Children Parents Fathers Employee Employer Spiritual warfare Spiritual armor

Student Journey for 7th grade to 2nd year College

John Honeycutt 407-902-9298

Journey and Student Journey Overview  

See key pages and features of the discipleship lessons in Journey and Student Journey.

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