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The Importance of Relationship Building in Digital Era

How is Geothermal Energy Converted to Electricity?





Geothermal Energy in Indonesia with Mr. Apriansyah Toni

PNG - LNG Projects Fails to Delier Economics Promises



THE IMPORTANCE OF RELATIONSHIP BUILDING IN DIGITAL ERA ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL NETWORKING PRACTICES IS TO PROVIDE IMMEDIATE VALUE TO A NEW CONNECTION. THIS MEANS THE MOMENT YOU IDENTIFY A WAY TO HELP SOMEONE, TAKE ACTION." - LEWIS HOWES Think about your best friend. It might be your spouse or someone you grew up with, someone you work with or someone you went to school with. Whatever the case, those relationships were built over time by spending time together. Our business community has become enamored with technology and ways to do things faster and cheaper. While I am all for efficiency and saving money when possible, the area where you cannot go fast and cheap is in the area of relationships. With the advent of email and text messaging, we have pushed relationship building to how much and how often we “touch” someone as opposed to how much time we spend with them.



Spend Face-To-Face Time To get to know someone, you must spend time with them and develop the relationship. This applies to our business networks, our team members, our vendors and, most importantly, our customers. You cannot depend on emails, texts, newsletters, blogs, etc., to build these relationships. Don’t get me wrong: I'm not saying these aren't important tools that don’t have a place in our business processes. However, they cannot take the place of spending time with people. The best investment you can make in your business and your future is to spend time and build relationships that go deep. Take time to get to know people. Remember that people are the lowest common denominator in our businesses. People make, buy, deliver, sell and consume our products and services. Yet, we will sacrifice the relationships by depending solely on email or text to communicate.


Understand Needs It is in conversation that you discover people’s wants, needs, fears, suspicions, problems and perspective. Conversation takes a commitment of time and it is not a one-time event. Make it a priority to develop deeper relationships with people. It will pay huge dividends in the quality of the relationships and the opportunities to help and serve one another. Focus on the other person and learning about them. Find ways to help them and they will find ways to help you. Block Your Calendar Take a few minutes and identify 25 people who can help you move your business forward. Put them on a list and begin the relationship-building process. These can be vendors, prospects, customers, former customers, strategic partners, and people that you don't know yet. Block time in your schedule to have these meetings. I set aside Tuesdays primarily as my business development days, where I focus my time on marketing and selling.

INVEST TIME IN BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS AND WATCH WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR BUSINESS Commit To It Building strong relationships require a commitment of time and effort. In my world, nothing happens unless it is on the calendar. Commit it to the calendar and then intentionally focus on relationship building. Remember, you can't take without first putting something in. Invest time in building relationships and watch what happens to your business. It's much more fun to have a cup of coffee with someone than to fire off an email and hope for a favorable response. Find and focus on ways to build relationships with people. Make it a priority to spend time with them. Not only will it help your business; it will bring joy to your life. Happy relationship building. POST WRITTEN BY Michael Mirau



CEO TALKS Geothermal energy is basically a form of energy extracted from the thermal energy stored inside the Earth. Geothermal had been used in Indonesia since the 70s and 80s yet it is still uncommon to the lay people. Geothermal is a green energy that can be used to replace the use of fossil fuels which is not renewable in the future. But what is geothermal energy anyway? To find out more about geothermal energy, we conducted an interview with Mr Apriyansah Toni, geothermal energy engineer who currently works at Pertamina Geothermal Energy on 23rd February of 2018. It will be useful for us to know a little more about the industry of geothermal energy and its benefit to society. Q: Indoneisa, under the presidency of Mr Joko Widodo, has planned to build aggresively into the energy sector through the the 35000 MW program. How much do you think of that capacity will come from the geothermal energy? A: Indonesia has a geothermal energy potential approximately 27-29 GW, actually we hoped to achieve 2085 MW in 2019, but actually it has not been achieved yet. There will be geothermal plant in Cibodas for example that will give up to 30 MW of capacity and there are more plan to increase capacity by 55 MW, but there is progress in the development of geothermal. Currently, Indonesia has the third largest geothermal capacity in the world (1809 GW), just below Philippines (1868 GW) and USA (3591 GW). With additional capacity being built, we will soon surpass Philippines. The problem with geothermal industry in Indonesia is that the PLN (State-Owned Electrical Company) is buying geothermal energy at a low price, I think the price can be upped again. Such business environment will deter investor from investing in geothermal in Indonesia. Also the rules and policy (e.g. the environmental policy) can be better suited for geothermal business.


"THE PROBLEM WITH GEOTHERMAL INDUSTRY IN INDONESIA IS THAT THE PLN (STATE-OWNED ELECTRICAL COMPANY) IS BUYING GEOTHERMAL ENERGY AT A LOW PRICE" Q: How is the geothermal compared to another energy source, such as fossil fuels? Which one is more effective? A: Currently, Indonesia is still importing energy. But if we were to develop geotheral consistently, in can help to reduce import. Hence, it can reduce fuel subsidy. Also, it can help with the environmental issue by reducing CO2. Geothermal energy is mostly developed at the mountain areas where electricity is scarce. Geothermal energy brings electricity to the community and helps the community. It helps sprout small businesses which in turn help the need of the worker of geothermal worker and the people of the community. That is the various positive effects of geothermal energy. In some areas of Indonesia, scheduled temporary blackouts are still common. With geothermal energy, such practice can be discontinued because geothermal energy can provide sufficient energy. It will help business that needs continuous supply of energy. Take an example of Iceland, they used to be a poor country and they import coal. But with the development of geothermal energy in Iceland, Iceland can be a rich country because they can export their energy. OCTANE | PAGE 6

Q: How is the career prospect at the geothermal energy industry? A: The geothermal energy needs junior level as well as senior level engineer specialising in electrical engineer, chemical engineer, mechanical, geophysical engineer, geoscientist. Job in well drilling, unskilled labor and office worker are also open. It will also give opportunities for local businessmen who can supply geothermal equipment. Q: In your opinion, how is Pertamina Geothermal Energy compared to other geothermal company? A: Pertamina Geothermal Energy has a wide experience ranging from exploration to the electricity generation. We have the best recruitment system. Pertamina has a good career development and Pertamina also invests in the human resources by funding their education to master level as well as doctoral level. We have a great success in many exploration because our human resources are more experienced. Q:What is your advice to the fresh graduate of ITS? A: I want to encourage ITS students to be more open-minded, to finish their academic load, and join activities that will increase their connection, for example I like the SPE organization because it can add connections to its members. Sharing experiences from more experienced people gives an extra value to students compared to those who never joined any organizations or any student activities. It will also help you in doing final projects and help you in networking in the work. (Marco) OCTANE | PAGE 7

FLASH COURSE How is Geothermal Energy Converted to Electricity?

There are several different main types of geothermal plants: • Dry steam • Flash steam • Binary cycle What these types of geothermal power plants all have in common is that they use steam turbines to generate electricity. This approach is very similar to other thermal power plants using other sources of energy than geothermal.



Water or working fluid is heated (or used directly incase of geothermal dry steam power plants), and then sent through a steam turbine where the thermal energy (heat) is converted to electricity with a generator through a phenomenon called electromagnetic induction. The next step in the cycle is cooling the fluid and sending it back to the heat source.

Water that has been seeping into the underground over time has gained heat energy from the geothermal reservoirs. There no need for additional heating, as you would expect with other thermal power plants. Heating boilers are not present in geothermal steam power plants and no heating fuel is used. Production wells (red on the illustrations) are used to lead hot water/steam from the reservoirs and into the power plant. Rock catchers are in place to make sure that only hot fluids is sent to the turbine. Rocks can cause great damage to steam turbines.

Depending on the state of the water (liquid or vapor) Injection wells (blue on the illustrations) ensure that the and its temperature, different types of power plants are used for different geothermal reservoirs. Most water that is drawn up from the production wells returns to the geothermal reservoir where it regains the geothermal power plants extract water, in its vapor or liquid form, from the reservoirs somewhere in the thermal energy (heat) that we have used to generate temperature-range 100-320°C (220-600°F). (Energy electricity. Informative)


FLASH NEWS PNG-LNG PROJECT FAILS TO DELIVER ECONOMIC PROMISES, REPORT SAYS In the week that the ExxonMobil Corp. joint venture’s PNG-LNG project in Papua New Guinea has restarted production from LNG Train 2 and resumed LNG exports after the disruption of the February earthquake, a damning report has emerged saying that the benefits predicted to flow to Papua New Guinea from the overall project have not been realized. The study, Double or Nothing: The Broken Economic Promises of the PNG-LNG Project, is from Canberra-based Jubilee Australia Research Centre, a body that advocates economic justice and monitors resources projects in the Asia-Pacific region. It said that following the start of the PNG-LNG project in 2014, Papua New Guinea’s economy was predicted to double. Jubilee says in fact it has only increased by 10%. Household incomes were predicted to rise by 84%, but instead have fallen by 6%.


Employment was predicted to rise 42%, but it is down 27%. Government expenditure was expected to increase by 85%, but it is down 32%. Imports were predicted to rise 58%, but are down 73%. The one area where outcomes were underestimated was a predicted 106% increase in exports. The reality is an increase of 114%. Economist Paul Flanagan, one of the report authors, said the amount of revenue PNG-LNG was expected to generate for the Papua New Guinea government has also failed to appear. We expected about 1.4 billion kina/year, about $570 million (Aus.), but the actual numbers coming in are less than 500 million kina/year, or $203 million (Aus.) and most of that is generated from tax payments from employees of the project. (Oil and Gas Journal)


The 26th president of the United States (1901–09) and a writer, naturalist, and soldier.


Octane magazine issue 1 may 2018  

Majalah SPE ITS Student Chapter - Edisi Mei 2018

Octane magazine issue 1 may 2018  

Majalah SPE ITS Student Chapter - Edisi Mei 2018