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INSIDE — Mississippi bills provide tax credits for job shifts, HQ relocation

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Allison Anderson’s post-Katrina work, such as this mixed-use facility/loft apartments on Main Street in Bay St. Louis (above), has catapulted her onto the national stage and played a large part in her induction into the American Institute of Architects’ College of Fellows.

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TAXES {P 4} » Mississippi Supreme Court casino ruling opens door to spreading tax credits to affiliates

» Mississippi’s Better Business Bureau raising its profile at halfcentury mark By TED CARTER I STAFF WRITER

‘Honesty Pays’ Stevens and Ward’s ad campaign gets attention PAGE 2

MBJ Focus {P 10}

The new Stevens & Ward ad campaign “Honesty Pays” has created a buzz with its TV spots spoofing personal injury trial lawyer commercials.

» Insurance & Employee Benefits List {P 13-14} » Employee Benefits Consultants

A long-ago conversation on a golf course led to next month’s 50th anniversary of the Better Business Bureau of Mississippi. Dr. Heber C. Etheridge, a retired plastic surgeon, no longer recalls the specifics of the late banking lawyer Wayne L. Nix’s lament over a business victimizing a customer. He does, however, recall the result of that conversation with Nix: A pledge to start a Better Business Bureau in Jackson. “Wayne did all the legal work and the things required to get it started,” Etheridge said of his friend and longtime attorney for First National Bank (now Trustmark Bank). With the idea of bringing increased accountability to the Jackson area’s business community, Nix incorporated the Better Business Bureau of Central Mississippi on April 14, 1964, according to Dun & Bradstreet. He hired William H. Baker as the first director, a man Etheridge remembers as a strong office See BBB, Page 4

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2 I Mississippi Business Journal I March 14 2014 LEGAL

Stevens and Ward’s ad campaign gets attention Photo courtesy of Mad Genius

Stevens & Ward attorneys Lance Stevens (left) and Rod Ward III (right) have been thrilled with the response to their “Honesty Pays” TV commercials, and are planning on crafting more spots with the advertising firm Mad Genius.


When Lance Stevens and Rod Ward III, attorneys with the Jackson law firm Stevens & Ward, sat down with the staff of the Ridgeland-based advertising agency Mad Genius to develop a new ad campaign, the partners knew they wanted something different — something that set Stevens & Ward’s ads apart from those of other personal injury law firms. However, the attorneys were floored when Mad Genius pitched its idea — an ad campaign using TV lawyers to spoof TV lawyers. “I heard it and immediately thought, ‘That is just brilliant,’” said Stevens. Rick Moore, CEO of Mad Genius, said when his team met with Stevens and Ward, the attorneys provided a laundry list of what they wanted and didn’t want their commercials to purvey. “Here is a firm that has been around for more than 20 years, and they have avoided TV advertising because they didn’t want to do the type of commer- Moore cials that is common among personal injury law firms,” Moore said. Some of the items on the firm’s list was stressing that Stevens & Ward wasn’t a settlement law firm — that it would fight for its clients in court and would not make promises it couldn’t keep. “Their competitors’ ads made litigation look like some kind of fun game show, and they didn’t want that,” Moore said. The TV ads for the new campaign, built around the theme “Honesty Pays” (, have definitely gotten attention. One 30-second ad starts like many other personal injury law firm ads. A woman, who apparently is standing on a busy street corner, says she was in an accident and called Stevens & Ward, which got her award “fast and easy.” With that, she throws two handfuls of money into the air and lets it rain down on her. Suddenly, the camera angle changes to reveal that the woman is actually standing in front of a blue screen in a studio with both Stevens and Ward on the set. Ward says, “We don’t even know this lady.” “And this money isn’t even real,” Stevens adds. The two lawyers go on to say while they have helped thousands of clients over the years, they are just not going to “fake it for a commercial.” “Because we don’t make false promises. Your case is unique and we treat it that way,” Ward says, before adding “honesty pays.”

In another spot tiled “Not Our Office,” the attorneys appear to be speaking from a law office, but then Ward says, “This isn’t even our office.” They step forward to reveal the “office” is only a set, which the crew behind them starts to disassemble. “If you want a fast, wimpy settlement check, any lawyer can do that,” Stevens says, before adding, “because honesty pays.” Stevens is adamant that the campaign is not looking to insult or embarrass the firm’s local competitors. Rather, they are attempting to show Stevens & Ward is a different personal injury firm. “Do I have 100 opened files right now? Probably,” Stevens said. “Do I have 500 or 1,000 open files? No. We are just trying to say that we don’t run people through here like they are cattle.” The attorneys have gotten an immediate response from the ads. In addition to comments on the street, Stevens said he has been in court when an opposing lawyer has winked at him and said “honesty pays.” Stevens did admit to one problem the two ads created. He and Ward received comments on how funny the ads are, but too often people would then ask them what Stevens & Ward does. “We realized we were maybe yucking it up too much,” Stevens said. “I thought the ads made it clear that we are personal injury lawyers, but we obviously needed to do a better job seriously stating who we are and what we do.” To that end, a third, more information-driven commercial was shot with Stevens and Ward standing in a courtroom and stressing their trial experience. Still, the firm has plans for more spoofing ads in the future, Stevens said. “The ads have done everything we were hoping for,” he added. “It has been a lot of fun.” For more on the law firm of Stevens & Ward and its new campaign, visit

“We are just trying to say that we don’t run people through here like they are cattle.” Lance Stevens


TROUBLED SANDERSON PLUMBING PRODUCTS FOR SALE 2 YEARS AFTER STATE-ASSISTED SALE By TED CARTER I STAFF WRITER Toilet seat maker Sanderson Plumbing Products of Columbus, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last fall, is looking for a buyer of either the company or its assets. The search for a new owner comes just two years after Beneke Magnolia Inc. bought Sanderson with a state loan and other incentives awarded by economic development officials. In a March 2012 press statement on the acquisition, the Mississippi Development Authority said Beneke Magnolia’s takeover of the 128-yearold company would save 400 jobs in the Columbus area. The announcement said Sanderson Plumbing Products wants a buyer for both the Columbus and Butler, Ala., plumbing products plants. The owners have hired Heritage Equity Partners of Easton, Md., to seek the sale of its business or assets. Sanderson Plumbing Products filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in federal court last October, according to the Columbus Commercial Dispatch. Court documents state that the company owes more than $2.8 million in unsecured claims to creditors, the newspaper reported. Sanderson makes toilet seats for home, commercial and airlines. Sanderson Plumbing Products was founded in Chicago as FindeisenKropf in 1883. Henry Beneke Sr. bought the business in 1923, and changed the company name to Beneke. In 1954, Beneke developed a process for molding wood seats out of sawdust by combining the once discarded wood waste with resin under intense heat and pressure. The product was trademarked as “Tuffy.” At the same time, the company entered plastic manufacturing. Today, manufacturers, including Sanderson, still produce “woodflour,” plastic and vinyl bathroom seats, and Sanderson still sells the Tuffy brand into the plumbing wholesale market under the Beneke logo, and also into the retail market under the Magnolia line. Housed primarily in their 360,000-square-foot building on 30 acres in Columbus. Sanderson Plumbing Products employs more than 250 employees. The main woodflour line can produce 12,000 toilet seats in an 8 hour day, and the injection molding equipment can produce 6,000 seats in a 24 hour day. A second company-owned woodflour production facility is located in Butler, Ala., is in a 25,000 square-foot building. In addition to all the machinery and equipment, Sanderson also has a variety of U.S.-based and internationally-based design and utility patents on plumbing implements, connectors and brackets. Fred Cross, a managing director at Heritage Equity Partners called the company “an excellent opportunity to acquire an established manufacturing company with a deep history” and a substantial manufacturing capacity. “They have a strong, cost efficient work force in place,” Cross said. “This is a significant opportunity to not only expand the company’s current market share, but also utilize their excess injection molding and woodflour molding equipment to make new products in any number of different industries while broadening the company’s current distribution channels.” The assistance for Beneke Magnolia’s 2012 purchase of Sanderson came through a loan from the Existing Industry Loan Program, along with assistance through the Momentum Mississippi incentives program. The Columbus-Lowndes Development Link also assisted with the business retention. Jim Barksdale, interim executive director of MDA at the time of the 2012 sale of Sanderson, said he was “delighted Beneke Magnolia, a locally-owned company, has purchased SPPI to ensure its doors will stay open in Columbus and its 400 employees will continue to have jobs.” The MDA said Monday that Sanderson still owes about $2.225 million on the existing loan of $2.5 million, with collateral on a first lien on the building, and a second lien on the equipment owned by the company.

March 14 2014


Mississippi Business Journal



Elite designer » Anderson selected as AIA fellow BY WALLY NORTHWAY I STAFF WRITER

As owner of Bay St. Louis-based unabridged Architecture, Allison Hoadley Anderson, FAIA, LEED-AP, was already in an elite group as only about 5 percent of architectural firms nationwide are led by a female. But Anderson now finds herself in even more select company after being recently inducted into the American Institute of Architects’ College of Fellows, the highest honor awarded by the AIA to its members. Of the more than 80,000 AIA members, only approximately 3,000 hold the fellows designation. “It is the pinnacle. It says I have made a contribution to my profession on a national level,” said Anderson. “That’s why it is so special to me.” It has been an interesting journey for Anderson, a native of Honolulu, Hawaii, who did not originally choose design as a career. Instead, she left home to study film at the University of Southern California, but found her studies unrewarding. Anderson said the one aspect of filmmaking that did appeal to her was the melding of technical and creative skills. “That’s when I looked at architecture,” Anderson remembered. “I heard it was demanding — very hard — and that was all I needed to hear. But I didn’t have a clue when I started.” Still, Anderson excelled. After earning her bachelor of architecture degree from USC, she went on to the University of Texas, where she was a President’s Fellow and obtained a master of architecture degree. Anderson began her career in the classroom, teaching architecture at the University of Texas, LSU and Tulane University. By that time, Anderson and her husband, John Anderson, AIA, LEED-AP, who practices with her at unabridged Architecture, was living in

Waveland. Anderson would earn her architecture license in 1991, and opened unabridged Architecture in 1995. Anderson’s career and her firm took an unexpected turn in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina devastated the Coast, leaving the Waveland-Bay St. Louis area in rubble. She and John had moved into a new, storm-resistant home they built themselves and completed just five weeks before the hurricane hit. Their house received more than seven feet of water, but was one of the few left standing in the storm’s aftermath. Anderson said having a home allowed unabridged Architecture to get back to work while at the same time served as something of a billboard. “People said, ‘Look, the architects’ home is still standing. I wonder why,’” Anderson said. A pioneer in the field of sustainable design (she was the first architect in Mississippi to be named a LEED-accredited professional in 2002, and she chairs the U.S. Green Building Council/Mississippi Advocacy Committee), Anderson said she and her firm put a greater focus on resilience after Katrina. “It was a really tough wake-up call,” she said. “We questioned whether we doing the right thing — if we should look more at resiliency.” Anderson offered her firm’s services to the mayor of Waveland in an effort to rebuild the Coleman Avenue area of Waveland. The work would include restoration of the Old Waveland School as well as the Waveland Business Center. Those disaster recovery efforts cast unabridged Architecture and Anderson onto the national stage. unabridged Architecture, which employs six workers and primarily focuses on civic and institutional projects, is a member of a team, selected from hundreds of applicants, for the Department of Housing and Urban DevelopSee


Photo courtesy of Allison Anderson for the MBJ

Allison Anderson’s post-Katrina work, such as this mixed-use facility/loft apartments on Main Street in Bay St. Louis (above), has catapulted her onto the national stage and played a large part in her induction into the American Institute of Architects’ College of Fellows.

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4 I Mississippi Business Journal I March 14 2014 TAXES

Mississippi Supreme Court casino ruling opens door to spreading tax credits to affiliates MISSISSIPPI DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE TAX REVENUES FROM GAMING – MISCELLANEOUS TAX DIVISION December 20, 2013 •


Look for gaming operators and other corporate entities in Mississippi to file amended income tax returns based on a February state Supreme Court ruling that Isle of Capri Casinos can spread its tax credits among affiliate operations. The court ruled against the state Department of Revenue in its appeal of a 2012 Harrison County Chancery Court decision in favor of Isle of Capri Casinos Inc., a St. Louis-based gaming company with casino and hotel operations in Natchez and Vicksburg. This means “you can file” tax credits across all of your entities that operate under joint and several liability, said Jon Seawright, a Baker Donelson tax group lawyer who took part in the case. Baker Donelson issued an advisory after the ruling that amended returns should be considered by Mississippi taxpayers who have previously filed a corporate income and franchise tax return that adhered to DOR instructions not to apply credits across member groups. “I'm sure there will be some amended returns” filed by corporate taxpayers that have joint and several liability arrangements with their affiliated operations,” Seawright said. He said he expects gaming companies will be especially eager to file new returns. Normally, gaming license fees casinos pay create more tax credits than the casino needs, he noted. Jones Walker gaming sector lawyers Tommy Shepherd and John Fletcher say the narrow facts of the Capri case make it “very difficult” to predict the impact the ruling will have beyond “this particular case or even this specific company.” Shepherd and Fletcher, nonetheless, advise against assuming the DOR is correct in how it interprets the use of a tax credit or tax incentive. “Given the Department of Revenue's recent trend of aggressively auditing and challenging credits and other tax incentives, all taxpayers — not just gaming entities — should take a close look at how they apply those incentives to determine of the department is attempting to impose restrictions not contained within the statutes,” the lawyers said in an email. DOR spokeswoman Kathy Waterbury said the agency has not yet determined how broadly to interpret the February ruling. “We are reviewing the effect of that decision. We have a whole lot of credits — and they all are based upon different criteria. We have got to figure out how the decision will affect each one,” she said. In the case of Isle of Capri's Mississippi operations for tax years 2007 to 2011, one subsidiary with considerable taxable income sought to offset some of that tax liability by using significant tax credits generated by four of Isle of Capri's affiliated entities. The entities had generated the credits through payment of fees for gaming licenses, Seawright said.

Noting the joint and several liability among these entities, the court ruled: “The regulations make it clear that each entity in Isle of Capri’s affiliated group is liable for the sum total of tax liability on the combined return.” Conversely, the DOR interpreted the statute that authorized the gaming license credit to apply only to the income tax generated by the use of the license. It’s interpretation led the DOR to issue a substantial assessment, which included taxes, penalties and interest.. Seawright said a 1987 Mississippi Supreme Court ruling in General Motors Corp. v. Miss. State Tax Commission carried significant sway in the court's ruling. GMC had applied its credit to affiliate GM Finance Corp. The 1987 ruling held that the tax credits of one entity can be used to offset the combined tax liability of an affiliated group of entities. In the Capri ruling, the Supreme Court concluded if DOR applied an incorrect interpretation of nearly identical statutory language in General Motors, “the same interpretation is equally incorrect now." Mississippi changed its statutes after the GMC ruling but did not include gaming operators in the new law, Seawright said. The Baker Donelson lawyer said he and others in the firm are still studying the Capri ruling but a consensus could develop that it may have significant influence in any rehearing of the muchwatched Equifax case or to new similar cases. In that summer 2013 Equifax ruling, Mississippi's Supreme Court upheld the DOR use of an alternative tax apportionment method in calculating the tax liability of Georgia-based Equifax Credit Services. The use of the market-based apportionment method rather than the statutorily authorized cost-performance standard increased the company's income tax for the tax year in question from zero to more than $700,000. In ruling for the DOR., the Supreme Court's upheld longstanding instructions to chancery courts that an assumption of correctness in interpretation of tax statutes rests with the taxing authority. An argument against that holding is a key part of the filing Equifax recently made in seeking a U.S. Supreme Court review of the Mississippi ruling. Capri, Seawright said, appears to “mitigate some of the potential impacts of the Equifax case.” In Capri, he said, the judges “talk about standards of review and what is appropriate.” Specifically, the assumption of correctness can't apply when a faulty interpretation is made, the court said. “Unquestionably,” the DOR is entitled to deference in in-


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manager who took the local BBB from its infancy into its full consumer watchdog role. “We told him to take care of whatever needs to be done. That’s the only thing we had to do with it,” said Etheridge, now 88 and living in Madison with wife Miriam. “We had our businesses to tend to,” he said of Nix and himself. Etheridge said the two of them did sign their businesses up as certified members, a move he thinks helped to bring other Jackson area businesses into the BBB ranks. The retired surgeon said he thinks the bureau got going without any cash outlays. “Apparently, Wayne got credit” initiated for the BBB, allowing it to cover its start-up costs with membership dues as time went on, he said. “It helped a lot” that Nix headed up the legal department at one of Jackson’s main banks, added Etheridge, who started his practice in 1960 and has the distinction of being the first plastic surgeon to train at University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson. The Better Business Bureau launched by Etheridge, Nix and Baker has since expanded to include all of Mississippi, with the exception of a few northern counties that are part of the Memphis BBB. New York native John O’Hara runs the Mississippi BBB, a job he took shortly before the national Better Business Bureau celebrated its centennial in 2012. A former computer company executive who came to Jackson form Atlanta, O’Hara travels the state to spread the word about the important job the BBB has taken on in today’s Internet age. O’Hara will travel down state, up state or across the state for an early-morning TV interview that lasts 30 seconds or to speak to a half dozen business people on the benefits of becoming BBB certified. At the pace he’s keeping, O’Hara said his 10-person office in Brandon won’t be seeing much of him this year. On a recent morning he traveled to Hattiesburg for a 6 a.m. television news taping, then drove to the coast to talk to a group about how to hire honest and effective tax preparers and later that day participated in a financial education panel organized by Keesler Air Force Base officials. “I got home at 2 a.m.,” he said. The goal is to raise the BBB’s profile while also spreading the word about the new dangers consumers face from cyber crooks, fraudulent contractors and others out to take advantage of consumers. “We’re an organization on the move,” he said. “I’m in the middle of a chamber tour. I’m starting to fill my calendar up.” A second priority is teaching college students and young military personnel to be financially savvier and to understand disreputable businesses see them as easy prey. He said he hopes to eventually persuade colleges and universities to let him speak at orientation sessions. His focus on the military also includes recent retirees and those soon-to-retire who want to start their own businesses. The emphasis there, he said, is on using caution in signing contracts for goods and services and other things businesses need in their start-up periods. The Better Business Bureau role is to serve as a depository of information on businesses. It assigns grades to both certified members and non-members. Grades range from A+ to F. Businesses become certified through purchase of an annual membership and undergoing a review by BBB staff. Those certified are awarded BBB certification signs to place on their premises and in their advertising and promotional materials. Fall below a B+ and your BBB certification is subject to revocation, O’Hara said in 2012 interview for the national BBB’s 100th anniversary. See


RULING, Page 9

FIFTY, Page 9

March 14 2014


Mississippi Business Journal




Mississippi bills provide tax credits for job shifts, HQ relocation » Both HB784 and HB785 have passed the House and are in Senate Finance Committee By TED CARTER I STAFF WRITER

A number of bills to sweeten Mississippi's economic development incentives have fallen by the wayside in the 2014 Legislature. A pair of tax credit measures remain in play, however. Still alive is a bill that gives tax credits of up to $1 million annually for businesses that shift jobs into the state from out of state and another that gives tax credits of up to $1 million a year to companies that relocate regional or national headquarters to Mississippi. Both HB784 and HB785 have passed the House by wide margins and await votes in the Senate Finance Committee. The bills have until March 18 to get to the full Senate for a vote. A third bill, HB778, authorizes businesses that qualify for certain tax credits to pass the credits on to employees. Like the others, it is the Senate Finance Committee. But unlike the others, HB788 had a companion Senate bill that the Finance Committee killed on Feb. 27. It most likely awaits the same fate. Designed to encourage workforce relocations into Mississippi, HB784 authorizes income tax credits for any permanent business that brings jobs to Mississippi from another state. The amount of credit based on each new job created is greatest if the county in which the increase occurs has high unemployment and low per-capita income. For instance, Tier 3 counties in Mississippi have the highest rates of joblessness and the lowest per capita yearly incomes. The legislation gives businesses relocating into Tier 3 counties income tax credits of $2,000 per new employee annually for up to five years, beginning with years two through six after creation of the job. The credit goes only to businesses in the Tier 3 counties that add at least 10 jobs. What’s more, net new employment in the tax credit years must stay above 10 workers for the five years. Businesses that add jobs from out of state in Tier 2 counties, which the state classifies as having the second highest unemployment rates in the state and second lowest per-capital annual income levels, get tax credits of $1,000 for each job added. The credit is not allowed if the business’s net workforce increase drops below 15 during the credit period. Jobs added in the more affluent Tier One counties are eligible for annual tax credits of $500 for the five years. A business would have to add 20 jobs to reach the tax credit threshold and maintain that level of new jobs for the five years of credits. HB785 also applies the county tier levels in adjusting the amount of tax credits granted for headquarter relocations. Companies that move regional or national headquarters into Tier 3 counties get a tax credit of $2,000 annually for each net new full-time worker

for five years, beginning with years two through six. The business must increase its employment in the Tier 3 county by at least 10 workers and maintain that level for five years. Businesses that relocate their HQs to Tier 2 counties receive a tax credit of $1,000 for each net new job. The business must increase its workforce by at least 15 people to get the credits and must maintain that level of workforce for the five years of

the credit. Relocations into Tier 1 counties provide eligible businesses annual tax credits of $500 for each new worker for five years. The business has to increase employment 20 workers and maintain that level for at least five years. Legislators have killed a handful of other economic development measures, including: >>>H9, which would have exempted certain small

inventory from ad valorem taxes; >>>HB290, which would have provided sales tax rebates for hotel repairs and renovations; >>>HB1233, which would have renewed sales tax rebates for retail developments such as outlet malls; >>>HB732, would have provided loan guarantees to Mississippi-based feature film production companies.

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MBJPERSPECTIVE March 14, 2014 • • Page 6


Debt Service is Big Spending


hat are the big spending categories in Mississippi’s General Fund? Well, everybody knows education is number one. Education, which includes public schools, universities, community colleges, schools for the blind and deaf, vocational education, ETV and libraries, at $2.8 billion accounted for 56.6 percent of General Fund appropriations last fiscal year. Eh, is Medicaid number two? Well, sort of. Social welfare includes Medicaid. At $737.9 million it accounted for 14.7 percent of the 2014 General Fund appropriations. Also included in this category are the Department of Rehabilitation Services and the Department of Human Services. Medicaid accounted for 78 percent of the appropriations in this category. Is Corrections third? Nope. Corrections spending at $334.6 million was fourth, totaling 6.7 percent of General Fund appropriations. The third category is Debt Service — principal and interest paid on state general obligation bonds — which at $375.4 million totaled 7.5 percent of General Fund appropriations for FY2014. These payments service over $4 billion in outstanding general obligation debt. Debt Service and outstanding bonded indebtedness don’t usually capture much public attention. For years the Legislature regularly passed multi-million dollar “Christmas Tree” bond bills for all sorts of projects. Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves changed that two years ago when he led the Senate to block the annual bond bill. Reeves said he is determined to reduce Mississippi’s dependence on debt. Data indicates his approach has begun working. From 2000 through 2011, Debt Service nearly doubled from 4.6 percent of General Fund appropriations to 8.3 percent. Since Reeves took office in 2012, the per-

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centage has dropped each year, down to 7.5 percent this past year. This progress may be in jeopardy, though. The Mississippi House appears to be adorning a new Christmas Tree. Bill Crawford Bobby Harrison of the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal reports the House has passed a variety of bond bills totaling $431 million. “We are a long way apart,” he quoted Reeves as saying. Whether the Legislature passes a bond bill this year or not, new bonds will be issued. The state’s latest comprehensive annual financial report showed there are $958 million in bonds authorized by the Legislature but not yet issued. Little detail is pro-

vided in the financial report’s notes to show how much of this balance is pending versus how much is unlikely to be issued. But in the year no bond bill was passed, Reeve’s said over $100 million in bonds were issued. If you’re interested in learning details about all these bonds, sorry. The best you’ll find is a general category list in the comprehensive annual financial report at the useful Department of Finance and Administration website: The State Treasurer’s less useful website only lists recent issuances: If you’re interested in controlling state spending, you might ask your legislator why more information on bonds is not readily available. Bill Crawford ( is a syndicated columnist from Meridian.


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March 14, 2014

MDOT welcomes Scott, Pettit

Northington, Kilroy promoted

Physicians earn certification

The Mississippi Department of Transportation recently welcomed Jason Scott as public information officer in the Public Affairs Division. Scott is a native of Raymond and received his bachelor of arts degree in communications from Mississippi State University. In addition to his six years of communications and public relations experience, he also has four years of experience with Engineering Service, a Petit private civil engineering firm based in Jackson. Scott is a member of the Southern Public Relations Federation and Public Relations Association of Mississippi. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He is a die-hard Mississippi State Bulldog and St. Louis CarScott dinals fan. The Mississippi Department of Transportation also welcomed Robert Pettit in his new role as digital media manager in the Public Affairs Division. Pettit grew up in Madison, and received his bachelor of art degrees in both Chinese and international studies, with an emphasis in East Asian studies and global business economics, from the University of Mississippi. Upon graduating with advanced proficiency in Mandarin Chinese, he represented Mississippi as a student ambassador at the USA Pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai. Afterwards, he returned to his home state and began applying the lessons he gained abroad at a local level. Pettit is a digital marketing strategist with work experience at government organizations, advertising agencies, non-profits, small businesses and corporations both in-country and abroad in a bilingual setting. He is a member of Public Relations Association of Mississippi and Southern Public Relations Federation. He is also a board member at the local American Advertising Federation Chapter (AAF Jackson).

The Mississippi Economic Council has promoted Cathy Northington and Christi Kilroy to new leadership positions. Northington has been named vice president, programs and administration. Hired a decade ago as a part-time, entry-level employee, Northington worked her way up from the ground floor at MEC. Married with three children, she is a member of the Professional Women's Association, Madison Ridgeland Rotary Club, Junior League of Jackson provisional member and a 2012 recipient of the Mississippi Business Journal Top 40 under 40. A native of Jackson, Northington studied marketing at Mississippi College. Kilroy is vice president of policy, research and member engagement. Prior to joining MEC, Kilroy served as executive director of the Vicksburg-Warren County Chamber of Commerce, beginning in July 2006. Her past experience includes owning a tax incentive consulting business in San Francisco and working for the City of New York as a public relations specialist. A native of Dover, Ohio, she graduated from Wittenberg University with a degree in economics. She currently lives in Vicksburg with her husband, Jay, daughter, Lauren, and son, Thomas.

Two Hattiesburg Clinic endocrinologists recently received endocrine certification in neck ultrasound (ECNU) by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. In order to receive this certification, Michael C. Gonzales, MD, ECNU, and J. Gregory Powell, MD, FACE, ECNU, passed a comprehensive examination and met additional competency requirements by demonstrating their ability to interpret and report complete diagnostic ultrasound examinations and perform ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration. The ENCU designation is valid for 10 years. There are currently only four physicians in the state of Mississippi who hold this certification.

TVA honors Higgins The Tennessee Valley Authority has honored Joe Max Higgins Jr., CEO of the Golden Triangle Development LINK with the inaugural Mega Developer Award. Higgins’ leadership has resulted in completion of 140 major community and economic development projects, the creation of 16,000 manufacturing jobs and more than $5.5 billion in industrial investments. He was instrumental in helping attract Yokohama Tire, and he has also worked on numerous commercial retail developments, as well as community development infrastructure improvements worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Higgins led efforts to attain the first two megasites, both in Columbus, in TVA’s certified Megasites program. Within the first year, these sites attracted two major industrial companies, Severstal and PACCAR. Higgins is nationally certified as a planner, community, and economic developer and an environmental consultant. He has received numerous other noted economic development awards, most recently the Site Selectors Guild Excellence in Economic Development award.

Miller returns to MC Mississippi College graduate Summerann Miller has returned to her alma mater to join the legal staff of the university’s Office of Advancement. A Florida native, Miller fills the new position of coordinator of foundations and legal compliance on the Clinton campus. The 28year-old Clinton resident received her bachelor’s in business administration from Mississippi College in 2007 and earned her MBA from MC in 2009. Miller is a 2011 Miller graduate of the Mississippi College School of Law in downtown Jackson. Miller worked at Greenwood-based Viking Range before joining the university’s advancement staff. Miller enjoys road trips to visit her mother, Patti Shuler. Her husband, Hunter Miller, earned his bachelor’s in business administration from Mississippi College in 2007 and a degree in Spanish from the Christian university a year later. He works in a management position with Peco Foods in Canton.

TEC appoints Jones, Baker TEC has appointed Wes Jones as field services manager at TEC in Jackson. Jones brings with him several years of experience in the technology industry. TEC has also appointed Cynthia Baker as customer relations manager at TEC in Jackson. In this role, Baker will be responsible for influencing customer loyalty and retention of customers. Baker attended University of Alabama where she received a bachelor of science in commerce and business administration. She currently resides in Jackson with her children.

Bost dies at 90 Dr. William Bost, Extension director from 1962-81 and namesake for the campus building housing MSU agricultural administration, has died at the age of 90. Bost served his country in the U.S. Navy during World War II. After graduating from Mississippi State University in 1949, he taught agriculture to war veterans at Ecru. He began his career with the Mississippi Cooperative Extension Service as assistant county agent in Calhoun County (1951-1955) and served as county agent in Tippah County from 1955 to 1958. After completing his master's degree in extension administration from Cornell University in 1959, he moved to MSU, where he served as MCES Northeast District agent and later as associate director of MCES. He became director in 1962 and served in that capacity for 19 years. He earned the education doctorate in administration of higher education from the University of Mississippi in 1970. As the MCES director, he began lobbying the state Legislature in 1972 and received funding in 1974 for the complex that was completed in 1977 and now bears the name Bost Extension Center. His directorship of the MCES led many other states to model themselves after Mississippi's organization. He was named Progressive Farmer magazine's Man of the Year in 1980. Gov. William Waller named him Outstanding Mississippian in 1980 for serving both rural and urban citizens' needs. He received two USDA Superior Service Awards and a National Association of County Agriculture Agents Distinguished Service Award. He was recognized with two state legislative decrees. He served on several boards including the Mississippi Farm Bureau and the advisory boards of National Bank of Commerce of Mississippi and, later, Merchants and Farmers Bank, and the Oktibbeha County Economic Development Authority. Bost was president of the Oktibbeha County CoOp board of directors. He was a Rotarian and a devoted member and Sunday school teacher in the First United Methodist Church of Starkville.

Holland named CEO Baker


Kevin Holland’s first job — a summer employment while in college — was in the Environmental Services Department at Singing River Hospital. Now Holland, a Pascagoula native who now resides in Ocean Springs, has been named as CEO of Singing River Health System in Jackson County. Holland grew up in Pascagoula, where he graduated from Pascagoula High School in Holland 1989, having served as class


Mississippi Business Journal



president his sophomore, junior and senior years. He holds a bachelor of arts degree in economics from Mississippi State University, plus both a master of science in health care administration and an MBA from the University of Alabama-Birmingham. In 1998, Holland came back to Jackson County to take an administrative position with Singing River Health System. Over the past 16 years, he has served in several different capacities, including that of administrator of Ocean Springs Hospital. Since 2009, he has been COO/hospital operations for the entire health system. Holland and his wife, Beth, have two sons, Jackson and Hayes.

Foundation chooses class The Gulf Coast Business Council Research Foundation has chosen 19 Gulf Coast leaders to participate in the 2013 Masters Program. The program was developed in 2007 to identify and develop emerging leaders of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Members of the class are: Sherri Bevis, South Mississippi Service Coordinator, Mississippi Secretary of State; Dannon Butts, manager 3-quality audits, Ingalls Shipbuilding; Mary Bourdin, director of finance, Mississippi State Port Authority at Gulfport; Gretchen David, owner/creative director, Gretchen David Design Studio; Patrick Guild, associate attorney, Boyce Holleman & Associates; Lori Harper, vice president, supply chain management, Ingalls Shipbuilding; Michael Heindl, vice president of administration & Finance, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College; Laurie Jugan, client services & technology Transfer, Mississippi Enterprise for Technology; Lee Klein III, CPA/supervisor, HORNE LLP; Kelly Lucas, chief scientific officer, Mississippi Department of Marine Resources; Monte Luffey, principal, Southeast Commercial; Jason Manley, division manager, Mississippi Power; Celeste Oglesby, senior counsel, Singing River Health System, Eric Powell, director, Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, University of Southern Mississippi, Gavin Shepherd, associate attorney, Rushing & Guice, PLLC; Sugar Stallings, attorney/radio host, WQFX Radio; Jennifer Sutton, partner/veterinarian, Gulf Coast Veterinary Emergency Hospital; Heath Thompson, vice president/administrator, Ocean Springs Hospital, Singing River Health System; and Alane Young, environmental project manager, Neel-Schaffer Inc.

Vickery made sales manager Porsche of Jackson has added Taylor Vickery as sales manager. Vickery is a fourth-generation “car man.” His great-grandfather, grandfather and father all work in the automotive industry. His father, Edwin Vickery, is the general manager of MercedesBenz of Jackson and Porsche of Jackson, and his grandfather still delivers cars for the dealerships. Prior to his work at Porsche of Jackson, Vickery worked in sales Vickery for Mercedes-Benz of Nashville in Tennessee. He is a graduate of the University of Mississippi.


To all individuals and businesses that accept American Express cards: Notice of a class action settlement. Si desea recibir esta notificación en español, llámenos o visite nuestra página web.

Notice of a class action settlement authorized by the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York. This notice is authorized by the Court to inform you about an agreement to settle two class action lawsuits that may affect you. The cases - In re American Express Anti-Steering Rules Antitrust Litigation (II), No. 11MD-2221 and Marcus Corp. v American Express Co. et al., 13-CV-07355 - are in the U.S. District for the Eastern District of New York. These cases allege that certain rules applicable to merchants that accept American Express cards violate antitrust laws and resulted in merchants paying excessive fees. The Court has not decided which side is right because the parties agreed to settle.

Who’s included? The settlement applies to a class comprised of all merchants that accept American Express cards at any location in the United States (including at a physical merchant location, online or via a mobile application) as of or after February 12, 2014, onward.

What are the Settlement terms? The settlement will require American Express to change its rules to allow merchants who acceptAmerican Express cards to charge customers an extra fee or “surcharge” if they pay with an American Express credit or charge card under certain conditions including that any such surcharge apply to all credit and charge card transactions. The specific rule changes and terms of the settlement are explained in detail in the court-approved, longform notice (“Notice”) and the Class Settlement Agreement, which are found at the case website ( You should review these documents carefully. Your legal rights are affected even if you do nothing. You can also obtain copies of the Notice and Class Settlement Agreement by calling the toll-free number below. You do not need to file a claim to receive the benefits of the rule changes provided for by the settlement. If you want to seek monetary damages related to American Express’s existing merchant rules, you can pursue those claims consistent with the dispute resolution provisions contained in your card acceptance agreement. No money will be distributed to the class.

Your options. You may object to the settlement by June 6, 2014. The Notice available at the case website explains how to object. Regardless of whether you object, if the settlement is finally approved, you will be bound by the Court’s final judgment and the releases explained in the Class Settlement Agreement, which is available at the case website.

Court hearing about the Settlement. The Court will hold a hearing on September 17, 2014 to consider whether to approve the settlement and the request by the attorneys for the class for attorneys’ fees, expenses, and service awards up to a maximum total of $75 million. You do not need to appear at the hearing or hire your own attorney. But you can if you want to, at your own cost. The Court has appointed Friedman Law Group, LLP, Reinhardt, Wendorf & Blanchfield, and Patton Boggs LLP to represent the class.

Questions? For more information about the settlement you should visit the website ( or call 1-866-686-8694. 1-866-686-8694

8 I MBJ I March 14, 2014


CABA chooses Manuel J. William Manuel, a partner in law firm of Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, LLP, has been named a director of the Capital Area Bar Association (CABA). He will serve a two-year term beginning July 2014. Manuel will serve as a director for Post 3 of CABA, which provides members with benefits, including CLE programs, membership luncheons and other events, and pro bono opportunities through the Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers Project. Manuel earned his J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law and has a B.A. (magna cum laude) from Mississippi State University.

Golden, Bland made VPs Dr. Kathie Stromile Golden was recently appointed as the associate vice president of academic affairs at Mississippi Valley State University. A seasoned higher education professional, Golden possesses expertise in human resource management, academic programming, fiscal affairs, strategic planning and policy development. Most recently, she has served as a proBland fessor of political science and director of international programs at MVSU. Previously, she was the director of the Delta Research and Cultural Institute. She served as partnership coordinator and budget manager for The International Development Partnerships Activity at the United Negro College Fund Special Programs Corporation from 1998-2001 and held administra- Golden tive positions at Morris Brown College, Morgan State University and Southern University. Golden has also been on the faculty of political science at Clark Atlanta University, University of Colorado, Texas Tech University, Arkansas State University and University of Kentucky. Golden earned a bachelor of arts in political science and master of arts in social science from Southern University and Ph.D. in political science from the University of Kentucky. From 1988-1990, she was a chancellor's post-graduate fellow at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and a scholar in residence-New York University. She received Fulbright Study Abroad and lecturer/research awards, National Endowment for the Humanities and Lily Foundation grants for curriculum development, as well as grants for study and research in China, Russia, Poland, and Hungary. She has received numerous leadership and service awards and honors. Golden has directed USAID sponsored higher education partnership programs in Liberia, Mauritania, Azerbaijan and Iraq. She is a past president of the National Conference of Black Political Scientists and currently serves as executive director and director of the Graduate Assistantship Program, and holds numerous positions in other professional associations. Also, Dr. Constance Bland has been appointed vice president of academic affairs. A native of Friars Point, she brings over 30 years of experience in higher education to her new role. Bland began her career as an instructor of mathematics and computer science at Coahoma Junior College. In 1991, she began her tenure at MVSU, and she was appointed

as chair of the Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences Department in 1999. Bland holds an associate's degree in mathematics from Coahoma Junior College. She received a bachelor of arts in mathematics, bachelor of science in computer science, master's degree in computer science and doctoral degree in computer engineering from the University of Mississippi. An accomplished researcher, Bland has authored and co-authored several publications, including: Using Alice to Decrease Attrition in CS1, Road Map for Teaching Introductory Programming Using LEGO Mindstorms Robots, Java Resources for Computer Science Instruction and Distance Education: What is appropriate, What is not and Agents, Profiles, Learning Styles and Tutors. She is married to Edgar Bland Jr. The couple has two daughters, Amanda and Hillary, and one grandson, Taylan.

McMullan returns to UMMC Dr. Michael R. McMullan has returned to the University of Mississippi Medical Center to direct a program offering specialized care to adults with hereditary heart disease. McMullan, a Decatur native and alumnus of the University of Southern Mississippi and the UMMC School of Medicine, rejoins the Medical Center after a seven-year absence in order to lead the state’s only adult congenital heart program. McMullan comes to UMMC from the Jackson Heart Clinic, P.A., where he had been a partner since 2007. After originally joining UMMC in 1998 as an assistant professor of medicine, he started the Adult Congenital and Valvular Heart Disease Clinic. Over the years, he served as clinical chief of cardiology, director of the Cardiology Fellowship Training Program and, finally, as clinical chief of the Division of Cardiology, 2005-2007. For three years, he served as governor of Mississippi for the American College of Cardiology. McMullan belongs to multiple professional organizations and has earned various teaching honors, including Department of Medicine Teacher of the Year and UMMC Clinical Professor of the Year; he was also selected to UMMC’s Norman C. Nelson Order of Teaching Excellence and the Blake Academy for Excellence in Teaching.

Wiggins made permanent director University of Southern Mississippi associate professor Jeffrey Wiggins has been named the new director of the School of Polymers and High Performance Materials. For the past year Wiggins has served as the school’s interim director, filling a void left by longtime director Dr. Robert Lochhead, who relinquished the title to spend more time in the classroom and laboratory. Wiggins’ research and teaching efforts have produced impressive include developing a high-performance football helmet cushioning system implemented by Rawlings Sporting Goods; working closely with colleagues to create a partnership between the university and GE Aviation, which opened a new production plant in Ellisville last spring; establishing an advanced next-generation aerospace materials development infrastructure at Southern Miss; and graduating five doctoral candidates from his personal mentorship.

For announcements in Newsmakers; Contact: Wally Northway (601) 364-1016 •

March 14 2014


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terpreting tax law, the court said, but emphasized that deference does not apply when a statute is interpreted incorrectly. Assessing that language, Seawright said it could be an opening for taxpayers to go to Chancery Court and actually attain a “fresh review.� Isle of Capri Casinos' St. Louis headquarters did not respond to a request for comment on the Mississippi Supreme Court's upholding of its use of tax credits. The gaming company, however, said in a press statement earlier this month its third quarter 2014 income (ending Jan. 26) was “impacted by the reversal of a $2-million litigation accrual due to a recent favorable court ruling.� It was not clear in the Capri statement that the ruling was the reversal of the DOR assessment. In the Q3 report, Capri reported Mississippi net revenues decreased from $25.9 million to $22.9 million.



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ment’s Rebuild by Design competition in response to Superstorm Sandy. It is also currently working in Houston, Texas, designing hurricane-resistant housing there. unabridged Architecture has been recognized for excellence in the design of community shelters, commercial and mixed-use structures, historic preservation and civic buildings. Those efforts catapulted Anderson. She is the only architect from Mississippi to be

named a fellow this year — one of only 139 designers selected nationwide. The last Mississippi architect to make the College of Fellows is also a woman (Belinda Stewart of Belinda Stewart Architects, P.A., inducted last year). Anderson said she feels that she feels obligated to be a role model to young, female designers. “Women make up about 50 percent of architecture classes, but only about 20 percent of the licensed architects are women,� Anderson said. “Somewhere, there is a disconnect. There are more things women can do to be mentors.� Anderson said her induction into the Col-


Mississippi Business Journal


!     "  #   


lege of Fellows would not mean change at the firm. She said the goal is not to grow unabridged Architecture bigger, but rather to continue to offer meaningful services and sustainable, resilient designs. Anderson will be honored at an investiture ceremony at the 2014 National AIA Convention and Design Exposition in Chicago. For more on Anderson and unabridged Architecture, visit

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Grading of members and non-members is essentially based on 16 factors, including company history, type of business, time in business, licensing and government actions known to the BBB, the honoring of commitments to the BBB and advertising issues. A non-member business typically ends up with a BBB rating after a complaint is lodged against it. Those that respond to complaints go through an assessment process. Those that don’t respond get a failing grade by default, according to O’Hara. “We monitor businesses whether they are accredited or unaccredited,â€? he said. Standards used to establish BBB ratings are uniform across the country. Ratings are shared by each BBB ofďŹ ce, O’Hara said. “Instead of people having to make ďŹ ve to 10 phone calls to ďŹ nd the right BBB, you call me in Mississippi about a company and I’m reading you that report.â€? Jim Finley, owner of “The Growth Coachâ€? in Jackson, is in his second year as chair of the BBB’s 16-member board made up of representatives from across the state. At 50, the Better Business Bureau of Mississippi is becoming newly invigorated, Finley said. “It should be the go-to resource for anyone in business or anyone wanting to make purchases. It is a way to ensure you are getting the best beneďŹ t for the dollar spent.â€? The strategy for this year is for O’Hara and his staff to make more Mississippians aware of what the BBB can do for them. Next year could lead to establishing an increased physical presence around the state, especially on the coast, Finley said. The BBB already has a full-time representative in Hattiesburg, according to O’Hara. Plans are to celebrate the 50th anniversary with events later in the year, perhaps in late summer or fall, Finley and O’Hara say. Meanwhile, for O’Hara it’s “Have Message Will Travel.â€? “I’m just that crazy New Yorker who travels all over the state,â€? O’Hara said. “You see the effort at the ofďŹ ce pick up when they think, ‘If he’s willing to do that, we are willing to do that.’â€?


  "   ! "   




LUBA partnering with policy holders for workers' safety By LYNN LOFTON I CONTRIBUTOR

Even in the best workplaces accidents can happen. That's why employers have workers' compensation coverage. LUBA Workers' Comp not only provides that coverage but also partners with employers to promote workplace safety. Formed in Louisiana in 1991, LUBA began writing policies in Mississippi and Arkansas in 2009. That expansion transformed the

company into a regional workers' comp insurer, and it's now a recognized leader in the Gulf South workers' comp industry. “We've been extremely pleased with our experience in Mississippi and the relationships we have built here,” said, Trent Bondy, assistant vice president of sales and leader of LUBA's efforts in Mississippi. “We pride ourselves on delivering genuine dependability. Our experience has been that our policy holders and the independent insurance agents in Mississippi place a

Special to the MBJ

Pictured in front of the LUBA building is Trent Bondy, assistant vice president of sales, who leads LUBA’s efforts in Mississippi.

high value on honesty and traditional values. We'd like to think this matches well with the way we do business.” He feels that developing relationships with knowledgeable and professional independent insurance agents has led to success in connecting with employers in Mississippi. “Over the years, it has been our experience that independent insurance agents are an invaluable resource in understanding our policy holders and in delivering the service their clients expect and deserve,” he said. LUBA uses a proactive approach to assist policy holders in preventing work-re-

lated claims. “By protecting workers from injury, we fulfill our obligation to keep workers safe,” Bondy said. “The beneficial byproduct is that our policy holders are able to maximize their productivity and compete effectively.” One such policy holder who asked LUBA's Loss Control team to help with improving safety and reducing injury claims is Mitchell Distributing Company and Mitchell Signs of Meridian, a liquor and specialty drink delivery and distribution service. LUBA examined the comSee

SAFETY, Page 11

Uncharted Territory For business owners the new


are an uncharted course.

Aberdeen 662-369-8681 Amory 662-256-1100 Columbus 662-328-0492 West Point 662-494-4781 Starkville 662-323-3332

The experienced professionals at GallowayChandler-McKinney Insurance can assist you in steering your business forward. Let us consult with you and your team of legal and financial advisors to develop a plan that will navigate this murky and evolving environment. Please feel free to contact us at any of our locations. We’re here to serve you.


March 14, 2014


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“When a business owner experiences a job-related injury, they expect prompt medical treatment and personal attention for their injured employees� Kelli Bondy Troutman LUBA’s director of communications and community relations


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pany's operations, then developed measures to complement existing safety programs there. Mitchell was able to enact several new industry safety trends and develop a training program through a partnership with Meridian Community College's Workforce Development Center. Josh Smith with Insurance & Risk Managers incorporates employee safety into his regular meetings with the Mitchell family and their management staff. “Mitchell Distributors is a great example of an employer who shares LUBA's dedication to safety programs that protect businesses and, most importantly, employees,� Smith said. Another service provided for policy holders is LUBA Care, a system that helps employers and workers easily locate medical providers who can render the best care needed following an injury on the job. “When a business owner experiences a job-related injury, they expect prompt medical treatment and personal attention for their injured employees,� said Kelli Bondy Troutman, LUBA's director of communications and community relations. “Employers and workers tell us that where LUBA excels is in our attention to detail when it comes to helping select the right medical providers and staying close to the worker until he or she is able to return to productive employment.� LUBA began in 1991 to fulfill a need in Louisiana where workers' comp premiums were rising and insurance companies were exiting the state. “As a result, employers had few choices for coverage and in many cases weren't able to obtain it,� Troutman said. “There was a serious need for reliable, competitively priced insurance companies to restore order to the market.� The company began with a handful of employees and generated less than $1 million in its first year of operations. Today LUBA has more than 100 employees and generates $80 million in annual premiums with $215 million in assets in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas. “We have always employed a strategy that would ensure steady and measured growth and are committed to staying that course,� Troutman said.

                         ! "   #   # $#          %         &  '   $   $$         (  !!)**)++!! #

12 I Mississippi Business Journal I March 14, 2014



Obese employees a great risk for workers’ compensation claims than older workers By BECKY GILLETTE I CONTRIBUTOR

With the average age of American workers increasing, there have been concerns that more older workers could result in higher workers’ compensation claims. But the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) has found that is not true. Liles Williams, chairman, Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission, attends the NCCI annual meeting almost every year. “A couple years ago, NCCI was saying the aging workforce was driving the cost up for workers’ compensation because A, there are more elderly workers, B, they were more inclined to get injured, and C, when they get injured, it costs more to get them treated, and get them back to work,” Williams said. “NCCI has now

reached the surprising conclusion that the aging workforce doesn’t drive up workers’ compensation costs. Recent research has reversed their opinion of what us older folks cost.” Williams said that is Williams important because Mississippi does have more 65-plus age workers today than in the past. “Companies should have no fear of hiring older workers,” Williams said. “I guess us old heads still have something to contribute.” The government predicts that between 2010 and 2020, the number of workers age 55 and older will rise to 25 million. “Contrary to popular belief, this trend will not have a negative effect on the workers’ compensation industry,” NCCI said.

Office Space for Rent in downtown Jackson Approximately 1800 sq. ft., includes 2 private offices

Amenities available: š I^Wh[Z a_jY^[d š I^Wh[Z ijehW][ š I[c_#fh_lWj[ e\ÓY[ ifWY[ FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CONTACT:

Alan Turner,

601-364-1021 Tami Jones,


“For the workers’ compensation industry as a whole, the aging workforce does not pose a significant challenge. In fact, the authors found little difference in injury and illness rates between younger and older workers and are thus recommending that companies shift the focus to helping younger employees stay healthy — because if there is little difference in their health status today, just imagine what condition these younger workers may be in 30 years from now.” Williams, who has been at the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission for nine years, said there is concern about higher rates of obesity and related illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. They see a lot of workers’ compensation claims by people who have a comorbidity diagnosis, meaning the injured worker has an underlying health condition that affects healing from the injury. “We don’t track obesity as such, but I can’t tell you how often I see claims where a doctor has recommended a person lose 100 pounds or 150 pounds,” Williams said. “He has had a knee injury, and the knee doesn’t get well. He weighs 350 pounds and doesn’t understand why the knee doesn’t get well. I get frustrated with employers for hiring people who are obese. The facts are clear that obesity is major health problem that can lead to diabetes, heart attacks, and high blood pressure. If you are interviewing someone who is obese, the best thing is to not hire them.” Williams said there is no doubt that obesity is a major problem. While some progress is being made with people becoming more health conscious and eating better, he doesn’t see as much improvement as he would. A NCCI study showed the share of workers’ compensation claims with a comorbidity diagnosis nearly tripled from accident year 2000 to 2009. That is very significant considering that claims accompanied with a comorbidity diagnosis costs twice as much as otherwise comparable claims. NCCI recommends employers understand and minimize the impacts of comorbidities in order to keep claims costs

under control. The trend over the years in Mississippi is that the number of reported work-related injuries continues to decline. There were 10,772 reported work-related injuries in 2013 compared to 11,246 in 2012. Williams said while that is not a dramatic difference, the 2013 rate was nearly half that of the 20,557 reported accidents in 1994. “On balance, we are doing pretty well and the employers are doing pretty well, as evidenced by reduced claims,” he said. Williams said no single thing accounts for the decrease, but rather a combination of factors. He believes employers are doing a better job of providing a safe workplace, and are improving safety training for employees. Second, jobs in the manufacturing industry have declined substantially over the years as many factory jobs have gone to Mexico or China. There are also fewer construction workers than a few years ago, and that is a more risky industry. “So, Mississippi has become more of a service economy with more wholesalers, retailers, government workers and that type of job instead of as many people driving nails, climbing ladders and working on assembly lines,” Williams said. “The types of jobs we have today are less prone to injury than back in the 80s and 90s.” However, the other side of the coin is that although there are a lot fewer injuries than 20 years ago, medical and indemnity costs (paying for lost time) continue to stay the same. An injured worker can draw two thirds of his or her maximum weekly wage while recovering. In 2012, the total cost of claims paid was $336 million, and it is expected to be close to that level for 2013. Williams said medical costs for doctors, hospitals and surgeries continue to escalate. “In particular, drug costs for pain medication and that sort of thing have just gone out of sight,” Williams said.


March 14, 2014


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14 I Mississippi Business Journal I March 14, 2014



ARE YOU HEALTH CARE REFORM READY? “FCCI’s culture stands out. We are a big company, but we don’t act like one. When I go out and visit policyholders with agents and our loss control consultants, our goal is to get to know and really help the agents and policyholders we work with.� Trey Stone, CIC Senior Marketing Underwriter Gulf Coast Region Birmingham, Alabama Now, let’s talk about your business. General liability t Auto t Property t Crime Workers’ compensation t Umbrella Inland marine t Agribusiness t Surety              

Our health care reform tools were developed to help you prepare now for the changes ahead. Using your data and our proprietary financial models, we provide you with a thorough examination of the impact of health reform on your business and recommend next steps for creating or modifying your health plan strategy. Contact us today to learn more about our health care reform ref tools.

EMPLOYEE BENEFITS I COMPLIANCE I LABOR MANAGEMENT Bay St. Louis 228-467-9330 Biloxi 228-374-2000 Gulfport 228-863-5362 Hattiesburg 601-544-7300 Jackson 601-366-3436 Moss Point 228-475-3861 Pascagoula 228-696-8634 Tupelo 662-678-8340 #BODPSQ4PVUI *OTVSBODF 4FSWJDFT *OD JT B XIPMMZ PXOFE TVCTJEJBSZ PG #BODPSQ4PVUI #BOL *OTVSBODF QSPEVDUT BSF t /PU B EFQPTJU t /PU '%*$ JOTVSFE t /PU JOTVSFE CZ BOZ GFEFSBM HPWFSONFOU BHFODZ t /PU HVBSBOUFFE CZ UIF CBOL t .BZ HP EPXO JO WBMVF 4FSWJDFT provided by BancorpSouth Insurance Services, Inc. are supplemental to the insurance carrier and your legal counsel.

INCORPORATIONS January 2014 Incorporations This is the January 2014 list of the state’s newly incorporated businesses from the Secretary of State’s Office. Listed are towns from Abbeville to Yazoo City. Listings include business name, type, date formed and location. Addresses reflect legal entity for service of process, not necessarily the new business entities’ operating address.

Abbeville Easley Farming Solutions Inc BUS 1/29/14 5 Graham Road

Ackerman DJ D South Limited Liability Company

1/9/14 1/9/14


8222 McGee Thompson Road

DSP Media Limited Liability Company


8222 McGee Thompson Road

Amory Bo Reed Golf, LLC LLC 1/2/14 60007 Birchwood Lane Davis Construction LLC LLC 1/13/14 60026 Hatley-Detroit Rd Discount Building Materials and Home Center, LLC LLC 1/27/14 60026 Pine Ridge Cove Fugett Health Services LLC LLC 1/22/14 60387 Cotton Gin Port Rd. Suite C Rimmer Trucking LLC LLC 1/13/14 52172 Highway 25 South Spencer Landscapes and Designs LLC


1/10/14 1309 Highland Circle Waterway Enterprises LLC LLC 1/15/14 60001 Courtney Ln

Anguilla Chapel of the Cross Worship CenterNP 1/14/14 39 Gay Circle

Baldwyn B & S Bar and Grill Inc BUS 1/30/14 236 County Road 2538 K Roberts Photography LLC LLC 1/24/14 120 W Main Lunceford Properties LLC LLC 1/24/14 120 West Main St Makarios Holdings LLC LLC 1/30/14 1206 Quailridge Drive Old South Trading LLC LLC 1/16/14 153 Old Trace Dr

Bassfield Broome Construction Services LLC LLC 1/9/14 2598 Gates Road

Batesville Grace Fellowship Christian Church, Inc.


1/21/14 300 Patton Lane Lonely Dog Farms, LLC LLC 1/13/14 335 Shamrock Drive Apt 9g MidSouth Crop Insurance, Inc. BUS 1/22/14 189 Jeff Sanders Rd Mississippi Association of Adult Day Services NP 1/13/14 569 Hwy 6 West Panola Trucking, LLC LLC 1/6/14 347 Henderson Rd Strickland Construction LLC LLC 1/27/14 204 Baker Street The Mississippi Chapter, FBI National Academy Associates NP 1/23/14 207 Bates St

Bay Springs Equity Holdings LLC LLC 1/24/14 11 Summerland Road

Bay St. Louis A Vacation Cottage LLC LLC 1/27/14 610 Nicholson Avenue ( Waveland) Ana’s Cristal, LLC LLC 1/14/14 308 Hiway 90 Coastal Investments and Sales, LLCLLC 1/27/14 11126 Tahiti Street FE Design Works, LLC LLC 1/17/14 122 Melody Lane Green Bucket Entertainment, LLC LLC 1/17/14 9005 Iris St Palm House Cottage LLC LLC 1/24/14 217 Union Street

Pure Fun Properties LLC LLC 1/31/14 133 Elaine Drive Ralph Holiman Attorney PLLC PLLC 1/22/14 533 Demontluzin St (39520) Roe Inc BUS 1/17/14 209 Ulman Ave Seafood Etc, LLC LLC 1/9/14 125 Melody Ln SOMO Properties, LLC LLC 1/17/14 4260 N. Nassau St Southern Graphics LLC LLC 1/9/14 814 North Beach Blvd. Wolf River Outdoor Club NP 1/23/14 544 Main Street

Beaumont Pretty N Pink 1/15/14

NP 378 Little Creek Rd

Belden Mighty Waters Ministries NP 1/17/14 1674 Ranchland Rd Photography by Kristeen, LLC LLC 1/21/14 2534 Smokehouse Cir Rebel Trucking LLC LLC 1/13/14 3514 Walsh Road

Bentonia Toehead, L.P. 1/16/14

LP 115 Prichard Avenue

Biloxi 1213 Jewelry, LLC LLC 1/14/14 15807 Lemoyne Blvd., Unit 305C 3D Laser Technologies, LLC LLC 1/30/14 2046 Beach Blvd #D105 Argentum Risk Solutions, LLC LLC 1/16/14 2355 Pass Road C. Hodges & Associates, PLLC PLLC 1/13/14 925 Tommy Munro Drive Suite G Coastal E-Liquid Laboratories (C.E.L.L.), LLC LLC 1/22/14 3073 Big Ridge Road Coastwood Group LLC LLC 1/17/14 1543 Miller St Crystal Armstead DBA OTH 1/7/14 8201 El Dorado Apt. A Cvitanovich Family, LLC LLC 1/21/14 131 Rue Magnolia ((39530) El Napal Inc. BUS 1/9/14 178 Begonia Street Elite Installtions LLC LLC 1/27/14 17350 Avondale Circle EnviroCleanse Global Solutions LLCLLC 1/14/14 240 Seal Ave Forum for Mississippi NP 1/29/14 2577 Chatham Ct. GC Management, Inc BUS 1/22/14 3073 Big Ridge Road Gulf Coast Gynecology Clinic PLLC


1/29/14 963 Riverview Drive Handyman Services LLC LLC 1/8/14 15527 Dobson Rd I-10/12, LLC LLC 1/17/14 296 Beauvoir Road, Suite 200 M&D Sandblasting & Painting LLC LLC 1/27/14 4114 Victoria Lane Mahoney Family, LLC LLC 1/29/14 131 Rue Magnolia N2 Deep Offroad Inc BUS 1/17/14 7205 Wayne Lane Newcastle Consulting, LLC LLC 1/16/14 2355 Pass Road Pink Crystals DBA OTH 1/7/14 8201 El Dorado Apt. A Pink Crystals LLC LLC 1/6/14 8201 El Dorado Ave Apt A Southern Magnolia Plantation, LLCLLC 1/8/14 13251 Reece Bergeron Road Star Club, LLC LLC 1/21/14 14813 Nassau Drive Woolmarket Youth Baseball NP 1/22/14 10512 Shore Cove

Blue Springs Flatline, Inc 1/10/14

BUS 155 Hwy 348

Bogue Chitto Bethel Baptist Church Bogue ChittoNP 1/6/14 710 Homesville Rd SW

Bolton Harris-Harper Contract Paralegal LLC


1/3/14 5000 I 20 Storm Stables LLC LLC 1/29/14 2877 N. Norrell Road

March 14, 2014

Booneville Cherub’s, LLC LLC 1/27/14 219 West College Street Cooley Nurse Consulting LLC LLC 1/21/14 2003 West College Street Fowler Power Express, LLC LLC 1/6/14 103 W College Street JMM Enterprises, LLC LLC 1/31/14 201 W. Market Street Knowledge Information Management Inc BUS

1/31/14 109 North College Street Long Contracting, Inc. BUS 1/2/14 114 CR 3401 Rolling M, Inc. BUS 1/2/14 405West College Street Speedy Recovery Services Inc BUS 1/13/14 100 West Veterans Drive The Eagle’s Nest Grocery Inc BUS 1/10/14 659 Cr 5031 Varsity Apartments LLC LLC 1/27/14 310 Walker St Williams Pest Control & Insulation LLC



201 West Market Street

Boyle Redden Flying Service LLC LLC 1/8/14 1878 Hwy 446


1/29/14 611 Sandpiper Drive 7’s Cleaning Services, LLC LLC 1/6/14 102 Amethyst Lane A Marketing Mind LLC LLC 1/7/14 158 Jewell Drive Adams Consulting LLC LLC 1/29/14 561 Turtle Lane Attention To Detail LLC LLC 1/29/14 307 Orchard Way Big House Distribution LLC LLC 1/31/14 306 Maxey Drive Brandon Ditto LLC LLC 1/15/14 3007 Cross Creek Cove Briggs Development LLC LLC 1/16/14 306 Red Cedar BSM Inc BUS 1/29/14 432 Woodlands Cir Business Arts Managment LLC LLC 1/31/14 212 Circle Drive East Commercial Roofing Contractors Inc


1/31/14 712 North Haven Place Crew Construction LLC LLC 1/30/14 407 Bay Park Dr D & R Associates LLC LLC 1/7/14 501 Knights Cove East Das Haus LLC LLC 1/13/14 203 Mary Ann Dr Suite A Deck 1, LLC LLC 1/31/14 360 N. Brandon Blvd. Dixiearcher LLC LLC 1/6/14 209 Woodlands Green Drive Eagle Pipe and Supply, LLC LLC 1/8/14 141 Lake Forest Drive Floral 17, LLC LLC 1/6/14 111 Lakeshore Dr F402 Floyd Appraisals, LLC LLC 1/3/14 1041 Lake Village Cr, Suite A Goddess of Great Lengths LLC LLC 1/23/14 7025 Highway 25 Healthcare Risk Services LLC LLC 1/10/14 224 Avalon Cr, Ste C, Brandon, Ms 39047

Hewitt Hollar, LLC LLC 1/14/14 413 Providence Dr Hobson Lawn Services LLC LLC 1/7/14 207 Peter McAfee Drive J S B Lawn Care LLC LLC 1/23/14 115 Oscar Rd J. A. C. Properties LLC LLC 1/17/14 168 W. Government St 39042 Joseph Edward Dyess DBA OTH 1/2/14 107 Sand Hill Cove K. Renee’s Boutique LLC LLC 1/24/14 577 Luckney Road Keathen & Keathen Construction Company, Inc BUS 1/24/14 123 Jury Rd Keystone Consulting, LLC LLC 1/16/14 409 Thorngate Dr Knight Advantage, LLC LLC 1/29/14 1000 Lake Village Circle Knittynana’s Studio DBA OTH 1/15/14 144 Cody Ln L&R Professional Properties LLC LLC 1/27/14 306 Maxey Drive, Ste D Latham Land Improvements LLC LLC 1/29/14 611 Sandpiper Drive Lemon Drop Boutique LLC LLC 1/17/14 427 Grant Fox Dr MNE Properties LLC LLC 1/27/14 325 Cornerstone Dr

MS.LA Youth Alive DBA OTH 1/2/14 107 Sand Hill Cove Murphy Landmark, LLC LLC 1/29/14 306 Maxey Drive, Ste D Ninja Outdoors, LLC LLC 1/17/14 112 Diamond Back Ln One Block East LLC LLC 1/22/14 111 Huntington View One Guy Steak and Chicken, LLC LLC 1/21/14 136 Woody Drive Outdoor Illuminations, LLC LLC 1/29/14 306 Maxey Drive, Ste D Pierre Properties, LLC LLC 1/16/14 156 Sherrills Lane Purvis Tractor Service, LLC LLC 1/13/14 570 Tara Road Rayne’s Studio LLC LLC 1/6/14 108 Paradise Point Drive Rehoboth Cafe LLC LLC 1/6/14 800 Wedgewood Ct Robbins Investment Company LLC LLC 1/31/14 20 Eastgate Drive, Suite D Robert V. Greenlee, Attorney-At-Law, P.A.PA

1/9/14 1000 Lake Village Circle S & S Cleaning Service, LLC LLC 1/15/14 110 Christian Lane Sansing Title & Abstract Services, LLC


1/30/14 110 Christian Lane Sara E Ward DBA OTH 1/15/14 144 Cody Ln Sebren Home Improvement LLC LLC 1/17/14 203 Meadow Lark Dr. Society Nail Spa LLC LLC 1/15/14 1450 West Government St. Ste B Soulshine Realty LLC LLC 1/16/14 1029 Windrose Dr Tallaha Bluff, LLC LLC 1/22/14 116 Colony Way The Bullpen, LLC LLC 1/3/14 101 Highpointe Court Suite B The Doctor’s Inn, LLC LLC 1/8/14 42 Woodgate Drive Tin Bender, LLC LLC 1/7/14 1227 Crossview Court Twisted Tails L.L.C. LLC 1/2/14 305 Pleasant St VDB, LLC LLC 1/29/14 4016 Asbury Trail We Inspire NP 1/23/14 672 Hidden Hills Xing

Braxton Nickel, Inc. 1/13/14

BUS 163 Barney Smith Road

Brookhaven A-Plus Johns and Thomas Towing and Recovery Inc. BUS 1/15/14 510 East Congress Street B & B Tire Shack, LLC LLC 1/24/14 1809 Brignal Road NE Brookhaven, Ltd. LP 1/30/14 410 Old Wesson Rd Apt 33 CAAAT Trucking, LLC LLC 1/8/14 5935 Choctaw Rd NE Darastrix Services LLC LLC 1/13/14 1914 Ivy Trail N W Data Backup, LLC LLC 1/15/14 2284 Turpin Rd Ne Gracious Ministries, LLC LLC 1/7/14 822 Lane Bar Street Handy Huggy, LLC LLC 1/8/14 511 Brookway Boulevard Hutson Ventures, LLC LLC 1/23/14 220 Noble Drive Kahn Auto LLC LLC 1/22/14 1002 Hwy 51 South Karma Consulting LLC LLC 1/13/14 1558 Maura Ln King’s Fire & Safety Corp BUS 1/8/14 934 Wellman Dr Mississippi Christian Travel Service DBA OTH 1/13/14 109 A Richmond Trail NE Passionate Care Home Health LLC LLC 1/13/14 537 St. Charles Phillip I. Turner DBA OTH 1/13/14 109 A Richmond Trail NE R & K Investments, LLC LLC 1/21/14 110 Highway 51 North

Brooksville Bankhead Express LLC LLC 1/31/14 21455 Hwy 45 Crossroad Holdings LLC LLC 1/16/14 579 Lee Rd

Bruce Calhoun Discount Store LLC LLC 1/29/14 351 North Pontotoc Road

Calhoun Discount Tobacco LLC LLC 1/29/14 351 North Pontotoc Road Country Home Builders, LLC LLC 1/13/14 111 County Road 406

Buckatunna Powe Construction, LLC LLC 1/13/14 492 Gossett Road

Byhalia B & B Recovery LLC LLC 1/27/14 70 Blackburn Drive


Mississippi Business Journal

Pishon Academy Inc BUS 1/21/14 831 Academy Park Dr. Savant & Rich, LLC LLC 1/21/14 100 E Center St Thompson Transit, LLC LLC 1/13/14 1400 Robinson Road Turn Key Properties, LLC LLC 1/27/14 3390 N. Liberty Street Under the Skies LLC LLC 1/31/14 838 East Academy Street Union Cafe, LLC LLC 1/2/14 111 Union St



B & W Auto, LLC LLC 1/29/14 109 N. Davis Ave. Bible Truth Church of Cleveland NP 1/27/14 905 Gayden Ave Boggs Rentals LLC LLC 1/29/14 215 North Pearman Avenue J, D, & Triple J Investments Inc BUS 1/21/14 1519 College Street LRM Trucking, LLC LLC 1/27/14 106 Parkway Avenue P. Chatman Climaxing Wine and Spirit LLC LLC


102 Rosemary Rd


1/2/14 40 Surrey Loop Bynum - Jones Endowment LLC LLC 1/3/14 8349 Hwy 178 W Graycap Global Concepts LLC LLC 1/30/14 95 Rebecca Dr Jay Yogeshwar, Inc BUS 1/6/14 42 Jonathan Dr JDS Paving Contractors, LLC LLC 1/30/14 11445 Byhalia Rd Misty Meadows LLC LLC 1/31/14 264 Lake Hill Cove


Bre’s Clothing and Accessories LLC LLC 1/14/14 89 L.k. Sones Rd Devore Wholesale LLC LLC 1/27/14 1413 Hideaway Lane Lew’s Little Donuts, LLC LLC 1/6/14 1811 East Lakeshore Drive Wallace Institute of Learning, LLC LLC 1/6/14 22 Dronet Road WCM Utility Specialist LLC LLC 1/21/14 709 Old Hwy 11

Prayer of Faith “Out Reach Ministry”


Bass’s Transporters, LLC LLC 1/22/14 1106 Monroe St Butterfly Counseling DBA LLC 1/3/14 4394 N Chapel Hill Rd (Edwards 39066) Consultants First LLC LLC 1/13/14 604 Highway 80 East Custom Travel Professionals LLC LLC 1/31/14 109 Dunton Hill Lane Equity Management Group LLC LLC 1/24/14 202 Monterey Drive Faithful Services L.L.C. LLC 1/7/14 109 Vale Circle Half Moon South Hunting Club LLCLLC 1/13/14 604 Highway 80 East KD Food Mart LLC LLC 1/8/14 125 Warrior Lane

BEST Tax & Business Consulting, Inc.



1/8/14 4352 S Red Banks Rd Statewide Logistics LLC LLC 1/27/14 9295 Hwy 178 Valour Investments LLC LLC 1/24/14 8349 Hwy 178 W WS Trucking, LLC LLC 1/10/14 6762 Hernando Rd

Byram Blacksmith Trucking L.L.C. LLC 1/3/14 350 Byram Dr. Apt 1107 Boese Technology Solutions LLC LLC 1/21/14 20 Brock Drive BridgeWorth Consultants, LLC LLC 1/7/14 703 Olive Branch Cove Chicken Coop, LLC LLC 1/17/14 152 Torrence Cove Drop in Disc Golf, LLC LLC 1/2/14 136 Byram Business Center Integrative Therapeutic Services Inc


1/31/14 216 Brannan Avenue Redo Trailer Parts & Supplies LLC LLC 1/7/14 5631 Terry Rd Sports Graffix LLC LLC 1/31/14 209 Brannan Ave

Caledonia G K Baggs LLC 1/21/14

LLC 1521 Williams Rd

Calhoun City HAPI Rentals, LLC LLC 1/6/14 209 Wells Avenue KB Metal Building LLC LLC 1/8/14 208 Taylor Ave Sound Ideas LLC LLC 1/31/14 111 Hardin Street

Charlie’s Restaurant LLC LLC 1/8/14 21421 Hwy 82 East Sliding B Farms, L.L.C. LLC 1/29/14 2112 Cr 316

Carthage King’s Kids Youth Boot Camp 1/3/14 209 Dr. Martin Luther King Dr. McCleary Builders LLC LLC 1/29/14 600 Evans Circle R&A Foods “L.L.C.” LLC 1/23/14 10551 Road 165 Sojourner Truth Academy 1/10/14 209 A Dr. Martin Luther King Dr. The Home Choice LLC LLC 1/21/14 61 Moonwalk Road The School of Music @ Carthage NP 1/24/14 110 South Pearl Street

Cedar Bluff Network Alliance Corporation NP 1/9/14 3331 Hwy 46

Centreville Choctaw Nation 1/24/14 168 Messenger Lane Choctaw Nation NP 1/24/14 168 Messenger Lane LA Complete Fitness LLC LLC 1/29/14 76 Stephens Lane


Alpha Cognetics Tech LLC LLC 1/29/14 220 Strong Road

Denman Holdings, LLC LLC 1/24/14 1280 South Creek Road Hodges Grocery LLC LLC 1/21/14 409 West Cypress Street Kirk & Reynolds LLC LLC 1/7/14 409 West Cypress Tallahatchie Lumber and Mat Company Inc BUS 1/31/14 500 N Market St

Anytime Roofing & Construction LLC LLC 1/22/14 321 Hwy 51 - Suite B (Ridgeland 39157)



C&C Holdings, LLC LLC 1/30/14 151 W. Peace Street China Buffet of Canton Inc BUS 1/3/14 604 W Peace Street Double W Hauling, LLC LLC 1/16/14 151 W. Peace Street E. Lenoir PA, LLC LLC 1/13/14 146 Bear Creek Cir Front Gate Realty-The Warren Team, LLC LLC

1/27/14 3390 N. Liberty Street Full Gospel House of Prayer New Beginning Christian Ministry NP 1/17/14 412 John Day Road I Heart, LLC LLC 1/3/14 3336 A North Liberty Street Iglesia Evangelica P. Rayos de luz NP 1/8/14 3222 South Liberty St Laser Line Striping, LLC LLC 1/22/14 507 Sharon Road Long Lasting Trucking Inc BUS 1/21/14 137 Notting Hill Place Mansell Creek, LLC LLC 1/13/14 151 West Peace Street Mississippi Anesthesia Group, LLC LLC 1/13/14 145 Sanctuary Lane NuBeginning Transport LLC LLC 1/31/14 688 King Ranch Rd. Pepper’s Erosion Control, Inc. BUS 1/9/14 129 E. Peace Street

Do It All, LLC 1/8/14

LLC 23832 Highway 80

Clarksdale Clarksdale Lawn Service LLC LLC 1/14/14 1839 Sunflower Avenue Ext Helping Hearts Private Duty Nursing Service, Inc. BUS 1/7/14 144A Sunflower Ave Home Cypress Rome Farm LLC LLC 1/16/14 107 Court Street iota delta omega ivy foundation inc.


1/22/14 527 Desoto Mid-South Hauling, Inc. BUS 1/22/14 2520 Dogwalk Road Tutwiler Ms 38963 Star Community Development Corporation NP 1/7/14 1028 Lynn Avenue The Insurance Firm LLC LLC 1/22/14 143 Yazoo Avenue Three Tree Investment Group LLC LLC 1/24/14 1010 Alana Dr Yay Cats LLC LLC 1/27/14 001 Commissary Circle

Cleveland Ag Soil Solutions, LLC LLC 1/14/14 215 North Pearman Avenue

Knox’s Accounting & Tax Service LLC


1/14/14 149 Castlewood Dr. 39056 Mansell Media, LLC LLC 1/16/14 107 Hunters Glen Mark Metcalf Team LLC LLC 1/9/14 103 Glen Auburn McHann Realty, Inc BUS 1/7/14 112 Buffalo Cove Purplebutterfly LLC LLC 1/3/14 4394 N Chapel Hill Rd (Edwards 39066) Quick Fuel LLC LLC 1/16/14 345 Woodstone Rd # K6 Southern Restoration LLC LLC 1/17/14 307 Camp Garaywa Rd Voluptuocity LLC LLC 1/27/14 112 B Meadowwood dr.

Coldwater May Delivery Services Inc BUS 1/31/14 3608 Palestine Road Mid-South Assay and Refinery LLC LLC 1/8/14 2047 Kelly Crossing

Collins Believing Learning Inspires New Goals


1/23/14 213 Pine Ave Big Swamp Mayhaw Farm L.L.C. LLC 1/24/14 164 Hughes Rd. Blackwell Express LLC LLC 1/6/14 174B Mt Pleasent Road LBR Holdings LLC LLC 1/24/14 115 Main St Mitchell Farms, LLC LLC 1/8/14 626 Leaf River Church Road OnTrack Enterprises LLC LLC 1/17/14 601 South 7th Street OnTrack Housing, LLC LLC 1/17/14 601 South 7th Street SSR Holdings, LLC LLC 1/24/14 115 Main St StockPro Animal Health, LLC LLC 1/24/14 115 Main St W.O.R.T.H, Inc. NP 1/2/14 55 Dennis Knight Road

Collinsville R & D Timberlands, LLC LLC 1/16/14 10007 Gipson Road

Columbia Beal’s Auto Sales & Rental LLC LLC 1/17/14 389 Old Foxworth Rd Gentle Touch Homecare Services LLC


1/16/14 1661 Dawsey Drive Jay T. Moak, PhD, PLLC PLLC 1/10/14 139 Wagley Road Southern Service of Collins, LLC LLC 1/21/14 326-B Second Street TACKL Environment Products, LLC LLC 1/13/14 1686 Old Hwy 35 N

Columbus 2 In 1 Connections DBA BUS 1/17/14 201 Q Alabama Street Brogue & Cuff Clothiers LLC LLC 1/24/14 229 Woodland Heights Drive Brookwood Properties, LLC LLC 1/6/14 453 Motley Road


16 I Mississippi Business Journal I March 14, 2014 BTFF, LLC LLC 1/24/14 2346 McIntyre Rd Clayton Ridge LLC LLC 1/27/14 287 Sonia Drive Dazzle Entertainment LLC LLC 1/8/14 3101 Sierra Ct. Dunamis Kitchens & Bath DBA OTH 1/30/14 94 Azalea Dr Full Out Cheer and Tumble, LLC LLC 1/31/14 1934 Oswalt Road Gene Reid Construction, LLC LLC 1/22/14 1575 Seminole Drive Grata Tupelo, LLC LLC 1/6/14 710 Main Street Heli Inc. BUS 1/27/14 3920 Hwy 45 North Inspire Charter Schools NP 1/13/14 1820 23Rd Street North JD Appliance Repair LLC LLC 1/15/14 311 Sand Road Kuppernik, LLC LLC 1/30/14 142 Mountain Trail Lasting Impression Events, LLC LLC 1/6/14 525 6Th Avenue S. Apt B Lodging Columbus, LLC LLC 1/15/14 710 Main Street, 3rd Floor Longmire Farms LLC LLC 1/10/14 1024 Southdown Pkwy Magnolia Motor Speedway LLC LLC 1/9/14 495 Hwy 45 South Mario Nash DBA OTH 1/30/14 94 Azalea Dr MGC, LLC LLC 1/22/14 215 5Th Street North MSAC Enterprise Inc BUS 1/17/14 201 Q Alabama Street ON-SITE COURT SERVICES LLC LLC 1/27/14 316 Canfield Rd Park Stevens New Hope High School Scholarship Fund NP 1/21/14 182 Williams Pl Prisha Inc. BUS 1/27/14 488 Hwy 45 South Products Galore, LLC LLC 1/6/14 210 Pinecrest Cir Shelton Real Estate LLC LLC 1/30/14 710 Main Street, 3rd Floor Sweet Scents, LLC LLC 1/30/14 104 Sherard Circle Union Cemetery of Columbus LLC LLC 1/31/14 200 6Th Street North, Suite 700 West Point Mobile Home Park LLC LLC 1/10/14 1203 Second Ave. North Yeats Consulting, LLC LLC 1/30/14 104 Brickerton St.

Como Sardis Lake Boat Storage L.L.C. LLC 1/8/14 694 Hwy 310

Diamondhead IZHONE LLC LLC 1/16/14 844 Kipona Ct Jackie O’Neal LLC LLC 1/14/14 4404 East Aloha Drive Pink Olive Design DBA OTH 1/16/14 634 Anela St Wendy Blubaugh DBA OTH 1/16/14 634 Anela St

D’Iberville Bhate Geosciences Corporation BUS 1/8/14 3295 Warrior Drive, Unit B Carrie Me Away Vacations LLC LLC 1/27/14 3173 Bachman Rd D & H Properties, LLC LLC 1/6/14 11624 Quail Run (Saucier 39574) Goodhart Holdings LLC LLC 1/29/14 106 Forest Just Like New Overspray Removal Inc


1/29/14 106 Forest Kaboom the Band, LLC LLC 1/8/14 126 Evergreen Drive Mvapes LLC LLC 1/24/14 3254 Mallet Road Suite C The Paladin Group, LLC LLC 1/2/14 1773 Popps Ferry Rd Apt. K 26 ( Biloxi 39532)

Drew Cummins Fitness, LLC LLC 1/22/14 #4 Promise Land Rd Hope House Supervised Living Center, LLC LLC 1/7/14 305 East Park Avenue

Ecru Criss Cross Country LLC LLC 1/31/14 392 Main Street Kandy Express, Inc. BUS 1/16/14 5880 Hwy 15n North Pontotoc Properties LLC LLC 1/30/14 715 Cairo Road Ojeda Gann, LLC LLC 1/16/14 12 Ken Cove

Ellisville 601 Consulting Services, LLC LLC 1/7/14 237 Floyd Strickland Rd McCollum Company, LLC LLC 1/21/14 87 Arrington Rd MMCP Transport, LLC LLC 1/22/14 823 Pittman Road Sassy-Fras & Frills Boutique LLC LLC 1/21/14 114 S Front St


Conehatta Country Junction LLC LLC 1/24/14 8409 Hwy 489

Brittany Pee DBA OTH 1/17/14 4833 Attala Road 3226 Down South Boutique DBA OTH 1/17/14 4833 Attala Road 3226




Considerate Care Senior Services LLC


1/17/14 1110 Proper St Encore Cheer and Dance Wear LLC LLC 1/23/14 725 Shiloh Road Julio Mexican Restaurant, LLC LLC 1/2/14 3702 Old Oak Road

Courtland Curbside Pets, LLC 1/6/14

LLC 117 Shiloh Rd

Crenshaw VW Farm, LLC 1/8/14

LLC 2479 Highway 310

Crosby Crosby RV Park LLC LLC 1/29/14 345 Rosetta Road

Crystal Springs Bright Star Baptist Church NP 1/15/14 3109 Johnson Rd Brookway Wine & Spirits, LLC LLC 1/23/14 2138 Rhymes Rd Valeri Miles Enterprises, LLC LLC 1/2/14 1030 Deerfield Lane

De Kalb D & D Trucking, LLC LLC 1/22/14 4459 Kellis Store Rd

S R L Wells LLC 1/14/14

Lora Merritt Photography, LLC LLC 1/13/14 212 Shady Pecan Drive Macnoya Auto Carrier Inc BUS 1/30/14 169 Springhill Dr Paul Stegall Lawn Care LLC LLC 1/21/14 130 Butler Place SnoAsis LLC LLC 1/22/14 1669 Old Pearl Rd

Flowood 1st And Goal Investments LLC LLC 1/29/14 232 Market Street. 2315 McFadden Rd., 144 Units, LLCLLC 1/13/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 3460 I-55 South LLC LLC 1/31/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 501(C) Insurance Programs Inc. BUS 1/9/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 A La Mode Technologies, Inc. BUS 1/30/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Accelerated Production Services Inc

1/17/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Adelphi, Incorporated BUS 1/8/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Advanced Comfort Products Inc BUS 1/30/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Advanced PEO Solutions II LLC LLC 1/15/14 232 Market Street ALG Acquisitions II, LLC LLC 1/21/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Allsouth Constructors, Inc. BUS 1/23/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 ALS Dealer Funding DBA BUS 1/10/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Anesthesia Services Associates, PLLC PLLC

1/22/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 APCO 8 LLC LLC 1/16/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Apollo Endosurgery, Inc. BUS 1/30/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Appleton Group-DBA LLC 1/14/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Appleton Grp LLC LLC 1/14/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Arma Global Corporation BUS 1/27/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Assetworks LLC LLC 1/22/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Ates Construction Inc BUS 1/15/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Atlantic Retail Florida, LLC LLC 1/9/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Atore LLC LLC 1/22/14 180 Cedar Springs Circle (Pearl 39208) Automotive Leasing Specialists, Inc

Fayette JoeLin’s Photography, LLC LLC 1/14/14 55 Academy/A.D. Ballard Street Prescott Clinical Consulting LLC 1/29/14 3466 Highway 61 North Prescott Clinical Consulting LLC LLC 1/29/14 3466 Highway 61 North Prescott Petroleum LLC LLC 1/29/14 3466 Highway 61 North

Flora BMS Food Mart LLC 1/6/14 J.J. Ranch LLC 1/17/14

LLC 937 Highway 49 LLC 3014 Madison St

Florence 4-B Property, LLC LLC 1/31/14 201 South Church Street Armstrong Armed Security LLC LLC 1/27/14 2477 Cleary Rd Bam’s Sports Bar & Grill, LLC LLC 1/22/14 756 Seventh Day Rd Big Hat Development Company, LLC


1/21/14 125 E Main Street Bret Wright Enterprises, LLC LLC 1/14/14 137 Pine Grove Drive Canaan Properties, LLC LLC 1/8/14 3534 Highway 49 South


1/10/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Barkman Honey, LLC LLC 1/31/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Barnett Terry Road Properties, LLCLLC 1/9/14 105 Acacia Court Baytree Financial Group LLC LLC 1/21/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 BEA Logistics Services LLC LLC 1/22/14 232 Market Street Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

LLC 625 West Fox Avenue



1/16/14 232 Market Street #1600 BK&D Welding L.L.C. LLC 1/3/14 645 LAKELAND EAST DR #101 Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurants, Inc.BUS

1/8/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Buffets, Inc. BUS 1/22/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Business Telecom, LLC LLC 1/17/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Canadian Enterprise Gas Products, Ltd. BUS

1/15/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Cape Electrical Supply, LLC LLC 1/3/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 CARBER Holdings, Inc. BUS 1/3/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Cardinal Health 110, LLC LLC 1/6/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 CaremarkPCS Health, L.L.C. LLC 1/3/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Carlex Glass Company, LLC LLC 1/9/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 CC Title of Mississippi, LLC LLC 1/7/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Century Employer Organization, LLC


1/17/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 CJ Real Estate LLC LLC 1/14/14 645 LAKELAND EAST DR #101 CJ Realty, LLC LLC 1/14/14 645 LAKELAND EAST DR #101 Coastal Spray Company BUS 1/29/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Colvin Jones Davis LLC BUS 1/21/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Compass Payment SolutionsMidsouth, Inc. BUS 1/17/14 713 Baytree Drive

Comprehensive Pain Specialists, PLLC PLLC 1/22/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Comstock Oil & Gas, LP LP 1/14/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Consumer Agent Portal LLC LLC 1/31/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Consumer Source Holdings LLC LLC 1/14/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Copeland’s of New Orleans, L.L.C. LLC 1/29/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 CPAP Planet, LLC LLC 1/6/14 1006 Treetops Blvd. Creditcorp Title of Mississippi, LLCLLC 1/7/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Cru Global, Inc. NP 1/13/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Cultura Technologies LLC LLC 1/21/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Deancurt Biloxi LLC LLC 1/9/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Diversified Service Management Group, LLC LLC 1/14/14 2080 Dunbarton Drive Suite C Drive South, Inc. BUS 1/6/14 229 Katherine Drive Earthlink Business III Dba LLC 1/17/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Eastover Jackson, LLC LLC 1/3/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Emerson Process Management Power & Water Solutions, Inc BUS 1/21/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 ERGO- Mechanical Industrial, Inc. BUS 1/14/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Fournier, Robson & Associates, LLCLLC 1/3/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Friedman Management Company BUS 1/3/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 G.M. Lawrence and Co. BUS 1/16/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Global Recovery Solutions, Inc. BUS 1/21/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Gold Fever Boutique LLC LLC 1/29/14 232 Market Street. Grammer, Inc BUS 1/22/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Gulf Pointe Apartments LLC LLC 1/2/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Hayes Davis McGee Family ReunionNP 1/29/14 645 LAKELAND EAST DR #101 HB Acquisition Corp BUS 1/16/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Health Solutions, Inc. BUS 1/16/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 HFI II, LLC LLC 1/8/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 HRI Lodging, LLC LLC 1/9/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 HRI Management, LLC LLC 1/9/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Huval & Associates Inc BUS 1/27/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 InLine Services LLC LLC 1/24/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 InLine Services LLC 1/22/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 JC Transport LLC LLC 1/29/14 1345 Flowood Drive Jessica Necaise DBA OTH 1/10/14 107 Dubois Rd John Donaldson Construction Inc BUS 1/22/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Kanaan Communications, LLC LLC 1/24/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Kingston Data and Credit International Inc. BUS 1/21/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Kinsman Investments LLC LLC 1/21/14 232 Market Street. Kinsman Investments Ms 1, LLC LLC 1/27/14 232 Market Street. Kutteh Ke Fertility Associates of Memphis, PLLC PLLC 1/27/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Kuykendall Gardner, LLC LLC 1/3/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Larkin and Larkin Trucking Company LLC LLC

1/27/14 10 Canebrake Blvd., Suite 200 Lawrence Land Holdings, LLC LLC 1/8/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Lease Finance Partners, Inc. BUS 1/31/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Liazon Corporation BUS 1/13/14 645 Lakeland East Dr Ste 101 Lily Anna Properties LLC LLC 1/24/14 232 Market Street. LT1 LLC LLC 1/3/14 662 Caseys Lane Lufkin Industries LLC LLC 1/27/14645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101

Madison Communications of Georgia, Inc.BUS

1/23/14645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Madstar Mobile LLC LLC 1/13/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Mar-Jac AL/MS, Inc BUS 1/10/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Marketlab Research, Inc. BUS 1/9/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Mediacom Home Automation, LLC LLC 1/9/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Mobo LLC LLC 1/17/14 232 Market Street. Monitronics International, Inc. BUS 1/31/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Monitronics Security LP LP 1/31/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 National Franchising Group, LLC LLC 1/10/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 NetCracker Technology Corporation


1/2/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Noridian Healthcare Solutions, LLCLLC 1/9/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 North Mississippi Foods, LLC LLC 1/10/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Norton & Schmidt Consulting Engineers, LLC LLC 1/17/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Oil Patch Group, Inc. BUS 1/10/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Omega Resource Solutions LLC LLC 1/30/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 ONCORE Group, LLC LLC 1/27/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Optum360 Services Inc BUS 1/9/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Pacific Sales Kitchen and Bath Centers, LLC LLC 1/7/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 PEG Bandwidth Services, LLC LLC 1/24/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 PHACIL, Inc BUS 1/8/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Pharmaceutical Technologies, Inc.BUS 1/9/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Pinkerton & Laws of Florida Inc BUS 1/27/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Politicard LLC LLC 1/6/14 232 Market Street. Pops27 LLC LLC 1/16/14 232 Market Street. PR II D’Iberville, LLC LLC 1/3/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Proxsys RX - Rush, LLC LLC 1/29/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 QualServ Solutions LLC 1/31/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Rees Associates, Inc. BUS 1/27/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Rehab Merger Sub LLC LLC 1/30/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Rehabilitation Centers, LLC LLC 1/30/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Rockwell Collins Services Company


1/31/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 RREF II RB-MS DRR, LLC LLC 1/2/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 RREF RB SBL II-MS RML, LLC LLC 1/27/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Russell Arts, LLC LLC 1/8/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Safe Home Control, Inc. BUS 1/27/14 232 Market Street Scott, Parnell & Associates, P.C. PA 1/3/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Secure Capital Management, Inc. BUS 1/14/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Shoney’s Mississippi 2, LLC LLC 1/10/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Sippi Logistics LLC LLC 1/30/14 232 Market Street Southern Charm Jewelry & Things DBA OTH

1/10/14 107 Dubois Rd Starkville AA, Inc. BUS 1/3/14 10 Canebrake Blvd #200 Tapper Medical Group LLC LLC 1/30/14 111 Belle Meade Pt., Ste B Taste of Grace LLC LLC 1/16/14 2085 Stockton Place TDI International, Inc. BUS 1/2/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Techniweld USA, LLC LLC 1/23/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Time Warner Cable Business LLC LLC 1/10/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Tulsa Inspection Resource, LLC LLC 1/2/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Universities Space Research Association NP 1/16/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 USI Colorado LLC LLC 1/8/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101

Valeo North America, Inc. BUS 1/3/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Value Trend Solutions, LLC LLC 1/7/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Vanbridge LLC LLC 1/16/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Virtus Private Investments LLC LLC 1/24/14 232 Market Street. Wildcat Energy Services DBA LLC 1/22/14 232 Market Street Woodus K. Humphrey & Company, Inc. BUS

1/27/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101 Y-Go The Mailbox Store LLC LLC 1/9/14 232 Market Street Zebra Retail Solutions LLC LLC 1/22/14 645 Lakeland East Drive, Suite 101

Foxworth ABS Consulting, LLC LLC 1/8/14 170 Terrys Chapel Road Billy Pearson FNP PLLC LLC 1/10/14 717 Pickwick Road PO Boy Trucking LLC LLC 1/27/14 1171 New Hope Church Road

Fulton BNB, L.L.C. LLC 1/31/14 198A Road 728 Cultured Cow Yogurt & Coffee, LLCLLC 1/13/14 709 South Adams Street Outpost Salvage, LLC LLC 1/6/14 3322 John Rankin Hwy P & B LLC LLC 1/13/14 354 Nichols Rd N Twisted Vintage Properties, LLC LLC 1/31/14 1000 Wilemon Road Ultra Construction LLC LLC 1/16/14 1105 South Adams

Gautier Atlantic Marksmen Precision, Inc BUS 1/23/14 8621 Bayou Castelle C Depot Auto Sales LLC LLC 1/7/14 3512 Hwy 90 Iglesia JESUCRISTO ES LA VERDADNP 1/22/14 3300 Neptune Dr Landscaping by the Robinsons LLC LLC 1/24/14 3009 Smith Drive The Robinson Group LLC LLC 1/24/14 3009 Smith Drive

Glen Allan L and W Cattle Company, LLC LLC 1/10/14 35119 Hwy, 1 Lake Jackson Trucking LLC LLC 1/16/14 957 Lake Jackson Rd

Golden Crashing Broadway, LLC LLC 1/27/14 30211 Highway 371 ( Amory 38821)

Greenville Brent Marine Services LLC LLC 1/14/14 1160 VFW Road Consequence LLC LLC 1/6/14 1417 Trailwood Drive Suite A Divine Beauty LLC LLC 1/8/14 1221 Cottage Drive Glenbar Plantation, LLC LLC 1/24/14 200 Warren Road East HP Trucking LLC LLC 1/6/14 102 Lauren Marie Lane JNJ Realty, LLC LLC 1/31/14 805 South Colorado Street Light of Forever Order of the Eastern Star Chapter #067 NP 1/22/14 628 Norris Street McNash, LLC LLC 1/27/14 497 Peach Street Riteway Construction and Home Maintenance “LLC” LLC 1/6/14 1680 Cypress Ridge Drive Serio Real Estate, LLC LLC 1/22/14 128 South Poplar Street Shine Master’s Construction Cleaning Services LLC LLC 1/31/14 827 Cannon St

Greenwood Delta Cherokee Flying LLC LLC 1/31/14 600 Puckett Evergood Apartments LLC LLC 1/13/14 1705 Hwy 82 West Hypnotic Touch LLC LLC 1/8/14 425 W Harding Ave Senoj Therapy Management, LLC LLC 1/13/14 1201 South Blvd



1/10/14 912 Medallion Dr W.R. Ag Services, LLC LLC 1/21/14 307 Riverside Drive

Grenada Christian Counseling Center LLC LLC 1/22/14 171 Deerfield Circle CI Design Group LLC LLC 1/9/14 979 Northwoods Drive Grenada Lake Charters, LLC LLC 1/24/14 197 Scenic Loop 333 Harrell’s Metal Works Leasing LLC LLC 1/22/14 1798 Hwy 332 Harrell’s Metal Works Real Estate, LLC


1/22/14 1798 Hwy 332 HMW Holding Inc BUS 1/22/14 1798 Hwy 332 JAH LLC LLC 1/21/14 544 Townes Avenue McDaniel Rentals, LLC LLC 1/29/14 11631 Highway 51 North Okeefe’s Enterprises LLC LLC 1/9/14 580 Jefferson Trail Pap’s Fish and Steak, LLC LLC 1/3/14 135 First St Rose & Minor Realty, LLC LLC 1/3/14 1155 South Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Smile Design Orthodontics, LLC LLC 1/3/14 1155 South Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd The Pediatric Dental Studio, LLC LLC 1/3/14 1155 South Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

Gulfport 3A Healthcare Development, LLC LLC 1/16/14 10866 Waterside Drive 5-T Investments LLC LLC 1/3/14 16546 Cable Bridge Rd A Pet’s Memory Pet Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc. BUS 1/13/14 1520 28Th Street Accel Alarm Systems, Inc. BUS 1/23/14 12435 Plunkett Road Ashton Oaks Home Owners Association NP 1/27/14 11452 Ashton Lane West B & B Land Company, LLC LLC 1/13/14 9366 Stone Rd Best Choice Backflow Services Co.BUS 1/13/14 13248 Terrapin Cove Betz Rosetti & Associates Inc BUS 1/10/14 2304 19Th Street, Suite 102 BTB Innovation DBA OTH 1/3/14 16202 Walker Farm Ln BTB Innovation, L.L.C. LLC 1/3/14 16202 Walker Farm Ln C & S Maintenance & Installation Inc


1/24/14 12221 Ashley Drive, Suite A & B Cat Island Pirates LLC LLC 1/23/14 1133 45Th Avenue CECI Services DBA OTH 1/13/14 15553 Swan Lake Blvd Centres of Hope NP 1/13/14 10480 Klein Rd. Apt 72 Clean Life Trading Company LLC LLC 1/16/14 3621 Southward Drive Cloud 9 Artisan Marshmallows, LLC


1/6/14 4107 Franklin Ave Confederate Labs LLC LLC 1/23/14 2218 18Th Street Cool Beans LLC LLC 1/15/14 15325 Royal St Core Chirosport PLLC PLLC 1/14/14 13725 Windwood Drive Dunn Enterprises Inc BUS 1/13/14 13723 Foxhill Dr Dwana Lorraine DBA OTH 1/3/14 16202 Walker Farm Ln EF Homes LLC LLC 1/17/14 12080 New Orleans Avenue Ekhaya LLC LLC 1/13/14 2214 25Th Ave. Unit 1 Environmental Properties LLC LLC 1/22/14 14231 Seaway Road, Suite 7008 Firdaus Enterprises LLC LLC 1/14/14 13924 Turtle Ridge Rd Fleurish Design, LLC LLC 1/2/14 219 41St Street Gaddy Electric & Plumbing, LLC LLC 1/2/14 12435 Plunkett Road GFT Property Holdings LLC LLC 1/13/14 12435 Plunkett Road GGLC 2 PG, LLC LLC 1/22/14 12435 Plunkett Road GGLC 2, LLC LLC 1/22/14 12435 Plunkett Road H & S Financial Services LLC LLC 1/21/14 1806 25Th Avenue HMS Brokerage, LLC LLC 1/8/14 15384 5th St

INCORPORATIONS HMS Management, LLC LLC 1/8/14 15384 5th St JAM Lawn Service, LLC LLC 1/29/14 5109 Laguna Street Jana Mayo, LCSW, LLC LLC 1/10/14 2215 23Rd Avenue JBs Pawn & Gun LLC LLC 1/21/14 2000 Pass Road JBs Pawn & Jewelry LLC LLC 1/21/14 2000 Pass Road Ka’ala Systems Technology Corporpation BUS 1/21/14 5101 Marvin Shields Blvd, Building 447B Kendall Realty Group LLC LLC 1/29/14 1710 East Pass Road, Ste. A KLH Distributing, LLC LLC 1/17/14 316 41St St. KS Investments LLC LLC 1/29/14 13440 Woodland Drive M & M Sunshine Nursery, LLC LLC 1/23/14 12206 Hwy 49 Magee Financial Services, LLC LLC 1/23/14 1700 30Th Ave Magnolia Nights Bath and Beauty, LLC


1/6/14 17272 Orange Grove Road Manley Plumbing Co. Inc. BUS 1/2/14 12435 Plunkett Road Markel Mania, Inc. BUS 1/27/14 1915 23Rd Avenue Mayo Building, LLC LLC 1/10/14 2215 23Rd Avenue MEPA Physician Group, PLLC PLLC 1/7/14 13306 Tiara Drive Mini Kicks Academy LLC LLC 1/16/14 6015 Vista Circle Mizell Properties LLC LLC 1/16/14 2510 14Th St., Suite 1001 Nance Consulting, LLC LLC 1/10/14 15080 North Big Hill Road Palm and Hammock LLC LLC 1/27/14 10 53Rd Circle PC Petroleum Consultants Inc BUS 1/22/14 1317 26th Avenue, Third Floor(39501) Peek a Boo Rose Imaging, LLC LLC 1/6/14 418 Security Square Platinum Air Group, Inc. BUS 1/15/14 625 16Th Street Rip A Lip, Inc. BUS 1/7/14 647 Pass Rd Root River Investments, LLC LLC 1/27/14 1611 23Rd Avenue Savvy Consulting, Inc. BUS 1/14/14 12230 Ashley Drive Seagrapes Wine Cafe, LLC LLC 1/6/14 3617 11Th Street SeaQuip, LLC LLC 1/30/14 1008 39Th Ave Slades Appliance Repair, LLC LLC 1/13/14 14036 Dunnbarton Dr Smith & Holder, PLLC PLLC 1/24/14 2600 13Th Street, Suite 202 Southern TV Repair Inc. BUS 1/13/14 729 E. Pass Road Suite B Spanky’s Truck Parts LLC LLC 1/31/14 9516 Wildflower Court Sustainable Resources LLC LLC 1/17/14 1337 A 31st Ave Sword Point Percheron Farm LLC LLC 1/24/14 12435 Plunkett Road Swords Management Company LLCLLC 1/24/14 12435 Plunkett Road Tech Madindras (Americas) Inc. BUS 1/22/14 12435 Plunkett Road The Vape Spot LLC LLC 1/21/14 1982 E Pass Rd Ste B VBS Real Estate Holdings LLC LLC 1/24/14 12435 Plunkett Road Vernishia Kareema Ali-Bowens DBA


1/13/14 15553 Swan Lake Blvd We Do It Entertainment, Inc BUS 1/6/14 2623 W Angela Circle Yellow Checker Cab DBA LLC 1/14/14 13924 Turtle Ridge Rd

Gunnison Pilgrim Rest Adult Daycare, L.P. LP 1/27/14 220 South First Street

Guntown Krazie Daizie, LLC LLC 1/24/14 168 Eunice St Mamanem Corporation NP 1/31/14 172 Edison Ave

Hamilton Kim’s Steak & Fish House, LLC LLC 1/29/14 40034 Pace Rd

Hattiesburg BGK Fallschase, LLC LLC 1/17/14 309 South 40th Avenue BGK Tennessee 1200, LLC LLC 1/17/14 309 South 40th Avenue BioStat Solutions, Inc. BUS 1/8/14 104 Elaine Cir Black Insurance Agency, Inc. BUS 1/24/14 3901 Hardy Street Bobcat Village, LLC LLC 1/17/14 28 Crane Park BPAK Acquisition Corporation BUS 1/23/14 623 N.Main Street, Suite 200 Cell Fitness LLC LLC 1/17/14 5194 Lincoln Rd Ext Chowtools Development LLC LLC 1/21/14 6 Clearsprings Ct Devine Home Inspections, LLC LLC 1/10/14 155 Cambrooke DFH Enterprises, LLC LLC 1/6/14 6524 U.S. Highway 98 DG Magee, LLC LLC 1/15/14 10 Lamar Blvd DG Ridgeland LLC LLC 1/15/14 10 Lamar Blvd Drambarean Consulting LLC LLC 1/27/14 67 Woodside Eagle Properties, LLC LLC 1/3/14 202 Pinewood Drive Flint Fix It LLC LLC 1/23/14 140 Shelby St Four Gavins LLC LLC 1/6/14 26 Rue Bordeaux Gray Farm, LLC LLC 1/2/14 48 Liberty Place, Suite 2 GW Murphy Inc BUS 1/13/14 211 S. 29th Ave., Ste 201 HanWel Medical, LLC LLC 1/8/14 20 Montebello Hattiesburg Speedway LLC LLC 1/14/14 4663 Highway 49 South Hidden Treasures of Hattiesburg, LLC


1/21/14 25 Acadian Circle House and Yard Doctor LLC LLC 1/9/14 197 Cameron Road Ingenue Ink, LLC LLC 1/31/14 601 Adeline St Junkie Vanity LLC LLC 1/6/14 275 Westhills Drive #3 Kabeer Burman LLC LLC 1/17/14 155 Cross Creek Parkway KAJATA, LLC LLC 1/23/14 117 RED ROAN ROAD Litton Professional Services LLC LLC 1/14/14 8 Cavalier Drive Locus Benedictus, Inc. NP 1/9/14 48 Liberty Place, Suite 2 M & A Happy Life, LLC LLC 1/15/14 2313 Hardy Street M & P Motors, LLC LLC 1/23/14 607 Corinne Street, Suite C-4 Mohawk Adventures LLC LLC 1/15/14 21 Clear Springs Court Myer Companion Care, LLC LLC 1/7/14 2111 Oak Grove Road Mz Fancy Face, LLC LLC 1/9/14 205 Raybridge Drive Night Hawk Energy, LLC LLC 1/21/14 7 Professional Parkway, Suite 202 Palm Property and Development, LLC


1/17/14 22 Marine Circle Price Auto Sales LLC LLC 1/27/14 102 West Hills Drive R&R Carriers LLC LLC 1/27/14 211 South 29th Ave., Suite 201 Regency Oaks Escambia, LLC LLC 1/6/14 601 Adeline Street Reliance Consulting LLC LLC 1/21/14 193 Bent Creek River League LLC LLC 1/31/14 420 S 34th Ave RORO Indianola, LLC LLC 1/15/14 10 Lamar Blvd Sherron Broom Associates, Inc. BUS 1/27/14 1011 Hardy Street South State Enterprises LLC LLC 1/2/14 2004 W Pine St Southeast Mississippi Philippines Relief Association NP 1/27/14 34 Shoemake Road Lumberton 39455 Southern Outboard Services, LLC LLC 1/14/14 912 River Road Strat Ventures Inc BUS 1/31/14 211 S 29th AVE Suite 201 Sumrall Surveillance & Security, LLC


1/13/14 19 Hartford Ct T & D Real Estate, LLC LLC 1/31/14 6384 US Hwy 98 W The Barquero Retail Corporation BUS 1/23/14 200 Southampton Road

March 14, 2014

The Fieldhouse, Inc NP 1/14/14 6712 U. S. Highway 49, South Thomley Ventures, Inc. BUS 1/8/14 23 Deer Valley Drive Trussel Properties, LLC LLC 1/6/14 1001 West Pine St Underwood Outdoor Power Inc BUS 1/22/14 177 Tallulah Ridge Walk Fellowship NP 1/13/14 3409 Lincoln Road Well Kept Bookkeeping Solutions LLC


1/10/14 3500 Montague Blvd Westhaven Apartments, LLC LLC 1/21/14 22 Central School Road Office Williams Floors & More LLC LLC 1/15/14 219 Foxrun Dr. Y & S America Inc BUS 1/9/14 1000 Turtle Creek Dr. #260 USA Studio Apartments LLC LLC 1/23/14 6518 Highway 49 North

Hazlehurst Ricky Walker Consulting Inc BUS 1/31/14 322 West Gallatin Street

Astor Fine Builders, LLC LLC 1/21/14 1189 West Oak Grove Rd Bless Her Heart Gifts, LLC LLC 1/29/14 1835 Tara Drive Cleaning by Design LLC LLC 1/29/14 1479 Notting Hill Cv E Cooper Electric LLC LLC 1/27/14 3384 Pettingill Way LLC

1/9/14 5896 Honey Oaks Dr North Mississippi Trail Alliance, Inc 1/23/14 2042 McIngvale North Mississippi Trail Alliance, Inc NP 1/27/14 2042 McIngvale Peak Performance Sports Training and Fitness LLC LLC 1/22/14 1747 Memphis Street Repair Resolutions LLC LLC 1/31/14 8333 Steven Henry Rd. Staghorn Group LLC LLC 1/14/14 1197 Pontotoc Street

Holcomb Concept Mapping LLC LLC 1/24/14 132 Blanch Road

Hollandale Greenville Chinese Cemetery Perpetuate Fund NP 1/23/14 404 Treadway Circle Greg Bruton Properties LLC LLC 1/22/14 134 Treadway Circle Pro-B, Inc. BUS 1/13/14 687 Old Highway 61

Holly Springs Byers Law Firm, LLC LLC 1/3/14 127 East Van Dorn Avenue CEP Consulting LLC LLC 1/15/14 160 Owens Drive Grace Point Church of Christ NP 1/24/14 325 Pegues St Systems Specialists Inc BUS 1/9/14 142 Palomino Run

Horn Lake Billy Hobson Distribution, Inc. BUS 1/7/14 6575 Sinclair Drive Coley Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC LLC

1/27/14 4172 Sharon Dr FLURISH INC BUS 1/15/14 6917 Wrenwood Drive Haitian Creations Co. BUS 1/6/14 3775 Warrington Dr Lend Up DBA BUS 1/15/14 6917 Wrenwood Drive Reliable Transportation and Tours LLC

D&T Delta Land LLC LLC 1/31/14 350 Centraila Rd Delta Multiple Financial Group LLCLLC 1/17/14 205 S Walker Cir Eastland Family LLC LLC 1/15/14 1304 Bayou Drive Holmes Trucking LLC LLC 1/29/14 1105 Industrial Park Drive Jane McCrory Jewelry LLC LLC 1/29/14 285 Fairview Road JPC LLC LLC 1/14/14 1563 Highway 82 East Just Like Home Adult Day Care Limited Liability Company LLC 1/3/14 216 Front Street Ext McDaniel Investments, Inc. BUS 1/29/14 208 West Percy Street Paps & Wanny, LLC LLC 1/16/14 1289 Highway 82 East Vish & Prem, LLC LLC 1/23/14 114 Stonewall Dr

Inverness Jimison Law Office, P.L.L.C. PLLC 1/15/14 24 Compress Rd


Learn and Grow Child Care Center LLC



1/13/14 3159 Kiki Cv. Adams Directional Drilling, LLC LLC 1/13/14 111 East Washington Street Adams Directional, LLC LLC 1/13/14 111 East Washington Street Bug Boy of Houston LLC LLC 1/13/14 150 Simpson Hill Dr. Cannon & Cleary, LLC LLC 1/8/14 111 East Washington Street Peoples Livestock of Houston, LLC LLC 1/6/14 959 Hwy 8 West


Boujie Life Virgin Hair Extensions LLC


1/10/14 3940 Oakhill Drive Briarwood Gas Mart LLC LLC 1/30/14 610 Briarwood Drive Bridging Gaps for a Better Jackson NP 1/29/14 2017 North Lamar St Brinco Mechancal Management Services, Inc BUS 1/14/144450 Old Canton Road, #200, Highland Bluff North

LB LLC LLC 1/27/14 88 Cr 257 Sportsman’s Boat Storage LLC LLC 1/24/14 311 W Eastport St


Business Solutions, LLC LLC 1/14/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Campbell’s Investment Group LLC LLC 1/24/14 852 Crawford St Capitol Street Realty, LLC LLC 1/16/14 125 S Congress, Suite 110 Carey Photography and Videography LLCLLC

133 Millsaps LLC LLC 1/30/14 133 Millsaps Ave 2308 East Northside Drive, LLC LLC 1/8/14 2022 Eastbourne Place 4 Oaks Cattle Company LLC LLC 1/24/14 506 South President Street 434 Decelle St, LLC LLC 1/7/14 3413 North State Street 4M Oil Exploration, LLC LLC 1/30/14 125 South Congress Street 516 Fondren Place, LLC LLC 1/7/14 3413 North State Street 6040 Goodman (MS) LLC LLC 1/24/14 248 East Capitol Street, Suite 840 ABM Wings 2, LLC LLC 1/24/14 5145 Canton Heights Dr ABOCMINISTRIES, LLC LLC 1/7/14 107 Duranville St 39212 Ace Rock Market LLC LLC 1/6/14 5214 Cloverdale Dr Advantage Energy Services, LLC LLC 1/6/14 5222 Runnymede Road Agape Christian Academy Phaz II NP 1/23/14 2024 Boling Street Aie’s Taste of Thai, LLC LLC 1/6/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 AirTran Fuel Services, Inc. BUS 1/9/14 526 South President Street Allen & Wynn Distilling LLC LLC 1/29/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Alleviate & Relax Therapy LLC LLC 1/10/14 500 E Woodrow Wilson Ave Suite B Allred Mineral Company, LLC LLC 1/17/14 1368 Old Fannin Rd, Ste 300 Brandon, Ms 39047 American Southwest Mortgage Corp

Believers Empowerment Ministry NP 1/10/14 795 W County Line Rd Apt 105 Ben Ransom Painting LLC LLC 1/6/14 4562 Kings Hwy Best Builders of Illinois, Inc. BUS 1/24/14 840 Trustmark Building Bett Walker Designs LLC LLC 1/10/14 4159 Navajo Drive Better Schools, Better Jobs NP 1/8/14 1 Jackson Plaza, 188 E, Capitol St Ste 400 BHA Altair, LLC LLC 1/10/14 506 South President Street Big Black River Energy LLC LLC 1/29/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Bishop Construction LLC LLC 1/2/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Blinde Panda Clothing L.L.C. LLC 1/23/14 1129 Woodfield Drive Bonsai Japanese Steak House, LLC LLC 1/21/14 1925 Lakeland Drive


1/15/14 1991 Lakeland Drive Suite L Ameritraining, Inc. BUS 1/6/14 506 South President Street Anointed Inspirations LLC LLC 1/17/14 101 Mt Salus Rd Apt A7 Clinton 39056 AP of Minnesota LLC LLC 1/24/14 506 South President Street April Smith Enterprises, LLC LLC 1/30/14 127 S Roach St #108 Arctic Slope Mission Services, LLC LLC 1/17/14 506 South President Street Associated Acceptance, Inc. BUS 1/22/14 248 East Capitol Street, Suite 840 AssuredPartners of Minnesota LLCLLC 1/24/14 506 South President Street Auto Connection LLC LLC 1/23/14 6025 Floral Dr (39206) AVI Rental Services Division, LLC LLC 1/14/14 506 South President Street B & M Holdings, LLC LLC 1/22/14 4429 Woodlark Dr. Bad Buffalo LLC LLC 1/10/14 312 W. Northside Dr Ballard Law, PLLC PLLC 1/8/14 108 South President Street Becknell Services L.L.C. LLC 1/17/14 506 South President Street Belhaven Village Association, Inc. NP 1/9/14 1225 North State Street

1/14/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 CBS Aviation LLC LLC 1/2/14 1833 Carsley Rd Cedar Ridge Estate & Chapel LLC LLC 1/14/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Central Dynamics DBA OTH 1/3/14 3867 Henderson Rd Chandeleur Pipe Line, LLC LLC 1/9/14 506 South President Street Checkrunners LLC LLC 1/14/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Chestnut Properties Oxford LLC LLC 1/17/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Chuck’s Marine LLC LLC 1/24/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Clark, Clark, & Clark, LLC LLC 1/22/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Clean Cut Lawn Service LLC LLC 1/21/14 1079 Maria Drive Clement Land and Minerals LLC LLC 1/29/14 1368 Old Fannin Road, Suite 300 Brandon, Ms 39047

Colonel Capital, LLC LLC 1/15/14 555 Tombigbee Street, Unit #104 Connection Auto Plex, LLC LLC 1/9/14 6025 Floral Dr (39206) Construction Imaging, LLC LLC 1/10/14 5435 Executive Place, Suite B Cotton Station Holdings, LLC LLC 1/14/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Cox Brothers’ Properties LLC LLC 1/8/14 2119 East Northside Drive (39211) CP Transport LLC LLC 1/6/14 4134 Elpaso St Culp Composites, LLC LLC 1/9/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 D-Star Inc. BUS 1/6/14 1589 Wingfield Dr Da Store LLC LLC 1/2/14 820 Brandon Ave DDW Transport LLC LLC 1/9/14 506 South President Street Dental Services, Inc. BUS 1/14/14 1139 Greenbrier Street Diamond Divas Salon & Spa LLC LLC 1/8/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Diversified Construction Services of Jackson, LLC. LLC 1/7/14 101 Superior Street DK Canada Energy ULC BUS 1/9/14 401 East Capitol 100-M Heritage Bldg DK Canada Energy Unlimited Liability Corporation BUS 1/9/14 401 East Capitol 100-M Heritage Bldg DMH LLC LLC 1/27/14 4504 East Cheryl Drive Dogview, LLC LLC 1/14/14 660 Katherine Drive, Suite 304 Donna M. Meehan, PLLC PLLC 1/7/14 101 South Congress Street Dotson Marketing LLC LLC 1/15/14 506 South President Street Duncan Developments LLC LLC 1/14/14 4500 I55 N, Ste 205 N


Mississippi Business Journal

Earthgrains Baking Companies, LLCLLC 1/27/14 248 East Capitol Street, Suite 840 Emergent Protective Products USA Inc. BUS

1/29/14 506 South President Street Enhanced Wellness Living LLC LLC 1/30/14 1855 Lakeland Drive Epitec, Inc. BUS 1/8/14 506 South President Street Excel Consulting, LLC LLC 1/23/14 166 Elms Court Circle Extracheese, LLC LLC 1/9/14 410 South President Street Fast Frieght MS, LLC LLC 1/2/14 300 South West St Suite 6 FCX Oil & Gas Inc. BUS 1/8/14 506 South President Street Ferrosafe Fuel Services LLC LLC 1/21/14 1220 Lyncrest Avenue Field Fresh, LLC LLC 1/17/14 1230 Raymond Road , Suite 600 Flare Industries, LLC LLC 1/21/14 840 Trustmark Building Foley Carrier Insurance Services LLC


1/31/14 840 Trustmark Building Fondren Bungalows LLC LLC 1/24/14 1739 St. Ann Street Fowler Marketing Management, LLC


1/29/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Frederick B. Brackin Attorney at Law PLLCPLLC

1/29/14 126 Northcliff Dr. Fresh Perspective Consulting Services, LLC LLC 1/2/14 1031 Parkwood Place Fulloflava Productions, LLC LLC 1/31/14 29B Northtown Rd. Gadow Law Firm, PA PA 1/29/14 511 East Pearl Street Gallatin Auto LLC LLC 1/23/14 5750 E Sedgwick Ct. Garden Ridge Management, LLC LLC 1/6/14 248 East Capitol Street, Suite 840 Gas Consultants of Memphis, LLC LLC 1/10/14 840 Trustmark Building Gemco Design LLC LLC 1/29/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Gemstone Ventures Decatur II, LLCLLC 1/22/14 125 S. Congress Street, Suite 1610 Grace Testing Services, LLC LLC 1/6/14 5380 River Thames Rd Greater Mid-Delta Community Development Corporation NP 1/3/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Heaven Cent Fashion Boutique LLCLLC 1/21/14 316 River Rd N Heavenly Help Foundation NP 1/30/14 721 Maple St. High Cotton Development, LLC LLC 1/14/14 7 Waterford Place His Constructors Inc BUS 1/27/14 506 South President Street HK TMS, LLC LLC 1/7/14 248 East Capitol Street, Suite 840 Holcomb Group, LLC LLC 1/31/14 210 E. Capitol St. Home Time Handyman, LLC LLC 1/16/14 1233 Linden Place Honey Badger Holdings LLC LLC 1/9/14 2628A Southerland St. Honey E East M.D. PA PA 1/31/14 3829 Greentree Lane HRC Marine Offshore LLC LLC 1/17/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Hunt Telecommunications LLC LLC 1/15/14 506 South President Street ICS Technologies LLC LLC 1/29/14 1511 Plantation Blvd ImTrulyBeautiful L.L.C. LLC 1/27/14 453 Pimlico Place Infiniti Music Group, LLC LLC 1/8/14 4716 McRaven Rd Interior Innovation LLC LLC 1/8/14 349 Lake of Pines Dr. Isolani Endodontics LLC LLC 1/22/14 840 Trustmark Building ITS, Inc. BUS 1/30/14 506 South President Street J COM Aviation LLC LLC 1/30/14 190 E. Capitol Street, Suite 100 (39201) Jack Cooper Transport Company Inc.


1/13/14 506 South President Street Jackson Family Limited Partnership LP 1/21/14 930 Westway St Jackson Literary Services DBA OTH 1/14/14 4555 Holly Dr., Apt G2 Jackson MS Rentals LLC LLC 1/23/14 4500 I-55 N, Suite 241 Jamestown Way, LLC LLC 1/8/14 2022 Eastbourne Place Jason Carr LLC LLC 1/29/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400



Jazzi Galore LLC LLC 1/29/14 344 Francis St JBH Real Estate LLC LLC 1/31/14 2 Pierce Cove (39211) JCG Solutions LLC LLC 1/27/14 622 Arrowhead Dr. Jeremy Grubbs LLC LLC 1/10/14 741 Old Spanish Trail (Bay St. Louis 39520) Jerry Mc’s Safety LLC LLC 1/29/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Joe A. Waggoner, LLC LLC 1/22/14 4268 I-55 N, Meadowbrook Office Park Jordan Real Estate Solutions LLC LLC 1/24/14 407 North Gallatin Street (39203) JRS Facility Consulting LLC LLC 1/16/14 4136 N. Honeysuckle Cove Kidz Adventures Learning Center LLC


1/23/14 4101 Northview C-2 Kingz of Entertainment LLC LLC 1/6/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Kleinfelder Inc BUS 1/10/14 506 South President Street KP Sourcing, LLC LLC 1/23/14 506 South President Street KPS LLC LLC 1/23/14 506 South President Street L & L Investment Group LLC LLC 1/29/14 2637 Ridgewood Rd Lagniappe Logistics Inc BUS 1/3/14 190 East Capitol Street-Suite 800 Lagniappe Pharmacy Services, LLC LLC 1/16/14 840 Trustmark Building LBD, LLC LLC 1/9/14 4268 I-55 N (Meadowbrook Office Park) Legacy Bend LLC LLC 1/31/14 120 North Congress Street, Suite 300 Life Bible Study Foundation Inc NP 1/24/14 1400 Meadowbrook Road, Suite 100 Link People 2 Biz, LLC LLC 1/27/14 2659 Livingston Road Lynn Lamb Art and Decor, LLC LLC 1/13/14 4308 Dalrymple Court Lytreshia M. Green-Norfleet DBA OTH 1/14/14 4555 Holly Dr., Apt G2 M & A Properties LLC LLC 1/30/14 160 Beverly Cir M&H Auto Shop Inc. BUS 1/9/14 5420 Lynch St M&J Group LLC LLC 1/7/14 598 E Beasley Road Making Moves LLC LLC 1/8/14 787 Launcelot Road Manor Resources, LLC LLC 1/13/14 840 Trustmark Building Martin and Martin, PA, Attorneys & Counselors PA 1/3/14 5709 Highway 80 West Memoe Inc. BUS 1/14/14 6 Charleston Place Metal Composite Matrices, LLC; Doing Business As MetCom, LLC LLC 1/30/14 One Jackson Place; Suite 500 Metcom, LLC DBA LLC 1/30/14 One Jackson Place; Suite 500 Metro Contract Services Corp BUS 1/23/14 840 Trustmark Building MetroPCS Michigan LLC LLC 1/13/14 506 South President Street Mid South Water of Texas, LLC LLC 1/14/14 248 East Capitol Street, Suite 840 Mid South Water, LLC LLC 1/14/14 248 East Capitol Street, Suite 840 MidSouth SB I, LLC LLC 1/14/14 4429 Woodlark Dr. Mississippi Behavior Services LLC LLC 1/15/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Mississippi Conservatives NP 1/10/14 1125 Poplar Blvd 39202 Mississippi Prep Advantage Inc BUS 1/17/14 14 Northtown Drive #205 Mittie Lou’s LLC LLC 1/29/14 4270 I-55 North Mr D’s RV Repair LLC LLC 1/16/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Mr Mess LLC LLC 1/14/14 4500 I55 N, Ste 205 N Mr. Arnold Snacks LLC LLC 1/23/14 3630 Rainey Rd Apt 34 MVCC Investment Holdings, LLC LLC 1/13/14 2335 Twin Lakes Circle N Good Luck 3 LLC LLC 1/29/14 2611 W 7th Street, Ste 20 Nationwide Collection Agencies, Inc.


1/17/14 506 South President Street Naturally Elegant Jewelry Inc BUS 1/30/14440 Cross Park Drive Apt Cc1508 Pearl Ms 39208 Networked Insurance Agents LLC LLC 1/21/14 506 South President Street New Beginnings Barber & Beauty LLC



2460 Terry Rd Ste 1400


18 I Mississippi Business Journal I March 14, 2014 New Hope Foundation of Willow Run


1/15/14131 Culpepper Dr Jackson, Ms 39212 Noblin Properties LLC LLC 1/17/14 660 Katherine Drive, Suite 304 Noblin Road Farms LLC LLC 1/10/14 660 Katherine Drive, Suite 304 North Lake Construction Co., Inc. BUS 1/3/14 506 South President Street Old School Mobile Detail LLC LLC 1/8/14 714 Adkins Blvd Orange PC Medix LLC LLC 1/8/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Oreion Motors LLC LLC 1/6/14 405 Briarwood Dr Ste 103 A Outcomes Health Information Solutions, LLC LLC 1/9/14 506 South President Street Outdoor Advantage Systems LLC LLC 1/2/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 PACKETEX LLC LLC 1/3/14 440 Bounds Street, Suite B Patriot Finance, LLC LLC 1/21/14 506 South President Street PGT Solutions LLC LLC 1/29/14 1437 Old Square Road Suite 202 Phoenix Automotive LLC LLC 1/10/14 320 Elton Rd Ste A Pine Ridge MHC, LLC LLC 1/16/14 213 South Lamar Street Pinnacle Mortgage Field Services LLC


1/17/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 PKC Productions LLC LLC 1/10/14 217 West Capitol Street, Suite 201 PND Consultanting “LLC” LLC 1/7/14 840 Trustmark Building Precision Tech LLC LLC 1/21/14 1232 Monroe Street Premier Insurance Benefits, LLC LLC 1/6/14 506 South President Street Presh Tots Couture Children’s Boutique, LLC LLC 1/9/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Prestige Cigar, LLC LLC 1/10/14 1010 Northpointe Drive Probity Contracting Group, LLC LLC 1/9/14 400 East Capitol Street (39201) Project Time & Cost, LLC LLC 1/22/14 506 South President Street Promised Land Management, LLC LLC 1/3/14 125 S Congress Street Suite 1240 PTL GP, LLC LLC 1/21/14 506 South President Street Pulse Dance Studio, Club and Fitness Center, LLC LLC 1/14/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 QCR Rehab, Inc. BUS 1/14/14 506 South President Street Quality Care Rehab, Inc. BUS 1/14/14 506 South President Street R. Williams, LLC LLC 1/2/14 129B S. President Street Radiosurgical Center of Memphis, L.P.


1/21/14 248 East Capitol Street Suite 840 Rae Systems Inc. BUS 1/22/14 506 South President Street Rainey Construction, LLC LLC 1/9/14 219 Rollingwood Drive RDCI Inc BUS 1/29/14 217 West Capitol Street, Suite 201 Ready to Go!, L.L.C. LLC 1/31/14 2910 Angela Circle Real Resources, Inc. NP 1/10/14 506 South President Street Realty Income Properties 30, LLC LLC 1/21/14 506 South President Street Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals Solutions Inc BUS 1/21/14 506 South President Street RedRock Mortgage DBA BUS 1/15/14 1991 Lakeland Drive Suite L Reliable Therapy Inc BUS 1/29/14 1365 Clincy Road Rent-A-Tire, L.P. LP 1/6/14 506 South President Street Reservoir Landing, LLC LLC 1/9/14 400 East Capitol Street (39201) Rightway Repair LLC LLC 1/29/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Rob’s Cabinets & More, LLC LLC 1/14/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Rollins Management LLC LLC 1/9/14 38 McLain Court Roxie Services, L.L.C. LLC 1/10/14 248 East Capitol Street, Suite 840 Rush Truck Insurance Services Dba


1/22/14 248 East Capitol Street, Suite 840 S.T.A.R.K. Trucking Co. LLC LLC 1/29/14 3321 Meadow Lane Sam’s Quick Mart LLC LLC 1/30/14 943 W. McDowell Road Scarff & Hill, LLC LLC 1/9/14 1455 Lelia Drive, Ste. 100

Shaker Trucking LLC LLC 1/30/14 506 South President Street Shani K. Collins Consulting LLC LLC 1/21/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Shelby Construction Company, LLCLLC 1/14/14 2630 Ridgewood Road, Suite C Sille Biofuels LLC LLC 1/6/14 5513 Will O Run Drive Simpleman Enterprise LLC LLC 1/15/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Sitting Pretty LLC LLC 1/16/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 SJG Ranches LLC LLC 1/17/14 248 East Capitol Street, Suite 840 Smashed, LLC LLC 1/9/14 410 South President Street Sneed Farms LLC LLC 1/10/14 3870 Old Canton Road Sons of the King Inc NP 1/17/14 2829 Lakeland Drive Suite 1502 (39232) Southern Investment Funding, LLC LLC 1/14/14 5022 Old Canton Rd Southern Quest Safaris LLC LLC 1/16/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Spirit of the Heartland South, LLC LLC 1/29/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 State Meadowbrook Development, L.L.C.LLC

1/13/14 4270 I-55 North (Jackson 39211) Sun Deck Tanning and Spa 2 LLC LLC 1/15/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 Sunoco, LLC LLC 1/8/14 506 South President Street Sunrise Food Mart LLC LLC 1/3/14 5681 Highway 18 Sunrise Liquor and Wine LLC LLC 1/3/14 5681 Highway 18 T. M. Oneal Construction Inc BUS 1/31/14 168 Inez Owens Drive Take Action Consulting Inc NP 1/27/14 49 Northtown Drive Apt28A Temo, Inc. BUS 1/27/14 506 South President Street THB Construction LLC LLC 1/27/14 212 River Pl The Aotc Company LLC LLC 1/21/14 460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 The Consulting Services Group, Inc.


1/13/14 1543 Brobridge Drive The Gathering of Believers Church NP 1/2/14 3410 Elraine Blvd. The Inception Group LLC LLC 1/16/14 1880 Lakeland Drive, Suite C The Searcy Law Office, PLLC PLLC 1/14/14 5448 I-55 North Suite A Therakos, Inc. BUS 1/7/14 506 South President Street Thigpen Enterprises LLC LLC 1/30/14 4576 Hwy 80 w Three Brothers Investment Group LLC


1/14/14 3970 W. Highway 80 Timothy O’Neal East DBA OTH 1/3/14 3867 Henderson Rd Titan Exteriors, Inc. BUS 1/21/14 506 South President Street Titan Roof DBA BUS 1/21/14 506 South President Street Tolliver Roofing & Repair Co, Inc. BUS 1/6/14 1344 Darden Rd Tripwire, Inc. BUS 1/9/14 506 South President Street Turbo Title Loans DBA LLC 1/13/14 840 Trustmark Building Txen Partners, LLC LLC 1/14/14 840 Trustmark Building Txen, LLC LLC 1/14/14 840 Trustmark Building Underwood Farms LLC LLC 1/10/14 660 Katherine Drive, Suite 304 United Staffing Management LLC LLC 1/16/14 101 South Congress Street V-Soft Consulting Group Inc. LLC 1/9/14 506 South President Street Vital Support Systems, L.L.C. LLC 1/2/14 506 South President Street WFDS Lease Originations Ltd. MBA 1/24/14 506 South President Street Williams Plastering Company LLC LLC 1/2/14 4634 Norway Dr Williams Remodeling and Maintanence Services LLC LLC 1/27/14 2935 Barwood Drive Willie Bingham Trucking Inc. BUS 1/14/14 208 Fox Meadows Rd Willie C. Fortner, LLC LLC 1/9/14 6330 Whitestone Rd WT Gas Station, LLC LLC 1/7/14 3727 N West Street

Jayess K&B Tax Services LLC LLC 1/13/14 29 Green Cemetary Rd

The Troy & Audrey Brent Community Park, Inc. NP 1/24/14 25 Greer Cemetery Road

Killeen B & B Tire Shack Dba OTH 1/8/14 7205 Goldenoaks Lane Marcus Marzett DBA OTH 1/8/14 7205 Goldenoaks Lane

Lexington J & J Auto Services & Sales, Inc BUS 1/22/14 108 Conn St The Pompe Group NP 1/31/14 963 Rockport Road



Myriad Enterprises LLC LLC 1/29/14 4674 Meadville Rd The Lofton Corporation BUS 1/23/14 2267 A Street Rd

Hughes Appraisals and Home Inspections LLC LLC 1/9/14 113 Hamer Rd

Little Rock


Harrison Forestry Services LLC LLC 1/24/14 142 Sawmill Rd

Cell Phone Medic, LLC LLC 1/17/14 4155 Orchid St Cool Breeze Aviation LLC LLC 1/13/14 7250 Stennis Airport Dr Crittenden Distillery LLC LLC 1/13/14 18980 Hwy 43 Matt & Matt, Ltd. BUS 1/2/14 6011 Apache Dr Real to Reel, LLC LLC 1/16/14 19100 Hunter Drive Wayne’s Way Car Service LLC LLC 1/2/14 21213 Cameron Rd

Long Beach



BDJ Enterprises LLC 1/22/14

LLC 223 Taylor Road

Kosciusko Arm Candy & Accessories LLC LLC 1/21/14 202 Westwood Dr Mid Mississippi Land and Timber LLC


1/8/14 2886 Attala Rd 3033 Summer Sno, LLC LLC 1/21/14 2720 Attala Road 1154

Lambert Robert K Mehrle Farms LLC LLC 1/17/14 3100 Anderson Road

Lauderdale MdB Rentals LLC 1/15/14

LLC 3739 Oakridge Lane

Laurel 2 T Ranch LLC LLC 1/23/14 49 Beard Rd Diane Boyd Farm LLC LLC 1/24/14 74 Hines Road Fast & Friendly Express LLC LLC 1/27/14 928 West 6th Street FYI, LLC LLC 1/29/14 35 Don Curt Drive Hales on Wheels LLC LLC 1/23/14 40 Houston Road Intercontinental Corporation BUS 1/30/14 12 Gardiner Place Jasa Properties, LLC LLC 1/13/14 17 Lake Heritage Road KH Cleaning Services LLC LLC 1/29/14 68 Ira Gilbert Rd Laurel Obstetrics and Gynecology, PA


1/9/14 37 Willow Creek Lane Motes Farms, LLC LLC 1/13/14 54 Smith Holifield Road PetroQuest LLC LLC 1/27/14 1611 Sandersville Sharon Road Southern Magnolia Lawn Care, LLCLLC 1/2/14 25 Bay Circle TDawgs Cleaning Service, LLC LLC 1/23/14 24 Kelley Rd The Britton Group, LLC LLC 1/9/14 315 Sawmill Road, Suite 222 The Quarter Century Group LLC LLC 1/3/14 602 Carroll Gartin Blvd., Suite B

Leland BTT, LLC LLC 1/29/14 124 Fitzhugh St PDD Railcars LLC LLC 1/13/14 2110 Tribbett Road The Garden Market LLC LLC 1/15/14 2484 Wilcox Road

Lena Kyzar Properties, Inc. BUS 1/6/14 200 Kyzar Road

Billes Architects, P.L.L.C. PLLC 1/8/14 7133 Beatline Road Captain David Hill LLC LLC 1/2/14 826 East Railroad Street LBGSL, Inc NP 1/22/14 780 Klondyke Rd SRB Holdings, LLC LLC 1/31/14 4 Mossy Oaks Ln Taylor Made Soil Center, LLC LLC 1/21/14 22405 Pineville Rd

Destined to Reign Ministries NP 1/13/14 131 Eiland Ave ForMing AgRotors Inc BUS 1/31/14 34 Stringer Industrial Park Road Mt. Bell Missionary Baptist Church NP 1/8/14 8215 Brooksville Rd

Lucedale Clark Lane Holdings LLC LLC 1/13/14 1175 Will Howell Road Passeau Enterprises LLC LLC 1/15/14 1151 Rocky Creek Rd

Lumberton Gulf States Preservation LLC LLC 1/29/14 78 Tamchelle Rd Purpose Travels International LLC LLC 1/14/14 277 Lower Airport Road Salt LLC LLC 1/3/14 38 Old Hwy 11

Lyon Field A C & Heating LLC LLC 1/13/14 2610 Martin Luther King Blvd

Maben FJH Logging, LLC LLC 1/29/14 273 RiLeigh Kate Drive

Macon Gillespie & Sons Electrical, LLC LLC 1/17/14 2605 Gillespie Rd

Madison 4 Corners Communications Inc BUS 1/30/14 741 Harris St Ste D Jackson 39201 Adorn “U” Boutique, LLC LLC 1/31/14 106 Quail Run Dr Alpha Medical Equipment, LLC LLC 1/30/14 873 Wellington Way Analytix, LLC LLC 1/7/14 320 Culleys Stand ATC Enterprises, LLC LLC 1/2/14 209 Brisage Blvd Austin Services LLC LLC 1/10/14 35 Redbud Lane Beard Construction Services, LLC LLC 1/23/14 604 Highleadon Place Bob Pillow, Jr., LLC LLC 1/7/14 102 Grey Brant Court Branchfield Properties LLC LLC 1/29/14 109 Honey Locust Court Build Update LLC LLC 1/24/14 113 Edgewood Drive Buy Direct Mississippi LLC LLC 1/17/14 117 Hoy Farms Dr. By Faith Properties LLC LLC 1/30/14 165 Bradfield Rd. Cabatt, LLC LLC 1/14/14 179 Wrights Mill Drive Chicot Park, LLC LLC 1/15/14 124 One Madison Plaza, Suite 1500 Coats Management LLC LLC 1/14/14 412 Meadowgreen Lane Cook’s Chapel LLC LLC 1/9/14 2110 J R Lynch St ( Jackson 39209)

CSC Tree Farms, LLC LLC 1/30/14 113 Executive Dr Suite A (39110) Daphne Collective LLC LLC 1/10/14 332 St Ives Dr Delta Farm Services LLC LLC 1/16/14 133 Executive Drive Suite F Destiny’s House, Inc NP 1/24/14 156 Hawkridge Drive Doe Steely Real Estate LLC LLC 1/17/14 324 Long Cove Drive EDP Consulting, L.L.C. LLC 1/3/14 1888 Main Street, Suite C366 Eudora Partners, L.P. LP 1/15/14 124 One Madison Plaza, Suite 1500 Everything Unique Boutique LLC LLC 1/27/14 160 Weisenberger Road Suite W Family Matters First LLC LLC 1/16/14 1888 Main St. #c-169 FCGM, LLC LLC 1/15/14 124 One Madison Plaza, Suite 1500 Frock Fashions Inc BUS 1/2/14 111 Colony Crossing Suite 160 H2 Gaming LLC LLC 1/29/14 136 Novara Trail Handwerker LLC LLC 1/23/14 370 St. Augustine Drive Happy Hour Blondes Media LLC LLC 1/14/14 7720 Old Canton Rd. Suite C-1 Hembar Property, LLC LLC 1/17/14 140 Fountain Blvd. Ste. E Hicky Garden, LLC LLC 1/15/14 124 One Madison Plaza, Suite 1500 Horizon Sales South LLC LLC 1/29/14 131 Eastpointe Cir James Burns Consulting LLC LLC 1/15/14 3004 Tidewater Circle JC Creative Studio, LLC LLC 1/30/14 1036 Bridgeport Dr John Stephen Rogers DBA OTH 1/27/14 132 Hanging Moss Lane JP’s Mobile DJ Roadshow LLC LLC 1/27/14 111 Ridgefield Dr Kakikam, LLC LLC 1/29/14 136 Novara Trail Los Manatiales, Inc. BUS 1/24/14 456 Annandale Parkway M & F Medical Sales LLC LLC 1/23/14 400 Mannsdale Rd Magnolia Holdings, LLC LLC 1/8/14 204 Key Dr, Suite A Madison MS 39110 Magnolia Innovative Solutions, LLCLLC 1/6/14 112 Woodberry Place Marianna Partners II, L.P. LP 1/15/14 124 One Madison Plaza, Suite 1500 Marianna Partners, L.P. LP 1/15/14 124 One Madison Plaza, Suite 1500 McCarley Art LLC LLC 1/7/14 123 Greenridge Dr. Meadow Park, LLC LLC 1/15/14 124 One Madison Plaza, Suite 1500 MedXclusive LLC LLC 1/13/14 222 Honours Drive Mississippi Portfolio Developers LLC


1/29/14 102 First Choice Drive Morris Real Estate VIII, LLC LLC 1/23/14 108 Solleftea Dr MPPI-Susie B West, LLC LLC 1/22/14 102 First Choice Drive MPPII-Lower Woodville, LLC LLC 1/22/14 102 First Choice Drive MPPIII-MLK, LLC LLC 1/22/14 102 First Choice Drive MPPIV-Greenbriar, LLC LLC 1/22/14 102 First Choice Drive MPPIX-George Lewis, LLC LLC 1/22/14 102 First Choice Drive MPPV-Promised Land, LLC LLC 1/22/14 102 First Choice Drive MPPVI-WJ Bishop, LLC LLC 1/22/14 102 First Choice Drive MPPVII-Bennie S. Gooden, LLC LLC 1/22/14 102 First Choice Drive MPPVIII-Higgins-McClaurin, LLC LLC 1/22/14 102 First Choice Drive MPPX-Canton Family, LLC LLC 1/22/14 102 First Choice Drive MPPXI-Hawkins, LLC LLC 1/24/14 102 First Choice Drive Norman P. Katool Investments II LLC


1/10/14 131 Northlake Drive OTT Consulting, LLC LLC 1/15/14 118 Sycamore Ridge Providence Court Reporting LLC LLC 1/16/14 330 Summerville Drive Radiant You & Your Skin Too, LLC LLC 1/13/14 3129 W. Tidewater Ln Rogers Partners, L.P. LP 1/15/14 124 One Madison Plaza, Suite 1500 Rogers, Ainsworth & Williams PLLC PLLC 1/16/14 704 North President St Jackson 39202

SCH-Hattiesburg LLC LLC 1/15/14 109 Golden Pond Drive

Serena Rasberry Clark, Attorney at Law, PLLC PLLC 1/8/14 100 Cold Creek Hollow Simpson County Market, LLC LLC 1/8/14 400 Old Rice Road Southern Fund, LLC LLC 1/30/14 424 Hampton Court Southern Oaks Property Owners Association NP 1/13/14 123 Langdon Drive SR Electric DBA OTH 1/27/14 132 Hanging Moss Lane Trivascular Sales LLC LLC 1/23/14 108 Woods Crossing Boulevard Valero Mini Mart, Inc. BUS 1/27/14 105 North Drive Vizaline LLC LLC 1/21/14 216 Hickory Glen Watson Tree Farms, LLC LLC 1/15/14 276 Geneva Blvd Welch Fit, LLC LLC 1/29/14 123 Weldon Drive Wheatley Properties, LLC LLC 1/30/14 115 Chantilly Drive

Magee Belle Maison LLC LLC 1/13/14 547 Golf Course Road Dickson Appliance & Furniture LLC LLC 1/24/14 224 Main Avenue S Guess Berry Enterprises, LLC LLC 1/31/14 134 Olen Road Joe and Cindy Corley, LLC LLC 1/23/14 152 Deer Run Rd Zip’s Restaurant of Magee, LLC LLC 1/15/14 111 Zip Road

Magnolia E W Magee Properties Limited Liability Company LLC 1/29/14 2120 Gibson Rd Rhonda Thomas Rushing, MSN, FNP, ACNP, LLC LLC 1/27/14 535 North Cherry Street

Meadville DRCH Trucking LLC LLC 1/2/14 26 South First Street KWSinc BUS 1/23/14 2304 Pleasant Valley Road, SE

Memphis Foxhaven Joint Venture OTH 1/21/14 1010 June Rd

Mendenhall ACM Consulting Inc BUS 1/22/14 119 Miller Farm Drive Emme Elle Creations LLC LLC 1/15/14 221 Hezekiah Weatheresby Rd Lady Charlie DBA OTH 1/7/14 427 Mary Grove Church Road Professional Flooring LLC LLC 1/15/14 105 County Line Rd Rustic Magnolia, LLC LLC 1/31/14 118 Natchez Lane Sylvia Myers DBA OTH 1/7/14 427 Mary Grove Church Road

Meridian Commercial Refrigeration Inc BUS 1/22/14 621 Nature’s Way Convenience Stores of East Mississippi and West Alabama, LLCLLC 1/31/14 4315 Highway 39 North, Apt. 11G Fourth Day Ministries Inc NP 1/8/14 6145 Causeyville Rd Gowdy Medical Services LLC LLC 1/24/14 8263 Eagle Pointe Drive IBB Mini Mart, LLC LLC 1/10/14 323 Chapel Hill Drive Jade Anthoni LLC LLC 1/22/14 814 Hull Street James Porter Ministries NP 1/27/14 2208 9Th Street Mitchell Beverage of Maryland, LLC

Mantachie Deep South Precision Inc BUS 1/16/14 41 Fawn Grove Curroff Rd

Marion Nail Shop Bonita Lakes LLC LLC 1/17/14 5428 Boxwood Lane

Marks SAP, LLC 1/8/14

Sunny Hill Monticello, Inc. BUS 1/7/14 1099 Hawthorn Drive

LLC 190 Berkley Street

McCarley Knightwings Enterprises, LLC LLC 1/8/14 1098 County Road 70

McComb ACP Properties LLC LLC 1/14/14 427 Delaware Ave. Brown Painting LLC LLC 1/8/14 102 Laurel Street Ste A CJ Used Cars LLC LLC 1/2/14 531 West Presley Blvd DST of McComb, Inc. BUS 1/2/14 1080 Stonegate Dure Temps, LLC LLC 1/16/14 2009 Shawnee Drive Eckman Properties LLC LLC 1/7/14 1099 Hawthorn Drive Fabolous Five Tax Service LLC LLC 1/23/14 224 Holmes Ave Fleetwood Properties LLC LLC 1/9/14 111 Burke Avenue Franklin’s Renovations LLC LLC 1/8/14 520 Cameron Street G.C. Gill, LLC LLC 1/6/14 412 West Michigan Hi Fashions, LLC LLC 1/6/14 1602 Veterans Blvd J&D Transit Registered LLC of MS LLC 1/27/14 4116 Hwy 51 South Khalaf Plaza Hazlehurst, LLC LLC 1/8/14 1602 Veterans Blvd Khalaf Plaza McComb, LLC LLC 1/6/14 1602 Veterans Blvd Khalaf Plaza Westpoint, LLC LLC 1/6/14 1602 Veterans Blvd Nakasato Contracting LLC LLC 1/22/14 2188 Higway 44 East Southern Touches Bridal and Boutique LLC LLC 1/21/14 1120 Liberty White Lane


1/21/14 100 49Th Avenue MMA of Maryland, LLC LLC 1/21/14 100 49Th Avenue N&W Express Inc. BUS 1/2/14 2393 Russell Mt. Gilead Rd Robert D. Jones, Esq. LLC LLC 1/2/14 1803 24Th Avenue Rollings Outreach NP 1/21/14 1436 45Th Ave Sadka Realty LLC LLC 1/7/14 3510 29Th Ave Sams Cellphones Accessories and Tobacco Inc BUS 1/6/14 2516 8Th Street Scrubs Station LLC LLC 1/13/14 7322 King Road WC Brown Ministries NP 1/27/14 1000 30Th Ave. Wholesale Furniture Gallery, LLC LLC 1/16/14 2222 Front Street Zabby USA LLC LLC 1/21/14 1210 Bonita Lakes Circle

Merigold Cameloide Productions LLC LLC 1/21/14 212 Sunflower Street Phillips Family Farms Inc BUS 1/9/14 1785 N Bayou Rd

Mize M & R Timber, LLC 1/9/14 Sassy Sisters, LLC 1/21/14

LLC 305 South Oak St LLC 143 SCR 92B

Monticello Cox Energy Services LLC LLC 1/29/14 593 Trace Road

Mooreville Prestige Properties Maintenance & Management, LLC LLC 1/22/14 843 Hwy 371

Moorhead Chem Nut Inc 1/24/14

BUS 502 Olive Drive

Morton Allison Measells LLC LLC 1/6/14 1610 Measells Rd

INCORPORATIONS Castle House Antiques, Inc. BUS 1/3/14 1511 Morris Tuller Roed China Kitchen Morton LLC LLC 1/16/14 341 4Th St QTS LLC LLC 1/9/14 4890 Hwy 13 S

New Augusta


Marietta Booster Club NP 1/29/14 339 Cr 4141 Marietta Elementary PTO NP 1/29/14 339 Cr 4141

Gavin Transport LLC LLC 1/13/14 17 Shiloh Church Road

Moss Point Aqua Terra Landscaping & Irrigation Inc.BUS

1/2/14 18601 Rayford Shumock Rd City Centre of Pascagoula LLC LLC 1/14/14 3436 Main Street Lockes’ Place Personal Care Home/adult Daycare NP 1/6/14 3812 Juniper St Mescalero, LLC LLC 1/7/14 7321 Big Point Rd Oak Centre LLC LLC 1/16/14 3436 Main Street Parkers Purpose NP 1/30/14 8033 Misty Meadow Dr Stennis Properties LLC LLC 1/27/14 4824 Griffin Street Valencia Auto Mechanics #1, Inc BUS 1/3/14 3806 Camillia St Wellness Consultants Inc. BUS 1/8/14 17003 Highway 63

Mound Bayou Deznick Carriers LLC LLC 1/9/14 645 Old Mound Bayou Road Gateway to Heaven Ministries NP 1/10/14 392 E. Mound Bayou Rd Kataram Enterprises LLC LLC 1/6/14 201 N. W. Main Ave.

Mount Olive McWilliams Logging, LLC LLC 1/3/14 354 Coats Road

Myrtle Southern Love LLC LLC 1/30/14 1368 State Road 30 West

Natchez Bayou Oilfield Supply, LLC LLC 1/23/14 209 North Commerce St C Gibson Family Properties LLC LLC 1/24/14 525 Duncan Ave DJ’s Gifted Hands Floor & Title Service, LLC LLC 1/15/14 200 Espero Drive Geness Leasing LLC LLC 1/29/14 4 Ravenna Lane God with Us Ministries NP 1/31/14 24 Cardinal Dr Natchez Brewing Company LLC LLC 1/13/14 719 N. Union St Nubian Social Aid & Pleasure Club LLC


1/6/14 34 East Wilderness Road Restore Natchez Foundation, Inc BUS 1/6/14 200 Auburn Avenue Rhynes and Taylor Farms, LLC LLC 1/22/14 19 Sgt. Prentiss Dr Rosehill Plantation LLC LLC 1/29/14 587 Hutchins Landing Road

Nesbit B&J Recovery LLC LLC 1/30/14 1151 Hwy 51 #281 Everfocus Electronics Corp. BUS 1/27/14 2948 Grove Meadows The Besinger Family Enterprises Incorporated BUS 1/27/14 4538 Austin Rd Vision Church NP 1/8/14 3203 Bridgemoore Dr

New Albany Gilley’s Tire & ATV LLC LLC 1/24/14 305 W Bankhead Lapels, Inc. BUS 1/2/14 593 Glendale Road Roberts Electrical & Plumbing LLC LLC 1/16/14 1009 Allred Dr Scott’s Auto Repair, LLC LLC 1/24/14 303 Westbankhead Street Summit Lawn Mower Company, L.L.C.


1/24/14 112 East Bankhead Street, Suite A T. Ferrell-Wiley Ministries NP 1/27/14 1187 Lot 4 Martintown

The Lora Jean Odom Memorial 4-H Scholarship Inc NP 1/9/14 102 2Nd Street

New Site

John Wesley Trucking LLC LLC 1/13/14 224 Wells St

Newton Carroll Enterprises, LLC LLC 1/23/14 100 Russell Street

Noxapater C Trans Inc 1/23/14

Daystar Logistics LLC LLC 1/6/14 5628 Michaelson Dr Direct Labor Solutions, LLC LLC 1/17/14 8788 Hacks Cross Road Diversified Coatings Service, Inc BUS 1/6/14 4400 Nail Road Full Motion Running and Cycling LLC


BUS 1077 Hwy 395

Oakland New Persimmon Hill M.B. Church NP 1/17/14 30656 Highway 32

Ocean Springs Allen-Waverly, LLC LLC 1/14/14 1402 Helmers Lane Anarkhos Games Incorporated BUS 1/16/14 602 Rue Maupesant BL Family, LLC LLC 1/9/14 1019 Government Street Suite F Earley Group LLC LLC 1/10/14 103 Leigh Cir Edgar Flores Lawn Service LLC LLC 1/10/14 2905 Joni Drive ForeCon, LLC LLC 1/13/14 11512 Bayou Pl Garcia Properties LLC LLC 1/10/14 2596 Bienville Boulevard Lava Investments, L.L.C. LLC 1/27/14 4125 Silverwood Drive McMillian Connect LLC LLC 1/10/14 3201 North 6th Street Miss Beauty World Inc BUS 1/10/14 6721 Washington Ave Apt 4k Oak Park Pediatrics LLC LLC 1/13/14 212 Elegans Ct Pariona Properties LLC LLC 1/10/14 2596 Bienville Boulevard Pro-Tek Automotive, LLC LLC 1/21/14 2410 Goverment Street Sekul’s Pool Service, LLC LLC 1/21/14 316 Lovers Lane Soldiers for Adaptive SCUBA NP 1/23/14 3309 Nottingham Rd Steve Nall Tile and Installation LLCLLC 1/3/14 403 Brumbaugh Rd Superior Home Inspections LLC LLC 1/6/14 2519 Havard Rd Superiorone Enterprises LLC LLC 1/15/14 7117 Thistle St Sweet Magnolia Charm LLC LLC 1/21/14 3520 N. 6th Street

Okolona C & Y Enterprise LLC LLC 1/9/14 1665 S Hwy 45 Alternate Core Strike LLC LLC 1/14/14 327 WEST MAIN STREET Gregory Rentals LLC LLC 1/10/14 327 West Main Street The Cozy Kitchen LLC LLC 1/10/14 327 West Main Street The Dorothy McGory Organization for a Better Life NP 1/23/14 301 East Monroe Street

Olive Branch 1 Solution Auto Network LLC LLC 1/24/14 8953 Cockrum Street Anthony Educational Services LLC LLC 1/29/14 13156 Arbor Dr B & S Express Inc BUS 1/27/14 9356 Goodman Rd B & S Mechanical Services LLC LLC 1/27/14 9356 Goodman Rd Bland’s Lawn Service LLC LLC 1/15/14 4372 Lexi Drive Change Dynamics LLC LLC 1/15/14 8858 Dehart Drive Cottrell Aviation Services, LLC LLC 1/8/14 6392 Braybourne Main

March 14, 2014


1/30/14 4090 Delbridge Court North Global Medical LLC LLC 1/29/14 4845 Waterstone Dr Good Cleaning, LLC LLC 1/21/14 10092 Tally Ho Dr Integrity Lawn Care LLC LLC 1/16/14 6623 Bristol Park J&K Properties, LLC LLC 1/23/14 9080 Davidson Road McG Fight Club LLC LLC 1/13/14 9991 Hwy 178 Suite B Midsouth Junk Solutions, LLC LLC 1/13/14 6746 White Hawk Ln. Monroe’s Garage, LLC LLC 1/6/14 7300 Craft Goodman Rd Suite 1A MV Trucking LLC LLC 1/31/14 10190 Chateau Dr Nabors Drop Yard, LLC LLC 1/23/14 9080 Davidson Road New Mount Gillian Missionary Baptist Church NP 1/21/14 7954 Alexander Road Next Level Living Foundation NP 1/10/14 7282 Blue Bird Cove Nordic Leak Detection, LLC LLC 1/10/14 6213 Arlington Lane Old Craft Road LLC LLC 1/22/14 8855 Old Craft Road Ragken Corporation BUS 1/17/14 8443 Westbrook Drive SF Transport, LLC LLC 1/17/14 9189 Coleman Street Supply Chain Systems LLC LLC 1/6/14 8970 Deerfield Drive Tallahatchie SEC LLC LLC 1/2/14 6760†AUTUMN†OAKS†DR The House of Living Faith NP 1/13/14 6397 Goodman Road Suite 112

Osyka Strawn Consulting Services LLC LLC 1/6/14 1300 McMillan Rd

Ovett Ovett Little General Store, LLC LLC 1/27/14 963 Monarch Road

Oxford 208 Lamar LLC LLC 1/8/14200 Highway 51 North ( Batesville 38606) A&A Commercial, LLC LLC 1/21/14 544 Wedgewood Dr A&GT Properties LLC LLC 1/29/14 299 South 9th Street, Ste. 201 Acscreditrepair LLC LLC 1/21/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C Albriton Properties - Srarkville, LLC


1/17/14 248 Olde Castle Loop Albriton Properties- Oxford, LLC LLC 1/13/14 248 Olde Castle Loop Alpha Transportation LLC LLC 1/13/14 302 Hwy 7 South American Construction Services, LLC


1/14/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C AmeriPride Home Care, LLC LLC 1/29/14 405 Galleria Lane Suite C Ancillary 123 Mississippi, LLC LLC 1/29/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C Blessed Administrative Services, LLC


1/14/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C Blue Collar Lines, LLC LLC 1/24/14 1107 Highway 328 BlueHeronLandCompany LLC LLC 1/31/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C Brave Communication, LLC LLC 1/27/14 1300 Access Road, Suite 100 Brown Capital Enterprises LLC LLC 1/24/14 829 North Lamar, Suite 1 Charles Home Automation, Inc. BUS 1/24/14 136 Breckenridge Drive Collier Family Properties IV, LLC LLC 1/6/14 1130 North Lamar Blvd Compassionate Hands, Inc. BUS 1/10/14 400 South Lamar, Suite A Conlee Construction Services, LLC LLC 1/14/14 299 South 9th Street, Suite 101 Cooley Springs Enterprises, Inc. BUS 1/17/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C Cotton States Realty LLC LLC 1/10/14 405 Galleria Lane Ste B-2 Crawfish Breaux’s, LLC LLC 1/24/14 405 Galleria Lane Cross Construction Management LLC


1/21/14 299 South 9th Street Suite 101 Doc’s Bimmer Shop, LLC LLC 1/3/14 2614 West Oxford Loop East of Suez Traders Existential Traveller Inc BUS 1/13/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C Element 919, LLC LLC 1/21/14 829 North Lamar Boulevard Equity Loans LLC LLC 1/21/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C Equity Prime Mortgage DBA LLC 1/21/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C ERC Management LLC LLC 1/16/14 829 North Lamar Boulevard, Suite 2S Flowood Baseball Academy LLC LLC 1/9/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C Fondren and Vaughn Heating & Air Condition Service, Inc. BUS 1/30/14 155 County Road 104 gan YAH LLC LLC 1/15/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C Grace Counseling Services, PLLC PLLC 1/21/14 502 Savannah Drive Grace Covenant Builders LLC LLC 1/31/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C Grand Jury Music, LLC LLC 1/6/14 827 North Lamar Blvd Grus, Inc. BUS 1/6/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C Harbor Claims, LLC LLC 1/21/14 405 Galleria Lane Suite C Helping Hands Enterprises, LLC LLC 1/2/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C HR Cattle and Land, LLC LLC 1/22/14 829 North Lamar Blvd., Ste 1 Hwy 30 Collision Repair and Paint Co LLCLLC

1/29/14 Iknow LLC 1/7/14

84 Hwy 30 East LLC 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C

Infinity Compounding Solutions, LLC



405 Galleria Lane, Suite C

Innovative Marketing Solutions, LLC


1/31/14 13002 Lakepointe Cove Jones at Home, LLC LLC 1/24/14 1005 Jackson Avenue Kalindale Products, LLC LLC 1/17/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C Landshark Management, LLC LLC 1/8/14 204 Dogwood Dr LMN Marketing LLC LLC 1/13/14 829 North Lamar Blvd., Ste 1 Local Flavor Oxford, LLC LLC 1/24/14 1300 Access Road, Suite 100 Magnolia Montessori School NP 1/24/14 120A Courthouse Square Magruder Construction Co., Inc. BUS 1/27/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C McCay Enterprises, Inc. BUS 1/21/14 12005 Water Ridge Drive MonteLori Tutoring Service, LLC LLC 1/24/14 117 Eastwind Dr Ms Landscape Construction LLC LLC 1/16/14 702 Long Meadow Dr Murchison Locksmith LLC LLC 1/27/14 297 County Rd 403 Open Mortgage, LLC LLC 1/29/14 405 Galleria Lane Suite C Oxford Canteen, LLC LLC 1/24/14 610 Audobon Lane Oxford Counseling Center, LLC LLC 1/13/14 1200 Jefferson Avenue, Ste. 200 B Paper Dolls LLC LLC 1/24/14 829 N. Lamar, Suite 1 Peachtree Company KB, LLC LLC 1/9/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C Perillo Tours, Inc. BUS 1/13/14 153 Cypress Circle Rock Solid Pen Company LLC LLC 1/27/14 604 Audubon Lane Rosemont Owners Association, Inc NP 1/22/14 119 Heritage Dr Rowland M. Roberson, MD, PLLC PLLC 1/22/14 829 North Lamar Blvd., Ste 1 Singh Associates, LLC LLC 1/27/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C Southeastern Reconstructive Services, L.L.C. LLC 1/6/14 405 Galleria Lane Suite C Southern Design & Materials, Inc. BUS 1/17/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C Southern Solutions Group Inc BUS 1/14/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C Spot Store LLC LLC 1/6/14 1438 North Lamar Blvd Strategic Systems, Inc BUS 1/22/14 130 A Courthouse Square Strategic Systems, Inc of AlabamaBUS 1/22/14 130 A Courthouse Square Sullivan Counseling Services LLC LLC 1/24/14 21007 Wills Trace Suzanne L. Childress, PLLC PLLC 1/8/14 119 Chestnut Street #44

Team McGraw Real Estate LLC LLC 1/16/14 829 North Lamar Blvd., Ste 1 Tech Friends, Inc. BUS 1/23/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C Terra Technical Services, LLC LLC 1/8/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C Texas Fundrunners, LLC LLC 1/16/14 406 Galleria Lane The Duckhead, LLC LLC 1/6/14 1305 Madison Avenue The Organic Mama, LLC LLC 1/24/14 1300 Access Road, Suite 100 Three Way Store LLC LLC 1/17/14 1500 Old Hwy 7 Tire Shield, Inc. BUS 1/27/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C Titanium Cleaning Service LLC LLC 1/16/14 829 North Lamar Blvd., Ste 1 Transchem Pro Inc. BUS 1/2/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C Tyson Construction LLC LLC 1/21/14 405 Galleria Lane Suite C Upper Limit Lighting LLC LLC 1/6/14 120 Meadowview Dr W.P. Dolle, LLC LLC 1/16/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C Washington and Lee Land Investments, LLC LLC 1/22/14 829 North Lamar Blvd., Ste 1 Wilbanks Properties Inc. BUS 1/30/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C Williams Investments of Byhalia LLC


1/13/14 405 Galleria Lane, Suite C Willow Enterprises, LLC LLC 1/7/14 160 County Road 313 Ynot Sushi Catering” LLC” LLC 1/31/14 430 Mlk Dr Apt C

Pascagoula Brimm Technical, LLC LLC 1/27/14 2218 Market Street Charlene Powell Dronet DBA OTH 1/13/14 1741 Jackson Avenue Dronet Realty DBA OTH 1/13/14 1741 Jackson Avenue Kizzie Wells-Daniels Counseling Services LLC LLC 1/21/14 4911 Friar Tuck Ave Omni Wireless of Ocean Springs LLC LLC 1/21/14 3004 Bienville Blvd Suite 4 (Ocean Springs 39564)

Pro Placement USA, LLC LLC 1/2/14 1835 Denny Ave Sheppard Holdings, LLC LLC 1/23/14 1619 Pascagoula Street

Pass Christian B & H Lawn Service LLC LLC 1/13/14 122 Sycamore Drive Cat Island Cookies, LLC LLC 1/27/14 105 Palmwood Drive Krewe of Bentz, LLC LLC 1/29/14 22247 Abby Road Mayfield Electric LLC LLC 1/31/14 25224 Lechene Drive Mississippi Mud Pie LLC LLC 1/6/14 11030 Jason Drive Reel South Fishing Charters LLC LLC 1/21/14 25240 East Dubuisson Rd The New Getaway LLC LLC 1/17/14 3521 Suzanne Ave Vaping Solutions LLC LLC 1/14/14 28122 Yellowstone Rd

Pearl 44 Farms LLC LLC 1/24/14 220 Patrick Farms Drive Affordable Complete Electric LLC LLC 1/17/14 4157 Herrington Blvd Ball Security Consultants LLC LLC 1/29/14 941 Timberton Drive Clearance Store LLC LLC 1/29/14 101 Airport Road Color Pro LLC LLC 1/6/14 3251 Crafton St H & W Trucking LLC LLC 1/23/14 322 E Meade St JPC Properties, LLC LLC 1/30/14 2730 Twin Acres Drive Landrum’s Creative Services, LLC LLC 1/7/14 157 W Lisa Dr Marcia Wright LLC LLC 1/6/14 516 Black Oak Circle Martin’s Hair Design College, Inc BUS 1/17/14 455 Eldorado Park Drive Not Just YETT NP 1/31/14 129 Clyde Street Parker Plumbing Inc BUS 1/10/14 108 Brandon Blvd Pete’s Enterprises, LLC LLC 1/7/14 317 Grandview Ct


Mississippi Business Journal

Pitts Acquisitions, LLC LLC 1/17/14 695 Pearl Park Plaza Public Safety Academics and Consulting, LLC LLC 1/3/14 308 Lionel Rd Ronie Title LLC LLC 1/9/14 1061 Spanish Oak Drive Snazzy Stitches LLC LLC 1/8/14 119 Cherry Laurel Circle Stone Masters LLC LLC 1/22/14 775 N Bierdeman Rd T. Abeles Group LLC LLC 1/7/14 152 Bermuda Dr TBURKES LLC LLC 1/30/14 3326 Dawn Drive Triple ‘B’ Ranch of MS LLC LLC 1/14/14 171 Ludlow Road Universal Security Solutions, LLC LLC 1/22/14 3953 Highway 80 East Watermark Counseling, LLC LLC 1/17/14 402 Planters Cove White’s Auto Collision & Wholesale LLC LLC


106 Ashridge Pl

Pelahatchie Broken Arrow Outfitters, Inc BUS 1/23/14 1580 Leesburg Road Saint Studios Films, LLC LLC 1/6/14 144 Gray Road Sharp Ag, LLC LLC 1/6/14 110 Shirley Drive The Plantation Oaks Preserve, LLC LLC 1/23/14 1580 Leesburg Road The Plantation Pines Preserve LLC LLC 1/23/14 1580 Leesburg Road The Plantation Preserve LLC LLC 1/24/14 1580 Leesburg Road




Great Exteriors Roofing, L.L.C. LLC 1/23/14 8 Shaina Lane J’s Family Auto Sales LLC LLC 1/6/14 320 E. Canal Street Nick’s Meat Market & Deli LLC LLC 1/23/14 28 Creative Place Picayune Tire & Service, LLC LLC 1/8/14 608 Highway 43 North Stewart Home Builders, LLC LLC 1/21/14 2479 Hwy 43 S Susan Hickey Photography, LLC LLC 1/6/14 143 Magnolia Dr

Pinola Epting Xpress LLC LLC 1/7/14 867 Hwy 43 South Pinola Trucking LLC LLC 1/27/14 160 Will Brent Rd

Pontotoc Beaver Creek Outdoor Products & Supplies LLC LLC 1/13/14 252 Beaver Creek Drive Body Canvas LLC LLC 1/27/14 2303 Oak Forest Rd Clayton Properties LLC LLC 1/6/14 141 North Main St. Iron Cowboy Trucking LLC LLC 1/21/14 448 Bailey Lane Mississippi Professional Counseling Associates LLC LLC 1/13/14 356A East Oxford St North American Sourcing LLC LLC 1/31/14 379 North Ridge Drive Pontotoc Rental Property LLC LLC 1/31/14 207 Industrial Drive Showcase Properties LLC LLC 1/24/14 379 Old Airport Rd South

Alamo Cooling, LLC LLC 1/21/14 28311 Hwy 603 Alamo Mechanical, LLC LLC 1/21/14 28311 Hwy 603 Cookies Closet, LLC LLC 1/17/14 3311 Highway 53 Redmond Home Services, LLC LLC 1/27/14 24 Wildwood Ln




Airport Autobody Works LLC LLC 1/22/14 2439 Leslie Rd AMV Trucking LLC LLC 1/27/14 2439 Leslie Rd The Place, LLC LLC 1/14/14 707 Main Street

Bajarngbali, LLC LLC 1/9/14 200 South Main Street Bejarngbali, LLC LLC 1/9/14 200 South Main Street Bodark Cattle Company, LLC LLC 1/8/14 298 Corinth Church Rd Hartmann, Blackmon & Kilgore PC PA 1/3/14 25 Thornberry Lane Komizo HomeCare, LLC LLC 1/14/14 44 Village Loop LGE Custom Tile LLC LLC 1/10/14 100 Boulder Dr Pitts Group LLC LLC 1/15/14 401 Longleaf Dr Porter Rentals LLC LLC 1/31/14 188 Lynn Road RNWM LLC LLC 1/21/14 45 Clinton Dr Vortek Pest Control LLC LLC 1/29/14 141 E Second Ave

4W Trucking, Inc BUS 1/27/14 11177 Hwy 11 North Carman Industries LLC LLC 1/21/14 2527 Silver Run Road Don Daigrepont Studio, LLC LLC 1/15/14 186 Turtle Creek Lane First KMH Trucking LLC LLC 1/7/14 708 MLK Dr IOMC Mad Hatties 1/27/14 20 Muffins Lane Kirkland Farms LLC LLC 1/13/14 432 Melton Smith Rd Larsen & Shane LLC LLC 1/24/14 79 Castleberry Sew Stitchin’ Sweet LLC LLC 1/21/14 587 Cowart-Holliday Road Smithponics LLC LLC 1/9/14 901 Old Wiggin Highway


Port Gibson

Furbabies of Sandtown, LLC LLC 1/10/14 12880 Road 610 HS Food Mart LLC LLC 1/24/14 15121 Hwy 16 W Jamie F. Shotts, Real Estate Appraiser, LLC LLC 1/9/14 11641 Road 624 Lakefront Properties II LLC LLC 1/13/14 423 Center Avenue Lakefront Properties III, LLC LLC 1/21/14 423 Center Avenue Luke Enterprises, LLC LLC 1/8/14 739 Forest Park Circle Old Mexico Restaurant of Philadelphia LLC LLC 1/21/14 214 Line Avenue Perry Rental Properties LLC LLC 1/3/14 424 Pecan Avenue Purvis Air and Heat Service LLC LLC 1/3/14 12501 Road 610

Back Roads Bar and Grill, LLC LLC 1/6/14 7123 Grand Gulf Road

Picayune Caesar Road Auto Repair LLC LLC 1/24/14 11100 Briar Cliff Drive Fundamental Therapy, LLC LLC 1/17/14 20 Newt Mitchell Rd Gospelback, LLC LLC 1/2/14 614 East Canal Street

Thigpen Construction Company Inc



734 Homer Ladner Road

Prentiss Bulldog2Bulldog Scholarship NP 1/10/14 41 Johnson Trail S & T Burkhalter Farms LLC LLC 1/13/14 10 Terrell Rd

Preston Lil’s Christian Social Welfare Home NP 1/14/14 209 Alberta Needham Road

Purvis Alexis Polles DBA OTH 1/27/14 212 Oscar Bond Road CARRN Properties LLC LLC 1/17/14 130 Shelby Speights Dr. D R S Properties LLC LLC 1/22/14 62 Central Industrial Row Legal Support Services LLC LLC 1/13/14 56 Steelman Rd R & L CWI LLC LLC 1/10/14 344 Beaver Lake Rd Recovery That Lasts DBA OTH 1/27/14 212 Oscar Bond Road


20 I Mississippi Business Journal I March 14, 2014 Quitman East DeSoto Church of God NP 1/17/14 414 County Road 150 Hayes Agency, LLC LLC 1/29/14 2168 County Road 672

Raymond Campbell’s Imports Services LLC LLC 1/23/14 8389 Dry Grove Rd Take Pride Transportation LLC LLC 1/14/14 3463 Carley Drive Tshirts Salon LLC LLC 1/10/14 5049 Springridge Rd Villar Cattle Co LLC LLC 1/15/14 403 W Court St

Oscar J Gibbs Jr DBA OTH 1/6/14 267 S. Perkins Street Patrick Restaurants LP LP 1/31/14 301 Highland Park Cove Suite A Posey Realty LLC LLC 1/9/14 730 Orleans Circle PW Tint Auto Customz DBA OTH 1/6/14 267 S. Perkins Street Rainbow MS LLC LLC 1/24/14 316 Indian Gate Circle Residential Support Services, L.L.C.


Boackle Law Firm

RGV General Consulting, Incorporated BUS

LLC 4078 Hwy 178 W.

Rena Lara C & M Maintenance Contractors Inc


Navitas Investment Advisory Services LLCLLC 1/31/14 574 Highland Colony Parkway, Suite 120


Red Banks Clancy’s Cafe LLC 1/10/14

Muddy Water Construction LLC LLC 1/29/14 587 Highland Colony Parkway Native Gaming Services LLC LLC 1/23/14 270 Trace Colony Park Ste B

1/8/14 270 Trace Colony Park Ste B Roli M LLC LLC 1/31/14 331 Red Eagle Cir Rouse Construction, Inc. BUS 1/9/14 1062 Highland Colony Parkway, Suite 250


Sage Egger Harless Attorney at Law PLLC PLLC

3842 Highway 1

1/10/14 202 Woodgreen Court Sarah Esther Link OTH 1/24/14 1871 N N. Allerton Blvd Senior Resource Guide L.L.C LLC 1/27/14 455 Shadowood Dr Skyes Park Holdings LLC LLC 1/22/14 992 Northpark Drive Suite A Star Marketing, Inc BUS 1/3/14 210 Lake Harbor Landing Swift Industrial Power Inc BUS 1/6/14 441 Northpark Dr. Suite A

Richland Camden Crossing 352 LLC LLC 1/31/14 305 Walker Circle Camden Crossing 354 LLC LLC 1/31/14 305 Walker Circle Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church Inc. NP 1/9/14 280 West Harper Street NorthStar Huff Inc BUS 1/29/14 115 Bradford Place

Richton 4R4 Oil Field Services, LLC LLC 1/17/14 2603 Turkey Fork Road KCJ’s LLC LLC 1/24/14 11 Joseph McSwain Rd The Paisley Boutique LLC LLC 1/31/14 308 Redbud Ave Tim Odom Properties LLC LLC 1/21/14 25 Tim Odom Road

Ridgeland Advanced Practice Solutions LLC LLC 1/27/14 270 Trace Colony Park Ste B Better Mississippians DBA LLC 1/21/14 Boackle Law Firm Biloxi Baseball, LLC LLC 1/17/14 402 Legacy Park, Suite B Brandon Red Sox, Inc. NP 1/8/14 216 Draperton Court (Ridgeland 39157) Brix Distribution, LLC LLC 1/14/14 147 Bridgewater Crossing C.J. Adams & Associates, LLC LLC 1/27/14 608 Wendover Way Campus Supply of Mississippi Inc BUS 1/30/14 1076 Highland Colony Parkway Cat Forensic Services LLC LLC 1/24/14 270 Trace Colony Park Ste B Cates Appliance Service, LLC LLC 1/14/14 106 Fox Run Dr Claudia’s Christian Montessori Academy LLC LLC 1/13/14 727 Rice Rd . DEG Financial, LLC LLC 1/14/14 243 Peach Orchard Eutriv Productions Incorporated BUS 1/13/14 707 Lansdown Lane G & B Builders, LLC LLC 1/30/14 301 Northlake Avenue Condo #215 Good Cars and Trucks Wholesales L.L.C LLC

1/27/14 6675 Old Canton Apt 2160 Infinity Healthcare, LLC LLC 1/27/14 5911 Holmes Court Johnnie Weathersby Consulting, LLC

Sykes Park Apartments Investments LLC LLC

1/9/14 992 Northpark Drive Suite A T D Hendry & Co Inc BUS 1/22/14 632 Sheringham Ct Templeton Property Tax Consultants LLC LLC

1/21/14 207 Woodrun Cove 39157 TMK Investments, LLC LLC 1/13/14 959 Lake Harbour Dr Apt 511 Transfuels Mississippi No. 1 LLC LLC 1/2/14 270 Trace Colony Park Ste B Transfuels Retail Operations LLC LLC 1/2/14 270 Trace Colony Park, Ste. B Trinity Insurance Services Inc BUS 1/6/14 270 Trace Colony Park Ste B Two Dog Farms LLC LLC 1/23/14 270 Trace Colony Park Ste B Water 911, LLC LLC 1/21/14133 B Courthouse Sq, Apt. 4 (Oxford 38655) WellFocused, LLC LLC 1/24/14 605 Northpark Drive, Suite D Williams Delivery Service Inc BUS 1/7/14 6675 Old Canton Road 2001

Rienzi Goss Technical Services, LLC LLC 1/13/14 23 Cr 541

Ripley DH Wood Products, LLC LLC 1/13/14 3200 County Road 419 McElwain Law Firm, LLC LLC 1/21/14 1909 City Avenue North McMillin Graphics Printing, LLC LLC 1/24/14 19301 Hwy 4 East

Lexis Literacy LLC 1/15/14

LLC 919 Peach Street

Sardis Alex Crossroads Properties LLC LLC 1/30/14 27789 Hwy 6 T & T Gravel and Construction, LLCLLC 1/23/14 425 Federick Street

Saucier Bethesda Home for Boys NP 1/15/14 18370 West Lake Drive

Seminary Carter Family Farm Inc BUS 1/16/14 277 Syrna Rd Double S Timber LLC LLC 1/17/14 49 Louis Ingram Road N&L Holdings, LLC LLC 1/7/14 93 Gandsi Rd Simply Southern Sisters, LLC LLC 1/21/14 473 E Kelly Rd

Senatobia 8405 Greenbrook Parkway, LLC LLC 1/17/14 214 S. Ward Street Armor Home Exteriors LLC LLC 1/30/14 52 Oakley Rd S & L Trucking LLC LLC 1/27/14 116 Leslie Dr Titan Steel Erectors LLC LLC 1/8/14 315 Gillespie

Shannon KALL’S L.L.C. LLC 1/2/14 104 Alice Lane Poirier’s Custom Drywall LLC LLC 1/30/14 135 County Road 468

Sharon Sharon Chapel NP 1/30/14 1777 Sharon Road Canton, Ms 39046

Shelby Abe Hudson Consulting Services, LLC



207 Dr. R.t. Hollingsworth

Sherman Boatner Properties LLC LLC 1/13/14 299 Third Ave.

Shubuta Tiner Consulting, LLC LLC 1/23/14 709 Shubuta Eucutta Road

Shuqualak Justin Jones Trucking, LLC LLC 1/29/14 3681 Butler Rd.

Silver City Skelton Photographie LLC LLC 1/30/14 3877 Kilby Brake Road

Prather & Ankobiah Security Services L.L.C.LLC

1/22/14 106 Austin J Reid and Son Distributors, LLC LLC 1/2/14 102 Commerce Street The Bar-B-que Place & Gifts LLC LLC 1/16/14 9950 A Hwy 15 South

Silver Creek


Harvesters of Brandon NP 1/6/14 361 Smith Ferry Rd

Feuer Powertrain North America Inc BUS 1/24/14 2130 Casino Center Drive Extended


1/24/14 711 Lake Harbour Drive Apt 1247 Kelty Plumbing, LLC LLC 1/22/14 601 Ridgewood Road Lane Transmission LLC LLC 1/17/14 102 Fox Run Dr Lava Petroleum LLC LLC 1/24/14 1076 Highland Colony Parkway Links Jewelry Dba OTH 1/24/14 1871 N N. Allerton Blvd Mauney Services LLC LLC 1/16/14 509 S. Wheatley St McCulloch Lawn Service, L.L.C. LLC 1/27/14 12 Marina Cove Mississippi Bobcats-Proud Leaders of Americas Youth NP 1/2/14 880 William Blvd Apt 1003 Mississippi Contemporary Periodontics Symposium LLC LLC 1/23/14 641 Berridge Drive


Rosedale Leo’s at the Levee, LLC LLC 1/6/14 300 Vorhees St

Ruleville M & H Delta Enterprises LLC LLC 1/29/14 355 N. Ruby Avenue

Saltillo Bucy & Long Family Farms, Inc. BUS 1/10/14 1661 Birmingham Ridge Road H & K Smith Rentals, Inc. BUS 1/2/14 130 Westwood Circle PDRA LLC LLC 1/31/14 110 Garden Park Drive

Rac N Spurs Game Calls, LLC LLC 1/23/14 578 Crooked Creek Road

Sontag Southaven ABC Capital Management, LLC LLC 1/15/14 7928 Sharmill Dr Suite 4 BP Hacks Cross Inc BUS 1/16/14 187 Stateline Rd Ste 4 Brent Farms, LLC LLC 1/2/14 3744 East Pointe Dr Casino Center Exxon Inc BUS 1/16/14 187 Stateline Rd Ste 4 Casino Strip Shell Inc BUS 1/16/14 187 Stateline Rd Ste 4 Corner Store Beverage Inc BUS 1/9/14 187 E Stateline Rd Ste 4 Crumpler Hospitality, LLC LLC 1/21/14 1261 St. Claire Park Dash Rental Properties, LLC LLC 1/2/14 3744 East Pointe Dr Direct Autobroker LLC LLC 1/17/14 1089 Atterbury Cir. South

Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center of New Albany, LLC LLC 1/16/14 3451 Goodman Road, Suite 110 Infinity Logistics Corp. BUS 1/7/14 1975 Stateline Road Jackson Hotel Management LLC LLC 1/24/14 5653 New Pointe Dr Lake Cormorant Exxon Inc BUS 1/16/14 187 Stateline Rd Ste 4 Luxury Moutain Vacation Rentals, LLC


1/17/14 6928 Cobblestone Drive, Suite 202 Olive Branch Primary Care PLLC PLLC 1/15/14 1405 Nottingham Dr Outfitters Exxon Inc BUS 1/16/14 187 Stateline Rd Ste 4 Pic Strip Photo Booth, LLC LLC 1/21/14 2963 Glennbury Lane Premier Medical Transport LLC LLC 1/16/14 5703 Alexandria Lane Red Karpet Incorporated BUS 1/27/14 8786 North Creek Blvd Apt 18-8 Rowsey Sit & Sleep Discount Outlet LLC LLC

1/27/14 1160 Stateline Rd E. RT Realty LLC LLC 1/16/14 4524 Davis Road Sand Over Sun Inc BUS 1/24/14 187 Stateline Rd Ste 4 SF Olive Branch - I, LLC LLC 1/27/14 5293 Getwell Road Sing Baseball Academy Inc NP 1/23/14 7632 Walnut Glenn Drive Slammedenuff, LLC LLC 1/27/14 905 Town and Country Dr Ste a Southern Bar B Q L.L.C. LLC 1/24/14 1092 Goodman Road East Sunrise Builders Supply, LLC LLC 1/30/14 6858 Swinnea Rd 5 RUTLAND PLACE Supplemax, LLC LLC 1/27/14 3851 Cobblewood Dr The Covenant Group, LLC LLC 1/29/14 3636 New Pointe Dr The Endocrine Clinic, P.C. PA 1/13/14 7900 Airways Blvd, Building A, Suite 1 The Explosive Incident, LLC LLC 1/3/14 5293 Getwell Road

Big Country Consulting Inc BUS 1/16/14 65 Latigo Loop Development Industries, Inc. BUS 1/23/14 755 Scruggs Road N & D Enterprises, LLC LLC 1/31/14 125 E. Graves Rd Southern Fuel Enterprises Inc BUS 1/3/14 757 Bethel Church Road

Terry Aderholt Masonry Inc. BUS 1/7/14 18349 Midway Road Brenco Trucking, Inc BUS 1/6/14 18349 Midway Road Jones Concrete Pumping Service Corp BUS

1/24/14 18349 Midway Road Middle MS. Access Corporation BUS 1/23/14 15922 Midway Road New Taylor Grove MB Church NP 1/8/14 3935 Tank Road NewCo Management, LLC LLC 1/10/14 18349 Midway Road Sipp Vapes LLC LLC 1/23/14 1265 Caroline Dr Southern Hinds Healthcare Corporation BUS 1/23/14 15922 Midway Road The Paideia Corporation NP 1/14/14 4645 Tank Road WWT International Drilling Tool Services, LLC LLC 1/27/14 18349 Midway Road

Trussville RS Construction Limited Liability Company


#3 Office Park

Tunica B.L.2012, LLC 1/21/14 Dsigns Plus, LLC 1/13/14

Triple M Properties LLC LLC 1/31/14 220 Mangum Drive

Starkville Bullman Yardworks, LLC LLC 1/6/14 1106 P. D. Fulgham Road Columbus Wild Wings, LLC LLC 1/27/14 813 Greenbriar St. Double D Trails, LLC LLC 1/9/14 102 Iris Lane Favors Realty LLC LLC 1/21/14 501 Mallory Lane Friends of Gerald, Inc NP 1/17/14 108 Cedar Lane Gallery 106, LLC LLC 1/31/14 200 S. Montgomery, Suite 201 Greco Labs LLC LLC 1/31/14 54 Crest Oak Drive Homes at Horseshoe, LLC LLC 1/27/14 123 1/2 Main Street Langston Rentals, LLC LLC 1/31/14 301 Fairfield Drive Macon Laundromat LLC LLC 1/14/14 535 Lincoln Drive Mia Salon LLC LLC 1/24/14 #412 Highway 12 East Narrative 12, LLC LLC 1/6/14 190 Lucy’s Lane Occasions Gifts & Clothing LLC LLC 1/29/14 115 East Main Street Red Hawk Financial, LLC LLC 1/6/14 407 Pike Road Spring Street Cigars LLC LLC 1/13/14 408 Hogan Street Starkville Christian Scouting Ministry Inc NP

1/29/14 201 Willow Bend The Welding Works LLC LLC 1/16/14 307 Industrial Park Rd Tidy Girls Cleaning Service, LLC LLC 1/23/14 1038 Old Hwy 12 Versatile Event Planning Corporation


1944 Mount Olive Road

Sturgis Barnett Properties LLC LLC 1/24/14 13706 Highway 25 N Apt C-1 Southern Air Solutions, Inc. BUS 1/24/14 56 North McKinnon Street Sturgis Motors, LLC LLC 1/29/14 7208 Morgantown Road

New House Home Furnishings Inc BUS 1/9/14 534 Windsor Circle Premiere Athletix, LLC LLC 1/23/14 1670 McClure Cv Rico Fries L.L.C. LLC 1/24/14 327 South Canal St Rockhill Dirt, LLC LLC 1/21/14 95 South Green Street Sam, LLC LLC 1/29/14 5365 South Raymond Avenue Simply Sweet by Margarete LLC LLC 1/13/14 312 North Green Street Smith Mobile Home Service Inc BUS 1/21/14 117 N Broadway Southern Sass Salon & Boutique, LLC


1/6/14 245 County Rd 199 Studio III LLC LLC 1/6/14 398 East Main St., Suite 207 TF Capital LLC LLC 1/10/14 128 Autumn Hills The Lorian Inn, LLC LLC 1/21/14 359 North Broadway Street Tru-King Transportation LLC LLC 1/24/14 338 North Spring Street, Suite 2 tTt Handcrafted Cabinetry, LLC LLC 1/2/14 347 South Thomas Street VS Marketing Inc. BUS 1/22/14 1407 Cliff Gookin Wesley Properties LLC LLC 1/27/14 5362 Cliff Gookin Blvd

Tylertown JBF Investments, Inc. BUS 1/3/14 810 N Railroad Avenue Jump-N-Fun Party Rentals LLC LLC 1/17/14 54 Old River Rd Lot 1 River Park Apartments, LLC LLC 1/8/14 301 Franklinton Street

LLC 1614 Kenny Hill Dr LLC 815 Friendship Drive

1/30/14 1177 Bee Tree Trail Tucker’s Investigation and Process Server, LLC LLC 1/21/14 1245 Main Street

Tupelo 3 C Management LLC LLC 1/30/14 2702 S. Gloster St. 3983 N Gloster, LLC LLC 1/22/14 3983 N. Gloster Street Adams Collins Family Holdings, LLCLLC 1/13/14 201 South Spring Street, 7th Floor B Line Farms, Inc BUS 1/21/14 309 Road 1001 B3983 Rear, LLC LLC 1/22/14 3983 N. Gloster Street BAA, LLC LLC 1/3/14 359 North Broadway Street Bauhaus Furniture Group, LLC LLC 1/7/14 359 North Broadway Street Bauhaus Realty, LLC LLC 1/30/14 359 North Broadway Street Bowles Investments LLC LLC 1/17/14 2107 Country Club Road Bryson Law Firm, P.L.L.C. PLLC 1/10/14 398 East Main Street, Suite #111 Carter’s Services, LLC LLC 1/2/14 338 North Spring Street, Suite 2 Cliff’s Car Care Holdings, LLC LLC 1/24/14 205 N. Veterans Blvd Crux Environmental Resources LLCLLC 1/27/14 362 S. Thomas St., #4076 DAF, INC. BUS 1/13/14 942 North Hillsdale EL Quetzal Buena Visita Corp BUS 1/30/14 116 Hwy 15 Four Corners Properties LLC LLC 1/29/14 338 North Spring Street, Suite 2 J&J Venture Management, LLC LLC 1/10/14 310 Troy St. JJ Dwellings LLC LLC 1/24/14 338 North Spring Street, Suite 2 JSR, LLC LLC 1/29/14 115 Old Runway Road L.T. Investment, LLC LLC 1/6/14 1304 Lakeshire Drive Little Campers Direct, LLC LLC 1/8/14 336 N. Green Street (38804) Lucy Coleman Etal, LLC LLC 1/23/14 461 County Road 1279 McNEECE Inc BUS 1/17/14 161 County Road 33 MD Trucking, Inc. BUS 1/27/14 1318 Pinecrest Dr

Vicksburg 100 North LLC LLC 1/16/14 100 North Washington 10South Equity Members LLC LLC 1/31/14 820 South Street, Suite 501 AFD Properties, LLC LLC 1/8/14 3040 Indiana Avenue Central Mississippi Outreach, LLC LLC 1/13/14 1990 S Frontage Road Ste D Coleman Heating and Cooling LLC LLC 1/31/14 71 Reed Wilson Rd Colliers Management Services Memphis, LLC LLC 1/31/14 4155 Clay Street ComplianceCE, LLC LLC 1/30/14 3050 Eagel Lake Shore Rd Cowbell Clothing, LLC LLC 1/29/14 6 Heritage Place Delta Whitetail Development, LLC LLC 1/9/14 4980 Warriors Trail Exotic Life Entertainment LP 1/17/14 934 Bowmar Avenue Gifted Hands Catering “LLC” LLC 1/13/14 104 Moonmist Drive K McDaniel, Inc. BUS 1/21/14 3233 Old Hwy 27 LaPharaoh Records LLC LLC 1/31/14 3011 North Washington St Lena’s Bakery LLC LLC 1/30/14 1106 Washington St Michael F Winkler DBA OTH 1/24/14 109 Danawood Lane Mississippi Sand Solutions LLC LLC 1/27/14 820 South Street, Suite 501 NS SHAN LLC LLC 1/31/14 20 Freetown Rd P & S Lawn Care Services, LLC LLC 1/2/14 10 McAllister Circle Professional Property Services, LLC


Heritage Building and Maintenance LLC LLC




Cockerham Consulting, LLC LLC 1/27/14 14650 Road 210 Kingdom Connection Outreach Ministry Inc NP 1/2/14 2793 Springhill Road Restaurant Services of Philadelphia, Inc.BUS

1/7/14 11463 Road 361 Rustwood Designs LLC LLC 1/29/14 10971 Highway 15 South


The James “Fuzzy” Johnson Foundation NP

A Precision Home Inspection LLC LLC 1/6/14 1511 Duke Rd Development for the Gulf Opportunity Zone NP 1/10/14 2440 Worrell Rd Lofton Concrete LLC LLC 1/17/14 2150 Berry Rd NM Food Mart LLC LLC 1/10/14 101 East Main Street The Pink Styling Salon LLC LLC 1/29/14 306 West Main St

Valley Park Whitten & Whitten, Inc. BUS 1/29/14 25 Whitten Road

LLC 16905 Old River Rd

Champion Auto Repair & Towing, Inc.


1/14/14 11990 Hwy 57 Christie Lynn Boutique LLC LLC 1/21/14 9619 Nevada Ave Clear View Services LLC LLC 1/23/14 21021 Old River Rd G & M Industries, LLC LLC 1/30/14 10600 Clearwater Road Huntley Enterprises, LLC LLC 1/31/14 16905 Old River Rd Huntley Laundromat, LLC LLC 1/31/14 16905 Old River Rd Rushing’s Bookkeeping and Consulting, LLC LLC 1/14/14 13700 Mount Pleasant Rd

Vardaman Meridian Creek Farms, LLC LLC 1/6/14 219 CR 433 T & P Harvesting LLC LLC 1/29/14 222 Highway 341

Vaughan 4-D Trucking LLC 1/10/14

1/6/14 305 Hildegrade Terrace The Tree House LLC LLC 1/29/14 1837 Cherry St Tint Shop of Vicksburg LLC LLC 1/23/14 1905 A Mission 66 Ste 2 V & H Contractor Company Inc BUS 1/29/14 518 Bowmar Avenue Vicksburg Medical Properties LLC LLC 1/31/14 1017 Mission Park Drive Victoriana, LLC LLC 1/9/14 913 Crawford Street (39180) Walton Logging of Mississippi, LLCLLC 1/7/14 4402 Halls Ferry Road Winks Sporting Clays DBA OTH 1/24/14 109 Danawood Lane


Vancleave Bubba’s LLC 1/31/14


1/9/14 1560 Rawhide Road RRMS Properties LLC LLC 1/22/14 1200 Grove Street SHIV LLC LLC 1/31/14 20 Freetown Rd Soul Saving Missionary Baptist Church NP 1/21/14 522 Locust Street Steve Long Trucking LLC LLC 1/30/14 404 Sea Island Drive Survivability Trucking Co., LLC LLC 1/6/14 2242 Tiffintown Road

LLC 691 Daniels Rd

CBR Trucking Inc BUS 1/2/14 236 Old Spanish Trail Coastal Housing Dba LLC 1/21/14 228 Coleman Avenue Coastal Housing LLC. LLC 1/21/14 228 Coleman Avenue Pharmaceutical Solutions LLC LLC 1/15/14 300 Nicholson Ave Rockbridge Group LLC LLC 1/21/14 228 Coleman Avenue

Waynesboro BDL Holdings, LLC LLC 1/17/14 17 Lucky Dr Chickasawhay Properties LLC LLC 1/24/14 718 Wayne Street Shubuta Creek Forest Products, LLC


1/27/14 705 Chickasawhay Street Smith Tactical, LLC LLC 1/9/14 545 Winchester Cross Road Spike’s Well Services, LLC LLC 1/27/14 25 Phillip Warren Drive

Wesson B & B Handy Mart, Inc. BUS 1/27/14 2812 Beard Rd NE

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March 14 2014


Mississippi Business Journal



» MISSISSIPPI LEADERS by Martin Willoughby

Books and politics Howorth not content to stand on sidelines


love books. I have been collecting books since I was in college. As a book lover, I was excited to have the opportunity to interview Richard Howorth, owner of Square Books in Oxford. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Howorth has also been an effective leader in his industry and his community. His leadership resume includes serving as president and chairman of the American Booksellers Association, two terms as mayor of Oxford and in 2011, President Obama appointed him to the board of directors of the Tennessee Valley Authority. Howorth, a graduate of Ole Miss, opened Square Books in 1979, Off Square Books in 1992, and Square Books Jr in 2003. In the face of tumultuous change in the world of bookselling, Howorth has managed to navigate the shifts and emerge as a leader in the world of independent books stores. Publisher’s Weekly named Square Books as 2013 Bookstore of the Year. What strikes me about Howorth’s life of leadership is his passion and willingness to serve. Howorth shared, “I am very passionate about and keenly interested in the book industry.” This passion led him to join the American Booksellers Association when he first opened his store. He began to serve on committees and was later elected to the

Up Close With ... Richard Howorth Title: Owner, Square Books, Off Square Books and Square Books Jr Favorite Books: ”Too many to mention, but I am a big fan of all our great Mississippi writers. Among the classics, I’m partial to Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky, Middlemarch by George Eliot and a bunch of Thomas Hardy and Charles Dickens. But Shakespeare still stands tallest.” First Job: ”My first job was as a warehouse worker for Pettis Cigar Co. in Oxford, a distributor of candy, tobacco, and miscellaneous supplies.” Proudest Moment as a Leader: “I am proud of the way I was able to work through some real challenges with the Board of Aldermen when I was mayor to join together to advance the city of Oxford. At our first board meeting in 2001, I told the aldermen and the public that I realized that I had been opposed to the city and to most of the aldermen on this board but that as far as I was concerned this was history, and henceforward I would do all I could to help the aldermen to be well informed, help them make good decisions, support their decisions, gain their trust, and serve them. “ Hobbies/Interests: “I follow sports, read and enjoy good movies.”

board of directors, which led to his being president and chairman. During his years of service in the ABA, the bookselling industry was in a state of massive change. He noted, “I was able to participate in many dynamic events and important decisions — and saw every kind of boardroom behavior you can think of.” He learned a tremendous amount serving in the ABA including both what to do and not to do as a leader.

In the late 1990s, he saw the city of Oxford undergoing some major changes, and felt compelled to get involved. Howorth said, “There were times when I felt our city board was not making decisions well. I began to think I could make a positive difference in our town’s direction.” Rather than watch from the sidelines, Howorth decided to run for mayor and won in 2001. Interestingly, he shared that he never asked

“I began to think I could make a positive difference in our town’s direction.” Richard Howorth Square Books

anyone to vote for him. Instead, he asked hundreds of people in one-on-one conversations what their concerns and ideas for Oxford were. He emphasized, “Listening is a great (and usually Martin Willoughby acquired) skill for leaders and can be complicated and time-consuming, requiring patience. But it is the most important thing leaders do.” I could not agree with Howorth more on this point. I believe that asking great questions and truly listening is invaluable as a leader. For future leaders, Howorth had additional wise counsel. “Try following before you lead. I am somewhat suspicious of people who start out very young in politics or leadership. I can’t imagine trying to be a leader without first having come to some life experience that both informs and compels one to lead.” Howorth distills his leadership philosophy down to servant leadership. He said, “I believe that a leader’s authority is gained only through the empowerment of those he leads. There are other leadership philosophies, certainly, but I think that empowering others is the quickest, easiest, and most effective way to accomplish the things that matter.” Howorth has certainly dedicated his time and resources to things that matter. I appreciate leaders like Howorth who not only have passionate ideas, but they also have the willingness to “roll up their sleeves” and get involved making a difference. Martin Willoughby is a business consultant and regular contributing columnist for the Mississippi Business Journal. He serves as Chief Operating Officer of Butler Snow Advisory Services, LLC and can be reached at martin.willoughby@

Coastliners proves small towns can fight back

Y » Coastliners By Joanne Harris Published by Perennial (A hardcover edition was published by William Morrow.)

$13.95 softback

ou don’t have to live on a coast line to enjoy Coastliners. The book is set on the tiny island of Le Devin in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the Brittany region of France. Don’t look for this island on a map because it was created by Harris based on childhood visits to her French grandfather’s summer home on a small island. The story — as in other of Harris’ books — is told from the viewpoint of a determined woman who shakes up a stagnant town. Madeleine (Mado) returns to her home village of Les Salants on Le Devin after a 10 year absence. She’s an artist who’s been living in Paris with her mother. After her mother’s death, she goes home to reconcile with her estranged father. She finds her father locked in such bitter remorse and depression that he can’t talk to her. The village is also in the throes of death as business and tourists are concentrated at the other end of the is-

land in the more prosperous town of La Houssiniere. Les Salants’ troubles — erosion, changing tides, diminishing fish, loss of young people — can easily be seen as metaphors for the woes of small towns everywhere as the world bypasses them. With energetic leadership, some small towns are embracing their isolation, quirkiness and lack of numbing sameness to emerge as places outsiders want to visit. Mado provides that leadership for Les Salants. There are many colorful village characters who must be won over to her plan of

action. There are warring fishing families, naysayers and local superstitions that test her mettle. Harris is something of an expert on how a community’s beliefs conspire to limit its citizens’ actions and prospects. These poor people practice a kind of “naturalized Catholicism” that makes them fatalistic and passive. As their homes and graves slowly wash into the sea, the residents have grown ever more devoted to charms, symbols, incantations, and rituals. There is a touch of mystery (and eventually romance) with the village stranger who uses his engineering background to build a breakwater of sandbags and old tires that redirects the tide. There’s a villain, the island’s wealthiest man, who’s quietly buying Les Salants properties to create more tourist accommodations. And there are surprising, long-buried family secrets that emerge to shake up what everyone thought they knew.

— Lynn Lofton,

22 I Mississippi Business Journal I March 14 2014 THE SPIN CYCLE

Top Marketing Moments of the Oscars he 2014 Oscar Awards had some truly Silver Screen moments — With “Gravity,” “12 Years A Slave” and “Dallas Buyers Club” stealing much of the show. While the golden guys were being handed out, Twitter was abuzz with realtime Oscar marketing. Many organizations — including Digiday, a digital media, marketing and advertising firm — buzzed about it through social media and live blogging. Sure, there were a plethora of canned tweets, bad puns and other marketing gimmicks. There were also some grand Hollywood moments. Through experts at Digiday, other sources and The Spin Cycle, here’s a snapshot of the five best real-time marketing moments of the 86th Academy Awards. 1. Ellen’s star-studded selfie — Ellen DeGeneres was a solid host — but her big moment of the night required a little help from her friends. DeGeneres gathered a who’s who of A-listers from the audience around her — Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence, Jared Letto, Lupita Nyong’o and her brother, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Kevin Spacey, Meryl Streep and Channing Tatum — and snapped a self-portrait with them and promptly tweeted it out. Before the evening had ended, the selfie became the most retweeted photo ever — surpassing even President Barack Obama’s “four more years” tweet. DeGeneres had wracked up 2.5 million retweets overnight and more than a million favorites — the tweet even caused Twitter to briefly crash. It was also a much needed boost to Twitter itself, which could use some more mainstream appeal. 2. Arby’s continues Pharrell hat buzz — Pharrell Williams’ much-buzzed-about Vivienne Westwood hat from the Grammy’s went up for auction in late February. In a stroke of lucky timing for the fast food chain, the auction wrapped on Oscar day — and guess who won. Pharrell thanked Arby’s in a tweet, which responded by wishing the Oscar nominee luck on his big night. The $44,100 that Arby’s spent for the hat will go to the charity. But Arby’s itself was the beneficiary of more than 6,100 retweets and more than 4,000 favorites. 3. NASA’s real-life gravity tweets — “Gravity” was awarded a handful of Oscars, and no brand was a bigger cheerleader than NASA. The space agency spent the night cleverly tweeting out real facts and cool images relating to gravity using the hashtag #RealGravity — totally on-brand for NASA. The tweets generated a good amount of engagement, like this tweet which got more got more than 8,100 retweets and more than 3,900 favorites: Congrats on another win at #Oscars2014 #Gravity for cinematography.


Here’s the #RealGravity - Earth from #ISS 9:28 PM - 2 Mar 2014 4. Big Mama’s & Papa’s Oscar moment — The local pizza joint got major free publicity when Ellen decided to order delivery pizza for hungry attendees — regular folks like Brad Pitt and Harrison Ford. The pizza place tweeted out a simple thank you tweet to Ellen, which has gotten more than 460 retweets and more than 400 favorites. We’re guessing Big Mama and Big Papa will be fielding a lot more big orders soon. Oh, and if they want some help with their realtime marketing efforts, MRY has offered its services. 5. Chobani threw some shade — Chobani prefers to keep its tweets as authentic — and its buzz as organic — as its yogurt. Rather than fawning over celebrity outfits and pandering to Oscar winners on Twitter, the Greek yogurt brand did a little sly anti-Academy marketing. It even used the trending #oscars hashtag, just to troll the awards show.

Samsung’s Marketing Strategy Behind The Preplanned Oscar Selfie Samsung Electronics Co. spent an estimated $20 million on ads to run during breaks in the Academy Awards broadcast on Sunday night – but it absolutely got more promotional traction from Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres during the show itself. DeGeneres toyed with a white Samsung phone throughout the broadcast, including when she handed a Galaxy Note 3 to actor Bradley Cooper so he could take the “selfie” heard round the Twittersphere! The photo also included including other stars including Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Lawrence surrounding the host. While the stunt felt spontaneous, it wasn’t entirely unplanned. As part of its sponsorship and ad pact for the Oscars with ABC, the TV network airing the show, Samsung and its media buying firm Starcom MediaVest negotiated to have its Galaxy smartphone integrated into the show, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. Samsung gave ABC smartphones to use during the broadcast and was told its devices would get airtime. The origin of the “selfie” shot played out like this: Ms. DeGeneres, in the days leading up to the broadcast, decided she wanted to take “selfies” during the show and ABC suggested she use a Samsung since it was a sponsor, the paper said. Having products appear in a program — product placement — has been a part of the TV business, and movies, since the early days of the mediums. But it has become a more popular marketing technique in recent years as ad-

positive response to our new brand positioning around ‘Do It Together,’ which we kicked off with our award-winning Super Bowl commercial,” CEO Joseph C. Magnacca said in a stateTodd Smith ment. “Importantly, our key hires during the fourth quarter in merchandising, global sourcing, planning and allocation and, more recently, our new chief financial officer, round out our new leadership team as we continue to re-build the business.” While brand recognition certainly helped Radio Shack stand out from the crowd during the 2014 Super Bowl, some worried it suggested the company was still stuck in the ‘80s. Viewers got nostalgic when they saw celebrities like Hulk Hogan, Alf, Kid ‘N’ Play, Mary Lou Retton and the Chucky doll from “Child’s Play” tearing up the store, still stocked with VCRs, fax machines and old skipping via digital video recorders has school boom boxes. prompted marketers to look for ways to break free of the confines of the commer- Blushing Mic | Barbie Gives Girl Scouts Black Eye Just weeks after her foray into the Sports cial break. Ad-skipping is far less common during Illustrated swimsuit edition, Barbie is enlive events such as the Academy Awards, tangled in controversy again, this time over Even so, advertisers say, product placement her ties with the Girl Scouts. Two advocacy groups often critical of corcombined with ad buys help viewers better porate advertising tactics – the Campaign remember the products being promoted. At the same time, TV networks typically for a Commercial-Free Childhood and the reserve such product placement for big Center for a New American Dream – have spending advertisers, according to media urged the Girl Scouts of the USA to end its buyers. Samsung was one of the biggest partnership with the doll’s manufacturer, sponsors of this year’s Oscars broadcast, the Mattel toy company. The partnership, announced last August, buying five minutes of commercial time. includes a Barbie-themed activity book, a website, and a Barbie participation patch – Can Super Bowl Message Save Struggling the first Girl Scout uniform patch with corRadio Shack? porate sponsorship. Radio Shack recently announce the The Barbie patch — targeted at 5- to 8planned closing of nearly one in four of its year-old Daisies and Brownies — would stores nationwide after reporting a mamtransform these girls into “walking advermoth fourth quarter loss. tisements” and injects too much corporate The electronics retailer said its quarterly America into this wholesome American inearnings for the quarter ending Dec. 31, stitution. 2013 were lower than expected — $935.4 Each week, The Spin Cycle will bestow a million in sales during the all-important Golden Mic Award to the person, group or holiday season, down 20 percent from $1.1 company in the court of public opinion that billion a year earlier. best exemplifies the tenets of solid PR, marIn the wake of the poor performance, keting and advertising – and those who Radio Shack announced plans to close up to don’t. Stay tuned – and step-up to the mic! 1,100 U.S. stores — more than twice as And remember … Amplify Your Brand! many as reported last month. The company did not say when or where the planned closures would happen, but nearly 4,000 stores Todd Smith is president and chief communiare expected to stay open, including 900 cations officer of Deane, Smith & Partners, a fullservice branding, PR, marketing and advertising firm dealer franchise locations. The company’s chief executive officer with offices in Jackson. The firm — based in Nashville, pointed to its popular 2014 Super Bowl ad Tenn. — is also affiliated with Mad Genius. Contact him at, and follow him as a good sign it can recover. “We have also been encouraged by the @spinsurgeon.

Ellen DeGeneres was a solid host — but her big moment of the night required a little help from her friends.


March 14, 2014


Mississippi Business Journal




I know you love your business. Do your customers? hat’s the “RAP” on you and your business? What do you mean you don’t know? YOU CREATED IT! Just ask Mother Google. She is standing by with millions of info-bits and info-bites about you and your business that you (or anyone) can have in a nanosecond. For free. What is posted about you (not what you have posted about yourself) on Google, or on any social media, is a reflection of how others perceive you. It’s also what others, who are looking for you or what you sell, may think of you once they find you. In short, it’s your “RAP.” The old word is “rap sheet.” It was a police term for a summary of what was factual about your past – your record of events – mostly bad. It was a forerunner to Google. I am creating and redefining a new “rap sheet” that encompasses both good and bad. It’s not just about “what was” – your 21st century RAP sheet is about both “what was” and “what is.” And just like the old rap sheet – you create it. Unlike the old rap sheet, the new RAP sheet can help you attract and grow IF you’re aware of your online presence and how that affects and impacts your sales and your business. The new RAP sheet – or should I say the “RAP of sales” – is broken down into segments that define the process by letter (R.A.P.) and once you read them, you will at once have an understanding and a game plan to improve in each area. You’ll also have insight as to why the new RAP on you can make or


break your business. Here are the RAP elements: • Reputation. Built slowly over time, your reputation defines your present situation and your next sale. It documents how you react, respond, and recover from service calls and issues, and it cements your image both online and in the customer’s thoughts. Your reputation is a reflection of your status in the business world, and a reality check from your customer’s perspective. DO THIS: Take responsibility for your reputation, and take all necessary actions to build and preserve it. • Attraction. Not the “law of attraction” – rather VALUE attraction. What value-based messages are you sending? What messages are your customers responding to? How are these messages creating a bigger, more responsive, more positive, more loyal customer base? Everything from daily tweets and blog posts to one-on-one customer interactions create your word-of-mouth and word-ofmouse attraction. ASK YOURSELF: What’s attractive about me and my business? Why would a customer follow me? What do I have to do to create more positive followers? • Profit. Not your profit, THEIR profit. Make certain that every customer knows and understands how they win AFTER purchase, how they use and produce, and how they benefit and enjoy. Concentrating on customer value also has a positive internal effect. When customers are happy and feel valued, it creates a loyalty-base of customers AND

employees. Profit is way more than money. Here are a few companies you can look at as examples of good, mixed, and bad: BAD RAP: Borders, Blackberry, Yellow Pages, AOL MIXED RAP: American Airlines, Goldman Sachs, JC Penney, DISH Network GOOD RAP: Amazon, Zappos, Southwest, Bloomberg It’s easy to see the RAP of others. It’s often way more difficult (and painful) to see your own. Here’s a bit more on how you create your own rap: • Your corporate and personal philosophy guides your words, actions, and deeds. Your philosophy is comprised of the principles you live by. Beyond your mission, it’s how you help others and how you live your core values. • Create a culture of comradery and support, communication and truthful information, service and response, and availability and helpfulness. Culture is your long-term essence. Your spirit. Look at all the companies I listed under “good rap.” They all have amazing internal cultures. Not a coincidence. • Treat your people right and they will treat your customers beyond your expectations. Reputation, Attraction and Profit are THE three words that define your business in the minds, responses, posts, and actions (including purchases) of

Continued from, Page 20 Blackbird Photography DBA OTH 1/29/14 4067 Anderson Rd Brookhaven Electric, LLC LLC 1/24/14 2271 Lake Lincoln Drive, NE Brookhaven Electrical LLC LLC 1/24/14 2271 Lake Lincoln Drive, NE P & R Food Mart LLC LLC 1/30/14 1019 Boland Street Paige Anderson DBA OTH 1/29/14 4067 Anderson Rd Touch of Sass LLC LLC 1/16/14 3088 Allred Drive NW Wesson, Ltd LP 1/30/14 2133 Hwy 51 N

West Point Baby Eight Entertainment LLC LLC 1/6/14 303 Center St Businesswright Consulting LLC LLC 1/31/14 2400 Meadowview Cv Grace of God Ministries NP 1/13/14 1938 Bayless Drive Lawyers Row Properties LLC LLC 1/10/14 2624 Curtis Orman Rd Leflore Darby Enterprise, LLC LLC 1/22/14 1155 Pine Acres Merry Martha’s LLC LLC 1/2/14 133 West Broad Street

Plush Autos LLC LLC 1/15/14 518 Chickasaw Drive Plush Autos LLC 1/10/14 518 Chickasaw Drive SHH Consulting LLC LLC 1/29/14 103 East Broad Street

Woodville Julienne Management LLC LLC 1/22/14 453 Highway 61 South Natchez 39120 Visualeyesfilms LLC LLC 1/24/14 3789 Doloroso Loop Road

Wiggins Brick Street Cafe Inc. BUS 1/9/14 1700 Woodland Dr Caaba, Inc. BUS 1/15/14 941 S Magnolia Drive Coastal Mortgage Company LLC LLC 1/21/14 1266 Big Four Road Erica Croy Stephens LLC LLC 1/10/14 329 First Street N LaLe Investments LLC LLC 1/16/14 814 North Magnolia Dr Skinner’s Florist & Gifts, LLC LLC 1/16/14 814 North Magnolia Dr

Winona Pas Tymes Monogramming, LLC LLC 1/31/14 339 Lower Milligan Springs Road Under Pressure Mobile Truck Wash LLC LLC 1/17/14 617 Barron Street

Yazoo City Daltran, LLC LLC 1/8/14 5412 Fletcher’s Chapel Rd Green Thumbs Inc. BUS 1/29/14 666 E Fifteenth St H S Farms, LLC LLC 1/30/14 1491 Ingram Road Happy Garden LLC LLC 1/13/14 1920 Highway 49 East Mary A. Rohman, LLC LLC 1/8/14 300 Creek Bend Drive Mega Properties Hazlehurst LLC LLC 1/16/14 75 Wildwood Terrace Extension Mega Properties Yazoo LLC LLC 1/16/14 75 Wildwood Terrace Extension Peeler Aviation Services, Inc. BUS 1/9/14 85 Place Drive Queen Beauty Supply, LLC LLC 1/23/14 227 E. Broadway St The United Front for All Humanity NP 1/13/14 739 E Madison Street

Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of “The Sales Bible”, “Customer Satisfaction is Worthless” “Customer Loyalty is Priceless”, “The Little Red Book of Selling”, “The Little Red Book of Sales Answers”, “The Little Black Book of Connections”, “The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude”, “The Little Green Book of Getting Your Way”, “The Little Platinum Book of ChaChing”, “The Little Teal Book of Trust”, “The Little Book of Leadership”, and “Social BOOM!” His website,, will lead you to more information about training and seminars, or email him personally at



your customers and prospects. Now that you know the words, their definitions, and their impact, it may be time to do a review – both internal and on Google. Identify your RAP, define it, and make whatever positive changes are Jeffrey Gitomer necessary to build it. Your RAP is out there – the question is: what are you doing about it?

Q Taylor Auction & Realty, Inc...............................................................

BANKS Q Regions Bank.......................................................................................................

INTERNET SERVICES Q Comcast Business .......................................................................................... Q TEC

LAW FIRMS Q Victor W. Carmody, Jr. P.A. ..............................................................

MARKETING Q Nuzu Net Media SEO SEM..............................................................................

PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES Q Delta State University...................................................................................

REAL ESTATE Q State Street

TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS Q Synergetics DCS, Inc. ......................................................................

TELECOMMUNICATIONS Q AT&T................................................................................................................................... Q Comcast Business .......................................................................................... Q MegaGate Broadband................................................................................ Q TEC

WEBSITE DESIGNERS Q Nuzu Net Media Website Performance Services ................................... Q U.S. NEXT.......................................................................................................................

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