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Quick facts on a fall staple – pumpkins.

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Sprucing up rooms could leave you with some green. Hardwood floors can be a homeowner’s best investment.

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Tips to make outdoor living last through the fall.

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Home theaters are becoming more affordable.

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Why ceramic tile has become a designer favorite.

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Strong colors and bold patterns -

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Autumn time is

Pumpkins are a type of gourd that grows on just about every continent (Antarctica not included). The majority of pumpkins are bought and sold around Halloween, commonly to convert to jack-o-lanterns. However, pumpkins can be used as a delicious food source. Here is some other interesting information about pumpkins. Pumpkins are believed to have originated in North America. Seeds from pumpkins dating back to 7000 B.C. have been found in Mexico. The name "pumpkin" evolved originally from the Greek word "pepon," for large melon. The French called them "pompon," and the English eventually changed the word to "pumpion." There are dozens of varieties of pumpkins and they come in many colors, including white, besides the familiar orange. Most pumpkins can be harvested for carving. However, certain varieties are better for cooking. These include the Buckskin, Chelsey, Dickinson Field, and Kentucky Field. It is possible for the home gardener to grow pumpkins. It may take a few tries, but the results can be worth it if pumpkins eventually form. Keep in

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mind that although pumpkin plants will produce several flowers throughout the life of the plant, a person can expect only one to two actual pumpkins per vine. Pumpkin plants naturally produce separate male and female flowers on the same plant for pollination. Pumpkin plants should be watered, but only the roots, in the early morning or during the day for good health. Wet leaves can lead to mildew. Laterday watering may result in powdery mildew, a blight that can form and spread quickly. Bugs are another problem that may destroy a pumpkin plant. The cucumber beetle is a carrier of plant disease. Of course, if growing pumpkins seems too much work, a trip to a local pumpkin patch is a good excursion for families. Pumpkins ripen at the end of summer into early fall. However, it could be best to wait until later in the season to pick a pumpkin because a picked or carved pumpkin won't last forever.

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Pumpkin Time




Cut heating costs (ARA) - Saving money never goes out of style, especially when it comes to home utility bills. With a scorching summer drawing to a close and last winter's deep freeze looming in their minds, many Americans are already looking for ways to curtail energy costs this winter. In fact, more than 20 percent of Americans are concerned about heating and energy costs and half believe it's already difficult to afford their utility bills, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center. They may have reason to worry; heating oil costs are expected to rise nearly 30 percent this year, the Energy Information Administration of the U.S. Department of Energy predicts. Heat transfer - warm air from inside your home escaping to the outdoors - is the main culprit that drives up winter energy bills. Fortunately, a few simple home improvements - and even some decor changes - can help reduce your home's heating costs this winter. First, identify the biggest energy leeches in your home. Are the doors drafty? Do the windows rattle in a slight breeze? Is the insulation in your home's attic less than adequate? Next, consider these minor home improvement projects to help reduce heat transfer and trim energy bills: • Windows and doors are prime points for heat to escape from your home. Before the weather turns cold, seal around doors, windows, electrical outlets and plumbing fixtures. Caulk, spray foam, weatherstripping and a free weekend are all you need to accomplish this job, which can help you realize significant energy savings and create a more comfortable environment inside your home this winter. • Maximize your furnace's energy efficiency by having the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system, including the ductwork, professionally cleaned. Be sure to change air filters regularly.

• Install programmable thermostats if you don't already have them. If your home is already equipped with programmable thermostats, be sure to program the temperature to be lower during periods when you'll be out of the house or need less heat. For example, reduce the temperature during the day when everyone is out of the house at work or school, or overnight when everyone is tucked in bed under blankets and comforters. • Place door sweeps on exterior doors and on basement doors if you have an unfinished basement. These narrow strips of vinyl that attach to the base of a door can help reduce heat escape. Some home decor changes can also help reduce energy bills. Hardwood floors will feel warmer on bare feet when covered by accent rugs in the winter. And cozy throws draped over sofas and chairs make a design statement while helping your home's occupants stay snug and warm. Rearranging your furniture can also help insulate your home. Place large items that no one sits on - such as bookcases or entertainment centers -- against outside walls. Their extra bulk provides additional insulation against drafts and the cooler temperature of outside walls. Reserve inside walls for seating; they are slightly warmer and less likely to be drafty than outside walls. With a few simple improvements and decor changes, you can lower your home's energy costs this winter without sacrificing warmth or style. Courtesy of ARAcontent


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with simple home decor changes and home improvements




An expert’s guide to

Hardwood flooring



Solid hardwood flooring is just that -- a solid plank of hardwood milled into a piece of flooring, usually with a tongue and groove on the edges and ends, so that the pieces fit together on all sides. While it comes in a variety of thicknesses, 3/4-inch is the most common produced in the U.S. and is usually nailed to a wooden subfloor. Thinner profiles, such as 5/16 inch, can be glued directly on to a surface such as concrete. Widths typically range from 2 1/4inch strip to 8-inch and wider plank. Favorite U.S. species are red and white oak, hard maple, ash, hickory and pecan, walnut and cherry. All solid hardwood flooring can be sanded and refinished, however special care must be taken with the thinner profiles. And in all cases of hardwood flooring installation, a clean, moisture-free surface is essential to eliminate future problems with movement or mois-


Unfinished solid hardwood flooring comes directly from the mill and is sanded and finished onsite. Most often used in new home construction, the rough sanding occurs during the early stages of the building process with the final coating being done just prior to move-in. Today's numerous dust containment sanding systems however, allow homeowners to enjoy the beauty of site finished, custom hardwood flooring practically anytime. Prefinished solid hardwood floors have already gone through a multiple stage finishing process before leaving the factory. They are ready to be enjoyed. This type of flooring usually comes with a substantial factory warranty, and species choices and color ranges are virtually endless.

• Decks, Pergolas, Arbors and More • Home & Commercial Renovations • Concrete • Stone and Brick Work • Lighting “We do everything under the sun” • Water Features • Outdoor Kitchens 35 Years Construction Experience & Rooms (662) 255-0128 • Fencing (662) 255-2406 • Sunrooms

Home Improvement Warehouse Top Tips to Make Your Washer and Dryer More Energy Efficient Top Washer Tips

1. Wash full loads.

1. Use proper setting. 2. Clear lint filter.

2. Lower your water heater temperature. 3. Don’t over-wash.

Top Dryer Tips


Cleaning Loads vs Heavy Soiled

3. Dry lighter garments first. 4. Don't overload or under load


4. Pre-Soak it.

5. Easy on the suds. 6. Spin it again

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Engineered hardwood flooring is typically made from seven to 10 layers of thin veneers or sheets, glued together to form a type of plywood, then finished with a solid hardwood wear layer. It can be installed directly over concrete and most other types of subfloors. The advantage of engineered hardwood flooring is that it will not react to moisture changes and is more stable than solid hardwood flooring. Because of this stability, engineered is recommended over solid in wide plank applications. Depending on the thickness of the wear layer, an engineered floor will perform in much the same way same as a solid floor.


With this type of flooring -- available in solid or engineered, unfinished or prefinished --the manufacturer hand scrapes each piece of flooring to mimic the look of an old, worn floor. This look is most popular in wide planks for that "old world" charm. But a word of caution -- to refinish these floors, all the detail will be removed in sanding.


Care and maintenance of hardwood flooring is easy; often just a matter of common sense. Follow these simple guidelines and your floors will last a lifetime, providing the warmth and feel only real hardwood can offer. • Water is a hardwood floor's worst enemy. Clean up spills immediately. Do not use a damp mop or oilbased soap. Always check with the flooring manufacturer for recommended cleaning products. • Sweep hardwood floors regularly. Dirt and dust can grind into the finish. Consider doormats at every entrance - rugs in high traffic areas. • Sunlight can be harmful and can drastically change the color of the wood. Consider sheer drapes, curtains or blinds to limit direct sunlight. • Shoes can also cause damage. High heels can dent. Small stones can scratch. Consider leaving shoes and the grit of the outside world at the door. This important information about hardwood flooring options, installation, care and maintenance is courtesy of the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) and the American Hardwood Information Center. For more information about American hardwoods visit, a service of the Hardwood Manufacturers Association. Courtesy of ARAcontent

carolyn hay interior design






Creating Beautiful Landscapes for over 25 years 5119 CLIFF GOOKIN BLVD. TUPELO, MS 38801 842-1267

Call about our Carpet Cleaning Specials! Installation Available! Open Mon.-Fri. 8:30 - 5:30 / Sat. 8:30 - 12:00 702 E. PRESIDENT • TUPELO • 842-4000

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(ARA) - As you plan your home and office improvements, think long-term by making choices that are informed, responsible and financially sound. The American Hardwood Information Center suggests hardwood flooring -- one of the best long-term investments to be made. It is environmentally friendly, forever fashionable, and will last for generations.




Fall ceramic tile trends go

Bold and Beautiful


Strong saturated tones such as midnight blue, royal purple and deep chartreuse will join autumn's traditional power hues of rich reds and burnt sienna. Reds are especially dominant, appearing in every shade from fiery orange-reds to deep merlot. These powerful colors are paired with linear and neutral whites, creams and soft grays to provide a high-contrast punch. You'll also see high-contrast color schemes such as black and white. This fall's tile collections also employ texture and geometry to underscore the contrast of light and shadow. Softness and whimsy also have their place with gentle palettes of sky blue, blushing orange, lilac and rose imparting optimism and childlike peace of mind. Highly stylized interpretations of classic motifs and floral patterns add sophistication to traditional themes. The message of these lighter looks seems to be "Don't take life too seriously. Have a little fun with design."


Fall pattern trends include micro and macro patterns within a single tile, larger-than-life designs that incorporate multiple tiles, and optical illusions. Drawing on consumers' continuing interest in the environment, tile makers are presenting entire collections

inspired by nature. You can find tiles that mimic the texture of sand dunes, waves, tree bark and even rain. Just as 3D has taken the movie scene by storm, tile makers are using the concept in fall patterns. Mind-bending effects are updating classic and mod styles. Designers are using dot-matrix screens, sometimes with metallic glazes, to twist the eye.


Texture lends nuances of shade and tone through the play of light and shadow. Ceramic tiles have always been a good medium for textures. Digital technology has made it easy for tile makers to apply texture to a ceramic surface. New possibilities have emerged, such as tiles that mimic the look of antique distressed wood and bush-hammered or chiseled stone.


It's difficult to pin down a trend in size these days, since technology has made it possible for manufacturers to produce tiles in a wide range of dimensions. Tiles can be as minute as 5/8 by 5/8 inches, or as grand as 4 feet by 4 feet. Some can even be made in 8-foot lengths. Slim tile continues to be an evolving technology gaining wider appreciation from homeowners and designers. Slim tiles use fewer resources in every phase of the manufacturing process, enhancing their appeal for eco-conscious consumers. This tile format also works well for a range of new applications, from cabinetry veneer and furniture tops to acoustical panels in ceiling applications. As manufacturers and designers continue to push innovation in technology and style, ceramic tile will continue to appeal to homeowners and home builders for its versatility, durability, beauty and eco-friendly qualities.

Courtesy of ARAcontent

The The

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(ARA) - Trendy and timeless, practical and whimsical, durable and beautiful - when it comes to building materials, ceramic tile wins the heart of many a designer and homeowner for its ability to offer the best of many worlds. Technological advances and passionate designers have carried modern ceramic tile a long way from the basic, utilitarian looks of yesteryear. Home renovation and building go on year-round, but as with any design statement, each season brings new looks and trends. This autumn's trends share a flair for boldness and innovation. The ceramic tile experts at Tile of Spain point to the hot trends to watch in ceramic tile this fall:




How to get a custom closet on a

Do-it Yourself Budget end by anyone of average skill level. Some brands offer websites with pre-existing templates Americans alike are taking better care of their clothing and other possessions, starting with how and online design tools that make closet planthey store them. But if you haven't been reading ning easy. Next, measure your space. Determine the today's most popular home and style magazines, width, height and depth and write them down. Is sneaking a peak inside your neighbor's closets, or your closet a reach-in, walk-in, or are you creathouse-hunting lately, you might not have noing it from freestanding space? Have high ceilticed: Closets have evolved from clumsy and ings? Add a shelf to store items overhead. non-functional to downright fabulous. When planning, consider designating 50 perOr maybe you've envied the spacious, custom cent of your closet space for low-hanging clothes, closets characteristic of luxury homes, but haven't had thousands of dollars to plunk down 25 percent for longer clothes, and 25 percent for drawers and shelves. Then, take inventory of on a professional closet makeover. In either case, you probably need a closet solu- your stuff and make adjustments to meet your tion. That's why manufacturers of closet organi- personal needs. Use a tower unit to separate his space from zation systems have been busy developing new, hers and incorporate shelves and drawers. Use do-it-yourself home storage solutions ranging pant racks to organize 12 pairs of pants in a from low-end, rack-and-wire plug-ins to handcompact space while keeping them smooth and some furniture-style systems in white or woodpressed. Use shelves for organizing folded toned melamine and even solid wood. sweaters so they keep their proper form. Raise Among the strongest and most flexible of the shoes off the floor. Look for shoe cubbies that new systems are Home Options Storage Solucomfortably hold two shoes, not just one. Shoe tions. Shelving and pole heights are adjustable cubbies are also ideal for stowing away evening so your design can be adapted periodically to bags, belts and other personal items. For more your changing needs. Full extension drawers information, visit with attractive fronts provide complete access. Where to start creating a custom closet on a do-it-yourself budget? First, determine your skill Courtesy of ARAcontent level. Do you need a professional? Probably not. Many closet systems can be installed in a week-

Create an Outdoor Living Space That Will Get Good Use Many homeowners think an outdoor living space is one that can only be used during the warm-weather months. However, if done right, individuals can enjoy outdoor rooms for much of the year. Creating a comfortable, intimate and private outdoor space offers a spot to which a person can retire after a long day -especially a person who enjoys the delights of Mother Nature. Outdoor rooms can be customized depending on the space one has, meaning homeowners or renters with any size yard or patio area can enjoy an outdoor room. Starting the project first requires determining where the outdoor space will be situated. Most people prefer to keep it close to the house for easy access. It's also important to consider how many seasons will be enjoyed outdoors. This will determine the accessories needed. For example, those who want to stretch outdoor living into the late autumn may want to invest in a chiminea or outdoor fireplace to provide a focal point and warm place to converge when the weather is brisk. Those who only desire a summer area may want an arbor or pergola to keep the area cooler when the sun is scorching. Keep in mind that this area of the outdoors should be private; otherwise it probably won't be used much. Plants, trellis, garden structures, and other elements can help to keep the area blocked off from prying eyes. Bamboo is a fast-growSTANDARD TALL • 8’ walls ing grass that will make an effective • Available in 8’, 10’ and 12’ widths* privacy screen. • Available in 10’ to 48’ lengths • Traditional twin rib siding Next, consider plants that provide • Garage doors optional aesthetic appeal. If the outdoor room will be used for three seasons, use a *12’ widths are nominal 11’6” due to variety of plants that will ensure D.O.T. regulations. blooms all year long. Consider plants that will feed wildlife and attract butterflies and birds. Greenery Tues.-Sat. tends to create a relaxing space. 662-534-8800 8:00am - 5:30pm

Don't forget a few evergreen shrubs or trees if the space will be enjoyed past the summer. Think about comfortable furniture to add to the space. Stores sell so many different varieties of outdoor furniture, from traditional patio sets to chaises and sofas that rival ones that would normally be found indoors. Accessorize as one would inside, adding side tables, throw pillows (in weather-resistant fabrics) and ottomans. The goal is comfort and convenience. Don't forget lighting. While there's bound to be plenty of sunlight during the day, individuals who want to sit outdoors at night should think about wired or solar lighting. Candles or a fire in a fire pit also can provide ample illumination. Homeowners going above and beyond can shield the outdoor room from the elements even further by building a screened-in outdoor space. This will help keep bugs at bay and provide shelter if it rains. Use curtains or shutters to give the area a cozy appeal.

A table for two…

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How to make your family room into

Personal Theater

TELEVISION The most important decision you make will be the equipment you select to play your movies. Yet, even with advances in technology like the Blu-ray high-definition format and enhancements in picture quality, only a few of today's most advanced flat screens can replicate what you would see at the theater. To assist consumers in selecting an HDTV for their home theater, THX has developed a Display Certification, which requires rigorous testing to prove that the television is able to recreate the vivid contrast, bright colors, and detail present when a movie leaves the director's studio. The certification ensures that what viewers are seeing at home replicates the movie experience. "Now you can see every jaw-dropping explosion and special effect just as it is presented in the theater, except you'll be watching from the

SEATING Why settle for a rickety theater seat when you can tailor the seating in your cinema to your comfort? Whether you favor a cushy recliner or couch to cuddle on, the beauty of having a home theater is being able to add that sense of comfort that you might not get at your local cinema. Where do you place your TV in relation to your seating for optimal viewing? For the best seat in the house, Dean recommends the following distances based on the size of your television: * 35-inch TV = 3.5-5 feet * 40-inch TV = 4-6 feet

* 50-inch TV = 5-7.5 feet * 60-inch TV = 6-9 feet LIGHTING It's also important to make the lighting in your home work with the TV. Some televisions have settings that allow you to adjust the color to match the lighting in your living room with the touch of a button. When evaluating the lighting in your home just remember that darker is most often better, so add in dimmer switches where you can. SOUND Some TVs have excellent sound quality built right in, however you may wish to go with a surround sound system to catch every whisper and feel every explosion. Dean suggests, "Place the main speakers at the front of the room and make sure the tweeters are near ear level to where you will be sitting. Hard surfaces will cause sound to echo, so you may want to consider covering uncarpeted floors with a rug and place curtains over any windows." ATMOSPHERE Have some fun decorating the room with posters from your favorite movies or get a popcorn maker. Part of the fun of having a home theater is you can add your own flair to the movie experience. But most importantly, make your space comfortable. Courtesy of ARAcontent

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Drapery & 95 Designer each Upholstery Fabrics


Assortment Includes Bolsters, Kidney Pillows and 20”x20” Pillows

Entire Stock

Drapery Trims and % Tassels off


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including Outdoor Fabrics



2501 HWY 72, WALNUT


Big Screen TV s ’





■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Wireless Sets Plasma, LCD, and LED Sets Sets only 11⁄2 Inches Thin Sets from 19" to 82" Sets with 60 HZ to 600 HZ Screens




e ComeNSeew Our

3- D T V

FREE SET-UP & DELIVERY! Financing Available!


917 South Gloster Street / Tupelo Open Mon-Fri 8 am-5 pm 662-844-5297 In-House Service Department CLOSED SATURDAY Outstanding

In Our Field

Document: E008DJS091610.eps;Page: 1;Format:(295.27 x 546.10 mm);Plate: Composite;Date: Sep 14, 2010 16:05:00;JPC 72 DPI

comfort of your couch," says Rick Dean, senior vice president of THX. The only LED LCDs in the U.S. to receive THX Display Certification are the new Infinia HDTVs from LG. These sets are equipped with Full LED Slim technology that employs patented backlighting for an ultra-slim depth without sacrificing picture quality. By simply selecting one of the THX modes on an LG LX9500 or LE8500, you can turn your living room into a screening room with just the touch of a button. No professional installation is needed. Movie buffs will appreciate the accurate recreation of the filmmaker's vision, Dean explains. In fact, at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival - one of the leading film festivals in the U.S. - German filmmaker Björn Richie Lob's documentary "Keep Surfing" was screened on LG Infinia LED HDTVs. It was the first time a television had ever been used for a screening at the festival.

(ARA) - Until now, there's been nothing quite like the experience of catching your favorite flick in the theater, but today's technology makes it possible to bring the magic of the theater experience to your home. Each year, home theater equipment becomes more sophisticated and affordable, allowing more homeowners to turn their family rooms into screening rooms. With a little attention to lighting, seating, sound and the right TV screen, you too can create a cinematic experience in your home. According to THX LTD., the organization that created the design and certification programs for cinemas, audio systems and HDTVs, you can create the feel of the theater by simply making the right choices for your primary TV viewing area in your house.




A New Roof

(ARA) - A 2010 survey by American Express indicates that homeowners will spend more than $6,000 on average on home improvements this year. For one lucky homeowner this money may come back not only in the form of enhancements to their home, but also thousands of dollars right back in their pocket. For others, installing a new roof could mean getting a little money back in their bank account. It's as simple as installing a roof and sharing the picture for all to admire. According to a recent report by the Pew Research Center, 80 percent of Americans say owning a house is the best long-term investment a person can make. The study adds that about 48 percent of all homeowners state that the value of their home has declined during the recession. A smart way to dramatically enhance the look and value of a home is with a roof makeover. Traditional plain black and brown roofs are losing popularity to more colorful shingles, which reflect the personality and style of the homeowner and can increase the home's curb appeal. Homeowners are confidently choosing beautiful color palates such as Summer Harvest, Sand Dune or Merlot shingles for the top of their abode. Owens Corning, a leading manufacturer of insulation and roofing products, offers the Duration Series Designer Colors Collection of shingles with seven vibrant color combinations that come with SureNail Technology for maximum performance and wind resistance of up to 130-mph winds. The company even offers a free online color personality quiz to help homeowners select the shade best suited for them. Just visit to learn your color personality. "Homeowners are looking for ways that they can significantly increase the value of their home and its physical appeal," says Sue Burkett, market-

ing manager for Owens Corning Roofing and Asphalt. "A new roof can be a major makeover for some homes, adding valuable aesthetic appeal for the homeowners and neighbors to enjoy." Owens Corning recently announced its first-ever national competition to find the home with the best roof makeover using the company's Duration Designer Colors Collection shingles. The just-launched "That's My Roof!" contest welcomes homeowners to show off their new roof and have a chance to win prizes. "The contest is a fun way for us to interact with homeowners and provide a venue for them to show off their redesigned exterior of their home," adds Burkett. "In addition, other homeowners get to vote and comment on each make-over submission. Refunding a new roof to the best overall submission is our way of showing customers that we appreciate their business and we're dedicated to the same thing that they are making their home look great.'" To enter, homeowners can visit and submit before and after photos of their Duration Designer Colors Collection roof through Oct. 15. The contest will run through Oct. 31, 2010 and feature monthly winners. One grand prize winner will receive a refund for the cost of the roof up to $10,000. For homeowners, updating their roof with designer shingles offers more than wind and weather protection and overall value to the home. The increase in color choices helps enable homeowners to add a splash of personality to exterior and fall more in love with a home that is reflective of his or her style.

Courtesy of ARAcontent


Everything youneed need Everything you forfor fall home projects. spring home projects. .....

indoors and out!

Turn a day’s work into a few hours with our professional tools and equipment for everything from landscaping and lawn care to home repairs and remodeling. Saws (Circular, etc.) Power Drills & Nailers Floor & Hand Sanders Painting Equipment Wallpaper Equipment Carpet-Laying Tools

Air Compressors Skid-Steer Loaders Pressure Washers Aerators Brush Chippers Chainsaws

Edgers Tillers Dethatchers Sod Cutters Stump Grinders Leaf Blowers And Much More!


Now Available Exclusively at


1818 McCullough Blvd. • Tupelo | 662-842-7834 •

of Tupelo


223 E. Franklin St. • Tupelo

1-800-NEXT WINdow •

“Simply the Best for Less”®

Tips to Increase the Resale Value of Your Home Brought to you by these area real estate pros.

For more helpful hints or a free market analysis of your home, please contact these agents below.

Ellen Short says:

Make The Most of That First Impression. A well-manicured lawn and shrubs, and a clutter free porch welcome prospects. So does a freshly painted or scrubbed front door. Invest in a few hours for future dividends and clean up and unclutter. If your woodwork is scuffed or the paint is fading, consider some minor redecoration. Prospects would rather see how your home looks than hear how great it could look with a little work.

Ellen Short 662-842-3284 office 1-800-731-8871 Toll Free

600 W. Main


Dillard Richardson says:

If You Have A Fireplace - You Have A Good Asset To Your Home! Fireplaces add warmth, character and architectural interest to your family room, and if its attractive & in good working order – can increase your home’s value.


Dillard Richardson 842-6531


1859 N. Veterans Blvd. Saltillo, MS 38866

251 Warehouse Rd • Sherman (at Sherman Exit off Hwy 78, across from RV lot)


Mon - Fri 10:00 am - 5:00 pm w w w. p r e m i e r p r i n t s i n c . c o m

Document: E009DJS091610.eps;Page: 1;Format:(295.27 x 546.10 mm);Plate: Composite;Date: Sep 14, 2010 16:22:47;JPC 72 DPI

can put money back in homeowners’ pockets




Check with these businesses for estimates and suggestions on how to make your house a “home” Glass & Doors by: Maloney Glass & Door

Contractors by: Jesco, Inc.

Construction, Mechanical, Electrical Contractors 662-842-3240

5035 Hwy 178 West, Fulton, MS


3 Ton Haier Central Heat /Air Conditioner Units with Electric Heat Pump $1,050

Residential & Light Commercial Sales • Service • Installation Over 20 Years Experience! 662-489-7273

Donations by: Salvation Army Thrift Store


Donald Allred Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Over 40 years experience “It’s Hard to Stop a Trane” 1696 Cliff Gookin Blvd.,Tupelo, MS 662-842-7426

Comfort Engineering, Inc.

824 North Gloster Street-Tupelo, MS “Turn to the Experts”


Moses Electrical, Heating & A/C

Commercial • Industrial • Residential Licensed, Bonded, Insured. Chris Moses, Owner Professional Service, Professional Results 662-844-3472 office • 662-231-8472 cell

Shaw Mechanical Services, LLC

703 Daybrite Dr., Tupelo, MS 38801 662-842-0301

Driveways by: B&B Concrete Co., Inc


Fabrics by:


1727 McCullough Blvd., Tupelo With our wholesale buying power, you’ll always get the best price. 662-841-2621


Residential/Commercial, Churches Ceiling Fans, Outdoor Lighting & much more! 213 East Franklin, Tupelo 662-842-1366

Awnings by:

Maloney Glass & Door


“Serving Tupelo for 3 Generations” Awnings 711 Robert E. Lee Dr., Tupelo, MS


Blinds & Home Fashions by: Leake and Goodlett, Inc.

Exterior • Operable • Plantation Wood & Vinyl Shutters, Shutter Hardware 105 E Main St., Tupelo, MS 662-842-7241

Building Supplies by: Leake and Goodlett, Inc.

Serving the area since 1904 All Types Building Materials 105 E Main St., Tupelo, MS 662-842-7241

Fences by:

Ivy Fence Company

Carpet, Vinyl, Hardwood, & Tile Security Doors 5150 Raymond Ave., Verona, MS



• Carpet Cleaning • Rug Cleaning • Upholstery Cleaning 702 E. President - Tupelo, MS 662-842-4000

Cleaning/Pressure Washing by: F-5 Power Service, LLC

Residential, Commercial, Exterior Cleaning, Low Pressure, Chemical Roof Cleaning, Store Fronts, Driveways, Heavy Duty Equipment 662-871-1643


Fireplaces by: “Complete Fireplace Shop Since 1973” 4115 West Main - Tupelo, MS 662-844-5178

Fireplace Creations by BMC Sales

Tonya’s Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Service

• Licensed • Insured • Bonded • Residential • Rentals • Churches • Apartments • Offices • Special Events 662-255-8838

Flooring by:


Reclaimed Antique Wide Plank Flooring, Wall and Ceiling Panels, Antique Brick Pavers Showroom by Appt. • 145 Towery Street, Guntown • 662-401-8472

Floral Arrangements & Designs by: DB’s Floral Designs n’ More

• Full Service Florist • New Selection • 210 Willow Tree Angels • Monkeez • Pottery • Custom Work 388 Mobile Street - Saltillo, MS 662-869-3620

Foundations by: A Certified Dealer FOUNDATION REPAIR

Licensed & Bonded 662-538-9246

Furniture by: Bobby Pannell’s Furniture Warehouse 297 Industrial Rd., Ecru, MS 662-509-9998

“Where the Best is Affordable” 308 Spring St., Tupelo, MS 662-842-4061

Rogers Furniture

Cleaning & Organizing Services by:

Quality Furniture at Affordable Prices Pontotoc, MS 662-489-1176

Shamrock Cleaning Services

Furniture & Accessories by:

“Kids are back in school, mom has a crazy schedule, the house is a mess! Let us take care of it and mom relax.”

662-680-2610 • Gift Certificates Available

Countertops by: Precision Countertops, LLC

Specializing in all types of countertops & cabinetry 170-B Young Ave., Nettleton, MS 662-963-7078 • 662-397-2497 cell


Serving North Mississippi Since 1949 662-842-6312

Senter Transit Mix 662-842-7305

Concrete Stain by: Senter Transit Mix


Re-Designing Women

New & Re-Newed Furniture & Accessories Includes Lamps, Mirrors, Antiques & More 120 W. Main St., New Albany, MS 662-509-2570

Warehouse 605

Next Sale: October 6th, 7th, & 8th • 10am - 5pm 605 Daybrite Dr., Tupelo, MS 662-231-9008

Garage Doors by: Mississippi Door, LLC

Concrete by: B&B Concrete Co., Inc


“Quality Gas/Wood Pellet Burning Fireplaces” Hwy. 145 - Saltillo, MS 662-869-2619

Security Alarms of Tupelo, Inc.

Phil Ratliff, President-Over 30 Years Experience MS License # 15006499 662-842-7221

Southern Security, LLC

“Providing Protection is Our #1 Priority” 707 West Main St. - Tupelo, MS David Hamilton, Owner 662-841-8812

Septic Tanks & Systems by:


1493 Hwy, 363 -Guntown, MS (East of Saltillo) Owner: Donald Whitfield 869-2277, 842-9113, 871-8557

General Contracting & Roofing by: Anglin Brothers Roofing & General Contracting

Commercial • Residential • Over 30 Years Experience • Vinyl Siding • Seamless Gutters Pontotoc, MS 662-489-2057 • 800-818-4069

Custom Service Company, LLC.

Irrigation Systems • Grease Traps • Individual Home Sewage Treatment Systems • Reinforced Concrete • Replacement Motors 269 CR 1553 - Baldwyn • 662-678-6094


1730 McCullough Blvd., Tupelo Professional Lighting Design, Chandeliers & Fixtures, Lamps, Mirrors, Fans, Landscape & Outdoor 662-840-8833 Visit

Tupelo Lighting Center

“Residential/Commercial, Churches, Ceiling Fans, Chandeliers, Outdoor Lighting & much more! • 213 East Franklin, Tupelo 662-842-1366

Home Theater & Custom Music Installation 2611 W. Main - Tupelo, MS 662-842-3753

Stone by: Lavastone Industries

4115 West Main - Tupelo, MS 662-844-5178

Maintenance by:

Tupelo Stone & Masonary

BJ’s Maintenance

All Types of Stone & Decorative Gravel Sold 3050 McCullough Blvd. - Tupelo 662-840-6800

Full Service Home Repair & Renovations Electrical • Plumbing • A/C Tupelo, MS 662-213-1818

Tree Service by: Brewer Tree Service

Manufactured Home Supplies by:

Insured - Trimming/Removal/Stump Grinding 662-871-9451 • 662-401-0742 • 662-963-1010

Pontotoc Mobile Home Supply “Your Mobile Home Superstore”

Underground Fencing by:

367 Spur Street, Pontotoc, MS

Ph. 662-489-8007 Fax. 662-489-8013 RAFCO Mobile Home Supplies Lavon Worthey

Petstop of Northeast MS

“Keeping Pets Safe for Over 9 Years” Leslie Scott 662-488-9863

Hwy 6 East, Nettleton, MS

Ph. 662-963-2325 Fax. 662-963-3904

Upholstery by:

Ornamental Ironwork by:

Williams Upholstry

Iron Work by Johnny Wilder Over 50 Years Experience

Specializing in All Types of Furniture & Antiques All Work Guaranteed! Hwy. 9 • Blue Springs, MS 662-538-8646 or 662-840-0116

321 W. Oxford - Pontotoc, MS


Paint & Wallpaper by:


Vacuum Sales & Service by:

We Sell the Best! 1811-A West Main Shopping Center, Tupelo, MS 662-842-0366

Painting by:

Vinyl Siding by:

Interior & Exterior • Residential & Commercial Over 25 Years Experience 662-791-9013

“Quality Pest Control Service at Affordable Rates” Since 1971


Plumbing by: David’s Plumbing

Plumbing & Septic • 24 Hour Service Licensed & Bonded 662-419-0107 or 662-489-5916

Sonny T’s Plumbing

Licensed • Bonded • Insured “All Your Plumbing & Remodeling Needs” Troy Lunceford, Master Plumber/Owner 662-871-5693 Tupelo, MS


907 Varsity Drive - Tupelo, MS We Repair All Makes & Models 662-842-3342

New Construction & Remodels Commercial • Residential 213 Murrah Rd., New Albany, MS 662-534-4135

Pest Control by:

Aerus Electrolux

518 South Gloster Tupelo, MS 662-842-2214

Varsity Vacuums

Mike Stepp Painting

James Pest Management

Hussey Sod Farm

Family Owned & Operated for Over 30 Years 1412A Hwy 371 - Tupelo, MS 662-842-4197

MAP Sound & Video

J. Britt Antiques & Interiors

Webb Painting

Sod & Sodding Services by:

Sound & Video by:

We are now a full service lighting center. Chandeliers, Ceiling Fans, Lanterns & More. 1993 McCullough Blvd. • Tupelo 662-844-3050

Classic Finishes


Security Systems by:

Lamp Shades, Repair & Custom Designed Lamps 1993 McCullough Blvd. • Tupelo 662-844-3050

Lighting by:

411 Clark St. - Tupelo, MS “A Family Business Since 1946” 844-4481

Take a rug home & make sure it’s perfect before you buy. 1727 McCullough Blvd. - Tupelo, MS 662-841-2621

Lamps & Lamp Shades by: J. Britt Antiques & Interiors

Lighting Gallery by Nesco

Wheeler Roofing

The Cotton Bolt Rug Gallery

Home of the Yard Dogs “Specializing in All Types of Lawn and Landscape Maintenance 662-871-0271 or 662-871-4473

Lavastone Industries

63 Carnathan Dr. - Tupelo, MS 662-840-5101

Rugs by:

“Antiques from around the world” 1993 McCullough Blvd. • Tupelo 662-844-3050

Small Jobs Company, Inc.

Kirksey Brothers Furniture Company

Cleaning Services by:

Interior Design by:

Complete Year Round Maintenance “Where Quality Still Prevails” 662-491-0063

“Specializing in Hardwood, Carpet, Ceramic Tile, Vinyl Flooring” 202 West Main - Tupelo, MS 662-844-0800

Verona Carpet Warehouse

Curtis (Butch) Cobb, Owner/Inspector 866-790-6226 •

Green Thumb Lawn Services

4811 Cliff Gookin Blvd. Tupelo, MS

Vintage Flooring

Roofing by: Wages Sheet Metal & Roofing

Lawn Care by:

Jordan Carpet

Carpets by:

Carpet Cleaning by: Adair Carpet Cleaning

Tupelo Lighting Center

Resale Shops by: Women, Children, & Home Decor 134 South Industrial, Tupelo, MS 662-840-1007

J. Britt Antiques & Interiors

Fans by: Lighting Gallery by Nesco

Property Maintenance, Handyman Services, Lawn Care, Pressure Washing, Gutter Cleaning Baldwyn, MS 662-255-8394 or 662-231-3200

Resale Therapy

Home Inspections by: AmeriSpec Inspection Services

Appliances/Appliance Repair by: A-1 Home Appliance Center

“Home of the 8 pound Hotel Vacuum” Home Air Purifiers 4340 Mall Drive/Next to Books-A-Million 662-840-0006 or 1-888-41ORECK

Residential • Commercial • We Offer 24 Hour Service Over 30 Years Experience 120 Snyder St., New Albany, MS 662-534-9611


1730 McCullough Blvd., Tupelo Professional, Lighting Design, Chandeliers & Fixtures, Lamps, Mirrors, Fans, Landscape & Outdoor 662-840-8833 Visit

Oreck Floor Care

Riddle Air Conditioning & Heating

Fine Furnishings & Accessories 903 Varsity Dr., Tupelo, MS 662-842-1292

Sales, Service, Installation 24 Hour Service, Free Estimates Licensed, Bonded, Insured 662-808-4270 or 662-287-3899

Whirlpool, Maytag, Jenn-Air, Viking Sales & Service 117 S. Industrial Rd., Tupelo, MS 662-844-4650

Remodeling Services by: A Team Services

Home Furnishings by: Staggs Interiors

Serving North Mississippi Since 1949 662-842-6312

The Cotton Bolt

Vinyl Siding, Bricks, Concrete, etc. Free Estimates David Coggin - Nettleton, MS 662-401-9052

Heating & Air by:

Scoring, Staining, Diamond Grinding & Polishing 662-871-9288

Allen Heating & Cooling


“Serving Tupelo for 3 Generations” Store Fronts, Mirrors, Shower Doors, Garage Doors, Commercial Doors, Hollow Metal Doors 711 Robert E. Lee Drive - Tupelo 662-844-4540

Custom Concrete by: Decorative Concrete

Air Conditioning & Heating by:

Pressure Washing/Cleaning by: Doc’s Powerwash

Mitchell’s Vinyl Siding & Replacement Windows

Residential Sales & Installation • Home Improvements • New Construction “Quality Is Our Specialty” 662-840-0660 or 662-871-6412 cell

Window World


“Simply the Best for Less” 223 Franklin • Tupelo, MS 662-842-5201

Windows by:

Lindley Outdoor Cleaning Services

Specializing in Windows & Vinyl Siding. We also do Gutters, Boats, RV’s & More Quality Service you can Appreciate 662-862-9749

Window World


“Simply the Best for Less” 223 Franklin • Tupelo, MS 662-842-5201 *see display in Home Improvement section

Document: E010DJS091610.eps;Page: 1;Format:(295.27 x 546.10 mm);Plate: Composite;Date: Sep 13, 2010 15:24:47;JPC 72 DPI

Air Conditioners by: D & D Trade

Fall Home Improvement 9162010  

Document: E001DJS091610.eps;Page: 1;Format:(295.27 x 546.10 mm);Plate: Composite;Date: Sep 14, 2010 16:03:20;JPC 72 DPI An advertorial suppl...

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