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Friday, July 20 to Monday, July 23, 2012 Rosen Shingle Creek Resort, Orlando, FL

Join us for a highly acclaimed professional development workshop exclusively for high school publications advisers.

In its sixth year, Jostens Adviser University

has earned a reputation as a highly acclaimed, high-energy and intense professional development opportunity exclusively for educators who serve as advisers to yearbooks, newspapers and magazines. Although elementary, middle school and collegiate advisers might find the workshop helpful, the curriculum is specifically geared for high school educators. While it is highly recommended that you take your students to a local summer workshop, Jostens Adviser University is an outstanding opportunity for high school advisers to grow and network at a professional conference without students. This is your workshop and your chance to focus and learn without chaperoning students. You won’t create theme packets and finalize ladders with high school students. Instead, you’ll focus on strategies and methodologies required to be an effective adviser. Academic credit is available. Jostens Adviser University is geared to both beginning and experienced advisers. And since the focus is on strategies and methodologies, advisers working with any yearbook company will find the curriculum relevant.


11 a.m.–2 p.m. 2–3 p.m. 3:15–5:15 p.m. 5:30–7:30 p.m.

Registration Opening | General Session Workshop Courses Reception and Welcome Activity

SATURDAY, JULY 21, 2012 7–8 a.m. 8–9 a.m. 9:15 a.m.–12:15 p.m. 12:15–1:15 p.m. 1:15–4:15 p.m. 4:30–5:30 p.m. 5:30 p.m.

Continental Breakfast [provided] General Session Workshop Courses Lunch [provided] Workshop Courses Mini-Sessions Dinner [on your own] Free Time


FRIDAY, JULY 20, 2012

SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2012 7–8 a.m. 8–9 a.m. 9:15 a.m.–12:15 p.m. 12:15–1:15 p.m. 1:15–4:15 p.m. 4:30–5:30 p.m. 5:30 p.m.

Continental Breakfast [provided] General Session Workshop Courses Lunch [provided] Short Courses Mini-Sessions Dinner [on your own] Free Time

MONDAY, JULY 23, 2012 7–8 a.m. 8–10 a.m. 10:15–11 a.m. 11 a.m.

Continental Breakfast [provided] Workshop Courses General Session | Closing Departures for those not taking optional Seminar

Seminar Option 11 a.m.– noon Noon–4:30 p.m.

Lunch [provided for Seminar participants] Seminars


Daily workshop coursES

Each participant will enroll in one of four workshop courses based on level of experience and interests. Because of the personalized and customized curriculum in these courses, participants will stay in one course for the entire 13 hours. The new “Build Your Own Workshop” course allows advisers the freedom to select from different sessions that fit their needs. Read the four detailed course descriptions on these two pages and select the one that best fits your needs.

1 First-Year Yearbook Advising [0 to 1 year experience]

Linda Drake, Dr. Gloria Eastman | instructors This course, suggested for beginning high school yearbook advisers who will advise their first yearbook during the upcoming school year, starts from square one by covering essentials of yearbook journalism with an emphasis on teaching methodologies and advising strategies. If you have never advised a yearbook, this is the course for you.

2 Basics of Teaching Photojournalism [at least 1 year of experience]

Mike McLean | instructor To teach and coach students on taking photos for high school publications, advisers need to know fundamental camera skills. In this course, advisers will receive one-onone help with the functions of their specific camera used for publication photography. Featured topics include camera basics, basic exposure controls, composition, basic Photoshop skills, effective use of a basic flash and shooting photos in a high school environment. This course is a mix of lecture and hands-on activities. To enroll in this course, advisers must bring the following: • digital camera (not a point-and-shoot camera) used by your students for publication photography along with the owner’s manual • empty memory card (1–4 gig) • extra camera batteries or battery charger • lenses, electronic flashes • card reader • a laptop with Photoshop is helpful but not required

3 What Works, What Doesn’t and What Might NEW!

[at least 5 years of experience] Casey Nichols, Sarah Nichols | instructors This course, suggested for advisers with at least five years experience, helps advisers make the job easier and the publication better. From empowering editors and building staff culture to using new technology tools and layering the book’s theme, the class will address strategies for taking each aspect to the next level. Participants will be encouraged to apply concepts to their individual programs and rethink everything from daily reporting practices to the importance of design and detail.


This course is suggested for high school yearbook advisers with limited experience—those who have advised one to three yearbooks. Participants in this class will select from a menu of sessions that best fits their needs. Sessions are divided into three-hour, in-depth presentations on coverage, verbal and visual storytelling and design. Advisers will pick three offerings from nine options. The participants will meet together for the first and final session of the class on Friday and Monday.

FRIDAY  The Role of the Adviser panel discussion | Martha Akers, Linda Drake, Gary Lundgren, Casey Nichols.

SATURDAY MORNING <pick one> Traditional Coverage | Martha Akers, Tina Cleavelin

Sections, building the ladder, inclusive coverage strategies.

Chronological Coverage | John Cutsinger Inclusive coverage strategies, seasonal chronological and blended chronological, building the ladder.

Expanded Coverage | Sarah Nichols Using social media to drive unique strategies for inclusive coverage and unique ways to promote the yearbook to the student body.


4 Build Your Own Workshop NEW! [1 to 3 years experience]


Verbal Storytelling | Tina Cleavelin Facts/feelings/figures, captions, headlines, stories, story formats.

Visual Storytelling | Sherri Taylor Photojournalism, types of photos, illustrations, infographics, packaging.

Yearbook Themes/Concepts | Martha Akers, Gary Lundgren How the contemporary theme/concept provides verbal/visual unity while driving coverage.


Yearbook Typography | Sherri Taylor An overview of the fundamentals of typography and how to apply them to contemporary yearbook design.

The Magazine Design Myth | Shannon Williams Students frequently chant “we want our yearbook to have a magazine design” and in the end the pages are a sloppy mess. Let’s dive into some of the best looking and most functional magazine designs and deconstruct how and why these spreads work. Dissecting the spread elements can prepare you for the design battle and how to make it all work.

Practice What You Teach: Basic Design | Martha Akers, Tina Cleavelin Instructors will model a classroom lesson on basic yearbook design followed by a hands-on activity.


Staff Stuff | John Cutsinger, Casey Nichols Strategies for recruiting, training, evaluating and maintaining a happy and productive staff.


SATURDAY/SUNDAY MINI-SESSIONS new! By popular request, mini-sessions have been returned to this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s schedule to provide participants with quick, yet in-depth instruction on a variety of topics. SATURDAY <pick one>

SUNDAY <pick one>

Chronological Coverage

Advising Yearbook and Newspaper

Creative Covers

Caption Writing

Design Ideas from the Pros

Deadlines and the Ladder

Selling Ads

Content Packaging

Working with Parents

Press Associations


Writing for Readers

SUNDAY SHORT COURSES To supplement the main workshop course, the short courses allow advisers to regroup with different colleagues and instructors to focus on a single, in-depth topic. Each adviser will select one of the following short courses: Advanced Online Design This demonstration is an overview for experienced advisers using the Yearbook Avenue website for managing the yearbook project and creating pages. After an overview of new features for 2012, this session will demonstrate advanced design techniques. This short course is suggested for advisers who have produced at least one yearbook using Yearbook Avenue. This is a demonstration course so laptops are not required and internet access is not provided.

Adobe InDesign and Jostens YearTech This short course is suggested for advisers of all experience levels who use InDesign for creating their yearbooks. The course will preview Jostens YearTech 2013 and provide InDesign tips in addition to answering questions about the software. This is a demonstration course so laptops are not required and internet access is not provided.

Business as UNusual Understanding and accepting that the yearbook is a retail product lays the foundation for promotion and selling strategies that will guarantee an increase in your buy rate. Learn from the professionals and build a yearbook sales campaign that reaches your audience in a compelling way.

Online Design for Beginners  This demonstration session is an overview for beginning advisers with little if any experience using the Yearbook Avenue website for managing the yearbook project and creating the pages. This is a demonstration course so laptops are not required and internet access is not provided.


The Artistry of Photoshop: A Designer’s Guide Everyone knows that Photoshop is an outstanding tool to correct color and make adjustments to photography. Photoshop is so much more. Let’s explore the practical graphic design applications of this powerhouse including the best and most effective way to create everything from the perfect cut-out-background photo to type and photo manipulation. While not necessary, a basic knowledge of Photoshop would be helpful to students. This is a demonstration course so laptops are not required and internet access is not provided.

monday seminars


Photo Basics: A Crash Course In this seminar, topics include camera fundamentals, basic exposure controls, composition, shooting photos in a high school environment and quick tips for improving image quality. Advisers are encouraged to bring a digital camera (not a point-and-shoot) that will be used for taking publications photos at school. Because of content overlap, this seminar isn’t available for advisers who enrolled in the “Basics of Teaching Photojournalism” workshop course.

To maximize learning, advisers may opt to stay on Monday afternoon to participate in an additional in-depth, four-hour seminar. Advisers who are enrolled for academic credit are required to complete one of the following seminars. Advanced Design Studies for Advisers This seminar is suggested for advisers of high school yearbooks, newspapers and magazines with approximately three or more years of experience who understand the fundamentals of creating a solid design using Adobe InDesign, but desire to take their creativity to new heights. Building upon these fundamental skills, this lecture and discussion course will stress design strategies by using professional examples from magazines and newspapers as a foundation for applying modular grid design, typography, white space, color, graphics and content packaging to high school publications.

Advanced Photojournalism: Beyond the Basics This short course is designed to cover more advanced topics relating to teaching photojournalism including: Photo ethics discussion, Photoshop for the photojournalist, working with Raw images, designing an effective publication work flow, file archiving and using remote flashes for location assignments.

Business as UNusual Understanding and accepting that the yearbook is a retail product lays the foundation for promotion and selling strategies that will guarantee an increase in your buy rate. Learn from the professionals and build a yearbook sales campaign that reaches your audience in a compelling way. The content of this seminar repeats the Sunday short course.


DAILY GENERAL SESSIONS All workshop participants will begin the day together for fast-moving and thought-provoking general sessions on trends and how they shape today’s high school publications. FRIDAY: First Things First John Cutsinger | instructor Whoever said “it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish” didn’t advise yearbooks. Starting here, starting now will make you the best adviser you’ve ever been.

SATURDAY: Second to None Shannon Williams | instructor There are two sides of the story in coverage: one for the entire book and one for each spread. Give the stories you tell winning appeal through the organization of the book and the content/design of each spread.


SUNDAY: Third Time’s the Charm Tina Cleavelin | instructor Get the graphic details and see how to repeat your techniques three times to create a visually exciting design that is creative, communicative and cohesive.

Adviser Resource Center

Explore educational materials, study award-winning yearbooks, check your email and visit with your colleagues and workshop staff members at the Resource Center.

Academic credit opportunities

Jostens Adviser University participants may enroll in one of two optional academic credit opportunities. Costs and requirements are outlined below. Please note these costs are in addition to the workshop registration fee. Upon processing of your workshop registration, Jostens provides enrolled participants with registration information and course requirements. UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO [graduate, extension credit] • Course: 721I: Curriculum and Assessment for Scholastic Journalism • Credits: 3 units of extension credit • Cost: $225 total for 3 credits • Grading: Letter grade

SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY [graduate credit] • Course: MCOM 693: Scholastic Journalism Teaching Methods Workshop • Credits: 2 graduate-level credits • Cost: $850 total for two credits (tentative) • Grading: Letter grade • Project: Due two weeks after the end of the workshop


“I knew nothing about yearbooks or journalism before attending Jostens Adviser University. I now have enough information to improve my school’s yearbook and make it more inclusive and interesting.”


“After a challenging year, I was not excited about being the yearbook adviser again next year. Now, I am excited, full of ideas and happy to begin advising another yearbook. I am looking forward to a positive year with a great book.”

“I have been teaching and advising for awhile and Jostens Adviser University inspired and invigorated me! I feel like I am new again. I am changed!” “I have a renewed energy. I’m so excited that in the evenings I have already started communicating with my staff sharing the things that I have learned.” “In my 11 years of attending professional conferences, Jostens Adviser University is by far the best. I will be back next year!” “Every presenter was focused, caring and concerned about individual and group needs.”


Learn from the best


The Jostens Adviser University faculty features some of the most respected names in scholastic journalism including textbook authors, college professors and past recipients of the prestigious JEA National Yearbook Adviser of the Year honor.

Martha Akers

The 2005 JEA National Yearbook Adviser of the Year, Akers has been advising the yearbook and teaching photojournalism at Loudoun Valley High School, Purcellville, VA, for 31 years. The Saga yearbook she advises is a frequent CSPA Gold Crown, NSPA Pacemaker and VHSL Trophy winner. Akers, who speaks at and directs conventions and workshops nationwide, has received the CSPA Gold Key, NSPA Pioneer Award, VHSL Lifetime Achievement Award, VHSL Torch Award and SIPA Distinguished Service Award. Most recently, she was inducted into the VHSL Hall of Fame. Akers co-authored CSPA Scholastic Yearbook Fundamentals and the CSPA yearbook critique.

Linda Drake

The 2008 JEA National Yearbook Adviser of the Year, Drake has advised the yearbook for 30 years and the newspaper for 20 years at Chase County High School in Cottonwood Falls, KS, where she has taught for 38 years. Both the newspaper and yearbook are award-winning publications. Drake has earned the Jackie Engel Award and has been named a DJNF Distinguished Adviser. She has received the JEA Teacher Inspiration Award and the Medal of Merit Award. She teaches at several summer workshops, including serving as director of the Bethany Publications Workshop. Drake has served two terms as president of the KSPA and is currently serving as past president and is a member of the KSPA/Jackie Engel Endowment Foundation Board of Directors. Drake also serves on the NSPA Board of Directors.

Dr. Gloria Eastman

A professor at Metropolitan State College of Denver, Eastman advised award-winning high school publications for 26 years in Indiana and Colorado, most recently at Arvada High School, Arvada, CO, where the Arvadan yearbook and the Crimson Report newspaper earned CSPA Crown and NSPA Pacemaker honors. Eastman is a CSPA Gold Key and NSPA Pioneer Award recipient. She served as a co-author of the Teacherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Guide of the Jostens 1,2,3 Yearbook Curriculum.

Jostens trainers

In addition to the outside scholastic journalism gurus, a team of Jostens experts will serve on the faculty as well. Many were former award-winning advisers and educators and are well-known experts in scholastic journalism and publishing technology. The Jostens team tentatively includes: 10

Mike McLean A Dallas-based freelance photojournalist, McLean teaches photojournalism at high school workshops and conferences throughout the nation. McLean was inducted into the Scholastic Journalism Hall of Fame. As a staff photographer for the Dallas Times Herald, McLean served on a reporting team nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the crash of Delta flight 191 at the DFW Airport. McLean served on the team that produced Get the Picture, the Jostens photography curriculum. He also serves on the planning committee for the Gloria Shields All-American Publications Workshop in Dallas.

Casey Nichols



The 2004 JEA National Yearbook Adviser of the Year, Nichols has advised award-winning publications at both the high school and middle school levels during his 25-year teaching career. The Tonitrus yearbook Nichols advises at Rocklin High School, Rocklin, CA, is a frequent CSPA Crown and NSPA Pacemaker winner. Nichols is a frequent speaker at conventions and workshops across the country and has earned the NSPA Pioneer and JEA Medal of Merit.

Sarah Nichols

The 2010 JEA National Yearbook Adviser of the Year, Nichols advises student media at Whitney High School in Rocklin, CA. She is certified as a Master Journalism Educator and received a Medal of Merit in 2010 from JEA as well as the NSPA Pioneer Award in 2008. During her 13 years advising, her students have earned national recognition such as NSPA Pacemakers and CSPA Gold Crowns. Nichols currently serves as JEAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s vice president and is a member of the Scholastic Press Rights Commission and Digital Media Committee as well as past-president for JEANC in Northern California. She is a former JEA state director and Certification Commission member. Previously she advised in Indiana and was an officer for the Indiana High School Press Association.

Sherri Taylor

A professor of visual communications at Syracuse University and co-author of the popular Scholastic Journalism textbook, Taylor launched her career as an award-winning adviser at Irving High School, Irving, TX, where the Lair yearbook and the Tiger Rag newspaper were frequent CSPA Crown and NSPA Pacemaker winners. Taylor was named a DJNF Distinguished Adviser. She is also a CSPA Gold Key and NSPA Pioneer Award recipient and was inducted into the Scholastic Journalism Hall of Fame. At Syracuse University, she directs the Empire State School Press Association and the Student Press Institute. Taylor served on the team that produced Get the Picture, the Jostens photography curriculum. At Syracuse University, she directs the Empire State School Press Association and the Student Press Institute. Taylor served on the team that produced Get the Picture, the Jostens photography curriculum.

Betty Bacon, senior marketing technology manager Rick Brooks, Northeast creative design manager Tina Cleavelin, creative accounts manager John Cutsinger, senior creative accounts manager

Sheryl Fulton, marketing services manager Gary Lundgren, senior marketing education manager Shannon Williams, creative accounts manager


Rosen Shingle Creek Rosen Shingle Creek is conveniently located on Universal Boulevard just off the Beachline Expressway (SR 528, Exit #2) and a half mile east of the Orange County Convention Center. This ideal location is also minutes away from Orlando’s world famous attractions like Disney World® Resort, Universal Orlando®, Wet ’N Wild and Sea World Orlando®. In-room internet connectivity, access to the fitness center, and self-parking are all complimentary. While most meals are included with the registration cost, the Rosen provides plenty of options for dining, as well as networking over coffee or ice cream.

Rosen Shingle Creek 9939 Universal Boulevard Orlando, FL 32819 Please make your own room reservation directly with the Rosen Shingle Creek by phone at 1.866.996.6338 or visit for a link to online reservations. The group rate is $125 + 12.5% tax = $140.63 per night. You must identify your affiliation with Jostens to receive the group rate. Rates cannot be adjusted at check-in or check-out if you fail to secure the group rate at the time the reservation is made. All reservations accepted after the June 29, 2012 cut-off date will be based upon availability and the prevailing published hotel rates. The Jostens group rate will not be honored. Deposit/Payment: A deposit equal to the first night’s stay is required to hold your room. Cancellations: Reservations must be cancelled with the hotel at least five days prior to the scheduled check-in date, or the deposit will be charged.

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Register early to take advantage of the available price break! The registration fee includes admittance to all sessions, conference materials and six meals. Your registration becomes effective when full payment is received. The date of online registration or postmarked date of the mailed form determines the registration fee.

Online Registration: Register online to receive your confirmation and

additional information as soon as possible. You can complete your registration online with a credit card, or pre-register and create a printer-friendly completed form that can be used to request payment from your school or district. To register or complete your form online, go to to access our secure registration website. Alternatively, complete the form on the last page of this brochure and mail it with your check or purchase order.

Early-Bird Registration ($400): Jostens invites registrants to take advantage of the $25 early-bird registration discount. Registration form and full payment of $400 must be completed online or postmarked by June 15, 2012 to qualify.


 Disney速 Theme Park Ticket for Early-Bird Registrants! See page 15 for details.


Register early to save

Standard Registration ($425): Registration form and full payment of $425 for all registrations completed online or postmarked on or after June 16, 2012.

Payment Information: Acceptable forms of payment include credit cards (online registration only), checks or purchase orders.

Registration Confirmation: All registrations will receive a formal conference

confirmation email. Be sure to include an email address on your registration form that is accessible to you during and after the close of your school year. Please allow two weeks for delivery of confirmation. If you do not receive confirmation within two weeks of your registration submittal, contact Jostens at

Cancellation Policy: Registration cancellations must be made in writing. Send to Jostens Adviser University by U.S. mail or email:

Jostens Adviser University 3601 Minnesota Drive, Suite 400 Minneapolis, MN 55435


All cancellations postmarked by June 15, 2012 will be refunded in full, less a $25 registration processing fee. After that date, no cancellation refunds will be honored. The processing fee will apply to each individual registration cancelled and represents the cost incurred by Jostens to process a registration. This fee is non-refundable. Refunds from cancellations will be issued in the same payment form as received. All refunds will be processed six to eight weeks after the workshop. Please remember to also cancel your hotel reservation.

Transfer of Registration: The transfer of a registration from one individual

to another will be accepted (at no charge) through June 15, 2012. After this date, a $25.00 fee will be assessed for registration transfer. Submit transfer requests to

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registration FORM

Jostens Adviser University | July 20–23, 2012 | Orlando, FL One form per registrant. Form may be copied. Please type or print clearly. Two Ways to Register: 1. WEB: 2. MAIL: Jostens Adviser University, 3601 Minnesota Drive, Suite 400, Minneapolis, MN 55435 Registration Information: *Information will appear on name badge *First Name *Last Name *Name of School [curriculum is geared for high schools] Address



City Phone#






Email (please provide email address that is accessible to you during and after the close of your school year) Publication advised (select all that apply): ____ Yearbook ____ Newspaper ____ Magazine Years of experience you have in advising yearbooks: ____ New Adviser ____ 1–3 Years ____ 4–6 Years ____ 7–10 Years ____ 10+ Years Yearbook creation method: ____ InDesign/Jostens YearTech ____ Online/Jostens YearTech Online Daily Workshop Course > descriptions on page 4–5 Please select one of the following: ______ First-Year Yearbook Advising [no experience] ______ Basics of Teaching Photojournalism ______ Advanced Advising ______ Build Your Own Workshop

Mini-Sessions: > descriptions on page 6 Check one for Saturday and one for Sunday Saturday ______ Chronological Coverage ______ Creative Covers ______ Design Ideas from the Pros ______ Selling Ads ______ Working with Parents ______ Interviewing Sunday ______ Advising Yearbook and Newspaper ______ Caption Writing ______ Deadlines and the Ladder ______ Content Packaging ______ Press Associations ______ Writing for Readers Sunday Short Course > descriptions on pages 6–7 Please select one of the following: ______ Advanced Online Design ______A  dobe InDesign and Jostens YearTech ______ Business as UNusual

Build Your Own Workshop (check one topic per time slot): Saturday AM ______ Traditional Coverage ______ Chronological Coverage ______ Expanded Coverage Saturday PM ______ Visual Storytelling ______ Verbal Storytelling ______ Yearbook Themes/Concepts

Sunday AM ______ Yearbook Typography ______ T  he Magazine Design Myth ______ P  ractice What You Teach: Basic Design

______ Online Design for Beginners ______ Photo Basics: A Crash Course ______ The Artistry of Photoshop: A Designer’s Guide Monday Seminar > descriptions on page 7 Please select one of the following: ______Advanced Design Studies for Advisers ______ Advanced Photojournalism: Beyond the Basics ______ Business as UNusual Orlando Tourist Opportunities: ______ I may be interested in coordinating with other JAU attendees, so please email me with further details Academic Credit [optional/extra fees apply] I am interested in receiving information about the following: ______ Graduate extension credit from the University of San Diego ______ Graduate credit from South Dakota State University Registration Fee: ______ $400 Early-Bird Registration (postmarked by June 15, 2012) ______ $425 Standard Registration (postmarked on or after June 16, 2012) Payment Method: ______ Check enclosed (Please make check payable to Jostens Adviser University) ______ Purchase Order enclosed

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Jostens Adviser University brochure  

Jostens Adviser University is a highly respected national workshop for high school publications advisers.