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复合式构造3D金属无缝幕墙 《金属薄片贴覆在复合材料基板之上的双曲面造型幕墙体系》

专利发明人:顾传晖 恒豪国际贸易(上海)有限公司 TEL:021-62476345

The future envelope -towards a more reactive facade

Hybrid Tectonic 3D seamless metal facade

Thin Sheet Metal Facade Cladding System for Hyperbolic surfaces using Composite Susbtrates E-Grow developed a method for constructing metalclad, double-curved surfaces, such as undulating walls, roofs or any other exterior and also interior architectonics. The goal of this multi-layered system is to minimize the cost of building such exterior envelopes and interior applications. The outermost layer of this envelope system consists of waterproof overlapping metal shingling. Thickness of shingles are dramatically less than ordinary metal shingles (at 0.1mm-0.2mm), reducing the cost and weight of the cladding. 3M VHB structural strength tape is used to to attach the thin gauge metal shingles (stainless steel, titanium, copper and other metals) to a Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GRG) base with waterproofing membrane in between for moisture barrier for additional protection. The substrate of this multi-layered system is produced through another innovative patented procedure by E-Grow. The CNC routed recyclable wax mould enabled GRG to be carried out with higher precision and smaller tolerance levels and using the same mould used for complex geometry reduces cost. Thinner GRG layers connected to steel framework, works as an integrated sandwich system, leaving enough space for duct work and space for maintenance.

Performance as a goal, integration as the approach



E-Grow (恒豪国际) 为双曲面,如波浪起伏的墙壁,屋 顶或任何其他的户外和室内建筑, 研发金属包层建造 的方法。这种多层次的体系的目标是尽量减少建筑幕 墙和室内应用的成本。 这个建筑幕墙系统的最外层由重叠的防水金属叠 瓦。金属瓦片的厚度都大大低于普通金属瓦(在0.1 毫米-0.2毫米),同时降低成本和包层的重量。3M VHB 结构胶带是用来胶合也是附加于预铸式加强玻 璃纤维石膏板GRG)基处上方使用于阻隔水分的额 外防水保护。 这种多层次的系统基板生产通过另一种E-Grow创新 的专利技术。可回收蜡模数控切割技术,使GRG具 有较高的精度和更小的公差等级,并能够重复使用相 同的模具,用于复杂的几何形状和造型 但仍能降低 成本。较薄的GRG与钢框架相连,使工程为一体的 综合夹层系统,留下足够的空间导管工作和维修空 间。

建筑表现为宗旨 技术整合为方法

Introduction As parametrics blend more into architecture practice, results are seemingly random, abstract, complex and often hyperbolic shapes. This eventually made metal cladding as building envelope of choice for facade. Metal is also quite successful on accentuating the geometry of free-form designs, enhancing the affect at the same time providing adequate weather protection. On the flipside, traditional bending and curving process of the metal, based on geometric partitioning that can not be easily resolved, as doing so will push the cost too high. On the other hand machining for double curvature surfaces in metal facade construction are difficult and the machining might result uneven distribution of mechanical stress or require calibrating the right machinery pressing pressure for certain metals. All these parameters contribute to the complexity in controlling the quality of the overall result. As response, the 3D metal facade system developed by E-grow attempt to solve the above mentioned problems and improve productivity and reducing cost as the main goal. Metal has long been known for its sustainability, longevity, low maintenance requirements, and superior exterior performance. E-Grow is taking those benefits to a new level benefiting from innovation in composite materials, adhesives and weather barriers. With the unique ability of individual panel to be field-assembled, application of cladding or replacement becomes easier. Watertight shingle metal Panel Systems are the next generation of metal cladding. The thermal Movement is tolerated though the 3M VHB elastic adhesive tape, an essential layer of “detailing� this metal cladding system.

主要内容 由于参数变化融入建筑已成为新趋势,结果是看似随意的,抽 象的,复杂的,往往双曲的形状。这最终制成的金属覆层,是 建筑幕墙最佳选择。金属凸显自由形式设计的几何形状,同时 提供防水足够的保护也相当成功。传统的弯曲和弯弧金属的过 程中,依据几何分割加工不能被轻易化解,因为这样做将使成 本提高。在另一方面加工双曲率表面金属外立面施工的困难和 加工可能导致的机械应力分布不均匀,或需要校准机械冲压力 不够使用于某些金属的压力。所有这些参数的复杂性,在控制 质量的总体结果。作为响应,3D金属幕墙系统开发的E-Grow 试图解决上述问题,并提高生产率和降低成本为主要目标。 金属的可持续性,长寿,低维护要求,和优越的外墙表现是早 已闻名的。E-Grow使用金属覆层,及在复合材料,粘合剂和防 水屏障到一个新水平,从创新中受益。随着个别面板的独特的 能力,在现场组装,包层或更换应用程序变得更加容易。防水 金属面板系统的金属覆层的下一代。弹性的3M VHB胶带,使 这种金属覆面系统的基本层不易变形。 我们的系统最大的优点是数控生产的基层式复合材 (GRG,GRC,GRP)是要拼凑起来的复杂几何形状绝对精 确的制造方法。薄规格金属使用弹性3M胶带直接贴于(不锈 钢,钛,铜和其他金属)复合结构上,是为了实现建筑师要求 的整体雕塑效果感。


Semi-monocoque aluminum construction


Monocoque construction is defined as a structural system in which the load is taken up in the skin rather than the framing. Semi-Monocoque constructions are hybrids of these two originated in aircraft Semi-monocoque construction comes from shipbuilding where it is often realized in steel or aluminum. Because of its prohibitive fabrication cost, monocoque construction is typically used for situations where extreme lightness is critical, making aluminum the material of choice. In this technique a 3D digital model is given to the contractor. The geometry is then rationalized into developable strips of metal, in this case of 6mm aluminum. The aluminum is then welded unto a

custom aluminum frame. These form one structural continuous structural unit. The seams of the panels are then filled and the entire surface posished to hide the seams. The entire structure is then air brushed with marine paint and covered with a gelcoat to prevent damage and tarnishing. Every single piece is custom fabricated in this method and requires a great deal of labor to finish and to fix because of the material thickness. This method also requires the surface to be finished since otherwise the aluminum will tarnish with time. Because the piece is constructed as a single hull the installation techniques difficult and extremely customized.


三维冲压满焊抛光是船模或飞机生成的模式。 此工艺利用超6mm厚铝板小块冲压整形拼接。在此研究中使用6mm厚的厚铝板,利用焊接(亚 弧焊、满焊处理)使其成为一个连续的造型面,接着经过打磨抛光以隐藏接缝,使其渐渐成为三 维造型的外壳,最后使用船舶漆和胶衣覆盖在表面以违美观及防腐。 此工艺每一片都需要客制化的制作亟需仰赖人工及机具,且因为板材的满焊和打磨导致人工的大 量耗费。整个工艺过程耗时耗工,造价庞大。


3D Custom Panel System

Experience Music Project, Seattle. 2000 FABRICATION\ Hoffman Corp. ARCHITECT\ Gehry Partners LLP. MATERIAL\ Stainless Steel Sheet Custom Steel Framing VALUE\ USD$2800 m2

The majority of the main structural elements are custom fabricated which gives greater precsion to the surface but also increases the cost substatially. Every single piece of cladding is custum cut in this method. This produces more waste and requires a great deal of organization from the fabrication to the installation which increases cost. Fabrication -The custom steel framing is quite expensive since each needs to be molded seperately -Attathing the skin to the frame -Water-proofi ng is done in two layers because of the difi culty of precision in the surface layer.

案例2 三维拉锚式金属幕 Experience Music Project, Seattle. 2000 FABRICATION\ Hoffman Corp. \ARCHITECT\ Gehry Partners LLP. MATERIAL\ 不锈钢板,客制化的钢骨结构 Stainless Steel Custom Panel System VALUE\ USD$ 2800 m2

在结构上贴上表层肌肤; 防水要在两个层面进行,因为在表层制作防水层有难度,因此需要使用双 层外墙(Double Skin Facade)。 大部分的主要结构要素是客制化加工以增加表面的精度,但也因此使得成 本大幅增加。 在此工法中,每一个单件都是使用客制化消减,导致产生大量的废弃物, 造成浪费。 从加工一直到安装的建造过程,需要一个大组织团队的参与;使得人事成 本增加。 施工误差大、曲率太小,拉弧不顺,必须做内防水层,外观会有许多铆钉 头外露也易造成积灰层不易清洁 。


3D Standard Panel

Experience Disney Music Hall, Los Angeles. 2003 Architect\ Gehry Partners LLP. Construction\Hoffman Corp.FABRICATION\ Hoffman Corp. ARCHITECT\ Gehry Partners LLP. MATERIAL\ Stainless Steel Sheet Custom steel joints and straight elements ‘VALUE\ USD$ 3500 m2

This method is the least precise of the three although it is still extremely involved and expensive. The steel elements are all standard, variation is introduced through controlling the lengths and the custom manufacture of the joints. Fabrication -Custom joints allow for standardized elements -Because the surfaces are rationalized as straight elements it requires extremely layered systems of secondary structure to achieve the desired curves -Attaching the skin to the frame is quite complex -Water-proofi ng is done in two layers because of the difi culty of precision in the surface layer.

案例3 三维折冲压式金属幕墙 Experience Disney Music Hall, Los Angeles. 2003 Architect\ Gehry Partners LLP. Construction\Hoffman Corp.FABRICATION\ Hoffman Corp. ARCHITECT\ Gehry Partners LLP. MATERIAL\ Stainless Steel Sheet Custom 材料:不锈钢板 ‘ VALUE\ USD$3500 m2

客制化不锈钢双曲面用折、冲压模式进行加工制造。 需要次级结构的分层系统以实现所需要的曲面,即需要将钢骨结构分割成若干段并加以连接以达到曲 面的效果。 在精准框架上挂表面肌肤相当复杂 防水要在两个层面进行,因为在表层制作防水层有难度。 此工艺相较下较不精准,但依旧需要大量人力的参与以及成本的耗费。 钢结构的元素都是标准且精准的,控制每一段钢骨的长度以及客制化制造的节点是变化的关键。 此系统精度要求高,施工调平困难,必须施作内防水层,费时费工。

Building Detail & External Wall considerations Durable - lightweight monocoque construction, dimensional stable, corrosion resistance, lifetime warranty, Class A fire-resistant, waterresistance, insulated, anti-displacement and simple maintenance. Aesthetics - using parametric design and manufacturing methods to achieve the effect for hyperbolic surface, expressing formal purity and autonomy, the volumetric effect of the continuous surface. Precision - Digital manufacturing methods to achieve the precision and accuracy, simplifying the exterior structure of the assembly. single layer assembly rather than double-layer construction, saving space and construction time.

projected elevation panelization 投 影立面图

Green - Use less material, less energy, sustainable manufacturing process, recyclable moulds and building material.

3D geometry Panelization from rhino Guangzhou Opera House- Architect\Zaha Hadid, 2009 Fabricator\E-Grow

外墙&细部考量 耐用 -重量轻+硬壳构造, 尺寸稳定, 耐腐蚀, 终身 保固,耐火A级, 防水, 绝缘隔热, 防位移, 简易维修. 美观-使用参数化设计和制造方法,可以达到美观 效果,适用于直线表面或双曲面,形式化的纯洁 性和自主性,体积效应的连续表面表达。 精准-数字制造方法的精度和准确性实现简化外牆 结构组装-单层而非双层施工组装,节省空间和施 工时间 环保-可持续性的低碳節能,可回收再利用

projected elevation panelization 投 墙板的细部分割

3D geometry Panelization from rhino Guangzhou Opera House- Architect\Zaha Hadid, 2009 Fabricator\E-Grow

3D 几何从犀牛模型分割

Moisture resistant-GRG materials are inorganic materials, will not mildew and yellow, due to the water resistive α gypsum crystal. on the back of stainless steel plate covered with 3M ™ VHB ™ Tape acrylic waterproof structural adhesive tape, provided a permanent seal agaisnt the environment. a complete waterproof seal is achieved.

防潮性能―GRG材料均为无机材料,不会发生霉变发黄, 采用α 结晶石膏具有防水性,不锈钢板背面满布3M™VHB™胶带丙烯 酸防水结构胶带,瓦片式重叠无缝粘合之间创建了一个对环境要素 的永久密封。是实现完整的防水密封。

工法 本工法利用物理学原理,由下而上叠砌瓦片的概 念,以防止水进入。个别重叠的元素组成的叠砌 瓦片。这些元素通常规定从底边而上,每个连续 的重叠行关节下面一行,平面呈长方形形状。 中国传统建筑、日本神庙、欧美新式住宅流传至 今上千年也不造成漏水的概念来施作。



This construction method using the concept of shingles to prevent water from entering. The shingles consisting of individual overlapping elements. These elements are typically flat rectangular shapes laid in rows from the bottom edge, with each successive higher row overlapping the joints in the row below.




27年来,全球的产业已经使用 3M™VHB™胶带永久粘结和增 加密封多种基材 生产力,强度高,长期耐久性, 并改善外观。



Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai, UAE Architect: W.S. Atkins and Partners, 1999 Aluminum composite panels bonded to framework to resist high wind loads.

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, CA, USA Architect: Frank O. Gehry Curtain wall: Permasteelisa, 2003 Stiffener and frame attachment.

8 Spruce street, Beekman building, New York. 2011 USA Architect: Frank O. Gehry



强度高、抗冲击:实验表明,GRG产品最大断 裂荷载可达到1200N(厚度在2公分),超过 国标JC/T799-1988(1996)装饰石膏板断 裂荷载118N的10倍。GRG产品可均匀稳定 的承受抗压、抗冲击、巴氏硬度等几种强度测 试,产品不变形、不下陷、不弯曲,不受热膨 胀。 柔韧性:GRG产品不但硬度高而且还有很高的 柔韧性,它可以制成各种尺寸、形状和设计造 型,因为比较易于使用,所以被利用在复杂的 吊顶和装饰中。 密度高且质轻:密度为1880kg/m3的GRG产 品平面部的标准厚度为3.2至8.8mm(特殊要 求可以加厚),每平方米重量仅4.9至9.8kg, 能减轻主体建筑重量及构件负载。 防火性能:GRG材料属于A-级防火材料,当火 灾发生时,它除了能阻燃外,本身还可以释放 相当于自身重量10%至15%的水分,可大幅度 降低着火面温度,降低火灾损失。 防潮性能:GRG 产品吸水率在10%之内,在 用于充满潮湿的地方时能够防潮。 环保:GRG材料无任何气味,放射性核素限量 符合GB6566-2001中规定的A类装饰材料的 标准,并且可以进行再生利用,属绿色环保材 料。

声学效果好:检测表明:4mm厚的GRG材料, 透过损失500Hz 23db、100Hz 27db;气干比 重1.88符合专业声学反射要求。经过良好的造型 设计,可构成良好的吸声结构,达到隔声、吸音 的作用。 生产周期短:GRG产品脱膜时间仅需30分钟左 右,自然干燥时间仅需72小时。因此能大大缩短 施工周期。 施工便捷:GRG可根据设计师的设计,任意造 型,可大块生产、分割。现场加工性能好,安装 迅速、灵活,可进行大面积无缝密拼,形成完整 造型。特别是对洞口、弧形、转角等细微之处, 可确保无任何误差。

3D不锈钢方案, 采用 SUS 316L美国 进口不锈钢, 保证百年不锈,易于自 洁具维护,结构匀采用热镀锌钢,采用 3M™VHB™胶带丙烯酸防水结构胶 带,本发明无论在生产、制造过程中都 以可持续性的数控生产,环保节能的制 造过程提高双曲金属的精度,简易而成 熟工艺降低施工难度,大幅改善造价, 把复杂数字建筑工程提升到现代化科技 工业的行列中。本公司保证终身维护。 恒豪国际贸易(上海)有限公司 TEL:021-62476345

E-Grow metal cladding  
E-Grow metal cladding  

E-Grow metal cladding