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ARCHITECTONIC Ceil Balmond, 2002 “ to my mind the answers

lies deep in configuration. As we are made of patterns, both random and regular, both physical and emotional, probing the archetypes of pattern is important in its recognition and resonance we may find an element of

beauty. In the past, beauty was conditioned by aspects of purity, fixed symmetries and pared minimal structure being accepted as norms. Now the world is being accepted as not simple, the complex and oblique and intertwining of logic gain favor. Reason itself

is finally being understood as nascent structure, nonlinear and dependent on feedback procedures. Beauty may lie in the actual processes of engagement and be more abstract that the aesthetic of objecthood. Ultimately it may really be a constructive process. 1

Architectonic Tectonics alone however should be defined by its origin, which was simple “to Build”. Tectonic in my opinion is the study of how physical forms are put together. In the case of architecture, tectonic would be the study of how the walls, roofs, floors and other visual planar elements of the building are assembled.

Performance-oriented Architecture T h e c o n c e p t o f “Performance-oriented Architecture,” originally proposed by Michael Hensel, is based on the term 'performativity' in which all elements in both the built and natural environment are heterogeneous and in constant response to one another as well as external stimuli. Hensel employs the term “performance” to address the limitations of “representation” and “meaning” in reference to the central issue of post design optimization (the functional issues that arise toward the later stages of the design process which result in the alteration of initial design intentions).

SectioningSerpentine Gallery Pavilion, Alvaro Siza & Edurardo Souto de Moura; c-space, Alan Dempsey & Alvin Huang; B U R S T h o u s e , SYSTEMarchitects; Mafoombey, Martti Kalliala

TessellationGeodesic Domes, Buckminister Fuller; Programmed Wall, Fabio Gramazio, Matthias Kohler, ETH Zurich; BMW Welt, Coop Himmelblau; Simthsonian Institute, Foster & Partner; Helios House, Office dA and Johnston Marklee & Associate; Airspace Tokyo, Thom Faulder Architecture; Technicolor Bloom, Brennan Buck

FoldingYokohama International Port Terminal, FOA; prototype:Milgo-Bufkin; Weaire-Phelan Structure, Nick Karklins; Dragonfly, Tom Wiscombe; Entry Paradise Pavilion, Chris Bosse; Aoba-Tei, Atelier Hitoshi Abe; C-wall, Andrew Kudless. Lamina Design, Surf Master, Pepakura Designer, SolidWork, LITIO,

ContouringBone wall, Urban A&O; Gradient Scale, SPAN;

FormingAlice, Florencia Pita mod; Prototype Pavilion, MOS; Satin Sheet, university of California; P-Wall, Andrew Kudless. MasterCam, RhinoCam, SurfCam, G-code

archtiecture tectonic  

archtiecture tectonic

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