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Keep pests where they belong — outside


Professional power washing saves consumers time and money It’s still a seller’s market in Johnston County Proper care of hardwood floors Treat the inside of your home like the love of your life Want to snag the home of your dreams? Start with your ‘highest and best’ Thinking about listing your home? Consider a pre-listing home inspection Thinking of buying or remodeling a home? Keep an eye on the rate Embrace the coming season with vibrant colors Chef Scott Crawford announces new Clayton restaurant United Community Bank makes $25,000 donation VFW Post 5886 receives honor while honoring others

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When January rolled around, we decided to branch out into the world of digital marketing. Unfortunately, this created a bit of confusion around the print version of Johnston Now. Let me say that we have no plans to stop producing a printed version of the magazine. We believe in the power of the printed page. For hundreds of years, it has been an effective way for people to communicate, and we think it still holds true today. After all, it’s hard to tape a web page to the refrigerator.



Volume 5, Number 5

A Shandy Communications, LLC publication

No, we simply saw a need among our customers for affordable digital marketing provided by a trusted company that is customer service focused. That’s us, by the way. We’ve only been doing it for a few weeks, but we’ve already helped a handful of local businesses navigate the information superhighway — all while still delivering a paper copy of your friendly neighborhood magazine. Speaking of which, the summer guide (yes, summer) is right around the corner.

Publisher Randy Capps


We’re collecting events, camp listings, vacation Bible schools and the like for the calendar as always, and this year, we’re adding in Class of 2021 graduation profiles as well. Submit a graduate profile (yours or someone else’s) at www.bit. ly/3rzz4Zr and send those event listings to hello@johnstonnow.com or submit them here: www.johnstonnow.com/submitevent. That way, we can put them in the June edition of our printed magazine.

General Manager Shanna Capps


Creative Consultant Ethan Capps Office Managers

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Marketing Representative Wanda Sasser wanda@johnstonnow.com

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919-980-5522 • www.johnstonnow.com • Facebook.com/JohnstonNow • 1300 W. Market Street, Smithfield, N.C. 27577 • hello@johnstonnow.com Johnston Now Magazine is a monthly publication of Shandy Communications, LLC for our Johnston County neighbors. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without written consent by the publisher. Advertisers take sole responsibility for the validity of their advertisement. ©2021 Johnston Now. All rights reserved.



Keep pests where they belong — outside Submitted by HOMEMASTERS PEST CONTROL

Cockroaches. Spiders. Mosquitos. Ants. Termites. Creepy bugs with too many legs that invade our living space, bite us

and could even destroy the foundation of our homes. While there are great bugs that exist, like bumble bees, lady bugs and butterflies, we wouldn’t want to share the interior of our homes with them, either. A world without bugs would not be

Real Country Variety and More Music



a good one. Crops would not grow, fish, birds, bats and amphibians would die of starvation, and eventually our entire ecosystem would collapse. Still, in the last decade, there have been great improvements in keeping these bugs out

of your home and out in nature where they belong. Termites, carpenter bees and carpenter ants love to eat wood, and the crawl space in your home is a literal buffet. It’s a moist, quiet place with few predators and has miles of their favorite food. In the past, many pest control companies were treating the wood every couple of years to make it unsuitable for these pests to enjoy, but it was not always fool proof. Now with Sentricon, the bait is placed outside your home, drawing the termites away, affecting their ability to mate and eventually killing off the hive. Many people are scared of spiders, and while most spiders do more harm than good, walking through a spider web or getting a spider bite is never a good thing. A spider’s web is its accomplishment, so when its web is demolished it is less likely to return to that corner to set up shop again. Keeping your home well dusted will

keep them out most of the time, but you must also be diligent about the entry ways of your home. Spiders typically only bite when they feel threatened, but since you’re a giant to a spider, if you roll over in your sleep the spider might feel threatened and attack. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, many pest control companies have veered away from spraying indoors. They’ve changed the ways they treat the exterior of your home and only come inside when there is a pest issue. With this attention to detail outdoors, the industry is seeing a huge decrease in indoor spiders. Mosquitos are the dreaded bug of summer. Monthly mosquito treatments will reduce mosquito populations, and if everyone on your street participates, the block party will be citronella free. In addition to spraying to deter mosquitos from coming into your yard, mosquito dunks are placed in any standing bodies of water, like bird baths,

that will prevent mosquito eggs from hatching. These treatments also prevent fleas and ticks from being in your yard, which is great for your pets and family. In movies and TV shows when a house is being fumigated, a large circus style tent is placed over the whole home or building and is gassed, typically leaving the residents (and their pets) as nomads for a few days. While cockroaches are difficult to kill, and LOVE being inside a home — houses are warm, and there is food for them everywhere — a quarterly pest control treatment will keep them outside. If there is an infestation, a fumigation treatment can be done in just one day — but you and Fido will have to leave while its being done. With a knowledgeable pest control company, you can keep bugs where they need to be — outside and away from you. Want to learn more, visit www. homemasterspest.com or call 1-877-55-PESTS.

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Professional power washing saves consumers time and money Submitted by DIRT DOCTORS

Power washing is more technical than high pressure water coming out of a hose. Power washing technicians are diligent in using the proper water pressure and mixture of cleaning agents to clean, restore and protect your home, deck, driveway, walkways and even your car. A yearly cleaning of your home will help prevent corrosion damage, get rid of any impossible to reach spider webs and breathe fresh life into any structure. This maintenance will save a homeowner money in the long run, preventing them from having to replace siding, bricks or stone. According to the National Association of Realtors, a freshly power washed home increases its sales price $10,000$15,000. So be the brightest house on


the block and receive praise from your HOA for doing your part in making your neighborhood a place where everyone wants to live. If you are looking to paint your home or another structure, a power washing treatment beforehand will prime your surface, making less work for you or your painting professionals. Power washing can also help with smaller jobs, like shutters or front porches, before painting. At the start of spring in North Carolina, when everyone has spring cleaning fever, invest in power washing your deck and patio to wash away the dirt and mud that this long, rainy winter has left behind. The results will blow you away and you can really enjoy your yard in the coming months. Power washing a deck also helps expand its longevity, helping avoid wood rot and

warping from deck planks. If you have a concrete sidewalk or path, power washing can remove salt deposits and other dirt that can lead to surface weathering. It can also clear any mildew or moss that has crept its way onto your path. For a small business owner, especially one in a downtown where there is a lot of traffic and grit, a power washed storefront is an easy way to attract customers without the backbreaking effort of scrubbing it yourself. Power washing is easy for both the customer and the environment. When cleaning agents need to be used, they are usually natural chemicals that won’t harm any plants or walkways around your home. Because of the high velocity of the water that comes out of the power washer, it can save almost 75% of the water than if you used a regular hose to attempt to do the same job.

Power washing also saves you time. There’s no need to get out the scrub brush and buckets and spend hours on your hands and knees scrubbing when a proper power washing job can clean up even the most serious stains in a matter of minutes. So, if you own a home or a business and are looking to paint, sell your home, plant a garden, spend time in your yard — or any other number of things — a power washing service could save you time and effort while making your life luxuriously clean. To learn more, visit www. dirtdoctorspressurewashing.com or call 919-209-5254.

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in Johnston County


The seller’s market holds steady with homes selling within hours of being marketed through MLS and virtual tour sites. The average number of days for a home on market is around four in multiple price points in Johnston and Wake counties. We have seen a slight increase in interest rates but are predicting that longterm rates will stay within reasonable levels (between 3 and 4% for a 30-year fixed


mortgage). Inventory levels will likely remain low due to high buyer demand from those moving out of the city centers into the more suburban areas around Raleigh. Lumber prices have caused a spike in new home construction pricing. The volatility may continue to cause disruptions in the supply of new home production and support the theory of low inventory for the foreseeable future. Want to learn more? Visit the website of HomeTowne Realty, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, at www.myhtr.com.

Proper care of hardwood floors Submitted by THE OTHER MOTHER CLEANING COMPANY

Proper maintenance of hardwood flooring will help extend the life of your floor between sanding and polishing. Our clients often ask us questions about the proper maintenance of their hardwood floors and which cleaners to use. We have compiled a few tips to keep your floors clean. • Hardwood flooring can be severely damaged by excess moisture. Spills should be cleaned promptly. Avoid using steam cleaners or floor steamer mops as they can cause the finish to de-laminate and the wood to swell, which leads to a peeling, cloudy and whitening finish. It can


be costly to repair, so be sure to play defense with your wood floors, especially in the kitchen. • The floors should be vacuumed or dust mopped

frequently since dirt, gravel and salt are abrasive like grit on sandpaper. Walking on those particles will grind them into the finish. • Use rugs at exterior doors to help trap sand and grit that arrives with incoming traffic, while area rugs in high traffic areas can prolong the life of your hardwood floor between coatings or sanding. Be sure to use a natural latex or natural rubber underlayment as they will not react with the polyurethane. • Don’t wet mop the floor. Even those long-stick squeeze mops just don’t wring out the mop head thoroughly enough and even small amounts of water can cause your floor to swell over time. • Put felt floor protectors on the bottom of all furniture, as well as on anything else that may rub on the hardwood floor. • Keep pet nails trimmed. Be aware that pets (and children) running through the house will most likely scratch any finish. We’re often asked what

products should be used on hardwood floors. Don’t clean your floors with Murphy’s Oil Soap, Mop and Glo, Orange Glo, Swiffer Wet Mop, furniture polish such as Pledge, vinegar, ammonia or any pine cleaners. These cleaners over time will dull and damage the finish and leave a residue that is nearly impossible to get off of your floor and costly to replace. What do we recommend for cleaning products? Bona Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning Kits are great and are made for polyurethanecoated hardwood floors. The chemicals will not damage the finish and do not leave a residue. You can find Bona Professional Hardwood Floor cleaner online or at a local flooring store. Note that your local hardware or department stores do not carry the professional line, which we feel is superior to the regular cleaner. To learn more, visit www. theothermothercleaning.com.

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treat the inside of your home like the


Love Life of your

The Queen’s Court believes your home is a lot like the love of your life. Once upon a time, it was very special, but keeping it up to date may require new textures, paint or colors. For example, you are really getting tired of looking at that sofa or chair every day. It’s time to start redecorating, and just like your wedding day, your home may need inspiration — something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

SOMETHING OLD There is something to be said for items that are beautiful, old and have stood the test of time. They bring a sense of continuity with the past and stability to the fast pace of our modern life. Look for a nice frame for that photo of your vacation or find a special spot for that vase your great-aunt gave your parents as a wedding gift. How about that old clock you bought at a yard sale last year, simply because you thought it was beautiful? These objects can help ground us and bring stability to an otherwise busy day and gently remind us of the special moments that brighten our lives.

SOMETHING BORROWED One of the most cost-effective ways of decorating is to borrow items from other rooms of your home. Move those candles from the family room to the dining room table and give your meals a new look. That lamp on your night stand might be just what the end table in your family room needs. Don’t forget to borrow from your attic or storage room, too. You might be able to give new life to a long-forgotten item


that you once loved. Also, keep in mind that you can borrow more than things — you can borrow ideas from decorating magazines and web sites. If you find a picture of a room you really like, take a closer look to see exactly what you like about it. You may also want to take some time to go to an open house or two to see a few home stagings. You may get a few ideas for a new look.

SOMETHING NEW How about those items you love, but are looking stale and outdated? Try finding ways to freshen them up a bit. Make your old furnishings look fabulous again by adding some new color prints such as florals, plaids, paisleys or stripes. Sometimes your home needs a little love, like updated lighting, new fixtures or hardware for cabinets or a new coat of paint. Can’t afford a new sofa? New pillows can make a big difference for a lot less money. When shopping, it is handy to have a room chart with paint and fabric samples and measurements, so you will know if an item will look right in the space you are envisioning. You don’t need to go wild and spend a lot of money. Just buy a few special items and you may be surprised by how it changes the whole feel of your room.

SOMETHING BLUE If blue is your favorite color, it’s always great to add a touch of that to a room. If not blue, then find your own color and make it part of your interior decoration. Sometimes just a hint of your favorite color, say a bright tomato red or a deep forest green, could be enough to change the look of your room. If you have trouble finding a favorite color, think about the four seasons — winter, spring, summer and fall. Celebrate and reflect the colors of the current season for inspiration. This will keep your décor fresh and welcoming. Find a color that makes you happy, and don’t be afraid to try it out. It could be the key to bringing joy to renewing your home. When redecorating, keep in mind that your relationship with your home is a lot like a marriage. Keep working on it, refresh it occasionally and learn what works and doesn’t work, and you should have years of happiness ahead of you. Looking for more ideas? Visit www.thequeens-court.business.site.

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Give us your highest and best.

If you’re shopping for a home right now, that might be a phrase you’ve (unfortunately) heard often. With listing inventory low in many markets, homebuyers are running into a lot of competition, and that means you might repeatedly find yourself in multiple-offer situations. So how do you put yourself in the best position to win the home? Remember, sellers are looking for highest and best. Keep reading for five ways to make your offer stand out.

Want to snag the hom 16 | [ JOHNSTON NOW ]

• Make your offer as clean as possible. Limit contingencies. Consider purchasing your own home warranty and covering all of your own closing costs, rather than asking the seller to foot the bill. A clean offer means there are fewer opportunities for the contract to fall apart, increasing the likelihood the sale will close on time without added costs or concessions.

• Base your offer on what matters to the seller. Some sellers need to move by a specific date. Others don’t want to be bothered by making repairs. And some sellers want to make sure the home they love will go to someone who will love it just as much. Use your offer to reflect the seller’s motivation — be the buyer helping them get what they want most from this home sale.

• Use the due diligence fee to show you’re a serious buyer. Someone who puts down a $1,000 due diligence fee likely won’t have a hard time walking away if they see a property they like better or the seller won’t agree to make a repair. Someone who has 5-10% of the purchase price tied up in the due diligence fee is much more likely to see the contract through to closing.

• Make your offer personal. Include a note explaining why you want the home and what made you fall in love with it. Include a personal photo to really set your offer apart. Remember, logic makes people think and emotion makes them act, so look for a way to get the seller to connect emotionally with you.

ome of your dreams? [ APRIL 2021 ] | 17

• Have solid proof you can get financing with a reputable lender. Sellers want to know the buyer they choose is going to be able to afford the purchase price. For example, mortgage loan originators at United Community Bank can pull your credit and verify your income and assets before you start shopping. That way the seller knows financing won’t keep you from closing. It’s also important that the seller’s agent can get in touch with your lender, which is why working with a local mortgage loan originator who is easy to reach will be a benefit to you.

Got questions? Call Elaine Canada, Mortgage Loan Originator at United Community Bank, at 919-586-3119 or email her at elaine_canada@ucbi.com.

• Another important factor that can affect whether or not your offer is accepted is the type of mortgage you get because each has its pros and cons. It takes an expert lender to match you with the product that will help you achieve your short- and long-term financial goals, while at the same time putting you in a position to win the home of your dreams.

champions goes virtual!

This may seem like an obstacle in our path, but we can still reach the finish line…together! Join us for a virtual 5K walk-run, 5K dog walk-run, and 10K race in support of our Heart Fund & Healthy Kids Fund.

April 10 - april 17, 2021

Run anywhere, at your own pace! For full virtual race details visit:

www.johnstonhealth.org/champions 18 | [ JOHNSTON NOW ]

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Consider a pre-listing home inspection


Before you list your home, think about a pre-listing home inspection. The majority of contingencies in real estate transactions come from home inspections. Why not deal with them upfront instead of at the end?​Why not know the house you are listing and understand any objections coming your way as soon as possible? One could argue that the traditional way of negotiating a price for a home and then finding out what you’re buying is backwards. Depending on what is found on the inspection for the buyer, they may decide to negotiate again, slowing the transaction and adding undo stress to all parties. A pre-listing inspection will reveal problems ahead of time and avoid unwanted surprises. As the seller, you will be more knowledgeable about your home, you will see your home through the eyes of an impartial third party and be more realistic about your asking price​. And you could get up to 18% more money, according to the National Association of Enrolled Agents​. 20 | [ JOHNSTON NOW ]

With a pre-listing inspection, you have more control. You can schedule an inspection at your convenience and not be at the mercy of the buyer’s inspection report — possibly rushing repairs and replacements to close the deal. You decide what to fix and when, taking time to make those changes as needed. Quotes or bids from contractors can be obtained and left for buyers to see, for full disclosure, or you can walk the buyers through and show them the completed repairs. It also helps you shift the balance of power. You can provide your listing agent with all the information they need to get the best offer and have a smooth transaction, eliminating last minute issues.​ Don’t leave it up it up to the buyer’s inspector to find problems and slow or kill the deal. Provide the information your agent needs to be the most knowledgeable person about the home, introducing trust and transparency into the process with both the buyer and seller. Remember that 93% of houses listed with a pre-listing inspection proceed with little or no re-negotiation needed​. To learn more, contact Licensed Home Inspector Jerry Rolison at 919-675-7472 or visit www.pillartopost.com/ jerryrolison.

Thinking of buying or remodeling a home? Keep an eye on the rate By LISA MARKOWSKI - KS BANK

Often in spring we find ourselves talking about the weather forecast and how the temperatures are rising. That’s not the only forecast on people’s mind lately, though. Another important forecast that has been the topic of economists, consumers and homeowners is the mortgage rate forecast. The 30-year mortgage rate bottomed out earlier this year and has been slowly increasing since. It is still incredibly low, however, and there is no better time than now to grab a hold of this rate. “Whether you are buying, building or refinancing now would be a great time to take advantage of the low rates, especially in this hot market.” said Tracie Worley, mortgage banking manager and Vice president of KS Bank. Even with the rates creeping up, they continue to remain historically favorable. It’s always important to consider monthly payments and how they are affected by a slight increase in rates. Calculating your monthly payment is crucial to deciding what is best for you. If you are considering a mortgage refinance, you may not want to wait long, as many experts expect the second half of this year to bring rising rates. If you are on the fence about whether to buy, build or refinance this spring, it might be the time to stay put and consider upgrades within your own home. There are several

loan options available for the homeowner considering a hefty project like an upgrade, remodel or addition. A home equity loan and a home equity line of credit (HELOC) are two similar sounding loans, but have a big difference. With the home equity loan, the borrower gets a lump sum of cash up front and repays the loan over time with fixed monthly payments, while a HELOC gives the borrower a maximum amount of approved credit up front on which they are able to draw. Both of these loans are secured by your home and have tax-deductible interest — but have different rate structures. The HELOC offers an adjustable rate, while the home equity loan has a fixed interest rate. If you are ready to jump into a project, but unsure whether you want to use the equity in your home to

borrow, call a local trusted lender to talk it over. Whether you are looking to move into a new home this spring or upgrade your current home, there are many options to consider when looking at loans. Be sure to meet with a lender who knows the market, knows the products and understands your needs. Our communities are booming here in Johnston County with record-breaking growth. No one knows this better than county native Harold Keen, who’s also the

president and CEO of KS Bank. “We have been meeting the loan needs of our customers for 97 years and we’ve had a front row seat to watch this phenomenal growth,” he said. “We are a true community bank, continually meeting the needs of our community. We know the value of having a true relationship with our clients and we recognize what’s really important.” For more information, visit www. ksbankinc.com.

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Embrace the coming season with


Spring is here. All the beautiful colors and sunshine are welcome. After a long, wet winter, it’s time to freshen up and change with the season. Whenever you rearrange or add new furniture or accessories, it makes you feel happy. Remember, there are no rules for this day and time. Express yourself and be creative. For instant gratification, purchase a new rug, add some throw pillows or use greenery or flowers to help brighten things up. Blues, grays and neutral colors are still popular at the store right now. Navy is always classy, too. Changing your wall color is also an inexpensive way to get a new look. Don’t forget that accessories can make


or break a room. Bigger pieces that make a statement are the way to go. Using big urns or large pieces of art can make quite an impression. Cocktail ottomans in all sizes are very popular right now. Consider one of those instead of a coffee table. They look great in your choice of fabric and are also very comfortable and functional. Lighting is always an instant boost to a room. Table lamps are so much prettier than overhead lighting and can make a room so inviting. Blue and white porcelain pieces are also making a grand comeback. They’re always beautiful and go with any décor. Going with today’s style, the more you mix the better it looks. It’s nice not to have everything the same. Traditional sofas can be mixed with farmhouse

accents. It’s fun to blend in some animal print throws or upholstered chairs in your room. The fawn print is popular, as well as leopard. More contemporary pieces of furniture or accents can give you a fresh, young look and make your room different from everyone else’s. Enjoying your home and being happy with your décor and furniture is very important. Express yourself and have fun. Sometimes, when you are trying to do your own home, it’s harder than helping a friend. It’s nice to have someone to give their opinion, but just remember, it’s your home and it needs to be what you like. Your home is very important to you and your family. Decorate it well. Need a few ideas? Visit www.pinelevelfurniture. com or call 919-965-8961.

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RALEIGH — Recently, Scott Crawford, awardwinning chef and owner of Crawford and Son in Raleigh, announced his next restaurant project. He plans to open Crawford Cookshop at 401 Main St. in Clayton this summer. “This is by far my most casual concept yet, and an opportunity to support a burgeoning small town like the one I grew up in,” he said. “I think this familyfriendly concept — located in a really charming old building in the center of this quintessential small Southern town — will be a great fit for the Clayton community.” Scott Crawford will lend his signature “superstar” style to this menu at Crawford Cookshop, offering simple and delicious “Americana” style cooking from a wood fired grill. Diners will

discover house-ground burgers, smoked chicken, chicken and duck wings, smoked duck, beef and pork ribs and seasonal vegetables for salads. Regular weekly specials will introduce items like Crawford’s fried chicken and prime rib. Dishes will be designed for dine-in, take-out and delivery, with a 20-mile delivery radius, also reaching patrons in Fuquay-Varina and Garner, for instance. “I’m pleased to be working with the Atlas Stark team on the building, and again with Louis Cherry Architecture on the interior and exterior design,” Crawford said. With 3,000 square feet indoors and 1,000 outdoors, Crawford Cookshop will boast a bright, airy floor plan, large U-shaped bar and garage doors which fully open to the covered and heated patio. Visit www. crawfordandsonrestaurant.com to learn more.

Scott Crawford poses outside of Crawford and Son.

[ APRIL 2021 ] | 25

United Community Bank makes $25,000 donation in support of CommWell Health’s new mobile medical unit By RANDY CAPPS

FOUR OAKS — House calls used to be commonplace, as your friendly neighborhood doctor would drop by, medical bag in hand, to check on his patients. Thanks to a recent $25,000 donation from United Community Bank and grant funding from Direct Health, CommWell Health is bringing that kind of up-close-andpersonal medical care to the residents of Johnston County and the surrounding area. The funds helped purchase and equip a new mobile medical unit which can be converted for medical, dental and COVID-19 related treatments — as well as disaster relief efforts. The new vehicle stood tall in the background recently as CommWell held a ceremony to award United Community Bank with the Eagle of Community Health Award for the donation, and for the other ways in which the two entities have partnered. “We would not be here if it were not for United Community Bank,” CommWell Health CEO Pamela Tripp said. “We were able to purchase this property (from them), move our operations here and add on a nice facilities building. But it did not just stop there, our partnership with UCB. ... Our partnership helps us meet our community’s needs, and we have behind us today, a brandnew, right off the floor mobile medical unit that will service six counties and our school systems with medical, dental 26 | [ JOHNSTON NOW ]

CommWell CEO Pamela Tripp, far left, speaks at a ceremony honoring United Community Bank for its $25,000 contribution toward a new mobile medical unit.

and behavioral health services. “When we entered into getting a new mobile unit, we had to equip it. We had to make sure we had the right equipment on board to serve the clients that we have. Our foundation at CommWell Health developed a campaign for the mobile unit, called Miles for Smiles, because we needed to buy the dental equipment for the unit. Again, United Community Bank partnered with us and donated a gift of $25,000 to help us equip the dental part of the unit. I just want to thank them so much for being true Eagles of community health.” CommWell has made plenty of changes to the property, both inside and out, on U.S. 301 since acquiring it from UCB. Jeff Pope, Johnston County President of United Community Bank, walked through his former administration building after the ceremony, praising the new look and layout of the property. “I’d like to welcome

CommWell, and thank them for allowing Four Oaks to be their home,” he said. “I don’t think the Town of Four Oaks could have a better corporate partner than what I’ve seen out of CommWell, and we’re very fortunate to be able to partner with this group on a process that will make a true difference in a lot of people’s lives. We’re just honored to be a part of it.” The organization has big plans for the unit, according to its leadership team. “From a behavioral health standpoint, we just value what this mobile unit can do for us,” Christy Hawley, director of behavioral health, said. “This unit will allow us to go deeper into our communities to provide services to those who need them.” Tiffany Horne, senior director of nursing and infectious disease control, echoed those sentiments. “I just want to say that the medical mobile unit is going to provide an invaluable contribution to

our community,” she said. “With the pandemic, we are dedicated to serving our clients where they are, and dedicated to providing COVID care, COVID testing and COVID vaccinations and because of United Community Bank, we will be able to go into those communities and support patients in their setting.” CommWell has had a mobile dental unit since 2017, so Dr. Rachel Locey knows just how valuable it can be to bring quality dental care to communities. “We can really offer a full scope of dental services, especially to children in schools who otherwise would not have access to care,” she said. “We’re looking forward to more opportunities to serve the community.” So, it’s a throwback to a simpler time. But instead of bringing a small leather bag, CommWell’s bringing a mobile medical unit the size of a RV to meet the needs in the community.

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VFW Post 5886 receives honor while honoring others Submitted by VFW POST 5886

SMITHFIELD — Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 5886 had a busy month of March. The post was honored for its 75th anniversary as a chartered post during its monthly meeting, and on the same night, honored Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell and Johnston County EMS Lieutenant Jessica Crawford with awards. VFW Post 886 presented Bizzell with the VFW Public Servant Award for Law Enforcement. “Sheriff Bizzell, his team of men and women and law enforcement in general, are very much a part of the safety of our nation and should be valued as much as our men and women in the military,” Smithfield VFW Post 5886 Commander

On March 4, VFW Post 5886 in Smithfield awarded Nathanael Starling from Princeton High School as the Voice of Democracy Essay Contest winner. He received a check for $500.

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Hospice doesn’t mean giving up hope.


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Robert Boyette told the Johnston County Report. “I would hate to think of how our society would be without the protection and assistance of the law enforcement community. Sheriff Bizzell has led his team commendably during a difficult year of hardships including tragedies, the global pandemic and unpopular mandates. He exemplifies true leadership and we are fortunate to have the best sheriff in (North Carolina) here in Johnston County.” Crawford received the VFW Public Servant Award for Emergency Services Personnel. “Lt. Crawford has shown great leadership abilities in her role as a field trainer and she is a role model for our team,” Johnston County Emergency Services Deputy Director Josh Holloman told the Johnston County Report. “She is always professional and helps to lift others up with her personality and her positive encouragement.” On March 4, Post 8556 announced Nathanael Starling from Princeton High School as the Voice of Democracy Essay Contest winner. awarding him a check for $500. For more on VFW Post 5886, visit www.facebook. com/vfw5886.

Johnston County EMS Lieutenant Jessica Crawford received the VFW Public Servant Award for Emergency Services personnel recently.



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