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About the Center

Masters programs

By expanding the scope of biotechnology education, the Center for Biotechnology Education is building a pipeline of students and professionals prepared to achieve success in K-12 education, graduate school, and the work environment in the fields of biotechnology, bioinformatics, regulatory science, and biotechnology enterprise and entrepreneurship.

MS in Biotechnology MS in Bioinformatics MS in Regulatory Science Master of Biotechnology Enterprise & Entrepreneurship MS in Biotechnology/MBA* MS in Biotechnology, Post-Baccalaureate in Health Science Intensive Program Graduate Certificates Certificate in Biotechnology Enterprise Certificate in Biotechnology Education Post-Master’s Certificate in Sequence Analysis & Genomics MS in Biotechnology/Certificate in National Security Studies** Fellowships NCI Fellowship, USAMRIID Fellowship, Noblis Fellowship Location Key:

Program Directors

Washington, DC Center (in Dupont Circle)

MS in Biotechnology MS in Regulatory Science & MBEE Dr. Patrick Cummings Dr. Lynn Johnson Langer 410.516.4724 301.294.7063


Montgomery County Campus in Rockville, MD Degree or Certificate can be completed fully online Some courses offered online BIO1438–04.2014

MS in Bioinformatics Health Science Intensive Dr. Kristina Obom Dr. Alexandra Tan 301.294.7159 410.231.3538

Homewood Campus in Baltimore, MD

* T he MS in Biotechnology can be completed online, but a few concentrations require some onsite courses, and the MBA must be completed only onsite. ** T he MS in Biotechnology can be completed fully online, but the NSS certificate must be taken onsite.

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