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Where we needed to be Brooke and Bo Faulds didn’t pursue parenthood until they’d been married a few years. It never occurred to them that they’d have difficulties achieving pregnancy when they were “ready.”

My precious Treasure

Andrea was already a single mother of two when she learned she was pregnant. She and her boyfriend had been going through a challenging time and a baby wouldn’t solve any of those problems. Determined to research all of her options, Andrea visited The John Paul II Life Center. “From the moment I walked through the door, I was treated

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They painfully suffered three miscarriages. The clinic she was visiting would brush off the miscarriages, saying it was normal and that they should just keep trying, but each one broke Brooke’s heart deeply. She and Bo experienced great loss and pain. After suffering their third miscarriage on the weekend of her thirtieth birthday, Brooke decided to find another doctor. “When I called Vitae and told them what I needed, I was comforted over the phone and encouraged to start a charting class,” said Brooke. “The moment I walked into the Clinic, I felt peace. The staff truly See “Where Needed”..........................Page 2


As we enjoy the Season of Easter, let us remember that the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus were the greatest acts of human love of all time. Jesus gave up His life so that we might have eternal life.

Pat and I are excitedly packing for our trip to Rome for the canonizations of Popes John Paul II and John XXIII. We will leave the day after Easter and share pictures from the trip. We will visit many special sites in and around Rome and have Mass at the tomb of Blessed John Paul II. While in Rome, Pat and See Easter.................................... Page 2

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Msgr. Don Sawyer will celebrate his 40th anniversary as a priest on the same day the world recognizes Popes John Paul II and John XXIII as saints.

Msgr. Don, pastor of Our Lady’s Maronite Church in Austin, was the winner of our raffle for a trip to Rome for the canonization. God sure is generous with his anniversary presents! The prize includes air fare to Rome and six nights at the four star Cicerone Hotel, less than a mile from St. Peter’s Square! Msgr. Don and his guest will participate in tours with Steve and Janet Ray and celebrate Masses in holy sites. They’ll also have the opportunity to meet the daughter of the last saint canonized by Pope John Paul II, St. Gianna Molla. Co-founders Pat and Tim Von Dohlen will join Msgr. Don and all have agreed to send photos, stories, and videos that we’ll share on our Facebook fan page. Thank you to the many who participated in the raffle. KEY: Vitae Clinic Crisis Pregnancy Education

INSIDE: Brooke and Bo had suffered several miscarriages before discovering The Vitae Clinic, where they found “comfort and peace.”

Volunteers Make Mission Possible.....2 A Three-Way Win!...........................3 Bob Vallilee - Development Chair.......3

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with compassion and immediately connected with the resources I needed,” she says. After the sonogram, she knew she couldn’t have an abortion, but still considered adoption. That’s when the baby’s father unexpectedly died. We celebrated “Angels Among Us” at our annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon April 10.

VOLUNTEERS MAKE OUR MISSION POSSIBLE “It’s one thing to hear about the work being done here and another entirely to experience it - what a blessing.” That’s what one of our volunteers recently shared with us, and we couldn’t agree more.

Since The JPII Life Center is only three years old and can afford only a limited staff, we rely heavily on passionate, experienced, and hard-working volunteers. God has responded to our need abundantly! Today, we have ten volunteer pregnancy consultants, three volunteers who maintain regular office hours, and 100+ volunteers

who assist as needed with events, stuffing envelopes, and more. Our board is comprised of volunteers, and our volunteer coordinator and event volunteer coordinator are volunteers.

In honor of our volunteers, and in celebration of “National Volunteer Appreciation Day,” we held a luncheon at Reale’s Italian Cafe for volunteers who donated 10+ hours over the past 12 months. For information about volunteering, email or call 512-407-2900.

“Everyone at The JPII Life Center and Vitae listened to me and cared for me - not just during that challenging time, but throughout the pregnancy and even now - two months after my precious treasure has been born.”

“I am so thankful to all who work at The JPII Life Center and Vitae. And, I also thank all of you who make this place a source of hope and inspiration to women like me.” Andrea is one of the 50+ crisis pregnancy clients who visited us in 2013. Because of your generosity, we saved nearly a life per week last year and more than that so far in 2014! To deliver a sonogram to a mother in crisis, the average cost is $400.

“EASTER” CONTINUED FROM .................................................................................... PAGE 1 I will have an opportunity to share with key Church leaders about The JPII Life Center and The Vitae Clinic embracing better health choices for women through NaProTechnology, and the importance of work like this to the future of American society and the Church. Let me encourage you to read some of the books written by Blessed John Paul II like “Theology of the Body,” George Weigel’s “Witness to Hope,” and Jason Evert’s newly released “Saint John Paul The Great (His Five Loves).”

Pope John Paul II was an amazing human being. His actions impacted the Church and the world. I had the great honor to be in his presence a number of times and to visit personally with him twice. Additionally, when he came to San Antonio in 1987, I became involved in an unexpected way.

I received a call from the San Antonio Archdiocese Vicar General who said he needed my assistance. He was getting help from a wonderful Jewish man and a Baptist, but he had a problem with a Catholic man.

“That Catholic man is you,” he said to my surprise. He explained that they had all the land needed for Mass, but the four acre altar site they wanted to use was owned by me and they requested my permission to lease it. When he asked how much to lease the site, instead of money, I asked for my family and key Knights of Columbus to be in the private area. So we were with Pope John Paul II in San Antonio, and we will be present in Rome when Blessed John Paul II becomes a saint of the Catholic church. The canonization will take place on Divine Mercy Sunday, a day established

by Pope John Paul II when he canonized Sister Faustina as the first declared saint of his papacy. I would like to end with a few quotes from Blessed John Paul II:

• “Freedom consists not in loving

what we like, but in loving to do what we ought.”

• “As the family goes, so goes the

nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.”

• “Stupidity is also a gift of God, but one mustn’t misuse it.”

• “Do not abandon yourselves to

despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.”

Happy Easter.

~ Tim Von Dohlen President, Board of Directors

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BOB VALLILEE - NEW DEVELOPMENT CHAIR If you’ve been in Central Texas any amount of time, odds are you know this man. Bob Vallilee has been a pillar of the Austin community for years - serving on many community boards and in leadership positions with several Catholic organizations. His work with the Diocese of Austin earned him the Lumen Gentium Award last year which was presented by Bishop Joe Vásquez. He has a contagious smile and exuberant love of life. We are honored to have him join us as our Development Chair. Bob is available at or 512-422-8483.

Where Needed...................................................................Continued from Page 1 “The staff knew we’d be anxious, so they made special accommodations for us. Christine even shared a spiritual article about miscarriage. Little things like that made me realize The Vitae Clinic was special – and exactly where we needed to be.”

cared about my husband and me. And, Dr. Kalamarides empathized with our losses, taking time to get as much information as possible. We left our appointment with confidence and hope.” Within six months, they conceived. Brooke and Bo were hopeful, but still harbored some fear of another miscarriage.

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Asher Lemuel Faulds arrived on January 1 at 2:15 pm. He was a big boy, weighing over nine pounds. “The feeling of holding Asher for the first time does not compare to any other feeling in the world. Bo and I started crying with joy. It was absolutely the most incredible moment of our lives,” Brooke says. After seeing Dr. K and the staff for 18 months, Brooke says they are like family. “This is more than a job for Dr. K and his staff. There is a ‘peace’ and aura of love at The Vitae Clinic.”

Most businesses pay four percent or more in credit card processing fees each month. That can add up to thousands each year.

First Data, the largest credit card processing organization in the world, is offering a program that helps businessess reduce credit card processing fees. At the same time, a percentage of the savings are directed to The John JPII Life Center.

The increased efficiency and savings are accomplished by eliminating the “middle man.” Every one of the businesses with whom we partner has saved significant fees: • • • • • • •

Oak Hill Eye Care Northwest Imports, Inc. Dr. Roger Harden, Allergist Dr. Celie Harden, Dentist St. Michael Catholic Academy The Intuitus Group FluoroMed

To learn how your business can save fees and support us, contact Alisa at 512-257-8997 or


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SUM M ER 2 014

Circle of Life - Spring Event (May 6) For Circle of Life members. Meet atheist turned Catholic author Jennifer Fulwiler. RSVP at 512-892-3123 or

Blossom (June 7) For mothers of daughters going through puberty. Tickets at

Consultant Wine & Cheese (May 14) For crisis pregnancy consultants. Abby Johnson will provide an update on legal issues and all will have opportunity to and learn from one another.


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Beloved (Sept. 15-16) In partnership with the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. This program is designed for junior high girls, high school girls, single adult women, and married women to recognize the dignity they have been given as beloved daughters of God. More info coming soon.


Crisis Consultant Training (Sept. 24-25) RSVP at

Crisis Consultant Training (June 19-20) RSVP at Blossom (Aug. 7) For mothers of daughters soon going through puberty. Tickets at Priests’ Appreciation Dinner (Aug. 28) RSVP by emailing

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J UST LOOK AT W H AT YOU’V E DONE! We opened our doors in October 2010. Since then, we’ve been so busy caring for patients and clients that we’ve failed to remind YOU of how critical you are. Forgive us. And, thank you for helping us further a Culture of Life! Here are a few of the things we’ve done together, because of you: V ITAE CLINIC


In the three short years since we’ve opened our doors, our Vitae Clinic has exceeded 2,300 patients, delivered 300 babies, and helped 33 infertile couples conceive through the use of NaPro Technology. Because of YOU, thousands of women receive holistic, faithful healthcare.

CAN YOU HELP US GROW? • Pray in our Chapel • Share our Mission

(We’re so new, many still haven’t heard of us)

• Invite others to join you on a tour (Tours are every Thursday)

• Hold tribute events to benefit our center

(like milestone birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)

• Host a Circle of Life introductory coffee • Planned Giving • Ask your Parish to post our brochures • Purchase through

(A percentage of every purchase will benefit The JPII Life Center if you select us!)

In the past 12 months, more than 55 mothers facing unexpected pregnancies received free pregnancy tests, sonograms, and compassionate consultants who believed in them. Because of YOU, we’ve helped more than one mom per week embrace life! In 2013, we held 19 educational programs and helped over 3,500 people better understand Theology of the Body, Natural Family Planning, religious freedom, chaste living, and more. Because of YOU, God’s words of truth, hope and beauty are reaching thousands!

Our crisis pregnancy consultant trainings end with Mass. Our early 2014 class: Darla Christman, Kim Speirs, Gina Maria Morse, Evelyn Nassar, Eva Rodriguez, Carmen Adams, Lily Oberg and Fr. Ed Nowak.

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The John Paul II Life Center’s mission is to build a Culture of Life by: 1) operating a full service OB/GYN medical practice, The Vitae Clinic, 2) offering sonograms and services to mothers facing unexpected pregnancies, and 3) providing education about NFP, chaste living, and more.

Board of Directors: Hon. & Mrs. Tim Von Dohlen • Mr. & Mrs. Chris Danze • Dr. & Mrs. Jeremy Kalamarides • Dr. & Mrs. John Carrano

EMBRACE A BETTER CHOICE! 512-407-2900 1600 W. 38th St., Suite 115 Austin, TX 78731

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