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LIFE CENTER Winter 2012

Building a Culture of Life

Issue 3

Thankful for the Truth

board reflections

“The reason I was born, the reason I came into the world was to testify to the Truth. Anyone committed to the Truth hears my voice.” ~ John 18:37

As we reflect on our first year of service in Austin, our hearts rejoice. We are continually amazed by God’s awesome power of providing a medical clinic that offers truly life-affirming health care to women. Initially, some thought this goal was impossible. After all, we started off with nothing. But, in one year we’ve grown to more than 500 patients, helped infertile couples conceive and provided many 3D/4D sonograms to mothers and babies in crisis. We are humbled and thankful to have such tremendous results in so short a time. At the Vitae Clinic, we have witnessed the miracle of hearts changed. We have witnessed women embracing the sanctity of their unborn children’s lives after seeing their sonograms. We have witnessed the miracle of adoption. We have seen couples who have struggled for years conceive through NaPro Technology and bring forth new life. We have had patients travel hundreds of miles to come to our office and thank us for healthcare that follows the Catholic Ethical and Religious Directives (ERDs). All of this we owe to your support. You have kept the faith and heard the voice of Truth. We know you will continue to support us and we are eternally grateful. Heather & Jeremy Kalamarides, D.O.

Our inaugural benefit dinner sold out (above). Fr. Jonathan Morris (left) keynoted the evening and reminded us that the only thing God asks is that we “never say no” to Him. Beatriz and Joe Pojman (right) received the Dignity in Life Award to a standing ovation.

Inaugural Benefit Dinner exceeds expectations! “The devil would love for each of us to be ‘just a good guy,’” said Fr. Jonathan Morris at our inaugural benefit dinner on Nov. 1. “Because if we’re just a bunch of ‘good people,’ our country is in trouble.” Instead, Keynote Speaker Fr. Jonathan Morris encouraged

guests to be extraordinary, to be the people God created us to be. He added that God will provide the daily bread we need to continue doing His work. The John Paul II Life Center’s benefit dinner exceeded many of our expectations. Since it was our first dinner, we initially thought

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Winter 2012

NaPro Technology helps infertile couple conceive

Statistics show that infertility is very hard on a marriage. In fact, many break up because of it. My husband and I were married in the 1970s. Being a Registered Nurse, I knew that after several years of trying to conceive without success, it was time to find help. I sought assistance from a NaPro physician. He was so compassionate, understanding and willing to work with us. We ended up needing surgery for endometriosis. I prayed and asked if we were doing the right thing. A voice told me, “you are right on track.” In 1975, we were told we would never have children of our own. Today, we have a daughter and two sons. My husband and I handled the whole experience as a team and we just celebrated our 30th anniversary. We were very blessed to find the right doctor with the right skills. From the book “In Their Own Words: Women Healed.”

Dinner (continued from page 1)

Help The JPII Life Center defray the $10,000 cost of this event by donating in the enclosed envelope or online at Thanks!

Janine O’Dea performed with Alex Nghiem at the reception.

we’d have 200-250 guests. We sold out at 350! God had His hand in other areas of the event as well: our presenters, volunteers, venue, AV, mission video and financial gifts. Instead of “settling for just being good,” as Fr. Jonathan said, you are answering God’s call to “become greater.” Thank you for letting God shine through you to make our inaugural dinner a resounding success! For more photos from the event, contact us at info@ and we’ll send you the link.

Co-Founders Tim and Pat Von Dohlen with Fr. Jonathan Morris and Marilyn and Ladd Patillo at the benefit dinner Nov. 1, 2011.

Even the youngest among us enjoyed the evening!

Winter 2012

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Celebrating a year of prolife, Catholic medicine!

Nearly 50 priests responded to our first Priests’ Appreciation Dinner at Green Pastures Restaurant on Sept. 13. Bishop Joe Vásquez, Tim Field, M.D. and Vitae Medical Director Jeremy Kalamarides, D.O. presented at the event.

Showing appreciation to those who shepherd and guide us closer to God If our ultimate goal as Christians is to make it to heaven, why do we so often forget to thank those who have dedicated their lives to helping us achieve that objective? Since our priests don’t often have the chance to spend quality time with one another, The John Paul II Life Center hosted a Priests’ Appreciation Dinner in their honor. The Sept. 13 dinner was held at Green Pastures Restaurant. Vicar General Msgr. Michael Sis opened the evening in prayer. Bishop Joe Vásquez shared how pleased he was to have pro-life, Catholic medical care available within the Diocese through The JPII Life Center. Vitae Clinic Medical Director Jeremy Kalamarides, D.O. and Tim Field, M.D. described how God guided them to practicing medicine in adherence with the Ethical and Religious Directives (ERDs) of the Catholic Church. Drs. Kalamarides and Field are two of only a handful of Ob/Gyns in

the state who adhere to ERDs. That’s because contraception provides a reliable revenue stream. Instead of secular revenue streams, Drs. Kalamarides and Field chose to rely on God. And, the results are amazing. NaPro Technology has been scientifically shown to have better results in spacing pregnancies and conceiving children than contraception and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) respectively. Fr. Jim Evans, chaplain for The JPII Life Center, closed the evening in prayer and Board Members Tim Von Dohlen and Sheri Danze pulled door prizes. The survey provided amazing feedback - every comment was positive. In the following weeks, many priests shared our mission from the pulpit, in the bulletin and introduced us to others within their parishes. To help with future Priest Appreciation dinners, please email

Planned Parenthood positions itself as a one-stop shop for women’s healthcare. We recognize their free services as marketing tools to bring women into their doors. That’s because once a woman is inside, she’ll likely return for future services. Today, the pro-life answer to Planned Parenthood exists in The John Paul II Life Center’s Vitae Clinic. We offer women true one-stop shopping by celebrating the dignity of each woman and the sanctity of human life. We marked our one year anniversary on Oct. 18 with an Open House which introduced about 75 guests, including physicians and new patients, to our mission. Special thanks to Reale’s Pizza, Webmaster Greg Nelson and our volunteers for the refreshments, photos and help.

Thank You! Donations have been received in Memory or Honor of the following. Thank you for your generosity.

• Milton Adams • Azucena (Susie) • Birth mother who • • • • • • • • •

chose life for me Christopher Gabriel Mendoze Cain Ruben Garza My Grandchildren Peg Messineo Matthew Molidor A lost nephew John Cardinal O’Connor Anne Slattery Teresa Ware

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Winter 2012

Debbies - volunteer duo

graciously offered to do this despite planning a February wedding for her daughter and working part-time. For more than a decade, Debbie Reynolds has helped women facing crisis pregnancies at pregnancy centers and pro-life groups across Texas. She has a knack for making everything beautiful. We appreciate all of our volunteers for their time and dedication. To learn more about volunteering, email us at

Ma Ca rk le Yo nd u ar r s!

Most of us have heard of the famous cocktail Tom Collins and the movie star Debbie Reynolds. The John Paul II Life Center wants to recognize the wife of Tom Collins and a local Debbie Reynolds for their volunteer efforts. Neither of these ladies are famous in their own right, but their work is exceedingly beautiful to those they help. Debbie Collins coordinated our growing base of volunteers through three events the past few months. She

Jan. 22 - Roe v Wade Anniversary. Pray and fast for an end to abortion. Jan. 28 - Texas Rally for Life. With the Austin Diocese and Texas Alliance for Life.

Volunteers Debbie Collins (left) and Debbie Reynolds (right) helped make our three Fall events successful.

$400 donation = one 4D Sonogram Save a soul and a life! Every dollar helps.

Feb. 17 - Silver Ring Thing. Free Donate at teen chastity program with the Diocese of Austin. Help us defray the $10,000 cost by donating in the enclosed envelope or at Feb. 22 - Ash Wednesday. Lent and 40 Days for Life begin. Pro-life Rosary (JPII Chapel). Help us surround our center in prayer. If you’re able to pray once per week for an end to abortion, email us at

The John Paul II Life Center’s mission is to build a Culture of Life by: 1) providing cutting-edge Ob/Gyn medical care at our Vitae Clinic, 2) offering 3D/4D sonograms to women in crisis pregnancies, and 3) educating clergy, couples and youth about NFP advancements and chastity. JPII Board: Tim & Pat Von Dohlen - Chris & Sheri Danze Dr. & Mrs. Jeremy Kalamarides - John & Nancy Carrano

1600 W. 38th St., Suite 115 Austin, TX 78731 512-407-2900

Building a Culture of Life!

John Paul II Life Center Winter 2012 Newsletter  

Newsletter for the John Paul II Life Center in Austin, Texas.

John Paul II Life Center Winter 2012 Newsletter  

Newsletter for the John Paul II Life Center in Austin, Texas.