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Winter 2013

Building a Culture of Life

Issue 7

A Rose from St. Thérèse

Nearly 600 guests attended our second benefit dinner on Dec. 5 at the AT&T Center. More photos are available on our Facebook fan page.

Freedom Rang Loudly with Cardinal DiNardo, Governor Perry, Bishop Vásquez and Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Hilgers to see the face of each newborn child we help deliver. Thank you for helping The JPII Life Center continue on the path of being the pro-life answer to Planned Parenthood.

board reflections

We’re only two years old and the accomplishments that 2012 brought were beyond anything we ever imagined. The year was topped with our Dec. 5 benefit dinner at the AT&T Conference Center. To have Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, Governor Rick Perry, and Bishop Joe Vásquez participate before nearly 600 guests was an amazing blessing. At that event, we were honored to present Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Hilgers with the Dignity in Life Award for their pioneering work developing NaProTechnology. It is a blessing to work with so many passionate supporters and volunteers. It is humbling to see God at work with each crisis pregnancy client. And, it is a miracle

It was the Feast Day of St. Thérèse of Lisieux who wanted to spend her time in heaven saving souls on earth – and sometimes sending roses. My teens and I went to one of the abortion clinics to pray when we noticed a woman walking quickly. After some time in the clinic, Celenia came out. I felt compelled to reach out to her – I could feel the hurt in my heart that she was showing on her face. As I neared her, she began walking toward me. “You don’t have to do this,” I said. Celenia didn’t want to have another abortion, but her life was such a mess. She was scared, confused and didn’t want to be judged. I told her I knew how she felt because I had once been in her shoes. I saw the relief pass over her face. I brought her to The JPII Life Center for a sonogram. As I carried her three-year-old, she see “Rose” on page 2

A Tangible Solution for the HHS Mandate

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, WallBuilders Founder David Barton, US Senator Ted Cruz, US Rep. Jeff Fortenberry and many others are joining forces to find faithful solutions to the HHS mandate. What’s been adopted extends beyond anything that was imagined. Even so, isn’t it amazing how God responds to negativity with love and beauty beyond our understanding? We pray this can happen regarding the HHS Mandate. Isaiah 40:3 states: “Make straight in the wasteland a pathway for our Lord.” In answering Isaiah’s command, we are hosting the “Make see “HHS Solution” on page 2

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Winter 2013

Dr. Hilgers presented a Continuous Medical Education (CME) ethics class before a full house at Seton on Dec. 6. The class should be available on our website soon.

HHS Solution continued from page 1 Celenia didn’t want another abortion, she just needed to find a positive, hopeful solution.

Rose continued from page 1 held the hand of her two-year-old. She invited me to join her in the sonogram center and together we saw her tiny six-week-old baby! She was so awestruck and giddy that when she left the room, she showed the image to her other children explaining that the baby was in her tummy. Seeing the excitement on their faces while their little hands reached up to her belly caressing their new baby brother or sister is something I’ll cherish all my life. I did get a rose from St. Thérèse that day – the rose of “life” in that unborn child. ~ Written by DeeAnn Smith

The average cost of a sonogram for a woman in crisis is $400. Should the mother become a Vitae Clinic patient, and if she doesn’t have insurance, the average cost for pre-natal care, visits and delivery is $5,000. If you are able to help defray some of these costs, please donate in the enclosed envelope. If you feel God may be calling you to become a pregnancy consultant, contact us as to learn about our March training.

Straight the Pathway” conference with Center, the USCCB, Liberty Institute, the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston Knights of Columbus, Texas Values, and Christus Medicus Foundation Texas Catholic Conference, Diocese on March 7-9 at the University of St. of Tyler, Wilson Partners, St. Joseph Thomas in Houston. Medical Center, Caritas, and more. This conference is the first of its On a personal note, I’m honored to kind and aims to have the opportunity educate leaders about to speak about Echoing the cry public policy that our experiences in actively protects and developing a primary of Isaiah (40:3) promotes religious care medical clinic here and John the freedom, individual in Austin (Vitae Clinic) Baptist (Mt 3:3), rights of conscience, in hopes of expanding we invite you and allows all the concept throughout to join us Americans to select the nation. qualified health plans The conference is in preparing that do not violate their co-sponsored by The the way for religious liberty. Justice Foundation, Christ-centered Presentations are One More Soul, healthcare in the divided into three Catholic Medical United States. broad categories: Association, Galveston1) Protecting care Houston KCs and consistent with Biblical WallBuilders. For more Principles- Religious Freedom and information or to register, visit www. Right of Conscience; 2) Delivering We are honored care consistent with Catholic Ethical to play a role in this conference and and Religious Directives; 3) Culture of encourage you to join us. Life primary care medical centers. ~ Pat and Tim Von Dohlen Additional speakers include leaders Board Co-Founders, President from the National Catholic Bioethics

The “Make Straight the Pathway” program includes notable leaders including (left to right) Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, US Sen. Ted Cruz, US Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, WallBuilders Founder David Barton, and Catholic Bioethics Center President Dr. John Haas.

Winter 2013

Faithfulness and perserverence, despite pregnancy challenges, result in great joy for Austin family Alexis and Ryan Dobson used Natural Family Planning (NFP), to avoid getting pregnant at the beginning of their marriage in 2002. When they wanted to start their family, they continued using NFP to achieve pregnancy for three years with multiple miscarriages. Finally, in 2008, they delivered their son Nate. Afterwards, they continued to struggle to achieve pregnancy. As a couple

Ma Ca rk le Yo nd u ar r s!

The Dobsons’ strong faith in God and in each other brought them to the Vitae Clinic where they found solutions, and hope!

strongly grounded in their faith, they were determined to adhere to Catholic Ethical and Religious Directives (ERDs). That meant they trusted God’s plan enough to respect the unitive and procreative marriage act. It also meant they wouldn’t destroy human embryos, which occurs in IVF. When they tried again to get pregnant without success, they decided to visit the Vitae Clinic in 2011. By applying NaProTechnology, which evaluates, studies and treats reproductive and gynecologic problems naturally, they were able to identify Alexis’ biological and reproductive markers - and the cause of her symptoms. Dr. Jeremy Kalamarides treated the underlying problem, and Alexis and Ryan welcomed Rachel in 2012. The Dobsons are tremendously grateful to Dr. Kalamarides and the Vitae Clinic for helping them conceive naturally and faithfully. ~ Written by Lori Mazzurana

We are happy to welcome baby Luna Clare to the Kalamarides family! Dr. Jeremy Kalamarides is the Vitae Clinic Medical Director.

If you work at a business that accepts credit cards, we have a program that saves processing fees, benefits us, earns you a tax-deduction and doesn’t cost you a thing. For info: 512-257-8997 or

Feb. 11 - Diocesan White Mass for Healthcare Workers Each year, a special Mass is held for physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers. Feb. 13 - 40 Days for Life Join hundreds in fasting and praying for an end to abortion. Feb. 23 - Gabriel Project Anniversary (10:00 am - 12:30 pm - St. William Church, Round Rock) Did you know that we were the first in the nation to have a Gabriel Project? Join Msgr. Louis Pavlicek and others in commemorating this milestone. Feb. 28 & Mar. 1 - Crescendo & October Baby (7 pm - Marchesa Theatre) Winner of 15 international awards, Crescendo is a pro-life film brought to you by the producers of Bella. $10 per ticket. Visit Only 600 tickets available. Proceeds benefit The JPII Life Center, Texas Alliance for Life and Central Texas Coalition for Life. Mar. 5 - Evening with Rick Santorum Participate in the inaugural event for Texas Center for Defense of Life. Call 512-763-9068 or Mar. 7-9 - Make Straight the Pathway Religious Freedom Conference (St. Thomas University) Celebrate Mass with Cardinal DiNardo and hear Senator Ted Cruz and Rep. Jeff Fortenberry. 713-598-1675 or

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Winter 2013

Judy and Dick Ames Serve as First Directors for Circle of Life! We share with others that we have experienced parenting from all angles. We are grandparents, foster parents, stepparents, adoptive parents, birthparents, Godparents, parents-in-law, and and at one time, single parents. This November, we became grandparents again when our daughter delivered twin boys. Since Pamela and her husband Patrick lost their first baby to miscarriage, we anticipated this birth with great joy and lots of prayer amid the many ultrasound photos and calls about our preborn grandchildren. On November 25, Pamela delivered Andrew and Evan, weighing 1 pound, 13 ounces and two pounds, three ounces respectively. At 26 weeks gestation, there were many challenges for us all to face. One thing was absolute - Andrew and Evan are precious gifts from God that are to be charished, cared for,

loved nad prayed for. Their first several weeks of life brought many tears and fears. God’s mercy and healing power have been demonstrated in the medical care they have received, in the faithful prayer of a community larger than we can imagine, and in the strengthened bond that Pamela and Patrick now share in marriage and in parenting. We are ardently, unabashedly, non-apologetically, and passionately Pro-Life! As such, we are excited to serve as the first directors and Founding Members of The JPII Life Center’s new leadership program, Circle of Life. Honor life in a special way and join us as Founding Members of this exciting new program! For more, contact us at 512-892-3123 or ~ Written by Judy and Dick Ames

Judy and Dick Ames ardently support life at all stages. We’re honored to have them serve as Directors for our new leadership program: Circle of Life!

The John Paul II Life Center’s mission is to build a Culture of Life by: 1) providing cutting-edge Ob/Gyn medical care at our Vitae Clinic, 2) offering 3D/4D sonograms to women in crisis pregnancies, and 3) educating clergy, couples and youth. JPII Board: Tim & Pat Von Dohlen - Chris & Sheri Danze Dr. & Mrs. Jeremy Kalamarides - John & Nancy Carrano 1600 W. 38th St., Suite 115 Austin, TX 78731 512-407-2900

Building a Culture of Life!

John Paul II Life Center Winter 2013 Newsletter  

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