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OUR MISSION Our mission is to help achieve personal growth and success for each and every child within a caring ethos. We realise this mission in the environment of a small, dynamic, family-orientated school, where cultural diversity is acknowledged and valued. We set great store by pastoral care of the highest order alongside a clear concern for the welfare of your child. We teach the values of openness and mutual respect throughout our school community, in which there is a strong belief in the traditional values of education. At Quainton Hall, your child will • enjoy a well-balanced curriculum, designed to give the best possible opportunities • participate in a wide range of sporting, artistic and musical activities • engage in a stimulating variety of extra-curricular pursuits Together we will • enable your child to develop talents and an enthusiasm for learning • enable your child to grow into a confident and enthusiastic young person, ready for the challenges and opportunities of further education and life We benefit from • • • • •

specialist subject teaching from an early age a broad, stimulating and challenging education excellent facilities fresh food, prepared on site each day our own coeducational nursery

A positive, upbeat school with high academic standards and a warm family atmosphere, producing well-balanced, confident all-rounders. The Good Schools Guide

Thank you for all that you are doing for the kids and for your constant enthusiasm and encouragement. They are very lucky to have you! A Quainton Hall parent

For more than 120 years Quainton Hall has served families in and around Harrow, offering an exceptional prep school education to girls and boys, aged 2 to 11. High academic expectations and standards, a broad and balanced curriculum, first-rate facilities, a family focus and a nurturing environment are all factors in our continued success. This is reflected in our receiving the highest possible ‘Excellent-Excellent’ in our recent school inspection. We offer a broad and inclusive education firmly centred on the core values of respect, integrity, determination and humility and believe in setting high expectations, leading by example and creating a secure, positive and inspiring learning environment where staff and pupils can feel challenged and supported to achieve individual success in all aspects of school life. We are a school that is proud of our academic tradition, possessing a genuine sense of community that very much has at its heart the interest of all the boys and girls in our care. As committed educators in a modern and fast-paced world, we see it as our duty to foster creative thinking, develop independent learning and support every child in gaining the skills and confidence to believe and know that they ‘can’. Quainton Hall is very excited to build on our heritage and begin to write our future history by recently coming together with The John Lyon School to create an all-through school for children and young people, from Nursery all the way through to A-Level. Mr Simon Ford Headmaster


Quainton Hall has excellent facilities and resources, with lessons led by specialist teachers. We believe in a traditional education backed by strong IT, giving children access to the wider world at their fingertips. All children have the opportunities to work at their own speed, to be challenged to move to the next level and receive all the necessary support to do so, and to work individually, in pairs and in groups.

The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent. • Pupils’ attitudes to work are extremely positive. • Pupils’ attainment is excellent and they make outstanding progress across the school. • Pupils’ communication skills are of the highest quality. • Pupils’ study skills are excellent and they are able to make links between subjects with ease. Independent Schools Inspectorate

Thanks for the variety and enjoyable lessons. She is very much exhausted at the end of every day which is a good sign! You are all doing an amazing job. A Year 1 parent

NURSERY Aged 2½ to 4

As soon as children walk through the doors of our Nursery they become part of the caring Quainton Hall family. Set within a large, recently-refurbished and well-equipped building, with lots of access to outside space, our Nursery children are given the space to be inquisitive about the world around them while being supported to discover a love of learning that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Evidence from pupils’ work show that excellent progress is made in all areas of the curriculum, particularly in the EYFS where children benefit from an impressive system for tracking their progress. Independent Schools Inspectorate

The impressive, newly renovated, early-years building (sheltering nursery and reception) is run as an orderly, cossetting ship, with 2 year olds spending a significant portion of their day in the well-equipped open air. The Good Schools Guide


Reception, Year 1, Year 2 Aged 4 to 7

In Pre-Prep our emphasis is on making our pupils feel excited about their learning and showing children how they can develop to the best of their ability in a caring yet challenging environment. We focus on building firm foundations in Literacy and Mathematics whilst ensuring children learn through cross-curricular themes and topics. The small classes have one class teacher and one teaching assistant, which means that each individual child is able to receive all the attention and support needed.

Children learn from their experiences in the EYFS that working together can be both more productive and more enjoyable than working alone. Independent Schools Inspectorate

We can tell that a lot of thought has been put behind creating an engaging, wholesome and thorough learning experience. Our children’s happiness and satisfaction are further testament to that. A Year 1 parent


Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6 Aged 7 to 11

From the age of 7, pupils begin to attend lessons with subject specialists in English and Mathematics, as well as other subjects including Science, Computing, Art and French, together with a full Games programme, which includes some competition against other schools. Great care is taken by form teachers and subject staff to develop in each child a good sense of purpose and drive, supported by sound and effective organisational skills. Each child’s effort and attainment is regularly assessed and homework becomes a feature of school life. Children are also expected to have a reading book with them at all times. By the age of 11, Quainton Hall children are ready to make the leap into secondary education with great confidence.

Older pupils act as good role models for younger members of the school… The older pupils have guidance roles, such as looking after the lunch queue. They complete these tasks well ensuring that no adult supervision is required. Independent Schools Inspectorate

The curriculum, delivered by knowledgeable and experienced staff, runs roughly along National Curriculum lines, but one step ahead. Science delivered in its own well-equipped room – with white coats for all – from year 5. Well-used electronic boards in every classroom. The Good Schools Guide

I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the effort, your time and for all the enthusiasm. I strongly believe not everyone can just do this, it takes a good heart to bring this all together! A Year 5 parent

THE ARTS All pupils are given the opportunity to have access to practical music-making at all levels, regardless of ability. Many social skills are developed within the Music curriculum: enjoyment, participation, sharing and teamwork, self-control, self-confidence, self-expression and communication, to name but a few. It is the aim of the Music Department that every pupil will be involved in some way with the musical life of the School. Drama thrives here. Before leaving the School, every child will take part in at least one play or choral-speaking production. The importance of Drama is fully recognised, in that all sections of the School have an opportunity for public performances. Art is a great strength, as a wide variety of displays of children’s work around the School continue to testify. We are lucky to have the services of an Art specialist who is able to develop the pupils’ talents using a wide variety of media over their time at the School.

There is the opportunity for pupils to take graded music exams and the choir participates in both internal and external events. Pupils thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to take part in drama productions and individual cultural dance performances. Artwork is celebrated within the school and pupils’ work has been exhibited at national art school exhibitions and has received commendations. Independent Schools Inspectorate

SPORT AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLES There is undoubtedly a connection between health and fitness and a child’s academic attainment. That is why children of all abilities at Quainton Hall take part in a wide-ranging programme of PE, Games and Swimming as part of the curriculum. Experience of games also enables our children to grow in confidence and stature. Team-building and representing Quainton Hall in competitive fixtures are important too and give experience of winning and losing as well as being healthy and enjoyable. Camaraderie and good sportsmanship permeate all that we do in this important area.

Physical education lessons and games sessions are important to pupils because they know that developing a physically active lifestyle now will benefit them in the future. Pupils value being able to use the school’s swimming pool and, whilst they look forward to competitions, understand that learning a potentially life-saving skill is the main target. Independent Schools Inspectorate

Just wanted to drop you a note to say what an excellent day my son had today at school. He told me about all the games you have the children playing, basketball, cricket, etc. A Quainton Hall parent

ACTIVITIES All children at Quainton Hall, from an early age, are offered many extra-curricular opportunities. Children are encouraged to take part in at least one extra-curricular activity each term selected from a wide variety offered — this could be Taekwondo, Ballet, Chess, Orchestra, Tennis, Cookery or many more. All extra-curricular activities offer pupils the opportunity to improve their skills in some aspect of their education; they are designed to broaden each child’s learning experience and to develop their talents, skills and interests. Whether it is sport, drama, public speaking, music or a theatre visit, there is something for everyone!

The facilities on the school site allow the school to provide a varied extra-curricular programme in which the majority of pupils are active. Independent Schools Inspectorate

Many pupils decide to take part in extra-curricular activities because they see the value in learning to work with others whether this be in a choir or a cultural dance troupe. Independent Schools Inspectorate

Good range of clubs from reception, and working parents welcome the wrap-around care – as well as the overall family atmosphere. The Good Schools Guide

PUPIL CARE Quainton Hall provides a warm and friendly environment where each child is respected and the staff fully understand their pastoral role is a key priority. Highs and lows are shared and every pupil has a range of places to turn to when celebrating successes or seeking support and guidance. We strongly believe all our pupils should feel open to discuss any issues they are experiencing at school that could impact their wellbeing. A Quainton Hall pupil is always encouraged to treasure their community and realise that putting others first helps build a better school for everyone.

In all age-groups pupils are unfailingly polite, courteous and pleasantly confident. Their attitude to learning is enhanced by a strong degree of resilience; their first action on encountering a problem is to try to work it out for themselves rather than ask. Independent Schools Inspectorate

Pupils appreciate that the best qualities in life are not achieved easily and that they must be developed. There is a pride inherent in the pupils of helping others to become the best they can be. Independent Schools Inspectorate

Thank you for encouraging his enthusiasm. I know he will always remember your kindness and the constant encouragement that he receives from you with gratitude and fondness. We know that inspiring teachers play a key role in the future careers of their pupils from our own lives. Thank you for nurturing ambition and inspiring him and coaxing his best work out of him! Thank you very, very much. A Quainton Hall parent Mrs Nishma Aleksin-Shah Admissions Secretary Tel: 020 8861 8851

Mr Simon Ford Headmaster

Quainton Hall School Hindes Road Harrow HA1 1RX