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Digital ‘Smart’ Cities


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Time to Get Wired. A journey through the new technological terrain of our cities.


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12 COVER STORY Digital ‘Smart’ Cities: Time to Get Wired. A journey through the new technological terrain of our cities.

18 DESTINATIONS Bring your seafood appetite and your sense of adventure as we land in Bar Harbor, Maine.



Celebrate Cool Breezes and Hot Rio with the drinks of the month.

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64 | MONEY & FINANCE Castles and Moats explores tax-deferred plans.





A cool breeze. Chef Jocko celebrates the outdoors with roasted sweet potato wedges and bacon, argula and roasted corn salad.

Gallery plan B mounts solo exhibit by Bernardo Siles

66 PREMIUM LISTINGS John’s current inventory of spectacular properties in all price points.

38 HOME TRENDS Outdoor Living. Bringing inside living into the great outdoors.


44 TRENDING Expect the unexpected at the 2014 DC Design House

No need to be green with envy. John Eric Home focuses on green style and who is on its cutting edge.

50 | MEN’S STYLIST Grab the reliable! ‘Tis the season of the polo.


Kristina Messner-Chalf is a writer and award-winning communications professional who works with clients in an array of technology markets, from emerging technology to consumer electronics, government IT, defense and homeland security. As Senior Vice President of Public Relations and Social Media for Focused Image, a leading branding firm based in Falls Church, VA, she supports top federal contractors, fast-growing private companies, associations and nonprofits. Each issue, Kristina will share insights on some of the latest and most fascinating technology products and trends that are changing our world.



Luca Giovannini and Charles M. Tappan, Jr., form the team that creates our mixology section. Luca discovered his passion for food and drink in his hometown in the north of Italy. After working in Europe, he landed in Washington and perfected his skill of combining European and American styles of drink. Charles is a founding member of Veneràte Group LLC. He launched the company, leaving a career in capital markets, to elevate cocktail culture through creativity, classical knowledge, craft dedication and teaching.

Marc Schliefer has been in the financial planning business since 1978, when he joined Equity Planning Institute, Inc. He became President of Equity Planning Institute, Inc. in 1996. With over 33 years of practicing financial planning, Marc has worked mainly on individual financial planning and counsels clients on all aspects of their financial life. Marc was a frequent guest on the WRC radio program, “Your Money Show,” and has written many articles for local associations. He has conducted Financial Planning seminars for companies and government agencies and has been quoted in the The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.


David Brown acquired his affinity for style and design at an early age. After graduating from WV Wesleyan in 1994, he made Washington, DC, his home for 13 years, with a brief interim in New York as an Assistant Buyer for Bloomingdale’s. During his time in Washington, David became a pioneer of design in some of DC and Virginia’s most upand-coming neighborhoods. In 2006, David made a move south making Palm Beach, Coral Gables, and Naples, Florida, his home. As an executive with Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton & Valentino, he has been fortunate to travel extensively across the United States and Europe through his work. David’s eclectic style and appreciation for architecture is reflected in his work thanks to his unique cultural perspective gained through his travels.



Sherry Moeller, co-founder and principal of MoKi Media, was a previous editor in chief of Capitol File magazine/Niche Media covering politicians, celebrities, fashion, travel, hospitality and lifestyle in Washington, DC and around the country. As an award-winning journalist with more than 15 years experience in the magazine, newspaper and online media industries, Sherry was also editorial director at Washington Spaces/GWPI, a subsidiary of The Washington Post, and real estate/homes editor at The Gazette/Post-Newsweek. She now specializes in public relations for interior design, architecture and hospitality clients, among other luxury brands. Sherry has a BS in Journalism from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Joaquin “Jocko” Fajardo, a native Arizonan, has been in the Capitol area for over 12 years. Through educational scholarships provided by The Careers Through Culinary Arts Program, Jocko was educated at the London Cordon Bleu and The Culinary Institute of America. In late 2004, he completed a certificate program from The Guild of Professional English Butlers. Working in the homes of celebrities, politicians, CEO’s and American elite, Jocko combines a flair for the creative in his cooking. “I live for fresh, delicious, colorful and hearty cooking. Shopping local, mindful of organics, is essential.” He currently resides in Silver Spring where he is employed as an estate manager, cooking Kosher daily.

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There is no place like Washington in the spring. The blooming tulips and the occasional showers that freshen the air. The warm weather allows us to uncover grills and shed the scarves and heavy coats that got much use over the past seemingly endless winter. This month in John Eric Home, we celebrate the warmth and re-birth of spring. In Home Trends, David Brown shares his insight on bringing indoor living to the outdoors and our Men’s Stylist section contrasts the most reliable staple of a man’s spring/summer wardrobe. The knit polo shirt. Both Foodie and Mixology share recipes to bring forth spring gastronomical delights. The regular features of the magazine are chock full of interesting stories for our readers. But, this issue is not only about celebrating the season. Our cover story of the month - Digital Cities - is an expose on the increasing technological capabilities of global urban areas. And, what that means for cities like Washington, DC. It is a fascinating read on cutting-edge technology, economic impacts and interesting trends. I invite you to open up this month’s magazine and enjoy the articles. And, let’s raise a glass and make a toast to a Happy Spring.

Best, John Eric Publisher, Principal and Realtor




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by Kristina Messner-Chalf


| May 2014

The grand romance the world had with cities at

new place to be, not only for the young, but for

the beginning of the 20th century is returning,

all ages. People are making a mad dash out

for a variety of reasons, many of which are

of their look-alike houses along the hillsides

woven with the thread that connects us all to our

of modern suburbia and flocking back into a

lives and each other: technology.

redefined and digitally refurbished reality version

of Urbania.

So, ditch that Subaru and grab your bike.

It’s time for the return to urban. Cities are the John JohnEric EricHome Home1313

The newest generation of mobile device addicts, whose biggest survival requirement is not bread and water but rather “connectivity” in this digital era – provided abundantly in most major cities – are driving this urge to repopulate and renovate the landscapes of uptowns, downtowns and midtowns of once occupant-deprived cities. The urban developers are playing a huge role in making this all possible, of course, along with the real estate investment and development community, seeking to fix and fill every crevice of previously unposh urban landscapes with fresh new vibrant and thriving communities. This refreshed affection for city living is a major trend in real estate that has been evolving over the past two decades. Access to jobs, cheaper commuting, more eco-friendly and smaller carbon footprints, and “can you hear me now” zones are all contributing factors to driving citizens back to the city. The communities who are gaining the most from this trend and not just riding but also participating in heightening this wave of amazing innovation in urban designs are touted as “Smart City” leaders. But what exactly makes a city “smart?” According to the Smart Cities Council, an industry coalition to improve the livability, workability and sustainability of the world's cities, it is this: “A smart city gathers data from smart devices and sensors embedded in its roadways, power grids, buildings and other assets. It shares that data via a smart communications system


| May 2014

that is typically a combination of wired and wireless. It then uses smart software to create valuable information and digitally enhanced services.” All across the world, these cities of the future are emerging and evolving. They are built on complex digital communication infrastructures to support the rapidly evolving digital and mobile technology revolution. Not only are these systems needed to support the current demand for technology and communications, they are essential for cities of the future. The World’s Smartest Cities The city of Vienna, Austria, topped a recent list of the world's 10 smartest cities according to Fast Company researcher Boyd Cohen, who authors the media company’s Co.Exist blog. Cohen’s rankings are based on a collective analysis of each city’s innovation, quality of life, sustainability, digital community and digital governance. His own definition is: “Smart cities use information and communication technologies (ICT) to be more intelligent and efficient in the use of resources, resulting in cost and energy savings, improved service delivery and quality of life, and reduced environmental footprint―all supporting innovation and the low-carbon economy." The elements that made Vienna rise to the top for this prestigious recognition are the city’s programs such as Smart Energy Vision 2050, Roadmap 2020 and Action Plan 2012-2015— all well executed plans with bold targets and strong processes for tracking achievements against measurable objectives.

Vienna is also bringing together key community stakeholders to collaborate on carbon reduction, transportation and land-use planning, turning the process more into a dynamic, collective community-driven win-win scenario instead of one that is mired in bureaucracy and politics. Following Vienna, the list includes Toronto, Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, Berlin, Copenhagen, Hong Kong and Barcelona. The Smart Cities Council shares this prediction: “Cities now have a way to leapfrog past their rivals―namely, smart technologies, which can substantially enhance livability, workability and sustainability. We believe we're on the cusp of an era that will see cities racing at breakneck pace to install the digital foundations for prosperity.” Top Digital Cities in the US The Center for Digital Government, a national research and advisory institute on information technology policies and best practices in state and local government, in partnership with the National League of Cities annually conducts a Digital Cities Survey through which it evaluates and recognizes the top-ranked digital communities across the US. The Center is a division of e.Republic, the nation’s only media and research company focused exclusively on the state and local government market and education. All American cities, towns, villages and consolidated city/county governments with 30,000 or more citizens are invited to participate and awards are presented each November. The Center for Digital Government’s 13th Annual Digital Cities Survey ranked Boston first, ahead of other top ten finishers Philadelphia, Chicago, Raleigh, Austin and Los Angeles. The survey recognizes municipalities that made strides on information and technology practices and demonstrated the ability to innovate and leverage tools to better serve constituents and conduct government operations. Boston city government was recognized for its efforts to engage and connect with constituents using mobile technology and social media. “Boston continues to find innovative ways to connect with constituents and make our city stronger. Our approach has focused on people; it’s a high-touch, not just high-tech approach," said Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino. "This award recognized a true citywide effort; we are the No. 1 digital city because of the good work of entrepreneurs inside and outside City Hall." Todd Sander, executive director for the CDG, said he noticed an increase in the number of tech-savvy digital cities this year, particularly among larger jurisdictions. “Cities that are investing in technology are seeing huge cost savings that are critical to operations and their ability to meet higher demand for services,” Sander said. “These cities are true innovators and we applaud them as they work in the spirit of collaboration to provide extraordinary value to constituents, despite budget setbacks.” Other 2013 top-ranked cities by the CDG included Irving, Texas; Avondale, Ariz.; and Palo Alto, Calif. Key trends illuminated through these winners were benefits using technology such as improved transparency with open government initiatives and access to city services via mobile apps. The cities eliminated waste and enhanced service levels using agile project management, and reduced costs and improved services through advanced analytics and performance measures. “Nationally the number of tech-savvy digital cities is increasing, particularly among the larger jurisdictions responding to the survey,” said Sander. “The top digital cities are leaders in open data and transparency efforts, as well as

innovators in deploying mobile applications to citizens while conforming to fiscal standards.” A Smart City Never Sleeps New York is consistently rated as one of the top digital cities in not only the US but around the world. Since introducing the city’s first digital roadmap in 2011, Mayor Bloomberg and his top-rated technology team have completed 100 percent of their initial objectives, highlighted by investments in infrastructure, education, open government, online engagement and technology sector support. Key accomplishments have included enabling 300,000 low-income residents to access the Internet, launching more than 40 digital learning programs serving over a million citizens, expanding the NYC OpenData platform from 350 public data sets to over 2,000, relaunching a groundbreaking website, tripling the City's social media audience, and growing the city's IT sector to more than 1,000 “Made in NY” technology companies. Where D.C. Ranks in Digital Smarts While Washington, D.C. made neither the Fast Company list of Smartest Cities in the World or the CDG’s top Annual Digital Cities list, the nation’s capital was ranked No. 8 out of 10 of the Most Competitive Cities in the World in a report generated by a research division of The Economist. The top of this list was New York, followed by London, Singapore, Paris, Hong Kong (tied with Paris), Tokyo and Zurick.

John Eric Home 15

Washington was followed by Chicago and Boston. In terms of competitive analysis, more factors beyond technology investments and infrastructure were considered. In fact, a key aspect of the report highlighted the important advantage large cities have in attracting and nurturing the world’s top talent, pointing towards the quality of educational systems and entrepreneurial mindset of the population. In terms of competition, Washington may want to pay extra attention to a few of its neighbors, who earned rankings and recognition on the list of Best Digital Cities this year by CDG. In the category of US cities with a population over 250,000, Virginia Beach, Va., ranked No. 6 in the list of Best Digital Cities and Baltimore, Md., showed up its next door capital city ranking No. 9. In the same list in the population category of 125,000 to 249,999, the City of Alexandria, Va., ranked No. 3 and Richmond was No. 8. In taking a look back at the historical rankings of the CDG list, it seems the District was last listed on the top 10 in 2009, in which year it ranked No. 10. However, between 2002 and 2009 Washington was celebrated six times on this list as a top digital city. In 2002, the District ranked as No. 11, in 2004, 2006 and 2007 it ranked consistently as No. 9, and in 2007 it listed at No. 10. Smart Leadership


| May 2014

The smarter the city, the stronger its capacity to attract and support businesses and top talent to drive those businesses – and ultimately, the better its chances are to thrive. But, it’s more than just the size and strength of the grid that counts. To be a competitive digital city, and a truly “smart” city, systems, software, and processes need to connect and integrate organizations, services, and people in an effective manner to keep the city running smoothly and operating efficiently. The cities who can accomplish this will be the leaders of tomorrow. The digital gateways for economic prosperity and quality living. They will win big, with citizens, with business, and ultimately by becoming the smart communities that combine intelligent design with social and intellectual capital. Experts anticipate smart cities will become a huge market, estimating nearly $40 billion will be spent on intelligent city technologies by 2016. Let’s hope our region continues to make the right choices and investments in leadership, technology infrastructure, development, education and people to make the national capital region one that reflects that best that America has to offer.


Arlington and Washington at Your Fingertips. Take a glimpse into Arlington’s and Washington, DC’s past and discover the Arlington and Washington of today …




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| May 2014

Bar Harbor


Breathtaking sunsets. A relaxing atmosphere injected with an intoxicating vibe. A tranquil Bar Harbor is a town that inspires myriad adjectives and conjunctions. Quaint and picturesque. Cozy lake paired with every green in the color spectrum. Nature’s playground for swimmers, yet fun. Natural and outdoorsy. Traditional yet modern. Trendy but laid-back. The list goes on and on. hikers, boaters and skiers. Festivals galore celebrating its unique history and modern day However you choose to define this little treasure of Maine, what is clear is that Bar Harbor doesn’t proclivities. The 27th largest lake by volume in the world, which straddles the two American disappoint. There is something to do for everyone. This month, Destinations travels to Maine and to states of California and Nevada. You guessed it. This month, Lake Tahoe beckons us, and this iconic New England town. we respond to its siren-like call.

John Eric Home 19

One doesn’t need to don preppy clothing and a New England accent to enjoy the sights around Bar Harbor. Actually, more athletic duds are required when participating in many of the outdoor sensations that are inherent in this part of the world. Visitors have the choice of exploring the area on their own or letting native islanders show them the sights and sounds. Acadia National Park is one of the most unique and beautiful locations to hop on a bicycle and pedal around on your own steam. Routes for both experienced and novice cyclists snake through the park. The Cadillac Mountain Challenge lures cycling enthusiasts from around the country to participate in the strenuous biking trial. If biking is not your thing, fear not! Acadia is an amazing sight to see on foot. Hiking and walking through its coves and trails provides spectacular scenery that only a national park can deliver. Outside of the park are short jaunts covering meadows and paths along streams and lakes. Rock climbing and kayaking are sporting activities that are near and dear to the local population. If you have never rock climbed before, this region is a fantastic one in which to begin your journey. Strap on a harness and let one of the local guiding companies show you the best spots to learn or polish your climbing. Acadia Mountain Guides Climbing School offers personalized rock climbing on the spectacular shores of Acadia. They are Maine's only full service, year round school. If vertigo or finding finger holds is a concern then turn to kayaking. It’s a fun way to explore the area’s natural surroundings and New Englanders young and old can be found paddling through inlets and tributaries throughout the area to


| May 2014

John Eric Home 21

keep you company. Exploring Mount Desert Island’s coastline in search of seals and seabirds via kayak is a wonderful experience. A trip to coastal New England is never complete without an oceanic experience. In this regard, Bar Harbor is stacked high with both interesting and enjoyable excursions. If you have never been on a whale-watch -- it is an amazing experience as the massive creatures circle and swim below the vessel. For more easy-going boating experiences, try out a sunset cruise or an old-fashioned sail on a sailboat. Visitors can even register for trips on lobster boats if they want a true fisherman’s experience. If your sea legs aren’t sturdy, the town of Bar Harbor offers much choice in great things to see and activities in which to partake. The regional cooking of Maine brings together history and the availability of foods. The Ambrosia Cooking School offers cooking classes focused on local foods with international appeal. Participants learn dishes history, food facts, techniques and traditional recipes while tasting such favorites as lobster, blueberry muffins, chowder and popovers. And, with food comes drink. Bar Harbor Cellars Winery is located at Sweet Pea Farm. The farm grows flowers and produce for local consumption. The vineyard, opened in 2003, is part of the winery’s commitment to sustainable agriculture


| May 2014

on Mount Desert Island, while producing and bottling wine from both European and local fruit. Tours are available from mid-May to mid-October. Another wonderful way to explore Bar Harbor is by hitting its streets. Walking tours are available through the use of the signs titled Museum in the Streets. Museums and galleries abound in the town highlighting its history, the island’s Native American heritage, the Gulf of Maine’s unique ecosystems and species, and the natural wonder of Acadia National Park. Art galleries include contemporary artists, Maine artists, and historic works. Shopping in Bar Harbor is a great way to spend a lazy (or rainy) afternoon. Unique boutiques and shops line the streets where both personal and kitchy souvenirs can be found. Whether you are looking for an exotic handmade soap, a locally crafted pair of earrings, a child’s model sailboat or a “Bar Harbor, ME“ t-shirt, a cornucopia of treats abound. Although Bar Harbor is not of a gargantuan size, the scope of its activities and sights to see are impressive. Drop by to grab a lobster roll in one of its great eateries, cruise down its diverse streets taking in the local culture, say “hello” to a frolicking whale aboard a boat or climb your way to the top of Cadillac Mountain. You can’t go wrong.



John Eric 1206 30th Street, NW | Washington, DC 20007 C: 703.798.0097 | O: 202.333.1212 | E: |


Canoe/Kayak the Maine Coast Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park offers some of the finest sea kayaking and canoeing in the nation. From novices to experts, the sea-kayaking opportunities in Bar Harbor will challenge all skill levels. Several area companies offer sea-kayak instruction and tours and offer rentals so you can be on the water in no time. Aquaterra Adventures 1 West Street Sea kayaking at its finest with some of the most experienced guides & instructors in the area. You will find a kayak waiting for you at a specially designed kayak launch facility on the waterfront. They have a large variety of tours & instruction programs. Family groups can enjoy kayaking with their kids on a Discovery Adventure. Solo kayaks are available for the more experienced paddlers. Small groups of six kayaks are available to personalize the experience. Aquaterra Adventures claims the fastest access to the Bay with incredible wildlife sightings & awesome views.


| May 2014

Acadia Stand Up Paddle Boarding 55 West Street Acadia Stand Up Paddle Boarding offers beginner lessons, rentals, tours, and yoga classes on area lakes and bays. They also carry a full line of stand up paddle boards and beach lifestyle accessories from their retail shop downtown. SUP is a great way to enjoy the beautiful waters of Mount Desert Island and is the perfect activity for families, couples, or individuals who want a little extra adventure and fun! Visit them online to learn more and make your reservation. National Park Sea Kayak Tours 39 Cottage Street Paddle to the remote Western Side of MDI with Professional Maine Guides. Personalized (12 people max) ecological tours run 1/2 day (4 hours) in the morning, afternoon and at sunset (2.5-3 hours on the water). Best wildlife sightings include harbor seals, osprey, porpoises, eagles and more. All tours include a brief stop on the beach/island. Coastal Kayaking Tours 48 Cottage St They specialize in small groups (12 people per tour) and personalized service, featuring the island's most experienced guide staff. Glide among the islands of Frenchman Bay, seeing seals, porpoises, bald eagles and other wildlife. Trips range from 2-and-a-half hours to 3 days. Coastal Kayaking Tours, with 24 years’ experience, is New England's premier sea kayaking outfitter.

Hotels Bar Harbor Inn Newport Drive 800.248.3351 Bar Harbor's premier oceanfront hotel and luxury spa. Great in-town convenience. Voted one the top 500 hotels in the World by Travel & Leisure 2008 and 2009. Elegant rooms and suites and waterfront balconies. Superior hotel amenities from complimentary deluxe continental breakfast, luxury robes and wireless internet, to homemade cookies on arrival. The Bayview Hotel 111 Eden Street 207.288.5861 A small intimate hotel located on Frenchman's Bay. Twenty-six elegantly appointed rooms with oceanfront balconies. Peaceful setting, small outdoor heated pool. Village of Bar Harbor within walking distance. Complimentary shuttle service to Bar Harbor Airport and downtown. Attractively landscaped grounds offer beauty and privacy. Bar Harbor Hotel - Bluenose Inn 109 Cottage Street 207.288.5811 With spectacular ocean views, the hotel inn features 2 guest buildings with luxury oversized rooms most with fireplaces and private balconies and deluxe rooms with views and a common terrace. The property features indoor/outdoor heated pools, Jacuzzi, steam and fitness rooms. Quiet in-town, 2 minutes to Acadia National Park.

Restaurants West Street Café 76 West Street Located on historic West Street near the waterfront in downtown Bar Harbor. A popular family restaurant specializing in fresh lobster and other local seafood. They also serve great steak, pasta dishes and, of course, blueberry pie. Galyn’s Restaurant 17 Main Street A local favorite since 1986, Galyn's offers a relaxed yet elegant atmosphere, attentive service and consistently well-prepared food. Dinner features fresh fish and native seafood, hand-cut steaks, prime rib and more. Reasonably priced salads, sandwiches, soups, and seafood for lunch, plus a special Galley Lounge menu for light dining make Galyn's a great choice any time of day. Geddy’s 19 Main Street In the heart of Bar Harbor, just a few steps across Main Street from Agamont Park and the Town Pier, Geddy's features gourmet woodfired pizza and the best burgers, grilled chicken and fresh lobster right from their live lobster tank. Steaks, salads & wraps are favorites. Geddy’s also serves Bar Harbor & Maine microbrews at the bar.

John Eric Home 25


| May 2014


showing at Gallery plan b Washington has a thriving arts community. Its museums and galleries hold many of the most iconic and inspirational works of art worldwide. Its reputation in birthing many of the new and upcoming artists of our time is becoming transcendent. As the city’s repute grows on the international arts scene -- part and parcel of this growth is the community’s fundamental belief in supporting emerging artists, these artists are promoted by a citizenry that is very art-conscious. Through local galleries and exhibitions, Washingtonians turn out in force. Many can be found at the planned exhibitions at a special gallery on 14th Street. Gallery plan b is distinguished for its loyalty to the local arts community and is recognized for its work in exhibiting emerging artists and fostering their growth. Home to a diverse population of artists, their goal is to present an eclectic mix of artwork. The gallery is

well-known, well-lauded and well-received. In our September 2013 issue, John Eric Home profiled Bernardo Siles. Siles, both architect and artist, is now concentrating on his work in the arts. We were interested to hear that from May 7 through June 8, Gallery plan b is holding a special solo exhibit of his works. He will be presenting a series of abstract paintings (oil on canvas) along with a series of figurative drawings (Prismacolor pencil on paper). We caught up with Siles as he was making final preparations for the event. “My new paintings are in keeping with the same precision and use of line as a vehicle for color as the paintings from my first solo exhibit at Gallery plan b in early 2012,” he said. “However, now I am exploring color and transparency in different and exciting ways. This collection expresses different degrees of transparency, tone, thickness and length. Color adjacency is critical as opposed to color juxtaposition.” Art enthusiasts familiar with Siles’ work will notice some changes in his pieces. A concentration on movement and the use of color dominate each work. “I have added more movement to these compositions making my work more dynamic and engaging,” he says. “I continue to use white as the background to brighten the image, as if the source of light was behind the elements, much like a stained-glass window. I am excited to continue discovering color in so many different ways. I feel like I am communicating to people through color in a new and exciting way.”

For more information on this exhibit and Gallery plan b, visit the websites of Bernardo Siles ( or Gallery plan b ( GALLERY PLAN B 1530 fourteenth street, nw washington, dc 20005 202.234.2711

John Eric Home 27


| May 2014

Flowers. A cool breeze. Sparkling Rosé wine. Mint. A hot grill. Fresh vegetables.

Each of these reminds us of the awesomeness of the great outdoors. Dining al fresco in

comfortable temperatures brings pleasure to friends and family alike. It’s the sight of the setting sun and the tumble of a cool breeze that makes for a perfect setting to enjoy time among the ones we love, eating foods we treasure. In this month’s FOODIE, I share with you simple-to-prepare items that utilize your fast-cooking grill and are smart on time. Fresh corn opens a light lunch or an early supper. Juicy burgers are a tempting component to any potluck or family gathering. Seasonably wonderful grilled pineapple gets a jump-start of flavor from mint and balsamic for a delicious light dessert. Take a breath and enjoy the season, and all you love, in the great outdoors!

John Eric Home 29

Bacon, Arugula and Roasted Corn Salad 3 thick slices of bacon, cut crosswise into lardons

(1/2-inch chubby pieces)

3 ears corn, shucked 2 pounds heirloom tomatoes, mixed colors and sizes Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper 1 sprig fresh thyme 4 teaspoons white wine vinegar 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 6 cups baby arugula or other baby


lettuces (about 8 ounces)

| May 2014

Recipe provided by Joaquin “Jocko� Fajardo

Preparation Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F. Put the bacon in a small skillet and cook over medium heat until rendered and just crisp and not black, about 8 minutes. Transfer to a paper towel to drain. Reserve some of the bacon fat. Brush the corn lightly with the bacon fat and put on a baking sheet. Roast the corn, turning once or twice, until the some of the kernels get a little burnished. About 15 to 20 minutes. Cool. (Alternatively, the corn can be cooked on a hot grill for about 10 minutes). Dice the tomatoes and place into a serving bowl. Strip the leaves off the thyme sprigs right into the tomatoes. Toss together lightly and set aside to get juicy. Whisk the vinegar, mustard, 1/4 teaspoon salt and some pepper in bowl. Gradually whisk in the olive oil to make a smooth dressing. Slice the kernels off the cobs add to the salad with the bacon. Add the arugula, season with salt and pepper and toss lightly to combine. Serve. Serves 6

John Eric Home 31

Blue Cheese and Sun-Dried Tomato Bison Burgers 4 ounces Blue Cheese, crumbled 3 tablespoons chopped sun-dried tomatoes in oil 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper 1/4 teaspoon sea salt 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 1 1/2 pound ground bison meat Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges 5 garnet yams 1/2 cup olive oil (or enough to coat the yams) Salt and freshly ground pepper 1/4 bunch fresh parsley, chopped ½ teaspoon five spice powder ½ teaspoon garlic powder 2 cups canola oil, for frying Ketchup or other favorite condiment, for serving


| May 2014

Recipe provided by Joaquin “Jocko” Fajardo

Bison Burger Preparation Combine Blue Cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, salt and pepper in a medium bowl. Add ground bison and use your hands or two forks to lightly combine all ingredients, taking care not to overwork. Add a tablespoon or two of water if needed to hold together. With dampened hands, form mixture into 6 patties of even thickness. Place patties on a baking sheet, cover loosely and refrigerate for at least an hour. Preheat grill or broiler. Cook burgers about 4 minutes per side to desired doneness, turning carefully with a spatula halfway through. Serves 6

Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges Preparation Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Wash the yams and slice into 1/4-inch-thick wedges. Place the yams in a large mixing bowl and coat with the olive oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and spices over the yams, toss them, and spread out on a baking sheet. Roast the yams until tender to the touch, about 30 minutes. Put the canola oil in a frying pan and heat to 180 degrees. Fry the yams on each side until the outside is brown and caramelized. Season with salt, pepper and the chopped parsley. Serve with ketchup or your favorite condiment.

John Eric Home 33

Grilled Pineapple and Mango with Balsamic Glaze

1/2 cup balsamic vinegar 3/4 cup unsalted butter, at room temperature 2 tablespoons honey 2 tablespoons chopped mint or basil 1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt 1 ripe pineapple, peeled, cored and cut into rings 1 ripe mango, cut lengthwise into slices Metal skewers or wooden skewers


| May 2014

Recipe provided by Joaquin “Jocko� Fajardo

Preparation Prepare grill for cooking.

 In a small saucepan over high heat, boil vinegar for 5 minutes to reduce by half; transfer to a bowl. Add butter, honey, mint or basil and salt and whisk until smooth and blended. Set glaze aside. Thread pineapple and mango onto skewers and lightly brush with balsamic glaze. When fire is medium hot (you can hold your hand 5 inches above rack for 3 to 4 seconds), grill fruit in batches, turning once, until browned and slightly softened. About 5 minutes total. Serve drizzled with any remaining balsamic glaze.

John Eric Home 35



Supporting premier brands for over 25 years. 36

| May 2014

2941 Fairview Park Drive Suite 650 Falls Church, Virginia 22042


fx 703.739.8809

branding. marketing. public relations.

High touch.

24 Wissioming Court, Bethesda $4.95M USD

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John Eric Home 37


| May 2014

Summer is right around the corner and it is time to release the latch on the plantation shutters, open up the sliders and let the sunshine in! As the temperatures start to soar and the foliage starts to erupt, you need to evaluate your outdoor space and make certain you are maximizing it to its fullest potential. In 2014, the back patio has been transformed and is now seen as an extension of your interior space. Many homeowners have now benefited and added several hundred square feet to their living space with simple furniture and accessories updates without structural changes and paver and deck installations.

John Eric Home 39

The first step in the evaluation begins with the great “post winter clean up.” First, get outside and clear away the drifting dried leaves from fall and remove any of the petrified plants and debris. Grab the hose and wash it all down. Next, it is time to uncover the outdoor furniture that you so strategically stored away last October. It is essential that you now take inventory of the furniture and outdoor accessories you currently own and make a few decisions. I encourage you to ask yourself a few questions about the furniture you currently own. Do you find your outdoor furniture comfortable? Are the pieces as wide as you prefer and as tall as needed? Are there specific chairs or a sofa you would confidently select to sit in and curl up to read a great book? Do the pieces have cushions that are in good condition or do they needs to be repaired? Do you find the cushions clean and free of dirt and mold? These basic questions are crucial in allowing you to open up your outdoors and let them in. A successful examination might find that the current outdoor furniture is a definite “meets requirements” but perhaps it just needs a little facelift to give it life again. The options are endless, but the simplest solution is to add a fresh coat of paint or perhaps stain. If you have metal outdoor furniture, it is quite important to find a spray paint that is rust resistant. A quick brush down with a steel brush and a little spray paint can give new life to your furniture. If you are fortunate enough to have wood and want to paint it a solid color, use a charcoal color wood primer first. After the primer dries, apply a coat of paint with a coarse stiff brush. Before the paint can dry quickly remove away some of the excess paint with a cloth. This is an excellent DIY tip to provide a distressed more French country look. So many Washingtonians are loyal to their wicker outdoor furniture. I suggest that you select a durable spray paint with a gloss finish to prevent cracking and peeling. Make certain you apply several coats of paint. If you opt for stain, stain it again and go darker. The current color trend in outdoor living really utilizes slate and charcoal grays, rich deep browns and a return to black. If you are the wicker lover, transform it to black but prime it first. White wicker is dated and passé. It really makes perfect sense to select dark and neutral base paint/stain colors. The darker color is easier to maintain and keep clean while providing a great background to any color pillows or cushions you select. It is essential that your furniture meet the comfort requirement. If it does not envelop you and you don’t have a connection with it, you will not use the space. It is time to move on and shop for the new room that will provide you years of enjoyment. There are so many options available on the market today. Outdoor furniture is made from a variety of natural and manufactured materials. Most clients are looking for patio furniture that is built to last and looks fresh and new for years to come. It is also important that it stays attractive despite exposure to the elements; it should also be easy to maintain. Some materials are more durable than others, while many withstand exposure to the elements better. In order to make the best purchasing decision, you should investigate the characteristics of each type of material. It is imperative to pay close attention to the pros and cons of each. Some may be more resistant to wind or rain, while others will last longer in sunshine or heat. The four main types of materials used in the manufacture of patio furniture include plastic, wood, wicker, and metal. Plastic is usually the least expensive option. Plastic furniture is highly portable, it can be made from recycled materials, and chairs can be stacked for storage. Unfortunately, plastic is not always the most aesthetically pleasing option. It can be cleaned with soapy water and a scrubbing brush (if needed) making it easy to care for and maintain. Plastic can be shaped, molded and colored into just about any design, making it a good choice for those who want something different. Patio furniture comes in a wide variety of wood types as well and can be used if one wants a warmer, more casual and natural look. Popular wood types include pine, teak, cedar, redwood and eucalyptus. Hardwoods tend to be more durable and long-lasting, with teak lasting up to 50 years and redwood lasting up to 25 years. Treating wood with special oils and sealants will increase its lifespan significantly.


| May 2014

John Eric Home 41


| May 2014

Softwoods like cedar and pressure treated pine, although not as durable as hardwoods, will last for several years outdoors. Unfortunately, untreated pine has low resistance to rot and it is recommended that it be painted or sealed and stored indoors during winter months. Another advantage of wood is that it does not hold the sun’s heat. Wicker can be natural or synthetic and gives an outdoor area a cozy or rustic look. This woven wood is durable but lightweight. Wicker furniture can be made from cane, rattan, bamboo, or a number of other materials. Outdoor sets are usually made from synthetics in order to increase weather resistance and durability. Wrought iron looks best in a formal and classic setting. It is a strong, durable material, and furniture designs range from traditional to contemporary. It is very heavy and will not tip over or blow away easily, making it a great choice for windy environments. This type of metal does require some care to prevent rust and increase corrosion resistance. It can be painted to both create a different look and to improve its resistance to corrosion. Some disadvantages of iron furniture are that it gets quite warm in direct sunlight. It can also be very cold on cooler days. A simple solution to both challenges is to utilize outdoor cushions. More robust fabrics should be used outdoors, and cushions should be put away after use. Wrought iron furniture can be left outdoors year-round, provided it is cared for properly. Aluminum will not fade or rust if it has been coated with a powder-coat finish. This metal is usually used in contemporary, streamlined designs. It requires less maintenance than steel or wrought iron. Unfortunately, this is a more expensive material and high-end sets can be pricey. However, aluminum is corrosion resistant and can survive outside for extended periods. After you have committed to the furniture and have it delivered, it is now time to add the accessories and plants. Look for pillows that coordinate with your interior adjacent space in fade resistant fabrics. There are fabulous options at Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn this spring. Remember, you want the room to flow naturally from the inside out, so keeping similar styles and colors inside and out are essential to a successful outdoor transition. Another important component that will define your outdoor conversational space is an area rug. A successful patio rug is made from a durable blend of polypropylene and polyester -- it is weather, fade and mildew resistant. There are so many options on the market today that have the appearance of jute, sisal and other natural fibers while providing the durability you need. This does not need to be a major investment and most likely will be something you replace each year. Perhaps visit and see the latest from the Smith and Hawken outdoor collection. There are great area rug options at a minimal cost. Lastly, similar to the inside of your home, it is important to bring the natural elements into your outdoor space. It is critical to add large plants and foliage to your patio. The climate of your area will dictate the best options for you. I suggest, however, that you add the one “must have” trend to your space this season. Either in a terrarium or multiple small cachet pots succulents are the plants that add interest to any space. These little cacti-like personalities require minimal maintenance and add texture and interest to your new outdoor living space. Don’t worry about finding them, they will find you. They are everywhere. In conclusion, it is important that your outdoor space is comfortable and withstands the elements of your environment. Color and style flow is crucial in the success of creating a seamless flow from your interior to exterior spaces. It is imperative that you select the right furniture that is constructed of a material that you can maintain based on your lifestyle. The aesthetic is important but comfort should be the outweighing factor when making the decision. The space should be an extension of your home as well as you and must be inviting and warm. You will know you were successful with your choices as you reach the pineapple pinnacle and receive your guests through your home and into your new outdoor paradise.

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED at the 2014 DC Design House

Faรงade by David Benton and Jim Rill of Rill Architects, www., photo by Angie Seckinger


| May 2014


With lessons in color, texture and layering, this year’s DC Design House in Washington, DC’s Forest Hills community features 29 beautifully designed spaces ranging from Camille Saum’s foyer with checkerboard floor, beaded wallpaper and chartreuse ceiling to Cahill Design Build’s pool room with C2 Paints in retro shades to complement the black and white fish motif tiles donated by Italo Ceramica to Katherine Vernot-Jonas’ playroom with climbing wall and platformed exercise stations.

John Eric Home 45

Space 7. Kitchen by Nadia Subaran of Aidan Design, www., photo by Angie Seckinger

Each designer makes a lasting impression. Every corner of the three finished levels is touched by inspired design including high gloss paint and timeless paper on walls and ceilings, new window treatments and light fixtures, refinished floors, sisal and wool rugs, as well as six renovated bathrooms, and a new kitchen and wine room. David Benton of Rill Architects chose Barry Dixon’s Pond Shimmer, part of Dixon’s line of paint for C2, for the double vestibule doors leading into the Design House. “We wanted something bright and traditional, yet a little unexpected,” Benton said. “The color immediately catches your eye from the street.” He also replaced the single entry door past the vestibule with a glass-paned French door that streams sunlight into the foyer and adjoining formal spaces. Marika Meyer of Marika Meyer Interiors drew inspiration from China Sea’s San Marco wallpaper in gray and ivory tones to create a dining room that’s balanced in both function and form. “Custom-designed, faux-malachite console tables below gold-framed mirrors establish symmetry and add drama,” Meyer said about the design, which also includes a vintage 22k gold leaf chandelier. Meyer established a room for daily use by incorporating durability, such as the indoor-outdoor fabric on the chairs, complemented by luxury touches for those special occasions. Show house veteran, Kelley Proxmire of Kelley Interior Design, considered the history and architecture of the circa 1929 home when creating the design for the living room. “I was


| May 2014

inspired by the glamour and sophistication of the 1920s and created a design that is also livable and inviting. Mixes of antiques, along with some updated, yet contrasting metallics keep the space unique and interesting,” Proxmire added. She also incorporated a portrait of her father-in-law, Senator William Proxmire, and his brother, painted in the 1920s to represent art from that era. Finished in a high-gloss lacquered gray, the walls are also trimmed in white, while the built-ins are refreshed with silk behind the gilded grating. Another veteran of the DC Design House, having designed two other kitchens in previous years, Nadia Subaran of Aidan Design, designed not only the kitchen this year, but also the butler’s pantry/wine room. Dedicated to entertaining needs, the wine room offers two Thermador wine columns and custom Wood-Mode cabinetry in a Vintage Navy finish. “While the palette complements the kitchen, we saw this as a more glamorous and refined space next to the dining room,” Subaran said. The Calcutta marble floor and counters, brass hardware, and elegant pendant capture the essence of the design. For the kitchen, Subaran chose burnished cherry Wood-Mode cabinets, Virginia soapstone counters, two sinks, Thermador appliances, porcelain backsplash and floor, and fun surface lights. But the biggest challenge was removing a stone wall between the kitchen and family breakfast room. “Implementing our plan involved the expertise of a structural engineer, a very talented crew, the approval of the homeowner, and a very large steel beam,” she added.

Space 4. Dining Room by Marika Meyer of Marika Meyer Interiors,, photo Seckinger John by EricAngie Home 47

Space 16. Living Room by Kelley Proxmire of Kelley Interior Design, www., photo by Angie Seckinger

There is no shortage of inspiration in bathroom design in this year’s DC Design House with six bathrooms total undergoing transformations. Interesting shower doors, or none at all, top the list of creative solutions, including the partial glass panel in the shower of Allie Mann’s guest bathroom on the second floor. As a designer and senior interiors specialist with Case Design/Remodeling, Inc., Mann created a classic and chic bathroom layered in white and marble with custom mirrored vanity, marble flooring in a herringbone pattern, Troy Fizz bubble wall sconces, and new the Artifacts plumbing line by Kohler. TJ Monahan shares his remodeled bathroom with Design House visitors, while also showcasing the latest technology that made it all happen –, where a homeowner can design his or her own bathroom, request a quote and order installation – all online. For the DC Design House, Monahan chose a floating vanity, white ceramic accent tiles, deep brown shower tiles, and a marble floor. The DC Design House located at 4600 Linnean Avenue, NW, Washington, DC.

Space 5. Butler’s Pantry/ Wine Room by Nadia Subaran of Aidan Design,, photo by Angie Seckinger


| May 2014


Summer is nearly here! With it comes evenings of cocktails around the pool or on the outside patio, fun Georgetown walks for shopping or stopping by the harbor for a pleasant view. Of course, playing tour guide for visiting friends and family is almost always part of the plan. And, the one versatile, all around wardrobe essential is the polo.

John Eric Home 51

There is something about the classic knit polo that is inviting. For decades, American men have been sporting the look that will never lose its style and never lose its convenience of wear. It is the mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving dinner or the towel at the beach. We reach for the polo for a different variety of reasons but it is always a constant friend. Knit polos always look good. Their variety of color is constant and so is their ability to match. Whether it is with a pair of jeans, a pastel-hued pair of shorts or a crazy pair of alligator printed slacks. They are reliable and act as a sort of fashion chameleon given their functions. Ralph Lauren, a pioneer in the promotion of this style, never disappoints with his line. This season is no different. Expect to

see the Lauren label circulating throughout town. Also expect to see Orley walking the streets. The designer is keeping it very bright this season and the line certainly is an eye-catcher. There are scores of polos and designs to choose from. While the traditional solid colored variety will always be available, this season is also about stripes and nautical themes. And, for men concerned with uneven tanning as the months carry on, Jil Sander’s polo comes with sleeves that are long enough to cover any farmer's tan that has been picked up. So, men -- grab that polo and make it work! It always does regardless of the trousers that you might be wearing‌

John Eric Home 53


| May 2014

MIXOLOGY The “Breeze” Cocktail From Rio with Love A Kick in the Stones…Fruit That Is

John Eric Home 55

THE “BREEZE” COCKTAIL Straight from the 1937 masterpiece “Café Royal Cocktail Book,” the Breeze is a great way to start the month of May. Classics become so for a reason and the Breeze cocktail illustrates why this is so. It starts with the powerful flavors of cherry brandy - a bold foundation for a summertime cocktail. However, as bold the Kirschwasser might be, the sweet orange flavoring of the historic blue Curacao brings lightness and refreshment. It is reminiscent of the month and the ocean surrounding Curacao’s native Dutch Antilles. The bold and blue give way to one of summertime’s most favorite spirits - rum. The rum adds hints of baking spice and fiery heat that helps to balance the sweet citrus flavors of the Curacao. Finally, adding a little citrus to balance, combined with the decadence of maraschino liqueur, add the finishing touches of layered sweetness. It brings the cherry taste full circle with perfect transition. In the end, the Breeze stays true to classic form utilizing multiple ingredients and is a cocktail both blossoming with flavors yet as elegant as a brand new May flower.


| May 2014

GLASSWARE Chilled Cocktail Glass

INGREDIENTS 1 oz. Kirschwasser 1 oz. Blue Curacao ½ oz. Rum ½ oz. Luxardo Maraschino ¼ oz. Lemon Juice Garnish: Lemon Peel

DIRECTIONS Combine ingredients into a shaker and add ice. Shake vigorously to a slow 13 count. Strain, garnish, serve and enjoy!

John Eric Home 57

FROM RIO WITH LOVE Flowers are a great way to show love for that someone special. In a month dedicated to flowers, and the start of summer’s bloom, May springs forth with excitement. And, Brazil embodies the emotions of love and excitement perfectly. From the casinos in Rio to its sun-drenched beaches to its vibrant culture, Brazil’s national spirit, Cachaca, personifies the diversity and brilliance of May flowers. The sweet and earthiness of the sugar cane extract that is the Leblon Cachaca distillate provides an excellent base for the cocktail. The passionate heat of the Leblon cachaca is tempered by the Italian wine aperitif Cappelletti. Alternating flavors of bitter and sweet, the orange is picked up on the palette to provide depth. Finally, the traditional summer cocktail ingredients (of famed classics such as margaritas and daiquiris) of lime juice, Simple Syrup and Cointreau bring comfort and familiarity of taste. Overall, small tastes of many offerings come together to create one that is completely beautiful and refreshing. May flowers are always grand, however, a cocktail, all the way “From Rio with Love” will definitely set the tone for a great month!


| May 2014

GLASSWARE Chilled Cocktail Glass

INGREDIENTS 1 ¾ oz. Leblon Cachaca ¾ oz. Cappelletti ½ oz. lime juice ½ oz. Cointreau ½ oz. Simple Syrup Garnish: Lime Twist

DIRECTIONS Combine ingredients into a shaker and add ice. Shake the cocktail to a 13 count and double strain (using a Hawthorne and fine mesh strainer) into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish, serve and enjoy!

John Eric Home 5 John Eric Home 59

A KICK IN THE STONES…FRUIT THAT IS May, and its flowers, may be light and dainty, but that doesn’t mean it can’t pack a punch when it counts. To liven up a May cocktail night, make sure not to forget to have some “stones” - especially with regards to some delectable fruit. Apricots and peaches are the perfect fruits of the month. Light and vibrant, the natural sweetness of the fruit jumps out with energy. However, energy isn’t enough to bring this cocktail to its fullest fruition. A little raw heat from some vodka does the trick to amp up its strength and makes sure it is worthy of a May celebratory night. Last but not least, a little refreshing spice is needed and ginger beer provides just the trick. Sparkling in texture, and sensual in nature, the ginger beer provides a scintillating but elegant accompaniment. Just as the traditional ginger beer cocktails (the “Mule” family) provide a kick to the palette, this cocktail and its stone fruit base hits on all fronts. This May, don’t forget to take in the flowers - but don’t lose focus on what counts, or beware a delicious Kick in the Stones…Fruit that is.


| May 2014


INGREDIENTS 1 ½ oz apricot brandy 1 oz. vodka ¼ oz. lime juice 4 slices muddled peaches Fever Tree Ginger Beer crushed ice Garnish: Peach Slices

DIRECTIONS In a shaker combine vodka, apricot brandy, peach slices and then muddle. After peaches are muddled, add ice and lime juice and shake vigorously. Pour over crushed ice, top with ginger beer, garnish, serve and Enjoy!

John Eric Home 61



F M  C, C, C,  C; M  F, M  O

Georgetown Prep, an independent, Jesuit college-preparatory school for young men in grades 9-12, is part of a rich tradition of Catholic education in America since 1634 and is the oldest Jesuit secondary school in the


country. Prep’s 90-acre campus features stateof-the-art academic, athletic and student centers, small classes and a rigorous curriculum that has helped graduates earn admission to the


world’s best colleges and universities.


F     

| May 2014

  


  -  -  




Where the

cocktail b e c o m e s art, and art be com e s an

experience | 202.403.2292

| May 2014





I hope everyone survived dealing with their taxes over the last few months. It can be very stressful to try to maximize your taxes and put money away for your retirement while protecting your cash flow from being drained at both ends. This month we will look at tax deferred retirement strategies. We will look at the advantages and the disadvantages of these types of strategies. It is always a balancing act to decide which is the appropriate strategy to put money away for retirement. You need to decide if you want to save tax money now and pay taxes later -- this strategy may give you instant gratification on your taxes, but you wind up having funds tied up in government controlled accounts where the government determines when you need to start pulling funds out and what the tax payment will be. The type of plans that we will discuss in this article are tax deferred plans. These plans include 401K plans, SEP plans, Simple IRA plans and 403B plans. In these types of plans, an employee or self- employed person will chose to defer some of their income and put it away tax deferred in one of these strategies. The benefit is that you will not pay state and federal income taxes on the amount that you contribute to these plans. In most cases you may also receive a matching contribution from your employer. The benefit is that you can painlessly put money away for your retirement; you get an immediate tax deferral and a possible company match. The negative to these types of plans is that the plans have government rules that can and do change on a regular basis. The other negative is that you are required to start withdrawing funds from these accounts when you turn age 70 and a half. If you do not start taking the government mandated RMD’s or Required Minimum Distributions you will incur a tax penalty of 50% of what you should have taken out. That is a painful penalty. If you are under 59 and a half, you may be subject to a 10% penalty plus you also pay tax on the funds that you withdraw on from retirement accounts. There are some exceptions such as being disabled, where you do not have to pay the 10% penalty. Most people think that they are saving taxes on their contribution, you are actually compounding taxes. Here is

an example, say that you invested $5,000 in a tax deferred plan for 1 year and you let it compound for 30 years and then you withdrew the funds. If you were in a 30% tax bracket you deferred $1,500 of taxes. 30 years down the road your funds will hopefully be worth more money. If they compounded at 6% per year for the next 30 years your account would be worth $28,717.50 and if you are still in a 30% bracket your taxes when you withdrew funds from your account would be $8,615.25. In the end you need to decide in this illustration was it worth saving $1,500 in taxes to have to pay $8,615.25 in taxes later on. What you need to ask yourself is, would it have been better to put the $5,000 away in a tax free environment, pay the $1,500 of taxes up front and not pay the compound tax later. If the income tax rate increases the strategy could wind up costing substantially more. The advice that we often give people is to contribute up to the employer match and look at other strategies for contribution amounts over that. Everyone has different circumstances and there is not any one size fits all answer. It is worth analyzing your situation with an advisor who is knowledgeable about your overall situation and who can give you advice about your current situation and who can run retirement alternatives to see which strategy is appropriate for you. For additional information, please feel free to email me at, And, don’t miss our article next month on Tax Free investment strategies. The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual. Securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advice offered through US Financial Advisors, a registered investment advisor. US Financial Advisors and Equity Planning are separate entities from LPL Financial.

John Eric Home 65



| May 2014

Imagine the very best of everything presented in one setting. These exclusive listing pages bring you a sample of John Eric’s luxury properties that are currently on the market, under contract or have been recently sold. They illustrate the range of exceptional listings that John represents. No one understands luxury real estate like John Eric. Whether you are a buyer, a seller or someone who is interested in the current market, we invite you to peruse these pages and contact John Eric with any luxury property questions. To browse through our luxury listings or to request additional information regarding these properties, visit

ELEGANT AND MODERN Walking down mature tree-lined sidewalks to the neighborhood parks, playgrounds and nearby shopping contributes to the small-town feel of Lyon Village, one of Arlington’s most sought after residential communities. Frank Lyon purchased this land, formerly Robert Cruit’s 19th Century weekend and holiday estate and dairy farm, and established Lyon Village, a true community that was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1923. Colonial, Tudor and Classical Revival styles are among the distinctive homes within the neighborhood, which embraces the custom brick home at 1839 North Herndon Street as one of its own. Built by BCN Homes for its exacting owner in 2007, this stately Colonial brings the best of the best to this historic community. Starting with a classic center hall floor plan on four levels, the approximately 6,400-square-foot home is upgraded and customized both inside and out. From the Crestron full home Audio/Video System spanning 14 rooms to the custom wainscoting and built-ins to the hand-selected tiles and lower level HD projection TV, the residence offers top-of-the-line finishes around every turn. The gourmet kitchen outfitted with Sub-Zero, Wolf and Miele appliances and adjacent pantries with additional refrigeration and dishwashing capabilities create a first floor flow suited to both intimate affairs or large-scale dinner parties. An outdoor kitchen and stone-walled patio offer additional space to cook and entertain, while the central study with floorto-ceiling built-ins offers a secluded place to work at home as well as additional gathering space when needed. Formal living and dining rooms with custom moldings, built-ins and low-volt accent lighting flank the foyer where the gracious staircase leads to the upper levels.


1839 North Herndon Arlington, Virginia

John Eric Home 67

With five bedrooms and four full baths on the upper two levels, there is ample space and privacy for out-of-town guests. The master suite to the right of the upper hallway offers an entry alcove and arched doorway to the bedroom where the dressing room with its granite island, mirrored armoires and custom shelving provides an opulent place to prepare for the day. The sitting room niche includes a marble fireplace and built-ins, while the master bathroom is decked out with custom travertine limestone slabs and counters, spacious glass-enclosed steam shower with body jets, frosted water closet, jetted tub with lights, heated floor, and refrigerator between the vanities. The ability to enjoy any audio source in the shower, bath, dressing room, or entire master suite reinforces the spa experience as well as your morning preparations. The second floor laundry room is central to this floor’s additional three bedrooms and two full bathrooms including one with a floating vanity and blue glass tiles. An open, carpeted playroom or guest living space with triple dormers at the top of the third floor staircase leads to a white-tiled full bathroom and neighboring bright bedroom. The fully-finished lower level begins with a tiled mudroom with built-in cubbies and handy tiled area for rinsing your boots or the dogs after an outdoor adventure. The billiards room with TV opens right into another family room, this one featuring a hidden, dropdown projection HD TV with 100-inch screen, powerful surround sound theater audio, stone fireplace, built-ins, and granite wet bar with another wine and beverage refrigerator, icemaker, and dishwasher drawers. Here the floor is heated as well to provide yearround comfort. There is a sixth bedroom and fifth full bathroom on this level to serve as an au pair or additional guest suite. Regularly named one of the great Washington, DC, neighborhoods by The Washington Post, Washingtonian and Arlington Magazine, Lyon Village continues to charm homeowners with its small town feel despite being one of the most close-in neighborhoods in the city. All residents belong to the Lyon Village Citizen’s Association, which, in addition to owning a rentable community house used for meetings and parties, brings neighbors together with regular holiday parties, kids’ events, and community gatherings. Adjacent to the community house is a state-of-the-art playground with summer water feature along with lighted tennis and basketball courts, all just three blocks from the home’s front door. This close-knit community affords easy access to Interstate 66 and Spout Run, but is even more well known for its impressive walkability score and ready walking distance to the Clarendon Metro stop and dozens of neighborhood shops and restaurants, including Whole Foods, Starbucks, an Apple Store, Crate & Barrel, and many more. For those who want proximity to all that DC and Clarendon have to offer without sacrificing the luxury and amenities of a large, open, custom-built house, this home truly provides the opportunity to have it all.


| May 2014

John Eric Home 69


| May 2014

1839 North Herndon Arlington, Virginia

OFFERED AT $2,695,000

• Miele Dishwasher with


Exterior • Four Sides of Brick • Stone Accents • Solid Wood Front Door with Sidelights • Brick Paver Driveway • Operational Timberlane Wood

Shutters with Hand-Forged Iron

Hinges and Shutter Dogs

• Two-Car Garage with Separate

Garden Equipment and Workshop

Storage Room

• Flagstone Patio with Stone Wall,

Outdoor Kitchen, and Weather

proof Speakers

Main Level • Crestron Whole House Audio/Video

System with Touch Panels and

Customizable Audio Delivery

• 10-Foot Ceilings with Custom

Two- and Three-Piece Moldings

• Plantation Shutters • Hardwood Flooring • Custom Lighting With Smart Dimmers • Solid Wood Doors • Hand-Forged S.A. Baxter Hardware Custom White Kitchen includes: • Wolf Dual-Fuel Double-Oven 48”

Range with Four Burners, Griddle

and Grill

Custom Panel

• KitchenAid Built-In Under Counter Microwave

• Custom Raised Breakfast Bar with

Solid Wood Island Counter

• Built-in Desk with Hutch • Lab Black Granite Counters • Ann Sacks Subway Tile Backsplash • Instant Hot and Cold Filtered Water • Dual-Zone Sub-Zero Wine &

Beverage Refrigerator in

Custom Pantry

• Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher

Drawers in Butler’s Pantry with

Blue Pearl Granite Counter

• Marvel Icemaker in Butler’s Pantry • Light-Filled Breakfast Room

with Window Seat and Storage

• Foyer with Custom Wainscoting, Columns to Living Room and Closets Flanking Library’s Double Doors • Living Room with Custom Built-Ins and Marble Fireplace • Formal Dining Room with Elegant Chandelier in Coffered Ceiling, Wall Sconces and Custom Wainscoting • Study with Floor-to-Ceiling Built-Ins, Granite-Topped Desk and Pocket Doors to the Living Room • Open Concept Family Room Adjacent to the Kitchen with Custom Built-Ins and Stone Fireplace • Half Bath with Kohler Fixtures

• Commercial-Grade Hood • Sub-Zero Refrigerator with

Custom Panel

John Eric Home 71


| May 2014

Second Level

Third Level

Master Suite includes:

• Large Playroom or Guest Living

• Arched Doorways

Room with Carpet, Three Dormers

• Daylight Sitting Room with Marble

and Ceiling Fan

Fireplace and Built-ins • Custom Granite-Topped Island,

• A Fifth Bedroom with Large Storage Closets

Built-ins and Full-Length Mirrors in

• A Fourth Full Bathroom

Master Closet

Lower Level

• Master Bath with Travertine Limestone, Steam Shower with Six Body Sprays and Three Shower Heads,

• Tiled Flooring Throughout with Heated Basement Floor • Granite Wet Bar with Sub-Zero

Dual Temperature Controls, Seat-

Wine & Beverage Refrigerator, Sub-

ing, Bisazza Glass Mosaic Tile, and

Zero Icemaker, and Fisher & Paykel

Marine-Grade Speaker, Separate

Dishwasher Drawers with Custom

Jetted Tub with Lights, Heated


Floor, Frosted Glass-Enclosed

• Second Family Room with Stone

Water Closet, and Refrigerator

Fireplace, Custom Built-Ins and

Between Vanities

Hidden HD Projector TV with 100-

• Three Additional Bedrooms with Large Closets • Two Additional Full Bathrooms one

Inch Dropdown Screen • Billiards Room with TV • A Sixth Bedroom with Carpet

with a Floating Vanity and Bisazza

• A Fifth Full Bathroom

Blue Glass Mosaic Tiles

• Mudroom with Custom Cubbies,

• Laundry Room with Front-Loading Maytag Washer and Dryer and Laundry Sink

Coat Storage and Tiled Mini-Shower for Pets or Muddy Boots • Audio-Visual Equipment Closet

John Eric Home 73

WATERFRONT Welcome to the Seanile Estate! This stunning custom built, Cape style home with gorgeous stone accents is set in the sought-after community of Kinsale, Virginia. The Seanile Estate was specifically designed to take full advantage of its prime location with direct water access and views of the peninsula while keeping with the tradition, casual elegance and exceptional charm of this small, friendly, beach town located on Virginia’s scenic, celebrated and picturesque Northern Neck. Virginia’s Northern Neck is ideally located between Washington and Richmond and provides an exceptional location and setting for a weekend home. One can enjoy the great outdoors and water activities with direct access to the Potomac River, its tributaries and the Chesapeake Bay. This home rejuvenates and relaxes your soul from the moment you arrive and truly allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Arriving at the property, you are greeted by the welcoming Seanile Estate sign. Driving down the private road toward this exquisite home, you are treated immediately to spectacular water views and a home that sits perfectly in tune with its surroundings. Also included on this expansive, 9.8 acre property are the Boat House and Dock, the Crab House Entertainment Pavilion and an auxiliary boat/car garage and guest house that all combined, make this home a very unique offering. The private road is in a natural state, which is by design. As the road ends you are greeted by a circular driveway which leads perfectly to the front of the estate. Walking down the landscaped front entry path, you climb a few steps and arrive at a spacious, deep front porch. The front porch provides a subtle and immediate reminder you have arrived at a place of rest and relaxation. Entering the front door, you are greeted by stunning water views, a two story foyer with a lovely chandelier and a graceful staircase. It’s natural for one to immediately walk into the living room and onto the rear deck to absorb the beautiful, sweeping views of the water. This home was built to take full advantage of the water views. The main level of this home is open and inviting. This home was not built with the formality of a traditional home with dedicated and defined rooms. Instead, many of the rooms could do double duty, depending upon the owner’s whim and the size of the party.


824 Skipjack Road Kinsale, Virginia

John Eric Home 75


| May 2014

824 Skipjack Road Kinsale, Virginia

The 2,000 square foot guesthouse is truly a home away from home. With water views, a full kitchen stocked with brand new appliances, one and a half baths and a washer and dryer, your guests will enjoy all of the comforts of being in their own space, while sharing the delightful experience of Seanile with you and yours. This guest home boasts one bedroom with a large walk-in closet and a den, which can also serve as a sleeping room. Only when you turn back toward the main home and gaze across this property with 960 feet of waterfront views can you truly appreciate the uniqueness of the Seanile Estate. With every amenity you can imagine throughout the main house and those thoughtful details carried throughout every outbuilding on the property, this is sure to be a place you’ll want to call home. Imagine a life in this picturesque town of Kinsale, Virginia – and make it yours.

OFFERED AT $1,395,000 NOTABLE FEATURES • Style: Colonial with Craftsman

• Wheel Chair Accessible First Floor


• Capella Wood Floors: Random

• Sq. Footage: 6,000 (Estimated)


• Bedrooms: 5 – Main House

• Caesar Stone Kitchen Counters

• Baths: 5 ½ - Main House

• Granite Countertop Island

• Water Frontage: 900 linear feet

• Stainless Steel Commercial Grade

• 180 Degree Water Views

• Drawer Dishwasher with two units

Throughout Home

Hood & Range

• Entire Property Secured with Alarm

• Walk-In Pantry

• Climate Controlled 150 Bottle Wine

and Camera System

• Circle Driveway


• 1000 sq. ft. Three Car Garage

• Mudroom

• Full Attic

• First Floor Laundry Room with

• Fruit trees: Apple, Pear, Persimmon

• Four Season Sun Room

and Pomegranate

Italian Tile

• Grape Vines

• 2000 sq. ft Guest House

• Japanese Maple & Dogwood Trees

• 960 sq. feet Drive Through Garage

• 8 foot Deep Front Porch

• 2000 sq foot workshop

• 16 x 40 Deck on the Rear\

• 12 x 34 foot Green House

• Vaulted Ceilings Throughout

• 100 ft. Dock

• Doors: Pella & Anderson

• Outdoor Pavilion 60 x 30 feet

• Windows: Anderson B- Grade

• 33 x 100 ft. Dog Kennel

• Lighting: Hinkley

John Eric Home 77


| May 2014

A MONUMENT VIEW Location of a lifetime best describes the quiet and intimate setting of the Residences of Memorial Overlook. Nestled behind the US Marine Corp War Memorial “Iwo Jima Park” in Rosslyn and overlooking everything but the details, this premier penthouse condo has picturesque vistas of the Potomac River, the Washington Monuments, the Kennedy Center and the US Capitol. Memorial Overlook is an exclusive condominium that offers the convenience of urban living plus a sophisticated lifestyle. From the balcony/terrace, enjoy the bells of the Carillion Tower, watch planes soar at Reagan National Airport or the helicopters hover over the White House while still maintaining close proximity to the nation’s foremost cultural and educational centers, the downtown business district and Metro.


1201 N NASH STREET, #PH 2 Arlington, Virginia

John Eric Home 79


| May 2014

1201 N NASH STREET, #PH 2 Arlington, Virginia

This pristine condo combines classical finishes with modern conveniences in an open floor plan with many custom upgrades. The spacious, top floor unit faces east and is filled with light in the day and has mesmerizing, sparkling city views at night. The two bedrooms with den/library, two-anda-half baths floor plan with its state-of the art lighting and chef’s kitchen is perfect for entertaining. The generous room sizes, high ceilings, wide crown molding, marble and hardwood floors throughout, built-in sound system, spacious closets as well as the many building amenities grant comfortable living. The luxurious Residences at Memorial Overlook feature the finest materials and superior attention to detail. There is an immediate feeling of entering someone’s home when guests are greeted by friendly and accommodating staff. A well-equipped Fitness Center with two televisions is open 24 hours, and the large, attractive Club Room with kitchen adds convenience for owners and their guests. This penthouse unit also comes with two garage spaces and two good-sized storage spaces. The feeling of privacy while having close access to downtown Washington, the splendid views and the elegantly appointed penthouse unit with balcony/terrace make this a stunning offering.

OFFERED AT $1,400,000 NOTABLE FEATURES • Penthouse Unit • Expansive Living Room • Breathtaking Views • Gourmet Kitchen • Fitness Center • Club Room • Two Garage Spaces • Balcony/Terrace

John Eric Home 81

STYLIST WOMEN Last month was Earth Month and with it came celebrations worldwide meant to stimulate the global conscience of environmental effects. The fashion industry has long hailed the eco-friendly movement as not a trend but a staple and has made great strides in developing lines and inspirations in this regard.


| May 2014

John Eric Home 83

Stella McCartney is known for her commitment to totally green fashion, and Clare Vivier's environmentally friendly accessories have quite a following. The eco-friendly fashion market continues to grow and both new labels and renowned designers are taking the industry by storm. While we would all like to do our part in protecting the earth -- we still need a wardrobe in which to work and play. Tops and sweaters and pants are required in daily living. And, with summer on its way -- so are swimsuits and adorable shoes. Have no fear! Long gone are the days of earth-mother sandals and tote bags. They have been replaced with chic sweaters, hip, skinny jeans and shoes that women crave for their closets. Kowtow is a new label that is quickly developing devotees. It favors minimalism and provides fashionistas forgiving silhouettes. The crisp cottons are 100% fair trade and organic and the brand even offers a peek at its "seed to garment" manufacturing process on its website. Susan Woo nabbed a coveted Ecco Domani award for sustainability in 2013 for her devotion to using 100% eco-friendly materials from companies committed to protecting the enviornment. She works with organic cotton, wool and cashmere. The Feral Childe label comes out of Manhattan's Garment Center and uses sustainable fibers, low-impact dyes, and vintage, deadstock buttons. But, it doesn’t end there. All production waste is disposed of smartly, whether sent to a textile recycling center or donated to local crafters and schools. While Stella McCartney is a standard-bearer of green fashion, John Patrick has been a longtime devotee of protecting the environment. He uses vegetable-tanned leather and recycled wool and PET (recycled polyester) to craft his easy, all-American staples. The sweaters in his line are rich and luxurious and a must have for all eco-savvy fashionistas. Earth Day is, well, a global event and the impacts of eco-friendly fashion are felt worldwide. Edun started with the vision of promoting trade with Africa and produces as much of the collection as possible there. Ali Hewson and Bono, the line’s visionaries, have made a positive impact in Kenya, Morocco, Uganda, and Tunisia. And, the non-profit Awamaki Lab based in Peru nurtures young designers, providing them with a six-month residency with its indigenous Quechua female weavers. The Andean textiles help promote humanitarian issues, encourage fair trade, and support a group of women a world away. With swimsuit season on its way, sexy suits can still be green. Karla Colletto's line, manufactured in Virginia, are made of eco-engineered European textiles and designed to last for years and years. While across the Pond, British designer Ruth Ferguson sources fabrics close to her production centers without a carbon shipment footprint. Suits are made by fairly supported Brazilian seamstresses. So, take the plunge in the sea of green this season! Green fashion is fun fashion. It is new and dynamic and guilt free!


| May 2014

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| May 2014

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