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Asia is a vast continent that offers so many contrasts in terms of its landscapes, people and flavours. Visit the bustling city of Hong Kong to shop until you drop, or escape the hustle and bustle on a stunning tropical island in Indonesia.

The Philippines With 7,000 islands dotted throughout the Philippines, there’s never a dull moment for visitors to the region. Travel through never-ending rice fields, trek up volcanoes, dive glorious reefs, bask on pristine beaches and island hop. There’s so much to see and do in the tropics.

Indonesia With over 13,000 islands stretching across the archipelago of Indonesia, diversity and beauty are predominant features of the region. While its capital, Jakarta, is a fast paced city showcasing a collision of cultures and people, Bali is a laid-back retreat where the best of the tropics can be enjoyed.

Singapore Singapore is a melding pot of cultures boasting a blend of Malay, Chinese, Indian and western influences. Singapore city is renowned for its pristine environs and takes gastronomical and shopping ventures to a whole new level. The city also has a flourishing arts scene which adds a sparkle to this already dazzling urban centre.


Japan is a country that seamlessly blends traditional culture with an edgy, contemporary attitude. Japan’s capital, Tokyo, demonstrates this perfectly with its hunger for innovation and preservation of age old traditions. It’s what makes Japan such a fascinating culture. Well, that and its spectacular cuisine.

Hong Kong An aerial shot of Hong Kong at night conjures up images of stalagmites, such is the proximity of its skyscrapers in the city’s CBD. Underneath Hong Kong’s urbane façade, however, lies a city rich in cultural diversity with a mighty fine gastronomy record. Hong Kong is renowned for its endless shopping opportunities.


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