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Israel is home to one of the holiest cities in the world – Jerusalem, which is also the nation’s capital. Entrenched in its religious heritage, a number of public holidays occur throughout the year that are dedicated to major holy events. Visitors arrive in droves each year to explore the holy sites of this fascinating country.

FACTS Airport Ben Gurion Airport is located approximately 20kms from Tel Aviv CBD.

Language Population Currency Banking hours

Hebrew and Arabic Over 8.4 million

The Israeli Shekel

Generally Sunday to Thursday 8:30am5pm and Fridays 8:30am-12pm, though branches vary.

Business hours Generally Sunday to Thursday 8am-5pm and Friday mornings.

Visa Visitors to Israel are visa exempt for travel up to 90 days.

Departure Tax Included in airfare; departure tax may apply crossing borders into Jordan.

Emergency numbers Police – 100, Fire – 102, Ambulance – 101, Emergency number from a mobile – 112

Dress To suit the weather; modest attire when visiting Holy sites.


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