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New York University College of Arts & Science ​come on i know that were a little off schedule but the best presentation in my session so I'm victory column our way in and I am rocket of Vermont okay so today we are presenting our senior capstone project and we were given a grant issue a challenge I restoring an improving urban infrastructure so when we're talking about improving infrastructure our first question that comes up is what is infrastructure and structures a combination of fundamental systems that support a community Regional country this ranges from everything from water to sewer system rail road to rail networks and national power natural gas grits there is no secret that one with other countries America's infrastructure it is starting to crumble and fall apart someone so engineers of our century the 21st century faced a formidable challenge of basically modernizing our fundamental systems so they can continue for our civilization okay so think about all the raleigh area house all and 2015 alone nearly 10 million people travel through the Ru airport located in morrisville and that number is only increasing in fact Raleigh is ranked number 9 by forbes as one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation and not only that population increase from 22,000 people in 1992 around four hundred and thirty thousand people and 2013 so you're looking at a double and around two and a half decades so not only is there a population increase are also looking at RTP which is one of the main reasons for the population ages so RTP has 200 different large-scale companies as well as 50,000 highly skilled employees that work there next one stated before 10 million people traveled past 80 before 10 million people travel through art ru airport and mooresville so as that number increases options for our transits remain stagnant of course Raleigh has systems that are already in place such as taxi systems pay parking lots and retro car systems but I'm sure as you all are all aware these systems are probably more what you're going to pay for or cost more than willing to pay more that's not even mentioning the fact that relates to your traffic problem so I know some people here my workout RTP or travel down i-40 on regular basis if you do the new that site right there are any pictures is not a strange sight easy traffic all the time especially on the foul line in my 40 so the population is growing in raleigh it's no secret and soon it's going to be too much for these highways to maintain and we want to fix this problem we don't want to just continuously update the highways in turn place I know the South Bella is probably one of my Lisa routes run to drive on there's a seem like abilities construction going on there and always expanding arose because there's too many people so we'll be proposed to put roll it back on track to becoming one of the most innovative cities in the country is a light rail system now this light rail system will be called the RTC system for all you raleigh-durham piece of them and travel people all the way from downtown Raleigh through RTP and up into downtown Durham alright so our route start off we start off the Raleigh red line which is 16 miles long 25 minutes and then it has four trains about every 10 to 15 minutes and there are six stations so we start off in the rdu or downtown Raleigh station here we'll have a four-story park-and-ride garage and then there'll also be access to the Google Plus system including the our line so next we have the NC State campus station hard to see countries but there will be on students can have access to everywhere around triangle at Durham Raleigh pnc arena and then it's good for out-ofstate students because if they fly in they'll be able to explain our you hop on the train and then at the NC State will also community student discount which should be good at here is the pnc and carter finley station providing access to retain teams and concerts full-fat next we have the SAS campus ation SAS has about 13,000 660 employees so it's a large company and conversation will be be huge next we have our tea of their national airport station here we would include like a fox hub area it will do shuttles that would take you to the different terminals and this is the line it's the RTP union station this is the heart and soul of the project as you can see both rail lines come through here well as the commuter bus system it'll pop out later so next we have the ear of blue rail which is about eight and a half miles long it's about 10 to 15 minutes and then there are four stations and we'll have to two trains come every 10 to 15 so we start off in the Durham station here there's already a proposed Durham Orange County light rail system its proposed out leads on your construction yet what it basically goes from he'll do the downtown Durham and then it ends up right here to having a parking right garage there so we'll be able to connect with our farm route next to the NC central campus station similar to NC State would provide like a student discount or something and it's also triangle transit the bus bus stations they'll give you write down in the campus and then next we have a Durham park-and-ride area for the surrounding your edits and it filters back into the party PE station as I said before it's like the heart and soul of the project so in order to save money we decided to a parking very hard and right bus system the as you see the green for the like a cut scary morphologic Holly Springs this will be over utilizing triangle expressway which isn't really used

maybe as much as government I hope so we utilize that starting and Holly Springs to the park and ride system their apex carry and more so and then can I ask because there's not too many jobs available down there right why are you including those here well actually those places down there are developing very they're arguably building faster than the raleigh area and I mean I know I live in only Springs I know like right around my where I live down there there is insane how much is develop just the time that I've been living there um we expect this to grow even more and having that drive especially down there we have the bus system mainly so that people that live down there cuz a lot of that is residential area so we have that so that people can park there and not have to worry about traffic if they have like it can be all the way down from like them to rolling in from on spring so it's more about bringing in from population centers to work right gotcha sir is there already like right away four for the lines well are you going to lay the lines that you have right away to go passengers are going to be arias and clear but I am I picked out around where it would work so what is it time that you know from submission NC State campus to the rdu airport what is a time frame you're looking at because all the way there is a lot of traffic in the area it's still not every time the day and if we have it has to be moving the entire day cannot be like you know so what is the time and what is the motivation that you know people are really know what long does it take how fast here oh well for the Raleigh line it was 3 20 minutes and then so that probably like something because they're very happy to station for a new future so it would be quick it's a very fast 30 wearing softest that has to be you know yeah all right so something that I have here is on we have six stations along the line all the way from Raleigh very kind of standard stations like the one at the interior of the one NC State this is a model of half of one the other half will be pretty much the same exact thing except flipped around so that successful criticize this model is 100 feet long the whole station be 200 feet long the train this is a size 12 trains 85 feet long we have two cars for training well the cars are 85 feet long but cold train will be 170 feet and it would fit in here really well with the station we have ticket booth where our machines where you can go and you can get your tickets you can wear them online or on-site you can have the one-way tickets to it tickets daily passes weekly monthly yearly etc and obviously would also have would try to get student discounts for people that go to NC central or NC State or so apart from the standard station that have been just described there at three unique stations personally being downtown Raleigh as I said before there's a four-story parking garage the next one is the rtu station excellent to rdu station the bus loop for the shuttles should take you to all the terminals interview and the final one is the RTP union station this has everything a railcar busting agents cafe for morning coffee the triangle transit bus of trying transitive and our commuter bus so these are the this is the train that we're using hyundai rotem silver liner five it's viewed by Philadelphia's septa commuter rail system and Denver's RTD leader system so it's already in use since fourth grade it goes up to 100 miles per hour that's a length of 85 paint and 191 on it will be using a married Paris card or very fair cars have you about 170 feet 280 april two bicycles good fit on each car and it is handicapped-accessible as you can see top picture so then we have the dangler Orion 7 diesel-electric hybrid us we'd be using eight of these for that commuter bus route the green one and then using four of them for these shuttles are you it seats 44 people to wheelchair conditions 40 people or six Joyner but when I'm leader in diesel engine now we come to the biggest question of them on who would why would anybody want to eat it while using this system we would be able to allow custom to save monthly time money or ought to help contribute to the invite Leon finally saving time as you have seen and probably experienced high 40 is tactics actually during rush hour will the speed of normal cause concern about 10 miles power even stopping coyote if it gets really bad so the trains will allow passengers to travel quickly between stations during rush hour as well as without as well as doing normal times that are not high traffic time and as well as did that they would allow more people to buy dinner time meaning that it still could be exhausting and standard highway leaving money as we all know gas prices have been fluctuating over the past few years and eventually they're going to get high enough that people will not be able to afford them using this system we would allow them to not have to take the right gas prices which can eat up a bill especially if you pass the traveler god and educating the environment with music or trains which are electric we don't contribute to the environment as much as say a gas burning car because the more it is not only always as more powerful people using the same system but if you the way a cop out and walk today was to generate more electricity and produce method pollutants propulsive that's been a standard car alright so one question that I I know that we're probably it is how much it's going to cost so we went on and after the project we went through pretty much everything that we could think of that goes into this project all the way down to the concrete was used in the stations and it came out to be a little over a billion dollars which that might seem like a lot but when looking at the other projects around the country is not this actually not nearly as expensive all right so we'd like to take this time to ask any or to answer any questions that something has my hat I would sing with a billion dollars estimated cost would you plan to solicit federal dollars for that state local huerta so I looked is that oh look at that as well and on I looked at how much it would cost an average taxpayer if we looked at local like just

Raleigh and that was the same kind of one it's like it's ridiculous it's like tens of thousand dollars in person so I don't like that hello to the state and I was a lot more reasonable it was long as it may be like twenty dollars per person per year for like 20 years or so additionally but that's a mean that's what we had a flat tax rate that's not looking at the progressive tax rate that we do have it is well in control different so because you don't necessarily know exactly how to pay for right now that's something that whether this is a private private thing or a government or our system change what cities have done this recently how does this compare yours Charlotte alright that's done a lot right now they're still working on there's another connecting the one that they have Charlotte's entire company Charlotte so the costs were kinda go actually I was a lot let's look at one of tweets yeah great importance to final with what was there it was that their original estimate nothing just didn't find the original class work oh it's honor that the extension to bring it from other pressure like to UNC Charlotte was almost about to cost analysis insurance man have your chance to show this to any with the Department of Transportation we have not personally oh true yeah I honestly think this is a really good idea yes sir so successful is why rail system is certainly based on high-volume drivers you'll need a translator so if you if you guys considered a marketing plan to promote this light rail system so because of so that riders are excited when it's made available yeah we have been ah Satan said earlier we looked at some of the incentives for using a united state gas you'd say money is a times help contribute in the environment on we'd have to look at ways to market that to the public like like billboards and others I mean we really think that this is something that people in raleigh should we should recognize that we're growing city that needs to I think catch up with the I mean how Charlotte as this as this come up I seem to remember has this come up before in raleigh dirty and Harry do you know what the because it because it didn't and end up taking off you know with them I don't know like was just about what oh whatever i know that this has been something that people have considered for a long time actually looked at something that you published still probably was a while back but this is where we got our idea actually was I know that I saw website under so it was yours and really really intricate kind of map for how it was work if we had a real system throughout Raleigh and we put that into consideration we figured what will be the best way to develop the city and this is partially elevated or some odd actually there will be a few parts i know david over them when your brother soros Forester yeah yeah yeah it was a year they're already some train tracks around looking around NC State and stuff but then like over towards your swine in right now I have 4th or just one car Oh wrong act we have both matrix right there are more trains on Raleigh 12 turtle and we have like multiple so then we can save money have more running at during rush hour times like seven to nine 469 so that we don't have to and save those for the buses as well before we wrap up we like to say thank you to our mentors we try to look at everybody that helped us even in the slightest way and again thank you guys so much for coming out i know this late but appreciate it very well School of Industrial and Labor Relations.