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BACK-UP UP YOUR DATA TH THE SAME WAY GOVERNMENTS, BANKS AND LARGE CORPORATIONS HAVE DONE FOR YEARS. BACK-UP YOUR BUSINESS PROPERLY & SECURELY WITH EMPIRE REMOTE BACK-UP! ✔ Completely Automatic - Backups are done on time, using your internet connection ✔ Save on Costs - NO software, hardware or staff costs involved. ✔ Data Encryption - Complete security using the strongest cryptographic methods in the world. ✔ Nobody but you, can access your files. ✔ Backup your Entire Business - Option to backup your entire server(s) and/or workstations. rs. ✔ Data Integrity - Receive frequent reports confirming your data backups are free from errors. ✔ Data Stored Off-site - Backups are immediately sent off-site and stored safely away in undisclosed secure data centres owned and operated by Computer Empire. ✔ Minimal Bandwidth - Only new file changes are sent daily. ✔ Backup Restores - Restore your data using your security key via web portal 24hrs a day.

CALL: 1300 693 674

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An advertisement for remote back-up service by Computer Empire.

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