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Volume 1 Issue 7 September 2012


Moose Tracks Important Dates: October 13

October 20

Football Concessions!

Alzehimer’s Walk!

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October 11 - 14

Live Stock Show!

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James Madison University

DUES paid by October 20

Next Meeting: October 1st

Leadership 6:30 pm Taylor 404

A message from the

Treasure Tuan Vo

Hey CKI! My name is Tuan Vo and I am the treasure of CKI. I hope all of your classes are going well this semester so far. One of the many things I love about CKI is that it’s a great way destress, have fun, and meet new people while doing community service all at the same time!

It was great to see a lot of new and familiar faces over the past couple of meetings. We had such a fun and exciting time last year and I can’t wait to see what this year will bring! I am really looking forLove, ward to getting to know you all better and continuing with Tuan “Live to Serve. Love to Serve.” the community service! 1

Service Serving Breakfast

Catie Mathers It was early Saturday morning; the sun still had not raised its head from under the black sheets of night as we sleepily shuttled off to the Harrisonburg Baptist Church. Upon arrival, streaks of yellow and light blue had tinged the sky, alighting on the bags of bagels and hashbrowns and the cartons of eggs and juice we were to prepare. We carried our groceries through the front doors, bidding the day farewell, and entered an industrialized chamber of culinary persuasion. Recently cleaned, its steel appliances gleamed, encouraging us wordlessly to begin our task. Teams assembled; the cooking began. As the bacon was frying and coffee percolating, the occasional hungry Baptist would wander in and praise our breakfast making abilities and consequent eligibility. We became engulfed in perfecting the scrambled eggs. At the end, we climbed up the solid steps, leaving behind us a basement of satiated appetites and turning once again to the light of day. After receiving money to donate to the Alzheimer’s walk, we climbed into our cars, and drove away in the glory of service.

Keister Walk Heather Howell

The Keister Walk is an awesome weekly opportunity that JMU’s Circle K has. At eight in the morning on Fridays we go to Keister Elementary School to walk with kids. At the elementary school the kids, parents, and teachers walk around their track before school. They do this activity every Friday to promote exercise to the students. It is a lot of fun to walk and talk with the kids. The CKI members who regularly go to the Keister Walk make friends with some of the students and they become regular walking buddies, which is something I love because they get so excited to see us. It is awesome to keep up with our elementary school friends every week and see what is going on in their lives.

Free Rice

Tameka Glover

September was National Rice Month, and Circle K International is showing their support! They held a subregion competition to raise awareness about world hunger and to have a little fun in the process. Freerice. com is a website that donates 10 grains of rice to the World Food Programme every time you answer a question correctly. Our district, Capital, thought that it would encourage members to participate if they added a service hour feature. If you donated 1500 grains of rice, which is equivalent to answering 150 questions correctly, you could earn 1 service hour. The competition ends September 30 and hopefully, Subregion F will come out on top! Happy Rice Month!


Service Care-a-thon Katie Benusa

The Care-A-Thon was an event that was held by the Rockingham Memorial Hospital Foundation. We were asked to reach out to 3,000 members of the community who have supported the hospital in the past. We asked them if they could make a gift this year because RHM is a non-profit hospital and it relies on those generous gifts. This year the Foundation is trying to raise money for the Hospice at RMH. The event was a lot of fun. We received dinner before we started calling, which was provided by Hanks. Then after the orientation that helped us understand the process, we sat down at individual desks and started calling. It was an interesting event because I have never done one like this before. We were supposed to blow a whistle if we receive a gift of $50 or more, sadly, I did not get to blow mine, but others who were there did. I was happy that I got to help the cause by spreading the word to the community members.

Student Organization Day Katie Gong

Student Org Night is a very important event for JMU Organizations. This is the time that we get to advertise our club and what we do to people who are interested in becoming involved at JMU. We are able to explain to people face-to-face what we do as a club and the exciting events that we have planned for the semester!

In house Service Project For Circle K’s In House Service Project for the month of September, we made Happy Fall cards for the folks at Emeritus. With a few craft supplies we hope that we can brighten their day!


Emily Benusa

Lunching with Kiwanis

It is Tuesday, which means that my day is about to get a little brighter. Down South High St. the small shopping center presents the home for Traditions, which is the buffet where the Kiwanis Club of Harrisonburg conduct their meetings. Immediately upon entering the smell of fresh food and fun is in the air. Once my perfect lunch is created, a family reunion of sorts takes place. The members of Kiwanis club being to share stories and catch up with one another. After lunch follows the pledge, a prayer, and a song, and then the real meeting begins. After a few updates from current president, Todd Glenn, and other members, they send around their eliminate jar to donate change too as well as give ‘Happy Dollars’. The Kiwanis club also invites people from the community to come and talk about what they do. These announcements always present us with good opportunities to help out the community. The atmosphere is always fun and always gives me such happiness. Participating and going to these the Kiwanis Club of Harrisonburg meetings is exceedingly fulfilling and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store!

Fellowship September Social Antea Nikolic

To me, socials are important because it’s a time when we can all get together and just have fun. Circle K isn’t just about doing service, but also about getting to know those people you are doing service with. We have a great group and we love to have a good time together, so socials are perfect for just hanging out and relaxing. I think our first social was great because everyone had a chance to get to know each other in a fun way and everyone participated and seemed to enjoy themselves.

Look out for our big Halloween Social on October 29th

? m e t s y Point S For this year, JMU CKI has decided to put into place a point system to encourage members to be more active in everything that Cirlce K International has to offer. Each activity is assigned points and there are different stages of accomplishment. So start collecting those points and become pure gold!!


Maddies Moose Tracks is still is excited about the new year and cannot wait for your articles! Email me at

Answers from last months issue

August Member of the Month

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Major: English - Secondary Ed. MinorYear: Junior Favorite thing about CKI: “I like making new friends who are equally interested in serving the community.� Caitlin gets this honor for having the most hours in the month of August and helping out the Kiwanis at thier fair. She also attends the weekley Kiwanis lunches and has recently been appointed to the Fundraising Chair. Way to go girl!!

Caitlin Francis JMU CKI

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President : Katie Benusa

Executive Vice President : Olivia Fogarty Secretary : Carly Starke Treasurer : Tuan Vo Service Vice President : Shvan Kareem Fellowship Vice President : Aneta Nikolic Editor : Emily Benusa Hisotrian : Morgan Ewing

Kiwansis Family Vice President : Garce LeDuc

September 2012 Newsletter  
September 2012 Newsletter  

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