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James Madison  University     Circle  K  International  

October Edition    


Volume 2  Issue  6  


Maddie’s Moose Tracks

Just a few more weeks of the semester.... you can do it!

“Get to Know Me”      

Be sure to email all volunteer hours to Carly Starke, our club secretary jmucki.secretary@gmail .com

Club meetings are MANDATORY and are held every Monday at 7pm in Taylor 404. If you cannot make a meeting, email Emily Benusa at jmucki.president@gmai


A message from CKI Fellowship VP Catie Mathers

Hi everyone! My name is Catie Mathers, and I’m your Fellowship Vice President. I’ve been a member of Circle K since my Freshman year, and I was in Key Club for two years. As Fellowship VP, I get to create and organize all the fun activities that truly help make us into a family. My duties are creating an in-house social and an out-house social each month, coming up with ice breakers for our meetings, and running our Bigs and Littles program. Circle K is one of my favorite things about JMU; every member is a shining example of what it means to be a Duke, and I am humbled to be able to serve you all.



Sarah Kraska – 4th

Amanda Dodge – 13th

Lauren Pitek – 8th

Kelsie Whalen – 15th

Valarie Hayes – 20th  Kaylie Etheridge – 25th

Kenny Gordon – 26th Morgan Ewing – 28th Ambria Martin – 30th

S E   R   V   I   C   E  

PB&J SANDWICHES, 10/07/13 At the club meeting on October 7th, JMU CKIers made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to donate to the local food shelter. This wasn’t any old average PB&J sandwich making day, however. It was an intense competition! All the members were split up into two teams to see who could make it through an   entire loaf of bread first. No sloppiness was accepted because board members had to inspect every sandwich before it could be placed into a baggie.   After laughs and hard work, team 1 was the winner! Every winning member was   awarded 5 extra points towards the CKI point system. But don’t worry; team   two earned an hour of service for being great sports as well! In   the end, it’s not really about who wins, but rather about how happy the people eating our delicious sandwiches will be. Great job Circle K!

Kaylie Etheridge


FOOD BAGS, 10/18/13

Earlier this month, a group of us got together at Blue Ridge Hall in order to prepare food bags for elementary school children. The bags get donated to the children who get reduced cost lunches throughout the week due to their family’s economic situations. The food bags we make ensure they will have something to eat over the weekends when school doesn’t provide their meals. The project is great as it allows us as a group to work together in a type of assembly line to make as many bags as we can in an hour. This time we were able to make over 120 bags for the kids. It is one of my favorite projects we do as it directly helps the kids of Harrisonburg to live a better life.


Rebecca Aaron


Volunteering at the Explore More Museum in downtown Harrisonburg was a unique experience. The museum itself is really neat and full of different academic resources including toys, maps, props books, and more. As volunteers, we simply helped out with crafts, answered questions, and cleaned up toys. I enjoyed interacting with the children and families that were passing through. The coolest part of the day was when I was sitting by a giant map of the world that had pictures of the flags of countries, and a boy came up to me saying he wanted to learn. I helped him locate countries and match them up with the correct flag. Since I am studying education, this was something really beneficial to participate in! Allison Kaye



What better way is there to help mothers and their babies than by hosting a Zumbathon? On a cold Saturday evening th (October 12 to be exact), several ladies and gentlemen moved their bodies to help eliminate maternal neonatal tetanus. For two straight hours we danced to fun-filled Zumba routines led by our very own club secretary, Carly Starke! As an organization, we bonded, burned calories, and benefited mothers and their future children. For not being an avid exerciser, two hours seemed like a long time for me to be working out, but Carly kept everyone on their feet and moving for a good cause. Laura Blades

Induction  Ceremony,  by  Emily  Benusa   This was uncharted territory. Because the semester flew by so fast, we almost missed a crucial part of our club: membership appreciation and recognition! These college students have taken time out of their busy schedule to join a club and service their new community. They deserve to be recognized and know that we appreciate them joining us!! Saturday, October 26th we held our very first annual membership inductions. With pumpkins, pine cones, paper leaves in place, we were ready to welcome our members. Members, parents, friends, and even Kiwanians showed up with big smiles and food to share. Heather Howell, our executive VP, had some great opening remarks reminding us all about our motto, “Live to serve, love to serve.” She then turned it over to Christine to introduce our honored guests and Kiwanians. Dennis Baugh, the Kiwanis LTG, was our keynote speaker and shared some insight with us about continuing our Kiwanis lifestyle and investing in the Eliminate fund. Becca and Carly, our service VP and secretary, shared some of the activities that we have been participating in this year. After all that, we got the amazing chance to induct all of our present members. With certificates, CKI pins, and T-shirt pins, they all promised to honor and uphold the objectives of CKI International. Finally were my closing remarks. I wanted to make sure the members knew not only my investment in this club, but that I truly am so excited to have them here. I hope that you all had an amazing time at membership inductions; I look forward to our future service work together!


Pumpkins, Pumpkins,  and    More  PUMPKINS  

October’s social was at a pumpkin patch! We drove over to Back Home on the Farm on Sunday, October 13th. We arrived at approximately 11:00AM only to find out it didn’t open until later that afternoon. After sitting in the parking lot for a little while deciding what to do, one of the owners came out and said we could come in. We got our own personal tractor ride and didn’t have any wait to buy pumpkins! Everyone picked out one or two perfect pumpkins to bring home and decorate at the meeting on Monday.

Kelsie  Whalen  


F E  L  L  O  W  S  H  I  P   As a board, we have come up with themes to focus our attention on each month. The list includes: November - The Hungry January - Homeless February - Eliminate March - Babies :) We already hosted a ZUMBA-THON for our Eliminate but get excited for our upcoming Valentine's Day

Project, Dance!

Remember our weekly service events! Gus Bus – Contact Keister Walks – Every Friday Box Tops – 10=1hr Pop Tops – 20=1hr  

CKI’s District Event will be held in Washington DC on November 9th from 12pm3pm. Register at - Hope to see you all there!

On February 14th from 7:30pm-10:30pm, we will be holding a Dance to Eliminate! Not only can you have a fun night on Valentine’s Day, but you can

CKI OFFICERS   President  :  Emily  Benusa    

save a baby’s life in the process. Stay tuned for more information.

Executive Vice  President  :  Heather  Howell     Secretary  :  Carly  Starke  

A minimum of nine service hours are required for the semester. Check out the club website’s point system at for Upcoming Community  Service  Opportunities!   exact details.

Stone Spring Elementary Fun Day - November 9th, 11am-3pm - Contact

Salvation Army Bell Ringing - November 9th, 4pm-6pm

Blood Drive - November 12th, 11am-4pm - CCM House (1052 South Main Street)

Literacy Nights - November 12th and November 19th, 6pm-8pm - Spotswood Elementary School; you can volunteer one night or both nights!

Treasurer :  Cate  Sumerlin  

Service Vice  President  :  Rebecca  Aaron     Kiwanis  Family  VP  :  Christine  Pellack     Fellowship  Vice  President  :  Catie  Mathers  



Letters for Soldiers - Last day to turn in cards is November 8th by noon in the club mailbox (8182) - 2 cards = 1 hour

Canned Food Drive - Last day to donate is November 11th - 3 cans = 1 hr (up to 9 cans for 3 hrs); money is also accepted ($3=1 hr)

Virginia Tech Formal - November 16th, 7:30pm

Breakfast with Santa at UVA - December 1st


Editor  :  Kaylie  Etheridge

Historian :  Amanda  Ivey    

Email Emily  Benusa  at   to  sign  up  for  events!  


Have your  own  events  you  want  to  get   hours  for?  Email  Carly  Starke  at    and  she  will   announce  it  at  the  meetings.  

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