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James Madison University Volume 2 Issue 1

Circle K International

March Edition

Maddie’s Moose Tracks UPCOMING EVENTS

Autism Walk April 6th

7 – 11


Leadership A message from CKI President Emily Benusa

Relay Walk

Hello CKI!!

April 13th

I am so excited to be your new president and I hope that you are looking forward to this coming year as much as I am. Going on my eight year being apart of the Kiwanis family, I am a fountain of knowledge about CKI (and if I don’t know – I know who to ask!). So please come to me with questions, concerns, problems, or suggestions about our club or the Kiwanis family. I am here to help and serve all of you and I hope to make your experience serving the Harrisonburg community a great one!

Walk MS! April 27th

NEXT MEETING: Taylor 404 Monday April 1st 6:30 PM

April Birthdays: Amanda Ivey – April 9th Simona Lourekas – April 13th Shvan Kareem – April 28th Tuan Vo – April 30th

A few upcoming changes that you can see is an updated and up kept point system, more service opportunities, revamping of the big and little program, and hopefully three new committees so that you all will have something to participate in! I cannot wait to meet all of you so please come up and introduce yourself! Like I mentioned, I am here for anything you need. Thank you all for being a part of this great organization. Live to serve. Love to serve. Emily Benusa

Service Eliminate 5K By: Emily Benusa The air was brisk and cold but we waited outside anxiously for our runners to appear. Sure enough, one by one, people with tennis shoes and ear buds registered and collected their free water bottle. Katie Benusa, JMU CKI president, paced to keep warm as she welcomed the runners to the 5 K. With many helpful hands (including current governor Mikail Clarke and future governor Ben Durham) we set up all the signs to signal the runners in the right direction.

Before we let the bouncing runners start the run Katie and Mikail spoke about where their donations were going and how excited they were to see all the people come out to donate to the Eliminate Project. Off the runners went and Katie and other volunteers stood excitedly to cheer for the runners for doing such a good job running such a distance. With a quick bagel and banana the runners enjoyed after the race, it was over in flash and JMU CKI was able to raise funds for our favorite project.

Fellowship Eliminate Proceeds nights!! March 11th after our CKI meeting, we all traveled to our local Ruby Tuesdays to have dinner. This night was particularly special because we were helping out our local Kiwanis in their proceeds night for Eliminate. We even got to run into some of our Kiwanis friends as we ate dinner and we had such a good time.


On March 18th, some of our club members and friends from outside the club did Zumba as a club social after our regular weekly meeting. If you don't know, Zumba is a dance fitness program, centered around Latin music, and it's usually offered in group classes. Our club Secretary, Carly, is a certified Zumba instructor, so she planned and led a class just for us! We all had a blast, and everyone was exhausted, sweating, and chugging water by the end of it. We're hoping to do another Zumba social sometime soon, and everyone should come out for some crazy dancing fun!

Officers Contact President : Emily Benusa

February Member of the Month

Executive Vice President : Heather Howell

Rebecca Aaron

Freshman Psychology and Statistic Major

Secretary : Carly Starke

Treasurer : Cate Sumerlin

Favorite thing about CKI: “My favorite thing is doing projects that help the local Harrisonburg kids with the local community and being able to see the effect of your work. Rebecca Aaron received member of the month for February because she not only attended the meetings but also was one of the committee chairs for the Eliminate 5K. Thank you Becca for all your hard work!!

Service Vice President : Rebecca Aaron

Kiwanis Family VP : Caitlin Francis

Fellowship Vice President : Catie Mathers

Editor : Kaylie Etheridge

Historian : Amanda Ivey

The answers from last week!!

March Edition  

This is the march edition of the JMU CKI Newsletter

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