2019-2020 Annual Report

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CONTENTS The Rodeo Austin Annual Report shares an overview of Rodeo Austin volunteers, events, and other relevant information with the goal of capturing the highlights of the year and celebrating the supporters of the organization’s mission and entertainment.









Photography by Mark Matson and Jay Brittain

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT JOE STRAUB 2018-2020 Rodeo Austin President

I was honored to serve as President of Rodeo Austin for a second term in 2019 – 2020. This past year was one of the most challenging years the organization has ever faced, but Rodeo Austin continues to prove we are gritty enough to get through this. The Fall of 2019 opened the chute on a wonderful “off-season” for Rodeo Austin. The Rodeo Austin Shoot Out Sporting Clay Tournament was held once again at Texas Disposal System Exotic Game Ranch and the BBQ Auction & Dance went back to its roots and was held on the Rodeo Austin grounds. Both events were filled with many Rodeo Austin supporters and raised money for our great mission. This past Fall Rodeo Austin completed a re-branding study which concluded by launching a new mission statement, It takes grit to grow the next generation…it’s in our roots! In February 2020, the Rodeo Austin Gala and Youth Art Auction returned to the Palmer Events Center for a fun-filled night of raising money while listening to the sounds of Gary Allan. The 2020 Youth Art Show expanded into a stand-alone event that was held the Friday night before the Rodeo Austin Gala and students, artists, teachers, parents, and donors all gathered to view the exceptional art created by 350 Texas students. The top 40 pieces sold for more than $60,000 the following night at the Rodeo Austin Gala. In March 2020, the world began to change rapidly as Rodeo Austin continued to plan, promote and set up for BBQ Austin and the Fair & Rodeo. On March 6, the City of Austin did not have any confirmed cases of COVID-19 and all businesses were open and operating as normal. Rodeo Austin worked with several thirdparty vendors to add additional signage and hand washing stations at both the Cowboy Breakfast and BBQ Austin. The weekend kicked off with 5,000 people enjoying free breakfast at Rodeo Austin’s largest media event, Cowboy Breakfast. Later that day, the BBQ Austin gates opened, and we welcomed a record number of cooking teams while the public poured through the gates. As these events were taking place, the world was beginning to see shutdowns as the pandemic began to come to light. The following six days Rodeo Austin volunteers, vendors, contractors, staff, sponsors, all continued to work tirelessly in anticipation of the 2020 Fair & Rodeo opening the gates. Meanwhile, Rodeo Austin leadership worked closely with County and City Officials to monitor the ever-changing public health situation. With the Fairgrounds fully set up and ready to open, at 6 pm on March 12, 2020, Rodeo Austin was heartbroken to learn that County and City Officials had ordered Rodeo Austin to cancel all remaining events for March. Even in the midst of complete devastation, Rodeo Austin staff, volunteers, contractors, and vendors, pulled together to begin the massive task of tearing down the Fairgrounds. A year like no other! Since 1938, Rodeo Austin has been a mission with a rodeo that has brought heritage and entertainment to our community while raising millions for Texas kids, and for the first time in our history, we were unable to do this. The Fair & Rodeo serves as the largest fundraiser for our non-profit, and the economic impact of the event cancellation was devastating. Especially to the kids who had spent hard-earned money and a year on their livestock projects and did not have the opportunity to sell that project at the Youth Auction. In the months that passed, Rodeo Austin proved that we are in fact, Gritty Enough to make it through anything, including this pandemic! I am extremely grateful to all the donors, sponsors, ticket buyers, and volunteers who have come to Rodeo Austin’s aid and demonstrated their financial commitment to the organization. We look forward to hosting events again in 2021. Thank you for your unwavering support of Rodeo Austin’s mission of Growing the Next Generation…It’s in Our Roots! 3

NEW 2020 ENDOWMENTS Janie Knolle Endowment


Voelker Family Endowment


Austin Endowment Society


Wayne & Jo Ann Moore Foundation Endowment Rodeo Austin Board of Directors Endowment Christine & Roger J. Engemoen Endowment


Walker Rolf Texas Scholarship Endowment Niley J. & Stephen W. Smith Endowment 1986B Travis County Endowment Robert Sneed Endowment


Kerry and Cassandra Wiggins Family Endowment Bonnie Whiteis Endowment Tommy Dodd Memorial Endowment Joe & Kim Straub Family Endowment James & Clara Jo Huckaby Endowment Brian & Shelley Hill Endowment Feuerbacher Family Endowment Texas Mutual Insurance Endowment Cynthia Eledge Endowment La Pasadita Endowment 1985 Travis County Endowment Million Dollar Club Endowment Classic – Brent Thurman Endowment Earl Callahan Endowment Ted & Harriet Nagel Endowment


UNDER $25,000

Endowments established prior to $25,000 minimum

Margaret A. Cathey Endowment 1986A Travis County Endowment ATCLS Endowment Hank & Cathy Rothell Endowment SAJE Endowment Ruth P. Elliott FFA Endowment David Kitchens Endowment Jack Carmody Endowment Charlotte Dalton Memorial Endowment Brandon Hicks Endowment Classic – Rob Norton Endowment McCoy Corp Endowment Oakes M. Plumber FFA Endowment Oakes M. Plumber 4-H Endowment Paleface Ranch Endowment Robert Hicks Jr. Endowment Ruth P. Elliott 4-H Endowment Past Presidents’ Endowment


$2,475,437 = As of 5/31/2020


MARKETING BRANDED Rodeo Austin worked with branding agency Root + River to better tell the story of the organization. In September 2019, Rodeo Austin staff and executive members held a three-day deep dive session to determine our root belief and core statement, hone our story and begin crafting a new mission statement. At the end of the root session, Rodeo Austin’s new mission statement, "Our Mission is to grow the next generation...it's in our roots!" The new messaging made its debut at the fall board meeting in November just before Rodeo Austin’s marketing launched for 2020 events.

We believe it takes grit to grow the next generation. We are Rodeo Austin, a notfor-profit that provides real experiences and gritty fun to raise millions for Texas kids. Since 1938, we’ve been a mission with a rodeo that has brought heritage and entertainment to our community. Rodeo Austin is a year-round non-profit funded by a month-long real western experience held every March. Rodeo-goers get to do things they can do nowhere else including a ProRodeo, one-of-a kind concerts, carnival and a livestock show. All while raising millions for Texas kids. Come be a part of real Texas grit … live and hands-on!

THE STORY OF RODEO AUSTIN The sound of the clicking of horses’ hooves mixed with the comfort of laughter and light conversation. The smells of familiar fair food, dust in the air and being out in nature. The stimulating sights of bustling activity, live animals and true cowboys. These are just a few of the sensations you will experience upon visiting Rodeo Austin, whether it’s your very first time or your 30th visit. The multi-sensory experience of the Rodeo transports you away from the big-city experience of Austin into a rural wonderland, seamlessly bringing together the traditions of Texas and the quirkiness of Austin. The result is a history-packed yet modern Rodeo that is unlike any other in the country. Rodeo Austin draws on its deep roots each year to put on an unforgettable, world-class event. What started as only a livestock show decades ago has made monumental steps to expand over the years. One of the reasons for Rodeo Austin’s incredible growth is its volunteers – individuals committed to coming out year after year to keep the show alive by committing their time and talent to Rodeo Austin. Volunteers help by working the show and encouraging others to make donations to support Rodeo Austin’s mission. In the early 2000s, after more than 60 years in operation, Rodeo Austin underwent a massive growth period. It became the fastest growing ProRodeo and livestock show in the nation, taking its reach from a local livestock show to statewide. Rodeo Austin’s leadership was divided on the decision at the time, but the growth was accomplished in a way that was mindful of honoring the past. Today, the livestock show includes more than 8,000 entries from throughout the whole state of Texas and the ProRodeo is ranked one of the top 10 in North America. With the organization’s growth came the need for more community support along with more engaging entertainment. A crew of nearly 1,100 volunteers along with donors and corporate sponsors came together to energize the need for bigger entertainment, more family-friendly activities and the larger attendance that filled the fairgrounds annually. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of Rodeo Austin is the youth giving program. Rodeo Austin is passionately committed to empowering the next generation of Texas’ youth, providing $2 million to Texas youth annually. The scholarship program has been life-changing for many of the recipients, from one student working full time at a gas station to support his family, to another student who was hired to work at Facebook after a recruiter heard her story at one of the Rodeo Austin performances. 6

At Rodeo Austin, we believe it takes grit to grow the next generation. We accomplish this by staying focused on the western traditions that serve today as the foundation of each annual Fair & Rodeo. Come be a part of real Texas grit – live and hands on!

MEDIA BUY TELEVISION, RADIO, OUTDOOR & PRINT In 2020, Rodeo Austin took its new branding and promoted gritty fun and real western experiences to Austin and other surrounding markets. As in previous years, Rodeo Austin continued to use traditional advertising outlets – television, radio, digital, billboards and print. Before the 2020 events were cancelled, Rodeo Austin ran 645 television spots, 5,901 radio spots, 41 billboards (7 in Spanish), a handful of print ads and 51 light pole banners throughout downtown Austin. Rodeo Austin utilized digital ads and garnered over 8.46 million impressions before the cancellation.

NEW ADVENTURES IN ADVERTISING Rodeo Austin branched out from traditional advertising and invested in the platform called Octopus in 2020. Octopus Interactive is a video advertising platform inside Uber and Lyft vehicles. Tablets inside these vehicles have the Octopus platform which engages riders. Rodeo Austin received over 54,000 ad plays and 77,000 impressions through Octopus in February - March. On March 12, all Rodeo Austin events were cancelled due to COVID-19. That evening the Rodeo Austin marketing team worked with media buyer, The Davis Group, to stop all advertising.

WHAT'S TRENDING GRASSROOTS, SOCIAL MEDIA, INFLUENCERS Following the success of this strategy in 2019, Rodeo Austin invited over 40 Instagram influencers – some new and some returning – to attend Rodeo Austin on opening day. As the influencers received their Rodeo tickets and swag in the mail, they tagged Rodeo Austin in over 30 Instagram stories, sharing their excitement for the upcoming event. Unfortunately, the influencers did not get to experience Rodeo Austin in 2020, but will be back for 2021!


78,517 12,000 12,200 3,170

Rodeo Austin expanded influencers' presence by inviting them to be judges at BBQ Austin. The influencers shared their experiences in the judging tent, the carnival and various team tents. Breaking the mold of typical influencers, Rodeo Austin invited @justaconstructionguy to attend BBQ Austin. He is a general contractor during the day and an influencer on the side. He is one of the most unique influencers on Instagram and has over 450,000 followers. @justaconstructionguy had a great time at BBQ Austin and shared over 20 Instagram stories of a BBQ filled day with his followers. The use of social media influencers once again reached new audiences and even had other influencers wanting to get in on the fun! 7


SPONSORS Rodeo Austin extends tremendous gratitude to the more than 50 organizations who help grow the next generation!



CMYK 100, 83, 27, 12






ENERGIZE THE EXPO November 5, 2019

A plan to renovate Rodeo Austin's home, the Travis County Expo Center, was put into action in the fall of 2019. Travis County Proposition A, which would reallocate a portion of the existing Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) to help fund the renovations, was placed on the November ballot. Rodeo Austin, along with the Energize PAC, spent the fall months engaged with community members and educating voters at polling locations on the benefits of a YES for Travis County Proposition A. Flyers, signs, bumper stickers and pins were placed around the community to garner support for the proposition, which passed on November 5, 2019.



SHOOT OUT SPORTING CLAY TOURNAMENT October 1, 2019 // $143,481 Raised

The Rodeo Austin Shoot Out Sporting Clay Tournament was held on October 1st at the Texas Disposal Systems Exotic Game Ranch. Twenty-seven teams of five participated in the tournament, with a course comprised of 50 clay targets over a 5-station course. The tournament was based on a peer-topeer fundraising format that encouraged donations and pledges based on an individual and team basis. After the shoot, participants were invited to attend an awards dinner where prizes were awarded to individuals who raised over $5,000 and teams who raised over $10,000. Other fundraising and sporting prizes were awarded. The top fundraiser won a brandnew camo Kubota RT V500.


BBQ AUCTION & DANCE November 16, 2019 // $72,780 Raised

BBQ Auction & Dance was held on November 16th and was hosted on the Rodeo Austin property. The event was held in a 16,000 square-foot tent and featured a live and silent auction with two bands! Over 580 guests were in attendance and started their night off with an auction preview and cocktails from the open bar. SLAB BBQ served a buffet-style dinner and the silent auction opened for mobile bidding. A Rodeo Austin scholar shared his experience of being a scholar and the impact it has had on his life. Attendees enjoyed dinner and dancing on the large dance floor as Texas Jamm Band played followed by popular cover band, Suede. The live auction alone raised $48,600. Overall, BBQ Auction & Dance raised over $72,780. It was a wonderful night with friends raising money to grow the next generation of Texas kids.


RODEO AUSTIN GALA February 8, 2020 // $305,052 Raised

On February 8th, nearly 1,800 guests gathered for the Rodeo Austin Gala & Youth Art Auction. The event featured a live and silent auction with plenty of bidding excitement on items ranging from puppies to luxury vacations and artwork from the Youth Art Show. The Stand Up for Scholars initiative raised $38,000 for deserving young students. Guests also enjoyed a concert performance from Gary Allan with special guest Bri Bagwell. Overall, the Rodeo Austin Gala generated $305,052 toward Rodeo Austin’s mission. 12



YOUTH ART SHOW February 7, 2020 // $60,000 Raised

Held at the Palmer Events Center on Friday, February 7th, 350 art pieces were submitted to the Youth Art Show in the divisions of Traditional, Photography, Digital, and Sculpture/3D by students all over the state of Texas. These pieces were judged by a panel of esteemed artists in the community. The Youth Art Auction provided the opportunity to support 40 young artists through the live and silent art auctions, raising a combined $60,000. The success of the Youth Art Auction ensured that these students took home 50% more money than last year!


COWBOY BREAKFAST March 6, 2020 // 25th anniversary

More than 5,000 hungry guests attended the 25th Anniversary of Rodeo Austin’s annual Cowboy Breakfast on March 6th. Cowboy Breakfast kicked off our annual March events on opening day of BBQ Austin and was free to the public. As the sun rose, guests enjoyed an assortment of food items including biscuits and gravy, pancakes, doughnuts, catfish toes, breakfast tacos and pie! Western entertainment included live music, a trick roper, a branding station, two-stepping lessons and a petting zoo. The 25th anniversary of Cowboy Breakfast was also excited to have special guest, BEVO XV! 14


BBQ AUSTIN March 6-7, 2020 // $551,495 Raised

BBQ, beer and bands filled BBQ Austin weekend. The event hosted 165 teams and 30,000+ attendees. BBQ Austin again partnered with Texas Pork Producers to provide free samples to the public and had a full fireworks show on Friday evening. In addition to the carnival, petting zoo and pony rides, BBQ Austin added vendors to this year's event. The Jr. Pit Master competition returned and the event added BBQ Austin University and the Agricultural Mechanics Competition.

Grand Champion La Grange Champion 16

Reserve Grand Champion Lone Star BBQ Society Champion

Grand Champion Burnin’ Money





BBQ Austin Champions

Reserve Grand Champion Double Barrel BBQ



BBQ AUSTIN UNIVERSITY New in 2020, BBQ Austin hosted BBQ Austin University - a master chef cooking class with BBQ Pitmaster Aaron Franklin and friends. Seventy participants were able to select their choice of chicken or beef ribs that they cooked during the class. The sessions covered the basics of lighting your own fire, making your own rubs and marinades, and best wood and meat pairings. 17

JR. PITMASTER COMPETITION The Jr. Pitmaster Competition returned in 2020, with 34 participants ranging from 8-17 years old. Saturday morning, participants were given a pork chop and a grill to show off their young master chef skills. They competed for the coveted titles of Grand Champion and Reserve Champion in a senior and junior division. SR. DIVISON GRAND CHAMPION, Megan Tomko JR. DIVISON GRAND CHAMPION, Logan Woydziak

AG MECHANICS COMPETITION The inaugural Junior Agricultural Mechanics Contest was held on March 7th with 70 entries. In the spirit of BBQ Austin, five divisions ranging from towable BBQ pits to picnic tables were submitted. Participants worked all year to fine-tune their skills and prepare to exhibit their projects at Rodeo Austin to be awarded over $5,000 in premiums and awards. Unique to Rodeo Austin’s contest, one team member was selected at random to complete a skills test. The selected member competed in a specified skill component of welding or woodworking. GRAND CHAMPION Zephyr FFA



CARNIVAL Rodeo Austin is proud to host Austin's largest carnival in partnership with Texas family-owned and operated, Crabtree Amusements. The carnival opened to patrons in early March at BBQ Austin with one new ride. Other new additions included a guest hospitality area complete with automatic sunscreen dispensers and charging stations and automated Magic Money kiosks that sold wristbands within the carnival area.

Austin's largest







Rob Golding, Rodeo Austin CEO, addresses volunteers, staff and vendors. 22

COVID-19 AFTERMATH What we do best, pull together

Strong character determines everything. SPONSORSHIP Rodeo Austin is fortunate to have more than 50 corporate partners who believe in the mission of growing the next generation. Rodeo Austin staff works year-round with sponsors to build relationships as well as on and off-site promotions, branded activations at events, and custom sign exposure. On March 12th, all sponsor activations were in place and ready for Rodeo Austin to open. After the cancellation, the Rodeo Austin staff reached out to each sponsor to reconcile each partnership. More than 40% of Rodeo Austin sponsors chose to donate their sponsor contributions to the organization for 2020. Another 32% stayed committed to Rodeo Austin’s mission by rolling over their sponsorship to support the Fair & Rodeo in 2021. Rodeo Austin continues to be extremely thankful to each of these corporate partners for the dedication to banding together.

LIVESTOCK Thousands of Texas students from across the state worked tirelessly on their show animals for the 2020 season. Unfortunately, due to the impacts of COVID-19, students, parents, teachers, and advisors were devastated to learn they would not have the opportunity to show at Rodeo Austin. Upon notice of the cancellation, the Livestock Department worked to communicate options for entry fee refunds. The 2020 Ultimate Scramble Championship was set to make history with the first-ever, all-girl division. At the time of cancellation, the Ultimate Scramble Committee had raised funds from 100 contributors within the community. Contributors were given the option for a full refund, rollover contribution to 2021, or donate the funds to Rodeo Austin. Seventy-three percent of contributors rolled over to 2021 or donated to Rodeo Austin. RECORD BREAKING ENTRIES Junior Breeding Heifers – 1411, up 4.68% Junior Market Steers – 1274, up 8.87% Junior Market Lambs – 927, up 6.15% Junior Market Barrows – 1984, up 5.44%

OPERATIONS The Rodeo Austin operations team is the true definition of grit. The team is comprised of three fulltime staff members, several interns, many volunteers, and a few service vendors. This crew has the tough task of transforming the Travis County Expo Center grounds into Rodeo Austin's Fair & Rodeo in only three weeks. After spending countless hours working to open the gates to the public, the operations team quickly switched gears upon cancellation and began to tear down the Fairgrounds. Despite the Rodeo Austin office shifting to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic, the operations team spent the following weeks physically removing equipment and items from the Travis County Expo Center and re-packing the Eddie Ledesma Center for next year's Fair & Rodeo.

TICKETING After the heart-breaking news of canceling the Fair & Rodeo, the ticketing department, comprised of two full time staff members, executed a refund program that allowed patrons to request a refund, rollover tickets to 2021 or donate the money to Rodeo Austin. This included season tickets, Kick Open the Chutes, Fairgrounds admission tickets, as well as the everpopular Rodeo & Concert tickets. Staff members across all departments helped process approximately $2 million in ticket sales to 65% refunds, 16% rollovers and 9% donations. More than 2,000 man-hours were spent processing these requests and providing customer service for Rodeo Austin ticket buyers, all while working from home.

VENDORS At the time of cancellation, nearly 100 commercial, food and beverage vendors were set up on the Fairgrounds and ready to open to the public only 40 hours later. The Rodeo Austin Exhibits Department, consisting of one staff member, personally visited with each vendor and provided updates as they happened. Rodeo Austin volunteers jumped into action to help vendors pack their exhibits and move off the Fairgrounds. Rodeo Austin offered vendors the option for a full refund, the ability to roll over their exhibit space fees to 2021 or donate to Rodeo Austin’s general fund. Each vendor expressed their understanding of the situation at hand but remained optimistic for 2021.




After tearing down the grounds of Rodeo Austin 2020, Rodeo Austin continued to monitor local news and recommendations from health officials. Many local governments began issuing the Stay at HomeWork Safe Order around the country. Rodeo Austin quickly began making preparations to work from home by equipping staff with remote access to the server and setting up phone trees to assist with refund processing for tickets, vendors, and livestock entries. Rodeo Austin took full advantage of the new phone technology implemented last year. The phone system is equipped with digital lines that staff can use directly from their laptops or personal cell phones, accommodating video conferencing and chat capabilities to stay in touch and continue working productively from home.



p HEART j SOUL n 21





Largest Committee: Event Staff

On Saturday, March 14, 2020, on what would have been opening day of Rodeo Austin 2020, volunteers and staff banded together to tear down the Rodeo Austin grounds. Everything was set up for opening day, but after the official cancellation by city and county officials on March 12, 2020, tear down efforts began among the uncertainty of what COVID-19 would bring to the city of Austin. Volunteers spent the day tearing down tents, moving dirt from arenas and working with vendors to load out stages, merchandise and equipment. Later that evening, volunteers, staff, vendors and contractors gathered together at the Rodeo Austin office's back porch for food and fellowship. Music by 100X Dance Hall favorite, One-Ton Country played with tips donated to the Rodeo Austin mission. A Rodeo Austin merchandise table was set up for volunteers to have the opportunity to purchase official merchandise. Proceeds from Rodeo Austin souvenirs go toward Rodeo Austin’s mission. Since the cancellation, official merchandise has been sold online and shipped to customers all over the country – including Montana and Georgia! During the COVID-19 pandemic, Rodeo Austin leadership transitioned meetings to virtual video conference calls to accommodate social distancing. Due to the on-going pandemic affecting the May Board of Directors meeting and nominating for the 2020-2021 year, it was proposed to have all acting Executive Committee members continue into the 2020-2021 year. To do this, a majority vote had to be reached. On May 21st, all Board of Directors joined a video conference call to consider Amendment XIV regarding continuation of leadership in the event of a pandemic. The amendment passed with a majority vote. Rodeo Austin's deepest roots are the volunteers who give their time, treasure and talent to the organization. To this, Rodeo Austin is grateful for their help in continuing to grow the next generation.





Joel Anderson Keith Berdoll Hap Feuerbacher Dauphen Jackson David Kardosz KaLyn Laney Rick Lange Eddie Ledesma Brian Lehne Lance Lively Joe Straub Shaun Tuggle Gilbert Turrieta Fred Weber Brian Yarbrough

Rob Golding, CEO Katy Blankinship, Senior Manager Jennie Glenn, Senior Manager Richard Kurtze, Field Operations Manager Sara McAuley, Controller Brenda Pitts, Senior Manager Katie Richmond, Senior Manager Alyssa Adams, Graphics Coordinator Aida Barrera, Staff Accountant Julie Beck, Ticket Coordinator Alyssa Dotson, Event Logistics Coordinator Hollye Fain, Exhibits Coordinator Mark Giliberto, Technology Coordinator Presley Holloway, Sponsorship Coordinator Lindsay Leyden, Marketing Coordinator Rachel Sembera, Livestock Coordinator Lauren Todd, Youth Events & Auctions Coordinator Alyssa Ramsey, Sponsorship & Marketing Assistant Taylor Rivera, Volunteer & HR Assistant Travis Simpson, Field Operations Assistant

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Joel Anderson Travis Asklund Keith Berdoll Matt Berry, Jr. Benny Boyd, Jr. Brad Boyett Aaron Cabaza Curtis Calhoun Verlin Callahan Calley Callahan Asklund Tommy Carlson Bob Carroll Drew DeBerry Jeff Denton Jeff Dodd Mike Eledge

Jay Evans Hap Feuerbacher Bobby Finley Tyler Graham Charles Graham, DVM. Haskell Griffin Greg Hamilton Brian Hill Shawn Hohnstreiter Dauphen Jackson David Kardosz Bill Knolle KaLyn Laney Rick Lange Ashley Ledesma Eddie Ledesma

*Member served until their passing this fiscal year 28

Brian Lehne Lance Lively Shayne Lockhart Jardin Loeffler Stacy Looney Jason Magdalena Greg Maphet Monica Masters Temetria McVea Tia Miller Frosty Moore Paige Morgan Jason Nassour Courtney Oldham Chris Padgett Gene Patalik Latius Prikryl Stan Ray Bill Rhyan Marie Richter Steve Skinner

Melvin Sobotik Caleb Stafford Joe Straub Hil Stroup Bryan Teich Craig Teykl Manny Trinidad Shaun Tuggle Terry Turner Gilbert Turrieta Alex Valdes Amy Villarreal Stan Voelker Steven Voelker Russell Waters Fred Weber Kerry Wiggins Corey Wilson Brian Yarbrough


2013 Inductees

2016 Inductee

Mike Eledge

Tommy Carlson

Terrell Hamann L.J. Luedecke

2018 Inductee Shaun Tuggle

Leaders who have demonstrated a longterm dedication to growing the next generation.

2014 Inductees Curtis Calhoun

2020 Inductee

2012 Inductees

Dr. Charles W. Graham

Fred Weber

Jimmy Callahan

Haskell Griffin

Verlin Callahan

Hil Stroup

Jay Evans Bill Knolle

2015 Inductees

Mike Levi

Hadley Barrett

Ted Nagel

Stan Voelker

Robert Sneed

President Joe Straub, interviewing with CBS Austin at Cowboy Breakfast

DIRECTOR EMERITUS A distinguished honor bestowed upon a Director who has demonstrated exemplary service and leadership.

2013 Inductee

2018 Inductees

Richard Hill

Jim Achilles Jim Taylor

2014 Inductee Bill Benton

2019 Inductees Steve Mills

2012 Inductees

2015 Inductees

Marvin Hamann

Bob Avant

Billy Fred Platt

Don Holcomb 29




Hebert Adams Gary Adams Bill Aleshire Joe Alexander Violet Alexander Aaron Anderson Kendall Antonelli Luis Argueta George Arnold Rick Assunto Doyne Bailey Gary Baker Jerry Ballard Shannon Bangle Gonzalo Barrientos Logan Bartz Lindsay Bauerle Keith Berdoll Samuel T. Biscoe Brad Blaine Joe Blissit Harvey Bloom Dana Boehm Melissa Bond Wolf Bouldin Leonard Bouldin Brad Boyett Betty Braley Michael Braley Bill Brandes Robert Brandes Danette Bray John Braziel Katie Brice Greg Browning Douglas Burns Willie Mae Burns William Bush Ron Chandler Dwain Coffey J.V. Cohorn Jack Cook Donald Cooper Jeanette Courtright Stephen Cummings Audrey Darden Dr. Exalton Delco Mrs. Exalton Delco Larry Deuser

Brant Dickerson Jeff Dodd Helen Dodson Marcus Dodson Lloyd Doggett Ernie Dominguez Charles Ducote Roger Durden Barbara Earle Allison Engel Tonya Eppright Wanda Ethridge Kenneth Fairly Scott Fiebig Janice Forney David Forwood Michelle Fox James Francis Debbie Frazier Lee Garner James Garrison Craig Gatewood Gerri Gayner Kristen Goodson David Gray Cassie Graydon James Grimm Dale Grimmett Donna Hale Jan Harrell Robin Hart Laura Hayes Kenneth Hees Kermit Hees Lydia Hees Janet Hees Novella Heffington Daniel Hernandez Scott Heselmeyer Karen Hickam Gerald Hill Donald Hipple Courtney Hoffman Bob Honts R.W. Hooper Charles Horn Megan Maund Houser Sterling Howry Amy Hudson Carol Huntsberger Bill Hyman John Baker II Billy Inman Frederick Jackson Doug Jackson Julie Jalufka

Amy Jarmon Kenny Jastrow John Jenkins Bill Jerman Leonard Jones Mary Lou Jones Matt Berry, Jr. Sascha Kardosz Stanley Keeling David Kendall Charlie King John Kinzell Mark Knolle Lee Ann Knox Sharen Kohutek Tom Kouri Edward Krenek Elizabeth Kupferer Sandy Kurtzman Bucky Lamb Ernest Lawrence Larry Lay Sara Lisch Kim Lockhart Shayne Lockhart Jardin Loeffler Susan Longley Don Mabry Delbert McKenzie Temetria McVea John Meadows Lester Meier Clarence Melber Betty Melber David Mellenbruch John Merritt Richard Meyer Dr. Barbara Mink Michael Monaghan James Morgan Lloyd Morrison Charles Mott Laurie Moyer Jean Mueller Bill Murphy William Murphy James Nagy Tom Nall Gilbert Nauert Harvey Nauert LaQuita Nauert Steve Newberry Sarah Noteboom Dick Obenhaus Robert Ochoa Courtney Oldham

Steve Orsborn Gene Patalik Matthew Payne Gary Pena Bert Pence Rick Perry Alan Peters Tim Petty Ann Pierce Richard Plumb Bill Pohl Dick Polk Tommy Powers Brenda Preston Mark Prinz James Prinz William Pruitt Tray Rankin Penny Reeves Jim Reeves Jerry Reeves-Goff Richard Reynolds Harry Rivera Ann Rogers Jennifer Rogers Shelby Rogers Coni Ross Kelly Ryan Jake Rymer George Sanders N. Wesley Sanders Charlie Schnabel LeAnne Schram Mark Schram Gloria Sharp Carolyn Shumaker Harold Simpson Chris Slahetka Joe Solansky Jack Stockton Earlene Sullivan Marty Tanner Sandy Taylor Jim Taylor Ravel Todd Kevin Todd Lee Turner Dr. Charles Urdy Mrs. Charles Urdy Melanie Uribe Don Ward Watt Wardlaw Russell Waters Cindy West Jeremiah Williams Ron Young


INDIVIDUAL FOUNDERS Jim Achilles* Jennifer Anderson Joel Anderson Tricia Argust Kenneth Arnold Jim Arnold Travis Asklund Bob Avant Robin Bailey John T. Baker Jeff Ballard Sue Barker Ben Barnes Vicki Bayer John Beasley, Jr. David Benson Jane Ann Benton Bill Benton Dan Berdoll Sebe Berdoll David Bethke Mike Black Diron Blackburn Ron Blackmore Joe Bland Kaye Blount Benjamin BoBo Brooke Samuel Boothe Mike Boston Kevin Boswell Elizabeth Bouldin Korby Bourne Jim Boyce Rhonda Boyce Benny Boyd, Jr. Donna Brady Dane Braun Rick Brinnel, Sr. Schandra Brock Lisa Brown Gary Brown JP Bryant Steve Bryson Lee Buckley Aaron Buford Wes Burch 32

*Founder member until their passing

Wayne Burklund Kevin Burks Janis Burrow Aaron Cabaza Jimmy Callahan Mike Callahan Murray Callahan Verlin Callahan Leora Callahan-McCarthy Allison Cambell Tommy Carlson Bob Carroll Matt Carson H.C. Carter Margaret Cathey Traci Cavender Laurie Chandler William Cloud Joe Colbert David Collier Jerry Conway Marty Cook Jessica Cooper Perry Coughlin Tommy Cowan Allison Craig Delton Cravey Keith Crawford Laura Culin Rob Cullen Jason Cummins Barry Cunningham Gary Daniel Audrey Darden Drew DeBerry Todd deClairmont Jeff Denton Ken Dickensheets Laura Dodd Danny Doering Robert Dorsett Mickey Dorsey Benjamin Doyle Kenny Dryden Linda Lee Dubuisson Charles W. Graham, DVM

Patricia Eckert Monte Eckert Tom Eckols Helen Eichblatt Mike Eledge Robert Elizondo Chris Elliott Tom Ellis Craig Engelmann Michael Enoch Joe Bob Everett Diana Everman Les Findeisen Mary Lou Fitzpatrick Greg Forbes Bruce Franks Chad Franks Scott Freng Nick Fullen Mike Furry Joe George Bruce Germer Tim Gillespie Kathy Girling-Odom Ricky Gonzales Tyler Graham Cindy Gray Karin Gray Galt Graydon Ross Green Dennis Green Cindy Greenwood Matthew Gurley Shawn Hagler Mo Hamann Leslie Hamann Lorraine Hammett Lisa Hansard Robert Harlan Steve Hartmann Preston Harvey Margaret Heaton Joe Heffington Steve Held Junior Henson Marilyn Hernandez-Honea Scott Hickman B.W. Hickman Steve Hickman Sharon Hightower David Hill Dianne Hill Kelly Hill

Brian Hill Richard Hill Linda Hinkle Cody Hirt Colin Hodges Mike Hodgson Mark Hodgson Don Holcomb Michael Holloway Robert Garrett, III George Meihaus, III Darla Jackson Terry Jackson Dauphen Jackson Robert Jackson Ron Jacoby JP Jansen Anita Janszen Charles Jehl Steve Jennings Virginia Jett Norman Johnson Randy Jones Noelle Jones Tristan Jones Cyleada Jones Wylie Jones Jordan Joe Joseph Steve Kallman Matthew Kaplan David Keister Casey Kelley Kristy Kercheville Matt Kirk David Kinney Carol Kitchens Roy Kovar Kristy Krenek Sharon Kunz Royce Lacey Terri Lacy Greg Lander KaLyn Laney Rick Lange Randy Lawrence Dale Layne Eddie Ledesma Brian Lehne Erin Leon Jenne Levi Paul Linehan Leah Linney Lance Lively

Lynn Lollar Todd Longwell Stacy Looney Tommy Love Michael Lucas Ronald Lucas Gail Lupton Chris Luton Jaime Lynn Jason Magdalena Jeffery Maples Jack Martin Gavin Massingill Monica Masters Dick Matz Mark Maund Jeff McDaniel Wayne McDonald Ray McEachern Kent McEntire Jim McNabb Temetria McVea Vicki Merideth Bryan Millard Tia Miller Kathy Mills Chris Mitchell Josh Mitchell LeighAnn Moehring Elaine Monaghan Jim Monaghan Rebecca Young Montgomery Victor Moreno Kerry Morris Mike Moyer George Murfee Ted Nagel* Jerry Naiser Bill Napier Gary Newman Al Niece Frank Niendorff Van Nimrick Michael Nixon Conna Nye Robert Ochoa Linda Oertli Wayne Orender Carroll Overton Juanita Pearson Will Peckham Debra Pena-Conrad

Paul Pennybacker Melinda Perez Mark Petrusek Brent Pfluger Leonard Philipp Deke Pierce Billy Platt Nola Plumb Jennifer Poehl Lori Polk Shawn Polk Stacie Pollard Steve Popkoff Ronald Potts Edward Priesmeyer Latius Prikryl Rena Pylant Paul Quinn, Sr. Paul Quinn, Jr. Bill Radford Will Ramirez Alisha Randig Jonea Raney Jim Ray Randy Rehmann Mike Reynolds Steven Rhodes Bill Rhyan E.B. “Sonny� Richards Wayne Riddell Steve Rivers Justin Roan Randal Robbins Rick Roberts Karen Robinson Melody Robinson James Robinson Gary Rodgers Roland Rodriguez Larry Roepke Ronald Roithner John Rogers, Jr. Doug Rummel Nolan Ryan Larry Sandlin Clint Sayers Scott Schenk Richard Schmidt Buddy Schroeder Dennis Scott James Scott Brian Scott Danny Seay

Dan Seeds Susan Sheehan Michael Shelton John Shelton Mike Shipper Wade Shumaker Dannie Simons Tiffany Simpson Michael Sloan Mack Smith Elaine Sobotik Melvin Sobotik Leilani Solberg Jay Southworth Barbara Staley David Stevens D. Shane Stevens Brad Stewart Steve Stolle Craig Stoppenhagen Joe Straub Terry Struble Floyd Stull Steve Summers Rick Talley Bill Tamm John Taylor Bryan Teich Bill Thompson Tony Tijerina Michelle Tobias Jim Tracey Adrian Trevino Steve Trevino Manny Trinidad Shaun Tuggle Kenneth Tumlinson B.L. Turlington Stacy Turlington-Dollar Sharon Turner Ricky Turner Jim Turner Terry Turner Gilbert Turrieta Alex Valdes Gary Valdez Melissa Valerio Rachel Vasquez Bert Vasut Edward Volek Wayne Voswinkel Marlene Wahl Kristie Waid

Suann Waight Brenda Walker Justin Walker D. Sue Watson Steve Watson Mike Weaver Fred Weber Steve Whitaker Ronald White Don White Dana White Stephanie Whitten Roselind Wieland Kerry Wiggins Cassandra Wiggins Laura Wilkes Duke Williams Richard Williams Michael Willingham Randy Willis Jaymes Willoughby Jerry Winetroub Whitney Withers Cliff Woerner Brian Yarbrough Angelo Zottarelli




46 Cattle, LLC Air Wise, Inc. All State Plumbing Alta Builders, Inc. Alterman, Inc. American Constructors, Inc. Austin Engineering Company Austin Region Sovereign Bank Austin Underground, Inc. BMC Select Baker Drywall Austin, LTD Bank of America Merrill Lynch Bar Ten Creek Ranch Berry - Gammon Partnership Border States Electric Box & Associates Bradley Bryan & Associates Brown Distributing Company Callahan’s General Store Calvin’s Electric, LLC Capital Land & Livestock Company Capital Wright Distributing Capitol Aggregrates, Inc. Captex Development Company Carpenter & Associates, Inc. Centex Materials Central Texas Diesel Chasco Constructors, LTD Comerica Bank Craig Cherico Crawford Electric Supply Company Curtis & Carolyn Calhoun Family Partnership, LTD Cypress Valley Preserve DRW Electric, LLC Dewey Electric, Inc. Dickey & Son Concrete, Inc. Don Wilson Jewelers Ed Padgett Company, Inc. Elgin Breeding Service Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc. Factory Mattress Sales Farm Credit Bank of Texas Floyd’s Glass Company Foodservice Management Systems, Inc. Foust Excavating Fox Service Company

GGI Technologies Georgetown Innerloop Self Storage Gracy Title Company Granite Antler Ranch Graves, Dougherty, Hearon & Moody Greater Austin Development Greenwood Harkins, Inc. Griffin Motors Guthrie Lumber Sales, Inc. Hapbach, LLC Hardin Interests Harrell Enterprises, Inc. Hayden Concrete, Inc. Hellas Construction, Inc. Henna Chevrolet, LP Herzog Foundation Drilling, Inc. HL Chapman Pipeline Construction Hunter Industries, LTD Ironwood Enterprises Jackson Livestock & Ranches O.B. Jackson, Jr. M.D. Jacobs Engineering Jay Evans Company, LTD Jeffery L. Nash Family, LP Jerry Deese and Company Jimmy Evans Company K L Specialties K.R.M. Concrete KVET/KASE KVUE Television, Inc. Kendrick Land Investment Key Sprinkler Company Knolle Management, LC Lago Builders, Inc. Lanford Equipment Company, Inc. Lariat B Ranch, LTD Lauren Concrete, LP Leif Johnson Ford II, LTD Legacy Bone & Joint Orthopedics Lewis Sign Lifetime Aquatics Locke Lord, LLP M Rathmann, LLC MK Development Manufacturers Insurance Agency Margie Joseph & Associates Realtors Martin Marietta Martine Properties, Inc. Maund Automotive Group Maverick Excavating Maxwell Locke & Ritter, LLP McNeil FFA Miscellaneous Steel Industries, Inc. Moore & Moore Enterprises, LTD Mr. Inspector

Norton Rose Fulbright, LLP Pacesetter Personnel Pepsi Beverages Company Powell Ebert Smolik PC Prater Automotive Company, Inc. RGC Advanced Glass, Inc. Ramming Paving Company, LTD Ranger Excavating Reinhardt’s, Inc. Republic National Distributing Company Riata Enterprises Reveille Peak Ranch River City Drywall, LP River City Hose & Supply, Inc. Roger Beasley Mazda, Inc. Rosendin Electric Salem’s Auto Center Schmidt Electric Company, Inc. Schmidt Ranch Schneider Ranch Skinner Transportation, Inc. Smith Excavating & Paving, Inc. Solis Security, Inc. Southside Wrecker Spencer Construction Sterling Custom Homes, Inc. Stock Building Supply Stroup Corporation, LLC Sundance Metal Fabricators Technology Pointe Teeple Partners, Inc. Tex-Con Oil Company Texas Corrugators Texas Enterprise, Inc. Texas Surety The Burt Group The Grass Patch, Inc. The Luedecke Group Realtors The McCarty Corporation The Sleep Shop The Wheeler Companies The Whitley Company Thyssen Krupp Elevator Tiemann Land & Cattle Development, Inc. Tim’s Acres, LTD Twin Oaks Game Ranch, LLC Vinco Construction Voelker Welding & Construction, Inc. Waterloo Development, Inc. Wells Fargo Advisors Westmoreland Plumbing Company YB Ranch


The purpose of the 100X Dance Hall Committee is to provide a hospitality-driven country dance hall during the Fair & Rodeo that provides an entertainment opportunity for volunteers, the public and ProRodeo Athletes.

Don Mabry, Chair Stephen Cummings, Vice Chair Brant Dickerson, Vice Chair Lance Lively, Past President Liaison Keith Berdoll, Vice President Liaison Angela Adams Amanda Bryand

Margi Clark Melinda Corbett Paige Dahl Michelle Desormeau Roberts Kristin Gilstrap Barbara Goodson Kristen Goodson Klaus Donald Goodson jr Courtney Holland Sara J Watson


Jeffrey Jackson Ed Johns Cindy Jones Wende Juarez David Keister Melissa Kennedy Denise Kirkham April Mabry Jim Marciel Cameron McElhany Dalton Moore

Kirsten Notaro Morgan Pool Pamela Renner Kenny Schmidlin Elisa Vela James Whiteley Richard Williams Blair Williamson Audrey Darden Hope Van Der Heijden Edward Vargas

Ambassadors handing out Rodeo Austin swag at Cowboy Breakfast.


The purpose of the Ambassadors Committee is to provide brand promotion at community events, facilitate the Rodeo Rumble and School Tours, staff the Information Booth and host public tours during the Fair & Rodeo.

Marie Richter, Chair Ashley Ledesma, Vice Chair Ginny Miller, Vice Chair Gilbert Turrieta, Past President Liaison Brian Yarbrough, Vice President Liaison Keith Alonzo Sandy Barbari Dewy Brooks Christina Bryant Audrey Cedillo Sharon Chandler Suzette Cole Lisa D'Amato

Marvin Davis Jeff De Leon Scott DeVetter Julie Deinzer Kayoko Ellis Marco Escobedo Kelly Fetter Andrea Foster Mark Hodges Rick Hulsey Stephanie Johnson Christine Johnson David Keister Stephanie Lemke Stacie Pollard Loree Mathieson

Thomas (Tom) McAnn Taylor McBride Kristin Miner Mark Mitchell Abigail Monk Donna Moore Michael Norton Robert Olivo Joseph Radford Marie Richter Joy Roman Susan Ronshausen Tina Steiner Tim Smith Lynda Smith Jonathan Teague

Cheri Trinidad Manny Trinidad Susan Turrieta Roxy VanLoo Ashley Vargas Chris Watson Laurie Whisenhunt Richard Williams Syed Zaman Linde S. Dytrich Nina Raudy Beth Reese Shannyn Scovil



BACKSTAGE Temetria McVea, Chair Erica Cook, Vice Chair Kristen Kirkpatrick, Vice Chair Lance Lively, Past President Liaison Joel Anderson, Past President Liaison Michelle Allen Sandy Barbari Christopher Birmingham Audrey Cedillo Allison Cambell

Margi Clark Kaylee Cottee Marbel Donosso James Everett Carter Fields Mike Frost Jackie Frost D'Wan Grimes Steven Hartmann Rebecca Horne Manda Isbell Jason Johnson Jen Johnston




Brad Boyett, Chair Paul Hermesmeyer, Vice Chair Wanda Hawkins, Vice Chair Margie Petru, Vice Chair Laura Culin, Vice Chair Fred Weber, Past President Liaison Brian Yarbrough, Past President Liaison Chris Adkins Michelle Allen Mitchell Bayer Danielle Boyett

Susan Boyett Dewy Brooks Andre Bryant Robyn Calvery David Cantu Cheryl Carrabba Sharon Chandler Jeff Denton Susan Dorsey Mickey Dorsey Diana Everman Londa Freeman Jerimy French Alma Garza Javier Garza

The purpose of the Backstage Committee is to provide a safe, secure and relaxed environment for the main stage performer, as well as their crew, band and family.

Mike Johnston Noelle Jones Wende Juarez Ashley Karpinski Alesha Marburger Laurie Miller Christina Muniz Victoria Olivarez Nichole Patteson Gary Pena Chris Powell Savannah Powers Beth Reese

Pamela Renner Mark Salazar Alyssa Sjolander Loretta Smith Mandy Stanley Randall Surrey Lynne Tames Tammy Tschirhart Michael Wehmeyer Jeri Wines Jamie Wood Amanda Worrell Edward Vargas

The purpose of the BBQ Auction & Concert Committee is to host the annual BBQ Auction & Concert that takes place prior to the Fair & Rodeo.

Justin Grant Linda Gurian Keith Gurian Margaret Hermesmeyer Gary Jones Logan Kimble Ron Little Christian Lloyd David Lord John Lubenow Annette Mach Tracie McKee George Mihalopoulos Oscar Montoya Tracy Montoya

David Palmer Richard Plumb Terri Reiley Mike Richardson Mark Roeder Jacqueline Roland Mike Ryon Michele Ryon LeAnne Schram Melvin Sobotik Eleaine Sobotik Chris Watson

BBQ Auction & Dance


BBQ AUSTIN Shayne Lockhart, Chair Nola Plumb, Vice Chair Richard Plumb, Vice Chair Oscar Montoya, Vice Chair Susan Dorsey, Vice Chair Brian Lehne, Past President Liaison Keith Berdoll, Past President Liaison Donny Adkins Lauren Adkins Melissa Adkins Michelle Allen Tommy Barker Dewy Brooks Chris Browder Andre Bryant Cheryll Byrd Todd Butler Anthony Cantu David Cantu Cheryl Carrabba Sharon Chandler Julie Deinzer Jeff Denton Cindy Dixon Mickey Dorsey Linde S. Dytrich Paula Eason Diana Everman Belinda Flores Nicholas Forcier Londa Freeman

Jerimy French Rene Gallegos Alma Garza Judy Graven Lorna Green Linda Gurian Keith Gurian Robin Hart Wanda Hawkins Margaret Hermesmeyer Paul Hermesmeyer Matt Heytens Trudy Hill Joshua Hill Kathy Jackson Shannon Jacque Joelene Jensen Julie Johnson Gary Jones Cindy Jones David Keister Logan Kimble Denise Kirkham Ryan Klebba Art Klebba Mallory Klebba Doug LaPlante Deanna LaPlante Leola Lamb Tom Langley Victoria Lee Denise Little Ron Little Christian Lloyd

The purpose of the BBQ Austin Committee is to host BBQ Austin that takes place the weekend prior to start of the Fair & Rodeo.

Kim Lockhart David Lord Coretta Love Vivian Loya Gloria Lubenow John Lubenow Chris Luton Katherine Lutter Annette Mach Melinda Martinez Tracie McKee Kimberly Meredith George Mihalopoulos Tracy Montoya Paulette Morris Malissa Munson Davy Munsterman Jerry Naiser Randal Nutt Johanna O'Brien Corey Oliver David Palmer Sherry Payne Jose Pena Helen Pena Margie Petru William Pruitt Samantha Ramirez David Ramirez Lainey Ramsey Beth Reese Sandra Reese Terri Reiley Susan Reynolds

Kristi Richards Mike Richardson Harry Rivera Rick Roberts Bailey Rodriguez Roland Rodriguez Mark Roeder Michele Ryon Mike Ryon Eric Schoenduby LeAnne Schram Mark Schram Allison Shoot Diane Simmons Sheila Slagel Eleaine Sobotik Melvin Sobotik Donald Solberg Leilani Solberg Erika Steele Jed Taylor Melissa Thomas Jeff Thompson Sharon Trammell Katherine Tuggey Jennifer Van Overdam Clarence Victorian Katie Victorian Karen Wawak Ronald (Cooter) White Kreg White Rhonda Willingham Gaynell Wilson Brandon Zamarripa 37



The purpose of the Competitive Events Committee is to provide a safe level of competition during the Livestock and Horse shows throughout the 15 day Fair & Rodeo. The Committee prides itself on promoting agriculture with live demonstrations and displays.


Bob Carroll, Chair Greg Schultz, Vice Chair Chris Mellenbruch, Vice Chair Bobbie Bishop, Vice Chair Jeff Dodd, Vice Chair Doug Vrabel, Vice Chair Eddie Ledesma, Past President Liaison Rick Lange, Vice President Liaison Noell Alley Bob Bishop Kacy Blackburn Penny Lewis Blackburn Harley Blackburn Melissa Bond Ashley Bradley Jennifer Bremer Sydney Buford Diana Burrow Cheryll Byrd Amber Callahan Allison Cambell Nida Chompunich Stephanie Clutter Shelley Conran Stephen Conran Tim Conroy Katherine Conroy Krisha Cook Valerie Cox Dave Cox

Eddie Cox Ross Davis Pedro Delamora Jeremy Deutsch Tanner Dodd Kerbie Dodd James Dunklin Louise Dunklin Michele Dupy Ryan Ellis Harold Eubanks Kristin Farrack Sandie Faske Will Feild Jesse Fender Greg Forbes Brenda Foss Yvonne Foster Edith Foushe Shelley Franklin Mike Frost Michael Garcia Scott Gaskamp Ike Glass Cassandra Goethe Velma Gonzales Cindy Gray Terry Grona Charlotte Grona Jerry Grona Diane Hagan Kyle Hammock Sheryl Harper Ross Harper

Melissa Forbes Wanda Hawkins Sarah Hendricks Brandon Henkes Paul Hermesmeyer Scott Heselmeyer Lannes Hilboldt Brian Hill Jessica Hobbs Vernon Hodde Jason Hodde Mark Hodges Colton Hoffman Courtney Holland Katherine Howard Billy Inman Martin Jackson Shannon Jacque Jeff Jezierski Shawn Johnson Cindy Jones Wende Juarez Pamela Kardosz Dusty Kiggins Ashley Killgore Gaskamp Eddie Ledesma Dawn Liesmann Sara Lisch Betty Marak Sharon Marcon Danny McDaniel Jan McDonald Adriana Mendoza Sigai Vicki Merideth Lukan Metcalf-Sears Melanie Mitchell Paige Smith Christina Muniz JJ Murphy Gary Newman Chasity Norman Courtney Oldham Dwain Osborne Leslie Osmera Laura Parunak

William Peckham Jolee Pekarek Marie Pesch Margie Petru Ray Pieniazek Morgan Pool Carla Pope-Osborne Savannah Powers Shirley Pruitt Jeffrey Pruitt Will Ramirez Erin Randig Penny Reeves Jacqueline Roland Matthew Rosilier Clara Schlemeyer Emily Sinclair Kelsey Sinclair Mary Tracy Smith Michael Stathem Joy Sylvester Jim Sylvester Rickey Talley April Terbay Joe Terbay Ruth Thomas Jesse Trocino Terry Turner Jessica Twohig Gina Valdez Griselda Venegas Susan Vrabel Donna Wallace Laurel Wesson James Whiteley Doug Wilson Corey Wilson Shirley Winsier Jamie Wood Joe Yepez Cindy Yepez

Cowboy Breakfast's 25th Anniversary


CALF SCRAMBLE Shirley Pruitt, Chair Cindy Pulley, Vice Chair Tim Smith, Vice Chair Fred Weber, Past President Liaison Joel Anderson, Vice President Liaison Justin Berry Pamela Brenk Alexander Bridges Julie Brockway Logan Carroll Frances Cera Isabel Chacon Suzette Cole

Mikayla Dansby Mary DeWitt-Rodriguez Ryan Ellis Carter Fields Jeff Fuller Garrett George Jordan Hawkins Justin Hawkins Paul Hermesmeyer Matt Heytens Courtney Holland James Hoskins Cynthia Hoskins Dauphen Jackson James Janysek


COWBOY BREAKFAST Melinda Fiebig, Chair Sherry Krupinski, Vice Chair Ben Haley, Vice Chair Carla Ford, Vice Chair Jeffrey Rutkowski, Vice Chair Hap Feuerbacher, Past President Liaison David Kardosz, Vice President Liaison Chris Adkins Donny Adkins Melissa Adkins Justin Berry Robyn Calvery

The purpose of the Calf Scramble Committee is to raise funds to award 4-H/ FFA students certificates to purchase a livestock project of their choosing and to show at the next year’s event. The committee administers the Ultimate Scramble Championship event at Rodeo Austin.

Mariana Caro Suzette Cole Julie Deinzer Kerbie Dodd Christine Duke Shelby Earl Andrew Fiebig David Fiebig Scott Fiebig Julie Gonzales Kristen Goodson Klaus Justin Grant Judy Graven Ellen Haley James Harris Linda Howell

Stephanie Johnson Ashley Ledesma Brittany Ledesma Eddie Ledesma Laren Lott Ethan Luckie Colton Lunceford Jennifer Lunceford Monica Masters Brandon Mcelderry Christina Muniz Terry Ochoa Codi Ochoa Robert Ochoa Jesika Petruck

Clayton Pulley Roland Rodriguez Bailey Rodriguez Clara Schlemeyer Susan Sheehan Lynda Smith Jake Straub Krystal Towery Steve Trevino Kellie Trinidad Manny Trinidad Richard Williams Cristian Zavala

The purpose of the Cowboy Breakfast Committee is to plan, organize and coordinate Rodeo Austin’s Cowboy Breakfast.

Shawn Johnson Mike Johnston Jen Johnston Dennis Kemper Stacey Voelker Stacie Pollard Michael Marek Melanie Mitchell Michael Norton Jose Pena Helen Pena Melinda Perez Kandyce Phelps Louise Reinhardt Ralph Reinhardt Pamela Renner

Glendy Rios Eddy Ronshausen Robin Ross Pamala Rutkowski Jed Taylor Jennifer Van Overdam Scott Voelker Sandra Voelker Stan Voelker Caitlyn Shumaker Steven Voelker Rebekah Voelker Edwin Young Brandi Young





The purpose of the Event Staff Committee is to provide a first-rate customer service experience for guests inside the ProRodeo arena and Founders Club by managing ticketed entrances, assisting with seat location, and enforcing the Rodeo Austin Ticket Policies.


Tia Miller, Chair Leonard Jones, Vice Chair Diane Hagan, Vice Chair Novella Heffington, Vice Chair Steve Summers, Vice Chair Gilbert Turrieta, Past President Liaison Brian Yarbrough, Vice President Liaison Suzi Anderson Debra Anderson Julie Arldt Brian Aubin Linda Aubin Robin Bailey Jenn Barker Jackson Barry Breana Barton Sheri (Wise) Beggs Ponda Bethke Shirley Bibles Karen Boes Billie Bonugli Christy Bonugli Daniel Boone Sharon Boone Sharon Boone Megan Brandt Andrew Brandt Aaron Bray James Bray Gina Bresett Kristopher Brewer Alexander Bridges Ruth Bullock Christy Burch Anthony Cantu Rhedd Carle Nicki Carpenter DeeDee Carter Mike Carter

Davey Castro Treyler Caulfield Phillip Chappell Wiliam Cleveland Andrea Cleveland Jill Collins Ronda Comer Krisha Cook Sharon Cooper Jean Crawford Lisa D'Amato Pamela Daniel Brenda Davidson Michelle Desormeau Roberts Amber Dodson Lolita Doll Robert "Bob" Doss Tonja Ellerbroek Carrie Esparza Lindsey Evans Diana Everman Earl Farris Mark Fenton Stacey Fenton Mike Fitch Pamela Flynn Michelle Fox Londa Freeman Makaylah Fuller Christina Garcia Michelle Garcia Linda Garner Amy Garvel Shirley Garvel Brian Garvel Alma Garza Lisa Gebhardt Robert Gebhardt Billy Giles Dorothy Gillette Stu Goldberg Dawn Goldberg Dianne Gomez

Julie Gonzales Juan Gonzalez Armando Gonzalez Carlene Gonzalez Judy Graven Karen Green Elaina Griffiths Michael Grooms Pam Grooms Cassidy Hall Mary-Gail Hamilton Kyle Hammock Stacey Harris Judi Havard Kit Haverland Roger Haverland Pete Heffley Tracy Henson Cyleta Herbert Bruce Herbert Oz Hernandez Misty Hernandez Jessie Hickman Linda Hickman Jeanette Hickman Brenda Highsmith Lannes Hilboldt Cynthia Hill Rod Homer Diana Hood Trisha Howard Linda Howell Lori Hudson Charlotte Huggett Rick Hulsey Kristen Indriago Sara J Watson Kathy Jackson Megan Jackson James Janysek Amy Jett Harleigh Johns Linda Johnson Tiffany Johnson Donna Johnson Tyrone Johnson Mary Lou Jones Cyleada Jones Britt Jones Dennis Kemper Scott Kaderka Caroline Kaufmann Mike Kelly

Melissa Kennedy Denise Kirkham Harry Klein Norma Klein Mark Knolle Leslie Knudsen Tiffany Koenig Robert Lopez Sylvia Lopez Leola Lamb Kevin Lancaster Brad Lancaster Chuck Lancaster Jacob Lancaster Marie Landon Megan Landon Brian Lantz Kelly Larson Joshua Lawton Gregory Ledenbach Frances Ledenbach Stacie Pollard Becky Linam Leah Linney Diana Lopez Tamela Louvier Larry Luckie Cynthia Luckie Anita Lundell Katherine Lutter Annette Mach Charlie Malouff Jim Marciel Michael Marek Samantha Mariotti Angela Mariotti Haley Marlow Thomas Mason David Mason John Mason Sheryl Mason Loree Mathieson Cat Mattingly Stacy Mattke-Johns Della Maxson Tracie McKee Tim McKellop Amber Mcgee Kimberly Meredith Keith Merkel Davina Merkel Deborah Milam Nacole Miller

Bobby Miller Ginny Miller Norm Miner Kristin Miner Vikki Mock Donna Moore Sean Moore Joan Moreland Margarita Moreno Katrina Nance LaQuita Nauert Jason Nehring Megan Nehring Jessica Nehring Cecelia Noll Randal Nutt Jack O'Neill Elena Oconnor Ric Olivarez Victoria Olivarez Chelsea Oliver Suzy Oliver-Pearson Shawnalee Olmeda Lynn Olson Steve Orsborn Wesley Pearson Margie Petru Mark Petrusek Beverly Petrusek Gail Pitchford

Robert Pitchford Morgan Pool Suzanna Power Tommy Powers Greg Pryer Linda Pryer Liz Pryer Chance Pryer Susan Pryer Savannah Pryer Junie Quilty Henderson Marco Mariotti Wesley Raney Tina Raney Jonea Raney Bruce Raney Kimberly Reaves Sandra Reese David Reineke Nancy Retzloff Norma Reyna John Reyna Kristi Richards Mike Richardson Harry Rivera Evelyn Robinson Julie Ross Clark Ross Patricia Ruff Susan Rychlik


KICK OPEN THE CHUTES Stephen Cummings, Chair Jake Straub, Vice Chair Kristin Gilstrap, Vice Chair Hap Feuerbacher, Past President Liaison Dauphen Jackson, Vice President Liaison Jeremy Atkinson Robin Bailey

John Biehl Amanda Bryand Krisha Cook Michelle Desormeau Roberts Javier Garza Garrett George Jerry Greer Susan Greer Ed Johns

Tina Steiner Sammy Salazar David Scarborough Pam Scarborough Ashley Scarborough LeAnne Schram Brenda Scott LeAnna Scott Ray Selvera James Shelton Royana Sims James Smith Cassandra Smith Curtis Smith Cheryl Smith Sandi Smith Donald Solberg Leilani Solberg Mary Kay Spellman Shelia Stacey Michael Stathem Brooke Stevenson Susan Tressler Christy Taylor Melissa Thomas Carl Thomas Ruth Thomas Charles Tijerina Ricky Tindell Sonja Tindell

Michelle Tocydlowski Ashley Tressler Samantha TruchsessStathem Tammy Tschirhart Terry Turner David Urban Alicia Vardo Ashley Vargas Jimmy Vasquez Diane Vasquez Irene Venegas Mitch Walker Jordan Phillips Donna Wallace Gayl Webb Laurie Whisenhunt Jeannie Williams Rhonda Willingham Gaynell Wilson Brian Windham Ashley Winslett Brian Winslett Laura Winslett Darrell Winslett Shauntal Winslett Carter Wisian Dawn Wuthrich Ceceil Ybarra Edward Vargas

Kick Open the Chutes committee raises funds to support the Rodeo Austin mission by hosting a pre-party on the dirt of the arena floor the night before the Fair & Rodeo opens its gates. Volunteers seek sponsorships and provide support for logistics and event sales.

Christine Johnson Logan Kimble Leslie Knudsen Kathy Korte Ashley Landau Kirsten Notaro Clayton Pulley Wesley Raney Tina Raney Clara Schlemeyer

Nicole Sisca Mary Kay Spellman Brooke Stevenson Jake Straub Christy Taylor Travis Thorne Hope van der Heijden





The purpose of the Rodeo Austin Gala Committee is to support the youth of Texas and the Scholarship Fund of Rodeo Austin by working year round to secure auction items and table sales for the annual Rodeo Austin Gala & Youth Art Auction.

The purpose of the Rodeo Austin Hospitality Committee is to provide hot meals to personnel and contestants during the 15-day Fair & Rodeo.

Monica Masters, Chair Jardin Loeffler, Vice Chair Calley Callahan Asklund, Vice Chair Gilbert Turrieta, Past President Liaison Rick Lange, Vice President Liaison Kathryn Brady Amber Callahan Francesca Cimino Lindsay Fetty Ana Johnson Ashley Ledesma Dawn Liesmann Cynthia Pierson Pulley Shirley Pruitt Susan Thompson Krystal Towery Cassandra Wiggins




Joel Anderson, Chair Richard Plumb, Vice Chair Steve Salyers, Vice Chair Shayne Lockhart, Vice Chair Fred Weber, Past President Liaison Jennifer Anderson Jerry Cooke Valerie Cox Dave Cox Mikayla Dansby Kelly Fetter Edith Foushe Mike Frost Javier Garza Linda Gurian Keith Gurian Kristen Indriago Sara J Watson Christine Johnson

Johnny Klemm Sylvia Lopez Robert Lopez Teresa Lozano Virgina Lozano Marty Martinez Danny McDaniel Dwain Osborne Junie Quilty Henderson Pamela Renner Mark Salazar Renae Salyers Ashley Scarborough Shannyn Scovil Karen Shultz Mary Kay Spellman Sharon Trammell Elisa Vela Laurie Whisenhunt Rhonda Willingham Ceceil Ybarra


The purpose of the Junior Leader Program is to give youth an opportunity to serve the community and learn about Rodeo Austin's Operation.

Tricia Sullivan, Chair Marilyn Jackson, Vice Chair Fred Weber, Past President Liaison KaLyn Laney, Vice President Liaison Dylon Allen Jordan Smith Karlee Vinklarek Brinn Vinklarek Jessica Hebel Reagan Whitson

Savannah Reames Logan Anderson Kylie Duett Avery Schoss Jeffery Morphis Reese Jennings Sydney Kurtz Victoria Knebel Bella Snider Nola Barker Emily Parker Halie Heacock Makenzi Reina

Corinn Oliver Aiden Winters Derek Konz Alexandria Johnson Hannah Gabaldon Kara Kaderka Rachelle Yepez Mason Kelley Alina Rangel Trey Hulsey Kenzy Hoffmann Trey Hoffmann Hannah Griffin

Samantha Ramirez Kassandra Pineda Ricardo Chavez Ramiro Chavez Jessie Ledesma Ryleigh Murphy Remi Murphy Ashtyn Kardosz Hayden Holder Alyssa Matthews Erin Williams James Hendricks


The purpose of the Xtreme Seats Committee is to host Xtreme Seat patrons in the Rodeo Arena and ensure they have a safe and enjoyable experience.

The purpose of the Mutton Bustin' Committee is to safely facilitate Mutton Bustin' in the Rodeo Arena and Wild West Tent.

Stacy Looney, Chair Tricia Sullivan, Vice Chair Lance Lively, Past President Liaison Keith Berdoll, Vice President Liaison John Barrows David Benson Terri Bowden Jerry Burgener Allison Cambell Margi Clark Michael Conner Heather Cron Krystin Ebbers Steven Hartmann Shonda Hollier Jason Johnson Jen Johnston Mike Johnston David Kilventon


SOUVENIR Susan Thompson, Chair Matthew Ronshausen, Vice Chair Eddie Ledesma, Past President Liaison KaLyn Laney, Vice President Liaison Tanya Badillo Breana Barton

Sara Kilventon Leslie Knudsen Sallie Knudsen Mitchell McDermott Vikki Mock Abigail Monk Steve Moreland John Nolker Joni Picukaric Savannah Powers Vicki Renfro Jennifer Rowsey Kelly Sartain Loretta Smith Randall Surrey Russell Thurmon Marcy Weldin Amy Wentworth Jamie Wise Amanda Worrell




Jeri Leseman, Chair Kirsten Lollar, Vice Chair Shaun Tuggle, Past President Liaison Rick Lange, Vice President Liaison Francesca Cimino Jamie Evans Megan King Melissa Forbes Rebecca Horne Leslie Jackson

Elaine Jackson Kelsey Leseman Terry Ochoa Codi Ochoa Ali Rhyan Krystal Towery Cathie Tuggle Rachel Vasquez Callie Ward Tiffany Weber Cassandra Wiggins

The purpose of the Souvenir Committee is to organize, promote and sell official Rodeo Austin souvenirs.

Vicki Crouch Sarah Dooge Tonja Ellerbroek Kelly Fetter Michele Golding Dana Gonzalez Mary-Gail Hamilton Courtney Howell KaLyn Laney

Eddie Ledesma Becky Linam Mariana Martinez Ashley McDaniel Melanie Mitchell Patricia Molina Tiffany Moran Marcela Ortiz-Martinez Joy Roman

Alisha Ronshausen Nancy Ronshausen Tina Steiner Rebecca Schroeder Sharon Trammell Rachel Vasquez Joesph Walter Edwin Young




OPERATIONS Steven Voelker, Chair Kevin Todd, Vice Chair Ronald White, Vice Chair Jeff Denton, Vice Chair Shawn Hohnstreiter, Vice Chair Randy Lawrence Brian Lehne, Past President Liaison David Kardosz, Vice President Liaison Michael "Opie" Blackburn, Jr. John Barrows

Bob Carroll Margi Clark Michael Coggin Ross Davis Cynthia Dear Douglas Dear Ryan Ellis Robert Everett Scott Grant Pete Heffley Brian Hill Jeremy Hohnstreiter Scott Kaderka Melissa Kennedy


Mark Knolle Debby Lawrence Randy Lawrence LaQuita Nauert Chris Norton Jennifer Orman Chris Powell Crystal Pugh Eric Pugh Severiano Ramirez Jr Wesley Raney Tina Raney Jason Reineke Glendy Rios

Karen Shultz Chris Slahetka Jed Taylor Ravel Todd Kevin Todd Terry Turner Leticia Vazquez Roger Vazquez Marj Waley Todd "Chewy" deClairmont

The purpose of the Rodeo Committee is to provide a fair and safe event for contestants and world class entertainment for fans.

RODEO Ricky Masters, Chair Travis Randig, Vice Chair Tyler Graham, Vice Chair Jason Krenek, Vice Chair Charles Leseman, Sr., Vice Chair Shaun Tuggle, Past President Liaison David Kardosz , Vice President Liaison Charlie Adkisson Dane Andress Jason Andress Lloyd Bjorgo

The purpose of the Operations Committee is to support all committees of Rodeo Austin logistically and hands-on through setup, execution of, and completion of each committee’s respective events. The Operations committee will ensure the acts, exhibits and vendors are welcomed, their needs are met during set up, show time and teardown, while ensuring contracts are followed and in compliance.

Johnathan Brockway Darren Combie Brandon Crain Jed Evans Scott Fiebig Matt Fortes Louie Garcia Bailey Garcia James Grimm John Jackson John Kelley Dennis Kelley Kristy Krenek Jimmy Lau


Starla Lawhon Frank Lawhon Tevin Lawhon Melanie Ledesma Charles Leseman II Lynn Lollar Jon Lollar Daniel Madera Monica Masters Danny (Richard) Masters Delbert McKenzie David Mellenbruch Dalton Moore Chris Moya

Robert Ochoa Michael Orman Jeffrey Pruitt Walter Randig Alisha Randig Richard Reinap Bill Rhyan Bill Tamm Leo Velarde Adam Walton Tommy Ward

The purpose of the Scholarship and Endowment Committee is to set policies for the Rodeo Austin Scholarship Program and to actively grow the Rodeo Austin Endowment.


Dauphen Jackson, Chair Joel Anderson Hap Feuerbacher 44

Haskell Griffin Rick Lange KaLyn Laney Eddie Ledesma

Brian Lehne Lance Lively Stacy Looney Temetria McVea

Jamie McWright Latius Prikryl Joe Straub Fred Weber


SHOOT OUT SPORTING CLAY TOURNAMENT Caleb Stafford, Chair Jake Straub, Vice Chair Ashley Ulbricht, Vice Chair Charlie Ulbricht, Vice Chair Charlie Hamilton, Vice Chair Shaun Tuggle, Past President Liaison Dauphen Jackson, Vice President Liaison Justin Berry Allison Cambell Ronda Comer Kristin Farrack

Justin Grant Matt Heytens Brian Hill Jason Johnson Britt Jones Kristen Kirkpatrick Sara Lisch Dawson McGough Melanie Mitchell Gary Newman Chris Norton Michael Norton Courtney Oldham


YOUTH AUCTION Jardin Loeffler, Chair Benny Boyd, Jr., Vice Chair Russell Waters, Vice Chair Gene Patalik, Vice Chair Bill Rhyan, Vice Chair Logan Carroll, Vice Chair Drew DeBerry, Vice Chair Courtney Oldham, Vice Chair Joel Anderson, Vice Chair Dawn Liesman, Vice Chair Brian Lehne, Past President Liaison Dauphen Jackson, Vice President Liaison Harley Blackburn Penny Lewis Blackburn Ashley Bradley Jennifer Buaas Robyn Calvery Cheryl Carrabba

James Dunklin Jamie Evans Jed Evans Sandie Faske Megan King Ricky Gonzales Melissa Forbes Jessica Hobbs Katherine Howard Manda Isbell Noelle Jones Logan Kimble Andrea McFarland Temetria McVea Vicki Merideth Josh Mitchell Chasity Norman Dwain Osborne David Palmer Cynthia Pierson Pulley

The purpose of the Shoot Out Sporting Clay Tournament Committee is to host the annual Sporting Clay Tournament. The Shoot Out is designed to generate revenue to further the mission of Rodeo Austin.

Ric Olivarez Jose Pena Melinda Perez Eddy Ronshausen Robin Ross Kimberly Sowers Sabrina Stafford Michelle Tocydlowski Terry Turner Michael Wehmeyer Corey Wilson

The purpose of the Youth Auction Committee is to support the projects of the youth of Texas and the Rodeo Austin Scholarship Fund, through fundraising, organizing and administering the Youth Auction event.

Annette Podrebarac Victoria Podrebarac Roland Rodriguez Bailey Rodriguez Nancy Ronshausen Sheila Slagel Loretta Smith Kimberly Sowers Steve Summers Christy Taylor Craig Teykl Connie Teykl Terry Turner Susan Turrieta Michael Wehmeyer Debbie Wieland Cassandra Wiggins Amanda Worrell


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