Rodeo Austin Annual Report 2018-2019

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OVERVIEW About Rodeo Austin 6 Total Giving 7 Financial Overview 10 Sponsors 12 Marketing 13

EVENTS Attendance 14 Carnival 16 Food & Beverage 17 ProRodeo & Concert Tickets 18 ProRodeo 20 Music 22 Youth Auction 27 Youth Education 28 Competitive Events 30 Shoot Out Sporting Clay Tournament 32 BBQ Auction & Concert 33 Rodeo Austin Gala & Youth Art Show 34 Cowboy Breakfast 35 BBQ Austin 36 Kick Open the Chutes 37

VOLUNTEERS Volunteer Awards Committee Member Listings

38 40

Photography by Mark Matson, Kirt Steinke, Show Photo by Katina, Jay Brittain 3



I am honored to have served as President of Rodeo Austin this past year. 2018-2019 was a record-breaking year and I am proud to have been a part of it. After our great fall fundraisers – Shoot Out Sporting Clay Tournament and BBQ Auction & Concert – the Rodeo Austin Gala returned in February with the Youth Art Auction. The Youth Art Auction had record entries this year and 60 pieces of student art went into the live and silent auctions at the Gala. Cowboy Breakfast and BBQ Austin kicked off an incredible March season for Rodeo Austin. BBQ Austin was held March 8-9, 2019 and was fortunate to have perfect weather. The event attracted over 30,000 guests! 2019 brought a brand-new event to Rodeo Austin, Kick Open the Chutes – Party on the Dirt! Held March 15, 2019, the night before the Fair & Rodeo began, the arena doors were opened and over 1,000 guests were able to experience Rodeo Austin from behind the scenes. The experience included food trucks, cold drinks and live music from Sam Riggs and Wade Bowen.

JOE STRAUB 2018-2019 Rodeo Austin President


The Fair & Rodeo took place March 16-30 and introduced new attractions to the Southside of the Fairgrounds – Turkey Races, Bubble Bayou, a comedy show Tumbleweed Crossing, and the Coors Cactus Saloon. Rodeo Austin’s Ride for the Brand Cowboy Tournament returned to showcase the world’s top 96 ProRodeo athletes who competed for over $500,000 in prize money. ESPN's Longhorn Network aired the Playoff and Final Round performances in May. And last but not least, Rodeo Austin welcomed over 8,000 exhibitors to the Show Barn this year. The Youth Auction was held March 29, 2019, at ACL Live at The Moody Theater and awarded a record $1.71 million to Junior Livestock Exhibitors. What a year! Thank you for your support of Rodeo Austin and here's to 2020!

2018-2019 RODEO AUSTIN EVENTS October

Shoot Out Sporting Clay Tournament


Kick Open the Chutes


BBQ Auction & Concert


Rodeo Austin


Rodeo Austin Gala & Youth Art Auction


Youth Auction


Cowboy Breakfast


Rodeo Roundup - Annual Meeting


BBQ Austin


Scholarship Awards Ceremony







Rodeo Austin, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, contributes more than $2.3 million annually to the youth of Texas with the help of more than 1,000 volunteers, donors and sponsors. Through its acclaimed Livestock Show, Fair, Rodeo and other fundraisers, Rodeo Austin continues to advance its mission, Promoting Youth Education - Preserving Western Heritage. Founded in 1938, Rodeo Austin is home to one of America’s top ProRodeos. While remaining rooted in its Western Heritage, Rodeo Austin continues to be a destination for family fun. The Rodeo Austin Annual Report shares the stories of Rodeo Austin volunteers, events, financial data and other relevant information with the goal of capturing the highlights of the year and celebrating the supporters of the organization’s mission and entertainment.

2018 Scholarship Recipients


Promoting Youth Education -


$2,358,620 $538,992




- Preserving Western Heritage


It has been my dream to attend Texas A&M University since I was a little boy. I am on track to receive both my undergraduate and master’s degree next year. I hope I’ve made you proud and cannot thank you enough for this chance of a lifetime. — Blane Counsil, Rodeo Austin Scholar – Texas A&M University

TOTAL SCHOLARSHIP GIVING 1981-2019 $8.7 Million

$9,000,000 $8,000,000 $7,000,000 $6,000,000 $5,000,000 $4,000,000 $3,000,000 $2,000,000 $1,000,000

19 8 19 1 82 19 8 19 3 84 19 8 19 5 86 19 8 19 7 88 19 8 19 9 90 19 9 19 1 92 19 9 19 3 94 19 9 19 5 96 19 9 19 7 98 19 9 20 9 00 20 0 20 1 02 20 0 20 3 04 20 0 20 5 06 20 0 20 7 08 20 0 20 9 10 20 1 20 1 12 20 1 20 3 14 20 1 20 5 16 20 1 20 7 18 20 19



Scholarship & Endowment

2019 Endowment VALUE $2,260,329 ENDOWMENTS: 42

2,428 students from 1981-2019 have benefited from Rodeo Austin Scholarships. Above, the 2018 Scholarship recipients proudly show off their alma maters.

ENDOWMENTS $250,000+

Austin Endowment Society


Wayne & Jo Ann Moore Foundation Endowment Rodeo Austin Board of Directors Endowment Christine & Roger J. Engemoen Endowment


Walker Rolf Texas Scholarship Endowment Niley J. & Stephen W. Smith Endowment 1986B Travis County Endowment Robert Sneed Endowment

*Designates new endowment in 2019 *$2,260,329 as of 4/30/19


Kerry and Cassandra Wiggins Family Endowment Bonnie Whiteis Endowment Tommy Dodd Memorial Endowment James & Clara Jo Huckaby Endowment Brian & Shelley Hill Endowment Joe & Kim Straub Family Endowment Feuerbacher Family Endowment* Texas Mutual Insurance Endowment* La Pasadita Endowment 1985 Travis County Endowment Million Dollar Club Endowment Classic – Brent Thurman Endowment Earl Callahan Endowment Ted & Harriet Nagel Endowment

UNDER $25,000

Endowments established prior to $25,000 minimum

Margaret A. Cathey Endowment 1986A Travis County Endowment ATCLS Endowment Hank & Cathy Rothell Endowment SAJE Endowment Cynthia Eledge Endowment Ruth P. Elliott FFA Endowment David Kitchens Endowment Jack Carmody Endowment Oakes M. Plumber 4-H Endowment Charlotte Dalton Memorial Endowment Brandon Hicks Endowment Classic – Rob Norton Endowment McCoy Corp Endowment Oakes M. Plumber FFA Endowment Paleface Ranch Endowment Robert Hicks Jr. Endowment Ruth P. Elliott 4-H Endowment Past Presidents’ Endowment





*All financial information provided is subject to annual audit adjustment *Does not include activity associated with the scholarship endowment trust





Rodeo Austin extends tremendous gratitude to the more than 50 organizations who support the mission, Promoting Youth Education - Preserving Western Heritage.


MARKETING TRADITIONAL Television, Radio, Outdoor & Print

Rodeo Austin continued to spread the word of “Where Weird Meets Western” to the Austin and surrounding markets through the traditional advertising outlets of television, radio, billboards, and print. In 2019, Rodeo Austin’s media buy included more than 1,700 television spots, 4,900 radio spots, 43 billboards (nine in Spanish), 55 light pole banners lining downtown Austin and a few newsprint ads. In addition to these traditional advertising efforts, Rodeo Austin continued to increase its digital platform of advertising by serving more than 9 million digital impressions through ads across the internet, generating over $300,000 in tickets sales. WHAT'S TRENDING Grassroots, Social Media, Snapchat

In 2019, Rodeo Austin tapped into the world of social media influencers. On the first day of Rodeo Austin, over 30 food and beverage Instagram influencers were invited to the Fairgrounds and ProRodeo performance to enjoy all that Rodeo Austin has to offer. This resulted in dozens of blog and social media posts reaching a new audience and showcasing Rodeo Austin. Rodeo Austin continued the use of Snapchat filters, garnering over 1.2 million views over the 15-day Fair & Rodeo, BBQ Austin, and Kick Open the Chutes. For the third year in a row, Rodeo Austin was trending on social media on lineup announcement day. BILINGUAL OUTREACH Dia Del Vaquero


73,724 11,691 10,100 3,019

Rodeo Austin believes we have a responsibility to serve the entire community of Austin and Central Texas in our market. This year 30% of Rodeo Austin’s television campaign was run on Spanish language stations, and nearly 15% was spent on Spanish language radio stations. One of the driving forces behind Spanish language advertising was the reintroduction of Dia del Vaquero – Hispanic Heritage Day on the Fairgrounds. This day featured all Spanish language bands on the Outdoor Stage, a roving Mariachi band and La Adictiva as the artist on the Main Stage following the ProRodeo. STREAMING Staying Connected

RA-TV, Rodeo Austin’s YouTube channel, streamed daily ProRodeo performances, Competitive Events and promotional videos. Rodeo Austin streamed a total of 1.5 million minutes of video content during the Fair & Rodeo. Live-streaming brought in a total of 104,486 views with over 1.4 million impressions. The ProRodeo Playoffs and Final performances were also aired on ESPN's Longhorn Network.






2019 FAIR & RODEO STATS Total Attendance


Total Cars Parked


Ride Share Utilized

15, 910

Fairgrounds Admission Prices

$8 Adults $5 Child, Seniors & Military

Rodeo Austin continues to focus on providing engaging Fairgrounds content for families and people of all ages. Fairgoers experienced 15 days of sunny weather, leading to more than 255,000 people coming through the Rodeo Austin gates; a 3% increase over 2018. NEW IN 2019 The southside of the Fairgrounds was expanded, offering fairgoers new activities and interactive displays. Guests were greeted by the western comedy show, Tumbleweed Crossing. Nearby, truck fans had the opportunity to take a drive on the RAM Test Drive course and turkey races drew crowds as feathered friends took laps around the track to see who was the fastest bird in the south! SCENE Attendees strolling the Fairgrounds enjoyed cold drinks, classic fair food, local Austin food truck specials, live music, photo ops and shopping from the 65 commercial vendors. The Fairgrounds held true to traditional fan favorite acts like pig races, petting zoo, and trick roping. This year Rodeo Austin continued to enhance the consumer experience at the 100X Dance Hall, the Beer & Wine Garden and the new Southside bar, Coors Cactus Saloon. PROMOTIONS Rodeo Austin continued several popular promotions for the 2019 season, including daily discounted gate admission for all seniors, military and first responders. Rodeo Austin hosted a military appreciation night as well as Texas Tech University and Texas A&M University nights. Fairgoers enjoyed the Spring Break and Youth After School special discounts on carnival wristbands, as well as half-priced Rodeo & Concert tickets on select nights. The most popular promotion continued to be $2 Tuesday, which included $2 Fairgrounds gate admission, $2 carnival rides and $2 games. This promotion was shared on social media over 700 times. 2019 set records for the best $2 Tuesday in Rodeo Austin's history. *Total March attendance includes Cowboy Breakfast, BBQ Austin & Rodeo Austin


CARNIVAL Rodeo Austin is proud to host Austin's largest carnival in partnership with Texas family-owned and operated, Crabtree Amusements. The carnival opened to patrons in early March at BBQ Austin and again for the 15-day Fair & Rodeo. The 2019 carnival, complete with rides, games, fair food favorites and more, was Rodeo Austin's biggest and most successful carnival in our history. This year more local families enjoyed our carnival and Fairgrounds than ever before. Attendance on the Fairgrounds was up 3% while carnival sales increased 20% over 2018.


Austin's largest


58 Carnival Rides 29 Carnival Games

This is the second year that Rodeo Austin has featured a Beer & Wine Garden with products from Revolver, Coors, Saint Archer and Crispin. The Wine Garden exclusively offered 100% Texas wines from William Chris Vineyards and Lost Draw Cellars with a new addition of Frosé, which was the highest selling wine. The wine garden ambiance highlighted the new Rosé offerings with expanded seating and a "Rodeo & Rosé" photo wall. The ambiance created by beer and wine, local food trucks and live music made many feel right at home.

RODEO EATS Rodeo Austin featured a wide variety of food choices. A total of 23 vendors provided fairgoers with classic fair favorites, and new surprises from a variety of rotating local food trucks made Rodeo Austin Where Weird Meets Western. Whether you come for the funnel cakes or the breakfast tacos, you are sure to find something fun to eat!

food & beverage



Ticket Sales


rodeo & concert attendance

rodeo & concert ticket sales

ticket sales generated online


In 2019, Rodeo Austin continued its partnership with Eventbrite (formerly Ticketfly), selling a record number of ProRodeo & Concert tickets. Over 2,000 tickets were sold directly through Eventbrite integrations such as Facebook, targeted emails and Bands in Town. These partnership marketing tools generated a revenue of $90,875, leading to record-breaking sales of over $2.94 million in Rodeo & Concert tickets.

Record breaking


Record breaking



Rodeo & Concert Ticket Sales $3,000,000 $2,500,000 $2,000,000 $1,500,000 $1,000,000 $500,000 $2009










2019 19




The Rodeo Austin Ride for the Brand Cowboy Tournament, a bracket-style competition, returned for the fourth year and awarded $524,332 in prize money. The Qualifying Round took place March 16-27, 2019, and spotlighted eight contestants each night in bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, tie-down roping, team roping, steer wrestling, barrel racing and bull riding events. $230,400 was split between 12 performances. The top 16 athletes overall advanced to the Playoff Rounds. The Playoff Round took place March 28-29, 2019. Each night, eight athletes competed per event for a total of $140,000. The Final Round on March 30, 2019, hosted the top eight athletes from each event, paying out a total of $200,000. The winner of each event received a Rodeo Austin branding iron and the title of Champion. The final three performances were recorded and broadcast on ESPN's Longhorn Network.





Caleb Bennett*

Steer Wrestling

Scott Guenthner

Team Roping

Laramie Allen/ Jace Davis

Saddle Bronc

Stetson Wright


Monty Lewis

Barrel Racing

Emily Miller

Bull Riding

Sage Kimzey*

*indicates 2018 event winner

PUTTING THE PRO IN PRORODEO Rodeo Austin contracts world class personnel to help put on the ProRodeo. Rodeo Austin's stock contractor, Beutler & Son Rodeo Company has won PRCA Stock Contractor of the Year multiple times and 2019 marked their 90th year and the 15th year working with Rodeo Austin.

Wayne Brooks, Announcer Randy Corley, Announcer Bennie Beutler, Stock Contractor Rhett Beutler, Stock Contractor Dollie Riddle, Rodeo Secretary Jill Franzen Loden, Music Director* Kirt Steinke, Photographer Justin Rumford, Barrelman* Evan Allard, Bullfighter

Nathan Harp, Bullfighter Weston Rutkowski, Bullfighter Wacey Munsell, Barrelman Stu Pierson, Video Director Tim Miotke, Rodeo Stats Tomas Garcilazo, Dress Act* Shandon Stalls, Pick-Up Men Will O'Connell, Pick-Up Men Matt Scott, Pick-Up Men

*indicates 2018 PRCA Award designation



Aaron Watson

March 16

March 17 La Adictiva

Staying true to Austin’s Live Music Capital of the World mantra, Rodeo Austin featured nearly 100 live concerts in the month of March. Hosted on the E2open Outdoor Stage, 100X Dance Hall and Main Stage, as well as at BBQ Austin, Kick Open the Chutes and Cowboy Breakfast, the concerts featured bands ranging from traditional country to hip-hop, R&B and Tejano.

SOLD OUT SHOWS Aaron Watson // March 16 Midland // March 19 Randy Rogers Band // March 22 Josh Turner // March 23 Kevin Fowler // March 30


March 18

Flo Rida

March 19 Midland

Chris Janson

March 20

The Struts

March 21

Randy Rogers Band

March 22

March 23

Josh Turner

La Adictiva // March 17 Ronnie Milsap // March 24 Parker McCollum // March 29

March 24

Ronnie Milsap

March 25

Walker Hayes

March 26 Martina McBride The Jacksons March 27

March 28

Dustin Lynch

Parker McCollum

March 29

Kevin Fowler

March 30

0 22








7,000 23

Standing Room Only



OUTDOOR STAGE This year, the E2open Outdoor Stage featured 72 performances over the course of the 15-day Fair & Rodeo. Set in the front of the Beer & Wine Garden, the 72 live sets provided a little something for every music lover.



The 100X Dance Hall, presented by PlainsCapital Bank, provided a gathering spot for volunteers, sponsors, patrons and ProRodeo athletes. With overflowing crowds, the 100X Dance Hall was expanded to include Jack's Front Porch presented by Jack Daniel's. The front porch offered a place to enjoy a drink under the stars, visit with friends and play yard games. Over the course of the 15 day Fair & Rodeo, the Dance Hall had 10,557 attendees come through its doors and featured two bands, Monte Good and the Honky Tonk Heroes and One Ton Country. The 100X Dance Hall played host to several special groups for private dinners including Leading a Legacy – Past Presidents & Endowment and the Ultimate Calf Scramble Dinner. 25





YOUTH AUCTION March 29, 2019 // ACL Live at The Moody Theater

The top 442 exhibitors from the Junior Market Livestock Shows sold their projects at the Youth Auction on March 29, 2019, at ACL Live at The Moody Theater. Following two consecutive record breaking years, the Committee continued to raise the bar in 2019, setting a new record of $1.7 million. Funds go directly to the youth exhibitors to use for their next project, progress their livestock operation, or towards pursuing higher education.




Lone Star Cattlemen • Tommy Dodd Memorial Buyers Group • Goaters Buyer Group • Benny Boyd Auto Group • Goat Hounds Buyers Group • Pit Stop BBQ • Horns Up • Chicks For Chicks • Pappa Cluck & The Cluckers Buyers Group • Lehne Construction, Inc. • Dauphen Jackson Cattle Co • President's Club Buyers Group • Direct Propane • Brisket Brothers Buyers Group • High Tech Buyers Group • H-E-B • Tyler Graham • Austin Syndicate • ValHalla Cattle Company • Sun Coast Resources, Inc. • Capitol Cleaners Dirty Laundry • Pork Belly Buyers Group • Holt Cat • Bar W Ranch • On the Air Buyers Group • Morris Glass • BBQ Boys Buyers Group • Event Staff Buyers Group • All In • BBQ Buyers Group • Horizon Bank • Chasco • Capital Farm Credit • Down in the Dirt Buyers Group • Top Hand Buyers Group • Austin Underground, Inc. • Denbow Company, Inc. • Carlson, Brigance & Doering, Inc. • Dell • MMLA, LLC • Hellas Construction, Inc. • PlainsCapital Bank • Lauren Concrete • Capitol Wright Distributing • Fuquay, Inc. • Angels Above Buyers Group • Bill Tamm • Gillespie

County Wild Game Dinner • Lone Star Paving • Lehman Associates • Rhyan Technology Services • Alpha Paving Industries • Susan & Mickey Dorsey • Arnold Oil • Austin Engineering Company • Casa Mechanical • Cash Construction • Fidelity Investments • The Grass Patch • Kenson Grain • Liberty Civil Construction • Focus Properties • Smith Contracting • CC Carlton Industries, Ltd • Texas Quality Service • Aaron Thomison Masonry • Aquaholics Watercraft Rental • Williamson County Buyers Group • Judge Bryan, LLC • Heifer Trap • Capital Concrete Pumping • Care Way Senior Living • Reinforcing Steel Supply • Paul Dirks • Tex-Con Oil • GTO Construction • Pigs 4 Kids • Alpha Painting • Tanya Lawhon, DDS, PA • Kerry & Cassandra Wiggins • King Fabrication • Naegeli Transportation, Inc. • Russell Murry • Lammes Candies • Suzanne Lange • LC Wright Land & Cattle Co., LTD • Beutler & Son Rodeo Co. • Tim Timmerman • Pruitt Cattle • Statewide Materials Transport • Graham Land & Cattle • Lone Star Ag Credit • MidTex Materials • Mr. & Mrs. Jay Evans • Loftin Trucking &

Materials • Fred Weber • First National Bank • Hamilton Commission Co. • Ambassador's Buyers Group • USI Southwest • Aaron Concrete • David & Sascha Kardosz • Melvin Sobotik • Cooper's Old Time Pit BarB-Que • Dittmar Lumber Corp. • Douglas Lathem Farms � Rita Bruton & Associates • Lee Tilford Agency • Profit Concepts • Mo & Millie Hamann • Crossroads Cattle Company • Randig Insurance • AFP • Vanguard Fire Systems • WorkQuest • Capital Farm Credit - Austin • C Jason Spence • Jane Wright • Purina • 100X Buyers Group • Bill Knolle • Harrell Enterprises • Mackenzie McKee • Ronald Shanblin • Hot Rod Genetics • Monte & Ruth Eckert • Andre Jeansonne • Bell County Buyers Group • Matt Berry, Sr. & Matt Berry, Jr. • Curtis Calhoun • Casey & Beth Cotton •Runnels Marketing • Callahan's General Store • Homeyer Cattle • Jacob Hohertz • Joshua & Tabitha Hohertz • A&B Livestock Supply • Woodmen of the World • Joseph Haden Family




Rodeo Austin's School Tours program offers students in the Austin area the chance to interact with animals and learn about agriculture around the Fairgrounds for free! This year, 56 schools and over 5,960 students, teachers and chaperons participated in our half-day program March 25-29.

youth education

RODEO RUMBLE Rodeo Austin's Rodeo Rumble Kids' 1K Fun Run was held bright and early opening day, March 16, 2019, in Luedecke Arena. This event, open to children, ages 12 and under, allows children from all around Austin the opportunity to race on the Rodeo dirt where the cowboys and cowgirls compete each night!

AG EDUCATION EXHIBITS New in 2019, Rodeo Austin and the National Ranching Heritage Center partnered to bring Hank the Cowdog's Ranch Life series in conjunction with the School Tours program. The curriculum was free for the thousands of teachers to introduce students prior to attending Rodeo Austin's School Tours. The Hank the Cowdog's Ranch Life series follows along with Hank's adventures in the Ranch Life series books used in curriculum in Austin and Elgin ISD. Rodeo Austin, in partnership with Stephen F. Austin (SFA) State University, hosted an equine exhibit March 16-17 and Ag Days with SFA, March 29-30. During the final weekend members of SFA visited with members on the Fairgrounds and held an educational exhibit on the importance of agriculture as a food source.




2% increase


record year for competitive events





Rodeo Austin's Competitive Events program welcomes participation in its shows and contests from youth across the state. It proudly hosts a large competitive junior show ranked top 10 in the nation. In total, there were 8,620 entries for the Junior Livestock Show, Open Livestock Show, Horse Show, Ultimate Scramble Championship, Mutton Bustin’ and Youth Art Show. This year was a record year for Competitive Events, including record entries and arrivals for heifers, steers, lambs, barrows. 30



The Ultimate Scramble Championship (USC) was held on Saturday, March 23, 2019, with 160 participants. USC is a unique, one of a kind scramble. Participants advanced in a tournament-style competition in the Wild West tent, all vying for a spot in the Finals held in the main Rodeo Arena. A total of $119,500 was awarded to USC participants. Participants write monthly letters to their contributors to update them on the progress of their project until they return to Rodeo Austin's 2020 Junior Livestock Show to exhibit their project. Without the generous donation from their contributors, many students would not get the opportunity to show.

The Gold Stirrup Horse Show is Rodeo Austin's brightest star and celebrated its 10th anniversary this year! Gold Stirrup allows riders with special needs of all ages to compete for recognition and prizes. Twelve clubs participated this year and the show had 68 exhibitors.



SHOOT OUT SPORTING CLAY TOURNAMENT October 1-2, 2018 // $126,292 Raised

The Rodeo Austin Shoot Out Sporting Clay Tournament was hosted October 2nd on Rodeo Austin's property. Thirty teams composed of five competitors each competed for highest score, team fundraising and individual fundraising prizes – one prize being a brand new Polaris Ranger. This peer-to-peer fundraising format encourages each team to raise a minimum of $2,500 or $500 per competitor. Teams have a chance to hit 50 targets on a 5-station course. When competitors completed the course, there was an opportunity to take a shot at the flurry game or rabbit poker. The shoot was followed by dinner, drinks, a musical performance by a Rodeo Austin scholar and an awards ceremony. Overall, Shoot Out raised over $126,292 to support the Rodeo Austin mission. 32

BBQ AUCTION & CONCERT October 27, 2018 // $139,467 Raised

On October 27th, Rodeo Austin held BBQ Auction & Concert at the Circuit of the Americas. Six hundred-thirty guests had the opportunity to enter the venue and cross the race track for a unique photo op. Upon entering, attendees grabbed a drink and viewed silent auction items. Guests enjoyed a buffet style BBQ dinner followed by the live auction. The live auction raised $62,550. Little Texas closed out the night with live music and dancing. Overall, BBQ Auction & Concert raised over $139,467 in support of Rodeo Austin's mission.


RODEO AUSTIN GALA & YOUTH ART AUCTION February 9, 2019 // $363,256 Raised

Held at the Palmer Events Center on February 9th, nearly 1,900 guests enjoyed a concert performance from Jamey Johnson with special guest Lee Ann Womack. The event featured a live and silent auction, which included luxury items and artwork from the Youth Art Show. More than 400 art pieces were submitted to the Youth Art Show in the divisions of Traditional, Photography, Digital, and Sculpture/3D. These pieces were judged by a panel of esteemed artists in the community. The top 60 award-winning pieces were available for purchase at the Rodeo Austin Gala & Youth Art Auction with proceeds going directly to the student artists so they may save funds for college or pursue other endeavors for their future. A total of $43,935 was raised for the young artists. Overall, the Rodeo Austin Gala generated $363,256 toward Rodeo Austin’s mission. 34

COWBOY BREAKFAST March 8, 2019 // Largest Media Day of the Year

More than 5,000 hungry guests attended the annual Cowboy Breakfast on March 8, 2019. The event kicked off BBQ Austin and was free to the public. The city of Austin also celebrated in style with "Dress Western Day." As the sun rose, guests enjoyed an assortment of food items including biscuits, sausage wraps, brisket tacos, pancakes, catfish toes and pie! Western entertainment included live music, a trick roper, a branding station, two-stepping lessons and new this year – a petting zoo! 35


BBQ AUSTIN March 8-9, 2019 // $551,495 Raised 44% Increase in attendance

BBQ, beer and bands filled BBQ Austin weekend. Hosting 130 BBQ teams and more than 30,000+ attendees, BBQ Austin had a 44% increase in attendance. The Jr. Pit Master competition made its debut in 2019, where 20 children under the age of 18 competed with pork chops for the title of Grand Champion & Reserve Champion in a senior and junior division. BBQ Austin also partnered with the Texas Pork Producers to provide free samples to the public and had a full firework show on Friday. In addition to the great BBQ, guests were able to ride their favorite thrill rides at the opening of Austin’s largest carnival and visit the petting zoo and pony rides. BBQ Austin collectively raised over $551,595.

BBQ AUSTIN CHAMPIONS Grand Champion Honky Tonk Smokers

Reserve Grand Champion Burnt Orange Bleeders

Texas Grand Champion Honky Tonk Smokers

Texas Reserve Grand Champion Double Barrel Cookers 36


KICK OPEN THE CHUTES March 15, 2019 // $ 37,977 Raised

A brand-new event for Rodeo Austin, Kick Open the Chutes took place on March 15, 2019, the night before the Fair & Rodeo opened its gates. The event was held inside Luedecke Arena offering guests a unique opportunity to experience Rodeo Austin from behind the scenes with livestock, food trucks and a party on the arena dirt floor. Tickets sold for $20 with a bonus of free parking for attendees. The first hour of the event allowed sponsors, media and VIPs to enjoy a private happy hour complete with drinks and food from four local food trucks. All attendees were treated to concerts by artists, Sam Riggs and Wade Bowen. Guests enjoyed games, a silent auction and cold drinks all wrapped up in a behind the scenes experience.




Joel Anderson accepts the Top Hand Award from members of the Rodeo Austin Staff.


Joel Anderson

TOP COMMITTEE MEMBERS OF THE YEAR Hope Van Der Heijden, 100X Dance Hall Rick Hulsey, Ambassadors Jason Johnson, Backstage Margie Petru, BBQ Auction & Concert Jerimy French, BBQ Austin Garrett George, Kick Open the Chutes

Paul Hermesmeyer, Calf Scramble Jesse Trocino, Competitive Events Jen Johnston, Cowboy Breakfast Linda Pryer, Event Staff Cynthia Pulley, Gala Renae Salyers, Hospitality Rachel Vasquez, Mutton Bustin Randy Lawrence, Operations Johnny Jackson, Rodeo

Kim Sowers, Shoot Out Mary-Gail Hamilton, Souvenir Jerry Burgener, Xtreme Seats Cassandra Wiggins, Youth Auction



Don Mabry, 100X Dance Hall Marie Richter, Ambassadors Temetria McVea, Backstage Brad Boyett, BBQ Auction & Concert Shayne Lochhart, BBQ Austin Bob Carroll, Competitive Events Shirley Pruitt, Calf Scramble Melinda Fiebig, Cowboy Breakfast

Terry Turner, Event Staff Monica Masters, Gala Tricia Sullivan, Junior Leaders Jason Nehring, Kick Open the Chutes Stacy Looney, Xtreme Seats Kristin Miner, Souvenir Jeri Leseman, Mutton Bustin'

Steven Voelker, Operations Dauphen Jackson, Scholarship & Endowment Caleb Stafford, Shoot Out Sporting Clay Tournament Ricky Masters, Rodeo Craig Teykl, Youth Auction



MOST DEDICATED COMMITTEE VICE CHAIR NOMINEES Steve Cummings, 100X Dance Hall Brant Dickerson, 100X Dance Hall Taylor McBride, Ambassadors Ashley Ledesma, Ambassadors Ginny Miller, Ambassadors John Barrows, Backstage Erica Cook, Backstage Kristen Kirkpatrick, Backstage Paul Hermesmeyer, BBQ Auction & Concert Laura Culin, BBQ Auction & Concert Nola Plumb, BBQ Austin Rick Plumb, BBQ Austin Oscar Montoya, BBQ Austin Jake Straub, Calf Scramble Krystal Towery, Calf Scramble Tim Smith, Calf Scramble Greg Schultz, Competitive Events Chris Mellenbruch, Competitive Events Bobbie Bishop, Competitive Events Jeff Dodd, Competitive Events Doug Vrabel, Competitive Events Kristin Stanley, Cowboy Breakfast

Ben Haley, Cowboy Breakfast Carla Ford, Cowboy Breakfast Jeffrey Rutkowski, Cowboy Breakfast Tia Miller, Event Staff Leonard Jones, Event Staff Diane Hagan, Event Staff Novella Heffington, Event Staff Jardin Loeffler, Gala & Arts Calley Callahan Asklund, Gala & Arts Danny McDaniel, Hospitality Steve Salyers, Hospitality Shayne Lockhart, Hospitality Jake Straub, Kick Open the Chutes Steve Cummings, Kick Open the Chutes Kelsey Leseman, Mutton Bustin' Kirsten Lollar, Mutton Bustin' Ashley Ulbricht, Shoot Out Sporting Clay Tournament Charlie Ulbricht, Shoot Out Sporting Clay Tournament Charlie Hamilton, Shoot Out Sporting Clay Tournament

Kevin Todd, Operations Greg Maphet, Operations Jeff Denton, Operations Travis Randig, Rodeo Tyler Graham, Rodeo Jason Krenek, Rodeo Charles Leseman, Sr., Rodeo Matthew Ronshausen, Souvenir Alisha Ronshausen, Souvenir Lisa D'Amato, Souvenir Allan Jones, Souvenir Kailin Miner, Souvenir Tricia Sullivan, Xtreme Seats Benny Boyd, Jr., Youth Auction Russell Waters, Youth Auction Trey Powers, Youth Auction Gene Patalik, Youth Auction Bill Rhyan, Youth Auction Drew DeBerry, Youth Auction Courtney Oldham, Youth Auction Joel Anderson, Youth Auction Dawn Liesman, Youth Auction Matt Berry, Jr., Youth Auction





Rick St. Clair, Chief of Ticketing

Jessie Ledesma


Past Presidents Tribute, March 24, 2019

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Joel Anderson Keith Berdoll Hap Feuerbacher Dauphen Jackson David Kardosz KaLyn Laney Rick Lange Eddie Ledesma Brian Lehne Lance Lively Joe Straub Shaun Tuggle Fred Weber Kerry Wiggins Brian Yarbrough


RODEO AUSTIN STAFF Rob Golding, CEO Katy Blankinship, Senior Manager Jennie Glenn, Senior Manager Katie Richmond, Senior Manager Sara McAuley, Controller Richard Kurtze, Field Operations Manager Brenda Pitts, Senior Manager Aida Barrera, Staff Accountant Alyssa Dotson, Event Logistics Coordinator Julie Beck, Ticket Coordinator Hollye Fain, Exhibits Coordinator Ashley Olson, Youth Events & Auctions Coordinator Rachel Sembera, Livestock Coordinator Presley Holloway, Sponsorship Coordinator Lindsay Leyden, Marketing Coordinator Alyssa Adams, Graphics Coordinator Taylor Rivera, Volunteer Outreach Coordinator

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Joel Anderson Travis Asklund Kurt Bender Keith Berdoll Matt Berry, Jr. Brad Boyett Benny Boyd, Jr. Aaron Cabaza Curtis Calhoun Verlin Callahan Calley Callahan Asklund Tommy Carlson Bob Carroll Drew DeBerry Jeff Denton Jeff Dodd Mike Eledge

Jay Evans Hap Feuerbacher Bobby Finley Tyler Graham Charles Graham, DVM. Haskell Griffin Greg Hamilton Brian Hill Shawn Hohnstreiter Dauphen Jackson Steve Jennings David Kardosz Bill Knolle KaLyn Laney Rick Lange Eddie Ledesma Ashley Ledesma

Brian Lehne Lance Lively Shayne Lockhart Jardin Loeffler Stacy Looney Jason Magdalena Greg Maphet Monica Masters Tia Miller Steve Mills* Frosty Moore Paige Morgan Jason Nassour Gary Newman Courtney Oldham Chris Padgett Gene Patalik Trey Powers Latius Prikryl Stan Ray Bill Rhyan Marie Richter

Steve Skinner Melvin Sobotik Caleb Stafford Joe Straub Hil Stroup Jim Sylvester Bryan Teich Craig Teykl Manny Trinidad Shaun Tuggle Terry Turner Gilbert Turrieta Alex Valdes Amy Villarreal Stan Voelker Steven Voelker Russell Waters Fred Weber Kerry Wiggins Corey Wilson Brian Yarbrough

*Member served until their passing this fiscal year



HALL OF FAME Leaders who have demonstrated a long-term dedication to advancing the mission of Rodeo Austin: Promoting Youth Education - Preserving Western Heritage.

2012 Inductees

2013 Inductees

2015 Inductees

Jimmy Callahan

Mike Eledge

Hadley Barrett

Verlin Callahan

Terrell Hamann

Stan Voelker

Jay Evans

L.J. Luedecke 2016 Inductee

Bill Knolle Mike Levi

2014 Inductees

Ted Nagel

Curtis Calhoun

Robert Sneed

Dr. Charles W. Graham

2018 Inductee

Haskell Griffin

Shaun Tuggle

Tommy Carlson

Hil Stroup

DIRECTOR EMERITUS A distinguished honor bestowed upon a Director who has demonstrated exemplary service and leadership.



2012 Inductees

2014 Inductee

2018 Inductees

Marvin Hamann

Bill Benton

Jim Achilles

Billy Fred Platt

Jim Taylor

2013 Inductee

2015 Inductees

Richard Hill

Bob Avant Don Holcomb

Hebert Adams Gary Adams Bill Aleshire Joe Alexander Violet Alexander Aaron Anderson Kendall Antonelli Luis Argueta George Arnold Rick Assunto Doyne Bailey Gary Baker Jerry Ballard Shannon Bangle Gonzalo Barrientos Logan Bartz Lindsay Bauerle Keith Berdoll Samuel T. Biscoe Brad Blaine Joe Blissit Harvey Bloom Dana Boehm Melissa Bond

Wolf Bouldin Leonard Bouldin Brad Boyett Betty Braley Michael Braley Bill Brandes Robert Brandes Danette Bray John Braziel Katie Brice Greg Browning Douglas Burns Willie Mae Burns William Bush Ron Chandler Dwain Coffey J.V. Cohorn Jack Cook Donald Cooper Jeanette Courtright Stephen Cummings Audrey Darden Dr. Exalton Delco Mrs. Exalton Delco

Larry Deuser Brant Dickerson Jeff Dodd Helen Dodson Marcus Dodson Lloyd Doggett Ernie Dominguez Charles Ducote Roger Durden Barbara Earle Allison Engel Tonya Eppright Wanda Ethridge Kenneth Fairly Scott Fiebig Janice Forney David Forwood Michelle Fox James Francis Debbie Frazier Lee Garner James Garrison Craig Gatewood Gerri Gayner

Kristen Goodson David Gray Cassie Graydon James Grimm Dale Grimmett Donna Hale Jan Harrell Laura Hayes Kenneth Hees Kermit Hees Lydia Hees Janet Hees Novella Heffington Daniel Hernandez Scott Heselmeyer Karen Hickam Gerald Hill Donald Hipple Courtney Hoffman Bob Honts R.W. Hooper Charles Horn Megan Maund Houser Sterling Howry Amy Hudson Carol Huntsberger Bill Hyman John Baker II Billy Inman Frederick Jackson Doug Jackson Julie Jalufka Amy Jarmon Kenny Jastrow John Jenkins Bill Jerman Leonard Jones Mary Lou Jones Matt Berry, Jr. Sascha Kardosz Stanley Keeling David Kendall Charlie King John Kinzell Mark Knolle Lee Ann Knox Sharen Kohutek Tom Kouri Edward Krenek Elizabeth Kupferer Sandy Kurtzman Bucky Lamb Ernest Lawrence

Larry Lay Sara Lisch Kim Lockhart Shayne Lockhart Jardin Loeffler Susan Longley Don Mabry Delbert McKenzie Temetria McVea John Meadows Lester Meier Clarence Melber Betty Melber David Mellenbruch John Merritt Richard Meyer Dr. Barbara Mink Michael Monaghan James Morgan Lloyd Morrison Charles Mott Laurie Moyer Jean Mueller Bill Murphy William Murphy James Nagy Tom Nall Gilbert Nauert Harvey Nauert LaQuita Nauert Steve Newberry Sarah Noteboom Dick Obenhaus Robert Ochoa Steve Orsborn Gene Patalik Matthew Payne Gary Pena Bert Pence Rick Perry Alan Peters Tim Petty Ann Pierce Richard Plumb Bill Pohl Dick Polk Tommy Powers Brenda Preston Mark Prinz James Prinz William Pruitt Tray Rankin Penny Reeves

Jim Reeves Jerry Reeves-Goff Richard Reynolds Harry Rivera Ann Rogers Jennifer Rogers Shelby Rogers Coni Ross Kelly Ryan Jake Rymer George Sanders N. Wesley Sanders Charlie Schnabel LeAnne Schram Mark Schram Gloria Sharp Carolyn Shumaker Harold Simpson Chris Slahetka Joe Solansky Jack Stockton Earlene Sullivan Marty Tanner Sandy Taylor Jim Taylor Ravel Todd Kevin Todd Lee Turner Dr. Charles Urdy Mrs. Charles Urdy Melanie Uribe Don Ward Watt Wardlaw Russell Waters Cindy West Jeremiah Williams Ron Young


HONORARY BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dell Booth, Vice President & General Manager, Capital Wright Dr. Colette Burnette Pierce, President & CEO, Huston-Tillotson Mario Chapa, Brand Manager, MillerCoors Dana L. Gibson, President, Sam Houston State University Kristie Gonzales, President & General Manager, KVUE Dale Harborth, Chain Account Executive, MillerCoors Dean Hawkins, Dean of Agriculture & Natural Science, West Texas A&M University Jessica Holland, Senior Marketing and Sales Account Manager, HEB Lance Kieth, Department Head, Agricultural, Science & Engineering, West Texas A&M University Eric Lassberg, President/General Manager, KXAN George Martin, President. St. Edward's University Brian McCall, Chancellor, Texas State University Teddy McDaniel, President & CEO, Austin Area Urban League William McRaven, Chancellor, The University of Texas System Ryan Rathamann, Professor, Animal Science, Texas Tech University Richard Rhodes, President/CEO, Austin Community College Jeff Ripley, Associate Director-County Operations, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Karl Rove, The University of Texas Chancellor’s Council Executive Committee Lawrence Schovanec, President, Texas Tech University John Sharp, Chancellor, Texas A&M University Mike Shea, Chief Logistical Officer & Partner, SXSW Bobby Steiner, Steiner Ranch Paul Stiff, Regional Alliances Manager, MillerCoors Jeff Thomas, Senior VP and General Manager, HEB Denise Trauth, President, Texas State University Walter V. Wendler, President, West Texas A&M University Michael Young, President, Texas A&M University


Steve Adler, Mayor, Austin City Council Alison Alter, Council Member, Austin City Council - District Ten Shannon Bangle, Attorney, BEATTY BANGLE STRAMA P.C. Bill Boone, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Food Service Management Systems Bill Bordelon, Vice President of Product Support, HOLT CAT Power Systems Bama Brown, KVET Murray Callahan, Former Rodeo Austin Board of Director Gregorio Casar, Council Member, Austin City Council - District Four Bob Cole, KOKE FM Gerald Daugherty, Commissioner, Travis County Commissioners Court - Precinct Three Sarah Eckhardt, Judge, Travis County Commissioners Court Laura Estes, Director of Sales & Marketing, H-E-B Jason Fearneyhough, Deputy Commissioner of Agriculture, Texas Department of Agriculture Greg Fenves, President, The University of Texas Jimmy Flannigan, Council Member, Austin City Council - District Six Kevin Fowler, Triple 8 Management

Delia Garza, Council Member, Austin City Council - District Two Dan Gattis, Williamson County Commissioners Court Margaret Gomez, Commissioner, Travis County Commissioners Court - Precinct Four John Graham, Executive Senior Associate Athletics Director for the Frank Erwin Center Elaine Hart, Interim Austin City Manager Glenn Hegar, Comptroller, State of Texas Sara Hensley, Director, Austin Parks and Recreation Nestor Ho, General Counsel, Silicon Laboratories Peter Holt, Chief Executive Officer, Holt Cat Peter Holt, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Spurs Sports & Entertainment Ora Houston, Council Member, Austin City Council - District One Donna Howard, State Representative - District 48, Texas House of Representatives Mark Hussey, Texas A&M University Celia Israel, State Representative - District 50, Texas House of Representatives Ann Kitchen, Council Member, Austin City Council - District Five Margaret Koch, Interim Director, Bullock Texas State History Museum Mark Madrid, President & CEO, Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Brian Manley, Chief of Police, Austin Police Department Eric Maund, Manager, Charles Maund Volkswagen Doug Maund, Owner/Chief Financial Officer, Maund Automotive Group Mike McCarty, The McCarty Corporation Stacie McCollum, Director, Programming and Acquisitions, Longhorn Network Sid Miller, Commissioner of Agriculture, Texas Department of Agriculture Tom Noonan, President/Chief Executive Officer, Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau Dan Patrick, Lieutenant Governor, State of Texas Mike Perrin, Athletics Director, The University of Texas Athletics Chris Plonsky, Athletics Director, The University of Texas Athletics Leslie Pool, Council Member, Austin City Council - District Seven James Prinz, Former Rodeo Austin Board of Director Nelson Puett, Rodeo Austin Endowment Donor Sabino Renteria, Council Member, Austin City Council - District Three Walt Roberts, Assistant Commissioner, Texas Department of Agriculture Eddie Rodriguez, State Representative - District 51, Texas House of Representatives Michael Rollins, President, Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce Reese Ryan, CEO, Round Rock Express Baseball Brigid Shea, Commissioner, Travis County Commissioners Court Precinct Two Mark Tester, Director, Austin Convention Center Kathie Tovo, Mayor Pro Tem, Austin City Council - District Nine Jeff Travillion, Commissioner, Travis County Commissioners Court Precinct One Ellen Troxclair, Council Member, Austin City Council - District Eight Richard Wallrath, Champion Ranch Kirk Watson, Senator, Texas Senate Paul Workman, State Representative - District 47, Texas House of Representatives

CORPORATE FOUNDERS 46 Cattle, LLC Air Wise, Inc. All State Plumbing Alta Builders, Inc. Alterman, Inc. American Constructors, Inc. Austin Engineering Company Austin Region Sovereign Bank Austin Underground, Inc. BMC Select Baker Drywall Austin, LTD Bank of America Merrill Lynch Bar Ten Creek Ranch Berry - Gammon Partnership Border States Electric Box & Associates Bradley Bryan & Associates Brown Distributing Company Callahan’s General Store Calvin’s Electric, LLC Capital Land & Livestock Company Capital Wright Distributing Capitol Aggregrates, Inc. Captex Development Company Carpenter & Associates, Inc. Centex Materials Central Texas Diesel Chasco Constructors, LTD Comerica Bank Craig Cherico Crawford Electric Supply Company Curtis & Carolyn Calhoun Family Partnership, LTD Cypress Valley Preserve DRW Electric, LLC Dewey Electric, Inc. Dickey & Son Concrete, Inc. Don Wilson Jewelers Ed Padgett Company, Inc. Elgin Breeding Service Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc. Factory Mattress Sales Farm Credit Bank of Texas Floyd’s Glass Company Foodservice Management Systems, Inc. Foust Excavating Fox Service Company

GGI Technologies Georgetown Innerloop Self Storage Gracy Title Company Granite Antler Ranch Graves, Dougherty, Hearon & Moody Greater Austin Development Greenwood Harkins, Inc. Griffin Motors Guthrie Lumber Sales, Inc. Hapbach, LLC Hardin Interests Harrell Enterprises, Inc. Hayden Concrete, Inc. Hellas Construction, Inc. Henna Chevrolet, LP Herzog Foundation Drilling, Inc. HL Chapman Pipeline Construction Hunter Industries, LTD Ironwood Enterprises Jackson Livestock & Ranches O.B. Jackson, Jr. M.D. Jacobs Engineering Jay Evans Company, LTD Jeffery L. Nash Family, LP Jerry Deese and Company Jimmy Evans Company K L Specialties K.R.M. Concrete KVET/KASE KVUE Television, Inc. Kendrick Land Investment Key Sprinkler Company Knolle Management, LC Lago Builders, Inc. Lanford Equipment Company, Inc. Lariat B Ranch, LTD Lauren Concrete, LP Leif Johnson Ford II, LTD Legacy Bone & Joint Orthopedics Lewis Sign Lifetime Aquatics Locke Lord, LLP M Rathmann, LLC MK Development Manufacturers Insurance Agency Margie Joseph & Associates Realtors Martin Marietta Martine Properties, Inc. Maund Automotive Group Maverick Excavating Maxwell Locke & Ritter, LLP McNeil FFA Miscellaneous Steel Industries, Inc. Moore & Moore Enterprises, LTD Mr. Inspector

Norton Rose Fulbright, LLP Pacesetter Personnel Pepsi Beverages Company Powell Ebert Smolik PC Prater Automotive Company, Inc. RGC Advanced Glass, Inc. Ramming Paving Company, LTD Ranger Excavating Reinhardt’s, Inc. Republic National Distributing Company Riata Enterprises Reveille Peak Ranch River City Drywall, LP River City Hose & Supply, Inc. Roger Beasley Mazda, Inc. Rosendin Electric Salem’s Auto Center Schmidt Electric Company, Inc. Schmidt Ranch Schneider Ranch Skinner Transportation, Inc. Smith Excavating & Paving, Inc. Solis Security, Inc. Southside Wrecker Spencer Construction Sterling Custom Homes, Inc. Stock Building Supply Stroup Corporation, LLC Sundance Metal Fabricators Technology Pointe Teeple Partners, Inc. Tex-Con Oil Company Texas Corrugators Texas Enterprise, Inc. Texas Surety The Burt Group The Grass Patch, Inc. The Luedecke Group Realtors The McCarty Corporation The Sleep Shop The Wheeler Companies The Whitley Company Thyssen Krupp Elevator Tiemann Land & Cattle Development, Inc. Tim’s Acres, LTD Twin Oaks Game Ranch, LLC Voelker Welding & Construction, Inc. Waterloo Development, Inc. Wells Fargo Advisors Westmoreland Plumbing Company YB Ranch 45


INDIVIDUAL FOUNDERS Jim Achilles* Jennifer Anderson Joel Anderson Tricia Argust Kenneth Arnold Jim Arnold Travis Asklund Bob Avant Robin Bailey John T. Baker Jeff Ballard Milton Bankston Sue Barker Ben Barnes Vicki Bayer John Beasley, Jr. David Benson Jane Ann Benton Bill Benton Dan Berdoll David Bethke Mike Black Diron Blackburn Ron Blackmore Joe Bland Kaye Blount Benjamin BoBo Brooke Samuel Boothe Mike Boston Kevin Boswell Elizabeth Bouldin Korby Bourne Jim Boyce Rhonda Boyce Benny Boyd, Jr. Donna Brady Dane Braun Rick Brinnel, Sr. Schandra Brock Lisa Brown Gary Brown JP Bryant Steve Bryson Lee Buckley Aaron Buford Wes Burch 46

*Founder member until their passing

Wayne Burklund Kevin Burks Janis Burrow Aaron Cabaza Jimmy Callahan Mike Callahan Murray Callahan Verlin Callahan Leora Callahan-McCarthy Allison Cambell Tommy Carlson Suzanne Carper Bob Carroll Matt Carson H.C. Carter Margaret Cathey Traci Cavender Walter Chamberlain Laurie Chandler William Cloud Joe Colbert David Collier Jerry Conway Marty Cook Jessica Cooper Perry Coughlin Tommy Cowan Allison Craig Delton Cravey Keith Crawford Laura Culin Rob Cullen Jason Cummins Barry Cunningham Gary Daniel Drew DeBerry Michael Deckers Todd deClairmont Jeff Denton Ken Dickensheets Laura Dodd Danny Doering Robert Dorsett Mickey Dorsey Benjamin Doyle Kenny Dryden

Linda Lee Dubuisson Charles W. Graham, DVM Patricia Eckert Monty Eckert Tom Eckols Helen Eichblatt Mike Eledge Robert Elizondo Chris Elliott Tom Ellis Craig Engelmann Michael Enoch Joe Bob Everett Diana Everman Les Findeisen Mary Lou Fitzpatrick Greg Forbes Bruce Franks Scott Freng Mike Furry Joe George Bruce Germer Tim Gillespie Kathy Girling-Odom Tyler Graham Cindy Gray Karis Gray Galt Graydon Ross Green Dennis Green Cindy Greenwood H.A. Guerrero Matthew Gurley Shawn Hagler Mo Hamann Leslie Hamann Lorraine Hammett Richard Hampton Lisa Hansard Robert Harlan Preston Harvey Perry Heath Margaret Heaton Joe Heffington Steve Held Junior Henson Marilyn Hernandez-Honea Scott Hickman B.W. Hickman Steve Hickman Sharon Hightower David Hill Dianne Hill

Kelly Hill Brian Hill Richard Hill Linda Hinkle Cody Hirt Colin Hodges Mike Hodgson Mark Hodgson Paul Holcomb Don Holcomb Michael Holloway Robert Garrett, III George Meihaus, III Darla Jackson Terry Jackson Dauphen Jackson Robert Jackson Ron Jacoby Dennie Jagger JP Jansen Anita Janszen Charles Jehl Steve Jennings Virginia Jett Norman Johnson Randy Jones Noelle Jones Tristan Jones Cyleada Jones Wylie Jones Jordan Joe Joseph Steve Kallman Matthew Kaplan Casey Kelley Kristy Kercheville Matt Kirk Carol Kitchens Roy Kovar Kristy Krenek Sharon Kunz Royce Lacey Terri Lacy Greg Lander KaLyn Laney Rick Lange Randy Lawrence Dale Layne Eddie Ledesma Brian Lehne Erin Leon Paul Linehan Leah Linney Lance Lively

Lynn Lollar Todd Longwell Stacy Looney Tommy Love Michael Lucas Ronald Lucas Travis Lundgren Don Lundgren Gail Lupton Chris Luton Jaime Lynn Jason Magdalena Jeffery Maples Jack Martin Gavin Massingill Monica Masters Dick Matz Mark Maund Mike Mays Jeff McDaniel Wayne McDonald Ray McEachern Kent McEntire Jim McNabb James Merideth Bryan Millard Tia Miller Steve Mills Chris Mitchell Josh Mitchell LeighAnn Moehring Elaine Monaghan Jim Monaghan Rebecca Young Montgomery Victor Moreno Kerry Morris Bubba Morrison Mike Moyer George Murfee Ted Nagel* Jerry Naiser Bill Napier Glenn Neans Gary Newman Al Niece Frank Niendorff Van Nimrick Michael Nixon Conna Nye Robert Ochoa Linda Oertli Wayne Orender

Carroll Overton Juanita Pearson Will Peckham Debra Pena-Conrad Paul Pennybacker Melinda Perez Peggy Peterson Mark Petrusek Brent Pfluger Leonard Philipp Deke Pierce Billy Platt Nola Plumb Jennifer Poehl Lori Polk Shawn Polk Stacie Pollard Steve Popkoff Ronald Potts Edward Priesmeyer Latius Prikryl Nelson Puett Rena Pylant Paul Quinn, Sr. Paul Quinn, Jr. Bill Radford Will Ramirez Alisha Randig Jonea Raney Jim Ray Randy Rehmann Mike Reynolds Steven Rhodes Bill Rhyan E.B. “Sonny� Richards Wayne Riddell Steve Rivers Justin Roan Randal Robbins Rick Roberts Karen Robinson Melody Robinson James Robinson David Roche Gary Rodgers Roland Rodriguez Larry Roepke Ronald Roithner John Rogers, Jr. Doug Rummel Nolan Ryan Larry Sandlin Clint Sayers

Scott Schenk Richard Schmidt Buddy Schroeder Dennis Scott James Scott Brian Scott Danny Seay Dan Seeds Susan Sheehan Michael Shelton John Shelton Mike Shipper Jason Shoumaker Wade Shumaker Dannie Simons Tiffany Simpson Michael Sloan Mack Smith Harvey Smith Anna Sneed Elaine Sobotik Melvin Sobotik Leilani Solberg Jay Southworth Barbara Staley David Stevens D. Shane Stevens Brad Stewart Steve Stolle Craig Stoppenhagen Joe Straub Terry Struble Floyd Stull Steve Summers Rick Talley Bill Tamm John Taylor Bryan Teich Bill Thompson Tony Tijerina Michelle Tobias Jim Tracey Adrian Trevino Steve Trevino Manny Trinidad Shaun Tuggle Kenneth Tumlinson B.L. Turlington Stacy Turlington-Dollar Sharon Turner Ricky Turner Jim Turner Terry Turner

Gilbert Turrieta Ronnie Urbanczyk Alex Valdes Gary Valdez Melissa Valerio Rachel Vasquez Bert Vasut Clarence Vinklarek Edward Volek Wayne Voswinkel Marlene Wahl Kristie Waid Suann Waight Brenda Walker Justin Walker D. Sue Watson Steve Watson Mike Weaver Bill Webb Fred Weber Steve Whitaker Ronald White Don White Dana White Stephanie Whitten Roselind Wieland Kerry Wiggins Cassandra Wiggins Laura Wilkes Duke Williams Michael Willingham Randy Willis Jaymes Willoughby Jerry Winetroub Whitney Withers Cliff Woerner Chris Woods Brian Yarbrough Angelo Zottarelli



Jack's Front Porch at 100X Dance Hall



The purpose of the 100X Dance Hall Committee is to provide a hospitality-driven country dance hall during the Fair & Rodeo that provides an entertainment opportunity for volunteers, the public and ProRodeo Athletes.


Don Mabry, Chair Stephen Cummings, Vice Chair Brant Dickerson, Vice Chair Lance Lively, Past President Liaison Keith Berdoll, Vice President Liaison Angela Adams Jeremy Atkinson Whitney Beeson Kacy Blackburn Brian Brouillette Amanda Bryand Liz Casillias Pam Dahl

Paige Dahl Roy J. Daigle Audrey Darden Michelle Desormeau Roberts Vicky Dunham Kristin Gilstrap Barbara Goodson Kristen Goodson Donald Goodson, Jr. Jerry Greer Carol Gwynn Lane Harman Brook Harman Steven Hartmann Sharidon Henley Jeff Hood

Ed Johns Noelle Jones Cindy Jones Ryan Klebba Mallory Klebba Thomas Ledford Lynnette Lev Thomas Loupe April Mabry Jim Marciel Kelley Markert Mitchell McDermott Keevin McPhail Dalton Moore Kirsten Notaro Morgan Pool Rena Pylant

Jackie Ramirez Vicki Renfro Ronald Roberts Kenny Schmidlin Jaclyn Schmidt Nicole Sisca Nicole Sisca Beatrix Spinelli Emily Thomas Logan Turner Hope van der Heijden Dawn Warren Michael Wehmeyer Jeri Wines Matt Zlemnicki



The purpose of the Ambassadors Committee is to provide brand promotion at community events, facilitate the Rodeo Rumble and School Tours, staff the Information Booth and host public tours during the Fair & Rodeo.

Marie Richter, Chair Taylor McBride, Vice Chair Ashley Ledesma, Vice Chair Ginny Miller, Vice Chair Kerry Wiggins, Past President Liaison Brian Yarbrough, Vice President Liaison Angela Adams Donny Adkins Melissa Adkins Keith Alonzo Kristin Anderson Sandy Barbari Ashley Bergfield Sharon Boone Dewy Brooks Christina Bryant Christy Burch Audrey Cedillo Suzette Cole Lisa D'Amato Marvin Davis Julie Deinzer Jeff De Leon Scott DeVetter Ernie Dominguez Cary Dupuy Kayoko Ellis Marco Escobedo Andrea Foster Jason Hodde Mark Hodges Rick Hulsey Marilyn Jackson Elizabeth Johnson Tiffany Johnson Leslie Knudsen

Stephanie Lemke Stacie Pollard Gwen Martin Julie Masek Loree Mathieson Thomas (Tom) McAnn Taylor McBride Taylor McBride James McCutcheon Jamie McWright Ismael Mendez Ginny Miller Kristin Miner Mark Mitchell Abby Monk Brad Monk JJ Murphy Michael Norton Joseph Radford Michael Raiford Nina Raudy Beth Reese Joy Roman Susan Ronshausen Jessica Ruiz Marcel Sendejo Lynda Smith Tim Smith Tina Steiner Katie Studdard Jonathan Teague Manny Trinidad Cheri Trinidad Logan Turner Susan Turrieta Roxy VanLoo Kimberly VanLoo Robin Welborn Lauren Yamada Syed Zaman



The purpose of the Backstage Committee is to provide a safe, secure and relaxed environment for the main stage performer, as well as their crew, band and family.


BACKSTAGE Temetria McVea, Chair John Barrows, Vice Chair Erica Cook, Vice Chair Kristen Kirkpatrick, Vice Chair Lance Lively, Past President Liaison Joel Anderson, Vice President Liaison Donny Adkins Melissa Adkins Sandy Barbari Kevin Barnes Christopher Birmingham

Terri Bowden Allison Cambell Rhedd Carle Audrey Cedillo Margi Clark Kaylee Cottee Carter Fields Michele Golding D'Wan Grimes Cindy Guzman Steven Hartmann Alexis Hill Rebecca Horne Manda Isbell




Brad Boyett, Chair Paul Hermesmeyer, Vice Chair Laura Culin, Vice Chair Wanda Hawkins, Vice Chair Fred Weber, Past President Liaison Brian Yarbrough, Vice President Liaison Lauren Adkins Michelle Allen Tess Baker Louanna Barbosa Tommy Barker Christina Barnes Keith Berdoll Danielle Boyett Susan Boyett Dewy Brooks Susan Brown

Andre Bryant Cheryl Carrabba Audrey Cedillo Krisha Cook Luis Cuellar Susan Dorsey Mickey Dorsey Vicky Dunham Paula Eason Diana Everman Jerimy French Rene Gallegos Alma Garza Keith Gurian Linda Gurian Meloni Haggerton Wanda Hawkins Margaret Hermesmeyer Alexis Hill Trudy Hill Jeff Hood Tom Jennings

Jason Johnson Jen Johnston Mike Johnston Mary Lou Jones Noelle Jones Wende Juarez Alesha Marburger Laurie Miller Ginny Miller Kasi Miller Valerie Moreland Steve Moreland Gary Pena Morgan Pool

Savannah Powers Beth Reese Alyssa Sjolander Loretta Smith Mandy Stanley Tina Steiner Randall Surrey Lynne Tames Susan Thompson Michael Wehmeyer Jeri Wines Jamie Wood Dana Woods Amanda Worrell

The purpose of the BBQ Auction & Concert Committee is to host the annual BBQ Auction & Concert that takes place prior to the Fair & Rodeo.

Ryan Klebba Mallory Klebba Tom Langley Ron Little Christian Lloyd Kim Lockhart Shayne Lockhart David Lord Annette Mach Valerie Marez Melinda Martinez Gabriel Martinez Tristen Martinez Amy McCully George Mihalopoulos Kristin Miner Oscar Montoya Tracy Montoya Paulette Morris Davy Munsterman David Palmer Sherry Payne

Margie Petru William Pruitt Terri Reiley Christine Rookey Michele Ryon Mike Ryon Mark Schram LeAnne Schram Melinda Sepulveda Brandi Smith Rebecca Snyder Melvin Sobotik Eleaine Sobotik Christopher Tatsch Curt Tekell Sharon Trammell Logan Turner Dawn Warren Jeri Wines Morgan Yon Cody Yon


BBQ AUSTIN Shayne Lockhart, Chair Nola Plumb, Vice Chair Rick Plumb, Vice Chair Oscar Montoya, Vice Chair Brian Lehne, Past President Liaison Keith Berdoll, Vice President Liaison Donny Adkins Lauren Adkins Melissa Adkins Michelle Allen Tess Baker Tommy Barker Mitchell Bayer Gregg Bickwermert Karen Boes Cheryl Bonorden Benjamin Boyer Brad Boyett Danielle Boyett Susan Boyett Dewy Brooks Susan Brown Andre Bryant Cheryl Carrabba Krisha Cook Brenda Cox Luis Cuellar Julie Deinzer Cindy Dixon Susan Dorsey Mickey Dorsey Vicky Dunham Linde S. Dytrich Paula Eason

The purpose of the BBQ Austin Committee is to host BBQ Austin that takes place the weekend prior to start of the Fair & Rodeo.

Ryan Ellis Diana Everman Scott Fiebig Belinda Flores Londa Freeman Jerimy French Joelene Gaertner Rene Gallegos Javier Garza Alma Garza Lorna Green Keith Gurian Linda Gurian Carol Gwynn Meloni Haggerton Julie Haney James Harris Wanda Hawkins Steve Hays Margaret Hermesmeyer Austin Heuermann Joshua Hill Alexis Hill Trudy Hill Shannon Jacque Tom Jennings Sarah Johnson Ryan Klebba Mallory Klebba Leola Lamb John Landers Tom Langley Doug LaPlante Deanna LaPlante Victoria Lee Ron Little Denise Little

Christian Lloyd Kim Lockhart David Lord Coretta Love Vivian Loya John Lubenow Katherine Lutter Annette Mach Valerie Marez Stephanie Martinez Melinda Martinez Gabriel Martinez Tristen Martinez Trey Martinez Amy McCully George Mihalopoulos Kristin Miner Tracy Montoya Julie Moore Paulette Morris Malissa Munson Davy Munsterman Jerry Naiser Johanna O'Brien Corey Oliver David Palmer Sherry Payne Marie Pesch Margie Petru Island Phillips William Pruitt Jackie Ramirez Samantha Ramirez David Ramirez Beth Reese Terri Reiley Mike Richardson

Rick Roberts Jacqueline Roland Christine Rookey Michele Ryon Mike Ryon Eric Schoenduby Mark Schram LeAnne Schram Allison Shoot Mark Sledge Brandi Smith Rebecca Snyder Melvin Sobotik Eleaine Sobotik Leilani Solberg Donald Solberg Charles Stover Christopher Tatsch Curt Tekell Melissa Thomas Russell Thurmon Kevin Todd Sharon Trammell Katherine Tuggey Clarence Victorian Katharine Victorian Ronald White Sue Wiehe Gaynell Wilson Jeri Wines Morgan Yon Cody Yon Brandon Zamarripa Alexander Zulewski





The purpose of the Competitive Events Committee is to provide a safe level of competition during the Livestock and Horse shows throughout the 15 day Fair & Rodeo. The Committee prides itself on promoting agriculture with live demonstrations and displays while Preserving Western Heritage.


Bob Carroll, Chair Greg Schultz, Vice Chair Chris Mellenbruch, Vice Chair Bobbie Bishop, Vice Chair Jeff Dodd, Vice Chair Doug Vrabel, Vice Chair Eddie Ledesma, Past President Liaison Dauphen Jackson, Vice President Liaison Noell Alley Kristin Anderson Christina Barnes Kelly Bender Brooke Bishop Bob Bishop Harley Blackburn Kacy Blackburn Micheal "Opie" Blackburn Jr Melissa Bond Elizabeth Bouldin Susan Brown Sydney Buford Brittany Burns Diana Burrow Amber Callahan Allison Cambell Katy Chirco Nida Chompunich Donald Churchill Jr Stephanie Clutter Melody Collins Shelley Conran Stephen Conran

Katherine Conroy Krisha Cook Brenda Cox Eddie Cox Valerie Cox Dave Cox Avery Craig Jeremy Deutsch Tanner Dodd Louise Dunklin James Dunklin Michele Dupy Danielle Dykhoff Ryan Ellis Justin Emerson Harold Eubanks Jo Eubanks Kristin Farrack Sandie Faske Will Feild Tom Feild Andy Feild Jesse Fender Lindsey Fetty Vickers Greg Forbes Brenda Foss Yvonne Foster Shelley Franklin Velma Gonzales Audrey Graham Cindy Gray Charlotte Grona Jerry Grona Diane Hagan Kristen Hagan Skylar Hagan

Meloni Haggerton Melissa Forbes James Haugen Wanda Hawkins Kayla Hediger Sarah Hendricks Brandon Henkes Sharidon Henley Paul Hermesmeyer Scott Heselmeyer Vernon Hodde Mark Hodges Hillarie Holcomb Robert Horn Billy Inman Dauphen Jackson Karley Jackson Shannon Jacque Cody Jarmon Tom Jennings Jeff Jezierski Shawn Johnson Jennifer Johnson Pamela Kardosz Dusty Kiggins Ashley Killgore Gaskamp KaLyn Laney Kelly Larson Penny Lewis Dawn Liesmann Christian Macedo Betty Marak Sharon Marcon Katherine McCaston Danny McDaniel Jan McDonald Karlee McKean Adriana Mendoza Sigai Melanie Mitchell Donna Moore Michael Moreno Paige Smith Gary Newman Chasity Norman Courtney Oldham Cade Oldham Leslie Osmera Laura Parunak

William Peckham Jolee Pekarek Shane Perry Marie Pesch Margie Petru Savannah Powers Mary Pratt Jeffrey Pruitt Shirley Pruitt Will Ramirez David Ramirez Erin Randig Samuel Reyes Jacqueline Roland Joy Roman Matthew Rosilier Danny Seay Melinda Sepulveda Becky Silco Emily Sinclair Mark Sledge Mary Tracy Smith Beatrix Spinelli Michael Stathem Jim Sylvester Joy Sylvester Rickey Talley Colby Talley Megan Tanner April Terbay Joe Terbay Katie Thompson Sharon Trammell Jesse Trocino Terry Turner Jessica Twohig Gina Valdez Griselda Venegas Ryan Vickers Susan Vrabel Donna Wallace Corey Wilson Shirley Winsier Jamie Wood Tammy Young Jerry Cook Kevin Todd

The purpose of the Calf Scramble Committee is to raise funds to award 4-H/FFA students certificates to purchase a livestock project of their choosing and to show at the next year’s event. The committee administers the Ultimate Scramble Championship event at Rodeo Austin.


CALF SCRAMBLE Shirley Pruitt, Chair George Fritz, Chair* Jake Straub, Vice Chair Krystal Towery, Vice Chair Tim Smith, Vice Chair Fred Weber, Past President Liaison Joel Anderson, Vice President Liaison Julie Brockway

Logan Carroll Frances Cera Isabel Chacon Michelle Desormeau Roberts Mary DeWitt-Rodriguez Ryan Ellis Carter Fields Paul Hermesmeyer James Hoskins Dauphen Jackson


COWBOY BREAKFAST Melinda Fiebig, Chair Kristin Stanley, Vice Chair Ben Haley, Vice Chair Carla Ford, Vice Chair Jeffrey Rutkowski, Vice Chair Hap Feuerbacher, Past President Liaison David Kardosz, Vice President Liaison Lindsay Bauerle Harley Blackburn Brenda Cox David Fiebig

Eddie Ledesma Ashley Ledesma Brittany Ledesma Monica Masters Robert Ochoa Terry Ochoa Codi Ochoa Shane Perry Jesika Petruck Cynthia Pierson pulley Clayton Pulley

Annie Pulliam Ronald Roberts Roland Rodriguez Bailey Rodriguez Clara Schlemeyer Susan Sheehan Lynda Smith Justin Straub Steve Trevino Manny Trinidad Kellie Trinidad

The purpose of the Cowboy Breakfast Committee is to plan, organize and coordinate Rodeo Austin’s Cowboy Breakfast.

Andrew Fiebig Scott Fiebig Ashley Fussell Julie Gonzales Barbara Goodson Kristen Goodson Ellen Haley James Harris Tom Jennings Elizabeth Johnson Shawn Johnson Jen Johnston Mike Johnston Dennis Kemper

Sherry Krupinski Stacey Voelker Joseph Lewright Kasi Miller Rob Miller Michael Norton Helen Pena Jose Pena Mary Pratt Louise Reinhardt Ralph Reinhardt Jacqueline Roland Eddy Ronshausen Pamala Rutkowski

Jaclyn Schmidt Alyssa Sjolander Curt Tekell Sharon Trammell Sandra Voelker Stan Voelker Rebekah Voelker Caitlyn Shumaker Scott Voelker Edwin Young Brandi Young

53 *Member served until their passing this fiscal year




The purpose of the Event Staff Committee is to provide guest hospitality, take tickets and help provide world-class experience for fans.


Terry Turner, Chair Tia Miller, Vice Chair Leonard Jones, Vice Chair Diane Hagan, Vice Chair Novella Heffington, Vice Chair Kerry Wiggins, Past President Liaison Brian Yarbrough, Vice President Liaison Charlie Adkisson Troy Alexander Debra Anderson Julie Arldt Linda Aubin Brian Aubin Sandy Barbari Vickie Barton Breana Barton Lindsay Bauerle Genie Beckmann Sheri (Wise) Beggs Susan Behrmann Ponda Bethke Shirley Bibles Karen Boes Billie Bonugli Christy Bonugli Sharon Boone Sharon Boone Daniel Boone Andrew Brandt James Bray Aaron Bray Kristopher Brewer Amanda Briggs Johnathan Brockway Julie Brockway Ruth Bullock Jim Bunt Christy Burch Tina Cale Rhedd Carle Nicki Carpenter

DeeDee Carter Mike Carter Davey Castro Artise Chambliss Jacob Chambliss Phillip Chappell Kimberly Chrudimsky Andrea Cleveland William Cleveland Eliette Cohen Jill Collins Priscilla Collister Ronda Comer Heather Conley Krisha Cook Sharon Cooper Jean Crawford Beverly Crocker Pam Daniel Sandra Daughtery Brenda Davidson Julie Deinzer Michelle Desormeau Roberts Megan Domel Lyndon Domel Robert "Bob" Doss Lindsey Evans Edward Evans Diana Everman Stacey Fenton Mark Fenton Mike Fitch Pamela Flynn Shauntal Fort Michelle Fox Londa Freeman Makaylah Fuller Joelene Gaertner Michelle Garcia Kara Garrett Linda Garner Shirley Garvel Brian Garvel Amy Garvel

Robert Gebhardt Lisa Gebhardt Billy Giles Dorothy Gillette Royce Glover Stu Goldberg Dawn Goldberg Carlos Gonzales Carlene Gonzalez Juan Gonzalez Elaina Griffiths Pam Grooms Michael Grooms Robin Gutierrez Kristen Hagan Kellie Hagan Skylar Hagan James Hair Mary-Gail Hamilton Kyle Hammock Susan Hansen Karla Hardison John Harris Stacey Harris Judi Havard Kit Haverland Roger Haverland Tracy Henson Oz Hernandez Misty Hernandez Tracy Hibbs Linda Hickman Jessie Hickman Jeanette Hickman Brenda Highsmith Cynthia Hill Trudy Hill Sandy Hoffman Rod homer Diana Hood Trisha Howard Linda Howell Lori Hudson Rick Hulsey Derek Hanks Shannon Jacque Amy Jett Harleigh Johns Donna Johnson Linda Johnson Jennifer Johnson Tyrone Johnson Cyleada Jones

Andrew Jones Scott Kaderka Mike Kelly Dennis Kemper Michelle Kervin Denise Kirkham Traci Kitchen Harry Klein Norma Klein Angela Kleppe Mark Knolle Tiffany Koenig Kathy Korte Leola Lamb Bradley Lancaster Kevin Lancaster Megan Landon Marie Landon Brian Lantz Kelly Larson Lisa Larson Gregory Ledenbach Frances Ledenbach Shelton Leleux Stacie Pollard Becky Linam Leah Linney Achaia Long Diana Lopez Sylvia Lopez Robert Lopez Cindy Lorendi Tamela Louvier Anita Lundell Katherine Lutter Frank Lyle Christian Macedo Annette Mach Charlie Malouff Jim Marciel Michael Marek Stephanie Marek Samantha Mariotti Thomas Mason Sheryl Mason John Mason David Mason Loree Mathieson Cat Mattingly Stacy Mattke-Johns Della Maxson Vicenta Mayorga Tammy McCarty

Katherine McCaston James McCutcheon Amber McGee Karlee McKean Tracie McKee Tim McKellop Keevin McPhail Davina Merkel Keith Merkel Deborah Milam Laurie Miller Ginny Miller Robert Miller Nacole Miller Norm Miner Melanie Mitchell Sean Moore Joan Moreland Margarita Moreno Elma Munoz Katrina Nance Jason Nehring Charles Nehring Jessica Nehring Lisa Nehring Clint Newman Lisa Nohra Cecelia Noll Michael Norton Kirsten Notaro Karen Nunez Edward Nunez Debbie Ochoa

Elena O'Connor Victoria Olivarez Ric Olivarez Chelsea Oliver Suzy Oliver-Pearson Shawnalee Olmeda Lynn Olson Jack O'Neill Steve Orsborn Addison Orsborn Weston Orsborn Krista Palermo Sherry Payne Wesley Pearson Mark Petrusek Robert Pitchford Gail Pitchford Tommy Powers Savannah Powers Liz Mundell Greg Pryer Linda Pryer Savannah Pryer Robert Puente Junie Quilty Henderson Samantha Ramirez Wesley Raney Bruce Raney Jonea Raney Kimberly Reaves David Reineke Nancy Retzloff Norma Reyna

Harry Rivera Evelyn Robinson Patricia Ruff Sammy Salazar Ashley Scarborough Pam Scarborough David Scarborough LeAnne Schram Nicholas Scoggins Brenda Scott LeAnna Scott Ray Selvera Mack Sherrod Geni Silvey Royana Sims James Smith Mary Tracy Smith Cheryl Smith Curtis Smith Cassandra Smith Anne Snowden Leilani Solberg Donald Solberg Bertha Soriano Nancy Spanolia Michael Stathem Tina Steiner Brooke Stevenson Steve Summers Robert Thomas Ruth Thomas Mike Thomas Charles Tijerina

Ricky Tindell Sonja Tindell Michelle Tocydlowski Susan Tressler Samantha TruchsessStathem Debbie Trumble Georganne Upchurch David Urban Alicia Vardo Jimmy Vasquez Diane Vasquez Jana Vaughn Irene Venegas Marj Waley Jordan Phillips Mitch Walker Donna Wallace Charles Warner Gayl Webb Cindy West Sue Williford Gaynell Wilson Brian Windham Darrell Winslett Brian Winslett Laura Winslett Dawn Wuthrich Ceceil Ybarra Brandon Zamarripa





The purpose of the Rodeo Austin Gala Committee is to support the youth of Texas and the Scholarship Fund of Rodeo Austin by working year round to secure auction items and table sales for the annual Rodeo Austin Gala & Youth Art Auction.

Monica Masters, Chair Jardin Loeffler, Vice Chair Calley Callahan Asklund, Vice Chair Lance Lively, Past President Liaison KaLyn Laney, Vice President Liaison Kathryn Brady Amber Callahan Francesca Cimino Lindsey Fetty Vickers Karley Jackson

Ashley Ledesma Dawn Liesmann Melanie Lockhart Noelle Newton Cynthia Pierson Pulley Shirley Pruitt Tiffani Ragan Marcel Sendejo Kimberly Sowers Susan Thompson Krystal Towery Erin Woodard



The purpose of the Rodeo Austin Hospitality Committee is to provide hot meals to personnel and contestants during the 15-day Fair & Rodeo.

George Fritz, Chair* Steve Salyers, Vice Chair Shayne Lockhart, Vice Chair Fred Weber, Past President Liaison Joel Anderson, Vice President Liaison Kristopher Brewer Priscilla Collister Jerry Cooke Valerie Cox Dave Cox Danielle Dykhoff Leon Foster Emily Ivins Johnny Klemm


*Member served until their passing this fiscal year

Eddie Ledesma Sulema Lomas Sylvia Lopez Robert Lopez Teresa Lozano Virgina Lozano Donna Moore Morgan Pool Samuel Reyes Renae Salyers Jaclyn Schmidt John Schnelting Alyssa Sjolander Anne Snowden Claudia Yanez


The purpose of the Junior Leader Program is to give youth an opportunity to serve the community and learn about Rodeo Austin's Operation.


Tricia Sullivan, Chair Marilyn Jackson, Vice Chair Fred Weber, Past President Liaison KaLyn Laney, Vice President Liaison

Dylon Allen Jordan Smith Karlee Vinklarek Brinn Vinklarek Jessica Hebel Reagan Whitson Corinn Oliver Aiden Winters Derek Konz Alexandria Johnson Hannah Gabaldon Kara Kaderka Rachelle Yepez Mason Kelley Alina Rangel


KICK OPEN THE CHUTES Jason Nehring, Chair Jake Straub, Vice Chair Stephen Cummings, Vice Chair Hap Feuerbacher, Past President Liaison Dauphen Jackson, Vice President Liaison Lauren Adkins Karen Boes Cheryl Bonorden Brad Boyett Danielle Boyett Susan Boyett Tina Cale Marci Clanin Eliette Cohen

Michelle Desormeau Roberts Megan Domel Lyndon Domel Danielle Dykhoff Makaylah Fuller Javier Garza Garrett George Kristin Gilstrap Jerry Greer Susan Greer Carol Gwynn Jeff Hood Frank Jackson Adrienne Jany Elizabeth Johnson Harry Klein

Trey Hulsey Kenzy Hoffmann Trey Hoffmann Hannah Griffin Savannah Reames Logan Anderson Kylie Duett Avery Schoss Jeffery Morphis Reese Jennings Sydney Kurtz Victoria Knebel Bella Snider Nola Barker Emily Parker

Halie Heacock Makenzi Reina Samantha Ramirez Kassandra Pineda Ricardo Chavez Ramiro Chavez Jessie Ledesma Ryleigh Murphy Remi Murphy Ashtyn Kardosz Hayden Holder Alyssa Matthews Erin Williams James Hendricks

Kick Open the Chutes committee raises funds to support the Rodeo Austin mission by hosting a pre-party on the dirt of the arena floor the night before the Fair & Rodeo opens its gates. Volunteers seek sponsorships and provide support for logistics and event sales.

Norma Klein Leslie Knudsen Kathy Korte Thomas Ledford Shelton Leleux Becky Linam Ron Little Thomas Loupe Christian Macedo Vicenta Mayorga David McCaleb Parker McCollum Amy McCully Laurie Miller Charles Nehring Jessica Nehring Lisa Nehring

Kirsten Notaro Victoria Olivarez Ric Olivarez Melinda Perez Wesley Raney Michael Smith Leilani Solberg Nancy Spanolia Test Richmond Travis Thorne Dawn Warren Sue Wiehe Gaynell Wilson





The purpose of the Xtreme Seats Committee is to host Xtreme Seat patrons in the Rodeo Arena and ensure they have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Stacy Looney, Chair Tricia Sullivan, Vice Chair Lance Lively, Past President Liaison Keith Berdoll, Vice President Liaison David Benson Terri Bowden Jerry Burgener Allison Cambell Margi Clark Heather Cron Drew DeBerry Jamie Evans Lucinda Hinton Shonda Hollier Sara Kilventon




Kristin Miner, Chair Matthew Ronshausen, Vice Chair Alisha Ronshausen, Vice Chair Lisa D'Amato, Vice Chair Allan Jones, Vice Chair Kailin Miner, Vice Chair Eddie Ledesma, Past President Liaison KaLyn Laney, Vice President Liaison

David Kilventon Leslie Knudsen Sallie Knudsen Mitchell McDermott Erica P Millard Vicki Renfro Jennifer Rowsey Marcel Sendejo Loretta Smith Randall Surrey Susan Thompson Russell Thurmon Marcy Weldin Laura Wentworth Amy Wentworth Amanda Worrell

The purpose of the Souvenir Committee is to organize, promote and sell official Rodeo Austin souvenirs.

Angela Adams Charlyn Bacon Andrew Brandt Megan Brandt Cindy Brummer Constance Caldwell Gwendolyn Chance Amber Coker Hillery Dalton Deanna Davis Linde S. Dytrich Ashley Fussell Michele Golding

Joann Gonzales Karen Green Robin Gutierrez James Hair Mary-Gail Hamilton Karin Hayes Malee Hundsdorfer Mary Lou Jones Lindsey Lee Aaron Lee Stacie Pollard Penny Lewis Becky Linam

Anita Lundell Jackie Ramirez David Reyna Joy Roman Nancy Ronshausen Beatrix Spinelli Alyssa Swearingen Ravel Todd Sharon Trammell Kaitlyn Vogel Cindy West Phyllis Youngdahl



The purpose of the Mutton Bustin' Committee is to safely facilitate Mutton Bustin' in the Rodeo Arena and Wild West Tent.


OPERATIONS Steven Voelker, Chair Kevin Todd, Vice Chair Greg Maphet, Vice Chair Jeff Denton, Vice Chair Shawn Hohnstreiter, Vice Chair Steve Mills, Vice Chair* Brian Lehne, Past President Liaison David Kardosz, Vice President Liaison Kevin Barnes Kurt Bender Kaylin Bender Kelly Bender Kyler Bender

Jeri Leseman, Chair Kelsey Leseman, Vice Chair Kirsten Lollar, Vice Chair Shaun Tuggle, Past President Liaison Rick Lange, Vice President Liaison Francesca Cimino Jamie Evans Alyson Falk Megan King Kelsey Greiner Melissa Forbes

Rebecca Horne Ellerie Jackson Leslie Jackson Elaine Jackson Starla Lawhon Terry Ochoa Codi Ochoa Ali Rhyan Krystal Towery Cathie Tuggle Rachel Vasquez Callie Ward Tiffany Weber Cassandra Wiggins

The purpose of the Operations Committee is to support all committees of Rodeo Austin logistically and hands on through setup, execution of, and completion of each committee’s respective events. The Operations committee will ensure the acts, exhibits and vendors are welcomed, their needs are met during set up, show time and teardown, while ensuring contracts are followed and in compliance.

Micheal "Opie" Blackburn Jr Benjamin Boyer Cindy Brummer Tina Cale Bob Carroll Margi Clark Douglas Dear Cynthia Dear Todd "Chewy" DeClairmont Robert Everett Jasmin Fine Scott Grant Meloni Haggerton Steven Hartmann Austin Heuermann Jeremy Hohnstreiter

Scott Kaderka Mark Knolle Randy Lawrence Debby Lawrence Austin Maulding Donna Moore Coral Morris LaQuita Nauert Michael Orman Jennifer Orman Carl Pannell Eric Pugh Crystal Pugh Rena Pylant Wesley Raney Jason Reineke

Rick Roberts Brooks Schaefer Ray Selvera Chris Slahetka Christy Taylor Ravel Todd Terry Turner Leticia Vazquez Roger Vazquez Caitlyn Shumaker Marj Waley Stephanie Ward Ronald White

*Member served until their passing this fiscal year 59


SCHOLARSHIP & ENDOWMENT The purpose of the Scholarship and Endowment Committee is to set policies for the Rodeo Austin Scholarship Program and to actively grow the Rodeo Austin Endowment.


Dauphen Jackson, Chair Joel Anderson Hap Feuerbacher Haskell Griffin Rick Lange KaLyn Laney Eddie Ledesma Brian Lehne Lance Lively

Stacy Looney Temetria McVea Jamie McWright Latius Prikryl Joe Straub Fred Weber




Caleb Stafford, Chair Ashley Ulbricht, Vice Chair Charlie Ulbricht, Vice Chair Charlie Hamilton, Vice Chair Shaun Tuggle, Past President Liaison Dauphen Jackson, Vice President Liaison

Shannon Bangle Andrea Cleveland William Cleveland Suzette Cole Ronda Comer Krisha Cook Sharon Cooper Eddie Cox Vicky Dunham

The purpose of the Shoot Out Sporting Clay Tournament Committee is to host the annual Sporting Clay Tournament. The Shoot Out is designed to generate revenue to further the Mission of Rodeo Austin.

Dalton Moore Gary Newman Jose Pena Kimberly Sowers Sabrina Stafford Christy Taylor Terry Turner Tommy Ward



The purpose of the Rodeo Committee is to provide a fair and safe event for contestants and world class entertainment for fans.

Ricky Masters, Chair Travis Randig, Vice Chair Tyler Graham, Vice Chair Jason Krenek, Vice Chair Charles Leseman Sr., Vice Chair Shaun Tuggle, Past President Liaison David Kardosz, Vice President Liaison Charlie Adkisson Jason Andress Dane Andress Lloyd Bjorgo Johnathan Brockway Brandon Crain Jed Evans Matt Fortes Louie Garcia Bailey Garcia James Grimm John Jackson Ellerie Jackson Leslie Jackson Elaine Jackson Dennis Kelley William Kelley John Kelley Kristy Krenek Jimmy Lau Frank Lawhon Tevin Lawhon

Melanie Ledesma Jeri Leseman Kelsey Leseman Charles Leseman II Lynn Lollar Jon Lollar Kirsten Lollar Daniel Madera Danny (Richard) Masters Monica Masters Delbert McKenzie David Mellenbruch Dale Mitschke Dalton Moore Chris Moya Robert Ochoa Michael Orman Jeffrey Pruitt Shirley Pruitt Dana Randig Walter Randig Richard Reinap Bill Rhyan Ali Rhyan Terri Rhyan Bill Tamm Babette Tamm Leo Velarde Adam Walton Tommy Ward Callie Ward






Craig Teykl, Chair Benny Boyd, Jr., Vice Chair Russell Waters, Vice Chair Trey Powers, Vice Chair Gene Patalik, Vice Chair Bill Rhyan, Vice Chair Drew DeBerry, Vice Chair Courtney Oldham, Vice Chair Joel Anderson, Vice Chair Dawn Liesman, Vice Chair Matt Berry, Jr., Vice Chair Brian Lehne, Past President Liaison Rick Lange, Vice President Liaison Johnathan Brockway Krisha Cook Jed Evans Alyson Falk

The purpose of the Youth Auction Committee is to support the projects of the youth of Texas and the Rodeo Austin Scholarship Fund, through fundraising, organizing and administering the Youth Auction event.

Megan King Wanda Hawkins Karley Jackson Kevin Lancaster Bill Rhyan Loretta Smith Terry Turner Cassandra Wiggins Darrell Winslett Brian Winslett Jennifer Wooderson Julie Brockway James Dunklin Sandy Erwin Jamie Evans Sandie Faske Ricky Gonzales Melissa Forbes Mike Hearn

Noelle Jones Ashley Karpinski Keith Karpinski Denise Kirkham Denise Kirkham Andrea McFarland Temetria McVea Erica P Millard Chasity Norman Cade Oldham Nichole Patteson Ali Rhyan Sheila Slagel Steve Summers Christy Taylor Ashley Teykl Susan Thompson Michael Wehmeyer

Save the date!

March 14 - 28, 2020


Promoting Youth Education – Preserving Western Heritage 9100 Decker Lake Road // Austin, TX 78724 // 512.919.3000 //

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