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The Calumet Accountant February 2013

The board game Monopoly, set custom designed by artist Sidney Mobell, to honor the game’s 50th anniversary in 1985. The game is made of 18 karat gold and numerous gemstones, with 165 gems decorating the property squares, photo-etching on the "Chance" and "Community Chest" cards, and 42 full-cut diamonds marking the number dots on the die. The game has an estimated overall value of $2 million, with the set of dice alone worth $10,000. Make sure to collect your $200 as you pass “Go� if you want a chance at buying the set.

Contents Volume 68 issue 08 Feb 2013

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The Official Publication of the Calumet Chapter IMA –081 Hammond Serving Northwest Indiana and the South Chicago Suburbs

Message from Mark T. Camarena, President Dear Friends:

Recently, Hasbro executives decided it was time to change one of the tokens for its board game, Monopoly. I imagine many of you have played the game through the years. I have only played it once, and I doubt that I played it correctly. It seems that Monopoly is so ingrained in pop-culture that one does not need to play it in order to know it. For instance, how many of you have used the phrase “Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars.” Even fast food chains such as McDonald’s utilize the widely recognized brand of Monopoly, and make the fictional real estate such as “Boardwalk” ubiquitously known. The game was started in 1935, and to date, more than 275 million games have been sold worldwide. It’s available in 43 languages, sold in 111 countries, and has been played by more than one billion people. There are eight tokens in monopoly: the wheelbarrow, battleship, racecar, thimble, shoe, scottie dog, top hat, and iron. Hasbro had a worldwide contest and voters were given the chance to see if they wanted a new token. The choices were a cat, helicopter, robot, diamond ring, or acoustic guitar. The “cat” received 31% of the vote and Hasbro put it to the fans to see which token would be replaced. Fans from more than 120 countries voted to try to save their favorite token, but in the iron lost out by a thin margin. Today, Hasbro is encouraging the consumer to purchase the Monopoly set with the iron before it is put out of commission. As the topic of voting is forefront in our minds, our March 19, 2013 Accounting Showcase will have the election of officers for 2013-2014 . I invite you to consider helping out on the board. If you desire any information about how you can help please feel free to stop by a board meeting. The meeting is before the regular meetings starting at 5:15 p.m. Alternatively, please ask me, or any board member, and we would be glad to find a fit for you. We also are in the process of planning for 2013-2014 so if you have any suggestions about topics, speakers, locations, what we are doing right, or what you don’t like please let us know. As we approach our February event which will be on “Cloud Computing” it makes me think when I was president 10 years ago. “The Cloud” was not a topic on any of our minds but one of the goals of the Calumet Chapter is to provide relevant topics to our members. Throughout history I believe we have adapted to do so. Therefore, I hope you will take a look at the remaining schedule and see if you can make it to a meeting and hopefully there is something that may be of benefit to you. Regards, Mark T. Camarena, CMA President, Calumet Chapter IMA Visit us online at 630.530.6707 (W) e-mail me anytime

January’s 2013 Crossword Solution

The longest MONOPOLY game in history lasted 70 straight days.

The longest underwater game of Monopoly lasted for 45 days. The longest Monopoly game in a bathtub lasted 99 hours. The longest game in a tree-house lasted 286 hours. The longest game played underground was 100 hours, and the longest one played UPSIDE-DOWN was 36 hours. Fidel Castro ordered all the copies of Monopoly in Cuba to be destroyed.

Finance –February 2013

Open Board Positions Be a part of something exceptional. The Board of the Calumet Hammond 081 Chapter is always in search of great talent. Joining the Board is an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your talent and build your professional network. Don't hesitate, join today and help build our Chapter into something brilliant. Please contact Mark Camarena at or Richard Mielcarz at for further information. Administration and Finance Special Activities Director Director in charge of coordinating special events AV Tech Director Director in charge of locating, setting up, and running audio and visual components for special events and meetings

Communications and Community Relations Social Media Director Director(s) in charge of website maintenance, Facebook and Linkedin maintenance Community Relations Director Director in charge of community outreach and coordinating community service for the Chapter Chapter Historian Director in charge of maintaining chapter documents, newsletters, roster books, and other relevant media Education and Professional Development CPE Director Director in charge of CPE certificate maintenance and record keeping CMA Director Director in charge of coordinating sponsor discounts for CMA candidates and encouraging members to take the CMA exam Academic Relations Director Director in charge of communicating with area professors about the IMA and the Chapter, and promoting and coordinating the Chapter as guest speakers for classes and accounting groups

Calumet Chapter IMA

IMA Calumet Institute of Management Accountants-Calumet Chapter

Officers and Directors 2011—2012 Mark Camarena - President 630-530-6707 (w)

Warren Cebulko - Director of Program Rosters 312-808-3890 (w)

Jim Spice - Secretary 815-933-0491 (w)

Brian Guse - Director At Large 219-362-1531(w)

Deb Heim - Treasurer 630-378-6308(w)

Kyle Jones - Director Of Public Relations 219-616-6606

Adolph Ferber - Vice President of Administration 219-322-5848 (h)

John Kitzmiller - Newsletter Director 708-923-0558

Richard Mielcarz Vice President of Communications and New Member Chair 708-799-6234 (h)

Adam O’Hare - Associate Director, Membership Growth and Retention,

Bill Biller - Vice President of Professional Education 219-765-3587 (h)

Alan Arendt - Assistant Treasurer

Anthony “Fester” Fontana Vice President of Membership Retention 708-534-5000 ext 5494 (w)

The Board warmly welcomes our newest members to the Calumet Hammond Chapter!

Wes Christensen - Corporate and Academic Development 708-687-9087 Yolanda Peoples - Director of Member Participation

Yunmi Carrillo Dennis Dodds Tammy Jones

Al Zurawski Director of Employment and Chapter Photographer and all around awesome guy 219-477-4488 ext 222 (w)

William Vorderer Matthew Vandermeer Karen Fancher

Interested in joining the board? The Calumet Hammond Chapter is always looking for new talent, consider joining and showcasing yours! Please consult page two and find something that will make you stand out and have a good time!.


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IMA Webinar Save the Date for IMA's free Leadership Academy Webinar Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. ET

Enterprise Disclosure Management – Its Importance and Potential Presenter: Patrizio Calitri, WW Business Unit Executive Financial Close Management IBM Software Group Gary Simon Group Publishers FSN (Financial Systems News) FSN Publishing Limited Event Description Disclosure Management is now firmly established as an essential step in the financial close process but few organizations have learned to tap into its true potential on an enterprise scale. In this session Gary Simon, describes how the market for disclosure management applications has developed and how organizations are discovering that the same technology can not only be used to streamline external filings and reporting but also enhance the productivity and effectiveness of internal reporting throughout the enterprise. This presentation will allow delegates to understand how the discipline of disclosure management is developing and to identify areas that are ripe for process improvement.

Price: Free CPE Credit: 1 Credit Field of Study: Business Management and Organization Research Area: Business Performance Management Program Level: Basic Prerequisites: None Advance Preparation: None Instructional Method: Group-Internet

View the full IMA webinar schedule

Parker Brothers once sent an armored car with one million dollars of Monopoly play money to a marathon game in Pittsburg that had run out of funds.

2012-2013 Meeting Agenda for the Calumet Hammond Chapter of the IMA ( Subject to Change ) all meeting are priced at $30 for members and $20 for students unless otherwise marked

Tuesday February 19, 2013 Carlos Lorenzetti's in Chicago Heights IL "The Cloud" Todd Pombert Director of Enterprise Architecture at DeVry. Tuesday March 19, 2013 5124 Zuni’s 5124 Pine Island Drive Crown Point Indiana: Accounting Showcase 4 members take questions from the audience. Seeking members to be Panelists

In 2009, MONOPOLY and Google partner to launch MONOPOLY City Streets. The 3 month game had more than 1.4MM registered players, from across the world generating 17 million visits and nearly a billion page views while purchasing nearly 9 million streets and constructing more than 175 million buildings.

2012-2013 Meeting Agenda for the Calumet Hammond Chapter of the IMA ( Subject to Change ) all meeting are priced at $30 for members and $20 for students unless otherwise marked April 2013- Special Event being planned possible Night at the Races at Balmoral Park in Crete IL, or Dinner and a Play at the Munster Center For the Performing Arts, or Purdue University Calumet in Hammond IN Management Class May 15 2013- "Affordable Healthcare Act" at Luby’s Pub and Steakhouse, 6657 South Street in Tinley Park Illinois 60477 –Speaker: James Kennedy, Vice President, Hub International NOTES The chapter would like to hold a special event in Porter County and invite Purdue North Central, Valparaiso University, Ivy Tech, Indiana University Northwest and any other colleges in the area to an event. Additionally, we would like to have a reunion of the Indiana Dunes Chapter members at this event. We are asking our members in the area to recommend a restaurant with a room. Please send your suggestions of restaurants, topics and speakers you would like to have for this special event to The Chapter is looking for a portable microphone/speaker to help amplify presenters at Chapter events. If anyone can offer any expertise in this area or would be willing to As a means of attracting more tourists to their casino, Bally's constructed a lifesize Monopoly game board on the boardwalk in front of their casino. Bally's is located at Boardwalk and Park Place, the two most expensive properties on the Monopoly game board.

New Year's Resolution, by Melissa Leonard, Gleim Chapter Coordinator It is that time of year again. Not everyone starts the year by making a New Year's resolution, but I say there is no time like the present to set goals for what you want to accomplish in the year to come. You may set a goal to become a CMA or maybe to finish all your CPE well before the end of the year (nobody likes spending the holidays cramming in hours of continuing education). I know in the past I have shared my tips on how to make goals and keep them. Now would be an ideal time to revisit these tips and even update them a little.

or get a promotion, and you will gain a sense of accomplishment and pride for passing this difficult exam. In the area where you study, keep a picture of the car you want, your dream vacation spot, or your family as a reminder of what will be accomplished once you pass the exam. When you grow weary of studying or making sacrifices, look at these and find the motivation to continue on with your studies. And for those who need to complete CPE by the end of the year, keep reminding yourself of all the time you will have at the end of the year to enjoy New Year's celebrations, family gatherings, and other festivities. Gleim is committed to helping you accomplish your goals in 2013. Your Calumet IMA Chapter has partnered with Gleim to ensure your success on the CMA exam! Working together, we will provide the necessary tools to prepare you for this difficult exam. Visit for more infortion on how Gleim can help further your professional development.

1. Think positive. A positive, can-do attitude is a necessary first step for success. 2. Make your goal realistic. Don't set unrealistic goals that set expectations too high because you will only become discouraged when you aren't able to meet them. On the other hand, don't set too low of expectations, as that will lead to procrastination and ultimately to failure in accomplishing your goals. 3. Write it down. Put your goal on paper and map out how many hours per week you are going to devote to studying or how many hours of CPE you will complete each month. 4. Share your plans. Tell your friends and family that you may need to sacrifice time with them in order to pass the CMA exam. Remind them that a CMA certification will lead to better job security and the likelihood of a raise, and I guarantee most will gladly let you off the hook. 5. Reward yourself. Candidates have shared stories of rewarding themselves with an ice cream or a small treat, and others reward themselves by having a night out with friends. Any reward will do, but it works best to determine what the reward will be before you start so you have something to look forward to. 6. Be flexible. If your plans change or all the little things in life get in the way, keep an open mind, adjust your schedule, and keep working toward those goals. 7. Stay motivated. Remember, after you pass the exam, you will make more money, it will be easier to find a job

As a Calumet Chapter member, you receive significant discounts on the Gleim CMA Review materials and Gleim CPE. Contact Melissa Leonard at 800.874.5346 ext. 131 or m e l i s s a . l e o n a r d @ g l e i m . c o m <> to take advantage of the offer or if you have any questions. -Melissa Leonard Chapter Coordinator

Gleim Publications, Inc. 4201 NW 95TH Blvd. Gainesville, FL 32606 800.874.5346 Ext. 131 Fax 352.375.6940 Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-7pm

CMA: The Essential Credential

The Institute of Managerial Accountants (IMA) represents more than 60,000 accountants and financial professionals worldwide. The majority of these professionals work inside businesses and organizations. They comprise the essential elements of financial management, organizational development, integrity, ethics and governance, and short and long term business goal management. The Certified Management Accountant Credential (CMA) offered by the IMA is an advanced professional certification that reflects the necessary accounting and financial management skills demanded in todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s business environment. The CMA exam was first offered in 1972. Today over 30,000 accountants and financial professionals have earned this highly recognized and global title. Professionals who have earned the CMA hold key management roles at top multinational firms and offer their companies the real world relevance, critical knowledge, and leadership abilities to compete in todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dynamic global business environment. For further information please contact Richard Mielcarz Vice President of Communications and New Member Chair 708-799-6234 (h), epost: or Wes Christensen - Corporate and Academic Development, 708-687-9087, epost:

Member Profile How Do I Update My Member Profile at the IMA? It's as easy as 1,2,3 to update your member profile at the IMA Website. 1. Go to the IMA website at and log into your account .

2. Login with your member number and passcode. If you lost your member number or don't know it, email Dick Mielcarz at and he will forward it to you. If you have never registered on the site, then the initial password is your last name. You will be prompted to create a new password.

3. Click on the "My Profile" link next to your name at the top of the page and edit your profile. Be sure to keep your information including any email changes current so we are better able to keep you apprised of any Chapter happenings.

Source: Institute of Management Accountants, Inc. Montvale New Jersey

"I use my CMA body of knowledge every day. It comes naturally in the role of CFO because I need to look at things from many different angles, not just from the financial perspective. Management accounting skills are very much in demand as foreign and local companies reach out from the local marketplace and into more global arenas. The CMA body of knowledge is very valuable in this regard." John K. Lau, CMA Chief Financial Officer WesTrac China "I tell my students: taking the CMA exam is something you can do even before graduation. It gives you and your potential employer evidence that you’re well prepared and well qualified. The CMA sets you apart from others who have a college degree alone, and it’s something that is recognized and respected by a lot of potential employers." Christine McKeag, CMA, CPA Assistant Dean Don't just blindly follow the CPA track. More than 80% of accounting professionals wind up working in industry, so be aware of the non-public accounting opportunities. The big CPA firms sponsor everything on campus, so it's easy to think they're the only game in town. They're not." Paula Riemer, CMA, CPA Senior Financial Analyst The Martin-Brower Co., LLC The fact that I had recently completed the exam definitely came up in my interviews. It was a strong selling point that I think helped to set me apart. Pursuing my CMA shows not only that I have a specific skills set but also that I was able to prepare for the exam and accomplish a goal." Amy White, CMA Accounting Safeway, Inc. “The CMA gave me the cohesion and validation that I needed. Because I come from India and my education and experience came from there, my background wasn't as easily recognized. It's been very helpful for me to have this designation, because it shows that I'm a person who understands all the things that are tested on the exam." Raj Bansal, CMA, CFM Assistant VP, Banking Specialist HSBC Bank “The CMA credential is a spotlight directed to anyone working in accounting and finance. To be certified as a CMA means that I’m a more knowledgeable and experienced professional. In addition, the certification gives me more confidence and adds to my clients’ trust, when they realize that they are dealing with a CMA." Dr. Samir M.A. Hassan, Ph.D., CMA, CFM

Learn more, catapult your career, never settle for anything but the best: -

The Institute Of Management Accountants YouTube Page

The IMA maintains a YouTube channel filled with videos addressing the CMA exam process, CMA study guides and resources, coverage of the IMA Annual Conference, and insights from IMA leaders. Be sure to visit the IMA YouTube channel for further insight on the IMA and the CMA.

IBM Finance Forum: Chicago, IL - March 13, 2013 IMA members: register now. The forum is complimentary, but space is limited. Chicago Cultural Center 78 East Washington St Chicago, IL 60602 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm In today’s business world, heightened uncertainly and risk are normal. Volatility in such areas as consumer demand, commodity prices, and exchange rates makes it difficult to pinpoint how to drive profitable growth. To stay competitive, finance organizations must adapt by weaving new analytics tools and disciplines into the fabric of their business. That’s why your attendance at IBM Finance Forum 2013 is so important. This complimentary VIP dinner event will focus on helping finance organizations use analytics to anticipate outcomes, adapt to risk, and enable effective decision making. During the presentations, you’ll hear directly from industry experts and learn about best practices in business analytics as well as the latest IBM solutions, helping you improve visibility, insight and control over performance, governance, and risk. Attend—at no charge—and you can learn effective strategies to help you:

Performance reporting, analysis, and scorecarding

Narrative reporting and disclosure management

Incentive compensation management

Risk management

Planning, budgeting, and forecasting

Finance Forum is complimentary, but space is limited so register today.

Unsubscribe To unsubscribe from IMA e-mail, please e-mail with the words "unsubscribe IMA e-mail" in the body of the message. If you are an IMA member please include your IMA membership number as well. © 2012 Institute of Management Accountants, Inc. 10 Paragon Drive, Montvale, NJ 07645 1-800-638-4427 or +1-201-573-9000

Retrospective: Ida Tarbell: Excerpts from The History of the Standard Oil Company (1902-1904) Ida Tarbell published a 19 part series in McClure’s Magazine beginning in November of 1902 exposing Standard Oil’s monopolization of the U.S oil industry. By 1909 the U.S. Government had sued Standard, and by 1911 it was ordered disbanded by the United States Supreme Court. Rockefeller’s rise: The strides the firm of Rockefeller & Andrews … were attributed… mainly to [his] extraordinary capacity for bargaining and borrowing. Then its chief competitors began to suspect something. Rockefeller might get his oil cheaper now and then, they said, but he could not do it often. He might make close contracts for which they had neither the patience nor the stomach. He might have an unusual mechanical and practical genius in his partner. But these things could not explain all. They believed they bought, on the whole, almost as cheaply as he, and they knew they made as good oil and with as great, or nearly as great, economy. He could sell at no better price than they. Where was his advantage? There was but one place where it could be, and that was in transportation. The South Improvement Company scheme: For several days an uneasy rumor had been running up and down the Oil Regions. Freights were going up. Now an advance in a man's freight bill may ruin his business; more, it may mean the ruin of a region. On the morning of February 26, 1872, the oil men read in their morning papers that the rise which had been threatening had come; moreover, that all members of the South Improvement Company were exempt from the advance. At the news all Oildom rushed into the streets. Nobody waited to find out his neighbor's opinion. On every lip there was but one word, and that was "conspiracy."… For weeks the whole body of oil men abandoned regular business and surged from town to town intent on destroying the "Monster," the "Forty Thieves," the "great Anaconda," as they called the mysterious South Improvement Company. Curiously enough, it was chiefly against the combination which had secured the discrimination from the railroads--not the railroads which had granted it--that their fury was directed. They expected nothing but robbery from the railroads, they said. They were used to that; but they would not endure it from men in their own business. The aftermath of South Improvement Company scheme: No number of resolutions could wipe out the memory of the forty days of terrible excitement and loss which the region had suffered. No triumph could stifle the suspicion and bitterness which had been sown broadcast through the region. Every particle of independent manhood in these men whose very life was independent action had been outraged. Their sense of fair play, the saving force of the region in the days before law and order had been established, had been violated. These were things which could not be forgotten. There henceforth could be no trust in those who had devised a scheme which, the producers believed, was intended to rob them of their business. The oil boom: The oil men as a class had been brought up to enormous profits, and held an entirely false standard of values. As the "Derrick" told them once in a sensible editorial, "their business was born in a balloon going up, and spent all its early years in the sky." They had seen nothing but the extreme of fortune. One hundred per cent per annum on an investment was in their judgment only a fair profit. If their oil property had not paid for itself entirely in six months, and begun to yield a good percentage, they were inclined to think it a failure. They were notoriously extravagant in the management of their business. Rarely did an oil man write a letter if he could help it. He used the telegraph instead. Whole sets of drilling tools were sometimes sent by express. It was no uncommon thing to see near a derrick broken tools which could easily have been mended, but which the owner had replaced by new ones. It was anything to save bother with him. Frequently wells were abandoned which might have been pumped on a small but sure profit.

The simple fact was that the profits which men in trades all over the country were glad enough to get, the oil producers despised. The one great thing which the Oil Regions did not understand in 1872 was economy. The hushing of the Oil Regions: The great human tragedies of the Oil Regions lie in the individual compromises which followed the public settlement of 1880. For then it was that man after man, from hopelessness, from disgust, from ambition, from love of money, gave up the fight for principle which he had waged for seven years. "The Union has surrendered," they said, "why fight on?" This man took a position with the Standard and became henceforth active in its business; that man took a salary and dropped out of sight; this one went his independent way, but with closed lips; that one shook the dust of the Oil Regions from his feet and went out to seek ‘God’s Country,’ asking only that he should never again hear the word ‘oil.’ The newspapers bowed to the victor. A sudden hush came over the region, the hush of defeat, of cowardice, of hopelessness. Rockefeller’s genius: With Mr. Rockefeller’s genius for detail there went a sense of the big and vital factors in the oil business and a daring in laying hold of them which was very like military genius. He saw strategic points like a Napoleon and he swooped on them with the suddenness of a Napoleon. Mr. Rockefeller’s capture of the Cleveland refineries in 1872 was as dazzling an achievement as it was a hateful one. The campaign … viewed simply as a piece of brigandage, was admirable. The man saw what was necessary to his purpose and he never hesitated before it. His courage was steady--and his faith in his ideas unwavering. He simply knew what was the thing to do, and he went ahead with the serenity of the man who knows. Rockefeller and public opinion: Little by little as the public began to realize the compactness and harmony of the Standard organization, the ability of its members, the solidity of the qualities governing its operations, they began to forget its history…they began to accept the Standard’s explanation that the critics were indeed "people with a private grievance," "moss-backs left behind in the march of progress." It looked more and more to the outsider as if henceforth Mr. Rockefeller was going to have things his own way, for who was there to interfere with him, to dispute his position? No one, save that back in Northwestern Pennsylvania, in scrubby little oil towns, around greasy derricks, in dingy shanties, by rusty deserted oil stills, men still talked of the iniquity of the railroad rebate, the injustice of restraint of trade, the dangers of monopoly; still rehearsed with tiresome persistency the evidence by which it had been proved that the Standard Oil Company was a revival of the South Improvement Company. Rockefeller’s character: Now, it takes time to secure and to keep that which the public has decided it is not for the general good that you have. It takes time and caution to perfect anything which must be concealed. It takes time to crush men who are pursuing legitimate trade. But one of Mr. Rockefeller’s most impressive characteristics is patience. There never was a more patient man, or one who could dare more while he waited. The folly of hurrying, the folly of discouragement, for one who would succeed, went hand in hand. Everything must be ready before he acted, but while you wait you must prepare, must think, work. "You must put in, if you would take out." His instinct for the money opportunity in things was amazing, his perception of the value of seizing this or that particular invention, plant, market, was unerring. He was like a general who, besieging a city surrounded by fortified hills, views from a balloon the whole great field, and see how, this point taken, that must fall; this hill reached, that fort is commanded. And nothing was too small: the corner grocery in Browntown, the humble refining still on Oil Creek, the shortest private pipe line. Nothing, for little things grow.

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